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Jimi's Prediction — A Remote View

Tsunami Asteroid's Gamma Blast - the Ultimate Cover-up Conspiracy
Electric Love / MN4 / Apophis
Asteroid Impact
Quotes About Being Unprepared for Asteroids
Past Impacts / Near Misses / Future Approaches
Evolution Of Suppression
Wiped Out by Asteroid 12,900 Years Ago
Giant Asteroid Nearly Hits Earth, 19 Companion Fireballs, 20th Meteor Hits Pacific - ALL World Media Hides This
The Mars Asteroid "Probability Factor"
Apophis Targets EMPeror's Pacific Island
Largest Asteroid To Nearly Miss Earth In 22 Years - Almost Hits Us On January 29, 2008
Mars Asteroid - Reports Designed to Condition Our Opinions About Degrees of Probability
Decade Of Shame: "Creative Recalculations" Cook-the-Books on Asteroid Paths
Ocean Craters Left Out of Impact Probability - Moguls Don't Want You to Know It's Coming
Yet Another Impact on Jupiter - See NBC NEWS Lie About "Taking One For the Team"
One Killed, One Blinded, Ten Hospitalized As Meteor Crashes Indian Village and Destroys House
Comet/Asteroid Hits Jupiter - 15 Yrs After Last Big Impact There/40th Anniversary of Apollo 11
Comet/Asteroid Hits Venus - Media Cover Up, Paid to Portray Crater as Volcano Hole
"2010" Experts Agree We've NO DEFENSE Against Asteroids for Decades - List of Quotes from Those Who Know
NASA SCAM - Plans To Hide Public Funds Under "Privatized" Lies, Laying In Place the "Asteroid Plan"
Seven Months BEFORE Obama's "Asteroid Speech" We Announced His Plan & Were Censored/Blacklisted by Media
Timeline Blog Calendar Dates
Timeline Blog Vertical Pages
Page 1 - April 1995-May 1996
Page 2 - June 1996-Mar. 1998
Page 3 - Mar. 1998-Dec. 1999
Page 4 - Jan. 2000-Jun. 2001
Page 5 - July 2001-Dec. 2002
- MSN article
Page 6 - Jan. 2003-Oct. 2005
Page 7 - Mar. 2006-Dec. 2007
Page 8 - Jan. 2008-June 2008
Page 9 - July 2008-Dec. 2009
About Jimi Hendrix
Remote View Mutation of Jimi - The Movie
Death of Hendrix: The Last 24 Seconds
The Etchingham/Mitchell Files
Why Take Five Hours To Call An Ambulance
Christian In Rome
Musician Magazine Steals/Conceals
2007: My Movie Says "ROADIE Killed Jimi" - 2009: Moguls Flood Media with ROADIE Accusing Manager of Murder
Hendrix '70 - Clearing the Haze
Fountain of Tears - Hendrix/Kent State Connection
What ABC-TV Lost! - Stolen Films of Jimi at Miami Pop
Gladiator In Silk - Jimi at Madision Square Garden "1969"
Guide to Jimi's Musical Gear
Burning of the Midnight Amp
Jimi Hendrix :Blues
:Blues Reviews
Dominator Blues
Unknown Hendrix
About A Band Of Gypsys
Plot To Hide the Best Tape of Jimi's Finest Show
Live Boa & Pigtails - Hendrix & Zappa
Canada/New York Times/CNN Incident
Jimi Code vs. Da Vinci Code
Searching for "jimi hendrix" - Web Engine Censorship
Brain DNA From Jimi's Grave - for EMPeror's Insane Frankenstein Experiment
Woodstock Credit Rip Off
The Original Booklet for the 1994 MCA Jimi Hendrix :Woodstock CD - the Hurricane Story
Woodstock Reviews
Ledger Death Inspires MSM "Gone Before 30" List of Young Dead Celebrities - MINUS JIMI
- Just As EMPeror Allen Intended - Train Them To Forget Hendrix

A Touch Of Hendrix - 1988 Historical Novel Manuscript & Sample
Hendrix Company Threatens To Sue Us For This
What Hendrix Never Said - Slacker Fantasy Demands Plagiarism to Sell Bumper Stickers
The Original (Suppressed) Autobiography of Jimi Hendrix - Room Full of Mirrors Rip Off
The Official Autobiography of Jimi Hendrix: Starting At Zero
Credit Theft - Discontents of a Hendrix Expert
C.S. Murray Incident
Rip-Offs by Mr. Rob(ber)y
Low Blows at High Times - Stealing Credit to Sell Magazines
Jimi Hendrix :Woodstock - the Credit Rip Off
Jan Wong on SpaceShip One - How I Sank That Phat Phairy
Dresdner Kleinwort Rips-Off Our Website
Paul Allen's Blues TV Series
Pontius Pilata - Lotta Nerve Stealin' My Work
Musician Magazine Steals/Conceals
Isle of Wight Movie - My Consultant Credit
Deep Impact (of Paul Allen) - I Triggered the Media's Asteroid Frenzy (and it's their priority to keep it secret)
Norman Transcript Censors/Conceals - Source for Their Hendrix/Kent State Report
Guitar Greaser Rag Incorrectly Discredits
Epigenetic Discovery - Rock Prophecy Pioneers Trans-generational Theory
XP = EXPerience - Microsoft Names Windows XP After the Hendrix Asteroid Prediction
Lifelines - The Local Newspaper Reviews My Box Set Project and Conceals My Involvement
Hendrix Exhibition Comes to Town - And Local Media Conceals That I Produced It
Jimi Code vs Da Vinci Code: Dozens of Passages Rip Off Rock Prophecy Word for Word (and Media Conceals It)
TOP FREE - My Radio Tirades Instigate Bare Breasts Busts & Changed Nudity Laws
Oswald's Ghost Is Watching Our Website - Deconstructing Our Deconstructions
Riddle of Ridley's Red Queen - They're Plagiarizing My Book Again!
"God Save the Queen" Folly - Blaming Me for Fake-Jimi I Tried to Remove From Official Hendrix CD Release
Room Full of Mirrors Rip Off - The Original (Suppressed) Autobiography of Jimi Hendrix
Seven Months BEFORE Obama's "Asteroid Speech" We Announced His Plan & Were Censored/Blacklisted by Media
Moon Base Ruse/Missile Shield Hoax
Missile Agency/MoonBase Charade - 35 minute video
Plot To Launch Million Ton Tanks of Water To the Moon - After Getting Us to Believe H2O's Already There
Missile Defense - The "Decoy" Decoy
Why NASA Calls Their Lunar CONdos "CONstellation"
Disaster Response Schemes of the "Rich"
Ft. Greely, Alaska - Reason for September 11th
NASA's Million $ Parties Bribe Staff Into 18-Hr Shifts
What James Hansen Doesn't Know About NASA's Dismissive Attitude Towards Global Warming
High Anxiety at the U.N.
Fake Competition for Astronomers Who Can Blow Whistle on Apophis
Blasted Satellite's Rigged Showbiz Eclipse - A Faked Sense of Safe As Meteor Chases the EMPeror
Quick History of Missile System & NASA's Lunar Lunacy
Rock Prophecy vs. Evolution
"X Prize" Deception - A Race To Mutate
Ice Cubes from Hell: Ice Cores Extracted from EMPeror's Ice Cube Trays "Prove" We Have No Asteroids to Fear
Rock Prophecy Pioneers Epigenetic Discovery
The Original "Herd Thinner" Theory - Origins of Same-Sex Attraction
Paul Allen's PBS TV Series Rebuttal To Rock Prophecy
More Scientific Evidence For the Herd Thinner Theory
Science & Theory for Remote View Capability
Epidemic of Fake and Biased "Science" - A Litany of Movie & Print Reports
Silence the Science - Government Censorship of Global Warming = Censorship of Imminent Impact
Product Defense = Moon Base vs. Global Warming - How and Why They Lie About Reasons To Re-Visit the Moon
"Political" Science - Apply This Scenario To What "Officials" Tell Us About The Paths Of Asteroids Aimed At Earth
Asteroid Iraq - Disinformation Methods Used to Create Iraq War
- Are Same Techniques Used to Control Our Reaction to Asteroids

Lessons from Vietnam On Spin - Media Complies with Lies, Just Like They Do Today
Moon Ruse! - How the Hendrix Rockprophecy Band Inspired NASA's Noah's Ark Scheme
Hubble Hoax! Telescope Never Worked - Artists Make Those Faked Paintings, Funds Diverted to "Hotel Hubble"
Allen's Disarray: Bribing SETI to Search for EMPeror Threatening Asteroids - Jimi's Warning on Altering Our Orbit
What James Hansen Doesn't Understand About NASA's Dismissive Attitude On Global Warming
Rigged Missile Tests - Hidden After September 11th
The Mars Asteroid "Probability Factor" - Dominator Media Conceals How It Skyrockets Chances For Earth Hit
Fabricated Mammoth Mystery - Detracts from Asteroid Impact Fact
Ice Cubes from Hell - Ice Cores Extracted from EMPeror's Ice Cube Trays "Prove" We Have No Asteroids to Fear
Missile Defense - The "Decoy" Decoy
Permian Extinction/Dark Ages - Asteroid Impact Vs. Volcanoes
Asteroid Evidence & Crater Found
Permain Extinction Scheme - Why They Nix the Asteroid
Anti-Asteroid Volcano Theory
EMPeror's Volcano Productions Promotes the Volcano Lie to Discredit Rock Prophecy
540 C.E. Dark Ages - Comet vs. Volcano
This Deceptive Science is an Epedemic of "Science" Fiction
July 15, 2009 Asteroid Impact on Venus Portrayed as "Volcano"
NASA Reports Evidence of Permian Asteroid Impact
250 Million Yr. Old Permian Asteroid Crater Found In Arctic
Censorship Events
Tsunami Asteroid's Gamma Blast - the Ultimate Cover-up Conspiracy
Pentagon Orders Blackout of Asteroid News - Even NASA Astronomers Can't Access Data
Giant Asteroid Nearly Hits Earth, 14 Companion Fireballs, 15th Meteor Hits Pacific - ALL World Media Hides This
My Post Asks: "Why'd You Hide That Giant Asteroid?" - Comment Gets Rejected In Seconds
Gang Of Eighty - List of Mass Media Outlets: It's All the SAME PERSON!
AT&T: The New Nuremburg (9-page Report)
AT&T: The New Nuremburg - 35 minute video
Yahoo Is Censoring This Website - Artificial Placement in Engine Rankings - the New "Blacklist"
Ft. Greely, Alaska - Reason for September 11th
Canada/New York Times/CNN Incident
Club SeedBank - New World ODER: Funding an Arctic Luxury Retreat of Last Resort
Cyber Wall Surrounds rockprophecy.com - the "Hubble Microscope" Project
Seven Months BEFORE Obama's "Asteroid Speech" We Announced His Plan & Were Censored/Blacklisted by Media
Room Full of Mirrors Rip Off - A Mogul Controlled Media Hoax
Warning for the Lost Continent of Seattleland
Whistler vs. Asteroid & XP = Experience
ABC News Profiles the Murderer of Earth - But Doesn't Report the Crime
Bill Gates' "Save the Mosquitos" Foundation
Apophis Targets EMPeror's Pacific Island
Mr. Bill BING's Yah-oogle Scheme - Microsoft's $44 Billion Bid To Suppress Rock Prophecy
prophetjimi - Turn On the YouTube Channel
Lately Thangs Don't Seem the Same - End of Whirld As We No It
Georgia's Drought Moves West = Food Riots In U.S.
The Sports Page (NOT!)
The Gospel of Harry Potter - What We Need To Know About the Jesus Story
Download An Ad
The Wall(y)flower Syndrome
Worship = Warship
Rochester Media
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