2001 Tour Brochure

The "XP" Tour

The band was touring during the release of Microsoft's "Windows XP" operating system. "XP" is an abbreviation for "eXPperience" - the name of Jimi's band. Bill Gates went to the Hendrix Museum in Seattle to announce the new title XP - while at the same time NASA landed a spacecraft on an asteroid for the first time, and the asteroid they chose was Eros, named for the Greek god of love - so NASA made their landing for Valentines Day in 2001. It is no coincidence that Hendrix named the Rock that will hit Earth Electric Love. NASA and Microsoft are both aware of what Rock Prophecy describes, and they develope strategies based on book.

Band Members

The 2001 Hendrix Rockprophecy Band: Michael Fairchild: guitar/vocals; Paul Madalenna: bass; Nathan Walsh: drums.

An evening of Jimi Hendrix music...inspired recitals...
channeling the sound of rock's magic shaman.