ROCK PROPHECY: Sex & Jimi Hendrix in World Religions -
the Original Asteroid Prediction & Microsoft Connection


Published in November 1999 by First Century Press



Paul Allen's media empire immediately took steps to bribe all distributors into obstructing distribution of this book.


The insights and connections in Rock Prophecy are the most important. The blacklisting of this story by media and book distributors constitutes history's most incredible and intense censorship effort ever.


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Book ISBN: 1-929342-02-0
380 PAGES with Index
and 989 footnotes.

Each book comes with this four hour DVD of Rockumentary
and the Hendrix Rockprophecy Band performing concert recitals of Jimi's songs:

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Read excerpts from the book on these pages:

Jimi Code Vs. DaVinci Code

Rock Prophecy Vs. Evolution

Dominator Blues

Official Hendrix Autobio Book
- Interview with Michael Fairchild

Official Hendrix Autobio Book Sources by Michael Fairchild
"Afterword" Chapter by Fairchild Is In the Paperback & eBook Versions


[NOTE: Please be aware that for years the owners and staff at the Yahoo search engine have artificially/surgically removed this rockprophecy.com website from all listings under the words "jimi hendrix." Following the example of Paul Allen, the owners of Yahoo are intent on concealing the insights and research of Hendrix scholar Michael Fairchild, out of sheer pathological jealousy.
- James Sedgwick]