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Below is published the Timeline from Rock Prophecy. This is not the book, it is a chronological list of events surrounding the creation of Rock Prophecy. For a brief background and description of the story, and context for the Timeline below, visit the ROCK PROPHECY PAGE before reading the Timeline.


March 11, 1998

From 9 a.m. until noon I write the following letter and mail copies to five people:

The complete hardcopy manuscript of Rock Prophecy - the Hendrix/asteroid/Microsoft connection - was recently printed out.

A timely prophecy remains hidden within the writings of Jimi Hendrix. In 1993, while working for Harper Collins on the book Cherokee Mist - the Lost Writings of Jimi Hendrix, I grasped the vision that this shaman seer was racing to communicate at the time of his death in 1970. In the spring of 1995, I sent a hardcopy draft of the story to the Library of Congress for copyright. The manuscript is titled Rock Prophecy, it is the original trigger for an avalanche of asteroid stories in recent media.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the third wealthiest American, was seeking to acquire rights to the Hendrix legacy for his $240 million Hendrix Museum in Seattle. In 1993 Mr. Allen loaned Jimi's father $5 million to finance a lawsuit which resulted in the closing of the Hendrix production company in Hollywood. For seven years, I had been employed by Jimi's production company as their writer and consultant. My unusual stories, which are included as 28-page booklets in many of the most popular Hendrix CDs published by MCA, Warner Bros., and Polydor, are well known to an international audience of several million people. I am the author of many other non-Hendrix publications, including Atlantic Record's 1994 Woodstock Diary CD booklet, and a dozen cover stories in national magazines.

I was responsible for initiating and developing projects and products which became some of the most celebrated successes of the Hendrix legacy, and I was in line to become the next Creative Director of the Hendrix production company in Hollywood. My position allowed me to orchestrate, for Paul Allen's Hendrix Museum in Seattle, the purchase, from my contacts, of several of the world's most excellent collections of Hendrix items. Nearly a half million dollars was paid by Mr. Allen for this material. The collections now comprise the core database about Jimi that resides at the Hendrix Museum in Seattle.

But then the lawsuit from the Hendrix family against officials at their Hollywood production company, a lawsuit financed by Paul Allen, resulted in closing the Hollywood company. My job was gone, and my opportunity to be Creative Director of Jimi's estate was toppled. I was left unemployed, no severence pay. And Paul Allen's Seattle museum refused to compensate me for my efforts which connected his museum up with a world class Hendrix collection.

I had done only unusual good for all of these people, yet from their actions my seven year career of incredible successes was destroyed. And all the while I was the only one who understood the Prophecy.

At the height of the highly publicized lawsuit proceedings in 1995, I wrote the story of Jimi's prediction of an asteroid on course to impact Earth. At the same time, one of my articles appeared in a magazine for Hendrix fans and it describes why my unpublished writings, registered and stored at the Library of Congress, are being monitored by interested parties. Did representatives from Paul Allen's Hendrix Museum or legal team see Rock Prophecy at the LOC in the spring of 1995? Within five months after my manuscript arrived there for copyright, the media began churning out dramatic asteroid stories. An escalating frenzy of reports, in all major media throughout 1996, climaxed in 1997 with several feature films, documentaries, and an NBC-TV mini-series.

In July 1996, NBC teamed up with Paul Allen's Microsoft to launch MSNBC. Subsequently NBC became particularly hot on the topic of rocks from space, as if mogul orders had decreed, "Do up the asteroid story - Big Time!"

The Microsoft connection is, however, but a sliver within Rock Prophecy, just a small part. And the full story can't be described as a "Hendrix book." Analysis of Jimi's prediction is but a third of the manuscript. Hendrix is presented as an authentic Afro American Cherokee seer, a shaman who glimpsed the trajectory of extraterrestrial events already in place during his lifetime. He was racing to communicate his vision in a screenplay he composed titled Moondust.

Rock Prophecy is the story of how dominators have silenced the seers throughout the ages and "retarded history" by impeding humanity's advance towards anti-asteroid technology. We are today at a technological state which should have been realized several millennia ago. The slim window (in geologic time) which exists between major impacts is due to close. Rock Prophecy will remain as the explanation of what happened. And like the suppressed Gnostic gospels, this text will surface during a future civilization on the other side of the coming dark ages of a Hendrix Millennium, to be dug out from under the rubble of an (avoidably) smashed planet, like a new Nag Hammadi library. This is a book which today's dominators are most concerned to obstruct and crush.

Rock Prophecy explains the biological base of our human tragedy, the struggle of one sex to dominate the other, a conflict which thwarted the collective effort necessary for our civilization's survival. The Prophecy centers on sexual tensions behind world religions, a collision of myths for which Hendrix is figurehead. The origins and function of homosexuality are finally revealed - nature's "avert-a-birth" herd thinners.

Rock Prophecy proclaims the start of the first century of the Uncommon Era when, simultaneously, the Ultra Secret Enigma code of the Nazis was broken at the moment Jimi was born. The tide of war turned in favor of the Allies. Dominator culture shriveled in the presence of Hendrix and then reasserted itself in the circumstances of his death. Thirty years later it is up to me to leave behind the persecuted manuscript, like a reenactment of the writings of Paul three decades after the Crucifixion. There are two crucial differences: 1) dozens of my unique stories are familiar to millions of people who own the MCA, Warner Bros. and Polydor publications, and 2) the Internet.

It is critical to Paul Allen that Microsoft controls the Internet. Rock Prophecy draws parallels between the Seattle billionaire and the Emperor Constantine. Like the Roman dominator, Mr. Allen seeks to co-opt and re-write a theology, complete with gaudy cathedrals in the prophet's hometown. Whereas the ancient Gnostics buried their texts in the desert, I've dug out a website to eject Rock Prophecy into cyberspace for preservation. The struggle between good and evil today comes down to whether or not the U.S. Department of Justice can prevent Microsoft dominators from controlling the Internet and obstructing circulation of Rock Prophecy.

You are requested to intervene in this cosmic drama. Help Rock Prophecy reach its readers.

- Michael Fairchild

The above letter was copied and mailed to five people at noon on March 11, 1998. Six hours and 53 minutes later, at 6:53pm, e.s.t., ABC World News was the first media to report that scientists had just discovered a mile wide asteroid, named 1997XF11, due to come within 30,000 miles of Earth in thirty years time. Amazingly, "thirty years" is the key Hendrix quote from Rock Prophecy contained in Jimi's prediction of an impact "in about thirty years."

On March 11, the letter that I mailed at noon was literally written at the moment when the asteroid's path was discovered. I didn't know this while I wrote the letter, I could not have known it. During the afternoon of March 11 no one knew about the asteroid discovery except for a few scientists at the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT). Dr. Brian Marsden, Director of CBAT, later explained, "There's an automatic program and when we were running it on Wednesday morning [March 11, 1998] the program suddenly stopped. We investigated why and found that it had stopped because something [in the solar system] went very close to something else."

On Wednesday afternoon CBAT confirmed their calculations of the asteroid's path. The results were reported to media late in the day on Wednesday. I can prove that my letter about the asteroid prediction was written and mailed on Wednesday before the media knew that an asteroid is coming, because one of the letters that I mailed on March 11 was incorrectly addressed and therefore returned to me unopened! Today, my letter remains inside an envelope that was sealed and dated by the United States Post Office on March 11, 1998. The envelope has "PM" stamped on its outside, meaning it was mailed BEFORE 5pm (when the Post Office closed) and BEFORE the asteroid story broke over the airwaves at 6:53 p.m. Thus, I can prove that I was writing my letter at the same moment that the asteroid's path was discovered at CBAT.

The first reports about the asteroid aired on the Evening News and a rising tide of anxiety consumed all world media. Humanity awoke to a black Thursday on March 12 and stared at blaring headlines: "Asteroid Heads Towards Earth!" For the next several days everyone everywhere was abuzz with the news. And still the anti-equality unfree elitist media obstructs publication of Rock Prophecy.

March 13, 1998:

An official at Rolling Stone magazine is contacted about Rock Prophecy and refers me to the managing editor. I fax a letter describing the Hendrix/asteroid/Microsoft incident, while world media is still consumed with news about asteroid 1997XF11. To see the reaction of Rolling Stone, skip ahead one year to FOOLS day - April 1, 1999

March 15, 1998:

NBC's Dateline produces a second major TV report about asteroids. And ABC's Entertainment Tonight covers the coincidence of the discovery of asteroid 1997XF11 coming just as two major Hollywood films about rocks from space are being prepared for premiers in theaters worldwide.

March 29, 1998:

The elaborate NBC miniseries ASTEROID is again broadcast on primetime network TV on a Sunday evening.

March-April 1998:

Throughout the spring of 1998, at a time when literally thousands of reports about asteroids are appearing in local media around the globe, another several hundred members of the anti-equality unfree elitist media again close ranks to obstruct publication of Rock Prophecy. Each of them is aware of my manuscript's role in the unfolding asteroid phenomenon, yet the gatekeepers are trained to "reject" texts that call for equality.

April 6-7, 1998:

From Jesus To Christ, a four part TV series, is broadcast on PBS. "Separating Jesus from Christ" is the title of a chapter in Rock Prophecy. Incredibly, many of the scholars quoted in Rock Prophecy became the main talking heads interviewed for the new PBS series. But whereas Rock Prophecy reveals the twisted history of Constantine and Irenaeus, From Jesus To Christ portrays these dominators as "heroes." And the producers of From Jesus To Christ fixate on Jesus' "class," offering weak evidence to suggest that some early Christians were middle class, and not poor. The program ignors how Jesus appeals to people who are attracted to equality, no matter what class such people might be in or from. There are many people who have wealth and yet still believe that everyone should somehow be equal. And Jesus, a symbol for equality, appeals to them. But the elitist media consistently portrays Jesus instead as figurehead for life after death, rather than as a preacher of equality.

April 10, 1998:

The PBS McLaughlin Group debates Vice President Gore's proposal for an orbiting satellite named Triana that will transmit round-the-clock live video images of Earth for cable TV and the Internet. John McLaughlin speculates that the camera's real purpose is "to spot asteroids coming towards Earth." This issue is close to a scene in Rock Prophecy about "globally televised live extinction, broadcast on MSNBC."

April 17, 1998:

TV commercials begin for the asteroid movie Deep Impact, starring MSNBC. Paul Allen is a major invested partner in DreamWorks Pictures, the company that produced Deep Impact. Like NBC's fixation on asteroids after Paul Allen's Microsoft teamed up with MSNBC, now DreamWorks, another Paul Allen partnership, picks up the asteroid banner too. Is it possible that my manuscript, stored at the Library of Congress three years ago during the Hendrix family lawsuit (financed by a loan from Paul Allen), is the inspiration for all of these asteroid stories? Did media moguls become aware of Rock Prophecy in the mid-1990s and then order their companies to beat the asteroid story to a pulp?

May 1998:

Several times during May, cable TV's Showtime Channel airs the 1979 Sean Connery movie Meteor, starring Henry Fonda, Natalie Wood, Brian Keith, Karl Malden and Martin Landau. Despite its cast this flick is plagued with bad acting and embarrassing dialogue. In between the film's scenarios of valuable information injected into the script by JPL and NASA consultants, dreary characters dreamed up by Hollywood screen writers put viewers to sleep.

May 1, 1998:

A program titled Killer Asteroids on cable TV's Discovery Channel reports, "A mile wide asteroid hitting the Atlantic...would pretty much kill everyone in New England immediately, but the global effects would be more devastating - famines, crop failure and climate changes that would probably kill about a quarter of the population of the planet...Asteroids that are the size of a room hit us a couple times a year...The Earth is part of a cosmic shooting gallery. You need only to look at our own pock marked Moon to see how often asteroids and comets are pulled from their orbits and turned our way...Mass extinctions that have happened at other times in the last 500 million years might be due to asteroid and comet impacts."

May 1, 1998:

An episode of Unsolved Mysteries broadcast on the Lifetime cable TV channel covers asteroid impacts on Earth. Robert Stack's examination of the rock that wiped out the dinosaurs includes one of Eugene Shoemaker's last interviews, in which he repeats his warning about the inevitability of future impacts.

May 2, 1998:

ABC-TV's Access Hollywood program sets a standard for pre-processed "asteroid reports." All of the standard media cliches are assembly-line compressed into formulas according to what wealthy moguls want to say, and Rock Prophecy is not included. "The most likely warning we would have for the impact of an asteroid," notes Access Hollywood, "is just the same as the warning the dinosaurs had - zero!"

May 4, 1998:

Cable TV's Discovery Channel runs a three hour asteroid extravaganza titled Impact: Could It Happen. This show encourages viewers to think of today's asteroid craze as being triggered by the July 1994 comet impacts on Jupiter. The men who control media want everyone to believe that the 1994 impacts on Jupiter are what, years later, inspired today's asteroid craze. But their version of history is written in response to Rock Prophecy.

It is the winners who write history - their way.

- Elaine Pagels

People who believe the asteroid craze started with comet Shoemaker/Levey 9 subscribe to a spin on history spun by the ruling class and aimed to dismiss Rock Prophecy. This Timeline list sets events straight as they happened. Media moguls had their writers delete any mention of the Hendrix connection with the issue of asteroids. And then in the late '90s a campaign was waged to persuade the public that the craze for asteroids results not from Rock Prophecy, but from a comet that hit Jupiter years earlier. The three hour May 4th Discovery Channel extravaganza is designed to establish this interpretation for a mass audience. Impact: Could It Happen is an example of the so-called "winners" - the dominators - writing history their way, in their interests, and excluding the Hendrix connections described in Rock Prophecy.

May 7, 1998:

ABC-TV World News reports, "Two hundred and fourteen million years ago 80 percent of life on Earth may have been wiped out by asteroids...there may have been five events that may have occurred within as brief a period of time as four hours...[scientists] studied impact craters that seemed unrelated on a modern map, but when you turn back the clock 200 million years to where the continents were before they drifted to their current positions, the craters are almost in a straight line...indicating that the body that collided with Earth came in in chunks - bang, bang, bang...To scan the sky for danger NASA is doubling its budget to $3 million. But of course the comet movie that opens tomorrow cost $75 million."

May 8, 1998:

Paul Allen's DreamWorks Pictures production of the space rock flick Deep Impact premiers in theaters throughout America.

The way we're going to "take" [rivals] is by studying them, know what they know, do what they do, watch them, look for every angle, stay on their shoulders, clone them, take every one of their good ideas and make it one of our good ideas.

- Steve Ballmer, Microsoft Vice President - 1995

Deep Impact is Paul Allen's answer to Rock Prophecy. The film is filled with images of MSNBC. Paul Allen's Microsoft TV Network, MSNBC, is actually a central character in Deep Impact, a space rock movie produced by Paul Allen's DreamWorks Pictures. In Rock Prophecy there is a scene about "globally televised live extinction, broadcast on MSNBC." Deep Impact, with its scenes of broadcast news shown as MSNBC TV reports, portrays this vision from my book.

Advertisements for Deep Impact show a mountain-high tidal wave sweeping over Manhattan. The image is a visual depiction of what Hendrix called "Valleys of Neptune - Arising." Jimi wrote this song about great sloping valleys of a tidal wave rising up over the continental shelf following impact. "Look out East Coast," he sings, "you're gonna have a neighbor."

Rock Prophecy contains a chapter on the concept of "Messiah" and "Messiah" is the name of the ship that saves the world in Deep Impact, a film that's more like a shallow scratch of what everyone expects from an asteroid movie from Paul Allen's company and NBC connections. By contrast, Rock Prophecy conveys the unexpected Hendrix connections that started it all.

May 9, 1998:

How'd They Do That?, a TV show on The Learning Channel, reports, "The 1997 NBC miniseries ASTEROID was seen by more than 70 million viewers. It featured the most expensive and elaborate special effects ever created for television...For NBC's $19 million blockbuster miniseries ASTEROID, with its scenes of urban destruction unprecedented on television, the network...wanted to create a show that was nothing short of a televised event...The day after the miniseries ended, government officials received more than ten thousand phone calls from people inquiring if [an impact] could really happen. We're gonna give you the answer - the answer is NO!!"

May 9, 1998:

The Discovery Channel airs an hour segment of a three-hour asteroid special titled Three Minutes To Impact - Our Number's Up.

May 14, 1998:

The Associated Press and CNN report, "If professional stargazers catch sight of an asteroid that might be on a crash course for Earth, the government wants them to keep quiet about it - for at least 72 hours. The new procedures aim to avoid panic...astronomers whose work is funded by NASA have agreed for now to keep asteroid and comet discoveries to themselves...Some scientists question the new push from NASA. 'I don't think one should be secret about these things,' said Brian Marsden, director of the International Astronomical Union...Usually, new discoveries are immediately reported to the Minor Planet Center, where it is posted on a Web site." But government officials are gearing up for even tighter restrictions against free speech when it comes to asteroids. A meeting is scheduled to discuss the issue in California on June 6th. What they intend to do is use that "72 hours" to creatively re-calculate any threatening asteroid's orbit and disclaim it as a threat before any news is reported to the public.

May 16, 1998:

Cable TV's Family Channel re-broadcasts the 1997 asteroid movie Doomsday Rock.

May 18, 1998:

"The United States Justice Department and twenty states accuse Microsoft of conducting a campaign to suffocate competitors," reports NBC Nightly News. "Lawyers for the states say Microsoft improperly muscled the market, stifling new ideas." The Justice Department files a lawsuit against Paul Allen's company, charging Microsoft with exerting a "chokehold" over other businesses and accusing the company of threatening to "cut off the air supply" of software manufacturers. "They have enormous power over a bottleneck," said the Assistant Attorney General, "which they can leverage and hurt competition and hurt consumers, and really can dry up innovation, because people are not going to invest the money it takes if they think along can come Microsoft, put a heavy thumb on the scales, and make it impossible to compete."

"They try to turn around and strangle innovation and strangle their competitors," said the New York State Attorney General.

"The company that can control Internet commerce ultimately can control commerce itself in industry, business, news and entertainment," pointed out the Connecticut Attorney General, who warns Microsoft: "Stop your eight hundred pound gorilla from blocking access to the Internet Information Superhighway."

What if 90 percent of America's television sets were controlled by a single company, and those TVs were rigged to steer consumers to a handful of channels that same company owned? The government says that is the world Microsoft has been trying to create...The Internet [is] a market that's too important, the government says, for one company to act as gatekeeper.

- ABC News

Meanwhile, gatekeepers obstruct publication of Rock Prophecy.

May 24, 1998:

On The Learning Channel a show called Solar Empire depicts an asteroid disaster and explores how humans may be transported to another planet traveling inside "a huge hollowed-out asteroid, a space ark. Inside, four thousand families and a traveling zoo of species leave our solar system forever." Also, on this day the Cinemax cable TV channel airs the 1984 film Night of the Comet.

May 29, 1998:

Unsolved Mysteries on the Lifetime cable TV channel re-broadcasts an episode about asteroid impacts.

June 3, 1998:

USA cable network premiers Meteorites!, a made-for-TV movie starring Tom Wopat. This film takes the cake as the flakiest asteroid flick to date, something like the Dukes of Hazard vs. Jaws. The plot includes an annual Miss UFO Festival in a town suddenly bombarded by rocks from space. With its Jaws-like formula for small town disaster scripts, the mayor of Meteorites! asks, "So something fell out of the sky, how does that concern me?...I'll have [investigators] come in after the festival is over...What do you want me to tell people? - 'We don't know what it was, but you folks better put your hard hats on just in case?' ...I suggest we put the whole situation on the back burner until after the's the major source of revenue for this town." The ensuing scenes of mayhem are indistinguishable from explosions in a dozen other asteroid flicks produced within the past two years.

June 6, 1998:

The Associated Press reports that in Irvine, California the National Research Council convenes a meeting of astronomers and experts in risk assessment and hazard management to "plan methods for asteroid warnings that won't trigger mass panic." The NRC's Committee on Planetary and Lunar Exploration stresses that just a few discovered asteroids turn out to be headed towards Earth "once scientists refine orbital calculations." The Committee proposes a code of conduct under which "astronomers would seek verification" before reporting news of a sighting. In other words, a bit of refined creative calculations is all it takes to silence the seers. The government thus further tightens its control over what, if any, news about asteroids the public will hear in the future, and when.

June 20, 1998:

Summer kicks off with a TV blitz advertising the upcoming premier of the movie Armageddon. Even McDonalds plasters the airwaves with asteroid-theme ads.

June 29, 1998:

The Learning Channel cable TV network airs another new hour-long documentary titled Doomsday Asteroid. This is one of the better space documentaries and it covers many key issues. It is also the first to portray the March 11, 1998 global scare over news of asteroid 1997FX11's rendevous with Earth in the year 2028. The program reports how "as astronomers and government agencies scrambled for more data, the public began to grapple with the possibility that the human race was a mere thirty years from extinction." "Thirty years" is the time period that Hendrix predicted for the coming disaster.

"There's about 1500 similar large asteroids that we have yet to discover," reports Doomsday Asteroid, "and all it takes is one, to end life on Earth as we know it...The threshold for causing a global catastrophe on the Earth is a [rock] about a half mile wide...experts estimate that there are as many as half a million Earth crossing asteroids and comets that have yet to be discovered...Current surveillance techniques discover an average of twelve new potentially threatening Near Earth Objects per year. But with an estimated two thousand NEOs uncharted, the chances of one entering our orbit undetected are extremely high...It is not a matter of if it will happen, but when."

Rock Prophecy reveals that human life was evolved by Earth specifically for the purpose of developing flight/explosives/speed capability that can protect the planet from impacts. All planets that support life anywhere in the universe evolve the same capability: life forms that can build flight/explosives technology. Rock Prophecy maintains that this process is the main thing that planets are concerned to do. And Doomsday Asteroid speculates that "at long last a species has evolved which is smart enough and has the technology to actually intercede...Unlike earthquakes and unlike hurricanes, cosmic impacts are the one natural disaster that we can do something about if we make up our minds to do so."

But as Steve Ostro explains, "The key question is whether there are any threatening large asteroids or comets on a collision course with the Earth during the next century."

It was always a matter of time. How long did civilization have to fathom our purpose and rise to the occasion before it's too late? Rock Prophecy describes the phenomenon of "retarded history" by which humanity's advance towards anti-asteroid technology has been impeded. It is "dominator culture," resources hoarded by a wealthy few at the expense of everyone, which has set efforts back. Doomsday Asteroid points out that "the longer you wait to think through what you ought to do and the longer you wait to put together some sort of a response, the greater the chances are that you will be hit...But even if we can detect an Earth-bound object months or years before impact, what can be done to avert a deadly collision?...Many of the leading researchers and scientists in the field fear that without additional funding current projects may be too little too late."

USAF Col. Mike Bodenheimer of NORAD explains that the notion of using nuclear weapons to protect Earth is a fantasy: "Most people have a misconception of our capability to shoot down an incoming asteroid. We can track it through space and we'll know where it's going to land, but we have no weapon capable of going into space to intercept this particular object and try to destroy it or veer it off course. That capability simply doesn't exist at this stage."

In his interview for Doomsday Asteroid, filmmaker Paul Almond warns us to, "Pray to be right in the path of that asteroid because if you are on the other side of the world then you're going to die slowly. You're going to starve to death. The crops will wither, the days will be like twilight, and there you'll be, trying to protect your one liter of water and your one can of beans from these marauding gangs of bandits, savage and starving, who will stop at nothing to keep themselves alive and take your food and your shelter."

JPL scientist Steve Ostro comments, "We're due to have some contact with [asteroids]...We do live in a swarm. Ultimately, objects like these will come to us and they'll terminate our civilization...So in the long term these objects represent WINDOWS into our destiny."

Doomsday Asteroid was followed on TLC by a program called Nature's Fury which features a "Seattle Doomsday Scenario" depicting the eruption of Mt. Rainier and an earthquake along the Cascadia faultline off the coast of Washington State.

June/July 1998:

Cable TV's The Learning Channel rotates repeated broadcasts of the 1996 show Prophecies - The Final Visions, and the 1997 program Prophecies of the Millennium, both with asteroid segments.

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July 1, 1998:

The Bruce Willis asteroid movie, Armageddon, premiers in theaters worldwide. This film was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, who also produced the 1996 movie The Rock. What's next, a Bruckheimer film titled And the Prophecy? It's as if there was a communication between movie producers and financiers sometime in the mid 1990s. A decision was made to cover the asteroid story from several perspectives: from a McDonald's TV commercial and The Simpson Show, to National Geographic and The New York Times. All genre of media began mobilizing for the great braintrain, the conditioning of the public by the media elite to think about asteroids.

When it came to Hollywood films designed for this cause, it was as if Paul Allen's and Steven Speilberg's DreamWorks Pictures took the assignment to produce the more "high brow" script, which became the film Deep Impact. At the same time, it's as if Bruckheimer accepted the task of creating a "low brow" gut-bucket treatment, a movie for Joe sixpack and the rock and roll crowd. Armageddon is the more effective of the two films.

Like Rock Prophecy, Armageddon is about a six hundred mile wide asteroid. In the film, the president's "Armageddon speech" is even closer to Rock Prophecy when we hear descriptions of civilization as a process of evolution towards anti-asteroid technology.

July 2, 1998:

Cable TV's TNT network broadcasts the 1978 feature film A Fire In The Sky, about a rock from space slamming into Phoenix, Arizona. Unlike Meteor, produced a year later in 1979, A Fire In The Sky is at least well written.

July 6, 1998:

Jay Leno's monologue on NBC's Tonight Show includes jokes about "everybody and his brother making asteroid movies these days."

July 7, 1998:

Cable TV's Encore and Movie-Plex channels broadcast the 1979 Sean Connery flick Meteor. If you watch back-to-back the 1951 film When Worlds Collide, the 1979 film Meteor, and the 1998 film Armageddon, you see the evolution in human awareness of the asteroid issue over the past half century.

July 8, 1998:

There is a segment on ABC-TV's Good Morning America on the difference between asteroids and comets, and discussion of scientific facts behind current Hollywood films about space rocks.

July 8, 1998:

ABC-TV airs yet another prime time asteroid documentary titled Armageddon: Target Earth hosted by Leonard Nimoy. "Asteroids have been frontpage lately," notes Mr. Spock.

This ABC special reports that, "Earth has a better chance of a fatal collision in orbit than you do on the highway. Swarms of unidentified asteroids are lurking throughout the solar system. The most likely warning is zero." Target Earth is the 10th asteroid documentary to bemoan the fact that "there are more people working in your average McDonalds than there are astronomers patroling the heavens." (And all of the documentaries use almost the exact same wording for this phrase that was first used in the October 1995 NOVA documentary titled Doomsday Asteroid.)

Space Policy Analyst Joan Johnson Freese appears in Target Earth and warns, "If today we were to discover an asteroid, about all we could do is try and launch a nuclear warhead on currently existing launch technology. We have no operational capability to deal with an incoming object at this time. If you're assuming that, if there's an incoming object, somebody's going to get a call and say, 'Don't worry, we'll take care of it,' you're assuming that that somebody is in the government, and there's nobody to answer the phone."

July 9, 1998:

The Rock Prophecy Timeline appears on the Internet.

July 11, 1998:

Cable TV's Sci-Fi Channel airs yet another new hour-long asteroid documentary titled On A Collision Course With Earth. Also today, TNT network broadcasts the film A Fire In The Sky.

July 12, 1998:

The Discovery Channel's Science of the Impossible program broadcasts another new segment about the asteroid threat, featuring insightful interviews with Steve Ostro and David Morrison.

Throughout July 1998, hundreds of media reports focus on the #1 boxoffice movie in America: Armageddon.

August 6, 1998:

Beneath a photo of asteroid 1980-H CNN reports, "U.S. space scientists said Wednesday they have discovered two real asteroids heading in Earth's direction, these asteroids are not expected to come anywhere near Earth's orbit for at least several decades. The two asteroids, each of them at least one mile across, have been classified as 'potentially hazardous objects' by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, because they are large enough to cause global effects if they hit Earth. The asteroids passed within 2 million miles of Earth during their last orbit."

This is the first "controlled" report about asteroids headed towards Earth after the National Research Council agreed on June 5 to have all reports censored by the government. This report claims only that the asteroids are due to arrive "in a few decades," but the discovery should have caused more of a stir than the March 11, 1998 reports about asteroid 1997 XF11. The difference is a crack down ban on space rock stories ordered by the government in May 1998.

From now on the government, and the unjust monied men who control government, dictate what the public will hear, and not hear, about asteroids.

Informing the public that we need to build "Star Wars" weapons as protection against asteroids is impractical. Panic reactions would accompany denial, disbelief, and ridicule. The most effective action government today can take is to convince us that we need Star Wars lasers to fend off missiles from rogue nations. Much of the public is conditioned to listen to this logic. And that's exactly what's happening at millennium's end, we are mounting a half-hearted, feeble, and SECRET attempt to build anti-asteroid technology, and the government is telling the public that these expenditures are for "anti missile systems."

December 1, 1998:

PBS airs Toutatis, produced by the National Film Board of Canada. This is the last of the great awakening asteroid documentaries. All of the familiar faces featured in previous treatments reappear for a final warning in this chic new age production. An astronomer from Spacewatch explains how each night, "In about an hour and a half we take three pictures of the sky, each about as big as my finger held out at arm's length, over six or seven hours we might cover an area of sky about as big as my whole hand. It's interesting to think of how little area we actually cover of the sky compared to the whole sky that's up there, and yet we're able still to find many hundreds of asteroids each night."

March 17, 1999:

"Closely following Senate approval of a missile-defense bill," reports the Associated Press, "the House passed its own version of a system to protect...against a limited ballistic missile attack"

The chief sponsor of the legislation told colleagues, "It's a national priority that this Congress needs to address." The bill would commit the Pentagon to building the system. The House voted 317-102 to approve it. President Clinton vetoed a similar measure in 1995. The House bill states that "it is the official policy of the United States to deploy a national missile defense." The chairman of the House intelligence committee said the legislation of only 15 words "is a deceptively simple bill, but it speaks volumes to the entire planet." The House measure envisions a scaled-back version of the Strategic Defense Initiative proposed by then-President Ronald Reagan - and derided by Democrats as "Star Wars."

April 1, 1999:

Rolling Stone pulls an April Fool's joke in mid March. Exactly one year after learning about Rock Prophecy, editors at Rolling Stone put Hendrix on the worst cover in the magazine's history. Dated April 1st, this foolish issue features inane interviews with guitar greaser musicians discussing Jimi's "monster technique." And as if to drive home the point that Rock Prophecy is alien to Stone age sensibilities, this Fool's Day rag contains hyped up tripe about cyber brat Joe Firmage's super superficial claims of visitation by "Lost In Space" extraterrestrials.

A common ASSumption is that interest in asteroid impacts on Earth is similar to interest in UFO's, outer space, and even space people. Many people ASSociate asteroids with the occult. Which is ironic because this is one case where scientists think the opposite! Any geologist or planetary scientist will attest to, not only the real existing threat of asteroid disaster, but also to the inevitability of it.

May 19, 1999:


BBC News reports "A large asteroid could miss the Earth by only 38,000 kilometres (20,000 miles) in 2027, according to new astronomical observations. This is an extremely close shave - the Moon orbits 10 times further from Earth…the Earth's gravity could perturb the asteroid's path, possibly leading to an impact in 2039. The near-miss trajectory of a newly-discovered asteroid, called 1999AN10, was announced in April. Now, the observational data of Australian astronomer F. Zoltowski allows calculations of just how close the asteroid may come to Earth.

"Astronomers at the Minor Planet Center at the US Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory used Zoltowski's work to work out an estimated approach distance for AN10…The fly-by will occur on August 7, 2027. But the closest distance that AN10 could come to the Earth on that day is only 38,000km…calculations confirm the initial speculation that the asteroid might approach within the Earth's sphere of gravitational influence. It could therefore be perturbed in such a way that it might impact some years later.

"Dr Benny Peiser of Liverpool John Moore's University in England says that the chaotic behaviour of this asteroid makes it practically impossible to predict all possible approaches for more than a few decades after any close encounter. He says the orbit will remain dangerously close to the orbit of the Earth for about 600 years…If it did strike, it would cause continent-wide devastation and alter the Earth's climate."

May 20, 1999:

On the day when EPISODE ONE (The Phantom Menace) Star Wars movie premiers worldwide, ABC World News reports, "On a mountain top in New Mexico stands the once Top Secret Starfire Optical Range. Here physicists developed a laser that military planners hoped to take into space as part of the $32 billion Star Wars project, to use space-based laser weapons. Now the Air Force dream has fallen from deep space to 40,000 feet, to a 747 [airplane] armed with a laser. It's a $1.6 billion gamble, if it works the military wants $11 billion to equip seven 747s with lasers. The Pentagon worries that it may not work. A defense department assessment warned that the laser's effectiveness might be reduced by atmospheric turbulance, and the laser can only fire so far. The Air Force has scheduled more tests, but the head of the program does not believe there should be any further delays. 'We don't have time to wait around,' said Col. Mike Booen, 'We need to hurry.' But it's the Air Force's need to hurry that worries Congress and many in the Pentagon. The airborne laser program is experimental, rush it, they say, and you risk, like Star Wars, wasting billions of dollars on something that may never work."

June 4, 1999:

The PBS News Hour airs a segment titled "Rocket Science" which reports, "In 1983 Ronald Reagan envisioned space based lasers that would shoot down incoming missiles. Sixteen years and more than $50 billion after President Reagan's announcement, the Clinton administration is developing a more modest ground based national missile defense system. The system would be designed to knock down enemy missiles above the atmosphere, but critics question whether it will ever work. Joseph Cirincione of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace says the challenges may be insurmountable: "Since 1962 America has spent $120 billion trying to create a missile defense system. Since the Star Wars program began in 1983, we've spent almost $55 billion just on this latest rush. It's not for lack of money, it's not for lack of effort, that we don't have a missile defense system."

We talk about Star Wars as if all we have to do is decide to go and we go, but the physics haven't been invented yet to do Star Wars.

- John Glen

July 31, 1999:

The ashes of Eugene Shoemaker are encapsulated in a satellite and crashed onto the lunar surface by NASA.

August 8, 1999:

Cable's SCI-FI Channel begins "The Sky is Falling" week, and airs a parade of space rock flicks depicted in this Timeline.

August 26, 1999:

ABC's Nightline In PrimeTime considers the issue of mass extinctions, in this hour long TV special.

[NOTE: The Timeline ends here in the book Rock Prophecy.]

October 25, 1999:

The website appears on the Internet.

November 1, 1999:

Against monumental odds and obstacles, Rock Prophecy is finally published by First Century Press in time to proclaim the Unmillennium.

November 15, 1999:

Internet Search Engines Yahoo and Hotbot list in their main database. The Hendrix/asteroid/Microsoft website comes up at #1 and #2 when the title Rock Prophecy is entered, or my name is entered. MSN and Anzwers SEs also list the website.

November 24, 1999:

The Seattle Weekly and The Stranger weekly newspapers in Seattle publish advertisements for Rock Prophecy that run until December 1, 1999 in Jimi's hometown, a place today enslaved by Microsoft.

November 27, 1999:

Hometown Seattle Jimi Hendrix's birthday – New Year 57. I post the following message to the Internet's Hendrix mailing list:

The Battle of Seattle – New Year 57 of the Uncommon Era:

Let us pray for the innocent victims of Seattle Savages. New Year 57 finds the lost continent of Seattle under heavy bombardment by intercontinental ballistic advertisements for the book "Rock Prophecy: Sex & Jimi Hendrix in World Religions - the Original Asteroid Prediction & Microsoft Connection." Like Vietnam, it became necessary to destroy Seattle in order to save Seattle. Get the Newest Testament, the Bane of Dominators, an Unmillennium for the Murderers of Earth...

November 28, 1999:

Within twenty four hours of my Internet posting titled The Battle of Seattle, and while advertisements for Rock Prophecy have reached peak penetration in that forsaken city, riots suddenly break out in Jimi's hometown during the World Trade Organization conference, forcing the WTO proceedings to be postponed. Media everywhere is consumed with reports that are titled "The Battle of Seattle" (!!), worded exactly as my posting on Jimi's birthday set forth. For the next five days "authorities" confront FREEks in the streets of Seattle, inflamed by ads for the Hendrix/asteroid/Microsoft book which set the stage for this Seattle battle.

December 5, 1999:

Millions of Americans witness a giant meteorite Rock grazing the Earth's atmosphere, cutting a flaming streak over Alabama and several neighboring states.

December 20, 1999:

At this time ALL publications devoted to Jimi Hendrix omit any mention of Rock Prophecy, even though the book is the only correct interpretation of Hendrix's message, and despite the fact that I've become the most widely read of the world's Hendrix scholars, the editors all resent the fact that they themselves didn't discover Jimi's prediciton, they now close ranks to deny it and obstruct their readers from learning about it. It's a classic example of Retarded History in progress – Silence the Seers…

December 22, 1999:

A Full Moon Winter Solstice - shortest day of the year. The PBS News Hour broadcasts a 15 minute report about Armagedden Prophecy, followed by an NBC (aka MSNBC) National Geographic Adventures In Time special featuring segments about an asteroid impacting the Earth, with a discussion of Maya Indians - all this on the last winter solstice of the millennium, while the full moon is 14% bigger and 7% brighter than's as if the lunar surface had been magnified and thrust at us to bear witness to its pock-marked and marred face of craters, as if to warn us to know such holes are in store for Earth.

December 29, 1999:

Advertisements for Rock Prophecy hit the streets of New York in the Village Voice weekly newspaper. Determined to avoid the mayhem that accompanied ads for Rock Prophecy in Seattle a month earlier, New York Mayor Rudolph Gulliani immediately unleashes tens of thousands of special police troops into the streets of NYC to patrol the city. This massive police action is code named "OPERATION ARCHANGEL"!!

December 30, 1999:

The Susan B. Anthony House requests a copy of Rock Prophecy for their library. Ironically and unexpectedly, Rock Prophecy is a heavily feminist perspective on human history. The concept of "retarded history" is centered on the urge of one sex to dominate the other, and the consequent obstructions to the advance of humanity that resulted. It's difficult to convey to a public, brain-trained by dominators, that Hendrix is figurehead for the explanation of what happened. But the reality is that Rock Prophecy does effectively interpret history and religions. And the result is that it's now required that the unfree elitist media ignore, distort and suppress every MENtion of the book..

December 31, 1999:

On New Year's Eve, during ABC News coverage of the new millennium, Neil Tyson, astrophysicist from the Hayden Planetarium in NYC, drags an iron meteorite (found in Namibia) onto the set of ABC News in New York and is asked, "looking out at this miniscule period of time called a hundred years, is there anything to worry about?"

Tyson lugs out his meteorite and answers, "With a cosmic walk out of a building at night and look up and ask...what will the next millennium bring for the survival of the Earth?...these things (ASTEROIDS) are out there in our solar system, and perhaps there's one out there with our name on it, but we don't know yet, and we want to at least start looking."

At New Year 2000 the song Biting String Teeth Solo from the CD enters the Top-5 at for Rochester, NY USA.

Hear the "Biting String Teeth Solo"
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