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Q: How can I get the quickest description of what Rock Prophecy is about?

A: Official scientific research from the U.S. government confirms that some people can "remote view" (e.s.p. - extra sensory perception). Our theory is that e.s.p. is a brain mutation in our species, but it's an ability evolved by all living planets as a defense against asteroid impacts, the colliding "predators" of planets. To alert us to the movements of space rocks aimed at the planet, evolution intends our perceptions to expand towards capacity to "sense" our solar environment. Rocks on paths that disturb the gravity fields of planets trigger "signals" through space. These gravity disturbances register in our brains as thoughts, dreams, melodies, equations, apparitions, premonitions, etc. We are all today becoming aware of how thought and perception itself is dedicated and destined to ultimately shield the planet from impacts. The course of biological evolution is specifically aimed to enable this symbiotic planetary "self-defense" capability in species such as humans.

Jimi Hendrix is the key figure and example for this theory. Hendrix was obsessed with visions of asteroid impact, his life symbolizes the surfacing of this e.s.p. trait, "Rock", into modern consciousness. The first "Rock/Star" = "Asteroid/Comet" - the surfacing of impact awareness through his loud sounds of explosions and explicit verbal warnings about the Rock. All living planets eventually incarnate a version of Jimi - an unprecedented integration of systems and vision, the ultimate insights that intelligent species are evolved towards.

Our insights and theory are based on scientific research and explained in the book Rock Prophecy (Rock = Asteroid).

We're completing a film that presents the evidence.

To get quick overviews that encapsulate more of what Rock Prophecy is about, visit these links: a 2-page brochure, the 5-page Declaration of Dependence, and the 38-minute video discussion below:

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Q: Is the Hendrix asteroid prediction detailed on this website?

A: Only fragments of Jimi's vision appear within related sections of the website. The full description is explained in the book Rock Prophecy, specifically in the first three chapters and chapters 14, 16, and 18.

Also, a documentary film, and multi media lecture series, are today being produced to isolate and explain the specific evidence of Jimi's "remote view" mutation.

Q: What does "EMPeror" signify?

Experience Music Project = EMP

A: EMP is an acronym for the Experience Music Project in Seattle, aka the "Jimi Hendrix Museum." Because of Rock Prophecy and this website, EMP officials realized they had to change their organization's name to try and disassociate it from the tainted Paul Alen, so in 2016 they switched their name to "The Museum of Pop Culture" or "MoPOP" as it's pretentiously called in Seattle. The $240 million structure was financed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who, like Jimi (and Microsoft), is a native of Seattle. While the EMP was in its planning stages, Michael Fairchild orchestrated, over a six month period, to have several of the world's largest and most excellent collections of Hendrix items purchased by Mr. Allen for the Hendrix Museum. Upon completion of the deal, Mr. Allen, EMPeror of Seattleland, refused to pay Michael for his work, and then he instigated a bogus lawsuit aimed to destroy Michael's career. The EMPeror next used his media EMPire to halt all reports about Michael, and the insights within Rock Prophecy. When the EMPeror began this censorship effort in "1993" neither he nor anyone realized that just a few years later the internet would morph into the world wide web and provide a platform for Michael to report the story. Today the internet itself has become rigged with censorship.

EMPeror Paul Allen
WANTED: for Murder of Earth

The EMPeror is the anti-Jimi, the Murderer of Earth who, by derailing the next official Hendrix release in which Michael was to include Rock Prophecy, Mr. Allen obstructed this last chance humanity had to survive the coming asteroid impact. Rock Prophecy carries the solution to Retarded History - a condition that's left us defenseless against the Rock. The EMPeror then proceeded to immitate Emperor Constantine and condemn the heretic (Michael Fairchild), while erecting a gaudy cathedral for Jimi in the prophet's hometown - the Experience Music Project (EMP) "Hendrix Museum" in Seattland - from which this new Vatican re-writes a theology (Jimi's legacy) in EMPeror-friendly terms, just as Constantine redefined the Jesus story as a means through which peasants "accept" and forgive obscene inequality of income between people. These creeds are myths which attribute privilege among an elite cabal of dominators, at the expense of the brain-trained sheeple herd. Dominators aim to enslave sheeple and use forced labor to build safe havens for billionaires, while EMPeror Allen pays for Space Ship One to race him safely to the space station's luxury condo retreat.

- James Sedgwick

Q: Where do the Jimi Hendrix quotes on this website come from?

A: The sources for all Hendrix quotes are listed as footnotes in the book Rock Prophecy.

Q: Is Rock Prophecy about worshipping Jimi Hendrix?

A: On page 1 of Rock Prophecy, the first sentence in the book reads: "We do not worship Jimi. The Hendrix story teaches us how destructive 'worship' can be."

This sentence is quoted from Michael Fairchild's article published in Straight Ahead magazine years earlier (Aug. 1994 p. 16). The point is that for decades I've been countering the charge that somehow we're "worshipping" Jimi Hendrix. On the contrary, Hendrix represents an effective means by which we see the practice of "worship" as destructive, a syndrome to be avoided.

The way in which one group of people worships will distinguish them from people with other beliefs. A woman who eats meat on Friday doesn't comply with Vatican rules. A man who won't lay prostrate and face Mecca disobeys Muslim customs. Dominators fixate on such differences and care little for any increased sense of the "mystery and wonder of the world." Communal contemplation, and praise of the mystery, is replaced with a rejection of outsiders. Worship becomes Warship.

Warship is a verb. It is a call to demonstrate compliance with beliefs and customs of a tribe - and battle against those who don't conform. Outsiders are "Other" - unlike us. The Others are excluded, obstructed and rejected. We who conform, so the "reasoning" goes, deserve more than the Others, because our warship is "better", is correct, God approves of the way we pray, and condemns the Others. Such rituals of submission appeal to dominators. Their religions use warship to define lines in the sand across which outsiders dare not tread. But Hendrix sensed that neither worship nor warship is required by any Creator…Jimi ignored the requirements of worship and the rules of warship. He promoted a single belief…"
Rock Prophecy - copyright 1995, published 1999

Years after Rock Prophecy was published, we've heard the prominent mythologist David Talbott echo this same insight:

"The institutionalization of myth across history can be a very perverse thing, the rise of Holy War in ancient times echoes all the way into the present time, so it is a huge subject and it's going to be opened up…In all institutionalized forms of religion, it is just the sad truth of the matter that all institutional religions today tend to carry forward mythology in ways that are completely destructive and pit the religions against each other. Just to take an example, amongst all of the ancient peoples you will have a definition of sacred space which they identify their own locale; this local hill, this local valley, this river. They identify it with the land of the gods in primeval times and once they have made that symbolic decision to identify in that way they have something to go to war over. This becomes 'god's place', we become the 'children of god', the 'chosen people', the 'children of the sun', which the Israelis considered themselves, and always when you're viewing your culture, your people, your city, your nation, in these special terms, you are laying the groundwork for Holy War. This is a terrible thing and people don't want to hear about this, by and large. They can see it in other cultures and other religions, but they have great difficulty in seeing it in their own…There is going to be a tremendous controversy and a great deal of anger at what is being disclosed here as if it is threatening us, but it is not threatening anybody."
- David Talbott, mythologist, Coast to Coast AM Radio, March 11, 2007

Read more about Warship

Q: Did you get your use of the term "moguls" from the Harry Potter books?

A: The book, Rock Prophecy, was copyrighted in 1995, two years before the first Harry Potter book came out in 1997. Prior to 1995, during Michael Fairchild's years working at the official Jimi Hendrix production company, many of his published writings refer to "moguls." Even on this website, the Timeline sections written back in 1995-1997 (pre-Harry Potter) contain many references to "moguls." These Timeline sections also appear in the published book, Rock Prophecy.

The point here should be obvious: Media moguls needed to retrieve the term "moguls" away from Rock Prophecy and co-opt it for themselves by training sheeple consumers to associate "moguls" with the establishment-APPROVED pabulum book Harry Potter, which the media elite spent billions to promote and brain-train the public to read, SPECIFICALLY in an attempt to co-opt the term "moguls" AWAY from Rock Prophecy and "assign" the word to their Harry Potter scheme. Thus we were all witness to the "enshrining" of J.K. Rowling as establishment-approved Queen of the Moguls' Social Engineering ability to train millions of consumer sheeple to follow the lead of string puller media magnates. The whole point is to discredit Rock Prophecy and lead sheeple to not read the world's most important story, the book that most threatens unjust moneyed moguls.

These same dominators did a similar thing with Jimi's use of the word "Love" as the name of an asteroid named "Electric Love." They intentionally and systematically flooded the internet with posters and bumper sticker pics with a fake, bogus "Hendrix quote" about the meaning of "Love."

And then they had President Obama outlaw the word "retarded" with "Rosa's Law" in Oct. 2010, specifically as a means to slur the concept of "Retarded History" in the 1995 book Rock Prophecy. They've created a hostile climate in which it is (artificially) considered "politically incorrect" to discuss "Retarded History" on any university campus.

There are dozenes of other Rock Prophecy Topics Co-Opted by the EMPeror's DreamWorks Team - a whole Division at DreamWorks Movie Studios is dedicated to isolating specific issues from the book Rock Prophecy and then re-define them in ways that smear the book and persuade sheeple that it is "bad" to even discuss Rock Prophecy in any context at all. More evidence about this media smear effort will be presented on this website in coming months...