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Below is published the Timeline from Rock Prophecy. This is not the book, it is a chronological list of events surrounding the creation of Rock Prophecy. For a brief background and description of the story, and context for the Timeline below, visit the ROCK PROPHECY PAGE before reading the Timeline.


January 11, 2000:

The BigRock Near Earth Objects website refuses to allow a link with this Rock Prophecy website, despite the fact that Rock Prophecy is the catalyst for the blitz of interest in asteroids since the mid 1990s. Two days later the BigRock site announces "215 Potentially Hazardous Asteroids Discovered."

January 12, 2000:

ABC Evening News exposes BIG BROTHER: "If a network had a [TV] program, and it was tough on drugs, then the network could submit [the program script] to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, which would have drug and behavioral experts examine it. If the White House then approved it, the network could then get credit for three or more thirty-second ads, worth several hundred thousand dollars. The government provided guidance on what was acceptable...writer(s) said government consultants 'helped' with the script. 'They did give us additional information we could use if we chose,' said TV script writer Steve Young, 'and we chose to.' Advocates of free speech see Big Brother at work. 'They're bribing the broadcasters to change their programming,' said Andrew Schwartzman, CEO of Media Access Project, 'and they're doing it covertly. It's doing it under the table that makes it absolutely reprehensible.' The White House Drug Office said that, although broadcasters have a financial incentive to carry approved anti-drug messages, they can always just say no."

A few days later the PBS News Hour elaborated on Big Brother: "We use the creative community to get messages out," said Donald Vereen of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, "we work with advertising experts to take scientifically based 'facts' and present them to young people today...the anti-drug messages are captured better in programming...We've been working with the creative community for a number of years, even before the media campaign started...we've been working with network executives, writers and producers to get 'scientifically based facts' to the creative community, and they take that information and turn it into creative stories to get the message out there...There are media buyers for ads, [the purchases] occur in April and May of every year for the following year that starts in September. According to the federal government, and it's in the law, Congress said that if we're gong to pay for Prime Time ad-time to get the messages out, that's when kids are watching television, then you're going to have to match that with a public service obligation that is separate from the ad buys. There's a menu of choices that each network has to satisfy that obligation. It can come in the form of ads, not only the ones that we've created, but also other public service groups that are related to the drug issue can get credit. Programming is another way to satisfy that requirement. ABC created a website...about the drug issue...and they got credit for it, they made 'the argument' and they got credit for 'obligation credit' and there's a 'value' attached to it...we make it very clear what counts and what doesn't count."

What doesn't "count" are messages like Rock Prophecy - an interpretation of history and civilization which all elitist media outlets are designed to silence. The PBS News Hour asked Mr. Vereen, Minister of Propaganda for the Out House, I mean White House: "Any other messages sponsored by the government that we don't know about?"

"I'm sure there are," Mr. Vereen replied coyly, "There are messages out there that are within our message platform...the satisfaction of the public service aspect of this is voluntary...we just communicate what's expected, what the requirements are."

Advertising executive Jeff Leob was interviewed and added, "This is a clever media strategy...I think kids are conditioned right now to the manipulative nature of advertising in a way that even our generation could never understand...The precedent that's been set, and the notion of government having any form of review of creative wholly unfortunate and needs to be addressed...what the networks have they have proposed an alternate way to satisfy their financial obligation to the government, and that suggests something of a collusive nature, voluntary or not. The networks are interested first and foremost in making money."

George Orwell's 1984 actually happened long ago, and Big Brother is so effective that almost no one today notices that our race is completely BRAINTRAINED BY DOMINATORS!

January 18, 2000:

With the force of multiple exploding nuclear bombs, a meteor strikes the Northwest corner of British Columbia, near the Alaska border. For the next eight months news of the blast is withheld from the public.

January 19, 2000:

On my birthday, the U.S. Pentagon suffers a major hi-profile setback in their feeble attempt to develop an "interceptor missile" capable of hitting and destroying and object in space speeding towards the ground. A prototype missile was launched and aimed at a rocket, a "mock rock", streaking through the sky, but the interceptor missile failed to hit the target, or even come close. The interceptor was launched from a U.S. Army missile range in the Marshall Islands. "An intercept was not achieved for reasons unknown," reported an Air Force spokesman. This latest egg laid by dominators in their attempt to catch up to the asteroid threat, in the face of centuries of Retarded History, highlights denial regarding our lost cause. The time we needed to erect a defense ran out long ago.

January 20, 2000:

During a total eclipse of the full moon, on the day of my brother John's funeral, the Biting String Teeth Solo from the CD hits #1 on chart listings for Rochester, New York, USA...

January 25, 2000:

ZDNet News reports that at Microsoft a new version of the Windows operating system is being developed under the code-name of "Whistler." Whistler has evolved out of projects at Microsoft code-named "Neptune" and "Asteroid."

February 7, 2000:

A day of amazing revelation and evidence of divine intervention. The University of Pisa issues a "scientifically urgent" warning about the trajectory of Asteroid 2000 BF19, aimed to arrive near Earth in 2022. Renegade, loose canon astronomer, Andrea Milani, breaks the code of silence engaged by all professional star gazers gagged by the U.S. government's decree to keep secret all discoveries of Earth threatening rocks from space. Milani is immediately besieged by a swarm of government scientists trained to "creatively recalculate" the trajectory of rocks like 2000BF19.

MSNBC picks up the braintrain banner with reports that cite astronomers who have been "gathering additional data about the orbits of asteroids so that they could eventually be excluded as a threat...Two years ago, the first such asteroid alert caused quite a stir," notes MSNBC, "more recent alerts have been greeted much more calmly." More "calmly" because the news never really surfaces for the public to consider in a dominator controlled media intent on suppressing all evidence for collisions of Earth and Rock. MSNBC boasts that, for mile wide asteroid 1997 XF11, aimed to rendezvous with Earth in 2028, concerns were "erased within days." Microsoft Network reveals that in April, June, and October of 1999, four more asteroids were discovered to be headed towards Earth, but, after government officials creatively recalculated trajectories for these rocks, concerns were "erased within days."

The day after Andrea Milani blew the whistle on the asteroid cover-up, in Everett, Washington, a stone's throw from Microsoft headquarters, The Herald reports, "An asteroid initially thought to be on a possible collision course with Earth in 2022 will miss the planet by millions of miles, astronomers said Tuesday after reviewing new data in Los Angeles. For the fifth time in two years, reports of Earth-threatening asteroids were proven wrong within days of being announced."

What MSNBC dominators suppress and deny is the fact that, starting in May 1998, all trajectories of Earth-threatening space rocks are now "creatively recalculated" by government officials and immediately "proven wrong." For a brief overview of how this censorship evolved, visit the link below:

We won't be warned of an impending impact. The rock Jimi predicted won't be detected advance. Only a tiny fraction of near-Earth rocks are ever even spotted. Furthermore, all asteroid trajectories are subject to change at any time by various forces in space. "Sooner or later one of these things will be announced, and further observations won't eliminate them as a potential threat to Earth," said Gareth Williams, an expert at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory on February 8, 2000. It's as if Williams was acknowledging that the government's attempts to censor evidence of impending impact is a ploy to buy time, and the hour glass is running empty.

Incredibly, just as this asteroid insanity is unfolding on February 7, 2000, I receive an email from "The Yahoo! Editorial Team" informing me that will "not be added to Yahoo!"

Editors for the search engine inform me that they "favor listing sites that provide Yahoo! users with robust content and information." Among the reasons why my website is to be deleted from the Yahoo! database, writes the Editors at Yahoo!, are that "the site provides no new information or content...the site presents inadequate or vague information, making it difficult for us to understand what it represents, or what it is offering...the site only offers content readily available from other contains no unique content...Web users are quickly turned off by underdeveloped sites. This reflects poorly not only on the individual site, but on Yahoo! as well."

These are all lies. That the opposite is obviously true suggests that there's a "Hendrix fan" making this decision and that person holds intense envy for the content of this website. Repeatedly Rock Prophecy brings to the surface this tactic of jealousy disguised as disapproval.

But Yahoo's attempt at censorship backfires. has for months been listed in their database. But then, on February 7, 2000, while media conceals news of asteroid 2000 BF19, Web Report statistics for show 40 hits to this website from the Yahoo! Company itself. Their email to me is dated February 7, 2000. Just as they start deleting my site from their listings, an army of 50 hackers savagely attacks Yahoo! The entire search engine crashed for the rest of the day, creating a media event around what is now perceived as the unreliability of Yahoo! From this day on, Google ascends to prominence as the web's major search engine.

February 14, 2000:

It is no coincidence that NASA picked Valentine's Day for its Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (N.E.A.R.) space probe to make history's first successful orbit of an asteroid by a man made space craft. At 10:33 a.m. the N.E.A.R. probe achieved orbit around Eros, a 21-mile wide asteroid named a century ago for the Greek god of Love. Eros means Love, and NASA'a probe reached Eros on Valentine's Day. It is also no coincidence that NASA chose this particular Rock for the first orbit of this kind, because, as readers of Rock Prophecy know, Jimi Hendrix gave the name Electric Love to the Rock aimed to collide with Earth. So NASA choose Valentines Day to orbit Eros. Think tank policy makers for NASA know my book well, but deny having ever heard of it.

Good and evil lay side by side, while Electric Love penetrates the sky... - Jimi

Rock Prophecy contains pages of explanation as to why Hendrix gave the name "Love" to the Rock. Certainly the reality of having one of the largest near Earth asteroids named Eros was an influence, among other reasons. Although Eros is not the actual Rock that Jimi predicted will end our civilization, Eros itself could be a threat, as its orbit is changing slowly into a path that could send it our way. "There is an appreciable chance...that Eros will crash into the Earth sometime in its lifetime," said Johns Hopkins University professor Andrew Cheng, project scientist for the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous. "An Earth-Eros crash would end civilization."

Did string pullers at NASA pick Eros for their first asteroid orbit because of the "Electric Love" chapter in the book Rock Prophecy, and then schedule the rendezvous with "Love" for Valentine's Day to drive home the point for world media coverage?

February 23, 2000:

Did Paul Allen, EMPeror of Seattleland, pay off the Grammys to "award" a Hendrix video by A Band of Gypsys? This Grammy sham seems paid for to set the stage for EMPeror Allen's "Hendrix Museum" premier in Seattle this spring.

Two of the CDs that I worked on with the Hendrix company reached the Top-10 on Billboard charts in the 1990s. We won't see that again. The Japanese-American woman adopted by Jimi's dad met Hendrix just four times when she was a small kid, and, as a result of Paul Allen's money, she today has the job of company director that I was trained for. Without my insights, the CDs released by today's Hendrix company don't even scrap the bottom of the barrel on any charts. Each one is horribly ill conceived and of interest to a tiny handful of guitar greasers.

Seattle Savages can buy the Grammys and create a charade for TV land's braintrained herd. But they can't create Hendrix CDs that'll break the Top-10 on the charts, as I know how to do. Although it's likely we'll see EMPeror Allen's money set to that task. In any event, the concept for the now "awarded" Band of Gypsys release came from an article I wrote for Goldmine magazine in 1990.

The point is: who is wrong and who is right - that's what the point is - not how many people.
- Jimi

May 2000:

The media scene is epitomized by Pontius Pilata, persecuting me in my hometown in the May 2000 issue of a local magazine:

May 4, 2000:

Thirty years ago today National Guard troops shot four students to death at Kent State University. And today, NASA releases the first images of Kleopatra, a New Jersey-size asteroid orbiting near Mars.

"Jimi started to tell me about being from an asteroid belt located off the coast of Mars."
- Chuck Wein

"All the sudden a girl forms to be Kleopatra and the Hawaiian mountains open up
and PPPFFHHSSHHH!!! Another 13,000 feet, we go higher and higher..."

- Jimi

The next day five major planets in our solar system orbit into a very rare alignment. And in Norman Oklahoma, the May 5, 2000 issue of the Norman Transcript newspaper publishes a multi-part feature article about Jimi Hendrix's performance at Oklahoma University three decades earlier in May 1970. That concert was Jimi's first appearance following the shooting of students during an anti War protest at Kent State University. On Monday, May 4, 1970 four students were gunned down by National Guard troops, who also wounded fifteen other people at Kent State, kicking off the most violent week in the history of American campuses.

The point I make here is about my role in unearthing the importance of Jimi's appearance at Oklahoma University. Back in the 1970s, a friend gave me a recording of Hendrix playing in Oklahoma. The recording was made by a fan at the concert, and its sound quality muffles much of what Jimi says on stage. But the music is extraordinary, above average intensity and inspiration from Hendrix. Yet no one in the network of researchers about Hendrix knew where or when the concert took place. Judging from the songs played, and my knowledge of Jimi's career, I knew this show occurred sometime during the spring of 1970. So I began writing letters to libraries in Oklahoma (I still have these documents to this day) and requested that old microfilms of newspapers from that state be sent to my local library, where I started to scan and study the articles published in 1970. My research revealed that the Hendrix concert took place at the Oklahoma University Fieldhouse on Friday, May 8, 1970. Media for that week are filled with reports about crisis over Kent State, which happened four days earlier on Monday, May 4, 1970.

I got out the concert recording of Jimi and listened more closely to his comments. Through the muffled noises of this audience made tape, I heard him dedicate an unusual version of the song Machine Gun to "Kent State - all four of them." Here he was, in the heart of America, in Oklahoma, a word which translates in English as "Red Man's Territory" (Jimi was part Cherokee Indian) - he was at a University, playing for college students, his first performance following the killing of students earlier that week at Kent State. Just a couple weeks earlier he'd released a new album called Band of Gypsys, it entered the Top-5 on Billboard charts. This album introduced Jimi's anti-war anthem called "Machine Gun." At the same time, the 1970 film/album Woodstock had just come out that month. Woodstock climaxes with Jimi's violent version of the Star Spangled Banner. These pieces were among the most popular music in America when Kent State happened, during the week when Jimi appeared in "Red Man's Territory" Oklahoma, on another campus torn by riots and despair during that most divisive week in American history since the Civil War.

I wrote out the story in a 1988 manuscript titled A Touch of Hendrix, in a chapter called "Fountain of Tears." That manuscript landed me the job, in 1989, as the writer and consultant for the official Hendrix production company then in Hollywood, CA. A year later, I wrote about Jimi's Oklahoma U. music for a national magazine called Guitar School (Nov. 1990). From that article the Hendrix network learned for the first time about the significance of this concert. Then in March 1992, Guitar magazine published another of my articles titled "Hendrix '70" which again detailed the history around that May 1970 performance in Oklahoma.

In 1990, as a result of my research, the network of people researching Jimi were tracing the source of the recording made two decades earlier at the OU Fieldhouse.

And now in May 2000, an editor for the Norman Transcript in Oklahoma is approached by a local Hendrix fan. The fan gives him a copy of my article published ten years ago in Guitar magazine and the editor sees the story of Jimi at OU. The result is a Norman Transcript feature story in May 2000, and the story quotes me from my 1990 article about OU. The Transcript staff produced an extensive spread on the Hendrix event in their city. It was all published in Norman on May 5, 2000 - the day of the planetary alignment, while pictures of asteroid Kleopatra circulated in media.

Aside from these coincidences on May 5, 2000, this Oklahoma incident is important for Rock Prophecy in the way it preserves my research. I had contributed the first report of this historic concert for the American archives. Hendrix music from OU, and the details surrounding it, will be scrutinized more as time goes by, and it is described in my 1988 manuscript titled A Touch of Hendrix. That manuscript is the precursor to Rock Prophecy, and it contains the first mention of Jimi's prediction.

When I saw the Norman Transcript newspaper spread about Jimi at Oklahoma University, I read in the articles that they'd quoted my from the Guitar School magazine article that a local Hendrix fan had shown to the editor in Norman. My published writing about Jimi's show there had the Kent State story included, so the editor got the idea to research local sources for more information about Jimi's appearance on May 8, 1970.

So I called the Norman Transcript office and spoke with the editor there. I told him of the extensive research I'd done about the Norman incident for my manuscript A Touch of Hendrix. He said he'd like to see that. So I sent him a copy of that chapter from my book, along with correspondance from Norman libraries I'd done in 1986 while researching the story. I also told him of my book, Rock Prophecy, which had recently been published and said the Hendrix curious people of Norman would be interested to know about this if the Norman Transcript would review it. So I included a copy of the book as well.

Following the example of hundreds of other dominator media outlets, that editor not only refused to review the book, but he also refused to even mention my research the instigated the Norman Transcript's retrospect articles on the Hendrix apprearance there. It's another incredible incident of media censorship, jealous Hendrix fans seeking to do what they can to follow Paul Allen's example and conceal all of my insights about Jimi. Very similar to what the editor at Musician Magazine did regarding my breakthrough research regarding Jimi's death, or what Mr. Rob(ber)y did regarding my research he just plagerized and ripped-off for his own book. There are so many of these incidents that have been documented, and I'm convinced they form a revealing and valuable psychological profile of the way Hendrix affects so many people who still respond to his music so many decades after his death. So all of these censorship incidents are being produced into a movie presentation aimed to set in relief the issue of Retarded History - the set back in critical insights, set bacls in our species advance at the hands of jealous dominators, their reptiliam need to conceal and suppress insights, these Savages of the First Century.

May 30, 2000:

ABC World News covers the nation's quest for protection in the skies. "A 1998 report describes missile development in North Korea, Iran and Iraq. [Scientist Richard Garwin] says an attack is extremely unlikely because thousands of U.S. warheads are primed to retaliate: 'They would be wiped out, they would be a parking lot as a result, so I don't think that we should feel threatened by such a capability. A nuclear weapon can be put in a shipping container and then as the ship enters the port it could be detonated, so a perfectly innocent ship can serve as an anonymous delivery vehicle.' Does anyone know that a proposed missile defense system would really work?...We're talking about defending against really third world states that don't have the best of technology. Give us enough time and money, proponents say, and we will build a missile defense that works. More time? More money? That's what they were saying 20 years ago about Ronald Regan's system of space based lasers. [Bob Deitz] worked on that system...When he worked at Lockheed he found many ways to defeat the lasers. Deitz and others say any enemy can defeat the national missile defense too, using simple decoys, hiding a warhead in a balloon and releasing it with dozens of empty balloons, or using bomblets, miniaturized warheads to overwhelm a limited defense...the Pentagon would be spending $60 billion for a system that may not work, against a threat that may not exist."

The point here is that the public is being fed a rationale from the U.S. government for building the ultra expensive anti-missile technology. Government rationale says we need to defend ourselves against missile threats from enemy nations. But experts agree that the threat from these countries will not come from long range missiles, it comes from bio warfare and bombs delivered in suitcases, not expensive, detectable launch systems. The real threat that the government is gearing up for is the threat of an asteroid impact - and they're taking great pains to conceal from the public the fact that we are today in a race to find a way to prevent it. The disclosure of news that an asteroid is on course to impact Earth will unleash mass hysteria and chaos. Officials are forced to disguise the desperate effort to build anti-asteroid technology as an effort to defend America from enemy missiles.

The next report drives home the point that many experts consider the "missile defense" effort a lost cause:

May 31, 2000:

David Martin of NBS Nightly News reports, "An exclusive video shows what could be the [National Missile Defense System's] Achilles heel: balloons - an enemy missile would dispense them as decoys to confuse an interceptor, known as the 'kill vehicle,' set up to find and shoot down the real warhead. 'The kill vehicle cannot see any of these objects except as points of bright light. To try to tell whether it's looking at a warhead or a balloon, it turns out it can't do that.' MIT Professor Ted Postol has sent a letter to the White House warning that the kill vehicle will be defeated by the simplest of balloon decoys. 'The warhead is deployed surrounded by decoys.' Postol bases that devestating conclusion on data from a 1997 test in which an interceptor tried to pick out a warhead from a cluster of nine decoys. A second missile expert, Dr. Richard Garwin, reviewed the same data, 'The seeker on the kill vehicle really did not have any way to tell the warhead from the other objects.'...Pentegon tests, the review concluded, have significant limitations to operational realism...'There is no problem deploying the balloons, I mean people build airbags for cars that are much more complicated than these balloons would be,' said Postol...Garwin sees a nightmare scenario far worse than balloons: a missile loaded with small bombs filled with anthrax or some other biological agent 'will release the bomblets, which will spread over ten or twenty miles as they fall to their target. We won't be able to intercept hundreds of bomblets, or probably even one.' Despite the daunting hurdles of building a missile defense, the Pentagon is trying to do it on a schedule that compresses ten or twelve years worth of work into just eight."

[NOTE: They're racing to head off an asteroid, while pretending the system's for missiles. D.C. think-tanks have determined that it's easier to proceed if the public agrees to deny the Rock is real. The hypnotized herd wants to disbelieve, so with no prodding whatsoever, everyone simply accepts without question that Defense Agency contradictions are irrelevant. Evidence itself has ceased to influence opinions of the sheeple.]

June 4, 2000:

Newsweek magazine reports, "Charges of government lying and cover-up are beginning to surface. At the very least, it appears that the hopes for an National Missile Defense (NMD) are somewhat unrealistic and that the rush to build one has been driven more by politics than technology. Crucial to NMD's success is the theory that the sensor on a missile interceptor can pick out a warhead because it gives off infrared radiation differently than a decoy does as it tumbles through space. In practice, Postol found from TRW's own flight-test data that decoys and warheads were indistinguishable. What's more, he says, he discovered fakery by the Pentagon's Ballistic Missile Defense Office (BMDO). BMDO, charges Postol, is rigging its tests. In the first real trial of the defense system, in June 1997, the interceptor had to pick out a warhead from eight decoys. BMDO hailed the test as a success, but TRW's data showed that in fact the sensor utterly failed. So in subsequent tests, BMDO abandoned plans to use multiple decoys and instead used only one and that - a shiny silver balloon - was so easily recognizable that the sensor couldn't miss. BMDO, Postol says, has been 'testing for success, they don't want to acknowledge that the whole thing is a fraud, this system has no chance of working.'

"Postol wrote to the White House to warn the president's advisers of his findings. Rather than call a halt to the program or even start an investigation, Clinton's aides turned over Postol's letter to the BMDO. The BMDO promptly classified Postol's detailed findings as secret, while publicly dismissing his naysaying. Postol has counterattacked by taking his case to the media. Government watchdogs can't be trusted, he insists, at least when it comes to missile defense. 'Nobody gives a damn about the truth,' he asserts."


Also on June 4, 2000, CBS News 60 Minutes airs "The Year of The Woman," a report on the horrors of women tormented in India's anti-female culture. 60 Minutes draws attention to the recently released report from UNICEF on the degrading state of females worldwide. Many of the details are repeated in Rock Prophecy as examples of "Retarded History," human advance held back because of customs aimed to dominate others.

During May and June 2000, a media debate over the UNICEF women's report went on simultaneously with debates over ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missiles). These are two intertwined issues that've sealed all of our fates. What we needed to know about Rocks has been ages delayed, set back because the seers able to sense the threat were crushed under customs aimed to enslave everyone sensitive and introspective. The seeds of our destruction was sown by an evolutionary mistake in natural selection. We're another species extinct because we lost half of our potential with laws that pedastalize men at the expense of the rest. We became a transitional civilization with a doomed fate, unable to raise any defense. Everyone that could've saved us was left for "losers" in a rat race for exclusive ease.

Technology is making possible a means of mass destruction for any person who holds a grudge over today's state of inequality. Any effort to build a defense against asteroids is derailed by the enormous resources required to prevent third world victims from gleefully unleashing genetic mutations of every strain into the environment. We're in an era of hi-tech weapons brewed in the kitchen, with a Unabomber in every garrage.

This always was the logical consequence of inequality, setting us back, preventing progress against the Rock.

"What's unreal is all those people living in cement beehives with no color and making themselves look like their gig and slaving themselves for that one last dollar...They're losing themselves in big ego scenes and being above another man in some kind of form...They act just like the pigs that run these places, you know, countries. They base everything on the status thing, that's why there's people starving, because humans haven't got their priorities right."

- Jimi

June 7, 2000:

First Century Press prepares the intercontinental ballistic advertisement, aimed at the lost continent of Seattleland: "Jimi's prediction kicked off a blitz led by Microsoft media partners...A Plague On Both Your Houses!" - its incantation is an attack on Seattle. A pall descends over the home of Microsoft. Within six hours after issuing this curse by delivering the ad to Seattle, Judge Thomas Jackson calls Microsoft "untrustworthy" and throws the book (Rock Prophecy?) at the criminals. Like a slave holder plantation owner, Bill Gates is ordered to break up his cartel racket. Microsoft stockholders in Seattle see their fortunes crash like a bad disk of Windows. Like David, I downed Goliath with a sling shot rock - Rock Prophecy - carrying the curse of First Century Press to the EMPeror's doorstep in the form of a newspaper ad.

June 21, 2000:

The Summer Solstice - freeks enslaved in Seattleland awaken to a day of liberation as ads for Rock Prophecy blitz the city and proclaim a revelation: The EMPeror has no clothes! A Plague On Both Your Houses!

June 22, 2000:

Rolling Stone magazine exposes "Paul Allen's World." The grizzly article details the EMPeror's co-opting of the music industry, describing his gatherings for famous unjust monied people, parties with a "price tag of around $9 million, for a man with $30 billion, spending $9 million on a party is like a person worth $100,000 spending $3.25 for a latte. 'When I got off the boat, I couldn't help wishing he'd donated some of the money to charity,' said a partygoer." Rolling Stone participates in the celebrations of Satan, the banality of evil that the EMPeror represents.

"[Paul Allen] knows very well that the people who gain control of cable system providers, will be more powerful than God" notes Rolling Stone. Is it any wonder why the Grammys awarded a badly made documentary about Hendrix produced by people who now control and destroy Jimi's legacy? The Grammy organization was paying deference to the EMPeror who pays for their parties, acknowledging his interest in Jimi.

June 23, 2000:

Fairchild's Hendrix Museum (aka The Experience Music Project], designed by Frank Gehry, opens in Seattleland....

May your walls house the fossilized remains of days when dominators ruined the world.

Why keep livin' in the past? These buildings ain't goin' to be here for all that long, so why be like that?
- Jimi

As the EMP opens its doors in Seattle,, the Seattle based on-line store, loses 20% of its stock value. In Seattle, the current edition of the Seattle Rocket newspaper shows Paul Allen on the cover, and inside the paper is an ad for Rock Prophecy which announces that the book is "On Sale Now @!" Today's plunge in stock is revenge against the company for selling Rock Prophecy in Paul Allen's hometown of Seattle on the day his Hendrix museum opens

Curse of Seattle Ad

June 28, 2000:

CNN Cable News reports, "An international team of scientists has estimated the locations of as many as 900 large asteroids, some of which could eventually threaten the Earth with disastrous collisions. Plotting a map of known and suspected asteroid locations in the inner solar system, the researchers said an object 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) or greater in size could conceivably run into the Earth. 'It behooves us to go out and find these objects,' said William Bottke, a Cornell University astronomer and lead author of the report published last week in Science Magazine. Such space rocks could set off natural catastrophes that freeze or fry the planet. Smaller ones could wipe out millions of people and larger ones could wipe out most species, according to Bottke. 'If a one-kilometer asteroid hit the Earth, it would launch massive amounts of dirt and debris in the atmosphere. The smaller pieces take some time to rain out,' he said. 'During that time, all that material is blocking the sun from heating the planet. So it gets cooler on the planet and agriculture worldwide is disrupted.' More massive asteroids could do worse damage.

"Most asteroids remain in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter, but sometimes collisions can launch large chunks into unstable orbits that move them into what could become collision courses with our planet. 'In some places, asteroids experience traffic jams,' Bottke said. 'It's possible some of these asteroids eventually will move onto an Earth-collision trajectory. I think it's prudent to find these big asteroids.'"

"Scientists are being respected only to keep test tubes clean, that's wrong...Do you realize that they have a laser beam that you could put in satellites that'll circle the world and it'll stop any rockets from being let off anywhere in the world?...Do you realize they have inventions now that make it so you don't have to think about defense problems now, forever?...They have a plan where they have a laser-beam and a chain of satellites around the world and any rocket released, this will automatically blow it up, anywhere in the world, through a certain chart plan. All this is true...This is so much of a better idea to spend all that money on...But no, they don't want to hear about these new ideas, they want to hear about the old ones, like spend up all this money and get a big missile system. That's just one of the things that I'm gonna try to put through songs."

- Jimi

July 7, 2000:

ABC News covers the National Missile Defense soap opera: "In tonight's test, a dummy warhead will be launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, simulating a ballistic missile attack. Twenty minutes later, an interceptor missile will be fired from 5000 miles away in the Pacific. It's task: to find the warhead in space and distinguish it from a single decoy. The test is so limited that some scientist say even a very unsophisticated enemy could fool it. In the real world the enemy might use dozens of balloons as decoys, not just one, to make an intercept even more complicated, the nuclear warhead might be hidden inside a balloon, disguising its shape, or an enemy might fire hundreds of small warheads called 'bomblets' loaded with nerve gas or biological agents. Pentagon Spokesman, Admiral Craig Quigley says, 'We anticipate this system will evolve over time to react and prepare for whatever threat may face it in the years ahead.'

[NOTE: By "whatever threat" he means asteroids. The system is secretly being "evolved" to prepare for rocks.]

"The scientists who oppose missile defense give three reasons: 1) They say there is no credible threat. 2) Deploying it will destabilize arms controls. 3) It won't work. M.I.T. Prof. Ted Postol says one reason it won't work is that in the vacuum of space, light and heavy objects move the same way. 'When you're looking at [objects moving in outer space] with radar or an infrared sensor, all you're seeing are these details of motion which in no way is related to whether the object is heavy or light, or a decoy or a warhead, so you'll never be able to tell them apart.' This understanding has propelled dozens of scientists to Capitol Hill urging a halt to the funding of tests. Just yesterday, fifty Nobel Prize winners urged the President not to go ahead, the system would offer little protection, they said, and do grave harm to the nation's core security interests. They worry that a missile defense will restart the arms race, forcing Russia and China and possibly India and Pakistan to expand their weapons programs. Arms control specialists say 30 years of agreements have kept the peace and must be protected. Joseph Cicerone notes, 'It would be a highly risky policy to disassemble this regime hoping that a technology might develop sometime in the next ten years that can actually intercept a ballistic missile.'"

July 8, 2000:

ABC News reports: "Early this morning over the Pacific Ocean, the military's attempt to shoot down a dummy missile failed...a devastating blow to President Clinton's plan to build a missile defense. This morning's test cost $100 million...This is the second time this kind of test has failed. Administration officials were counting on this trial to determine whether the President would proceed with the program, but the outcome bolsters critics who say it is technically unworkable."

NBC Nightly News reports: "For President Clinton, time is counting down, he has to decide by this fall whether he thinks a missile defense system could ever work, if he intends to order construction next year. Critics claim it's an easy call. Prof. Ted Postol says, 'There is a lot of information that shows that this system has no chance of working.' It could cost $60 billion over the next decade or so, and it could ignite a new arms race with Russia and China. But missile defense is a high powered political issue. Ted Postol points out that 'Sound judgement, and sound technological assessment, and sound science, has simply gone out the window here.'"

July 10, 2000:

CBS News reports: "This weekend's failed test makes it something of a stretch to recommend to the President that a national missile defense can be made to work. Officials who watched from the Pentagon say it was almost a total bust, a waste of the $100 million it cost. This does not inspire much confidence that cutting edge technology can be counted on to work, particularly in time for the 2005 deadline set for fielding a missile defense. 2005 is the year U.S. Intelligence predicts North Korea could have an intercontinental missile. But some analysts say that is unrealistic for a county which can't even feed itself."

On July 10, the PBS News Hour hosts a debate:

News Hour moderator: "Some people say that the Pentagon's problem on all of this is that they're trying to run before they can walk, they're over-reaching on this program. The President wants to set a hundred missiles at interceptor sites in Alaska."

Ted Postol, Prof. of Science Technology and National Security Policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: "What we see is really a quite irresponsible Congressional Republican leadership that would build this National Missile Defense 'whether or not it works,' this is their language, 'whether or not it works.' If you look at the Congressional Record we will see the language that they tried to get through was to build a National Missile Defense 'whether or not it works.' It would be worth it if the system had any chance at all of working. They screw up the payload, they screw up the analysis. We caught them concealing data from the first experiment. The first experiment in the Missile Defense Program had data in it that showed they could not tell the difference between warheads and decoys. And what they did was conceal the data! Now that's scientific FRAUD. I wrote a letter to the administration on May 11 and detailed all of these allegations, and I received NO response, although one week later I received information that my letter to the White House was classified SECRET!"

John Hamre, Former Deputy Secretary of Defense: "A successful test would have made it easier for the President to decide. The President has complex balancing no matter what, not just because of the performance of the missile, this is very hard, and to do it at the same time you're trying to protect the country in the long run. The President said he would fairly and honestly evaluate it, even in light of this failure, and I think that's the right response. We have to wait for the department to do the analysis, to come forward, to answer the charges, and then try to provide a reasoned basis for the President."

[NOTE: "Provide a reasoned basis" is another way of saying spin a misleading interpretation, persuade us that this project is about "enemy missiles," when it's really about asteroids.]

July 10, 2000:

Incredibly, on the heels of the Missile Defense test failure, in the midst of intense debate over whether the tests should receive continued funding, the BBC News broadcasts the following report from Dr. David Whitehouse:

Earth-Approaching Space Rock Found By Accident

"A new member of the family of asteroids that can pass close to the Earth has been discovered. The space rock was found by accident on 2 July by astronomer Leonard Amburgey of Fitchburg, Massachusetts. He typed in the wrong celestial co-ordinates into his computer-controlled telescope and stumbled across the 3-km (1.8 miles) sized object. The asteroid has been given the temporary designation 2000 NM by the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Astronomers say this is the brightest near-Earth asteroid to be discovered in the past year. However, they are concerned that it was found by accident and was missed by the half dozen professional minor-planet surveys currently in operation. At the moment, it is about 22 million km (13 million miles) from Earth. It crosses inside the Earth's orbit at the end of July."

[NOTE: We're again seeing asteroid news reported in between missile test debates, without anyone dicussing the connection. Dominator media sets an example to keep these issues separated - artificially.]

July 22, 2000:

Discover Card produces the stupidest entry ever into the media asteroid craze. The credit card company begins airing a summer long TV commercial depicting effeminate men inside "asteroid suits," with their heads and feet sticking out at top and bottom of rock costumes. As they float in space, they lisp about how "most meteors burn up in the atmosphere."

(continues below ad...)

September 1, 2000:

Citing the recent test failures of the missile defense program, President Clinton announces that he will not order deployment of, nor funding for, the project. With four months remaining until he leaves office, Clinton leaves to his successor all decisions about missile defense. After Clinton's announcement, George W. Bush said, if elected, he plans "to develop and deploy an effective missile defense system at the earliest possible date."

At the same time, The New York Times reports that British leaders only "tentatively accept the administration's calculation that North Korea presents a [missile] threat. But France and Germany never agreed with this assessment...Russian leaders did not believe that the missile defense system was designed just to counter North Korea...the Chinese refused to accept that [missile defense] was geared against North Korea, a country they knew to be far poorer than themselves."

And putting today's events into context, asteroid 2000 QW7, half a kilometer wide, races past Earth at about twelve times the distance of the Moon. The Near Earth Object was discovered last weekend on August 26, 2000, with NASA/JPL's Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) system. QW7 caught the attention of astronomers because it was fast-moving and unusually bright. At 13th magnitude, amateur astronomers could easily spot the Rock through 8-inch telescopes. 2000 QW7 falls into a category of Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) called Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs).

September 8, 2000:

ABC World News reports that on January 18, 2000, eight months ago, a meteor struck the Northwest corner of Brisith Columbia, near the Alaska border: "On January 18 something massive streaked across the sky and collided with the atmosphere with the force of a bomb. The meteorite broke into hundreds of pieces over Tagish Lake and, for the first time, scientists know where this one came from, that's because the U.S. Defense Dept. spy satellite system tracked the giant meteorite and monitored its nuclear size explosion. They quickly declassified some data so that scientists could solve the mystery of size and speed of the meteorite and its origin. 'This one started out in what's called the 'asteroid belt.'"

September 18, 2000:

Showtime premiers the movie Hendrix, which begins with quotes from Jimi about prophecy - the quotes used are those that have been highlighted on this website (and in the book Rock Prophecy) for the past 16 months.

Prophecy Quotes Taken For "Hendrix" Movie

The screen writers for the Hendrix movie found Jimi's prophecy statements either from this website or from the book Rock Prophecy and realized it's the best way to start the story of Jimi. But then they follow Paul Allen's example and deliberately omit credit for me or the book.

October 31, 2000:

On the fifth anniversary of the start of the asteroid media blitz (which began with the PBS NOVA show titled Doomsday Asteroid on 10/31/95), the CBS program 60 Minutes exposes hoax and fraud surrounding the U.S. government's claims regarding the National Missile Defense system.

60 MINUTES "America's Dream Defense":

[Dan Rather:] The Missile Defense System has a price tag of at least $60 billion. The Pentegon agreed to let us watch its most elaborate test yet [in July 2000]. Pentgon radar systems track the warhead, and the U.S. launches the defensive rocket. In space, it ejects the kill vehicle, which closes in on the warhead. It's called hitting a bullit with a bullit.

The most outspoken of the [missile system's] critics is Prof. Ted Postol. He says the system is doomed to fail. Postol, a physicist and professor at M.I.T. was formerly a top U.S. Navy scientist. He does have a track record. In 1991, during the Gulf War, the Pentegon was claiming that its Patriot missiles were 90% effective in shooting down Saddam Hussein's SCUD missiles. After the war, it was Postol who concluded that the Patriots were nearly a complete failure. Postol, "We analyzed at M.I.T. the Patriot performance, and our analysis indicated that the Patriots probably did not destroy a single SCUD warhead, probably the performance was zero." After Postol's analysis, the Pentegon sharply lowered its estimate on the Patriot's perfomance.

Now, Postol says, the Defense Dept. is misleading the public again about missile defense, and he says the stakes are much higher this time. Since the early 1980s, Postol says, the Pentegon has accomplished very little in its effort to destroy enemy warheads in space, an effort that intensified when President Reagan talked about the initiative nick named "Star Wars." Billions of dollars were spent on research, but no effective missile defense system was ever built.

Now the Pentegon wants to funnel billions more into the new program. Postol, "Warhead decoys are designed [by an enemy] to make it difficult or impossible for the defense to understand where the warhead is relative to the decoys." Out in space, Prof. Postol says, the decoys and warheads look much the same, like distant points of flickering light, and he says the infrared sensors on the kill vehicle can not be depended upon to tell them apart..."The warheads and decoys all look roughly alike." The Professor says the Pentegon can do the difficult job of shooting down a warhead in space, of hitting a bullit with a bullit, but not if the warhead is surrounded by decoys: "If it can't tell the difference between warheads and decoys with a very high confidence, the system will collapse catastrophically."

To Postol [the July 2000 missile test failure] is just another in a long list of failures dating back to tests in the Reagan years. Postol, "During 'Star Wars' [1980s missile defense project] we were talking about X-ray lasers, and they didn't work; we were talking about deterent floride space based lasers, they didn't work; we were talking about hydrogen floride lasers in space, and they didn't work; we were talking about nutral particle beams, and they didn't work; we were talking about charged particle beams, and they didn't work - it just went on and on and on. Now were down to interceptors, and they don't work."

And, Postol says, the Defense Dept. has known that for years. In fact Dr. Nira Schwartz, he says, was warning the Pentegon back in 1996 that a major defense contractor was lying when it said the infrared sensor technology did work. Postol, "She has uncovered an incredible, pervasive fraud in the entire missile defense program."

After the failure in the tests of the space missile defense system in July 2000, the next $100 million test has been delayed. President Clinton has left it to the next president to decide whether the system should be deployed at the estimated cost of at least $60 billion. M.I.T. Prof. Ted Postol says the whole system, as designed, is fatally flawed, and he said the Defense Dept., aided by the Justice Dept., has known that for years.

Postol: "When I talk 'fraud', I'm being careful about my use of the word. I'm not saying that there are people who have made a mistake and I disagree with them. I'm saying there are people who know that this system will not work and are trying to cover it up, that's what I'm saying here. So I'm making a serious charge. I know that."

And Dr. Nira Schwartz, Postol says, provided him with the documents and data which prove he's right. Back in 1996 Dr. Schwartz was a senior staff engineer at TRW, a major defense contractor on the missile defense program.

Dr. Schwartz: "That's when I saw that the technology will not perform to the level that TRW reported to the government.

Are you still certain that it will not work?

Dr. Schwartz: "Yes, I did more and more tests which confirmed that the technology does not work and will not work with the technology of today."

Dr. Schwartz has a PhD in physics and engineering and was hired by TRW to test the absolutely critical computer programs used to discriminate or distinguish between warheads and decoys.

Dr. Schwartz: "The tests that were performed validated the level of performance of TRW to be only 10% of what they reported to the government. They reported to the government 99.9 probability to diferentiate the warhead out of the decoys and replicas."

Were they [TRW] lying?

Dr. Schwartz: "Yes, they were lying. I told them this is wrong and I said to my boss, it is wrong, what we are doing, it is wrong. And the next day I was fired."

Dr. Schwartz eventually sued TRW on behalf of the U.S. Government, accusing TRW of committing fraud and saying it "knowingly made false test plans, test procedures, test reports, and presentations to the United States government to remain in the program. The Justice Dept. could have joined the lawsuit, but at the urging of the Defense Dept., did not."

Roy Dansig believes Dr. Nira Schwartz is very credible. Dansig is a mathematician who worked with TRW for 16 years. Before retiring, Dansig worked in the areospace industry for a total of 40 years. At TRW he worked on missile defense projects.

Why was Dr. Schwartz fired?

Roy Dansig: "She was fired because she pointed out, to her superiors, that the software in the computer programs that they were building, would not do the job of discrimination."

What was your reaction when TRW said, "Yes, we have it, this kill vehicle will work, it can discriminate between decoys and the real thing?"

Roy Dansig: "It was very disturbing. I actually worked in the laboratory, in the computation laboratory, with the people who were doing discrimination, and I watched them struggle, trying to massage the data, and that's scientifically, statistically, mathematically impermissable."

When the Pentegon started to look into these charges it asked Dansig to contribute to an investigative report.

What were your conclusions?

Roy Dansig: "My final conclusion was that these guys have failed. It is not a crime in the research and development process to build a failed computer program, that's part of the process. What is a crime is to claim that a failed computer program actually works, does the job. That's fraud. That's exactly what we're dealing with here."

A Pentegon criminal investigator did extensive interviews with both Roy Dansig and Nira Schwartz. That criminal investigator concluded, and reported back to the Dept. of Defense, that there is "absolute, irrefutable, scientific proof that TRW's discrimination technology does not, cannot, and will not work." He accused TRW of "knowingly covering up its failure." These are the conlusions of a Pentegon criminal investigator.

Is it, in your opinion, a case of Nira Schwartz is telling the truth, and the company and the government are telling us something else?

Roy Dansig: "I think Nira is telling the truth and I think that the contractor, TRW, and the government, the ballistic missile defense organization, the Pentegon, for whatever reasons, and I've thought long and hard about it, I think that they are not telling the truth, that there is perhaps a cover up going on here."

The criminal investigator, who is now retired, complained to the Pentagon repeatedly, that it was ignoring his findings against TRW. We asked Gen. Ron Kaddish, the man in charge now of the Missile Defense Program, about that investigation.

Was TRW punished in any way?

Gen. Kaddish: "Not to my knowledge. My predecessors put a team of experts together to make sure that we understood the nature of these allegations. The reports that came out from that investigation concluded that there was no merit to the allegations that were being made [by Dr. Schwartz]."

That team of experts concluded that TRW's computer programs for the infrared sensors were well designed and worked properly.

Is TRW still a major defense contractor?

Kaddish: Yes.

Is TRW still on this project?

Kadish: Yes.

Prof. Postol says the proof that the Pentegon has not solved this basic problem [of distinguishing between warheads and decoys] is that it has had to change the way it uses decoys in its tests.

Postol: "What they've done is removed the decoys that are most capable from the test series, and substitued objects that are easily identified as decoys, and then they're going about creating what I consider to be a deception that they can tell the difference between warheads and decoys. They are phoney tests."

I have difficulty believeing that the Defense Dept. of the United States would engage in phoney tests, to get phoney results and take part in a hoax or fraud of this dimension and this importance.

Postol: "I have the same difficulty, that's why I'm here. But I want to assure you that I have the data and I can show you the charts."

At the urging of more than 50 congressmen, the FBI has begun a preliminary inquiry. Prof. Postol says the whole anti-missile defense system that we're now testing is a hoax, it's a fraud on the taxpayers, that it won't work, it can't work because the science isn't there. Fifty Nobel Prize winners have signed a letter to the President calling the system "ineffective and a grave danger to our nation's security."

Postol: "This is a case of politics gone wild, because everybody understands that the truth doesn't matter, that building something and making it work doesn't matter! This is bad government at its worst."

George W. Bush favors a system more extensive and expensive than the system being developed by Gen. Kaddish.

[End of 60 Minutes segment: THE "DECOY" DECOY]

The imposibility of distinguishing between "decoys" and enemy missiles won't stop the missile defense project, because the government is not concerned with missile "decoys" - they're concerned with asteroids. Ted Postol has his finger on the hoax but can't figure out WHY - it's because the "decoy differentiation" is irrelevant, the PURPOSE of the Nathional Missile Defense is not "missiles" - the purpose is asteroids. In fact, the "decoy issue" is a smoke-screen, to make it look like they are trying to shoot down missiles - but they aren't - and Postol caught their contradictions.

"The Ballistic Missile Defense organization, originally called the Strategic Defense Initiative, actually developed the technologies which allow us to deal with these [space] threats. All of the things that you need to do to intercept a ballistic missile are the same sorts of things that you need to do to intercept and deploy an asteroid."

Ed Tagliaferri, physicist, Fire In the Sky, TBS 3/23/97

November 4, 2000:

Frontpage headlines worldwide again report that yet another asteroid is on course to cross paths with Earth. A rock the size of an office building, and named 2000 SG344, is due to arrive on September 21, 2030, with a 1 in 500 chance of impact. Scientists announce that if it hits the Earth it will release 100 times the energy of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. For three days a group of international astronomers analyzed data on the rock before making today's announcment. "This is the highest probability of impact that we have ever calculated for an object," said Paul Chodas, project engineer for the Near-Earth Object Program.

November 7, 2000:

NASA scientists alter their calculations of the course of asteroid 2000 SG344 and now inform the public that the rock will not cross paths with Earth in the year 2030. The new data "effectively rules out the chance of an impact in that year" says NASA. This is the FOURTH time since March 1998 that a group of astronomers have warned of a coming asteroid impact only to have their findings refuted by NASA officials "after examining additional observations." As explained earlier in this Timeline, whenever any scientist discovers a rock headed towards Earth, government officials use creative recalculations to silence the findings and lure the public into complacency. This stranglehold over media ensures that our society will be intentionally kept in the dark until the rock lights up our sky.

January 26, 2001:

Less than one week after being sworn in as American President, George W. Bush announces that he will curb production of U.S. nuclear weapons in order to fund development of an "anti-missile" system. But rather than mobilizing human civilization behind a united effort to watch the entire sky with anti-asteroid systems, the Republicans aim to enslave workers and pursuade proles to pay for these "missile defense" expenses.

Also, today, America's Secretary of Defense visits Germany and offers to help European nations and other allies to build missile defense systems. Using the pretzel logic of Pentegon spin doctors, the Sectretary reconciles the contradiction of violating the 1972 Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty while denying that "missile defense" will cause an arms race. Are these meetings being staged by world leaders who secretly know a rock is coming?

February 12, 2001:

One year after achieveing the first ever orbit of an asteroid, the spacecraft named Near Asteroid Rendezvous-Shoemaker lands on the rock it has been circling for the past 12 months - a rock named Eros. "Eros" is Greek for Love. This Valentine's Day stunt is presented to the public by dominator media as "proof" that mankind is now able to visit any threatening rock and plant enough explosives on them to either blow them to pieces or alter their course away from Earth. Now everyone can smile with relief and go back to sleep. BUT WAIT!!!

Missiles are useless against a rock that's spotted just days before impact. The effectiveness of missiles is debatable, but even with effective missiles, the odds of even detecting in advance an asteroid in our path are "astronomical." Only a small slice of the sky is being watched at any time. The task of watching the whole sky will remain beyond human capacity for many decades.

February 13, 2001:

On the eve of Valentine's Day, with the NEAR spacecraft less than a day on the space rock called Eros/Love, Bill Gates appears at the Experience Music Project "Hendrix Museum" in Seattle to unveil the new version of Microsoft's Windows operating system, today named Windows XP - or Windows Experience, after Jimi's band, the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

An interesting thing about the evolution of Windows XP is that it was developed at Microsoft under the code name of "Whistler." Whistler, today revealed to be Windows XP, is the next version of Windows, tying Windows 2000 and the older Windows 95, 98, and NT together into one code base, or "kernel." At Microsoft, earlier code names used for Windows NT5 and Windows NT6 (unreleased prototypes for what became Windows 2000) were "Asteroid" and then "Neptune."

In the song titled Valleys of Neptune Jimi wrote about his vision of an asteroid crashing into the ocean. And scenes of tidal waves, with sloping valleys in the sea, appear in the film Deep Impact, produced by Paul Allen's Dreamwork's Studios in 1998.

On this February 13, Bill Gates appeared at Paul Allen's Hendrix Museum in Seattle to unveil Windows XP (developed at Microsoft under the code names Asteroid and Neptune) while NASA's spacecraft lands on a rock called Eros (meaning Love) for Valentine's Day. Jimi gave the name Electric Love to the asteroid that will collide with Earth.

Also today, while President Bush urges NATO to join in America's "missile defense" plans, the PBS News Hour hosts yet another debate on the merits of the missile defense effort.

February 23, 2001:

Today's issue of the journal Science reports conclusive evidence that an asteroid smased into Earth 250 million years ago and likely launched the age of the dinosaurs. The impact disaster wiped out 70 percent of land vertebrates and 90 percent of marine animals. The research performed by NASA, the National Science Foundation, and three leading universities, revealed a type of carbon structures called fullerenes in 251 million year old geological samples taken from Japan and China. Inside the fullerenes were traces of argon and helium, elements that are found in the makeup of comets and meteorites that have hit the Earth. This ancient impact caused the extinction of the crablike trilobites that were once a dominant species on our planet. The animals that survived were the precursors to the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs evolved to reign on Earth for 180 million years, until another asteroid impact wiped them out too, 65 million years ago.

February 26, 2001:

For exactly six months this website was not updated. Then on February 26 reports were added about Bill Gates on stage at the EMP "Hendrix Museum" in Seattle on Feb. 13, 2001. Just hours after the NEAR spacecraft landed on the asteroid EROS, Gates revealed at the Hendrix Museum that the new version of Windows, developed at one time under the code name "Asteroid," is now officially christened Windows XP - meaning "eXPerience" (aka the Jimi Hendrix Experience).

Just hours after this report appeared on this website, rioting erupted in the streets of Seattleland - the worst riots staged by the Microsoft enslaved residents of that forsaken city since the "WTO" riots of Nov. 27, 1999. The WTO riots of 1999 were triggered by advertisements for the book Rock Prophecy that ran in Seattle during the week leading up to the WTO violence.

February 27, 2001:

In Seattleland, chaos reigns again today in response to the Hendrix/asteroid/Microsoft incident. The city is beseiged with riots.

February 28, 2001:

At a peak of rampage, long awaited justice befalls the persecutors of the Archangle of Heaven as the lost continent of Seattleland rocks in spasms from the most violent earthquake to hit the Northwest since 1949.

April 12, 2001:

During prime time on Easter Thursday, NBC broadcasts the network TV premier of Deep Impact, produced by Paul Allen's movie studio and starring MSNBC.

April 20, 2001:

The Learning Channel airs an hour long show titled Quest for the Lost Civilization. The program details similarities between ancient Egyptian and ancient Maya Indian pyramids and structures. As Rock Prophecy points out, the Maya and Egyptians are the two ancient cultures that witnessed the asteroid impact in the western Atlantic Ocean twelve thousand years ago. Quest for the Lost Civilization shows how the Maya Indians had aligned their pyramids so that on the summer solstice in Central America, shadow patterns across the pyramid form the image of a snake with a big head, climbing along the surface of the structure. The writers of the program made no mention of the meaning of the "snake in the sky" - it is a metaphor that the Maya used to refer to the asteroid, streaking across the sky with a tail of fire, now symbolized as a shadow snake crawling up the incline of a pyramid pointing up into space.

May 1, 2001:

The Los Angeles Times reports Presidents Bush's plan to rush a missile defense system into operation by the year 2004. Bush withdraws U.S. support for the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and tells allies to "rethink the unthinkable." The team advising Bush believes it is "vital to field a system by 2004 even if the system has limited effectiveness." Critics charge that a fast tracked system will not face rigorous testing. "I'm against this scarecrow option," said Joe Cirincione of the Carnegie Endowment, "There's very little chance that it will actually work."

May 5, 2001:

On the anniversary of my "I'm like Noah" quote in the local newspaper, ABC broadcasts the network TV premier of the 1998 Bruce Willis movie Armageddon. When this film, or the movie Deep Impact, runs on TV, an extended audience, one that wouldn't see these movies in theaters, or rent the videos, gets a chance to see Hollywood dramas about asteroid disasters. Lots of kids, too young to recall these movies from three years ago, also stumble onto the asteroid issue when Armageddon airs on broadcast TV. And it's curious how this network premier, like the premier of Deep Impact on NBC three weeks earlier, coincide with President Bush's high profile push to create support for his "missile" defense system. This is a now familiar pattern through this Timeline Chronology: the media keeps flashing "asteroid" at the public, while the government keps flashing "missile defense system" and BOTH media and government pretend that asteroids and missile defense are unrelated. It's a historical fact that not a single commentary on the missile defense issue has linked the defense effort with the asteroid issue. This connection has been made ONLY in the book Rock Prophecy and on this website.

May 10, 2001:

Microsoft announces that it's new operating system, now named Windows XP (XP for eXPerience, i.e. the Jimi Hendrix Experience), will be released on October 25, 2001, which is the second anniversary of the launching of our website: (Oct. 25, 1999). To promote Windows XP, Microsoft plans to spend twice as much as the amount spent to advertise Windows 95. The Hendrix/asteroid/Microsoft connection blatantly stares everyone in the face, but like the asteroid/missile defense connection, everyone has been braintrained not to see it. Society is hypnotized by media into inability to comprehend the evidence.

June 10, 2001:

ABC airs a prime time TV special titled Voyage to Atlantis - the Lost Empire. This program, produced by Brad Lachman Productions, concludes with a portrayal of Otto Muck's theory that a massive asteroid smashed into the Atlantic Ocean near South Carolina nearly 12,000 years ago, however this TV program never credits Muck for his research! Furthermore, this program describes Maya Indian writings about the asteroid as a "snake in the sky." Most of the Maya texts were destroyed by Spanish Conquistadors. Likewise, ancient Egyptian books about the asteroid disaster were all destroyed when troops lead by Julius Ceasar burned the library of Alexandria in 47 B.C.E. Both the Mayan and the Egyptian incidents discussed in this ABC TV special are main points presented in the book Rock Prophecy. My book highlights the destroyed texts of the Maya and the Egyptians as examples of "retarded history" - our progress impeded by the brutality of dominators. It's as if the writers at Brad Lachman's productions had discovered the obscure research of Otto Muck by reading Rock Prophecy, and then neglected to credit Muck nor myself as the sources for insights used in ABC's Voyage to Atlantis - the Lost Empire. But that's what retarded history is about: dominators silencing those who know that inequality between people leads to extinction by asteroid. Knowledge that should have circulated ages ago has been stifled by a stranglehold choke on society. Our advance was set back by laws that cause inequality among us. Lunatic delusions about merit and deservedness now bring us to extinction.

June 13, 2001

The governments of France and Germany reject President Bush's plan to abandon the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. These two main NATO nations continue to dissent against efforts to errect a missile shield.

June 29, 2001

New Scientist magazine reports of a study done by the University of California at Los Angeles' Center for Astrobiology. Computer simulations of trajectories suggest that changes in Earth's orbit triggered a significant adjustment in Mercury's orbit 65 million years ago, which caused a tug on the asteroid belt. One rock might have been dislodged and sent on a course toward Earth. In Rock Prophecy I detail Otto Muck's theory that an orbital alignment between Venus, the Moon, and Earth caused an asteroid to crash into the Atlantic Ocean 12,000 years ago. The alignment was studied by Maya Indians at the time, their culture became obsessed with calculations of Venus' orbit. And Jimi Hendrix wrote about these asteroid paths with the planets in his paper titled Terra Revolution and Venus. Comet impacts on Jupiter in 1994 have catapulted an asteroid on course towards Earth, aimed to cross paths with our planet.



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