Silence the Seers

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Censorship & TV News :Blues with Fairchild Interview:


Original Video Banned on Youtube :Blues News Son House/Hendrix Connection

Named To Head Hendrix Estate Company "We Never Gave Them Jimi's Original Recordings"
Microsloth Extorted Mass Media Ordered to Cover It Up
Why This Video Was Censored on Youtube Exposed in New Movie in Production...


The Hendrix Company Threatened To Sue Us
If This Video Isn't Removed From YouTube.
They're Threatened By What It Means
And Need To Stop Us From Reporting It.



They Know We're Preparing A Report On the
Haiti Voodoo Tsunami Splashed By Meteor Impact
on Jan. 12, "2010" - and how it relates to Jimi's
Valleys Of Neptune, as Described
in the "1999" book Rock Prophecy.
The Hendrix Legacy Is Kidnapped by An Evil
Corporate Cabal Poised to Bastardize the Meaning
of Jimi's Neptune Valley Vision, Making Hendrix
Their Slave, Guitar-Greaser Clown, SONY's
ORGAN GRINDER'S MONKEY Chained to Master's
Coin Box Greed Scheme As If Hendrix
Represents Their Schlock "Celebrity" Distraction
Idiot Musician Puppets.
But Jimi Is the New Religion
By Which These Freaks Achieve Extinction
and Liberates the Earth From Their
Pollution Via More Asteroid Impacts.
Their Evil Media Can Cover Up The
Three Recent Ocean Impacts In the Third World,
But As Hendrix Said in Valleys Of Neptune, the Next Wave Will Be A
"Neighbor to the East Coast" - to Wash Clean
the Dominator's Evil Media.
It's So IMPORTANT For the Pig To Conceal This,
So IMPORTANT for H.I.M.M. to Bastardize Jimi...

Coming in June 2010: A New "PLAGUES OF EGYPT"
Galactic Debris Field Pelts Earth with Space Rocks
Media Fraudcast News Covers Up the Cause -
Moguls Deny It's All THE CURSE OF JIMI
Avenging the Suppression of Rock Prophecy
(I tol' ya'll yer gonna pay with yer planet,
what'd ya think, this is some kinda joke?)



April 16, 2010:

The best and most comprehensive insights about human civilization are routinely concealed by brutal dominators in hot pursuit of elite ease and privileges at the expense of the rest. The result is a syndrome called Retarded History - inability of humans to handle asteroid disaster.

Media Lapdogs

All mass media is owned and controlled by a tiny handful of anti-equality dominators who twist statistics and spin disinformation in order to influence the opinions and beliefs of a mass class of enslaved workers who have no time to research any issues at all other than survival.

Unending Evidence

So effective is the absolute oppression of today's dumbed-down crowds that evidence itself is no longer cause to affect attitudes.



Rock Prophecy is about equality and censorship. In the absence of equality for all, expect an asteroid smashed planet. It's a future civilization that Rock Prophecy is addressed to, because this one's a sitting duck, waiting for the axe to fall. More apt candidates for asteroid disaster can't be imagined...



(psssst! [whisper]...his last name is...BING!)

Microsoft's $44 Billion Bid To Suppress Rock Prophecy

As our website's trillions of readers throughout this galaxy have painfully witnessed, the search engine has for centuries artificially and surgically deleted from all web searches under the words "jimi hendrix."

Yahoo dominators deny that all cultures based on acceptance of inequality between people are destined to contract a condition called "Retarded History" - fatal set-backs in advance towards anti-asteroid technology. Retarded History results from the demise of society's most brilliant members who're confined to third world impoverishment maintained by dominators. The pathetic delusion that one segment of the population deserves more than another segment creates ages of conflict that tragically distracts from the collective effort necessary for the marshalling of resources into asteroid defense systems. That this reality is enshrined in the Hendrix legacy is what Yahoo seeks to conceal from those who pursue web searches for information about Jimi.

And it is this engine of web censorship that has attracted the even greedier evil of Microsoft. Like Yahoo, the Microsoft search engine too has for ages staged a blockade to obstruct web searches from reaching the promised land. This website and book explains Microsoft's role in Retarded History and the Murder of Earth that could have been stopped had Rock Prophecy not been suppressed by Microsoft.

So, with this mutually dual search engine conspiracy, Bill Gates concocted the "Yah-oogle Scheme." His problem is Google, the only engine which for years has included in searches under the words "jimi hendrix." Through Google the true gooniness of Gates' buffoonery is on display for the known galaxies.

To fathom the pain of angst and constipated consternation this causes Mr. Bill, we need to see things from the perspective of this true loser. Mr. Bill's days of luxury are numbered. As the asteroid nears, money will become meaningless and those who know the role of Microsoft in causing the impact disaster will seek out these evil dominators in the Lost Continent of Seattleland. Chased into the streets by the wrath of the mob, these Micro-nerds will suffer the brunt of Fair(child)ness administered for their crimes. And what will be the eternal legacy of Gates & Allen?

Whatever future life stumbles upon the rubble of this soon-to-be asteroid-smashed planet will analyze Microsoft's Gates & Allen duo and conclude these brutish, delusional Lucifer losers have devolved into an anti-Buddah-BlutoJudasPontiusPilateGenghisKhanHitlerStalinOilCanHarryK-FedCheneyBush.

So Mr. Bill suffered a panic attack and he began to offer billion dollar bribes to any company that can effectively suppress Rock Prophecy, starting with Yahoo. His Yah-oogle Scheme is aimed at dominating web search engines and putting Google out of business - thus closing the only remaining portal for cyberspace access to this website. On February 1, "2008" he ordered Yahoo to accept a paltry $44 billion and submit to his scheme for domination.


"They tie-up their brains and in the process they try to build their own heavens, they want to be written down in war history, they want to be written down in money history, you know, and those things are nothin' but jokes, in the next few years they're gonna all be jokes and those people are gonna be jokes. Some of them should be put in cages now to be looked at because they're gettin' very rare, you know…These buildings ain't goin' to be there for all that long, so why be like that?" - Jimi



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