Stacked Data + Fudged Numbers + Rigged Statistics + Cooked Books =
Recipes of the "Rich" to Advance Disinformation
and Sway Our Opinions.

Magic Merlin's Mumbo Jumbo Mojo

Consider the way the Bush administration fabricated an illusion that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Bush lied to us as a pretext to start a war in Iraq. Now the think tanks of the elite are fabricating much bigger illusions. It's like their WMD deception, but on steroids. Their aim is to persuade us that there is no conclusive proof that asteroids caused past extinctions of species on Earth. They aim to deflate our fears that we're headed for collision.

We KNOW the Asteroid's Path
Passes Earth! We Calculated
It In the Entrails of An Owl!

The elite need to convince us that we have nothing to fear from space rocks becuase they need our tax money to build their safe havens and finance elaborate escape plans. If the herd becomes aware of impending impact, work stopages will follow as currencies fall worthless, and then the elite will lack means to save themselves.

Below are a collection of video reports and printed articles that expose entrenched deception as dominators attempt to "fix" scientific research in support of their scheme to flee the disaster, at our expense...




"Political" Science - Apply This Scenario To What "Officials" Tell Us About The Paths Of Asteroids Aimed At Earth.

Silence the Science - Government Censorship of Global Warming = Censorship of Imminent Impact.

Product Defense = Moon Base vs. Global Warming - How and Why They Lie About Reasons To Re-Visit the Moon.

Asteroid Iraq - Disinformation Methods Used to Create Iraq War Are the Same Techniques Used to Control Our Reaction to the Asteroid.

Lessons from Vietnam On Spin - Media Complies with Lies, Just Like They Do Today.

Moon Ruse! - How the Hendrix Rockprophecy Band Inspired Bush's Noah's Ark Scheme.

Allen's Disarray: Bribing S.E.T.I. to Search for EMPeror Threatening Asteroids - Jimi's Warning on Altered Orbit.



THE MARS ASTEROID - Reports Designed to Condition Our Opinions About Degrees of Probability

FABRICATED MAMMOTH MYSTERY - Detracts from Asteroid Impact Fact

NEW CONVENTIONAL WISDOM - Tell Them Insects Killed the Dinosaurs

ICE CUBES FROM HELL - How Ice Cores Extracted from the Depths of Paul Allen's Ice Cube Trays "PROVE" That We Have No Asteroids to Fear

TREE RING SCHEME - Tell Them Vulcanoes Caused the Dark Ages

MISSILE DEFENSE - The "Decoy" Decoy

BRAIN DNA FROM JIMI'S GRAVE - for EMPeror's Insane Frankenstein Experiment

WIPED OUT BY ASTEROID 12,900 YEARS AGO: - Clovis People, Mammoths, and Mastodons

WHAT JAMES HANSEN DOESN'T UNDERSTAND - About NASA's Dismissive Attitude On Global Warming

RIGGED MISSILE TESTS - Hidden After September 11th

- And Drag Them Off To Gitmo...


"Creative Recalculations" Cook-the-Books on Asteroid Paths

Eleven times in the past decade astronomers have announced that an asteroid is on collision course with Earth (and Mars too). Within days following every one of these announcements, government "officials" have made counter-announcements denying that these space rocks will impact our planet.

The result, as goverment officials had planned, is that we are all conditioned at this time to shrug off and dismiss ALL predictions of asteroids aimed at Earth. Any and all of the reports cited below may in fact be correct, but all we can count on for certain is that imminent collision with any asteroid will be completely concealed from us by governemnt officials who skew data on the paths of Rocks. Our ruling "elite" class needs everyone in cheerfulized high morale, optimysticized workers to labor in an effort to build lunar safe haven condos for billionaires on the Moon. Anyone who tries to reveal what is really happening is censored and suppressed by media and singled out for smear campaign persecutions among the brantrained sheeple...

1) March 11, 1998: 1997 XF11

2) August 6, 1998: 1980-H

3) May 19, 1999: 1999 AN10

4) February 7, 2000: 2000 BF19

5) November 4, 2000: 2000 SG344

6) March 8, 2002: 2002 EM7

7) April 4, 2002: 1950 DA

8) July 24, 2002: 2002 NT7

9) August 24, 2003: 2003 QQ47

10) December 24, 2004: 2004 MN4

11) December 21, 2007: 2007 WD5