Brain DNA from Jimi's Grave
for EMPeror's Insane Frankenstein Experiments

November 27, "2002" - the 60th birthday of Jimi Hendrix, the start of the "Sixties" - the real 60s. We are in the First Century of the Uncommon Era, and as the sixth decade begins on Jimi's birthday, Paul Allen - EMPeror of the Lost Continent of Seattleland - orders Jane, the Insane Dragon Lady who was put in control of Jimi's remains, to exhume the decomposed body of Jimi from Seattle's Renton graveyard. The cadaver is dispatched to the EMPeror's labs, where fragments of brain are relayed down the chain of assembly line DNA geneticists.

It is New Year "2003" and with it begins the EMPeror's insane "brains" experiment. Using tissue exhumed from Jimi's crypt, Mr. Allen's witch doctor's encrypt incantations and formulas with which to map the DNA of Jimi's evolutionarily mutated brain. The experiments continue for three years, with the deranged EMPeror regularly injecting his veins with distilled DNA remains from Jimi's grave-robbed brains.

On September 26, "2006" the EMPeror's mighty media empire disrupts world discourse to announce that his private Frankenstein labs have unraveled DNA from the brains of "mice."

"It's a Web-based, 3-D map of gene expression in the brain of a mouse, created by the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle. Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen provided $100 million to launch the Allen Institute and the Atlas project in 2003."
- ABCNews.com - Sept. 26, "2006"

"The genesis of the Allen Brain Atlas dates back to 2002 when Paul Allen gathered together leading scientists from around the world and posed a critical question: 'What is the one thing that will make the biggest difference in the field of brains?'"
- biocompare.com - Sept. 26, "2006"

His Frankenstein team concocted a scheme, believing that if he can inject DNA remains from Jimi's decayed brains into his cavernous vacuum of a skull, the EMPeror may gain the capability to pay for an escape from this asteroid doomed land. Throughout "2002" Mr. Allen paid Jane - the Insane Dragon Lady, who today daily destroys the Hendrix legacy - to unearth Jimi's remains and hand over his tissues to these witch doctors. She secretly waited until Jimi's 60th birthday - November 27, "2002". At midnight these ghouls initiated a zombie ritual to dig into Jimi's grave and rip off his brain.

The insane EMPeror of Seattleland distributed Jimi's strands of cadaver to an army of technicians and informed them they'd been given brain skins sliced from mice.

"'We've captured 85 million images. That would be like filling 20,000 iPods!'" said Allan Jones, the institute's chief scientific officer, to ABC News at a press conference Tuesday in Washington, D.C. Scientists hope the atlas will help them better understand what's going on in the brains."

But the blubber was in fact dispatched from Jimi's cadaver by exhuming his tomb. They dug 'im up and pried open his skull to pick clean his beanie cap for the EMPeror's waiting labs. Like Hannibal Lectur's cannibal lecture, they ingested the pappy matter: a suflee of brain.

ABC News: "Bill Thies, vice president of medical and scientific relations, said 'They'll accept human genes, which allows mice to exhibit the biochemistry of…humans. The Brain Atlas will allow us to do research faster and to get some answers we may not have had before.'"

Microsoft Mogul Shoots a Fix

They're racing like madmen to get an answer to how can they survive the asteroid disaster Jimi envisioned. So today we're all told they've decoded the brain of a mouse, because it was Mighty Mouse they dissected when they obeyed the EMPeror's decree to saute Jimi's brain and inject the formulated DNA remains in his veins, so Mr. Allen can claim to be a seer of the unseen.

"As a scientist, how can you ever find something that's more interesting?" drooled Arthur Toga, professor of ghoul neurology at UCLA. "It's the organ that allows us to create opera and great pieces of art and send a shuttle rocket to the Moon. It all came from there."

IT CAME FROM JIMI'S BRAIN! These maniacs axed his cap like savages scalping missionaries. How fitting for Toga to reference grand music and the Moon! The evil EMPeror's delusional voodoo is a scheme he believes will unlock the superhuman calculations of abstract physics required to save him from the Rock.

"When it comes to doomsday, realize before it's too late
that NO ONE on Earth will escape."
- Jimi

EMPeror Allen races to invade the Moon so his Space Ship One can launch him to safety there before the asteroid blows us away. Just days before his big media "brains" campaign grossed out the airwaves, his lackey's at NASA made their own media splash, on the anniversary of Jimi's death (Sept. 18, "2006") the National Research Council announced:

"NASA needs to get ready as soon as possible to return to the Moon, the National Research Council urged...Human explorers should use robots and orbiters to help them scour the Moon's surface, atmosphere and craters, the Council's Space Studies Board said. And the U.S. space agency should plan on working with other countries to do so. Several countries are now planning missions, including Japan, China, India and the European Space Agency. 'The participation of other nations in lunar exploration is a fact. Coordinated and cooperative international activities would benefit all participants,' the report reads.

"NASA is encouraged to explicitly plan and carry out activities with the international community for scientific exploration of the Moon in a coordinated and cooperative manner…Only by returning to the Moon to carry out new scientific explorations can we hope to close the gaps in our understanding.

"An integrated human/robotic program should be developed…'the Moon provides a perfect perch for astronomers…Observational studies of the lunar atmosphere should be made, along with studies of the sources of the atmosphere and the processes responsible for its loss,' the report reads.

"The Moon has little atmosphere and little or no geologic activity, and thus every asteroid, meteor or piece of space debris to hit it has remained, virtually undisturbed."

- ABC News.com - Sept. 18, "2006"

Chunks of propaganda are blown from the mouths of barfing-head puppet-pundits planted to saturate our TV screens, as the elite secretly scheme to import "atmosphere" to the Moon, complete with Feng Shui jacuzzi condos that pamper their extraterrestrial EMPeror. They've enslaved the hypnotized herd on a treadmill to nowhere, unwittingly working for the benefit of billionaires, to fund secret safe havens spun under some noble guise of "science." Federal money is funneled from hoodwinked taxpayers into pork barrel bunkers destined to protect unjust moneyed dominators at our expense...

"They tie-up their brains and in the process they try to build their own heavens. They want to be written down in war history, they want to be written down in money history, you know, and those things are nothin' but jokes, in the next few years they're gonna all be jokes and those people are gonna be jokes. Some of them should be put in cages now to be looked at because they're gettin' very rare, you know…These buildings ain't goin' to be there for all that long, so why be like that?"

- Jimi


No space ship is going to any lunar colony unless a lottery decides who's on board. Keep in mind that as the Rock looms near, no one will care about money anyway. These "billionaires" will have nothing to spend their undeserved pennies on. The extinction of our species is just a stone's throw away - like a tsunami Rock tossed into the north Pacific to wash clean that fetid mess EMPeror from a Lost Continent of Seattleland Babylon…

"X Prize" Deception - A Race To Mutate

October 4, 2006:

CBS News.com publishes a report from the Associated Press: "Jackpot For Genetic Code Breakthrough - $10 Million Prize Offered For Fast Genetic Code Mapping. To win the prize, a company has to map in 10 days 100 diverse human genomes provided by the X Prize Foundation. The people who spurred private spaceflight with a $10 million prize are doing the same for personalized medicine. The X Prize Foundation is offering $10 million to the first company that can process the genetic codes of 100 people in just 10 days - an advancement that experts say is still at least five years away.

"To win the prize, a company has to map in 10 days a specific 100 diverse human genomes provided by the X Prize Foundation. Then it will be paid extra to map the genomes of 100 celebrities, scientists and multimillionaires…The list includes financial heavyweight Paul Allen...

"Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, said in 1990 it cost about $10 to sequence one base pair in the 6 billion base pair human genome. Now the cost is down to one-tenth of a cent per base pair and that cost is cut in half every 22 months, he said. But to reach the goal and the X Prize, it will take a cost reduction factor of 1,000 more than the current price, he said. 'They're using showmanship, marketing, and appeals to the culture of celebrity to get it done,' said Penn State University bioethicist Arthur Caplan."

There IS NO JIMI Inside "Hendrix Grave"

[NOTE: As with the Space Ship One "X Prize" charade, EMPeror Paul Allen is also behind this newest ruse to manipulate DNA gene codes. When the remains of Hendrix were exhumed on Jimi's birthday (Nov. 27) in 2002, the EMPeror's cabal of Frankenstien scientists set to work on experiments to clone and decode Jimi's DNA in a pathetic attempt to manufacture the evolutionary mutation in brain perception that Hendrix represents. Their goal is to artificially create a new breed of freaks with capacity to fathom aspects of physics that will unlock obstacles that block us from handling asteroids.

"We talk about Star Wars as if all we have to do is decide to go and we go, John Glen but the physics haven't been invented yet to do Star Wars."
- John Glenn

Those born with capacity for this type of insight are consigned to third world garbage heaps where they don't survive. The physics we need dies with them in our society of abhorrent priorities. So Mr. Allen concocted a plot to confiscate Jimi's brain in an attempt to jump start mutations. He set up a company as a front for the project: the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, and this "X Prize" deception was announced to hasten the pace for mutations.

When the AP article cited above says "a company has to map in 10 days a specific 100 diverse human genomes provided by the X Prize Foundation" - the intention is clear: Mr. Allen has Jimi's brain imprisoned in his "Institute" and the EMPeror's X Prize front will now distribute bits of Jimi's tissue to labs enrolled in the "contest." Geneticists aren't told that the DNA they're decoding is from Jimi Hendrix.

Their scheme becomes more nauseating when we read that these labs "will be paid extra to map the genomes of 100 celebrities, scientists and multimillionaires…The list includes...financial heavyweight Paul Allen."

We need only realize that as the asteroid nears, "money" will become meaningless. Should anyone seek a "map" of the EMPeror's genome, they'd find a map of the road to extinction. Don't we find it odd that Mr. Allen is mentioned in this article at all? Not really, when we consider how the story was planted and paid for to set a "brain institute" stage that appears to be scientifically legitimate, while behind the scenes they race to create Frankenstein Jimi...]

8 Minute Video: The EMPeror's Mutated Brain Game