More Folklore from Jimi's Fans

They Don't Want to Know
What He Really Said
and Demand a Slacker Fantasy Instead

by Michael Fairchild

The point of this incident is it highlights how most of those who follow Jimi's music and story don't want to know what he really said and thought, they lack interest in the real Jimi and instead crave a fiction of him. They DEMAND a slacker fantasy, and when evidence is presented that contradicts their cartoon, they "pile on" and condemn, suppress, denigrate, and persecute the person who shatters their fantasy. They're a microcosm of the culture at large: Sheepleistic Idiocracy Mob, brain-trained by H.I.M.M.

"I had no idea who Jimi Hendrix was until our son came home for Thanksgiving during his first year at university. When he came through the door it was a stranger in jeans and a sloppy sweater (which I had no idea where he'd picked up), and long hair standing up like a hedgehog's. 'Neat, eh?' he said, 'I'm told I look like Jimi Hendrix, my favorite singer.' Not knowing much about Hendrix, I Googled him. Hendrix was a young, handsome singer and guitarist who became a huge sensation, but sadly died when he was just 27, some believe from an overdose of drugs. I had found the following quote that I had written down in a book that I keep for such things and was surprised to find out that the author was Jimi Hendrix: 'Knowledge speaks. Wisdom listens.' When I opened a biography of Hendrix, I couldn't believe the quotes he was famous for: 'When the Power Of Love overcomes Love Of Power, the world will know Peace.' He had a great impact on the world." www.stmarys.com/stmarys - Dec. 30, 2009


Those bogus quotes are all over the web and Hendrix never said them. But what's alarming is what it represents, because the mistakes can't be corrected. Countless times over many years I've notified websites of the quotation errors and even forwarded the correct sources for these quotes (the sources are an interesting story on their own, as shown below), but it makes no difference. Even when presented with the evidence, the consumer herd prefers to make-believe and insist Jimi's "wisdom" is symbolized in these utopian maxims that he never said. The implication is horrifying: they don't want to know what he really said. The "mass class" demands fantasies, craves easy hearsay in place of research reading and note taking, and above all, insists that officials lie to them. This incident of non-correctable misquotes of Jimi illustrates ways civilization jumped over the Cliff-Of-No-Return - hurtling, blissfully oblivious to impending extinction, and hell bent on crucifying all who point out this predicament.


"I think there's a growing hostility to knowledge. I'll exercise to make my body look good but when it comes to thought I'm going to go with the gut. A kind of collapse into an intellectual relativism where opinions become fact, knowledge and wisdom. It's a dangerous thing, this kind of allergy to thought that's developing, I see a pattern, an allergy to complexity and nuance." - John Sexton

"We have become unmoored from a world of print, from complexity and nuance, and with it information systems built on the primacy of verifiable fact. The public has embraced the emotional carnival that has turned news into another form of mindless entertainment. We are, even more ominously, losing the meticulous skills of reporting, editing, fact-checking and investigating that make daily information trustworthy. The decline of print has severed a connection with a reality-based culture, one in which we attempt to make fact the foundation for opinion and debate, and replaced it with a culture in which facts, opinions, lies and fantasy are interchangeable. As news has been overtaken by gossip, the hollowness of celebrity culture and carefully staged pseudo-events, along with the hysteria and drama that dominate much of the airwaves, our civil and political discourse has been contaminated by propaganda and entertainment masquerading as news. In an age of profound culture decline the masses prefer to be entertained rather than informed. American society, once we lose a system of information based on verifiable fact, will become disconnected from reality. All totalitarian societies impart their propaganda through manipulated images and spectacles. And the death of traditional news is one more stage in the terminal illness that is ravaging American democracy. The rise of a totalitarian capitalism will follow, and we already have many of the new system's information networks in place. Corporations will be better positioned than ever to produce self-promotional 'information' - better described as 'propaganda' - that can masquerade as 'news.' The technology actually makes it easier." - Chris Hedges

"Our political discourse, our national progress, is being retarded because we have fallen into this discourse by slogan. We have fallen into this relativism where it's a 'conversation' to stop and say, 'Well, that's your opinion. My opinion.' There's no extension of the argument. You couldn't win a debate if you didn't extend the argument, if you just repeated the same thing. We don't listen well, as a society. When we do listen, we listen in feedback loops to people who are likely to say what it is we think is right, and it won't surprise you." John Sexton

"Where the more fortunately educated read to be surprised, the middle-class reads to have its notions confirmed, and deviations from customary verbal formulations disconcert and annoy it. [Thus] the indispensability of cliché to middle-class understanding…The prose demanded by the middle class is preeminently that of institutional advertising and assertions of the banal, as if avoidance of it invited accusations of elitism." - Paul Fussell

"The years passed, mankind became stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes that genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution but, sadly, the greatest minds and resources where focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections." - Idiocracy movie

Sheepleistic Idiocracy Mob Dominator Coliseum Culture -
Their Numbers Smother Us


"The point is: who is wrong and who is right, that's what the point is - not how many people." - Jimi


Jimi's "Escape From Roman Coliseum" Note:
Lack "Nuance & Complexity" example:
"What Roman Coliseum? This Ain't Rome"
Dominator Domain

"We have this overwhelming, undifferentiated database of information, which the Internet has created. People can quote things that are preposterous when examined. But they're quoted as if they're the basis for serious thought. You move from that to a very, very short attention span. We have created a society that has an allergy to nuance and complexity. We tend to blur the line between entertainment and news. This is a result of this coliseum culture which has been introduced. We now consider it appropriate to present two extreme views in battle with each other. This coliseum culture, where we have the two gladiators come in from the extreme, and there's no serious conversation, because they end up talking past each other in talking points. It never brings it together in a marketplace of respect, civility, listening and trying to find ground where we all can live." - John Sexton



Idiocracy Speaks,
Sheeple Listen

For the handful of remaining intellects left who are even capable of weighing evidence, for the babies who've been forsaken on the altar of today's generation of criminal ignorance, and lastly, for the goddamn RECORD - what follows is the accurate and persecuted history of alleged Hendrix quotes never said by Jimi…

Holmes Brutally Ripped-Off by Hendrix Company Thugs

In his book, Poet At The Breakfest Table (1872 Routledge & Sons, London, p. 310), Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (1809 - 1894), the American physician, professor, author, and father of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., wrote:

"It is the province of Knowledge to Speak and it is the privilege of Wisdom to Listen." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Holmes Knows How Dumb
Hendrix Fans Be
Holmes' Quote is in
this 1872 book:
For years, at the official Hendrix production company, I was assigned to compile all known quotes of Jimi Hendrix and edit this text into the "autobiography" of Jimi, in his own words. That book has been censored/suppressed by all world publishers for two decades now, but it's where I became familiar with Jimi's unique syntax, vernacular, and habits of thought.





Don't Want To Know What He Really Said,
And Demand These Slacker Fantasies Instead
Make-a-Buck Bumpersticker Plagiarism:

Hendrix never said it. It's not his vernacular, nor syntax, nor even his sentiments. But it's impossible to explain this to his mostly remedial teen fan base who haven't a clue as to what "vernacular" and "syntax" mean, and are incapable of comprehending those terms even when patiently explained, no matter how simplistic and infantile the description is dumbed down to accommodate the lame.

The quote itself, however, has an interesting history which indicates several people associated with Jimi were aware of the saying.

First, a quick history of the quote:

William Ewart Gladstone

"When the Power Of Love Overcomes the Love Of Power
the World Will Know Peace"

The Gladstone Quote
Is In This 1997 Book

On page 639 of the Forbes Book of Business Quotations, edited by Ted Goodman (New York, Black Dog & Leventhal 1997), the quote is identified as being said by the four-time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, William Gladstone (1809-1898):

"When the Power Of Love will replace the Love Of Power, then will our world know the blessings of Peace." - William Gladstone

This Utopian notion of wishful thinking at some point came to the attention of the Indian mystic and poet Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose (1931 - 2007):

Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

"My books, they all have only one message: the heart's Power Of Love must replace the mind's Love Of Power. If I have the Power Of Love, then I shall claim the whole World as my own...World Peace can be achieved when the Power Of Love replaces the Love Of Power." - from My Heart Shall Give A Oneness-Feast by Sri Chinmoy (Agni Press, Jamaica, NY 1993)

William Gladstone's influence in Colonial India may have been how Chinmoy became familiar with the quote. Looking through interviews with Sri Chinmoy, it's clear that he paraphrased this, his central belief, as he says above: "one message," in many variations during conversations with his followers. This is where the Hendrix connection comes in.

Among Chinmoy's followers were three Hendrix connections: guitarists Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin, along with drummer Narada Michael Walden. All three knew Sri Chinmoy (who also was a musician, player of several instruments).

McLaughlin and Santana eventually had disagreements with Chinmoy and became estranged from him. But it's likely that they, along with Narada Michael Walden, heard Chinmoy express his central belief in conversations they had with him. McLaughlin and Santana had met Jimi and had conversations with him. It's possible that one of these guitarists at some point said "Yeah, I heard Jimi say 'When the Power Of Love overcomes the Love Of Power the world will know Peace.'" But no source for Hendrix alledgedly having said it has ever been cited, and the quote itself predates Jimi by a century anyway. In no sense can this be considered a "Hendrix quote."

Walden and Santana, both at one time followers of Chinmoy, also befriended Jimi's father, Al Hendrix, and Al's adopted Japanese-American daughter Jane, in the 1990s. My theory is that either McLaughlin or Santana have said they heard Jimi say the quote in question. Narada Walden, who was a follower of Chinmoy, but didn't know Jimi, was actively pursuing projects with Al Hendrix and Jane while I was at the Hendrix company in the 1990s. After Microsoft's Paul Allen took action to end my career at the Hendrix company, and I was exiled, along with the autobiography of Jimi, suddenly William Gladstone's "Power Of Love" quote, used by Sri Chinmoy, was not only attributed to Jimi, but was affixed to a car bumper sticker that went up for sale online around 2004 and has since circulated all over the internet to such an extent that millions today believe it's from Jimi. Ads for the sticker were a fixture on hundreds of websites for years.

Album Cover Changed To This
After Jimi Died

Carlos Santata & Buddy Miles
(1972) album

Another Santana connection is equally intriguing. One of Jimi's most well known shows was the concert on Maui in 1970. A year and a half after Hendrix died, Santana made a pilgrimage there with Buddy Miles, Jimi's drummer in A Band Of Gypsys. Santana and Miles recorded an album titled Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles Live (1972). The twist is, after Hendrix died, the record company that released his Band Of Gypsys album, Capitol Records, had some bureaucrat at the company actually change the titles of Jimi's songs on that 1970 Hendrix album. The song "Power Of Soul," after Jimi died, was changed on the Band Of Gypsys album to read ""Power To Love."

"When the Power Of Love overcomes
the Love Of Power
the world will know peace."

After Jimi Died a Capitol Records' Executive
Changed "Power Of Soul" On This Album
(back cover) to "Power To Love" (see left)

Dumbing Down Jimi's Language


Sri Chinmoy on sitar
Fairchild on sitar
Sri Baby, Let's Jam that
'Love of Power' Thing

Carlos Santana's collaboration with Band Of Gypsys drummer Buddy Miles provides a possible path leading to claims that the Gladstone quote came from Jimi. Santana's association with Sri Chinmoy likely exposed Carlos to the "Power Of Love" quote, and Buddy Miles, upon hearing Santana repeat it, might have attributed it to Jimi because a featured song on Jimi's historic Band Of Gypsys album (with Buddy), was re-titled "Power To Love" in the 1970s - I can just hear Buddy in conversation with Santana on Maui and Carlos mentions the Chinmoy quote, and Buddy butts in, "But that's the meaning behind Jimi's song "Power Of Love," even though Jimi had nothing to do with that song title that an executive at Capitol Records changed on the album cover after Hendrix died. By deleting the title "Power Of Soul" the record company was trying to minimize the fact that A Band Of Gypsys was an all-black band. By removing the word "Soul" and replacing it with "Love" they aligned the album a bit more with Jimi's core "rock" crowd, mostly white (Jimi's audience, while he was alive, was mainly white youth). Capitol Records also changed the song title "Message To Love" to "Message Of Love" - ruining Jimi's play on language in their attempt to make the title more banal, and thus more palatable to average consumers who wince and cringe at "playful language."

"The prose demanded by the middle class is preeminently that of institutional advertising…[suggesting] the indispensability of cliche to middle class understanding...and deviations from customary verbal formulas disconcert and annoy it." - Paul Fussel

I suspect the Hendrix company is behind this scam and making tons of money from sale of bumper stickers and T-shirts with a fake, plagiarized quote not from Jimi, but attributed to him for their merchandising profits. They'd likely defend it by saying, "Well, Buddy Miles (deceased) said Jimi told him this, that's good enough for us" - as Prime Minster Gladstone turns in his grave (and Jimi too - well, actually, there isn't anyone in Jimi's "grave" anymore!).

Today's sordid "Hendrix company" has a bleak history of bastardizing Jimi's legacy, which is the subject of our upcoming story about how they've twisted the meaning of the prophetic Hendrix song "Valleys Of Neptune." The marketing of Hendrix has been pathetically dumbed down to such depths that his "fan base" who buy the insipid schlock produced by Jane don't want to know the real Jimi. They demand a slacker fantasy, and crave a dumb-like-themselves "celebrity" dominator-version King Kong Guitar Dildo who's befuddled on drugs and confined to adolescent goof-humor displays of shallow banter. Which is why they fiercely believe Jimi made the Gladstone statement about "Love Of Power" - its lofty prose vindicates their own bereft-of-comprehension idiocy and somehow lifts their collective boat among the "marketplace of ideas" as if to say, "See, Jimi's our World Statesman too!"

"Sports are popular for middle-class proles to follow because they sanction a flux of pedantry, dogmatism, record-keeping, wise secret knowledge, and pseudo-scholarship of the sort usually associated with the 'decision-making' or 'executive' or 'opinion-molding' classes. The World Series and Super Bowl give every man his opportunity to perform as a learned bore, to play for the moment the impressive barroom pedant, to imitate for a brief season the superior classes identified by their practice of weighty utterance and informed opinion. Which is to say that the World Series and the Super Bowl constitute harmless twice-yearly opportunities – occurring, oddly, near the winter and summer solstices, as if designed by Nature herself – for the plain man to garner some self-respect. They are therefore indispensable as democratic holy days and ritual occasions. If the prole doesn't know what might cause Union Carbide to go up or down, as a master of 'the fine points of the game' he can affect to know why the Chargers or the Dodgers are going to win this time, and that's a powerful need satisfied. The barroom or living room debates occasioned by these events are a prole counterpart of the classy debates in statehouses and courthouses, and the shrewd weighing of evidence and thoughtful drawing of inferences ape the proceedings in the highest learned conferences and seminars. In addition, the satire and abuse visited upon holders of opposite views, especially in bars, is the prole equivalent of the contumely dispensed by the better book reviewers and theater critics. Exercising authority in learned matters like these is one way the prole classes assert their value." - Paul Fussel

But, after amassing thousands of Hendrix quotes, and uncovering hundreds of non-obvious connections in the database regarding Jimi's personality, I'm left alone to confront the dullards, the debilitating stupidity of what's left of Jimi's fans, what Germaine Greer termed "the impotence of the audience he played for" - 'cuz it's clear that Jimi himself came to shun the zoo he stood before when he walked on stage:

We'll Make It Look Like Jimi's Handwriting

"We hope we're not playing to a bunch of animals, so please don't act like some, let's lay back, alright? Because you're really making us uptight, man, it's a bad scene for us to get uptight, trying to give you some good feeling and all this other crap. Like to sing about what you all should be thinking about in the meantime, while you're picking your noses and picking your asses or whatever you want to call it. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Yeah, that's who I'm talkin' to, yeah, right, don't do that, man. Anyway, it's a scene like, um, let's pretend that we're not here. Let's pretend that we're somewhere else then - yeah (disgustedly:) Where you at? Yeah, you all just choke yourselves, that's all, fuck you. Yeah, it's so bad to see people in desperation of anything, because pretty soon you lose the whole illusion of what you're looking for in the first place. Ah, fuck off." - Jimi onstage, Los Angeles, June 20, 1969

"Everyone up front was somehow invisibly thrown back with sledge-hammer force. There was an incomprehensible and terrifying backward thrust. Chairs went over, people went down. It'll be an icy day in hell before I'll see Jimi at the Forum again. I'm afraid of his audience!" Judy Sims - Disc, May 5, 1970
Everyone who bought those plagiarized bumper stickers and posters with the fake Hendrix quotes should demand their money back, or file a class action lawsuit against the distributor. What you would then see is some bought-off crony of the Hendrix Company/Microsoft cabal (and there are legions of these slugs) crawl out and swear that Jimi told that quote to them.

"Power Flows From
the Barrel of a Gun"

- President Camacho ;^)


Go ahead, look anywhere online, of the hundreds of sites that quote Hendrix saying this "Love Of Power" statement, not a single one offers any source. Why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO SOURCE. Hendrix never said it. And anyone who ever took the time to read through all of his quotes would know that the saying is alien to his manner of speaking and his thinking too. And that's the paradox that allows the hoax to thrive - his whole audience is geared to smear anyone who made the effort to study Hendrix - they've made him head of an Idiocracy Mob that does not study anything - a load of slacker, goof-humor loser white male teens (many middle age teens) hell bent on brutalizing anyone who expresses depth in ANYTHING. They've made Hendrix figurehead of everything he himself reviled, just like Constantine's scribes turned the Jesus story upside down into some Emperor-friendly support for elitism that Jesus wouldn't even recognize.

"Men have struggled for Power Over their fellow men in order that they might win the joys of earth at the expense of others, and might shift the burdens of life from their own shoulders upon those of others. All history is one long story to this effect." William Graham Sumner (What Social Classes Owe Each Other, 1883)

"They’re losing themselves in big ego scenes and being above another man in some kind of form...They act just like the pigs that run these places, you know, countries. They base everything on the status thing, that’s why there are people starving, because humans haven’t got their priorities right...All they’re doing is making themselves weaker and weaker until their negatives [asteroids] come and just take them away. That’s what's going to happen, then you’re going to have no world to live on. The establishment is going to crumble away…The people who dig me…they want something different, to feel something inside, something real - revolution, struggle, rebellion." - Jimi

The real Hendrix.


A Clip From the Otherwise Worthwhile "Zeitgeist" Film
Shows the Jimi Misquote that Hendrix Never Said:

A screen shot from the above 2007 movie Zeitgeist:

The Director of Zeitgeist went so far as to include Jimi in a sequence with
these scenes below of Ghandi & Martin Luther King Jr. (see video clip above)

This urge among Hendrix fans to pedestalize Jimi as "World Statesman" is what we witness when an otherwise worthwhile film like Zeitgeist promotes the quote as Jimi's and proceeds to associate Hendrix with the likes of Ghandi and Dr. King.

"Proles...sanction a flux of pedantry, dogmatism, record-keeping, wise secret knowledge, and pseudo-scholarship of the sort usually associated with the 'decision-making' or 'executive' or 'opinion-molding' classes...give every man his opportunity to perform as a learned bore, to play for the moment the impressive barroom pedant, to imitate for a brief season the superior classes identified by their practice of weighty utterance and informed opinion...a prole 'counterpart' of the classy debates in statehouses and courthouses, and the shrewd weighing of evidence and thoughtful drawing of inferences, ape the proceedings in the highest learned conferences and seminars...Exercising authority in learned matters like these is one way the prole classes assert their value." - Paul Fussel

The bizarre thing is that, after I saw Zeitgeist when it came out in 2007, I sent an email to the movie's website, identifying myself as having edited the autobiography of Jimi at the official Hendrix production company, and I informed the makers of Zeitgeist that they'd made a mistake, Jimi didn't say this. I got an email back asking where the quote came from and I replied, forwarding the source information shown above.

It didn't matter. They didn't want to believe Hendrix never said it. Years later this bogus quote not-from-Jimi still appears in the Zeitgeist film with Hendrix cited as source. It's sort of like trying to inform desperate Jesus believers that radio-carbon-dating shows the Shroud of Turin to have been made many centuries after the time of Jesus. The believers just insist that the section of the Shroud tested by scientists was taken from a cloth patch attached later on in the middle ages, the rest of the relic, untested part of the Shroud, they claim, is an authentic relic 2000 years old. And then they quickly turn on you as "the bad guy's" unwelcome truth intruding on their anti-fact slacker fantasy.

To inform Hendrix fans that Jimi never said the "Power Of Love" quote is to risk being pilloried in the town square...

"You believe what you want to believe..." - Tom Petty, Refugee

The irony is that the Hendrix story really is in a realm with Ghandi or Jesus, but just not for any reason that his fan base is aware of. Those who respond emotionally to Jimi's music are quick to sense the historical weight of what he communicates, but nowhere is the whole picture of what it means articulated, except in Rock Prophecy. In 1995 Rock Prophecy was to be the next official project of the Hendrix production company, but it was halted by a $5 million bogus lawsuit funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and the "whole picture" has been systematically suppressed and concealed by mogul media ever since. Today's audience for Jimi has been kept artificially unaware of the connections presented in Rock Prophecy. The condemned reality is that the entire evil media of H.I.M.M. is dedicated to censoring Rock Prophecy, and the more one becomes aware of the details regarding this, the more that claim appears an understatement...

Mr. Allen's Madison Ave. Mad Men, advertising spin-doctors, are well aware that, to the majority of people who feel nothing when hearing Hendrix music, any suggestion that a "doper, guitar greaser clown" is somehow "historically significant" is met with ridicule and derision, not just skepticism, but a conditioned vicious visceral dismissal of even the notion - in other words, you don't get time to even start any explanation, the concept of Hendrix as "prophet" is rejected apriori. Dominator media has spent billions to subliminally train the herd to snuff out even a trace of curiosity. Consumers instead leap immediately into a conditioned response to dominate any explanation with shouting down the messenger in a barrage of abuse aimed to humiliate and ostricize. Just picture images from Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ, of Roman dominators beating Jesus on his way to crucifixion - these creatures are not lost to history - they thrive today - surrounding the reality of Jimi's asteroid prediction, explained in Rock Prophecy - the object of their trained, inflamed hatred and lust for violence.

"There's so many tight-lipped ideas and laws around, and people put themselves in uniforms so tightly, that it's almost impossible to break out of that. Subconsciously, what these people are doing, they're killin' off all these little flashes they have, cutting off the idea of wanting to understand. They forgot, didn't believe, or just snuffed the feelings or thoughts off to continue with their crazy soul. They don't have the patience to really check out what's happenin' through music, theater and science. It’s like a spaceship. If a spaceship came down and you know nothin’ about it, the first thing you’re going to think about is shooting it. In other words, you get negative in the first place, which is not really the natural way of thinking. It’s like shooting at a flying saucer as it tries to land without giving the occupants a chance to identify themselves." - Jimi

Moguls Produce "Media Treatments" Designed to Undermine Topics in My Book
(while keeping the book itself censored, suppressed, and concealed in media)

Under these circumstances, Paul Allen's "DreamWorks Team" was ordered to "Co-Opt Rock Prophecy Issues and Estrange These Topics Away From Their Source in Fairchild's Book." The Team set about isolating sections of my book and forming "rebuttals." Using Mr. Allen's mass media empire, reactions to Rock Prophecy were mass marketed (without mentioning the book) in productions like The Blues, Evolution, DaVinci Code, Hendrix Tribute Shows, Asteroid Prediction, Epigenetic Trans-generational heredity, brain mutations, nudity laws, and on and on (here's a list).

Prominent among the DreamWorks Team list of issues to co-opt away from Rock Prophecy is Jimi's interpretation of the word "Love"

"Invent a word called Love. Love can change your whole world, it’s that powerful, that bold. There are some people running around with long hair preaching the word 'love' and they don’t know what they’re talking about...I’m tired of people using the word 'Love' so much. You can mess up a good theme like that. We can go on and on. What is perfect? Perfect is death. It’s a physical death. Termination." - Jimi

Hendrix had noted how humans "have Greek gods and all that mythology, well, you can have your own mythology. I'm trying to create a new mythology for the space age." So he "invented a word called Love," - he turned something "that powerful, that bold" into the name of an asteroid: Electric Love

"Electric Love penetrates the sky, the Mountain falls in the sea, the Sun refused to shine..." - Jimi

Jimi had co-opted the most important catch-phrase of his generation to fit it into his apocalyptic vision of asteroid impact. By naming the asteroid "Love" he alters its use as a verb in phrases like "God loves us" which now, in Hendrix Correct terms, means "God impacts us."

He took their most precious "perfect" word and turned it into extinction, as he said, "Perfect is death. It’s a physical death. Termination."

When I explained this in Rock Prophecy, Paul Allen's censorship machine sprang into goon-squad mode. Book distributors were forbidden to circulate the book and then his media studios set about "co-opting" Jimi's use of the word "Love." They created the plagiarism saying explained above, claiming Hendrix said it: "When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power..."

Hendrix Impersonator
Morgan Freeman
as President of Deep Impact -
Obama Prototype Sets the Stage
A DreamWorks/Microsoft
Production - They Picked Freeman
to Make Their Statement About Jimi

Their aim was to contradict what I say by making famous the fake quote that Hendrix never said. They know today's fan base for Jimi is mostly remedial teens who can't care less for the fact Jimi didn't say it. Their intent is to incite rejection of even considering an explanation of Jimi's wordplay when he made "Love" the name of a killer asteroid (one of the largest known asteroids in our solar system is already named "Eros" - which is the Greek word for Love, so it isn't so strange for Hendrix to name his asteroid "Love" - the Rock he saw heading towards Earth). Paul Allen's DreamWorks Team co-opted Jimi's use of "Love" by flooding the internet with pictures of a bumper sticker on which Hendrix says, "When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power the World Will Know Peace."

This Is the Way They Refute the Truth -
& Deny Jimi Named the Asteroid "Love" -
This DreamWorks' Campaign Trains Us
to Reject & Dismiss Rock Prophecy

Paul Allen's DreamWorks Team's fingerprints are all over this scheme. It's very similar to the way they co-opted Jimi as the "President of Deep Impact" when they hired Hendrix impersonator Morgan Freeman to play the role of U.S. President "Asteroid Savior" in their DreamWorks movie Deep Impact. Everyone who watched PBS's Electric Company as a kid right away registered 'President Hendrix' when they saw Morgan Freeman as president in Deep Impact. Mr. Allen's intent, with that movie, is to associate Jimi with asteroids in a way that says, 'if Michael Fairchild is reporting how Hendrix foresaw the asteroid disaster, we'll instead make Hendrix the President who guides us through our survival of the impact.' DreamWorks went out of their way to conceal Rock Prophecy and replace it with a Hollywood "happy ending" that's the opposite of what Jimi predicted.

They did the same thing with his use of the word "Love" - and have spent billions to obstruct circulation of Rock Prophecy so that only their fake bastardized version of ethnically-cleansed Hendrix gets through to Idiocracy consumers who demand fantasy. It's similar to the way Emperor Constantine created an Emperor-friendly version of Jesus, re-casting the prophet, from a fighter-for-equality into some kind of crusader against sex. The unjust moneyed moguls who control media simply pay for their version of the story to be publicized, knowing that feeble sheeple will follow along with neither thought nor questions.

"It's the winners who write history - their way." - Elaine Pagels

The bottom line reality, condemned by EMPeror Allen, is that, in Hendrix Correct terms, Love means asteroid impact. But in characteristic dominator denial reaction, everyone is being kept from knowing this while the fake, phoney, plagiarized "Power Of Love" bumpersticker from DreamWorks is propagandized into official disinformation spin that sheeple follow.


Still, given all this, I'm the only one who knows what Jimi rilly said. In fact, he channeled its transmission directly into my dreams, so there's no mistaking his accurate vernacular and syntax, as he whispered:

"When the Lust for Money Undertakes Paying Money for Lust,
Then My Whirld Will No Piece."

Now that's the real Jimi that I know. So, if you'll excuse me, I have to go call the bumper-sticker company and make a buck, after all, I am the one who rilly controls the Hendrix Legacy today…

"Snopes.com is one of a small handful of sites in the fact-checking business...a unique position to evaluate digital society's attitudes toward accuracy. After 14 years, they seem to have concluded that people are rather cavalier about facts. The site affirms what cultural critics have bemoaned for years: the rejection of nuance and facts that run contrary to one's point of view. 'It's people wanting confirmation of their world view.' David Mikkelson said. 'People keep falling for the same kind of things over and over again.'"

"When you're looking at truth versus gossip, truth doesn't stand a chance." - Barbara Mikkelson
- New York Times, April 4, 2010

Now THAT'S the Shroud that I Know!


There are so many instances of erroneous folklore surrounding the Hendrix legend a book could easily be filled with a thousand corrections:

UniVibes Magazine - February 1993

by Michael Fairchild

"You Got Me Flippin' Like a Flag on a Pole" - Jimi sings Come On Pt. 1

Has Linda (Eastman) McCartney (wife of Beatles' Paul) flipped her lid? How many "lids" are required before one confuses a charred guitar with the National Anthem and then informs the world in her book Sixties: Portrait of An Era (p. 61) that Jimi was "burning the American flag during his shows…it was his gimmick. He thought if he stopped doing it the audience wouldn't love him any more."

WHAT? Good Lord! Not only have reviews of her book been reprinting this quote accusing Jimi of criminal treason (don't forget, flag burning was an egregious crime during the Vietnam war), but Ms. McCartney has even spread the inflammatory story on the BBC in Britain, and on nationwide TV to Americans - a bunch who don't take kindly to people who burn their flag!

"I say, 'The truth is straight ahead, don't burn yourself instead,
try to learn instead of burn, hear what I say.'"
- Jimi

Linda's Book

For the record, both Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding flatly deny that Jimi ever did this (note: Linda saw Jimi play in concert only four times), and Jimi's own words in print and on video clearly indicate a psychological incapacity for such an act. Despite "best intentions" (Linda even has a Hendrix shot as the cover of her book!), Jimi has been injured, in public, by a very careless and very wealthy ex-photographer. But Linda's irresponsible slander/libel must not remain to blemish Jimi's legacy. This is an important issue, full of symbolism. Linda has caused visceral ill-will to be directed at Jimi for a crime he most certainly did not commit. She should hold a press conference to recant her story and announce a recall of her "Portrait" book for corrections, or be forced to. The irony is that Linda's super boo-boo actually offers a public platform from which to raise the whole issue of Jimi's patriotism, and reverse the lingering myth that casts him as some sort of reincarnation of Benedict Arnold (most famous traitor of the American Revolution - a name synonymous with "treason." Jimi's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner caused some to think this).

- Michael Fairchild - UniVibes, February 1993

UniVibes Magazine - May 1993


"...and the flag was still there"
The Star Spangled Banner

Linda & Jimi - May 1968

"Thank you for the copy of UniVibes containing the article by Michael Fairchild.

"I am very sorry for any offence that may have been caused by my reference in 'Sixties' to the burning of the American flag by Jimi. I was relying on popular myth when mentioning that he burned the American flag and I sincerely apologize for interpreting hearsay as fact.

"Jimi was one of my closest friends and I have no wish to see his reputation damaged in any way by perpetuating this story. I have therefore instructed by publishers to immediately alter the text accordingly, and hope that Jimi's fans will accept my apologies for alluding to this unsubstantiated report."

- Linda McCartney, London, England, UniVibes, May 1993



A recording engineer named Ed Kramer, who was hired (Jimi's girlfriend told me Hendrix referred to Kramer as the "manager's janitor, chimney sweeper of the studio") to record some of Jimi's songs, put out a book about Hendrix (written with a dumbbell called McDermott). Their book remains filled with dozens of glaring errors, despite my having corrected them 17 years ago (in Straight Ahead magazine, Jan. 1993).

After I was exiled from the Hendrix production company after my career was attacked by a bogus lawsuit funded by Microsoft's Paul Allen, Kramer and his dumbbell lacky, McGermitt, were brought into the company, where they today transfer their ineptness onto mutilations of Hendrix recordings "released" by the people who were given my job. To this day I believe they were hired specifically because my corrections of their book revealed they are hopelessly impreceptive to the details and intentions of Hendrix. There are dozens of examples, but the one cited below sums up their total ignorance to even basic aspects of Jimi.

On page 108 of their book they describe Jimi's 1968 concert at the Paris Olympia:

"[An onstage] switch of roles that saw [bass player] Noel Redding play lead guitar on Red House while Hendrix took over on bass, driving the song as Jimi had always wanted Redding to do. But Redding proved no slouch on guitar either…his performance of Red House confirmed a genuine talent for the instrument."

WHAT?! That IS Jimi on guitar, NOT Noel the bass player! Don't the authors know Jimi's style? It must be embarrassing for Kramer to have his name on a book which shows ignorance of basic Hendrix music. Most people familiar with Jimi's guitar playing would recognize his signature blues song, as heard below on the Paris recording in question:

Kramer & KKKlan Today Have My Job -
But They Don't Know Jimi's Music!
Red House at Paris Olympia 1968

Jimi at Paris Olympia

After more than 17 years, the error in their book remains and stands as a monument to the fact that "facts" don't matter when their intent is to dominate whatever I say. It's like the mistake in Zeitgeist shown above, where they misquote Jimi. Accuracy ceases to be of value to these brutes whose pathetic "kicks" come from dominating perceptions that threaten their unjust, underserved privileges.

The point is that I was targeted by the bogus Microsoft lawsuit because I understand Jimi, and they don't. They hate that reality and despise me for it. That I be silenced is the total motivating force behind the bogus front of a "Hendrix company" string-pulled by Paul Allen's media empire. Allen's lackeys, who were brought in to replace me at the Hendrix company, were picked specifically because they showed no awareness of what Hendrix was trying to accomplish. CONCEALING AND SUPPRESSING Jimi's Rock Prophecy vision was and is the Holy Grail of evil EMPeror Allen's decrees.

To comprehend Hendrix is to be the object of merciless persecution, the priority of which is to obstruct and prevent any explanation of both Jimi's insight AND the brutalizing of those who discover it. Millions upon millions of mogul money dollars direct the National Security Agency to quarantine and cordon off all communications between those of us who comprehend Hendrix and the "outside world." The few who get through to our website to see the pages you're now viewing do so only because untold numbers of Information Technology slaves risk their lives to lift the Iron Curtain the surrounds us for fleeting minutes that allow random web browsers to access our pages.

"Corporate media controls nearly everything we read, watch or hear and imposes a bland uniformity of opinion or diverts us with trivia and celebrity gossip. The Internet has become one more tool hijacked by corporate interests to accelerate our cultural, political and economic decline. The great promise of the Internet, to open up dialogue, break down cultural barriers, promote democracy and unleash innovation and creativity, has been exposed as a scam. The Internet is dividing us into antagonistic clans, in which we chant the same slogans and hate the same enemies." - Chris Hedges

How these circumstances have led to the impending extinction of our civilization is the subject of this website. The common reaction of Idiocracy Mob to our persecution shows today's children why the only logical activity is the dismantling of H.I.M.M. immediately by any conceivable means.


Those who've read Rock Prophecy know of a bizarre incident called "UnaViber Goose Steps on Apollo 13"…

From the Epilogue of the book Rock Prophecy (1999)

Was UnaBomber Ted Kaczynski
Inspired by the Mindless Attacks
of the UnaViber?

Houston, we have a problem. Authorities are perplexed over the recent wave of UnaViber mail attacks against innocent Hendrix fans. Several people were somewhat perplexed by in-your-face bloody lies when they unwittingly opened UnaViber envelopes sent from [Italy]. Our hearts go out to those poor unfortunates who sustained misinformation from this brutal and mindless attack.

The following letter is my reply to attacks on my work by UnaViber magazine, mailed out of Italy. Publication of my letter was obstructed by the editor. (The magazine is named after a "UniVibe," a sound effect device used by Jimi.)

(Why I Stopped Writing for That Rag)

In my booklet story for MCA's 1995 worldwide release of the Hendrix CD titled Voodoo Soup I wrote about the track titled Steppingstone:

Voodoo Soup CD - MCA Records 1995

Steppingstone = Apollo 13/April 13

UnaViber asks, "Why on Earth (in space?) does Fairchild link the release of (the song Steppingstone) with the disablement of the Apollo 13 mission?" The reason is because my CD booklet for Voodoo Soup is mostly about outer space ideas, such as: Sands of Mars, Jupiter Sun, 2001: A Space Odyssey, UFOs, The New Rising Sun, 2010: Odyssey 2, etc. With this "space" theme, the coincidence of the Apollo 13 NASA fiasco occurring on the same day that Jimi's record Steppingstone (a song on Voodoo Soup, see below) was released, warrants mention in my notes about Steppingstone. The major Apollo Moon missions occurred during the Hendrix concert years. Jimi's image and popularity were affected and influenced by a "space age" technology revolution epitomized by NASA. Any connection between Hendrix and the exploration of space fits the subject of Voodoo Soup.

But that's not the only reason I cite the Apollo 13 mission. My CD booklet text reads: "the Steppingstone disc came out on April 13, 1970, the same day that Apollo 13 became disabled in space. Jimi's record never charted." There is an obvious Apollo 13/April 13 corollary here. 13 is the most unlucky number, and on unlucky April 13 the unlucky Apollo 13 mission was launched at the 13th hour. Three astronauts were nearly killed by bad luck. And on this unlucky day Jimi's most unlucky record, Steppingstone, was released.

My booklet points out that Steppingstone was originally titled Sky Blues Today. Both of these titles associate with Apollo: the spacecraft was a steppingstone through a blue sky, to the Moon (a "stone" we'll step over to reach the planets.) Sky Blues Today and Steppingstone are images that lend themselves to association with Apollo. That's why my CD booklet about space themes "links" Apollo 13 with the release of Steppingstone.

And by citing Apollo 13/April 13 I was able to imprint in readers' minds what a unique time period this was when lunar trips were made. When I was writing the booklet for Voodoo Soup in early 1995 I read an article about an upcoming major film with Tom Hanks then in production. I read that the movie would be called Apollo 13, a film about the mission that went haywire on the April 13th day in 1970 when Steppingstone was released. (Later in 1995 Apollo 13 became a hit movie, earning several Oscar nominations and winning one in 1996.) But in early 1995 I thought to myself: later this year the Apollo 13 mission will be portrayed in a major film. Won't it be noteworthy for Jimi's fans to see this movie and realize that on the day when NASA nearly crashed, so did Jimi's "unlucky" record. I can convey this in my booklet with a 17-word mention of the Apollo 13/April 13 coincidence, and it also fits the outer space/sky/stone metaphors of my story too. Perceptive readers will enjoy it.

But NOOOOOOoooo - UnaViber didn't "get it." The rag's review asked me a Direct Question: "Why on Earth (in space?) does Fairchild link the release of Steppingstone with the disablement of the Apollo 13 mission?" And then Julius, the editor, refused to publish my answer! It's as if the intent of UnaViber magazine is to print opinions that (imperceptively) discredit me.

"I think there's a growing hostility to knowledge. I see a pattern, an allergy to complexity and nuance." - John Sexton

"We have become unmoored from complexity and nuance." - Chris Hedges

[NOTE: This recording, heard below, is the ONLY good studio version of Steppingstone, with MITCH MITCHELL on drums, with these guitar/vocal tracks from Jimi. The version with Buddy Miles on drums etc. that today's Hendrix company puts out is SO BAD it just proves they haven't a clue how to assess Hendrix music and are destroying Jimi's legacy every time they mutilate his music with their horrific "releases."]

Here's another fact of Hendrix history in my letter that Julius refused to publish: UnaViber's review of Voodoo Soup notes that on the track titled The New Rising Sun we hear "those celestial sounds and those funny plucked notes which have never appeared on any other Hendrix production but one: the infamous God Save The Queen, which later proved to have been played entirely by one David Henderson." ("Infamous" because the track was used on an official Hendrix CD and Jimi doesn't play on it! I had tried to stop this error before the CD was relased by Warner Bros., but UniViber's report blames me for the mistake!)

The review implies that when the song God Save The Queen (see below) was mistakenly included on an official Hendrix CD release that I worked on (Lifelines), that I didn't recognize a track of fake Hendrix music. But that's not true, I was the only one who recognized the error and tried to stop it. But despite my efforts, the playing of a teenager named Dave Henderson (not the author) was released on this official Hendrix CD and credited as Jimi's music! Mr. Henderson promptly sued Warner Bros. over the unauthorized sale of his music on the Hendrix Lifelines CD.

UnaViber brings up this issue in their Voodoo Soup review in a context of blaming me for again not recognizing a track they suspect isn't Jimi playing. But if anyone recognized fake Hendrix music, it was me. And I left a paper trail of documents at the Hendrix company about it.

I first heard (the fake Hendrix track) God Save the Queen in 1987. On hearing it I said to friends, "This music is NOT played by Hendrix." To my amazement, some researchers disagreed. In fact, in 1988 three well-known Hendrix experts each told me that they believed Jimi did play the music now known as God Save The Queen. But, as a guitarist, it was obvious to me that the music lacked Jimi's technique.

When I was working at the Hendrix company in 1989, Warner Records was interested in a Hendrix project called Best of the Bootlegs. I asked producer Bruce Gary about the songs being considered for this release. When Bruce announced God Save The Queen I interrupted and said, "But that's not Jimi playing." On October 12, 1989, I sent this memo to the Hendrix production company that I worked for:

"From the first time I heard this God Save the Queen piece I didn't believe it was Jimi on guitar. Besides the modal runs during the acoustic section sounding completely foreign to Jimi's style, there's sloppy, off-the- beat phrasing of the melody itself. It sounds to me like a mid-1970s (post Hendrix-death) MXR Flanger sound effect is being used (and poorly at that). This (MXR) effect had not been developed in Sept. 1970 when Jimi died...Is it possible that this is [a session musician] playing in a 'Hendrix style'?"

It's Not McLaughlin, and It Sure Isn't Jimi…

The following summer, 1990, I was working on Lifelines, a Hendrix 4 CD box-set from Warner Records.

"God Save the Queen" = Not By Jimi

I was amazed to learn that the producers were again including God Save the Queen on an official release! My first suggestion was to delete it. On July 31, 1990 I submitted [at the Hendrix production company] this memo regarding changes for Lifelines:

"In the errors list [on my memo] is the God Save The Queen segment, with the acoustic intro. The player is NOT Jimi. The phase-shifter/flange effect on this is technology from a post-Hendrix period. To me this music doesn't sound like Jimi's attack, nor his strum style, nor his rhythm, nor his modal patterns. When I first heard it I thought it might be [a studio musician]."

My objections went unheeded and the Lifelines CD was released in December 1990 with God Save The Queen tracks included (to become the target of litigation against Warner Records from the guy who actually played guitar on it, David Henderson). For years afterwards it irked me that the people who then owned and controlled Jimi's music never knew of my attempts to prevent producers Alan Douglas and Bruce Gary from making this mistake in the first place (Henderson's lawsuit was settled with a significant payment, but the company I worked for suffered unnecessary embarrassment). It reminds me of the fake Hendrix quotes on the bumpersticker and T-shirt noted above. Buyers wanted to believe a fantasy. My saying, "But that's not Jimi's syntax, or vernacular, or guitar technique," etc., doesn't delete their need to believe. Their tendency was to doubt that someone like me would have that type of insight into Jimi.

Caesar Shall Shield Us!
from Fairchild the Terrible!

But UnaViber knew I'm probably the only one who does have such insight, which is why the editor obstructed publication of my reply to their ill-informed review. The Hendrix network of people who follow news about Jimi is such that the one who really comprehends Hendrix becomes target for their resentments over not seeing it themselves. And they go to lengths to sabatoge their "target" at every chance. So UnaViber wouldn't let me explain any clarifications to the readership I had built up with that magazine over the years. The editor promotes imperceptive attacks on my work and then prevents me from answering direct questions asked of me by obstructing publication of the above rebuttal. The release of fake Hendrix on an official album is a serious incident. I can prove that I tried to prevent this mistake, yet UnaViber used the opportunity to raise the issue in a context of instead blaming me for it and then covering up the truth in order to discredit me. UniVibes is bad vibes.

I sent my letter to the editor and the turd instead used his rag to smear me with lies. With these dominator tactics, his magazine sets a goose-stepper standard for anti-scholarship (that attitude pretty much pervades the Hendrix network anyway, so I stopped writing for that magazine).

Julius excludes all but his own narrow accountant's MENtality: a silly fixation on "the MAN, the MUSIC, the MEMORABILIA" - while oblivious to any meaning.


Even worse, in the summer of 1995, Are You Experienced? Ltd. [Hendrix production company at the time] began an official Hendrix website on the Internet called "Room Full of Mirrors." I was asked to write a column for this website, and I submitted several articles that appeared on the Internet. Then in July 1995, after UnaViber had obstructed my reply to their review of Voodoo Soup, I gave my letter shown above to the then-official Hendrix website, which was controlled by Alan Douglas, producer for AYE? Ltd. It was Alan whom I had warned not to release the fake Hendrix music on official CD releases, so my article about his boo-boo never appeared on the website he controlled.

I was prevented from reporting the truth in UnaViber, Guitar Shop and Musician magazines. And again I was blocked. It's as if the editors are determined that I be blamed for something I fought to correct. My work was stepped upon, like one of Jimi's UniVibe pedals trampled beneath SS boots.


You ask what is our policy? I will say it is to wage war by sea, land and air with all our might and with all of the strength that God can give us, to wage war against a monstrous tyranny...If we fail, then the whole world, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new dark age...How long will he resist? We cannot say how long that wicked man will torture and afflict the nations...You do your worst, and we will do our best!
- Winston Churchill

Friends, Romans, countrymen, WATCH OUT FOR YOUR EARS! (a true Jimi quote). I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. So let it be with Caesar...And why should Caesar be a tyrant, then?...What trash is Rome! What rubbish, and what offal when it serves for the base matter to illuminate so vile a thing as Caesar!

- "Little Caesars" (pizza franchise in U.S.) by "Billy" Shakespeare

[For those "allergic" to complexity and nuance, "Little Caesars" = parody of "Julius Caesar" - a play by Billy (aka William) Shakespeare, cheapened by associating it with a fast-food pizza fat house for proles. Hmmm, should I explain that "Billy" is a parody of "William"? hhhmmmm, do they know who Caesar and Shakespeare are? aahhhh, is "parody" too obscure a term for them? - ah, um, oh shit, can these dumb Hendrix fans EVEN READ??!! What the funk, let's just git Prezidint Camacho to wave a gun in their face.]


Although some of this website reports the horror of never ending errors in perceptions of Hendrix, the litany of mistakes is too many to correct. The grotesque remedials who were given my job at the Hendrix company delight in re-writing history especially when they can conceal me and take credit for what I'd done. Which brings us to the absurd media reports about the Hendrix company's March "2010" release of a hatchet-job CD titled "Valleys Of Neptune"…

Developing Payola Scandal (check back for details…)
Trying To Undermine/Replace the 2 Hendrix CDs
I Got Into Top-10 On Charts In the '90s
Moguls Pay to Write My Role Out of History…

"My Game," complains Jane, "Is Make Jimi Patron Saint
of Remedial Teens Like Me!"

(to be continued…)


Jimi Loves Me, You WILL Too!!


[Please be aware that for years the owners and staff at the Yahoo search engine have artificially/surgically removed this rockprophecy.com website from all listings under the words "jimi hendrix." Following the example of Paul Allen, the owners of Yahoo are intent on concealing the insights and research of Hendrix scholar Michael Fairchild, out of sheer pathological jealousy.
- James Sedgwick]