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Introduction by James Sedgwick

Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown contains dozens of sections that overlap (some are near word-for-word) with Rock Prophecy, by Michael Fairchild. Rock Prophecy was published four years before Dan Brown's book.

Mr. Brown's story is inspired by Rock Prophecy.

Mainstream media has been concealing this from the public. The pages ahead that detail this literary rip-off are being adapted into a documentary movie.

This Da Vinci incident is a classic example of the Retarded History that's left us all defenseless against the Rock.

The story of Jesus
so easy to explain,
after they crucified him,
a woman, she claimed his name

The story of Jesus
the whole Bible knows
went all across the Desert
and in the middle, he found a rose

There should be no questions
there should be no lies
He was married ever
happily after
for all the tears we cry

- Jimi Hendrix

[NOTE: Please be aware that for years the owners and staff at the Yahoo search engine have artificially/surgically removed this rockprophecy.com website from all listings under the words "jimi hendrix." Following the example of Paul Allen, the owners of Yahoo are intent on concealing the insights and research of Hendrix scholar Michael Fairchild, out of sheer pathological jealousy.
- James Sedgwick]