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Origins of Trans-generational Epigenetic Discovery

The discovery of "trans-generational" cause & effect epigenetics did not happen until 2002. Rock Prophecy, with the book's multi-generational theory of genetic expression, was published in 1999, and the first draft of the manuscript (pp. 19-21) copyrighted in 1995 explains it, many years before the epigenome phenomenon shown below was discovered in 2002:

Ghost In Your Genes is the title of the PBS TV NOVA episode cited below.

BOLD LETTERING has been added to highlight the main concepts to compare:

PBS NOVA 2007: The biggest revolution in biology that is going to forever transform the way we understand genetics, environment, the way the two interact…the first human evidence that something other than genes passed between generations…controls gene expression through a vast network in the body called the epigenome…Epigenomes can change in function by what we eat, what we smoke, and what we drink, and this is one of the key differences between epigenetics and genetics…the dynamic environment that changes all the time. And so what there is here is an interface between the highly dynamic world around us and the highly static genome that we have. Epigenome is an in-between creature, built in a way to respond to changes around us…It's not the genes that the mother brings into the game, it is the behavior of the mother that has an impact on the offspring years after the mother is gone, and the basic question is: how does the [offspring] remember what kind of care it received from its mother, so that it now has better or worse health conditions?…The events that happened in one generation could affect another decades later…The food supply of the ancestors was affecting the longevity or mortality rate of the grandchildren…A strong association between the food supply of the father's father and the chance of diabetes being mentioned on the death certificate of the grandchild…an environmental exposure in a man, one that did not cause a genetic mutation, could directly affect his male offspring…there was some new mechanism transmitting environmental exposure information from one generation to the next.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: Homosexuality is manifest in human societies in a multi-generational way. It is triggered in one generation to become expressed in their offspring. For example, when food shortages, droughts, floods, or changes in climate create conditions hostile for human life, reproductive biology in some people starts to change. We struggle when our environment puts us under stress. When we become strained to a certain point - a threshold that is different for each person - that stress triggers a signal in the body. Some people are rendered infertile from stress, others remain fertile but conceive offspring which nature intends to be infertile. Such progeny are homosexuals, people predisposed to a form of sex that produces no children.

PBS NOVA 2007: This early stage of development - in the womb - is linked to adult disease susceptibilities, by tiny little changes in the epigenome.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: Suseptible, born with predisposed tendency. What we found is that one specific region of one chromosome is linked to homosexuality at least in some men, and what that demonstrates is that part of being gay, or part of being straight, is determined in the genes…We found a linkage between sexual orientation in men and a small genetic segment of the X chromosome. What our data suggests is that whether a person is gay or heterosexual depends at least in part on the genes that they inherit.

In several studies, identical twins are more similar in their sexual orientations than fraternal twins and this suggests that genes are at least partially the story, but they can't be the whole story because we often have identical twins who have different sexual orientations, and that can only happen for environmental reasons. In many cases the environment does seem to matter. But I want to emphasize that the environment begins at conception: there is a biological environment and a pre-natal environment, and science has shown that, for example, we can alter the sexuality of animals and even humans by, for example, pre-natal hormones. So identical twins may be different in their sexuality due to things that happen early in development."

PBS NOVA 2007: [One of the identical twins] has an epigenetic change that's leading to a difference in their brain that you don't see in the other twin.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: When scientists say "environment" they are talking about, in this case, non-genetic, but biological factors. Something can be "non-genetic," but can be purely biological.

PBS NOVA 2007: A significant link between generations, between the diet in one and the life expectancy of another…Why should famine be both harmful and beneficial, depending on the sex and age of the grandparent who experiences it…the impact of famine can be captured by the genes, in the egg and sperm, and that the memory of this event could be carried forward to affect grandchildren two generations later.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: The gay trait may be triggered by some alteration to DNA in a father, or by something that happens biologically to a mother…AVERT-A-BIRTH - When the human herd overpopulates an environment there is not enough food, shelter, relaxation, or time. People get anxious, exhausted, and stressed. But we've evolved a biological corrective mechanism, and it's activated by stress. Couples start to conceive offspring who grow up and don't reproduce because they're gay. Over several decades the population of the next generation is reduced. This is nature's way of adapting humans to conditions of scarcity, giving the environment time to recover.

PBS NOVA 2007: If you grow up in a family that involves abuse, neglect, harsh and inconsistent discipline…more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease and obesity. And the stress hormones actively promote the development of these individual diseases…epigenetic changes in gene expression may underlie human diseases…identical genes that differ in their expression…environmental stimulation, sensory stimulation, auditory, visual stimulation, have an impact on brain development and brain function. And this impact we know now is mediated, at least in part, by epigenetic mechanisms…the environment molds our epigenomes…genes may not be all that passes from generation to generation…a famine might affect people almost a century later, even if they had never experienced a famine themselves. If so, past and future generations might be linked in ways no one had imagined.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: But a hundred different people experience stress in a hundred different ways. Some couples, following just one prolonged period of stress, may affect their biology enough to produce a gay child. Other people might endure many times more stress before they will conceive gay offspring. And a parent may respond to stress differently during different phases of life; whereas mild stress may trigger the gay trait from a 20-year-old parent, more intense stress might be needed to activate it in that same parent at age 30. In other words, the biological threshold for stress, beyond which is triggered gay offspring, fluctuates up and down not only from person to person, but also from time to time in us all.

PBS NOVA 2007: A trans-generational effect impacted each sex…linked to a specific period of development…when you could trigger, in the ancestor, a trans-generational response…there are only certain periods in the ancestors' development when they can trigger this trans-generational response. They're what one might call sensitive periods of development…when a famine was able to trigger an effect was different for the grandmother than the grandfather. The grandmother appeared susceptible while she, herself, was still in the womb, while the grandfather was affected in late childhood…the timing of these sensitive periods was telling us that it was tied in with the formation of the eggs and the sperm.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: Nature accomplishes "birth control" when a society gets so stressed it produces a new generation that numbers many non-reproducers - gay people - instilled by nature with an innate tendency not to multiply. This is the purpose of homosexuality: intended to avert births, nature's herd thinners. Humans have a built in biological monitor which senses when the herd needs thinning and automatically adjusts the rate of reproduction through the number of gays being born.

Dean Hamer studied forty pairs of gay brothers. Two thirds of them had the same type of genetic material along the same section of the X chromosome. A male born with such genes is twice as likely to be homosexual. He is not one hundred percent certain to turn out gay because a third of the brothers in Hamer's study did not share the genetic markers and yet were gay anyway. [Scientists] don't see [the material] in every gay man…They find it in some of the brothers who are not gay, so it's not exclusively a homosexual thing…There's not going to be a "gay gene"…because even with identical twins, one is gay and one is not, so you know that homosexuality is not 100% genetic at all. It is genes interacting with other things…but this is perhaps susceptibility.

PBS NOVA 2007: This early stage of development-in the womb, -is linked to adult disease susceptibilities, by tiny little changes in the epigenome.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: If they can find a gene…maybe it's a gene that tells the body about hormone balance, or maybe it's a gene that has some other function that we can't even guess right now [EPIGENETICS]…it's function is to respond to stress. If homosexuality is influenced by genetics, then some aspect of the genetic process may be affected by stress…Of 284 women who tried unsuccessfully for an average of 3 years to get pregnant, 42% conceived shortly after completing a program of anti-stress relaxation techniques. Stress is always present at various levels among all people at any given time. During bad times we struggle and our stress increases. Our bodies respond to stress and something in us, possibly genetic, changes so that we conceive kids who are gay and tend not to have children of their own. Population is thus lowered according to nature's plan. It's as if our bodies are programmed to interpret stress as a signal to thin the herd.

PBS NOVA 2007: Information was being imprinted on the egg and sperm at the time of their formation…connections between gender, diet and health, connections that were most pronounced two generations later. Men, for example, who experienced famine at around age 10, had paternal grandsons who lived much longer than those whose grandfathers experienced plenty. Yet, women who experienced famine while in the womb had paternal granddaughters who died on average far earlier…we were dealing with a trans-generational response…tying in when eggs and sperm were being formed.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: There are definitely inherited characteristics which are very important…homosexuality is not simply determined by some single gene in the same simple sort of way that, for example, your eye color is determined by one gene . . . There may be other genes or other factors or perhaps even voluntary sorts of factors that are involved.

PBS NOVA 2007: You can alter this….Might our lifestyle choices resonate down the ages, effecting people yet unborn? We've got to get people thinking more about what they do. They have a responsibility for their epigenome. Their genome they inherit. But their epigenome, they potentially can alter, and particularly that of their children. And that brings in responsibility, but it also brings in hope. You're not necessarily stuck with this…You can't be selfish because you can't say, "Well I'll smoke," or "I'll do whatever it is because I'm prepared to die early." You're also looking after it for your children and grandchildren. It is changing the way we think about inheritance forever.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: "What's important today is that we clearly demonstrated that genes are involved [in sexual orientation] . . . The important question is whether or not there's a defined genetic component and if we can ultimately understand how that works." - Dr. Dean Hamer

PBS NOVA 2007: You can't…separate out the gene from the environmental effect. They're so intertwined…If the deletion was on the chromosome 15 that the child had inherited from father, then you would have Prader-Willi syndrome, whereas if the deletion was inherited from the mother, you had the Angelman syndrome…the same missing strip of DNA, depending upon its parental origin, could cause different diseases. It was as if the genes knew where they came from.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: Stress caused by events in our environment alters the reproductive process in humans. If both parents are altered by stress, gay offspring may result. If one parent, and not the other, has been changed by stress, a bisexual child may be conceived. The degree to which an offspring becomes homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual is determined by the combined stress level of both parents. But all such ratios exist in flux because people are born who break the mold. Some contented, unstressed people might trigger the gay trait for other reasons, but such instances are likely exceptions to the rule.

PBS NOVA 2007: There must have been a tag or an imprint placed on that chromosome, during either egg or sperm formation in the previous generation, to say, "Hi, I came from Mother." "I came from Father, and we are functioning differently." So that's the key thing, that although the DNA sequence is the same, the different sets of genes were being silenced depending on whether it came from the mother or from the father.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: Evidence that stress levels determine sexuality is seen in increased numbers of circumcisions in recent decades…As the industrial age brought ever higher levels of stress to working people, a resulting rise in the number of gay men has increased the demand for circumcisions. Today's society is extremely stressed. A much larger population of herd thinners is being born. Because there are more gay men today - most of whom prefer a bare glans - circumcision is now nearly universal…The rise of industrialized urban life in the 20th century brought with it a great increase in stress among city dwellers. Our high anxiety lifestyles have resulted in an explosion of homosexual progeny. Events like the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II in the '40s produced millions of conceptions under conditions of prolonged stress. Many of the boys conceived during this period grew up to become gay men…The increase of stress in America is paralleled by an increase in circumcisions. Routine circumcision skyrocketed from a mere 6 percent to nearly 100 percent in little more than 50 years…Overpopulation produces increased stress in our lives. Homosexuals are nature's corrective defense against extinction, because without herd thinners, population will increase unchecked until our numbers consume all resources.

PBS NOVA 2007: Our grandparents' experiences effect our health…The new phenomenon is that environmental toxin no longer affects just the individual exposed, but two or three generations down the line…this could have such a huge impact and could explain a whole host of things we couldn't explain before [LIKE THE ORIGINS OF SAME-SEX ATTRACTION]What your grandmother was exposed to when she was pregnant could cause a disease in you-even though you've had no exposure-and you're going to pass it on to your great-grandchildren…And if a pesticide can generate such effects, what about stress, smoking, drinking.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: It's as if our bodies are programmed to interpret stress as a signal to thin the herd. This is not to imply that homosexuals are the result of a "malady" or something gone "wrong" with people who are stressed. On the contrary, herd thinners are very helpful to humans and the environment…The representation of sodomy in the religious art of a people…may be seen as an important mechanism for spacing births in areas where seasonal fluctuations in rainfall, food harvests, available fish resources, and so on, can be crucial. Throughout the world, limitations in the carrying capacity of a given environment have demanded from people cultural as well as biological responses.

PBS NOVA 2007: …the dynamic environment that changes all the time…here is an interface between the highly dynamic world around us and the highly static genome that we have. Epigenome is an in-between creature, built in a way to respond to changes around us.

ROCK PROPHECY 1999: Postpartum sexual abstention of up to three years is a generally cited worldwide average, to ensure that a nursing infant will not die because of malnutrition when his mother becomes pregnant again and another baby displaces him at the breast. Sodomy can be viewed as still another cultural mechanism to achieve spacing of births.

Gays are nature's gentle way of decreasing populations during periods when an environment is losing its capacity to nourish the numbers of people that inhabit it. If too many people struggle under stress in that environment, many will conceive gay offspring and reduce their numbers as these homosexuals have no children. The reduced human population thus decreases its strain on the environment. Nature intends this to allow environments time to replenish themselves, which in turn supports more life…the purpose and intent behind nature's creation of gays was and is as a way of thinning the herd when food and relaxation are scarce. In this sense, it can be said that nature intends gays as a remedy for overpopulation.

PBS NOVA 2007 - MARCUS PEMBREY: I've thought of nothing else really for the last five years [since 2002].

The discovery of trans-generational, "multi-generational" epigenetics did not happen until 2002. Rock Prophecy, with its Chapter 9 about multi-generational theory of genetic expression, was published in 1999 and copyrighted in 1995, many years before the Epigenome phenomenon was discovered.

There are several implications observed from this fact:

1) I've been proved correct about the trans-generational "herd thinner" insight into sexual orientation, suggests that I am also correct in proposing that "remote viewing" is an evolutionary mutation favored by natural selection, a symbiotic defense mechanism between living (water bearing) planets and the life forms that these planets evolve.

2) It is also likely that I am correct in recognizing Jimi Hendrix as a forerunner expression of this mutation, as his writings/conversations/sounds clearly convey an obsession with, and warning about, impending asteroid disaster.

3) And despite the fact of my readership exceeding 6 million people in the mid-1990s, and despite my career being curtailed by the $5 million Paul Allen spent to have my insights blacklisted, I sought within that persecution to have media report my theory about herd thinners. But mass media all follow Paul Allen's example to censor and suppress my work. Rather than explain the cause/purpose of same-sex attraction, and help alleviate the confusion and end the hate crimes against these people, media instead suppresses the news and in doing so maintains the violence directed at these people.