The Asteroid Vision of Jimi Hendrix: Remote View Mutation
- a film by Michael Fairchild -

by James Sedgwick

Remote View Mutation script


When we gathered all of Jimi Hendrix's references, writings, comments and lyrics about his vision of the asteroid, and structured this evidence into a film script, it came to 50 pages in 10-point script. In other words, there's overwhelming and conclusive proof to demonstrate the truth of what he was intending to say.

The movie, Remote View Mutation: Why the Asteroid Vision of Jimi Hendrix is the Most Important Story, sets in relief specifically Jimi's words and music about the asteroid. The emphasis is on isolating this aspect of Hendrix by itself and making the case for it by citing and explaining the evidence. With a 50-page script, it's obvious that there's more material than can be included in a two-hour movie. So the effort here has been to excerpt the most relevent evidence and obvious conclusions. Most of the connections appear in the book Rock Prophecy, however, much evidence has surfaced since the book was published, and that material too is included in the movie.

In recent years we've seen unprecedented use in media of the term "rock star." It's been applied to everyone from Barak Obama, David Beckham and Al Gore - to Fred Thompson, Alan Greenspan and Pope Benedict(!) What's going on here? Jimi's unique position in the evolution of the term "rock star" is for the first time described in the film Remote View Mutation, directed by Michael Fairchild, author of Rock Prophecy - the Original Asteroid Prediction. Fairchild was trained for seven years to be the director of the Jimi Hendrix estate production company and he worked on 14 official Hendrix CDs, as well as books and movies about the "rock star."

Jimi & Michael Fairchild

Rock = Asteroid. Star = Comet. Sublimation: Rock Star - conduit for a vision of asteroid impact. Unknown to the world until now, Jimi Hendrix's writings, comments, and lyrics are rife with references to his vision of the asteroid, expressed through poetic metaphors, and translated by Fairchild's unusual scholarship. Hendrix is the prime example of an evolutionary mutation in human perception, towards a capacity to remote view - an ability to sense and experience events from great distances away. This is NOT saying Jimi "saw the future" - it IS saying he sensed (and described/expressed) real events that were occurring very far away during his lifetime, particularly changes in the gravity ambiance of planets surrounding Earth, changes that occur when gravity fields are "disturbed" by rocks during approaches toward planets. It's as if a signal is emitted and human sensors are being evolved to receive, or interpret, its presence, like whales in the sea that can detect each other's squeals from thousands of miles away. Such perception is latent in us and the human gene pool mutates to express it.

All living planets nurture the emergence of a capability to sense the solar environment, the gravitational field of the Sun - a solar ocean - sensed from within by us as a single unified body. "Go beyond the facade of molecules and you enter a subatomic cloud," notes Deepak Chopra, "go beyond the cloud and you end up with a handful of nothing. We have to forget thinking of the human body as a frozen anatomical structure. There are no well defined edges to the quantum mechanical body. We are localized bundles of information and energy in a universe of information and energy…The essential stuff of the universe is non-stuff, thinking non-stuff. This is an intelligent universe and we are conscious beings in a conscious universe and the human nervous system is that privileged organ of nature through which the universe itself is becoming conscious of itself."

What was "sensory" to Jimi remains "not-sensed," or nonsense to others. Within any group of people we have differing standards for whatever evidence we accept. What information do we believe is true and why do we believe it? Repeatable, peer-reviewed, science is the standard of what's commonly agreed upon, and many of us are skeptical of psychic visions submitted as evidence. Remote View Mutation cites scientific facts that suggest and support theories. When reviewing Jimi's words, writings, thoughts and songs, we arrive at consideration of how extra sensory perception is possible. His ideas lead us unmistakably to consider e.s.p. How is the emergence of what Hendrix called a "sixth sense" described by science? Is an aspect of space-time independent of location?

"They say the speed of light is the fastest thing - that's the eyes - but then there's the speed of thought, which is beyond that. You can get on the other side of this theme in a matter of thinking about it."
- Jimi

What scientific evidence exists for this? The U.S. government's Defense Intelligence Agency spent tens of millions of dollars on "Project Stargate" - applying the highest scientific protocols to the study of remote view capability in humans. Fifteen percent of the government's data confirms the existence of remote view ability in a small percentage of the population.

"Astral Travel" is what Jimi called states of possession that are familiar to shamans throughout history: out of body experience. Hendrix possessed perceptions that represent an evolutionary leap for our species. His unusual music is an outward expression of altered inner vision and trans-medium channeling, with aspects of an autistic savant, exaggerated in degree. There are lots of comments from Jimi that cause us to ask, was Hendrix possessed with telepathy? Extraterrestrial visions inspired his writing.

"According to Ayurveda the human body is a manifestation of sound," notes Deepak Chopra, "expressions of primordial sounds expressing themselves in rhythms and synchronicities and frequencies of vibration that become the energy fields that ultimately become the matter of our bodies." Sound underlies all matter and forms, a Song of the Universe. We recognize in Jimi a mystery. Somehow he's channeling a natural force, the eternal echo of a Big Bang as it pulsates frequencies into the forms of nature, as if by cymatics.

Rock Prophecy Book

"All of a sudden kids come along with a different set of brain cells and the establishment doesn't know what to do. The walls are crumbling and the establishment doesn't want to let go."
- Jimi

As a species, we've been selected and lead by evolution to produce the sounds we recognize in Hendrix. Not until Jimi stepped on stage did systems advance to the point where rock music was possible. It is not coincidence he communicates in a medium called "rock." He's the single primary inventor of the form and its emergence climaxes a fundamental archetype. Rock music is a rising into consciousness of sounds that had always been here waiting to escape. When people reached a technological readiness for musical volume, the sound of massive impacts and colliding planets came blasting out of Jimi's amps. "Rock" is the platform off which our understanding of the asteroid ascends - a vision emerged from Earth's evolutionary channel - through Jimi's mutated musical brain, fueled by the planet's psychoactive plants. The planet's chemical messengers conveyed to his brain images of flaming impact. This process surfaced specifically in the asteroid vision of Jimi Hendrix - with the onset of "Rock." The evidence, in Jimi's words, is conclusive. It's the planet as "plant," nurturing life, an expression of natural selection with intentional evolution towards asteroid defense - a symbiosis of organisms.

"Gaia," Greek for Earth Mother, refers to the planet as a living organism. "Heliotropism is a form of consciousness," notes Joseph Campbell. "There's a plant consciousness. There's an animal consciousness. This whole world is conscious." Throughout the universe, water bearing planets with atmospheres follow the same evolutionary process: they direct life forms towards a capacity to protect the planet itself from the major force that injures planets - impacts from asteroids that intersect their orbits. Earth's nurture of us is a symbiosis, a mutually beneficial relationship between different life forms.

"I'd try to use my music as a machine to move these people to get changes done." - Jimi

All life is evolved towards supporting development of defense mechanisms aimed to ward off rocks from impacting the atmosphere. The biosphere, like all life, seeks to protect itself. To that end, Gaia continually spawns mutations from which traits are selected for their extent of beneficial effect towards that purpose. This is the basis of natural selection. Hendrix represents such a breakthrough mutation - a mind seized as a vehicle through which the Earth communicates. For the first time an aspect of the planet became conscious of Rock. After eons and ages, Earth evolves species to sense the whole solar ocean as a unified body. Human life is meant to specialize in flight, explosives, and speed - three themes that dominate entertainment and movies. We're wired to pursue capabilities with which we deflect asteroids and comets.

"Jimi told me the story of the final destruction of Atlantis…a comet hit Atlantis. Jimi told me that in his view today's world is in a similar situation to the time of Atlantis."
- Monika Dannemann

Hendrix wrote a film script and planned to produce a movie that would warn us of the Rock. "The story of the asteroid belt in our solar system is explained," he claims. This screenplay describes his remote view of cataclysm. The film opens with a young girl looking at a rock and ends with the asteroid disaster. When Jimi got to England in the autumn of '66 and recorded Third Stone From the Sun everyone heard for the first time the sound of Rock colliding with Earth. Nothing like this sound had been heard before. In rock music Hendrix etched aural impressions of the Rock impact. He described the coming upheaval in a song called Valleys Of Neptune Arising, with lyrics about mountain-size tidal waves and erupting volcanoes, as the Earth shakes on its axis.

Rock music expresses collective memory premonition of impact, a memory of the future. Through the medium of rock a prophecy predicts our rendezvous with Rock. Jimi envisioned Earth asteroid destroyed in a future that echoes the past. Cause and effect have, as Arthur Clarke wrote, "reversed their normal sequence," because collective memory is ultimately independent of time. Rock music functions like a biological clock, an alarm for the evolution of humans - its purpose is to activate awareness of the Rock. Jimi is the link through which this mutation was made.

"There's no whole lot of religions, just one link There's only a few chosen people that are to get this across. I am only a messenger and you a sheep in process of evolution, almost at death with yourself, and on the staircase of birth." - Jimi

All planets that sustain water and air evolve this link. The evolution of life on any world will eventually produce a version of Jimi Hendrix.

"There are only leaders in times of crisis, but that's just what's happening now. It's not just a fad that's going on; it's very serious…music is such an important thing now; people have to realize that." - Jimi

His key idea is seen in the word "import" - "music is such an IMPORTant thing" - we who aren't ready for the rock, die by the rock. This is the way asteroids are imported into our world: society removes the seer and denies his vision. We aren't prepared for the mountain from space - our "Rock-Star" asteroid/comet, flaming snake in the sky, fire-breathing Dragon, a fate Jimi named Electric Love, imported by human folly. Remote View Mutation is a story of import, the most important story.

"Electric Love penetrates the sky...the Mountain falls in the sea...the Sun refuses to shine..." - Jimi


About First Century Press

For seven years Michael Fairchild was trained to be the director of the Jimi Hendrix estate production company. Michael worked on 14 official Hendrix CDs, the highest charting albums, and wrote the 28-page booklet stories included with these historic CD releases, Jimi's highest charting albums, distributed to over 6 million readers. His compelling articles explain the importance of Jimi and have been published by MCA, Warner Bros., Harper Collins, Polydor, Atlantic Records, and many national magazines.

Fairchild is originator and developer of the Jimi Hendrix Exhibition World tour, and he is the editor of the unpublished autobiography of Hendrix - in Jimi's own words. Michael orchestrated the acquisition of several of the world's best collections of Hendrix memorabilia for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Experience Music Project "Hendrix Museum" in Seattle for nearly a half million dollars.

First Century Press is publisher of Michael Fairchild's book Rock Prophecy - the Original Asteroid Prediction of Jimi Hendrix. Rock Prophecy is the original trigger for an avalanche of asteroid stories in recent media. The book presents a new and original interpretation of evolution, history and religions.

First Century Productions produces films directed by Michael Fairchild, including Rock Prophecy Rockumentary (2003); Benefit for Paige (2004); EMPeror's Ignorance (2005); Death of Hendrix: Last 24 Seconds (2007); Missile Agency/MoonBase Charade (2007).

First Century Productions is currently producing the climactic film: Remote View Mutation - Why the Asteroid Vision of Jimi Hendrix Is the Most Important Story. For more information contact us.

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