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August 14, 2003:

The Jimi Hendrix Exhibition eight wheeler truck tour is a project I proposed and developed with the Hendrix company. Today the truck appeared in Rochester, New York and local media cover the event, while refusing to report that this is the Exhibition that I, a local resident in Rochester, produced. These are real hick reporter hacks in this rust belt backwater factory town. I actually said to a friend on this day, "I hope the deity gives these savages of the First Century a glimpse of impact winter awaiting them." Within an hour of those words being spoken, the great North East Blackout of 2003 pulled the plug on the Hendrix truck and plunged this entire area into a Day of Darkness:

It was because of this incident that the Rockprophecy Rockumentary movie being produced at this time included the "Dozen Disgusting Statistics About Rochester." The movie DVD was released a few months later and distributed in Toronto for a Hendrix Rockprophecy concert on November 8. This event triggered a "feud" between media and city officials in Rochester and Toronto, and the story eventually landed in the New York Times on Christmas Eve 2003.

As it turned out, Rochester was the last stop for the truck anyway, the Hendrix company creeps sent it here on purpose to my home town once more to try and irk me before the Exhibition was taken off the road. They had dumbed-down the exhibits to such an embarrassing degree that there was no longer anyone coming to the stupid thing, they were just losing money on it. The guy who was in charge of it told me about this after he was fired from running the truck. Jane Fujita and her Hendrix company had actually instructed the Exhibition staff to take the thing into Canada because my band and lectures had been touring in Canada and she wanted to upstage us, but the staff had no experience in taking the Exhibition into another country and they were turned away at the border! The guy in charge was fired for this, and then told me the pathetic details. Good riddance…But this is what Paul Allen intended, a public that sees no relevance to Hendrix, and the silencing of my effort to explain the importance.