Rock Prophecy


The picture below titled "Michael Fairchild Meets Jimi Hendrix." was added to this website in April "2005." A year and a half later, summer "2006," the European investment banking firm Dresdner Kleinwort ripped off our artwork for their new advertising campaign...

THE SEERS CONVENE: Michael Fairchild & Jimi Hendrix

The Dresdner Rip-Off Version:

Dresdner Kleinwort's new ad campaign was launched with the slogan: "Unexpected viewpoints. Radical thinking. Inspiration." Their press release for the ad states, "It demonstrates our commitment to bold and innovative thinking..."

RIGHT! So they proceed to conceal Rock Prophecy, rip off our artwork, and pretend that their pathetic attempt at capitalist rip-off is somehow "Unexpected," "Radical" and "Innovative." But they're just the same old banal theives who'll see that after the asteroid lands, money will have no value and freaks like these will be in the streets fighting to keep their last can of beans...

Dresdner Kleinwort is the investment bank of Dresdner Bank AG, headquartered in London and Frankfurt, they sell bank "products" through Global Banking and Capital Markets business lines. Their partners might consider the ethics of doing business with such crass and common theives.


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