A Plan to Hide Space Funds Under
"Privatized" Lies

by Michael Fairchild

In 2008 Atlantic magazine was picked by moguls for a think-tank piece, position-paper "plant" in media that served as springboard for implementing a long-planned "sea-change" in NASA's scam:

"The odds that a potentially devastating space rock will hit Earth this century may be as high as one in 10…conventional thinking seriously underestimates the frequency of space-rock strikes…NASA possesses no hardware specifically for this purpose, has nearly nothing in development, and has resisted calls to begin work on protection against space strikes. Instead, NASA is enthusiastically preparing to spend hundreds of billions of taxpayers' dollars on a manned Moon-base that has little apparent justification…NASA [is] all but ignoring the space-object threat…Current telescopes cannot track asteroids or comets accurately enough for researchers to be sure of their courses…Preparations to defend against a space object would take many years. First the necessary hardware must be built…Although the Moon-base initiative has been NASA's focus for four years, almost nothing has yet been built for the project, and comparatively little money has been spent; current plans don't call for substantial funding until the space-shuttle program ends, in 2010. This suggests that NASA could back off from the Moon base without having wasted many resources…It's hard to imagine how taxpayers could benefit from a Moon-base. It's easy to imagine them benefiting from an effort to protect our world from the ultimate calamity. The House and Senate ought to demand that the space program have as its first priority returning benefits to taxpayers." - Atlantic magazine, June 2008

[NOTE: This is what Atlantic magazine's think-tank position-paper is written to implement: seed-the-media and condition the herd to anticipate a sea-change in NASA mandate. The reason is ominous - they don't have enough time left before the asteroid strike to build a Moon-base. Which means we'll witness a frantic race to expand the Space Station and massive plans to construct underground bunker cities for the rich.]

Starting one year after Atlantic magazine's shot-across-the-bow article set the stage in June 2008, a presidential panel is commissioned in June 2009 to begin re-assessing the direction of plans at NASA. The investigation convenes as NASA kicks-off the first launch of the Constellation program, sending a probe up to scout lunar sites for a planned manned colony construction.

Below is a quick chronology of Mogul Control's decades-in-the-making plot:

June 17, 2009

June 17, 2009

"As NASA prepared to launch its debut mission in a program aimed at returning astronauts to the Moon, a presidential panel began looking at alternative ways to get there and whether the United States should even go. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral on [June 18], is designed to map the lunar surface so NASA can find safe and scientifically interesting landing spots for future human missions. With costs estimated at more than $100 billion for a lunar excursion and concerns about the five-year gap [of no U.S. Shuttle flights], President Obama has ordered a top-level review of the U.S. human space program. Hearings in Washington opened on [June 17]…Panel members will also consider whether the Moon should even be a destination." - Reuters

August 20, 2009

Aug. 20, 2009

"An intriguing new set of ideas has captured the [Obama] committee's imagination. The 'Deep Space' mission plans would forgo landings on the Moon and Mars to focus on visiting nearby asteroids…the key questions are: Which rocket - Ares I, Ares V, modified Ares V, shuttle-styled, or commercial launch vehicle - will be used to go beyond low-Earth orbit?" -

[NOTE: An "intriguing new set of ideas" - with "new" referring to June 1995 when Microsoft officials read Rock Prophecy and began the plan to co-opt NASA, clandestinely.]

November 4, 2009

"Exploration would shift from a replay of the Apollo Moon effort to an incremental program with different, lower-gravity destinations, such as near-Earth asteroids…The next question is whether the president is going to identify himself with any decision [on space policy], either separately [from his panel's report] or in the State of the Union Address." - MSNBC

[NOTE: As we'll see, Obama says nothing, he's got nothing to gain by making any speech. This singular decision he was put in place to execute is promoted only in the budget proposal he puts out in February 2010. During the brief flurry of controversy over the budget's NASA details, Obama never utters a word about it, and media won't press him, 'cuz all the publishers of H.I.M.M. are "in on" the hidden agenda game.]

"What I think gets me the most about all this, is that the president didn't come out and say his new 'innovative' plan himself. He had people do it for him. One would think, with such a large change in policy and direction, he could have at least said a few words directly." - its_amazing,, Feb. 2, 2010

"Obama's silence on the subject points to an administration that has higher priorities than NASA, NASA is not a priority to the Obama Administration." - Windbourne,, Jan. 25, 2010

January 22, 2010

Jan. 22, 2010
Notice the Headline in Green at Bottom -
It's the Reason for Private Condos In Orbit
"With two prototype modules for a commercial space station already circling the Earth, Bigelow Aerospace is gearing up for a full-scale assault on space The company's expandable modules are designed to offer low-cost commercial volume in space - for rent or lease - not only to private sector interests, but also to national space agencies. Bigelow Aerospace lofted in July 2006 and in June 2007, respectively, its Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 trial space modules, forerunners to the larger, human-rated Sundancer and BA-330 modules. Bigelow is now eying 2015 as the year when the larger human-rated habitats will be in Earth orbit, ready for boarding…space modules that can be made available for rent or lease depending on client needs…with one module housing Bigelow Aerospace-supplied astronauts that will maintain the Earth orbiting facility for clientele.


"'Our astronauts will take care of housekeeping chores,' Bigelow said. 'They'll make sure everything is totally sanitary and very accommodating.' The mission of Bigelow Aerospace 'is to build the be occupied by geniuses that can do really interesting things in those buildings...and these buildings just happen to be in space,' Bigelow explained. 'We want to facilitate what the dreams of people are, whether they are national dreams or corporate ambitions.' Bigelow Aerospace-built modules could well serve the Hiltons or the Marriotts of the world if they wish to establish space hotels. 'We'll lease our spacecraft to them.' Bigelow said. Bigelow Aerospace has already blueprinted is the soft landing of a trio of attached BA-330 modules - including astronauts - on the moon. The result: instant moon base, something the size of the International Space Station." -


January 24, 2010

"The White House has decided to begin funding private companies to carry NASA astronauts into space."

- Wall Street Journal

Feb. 1, 2010

January 25, 2010

"[Obama's] budget proposal would fund a multibillion-dollar effort to foster development of commercial systems for ferrying astronauts to the International Space Station…NASA's 2011 budget request…includes scrapping long-duration Moon missions in favor of shorter visits to…near-Earth asteroids." -

January 27, 2010

"Obama…will direct NASA to concentrate on Earth-science projects…and development programs that will one day make human exploration of asteroids and the inner solar system possible…There will also be funding for private companies to develop capsules and rockets that can be used as space taxis to take astronauts on fixed-price contracts to and from the International Space Station - a major change in the way the agency has done business for the past 50 years. 'We certainly don't need to go back to the Moon,' said one administration official…One insider said there would be an 'attractive sum' of money for private companies to make rockets to carry astronauts there." - Orlando Sentinel

January 28, 2010

"No Moon Trips: Obama's Space Vision a 'Paradigm Shift'…relying on commercially built spacecraft would allow NASA to focus on more ambitious human spaceflight missions, like expeditions to a nearby asteroid…that doesn't mean America won't go back to the Moon…it just won't go back on the schedule and vision laid out by President Bush in 2004." -

January 31, 2010

Feb. 1, 2010

"The White House has said it will be adding $5.9 billion to the overall NASA budget…most or all will go to commercial space…Boeing and Lockheed Martin have existing rocket families in Delta and Atlas, which launch commercial and government satellites regularly and reliably, but for the moment aren't rated by the government to be safe enough for humans. That may change…SpaceX already has a Falcon rocket and Dragon capsule. Other companies being mentioned include Orbital Sciences of Virginia, Bigelow Aerospace and Sierra Nevada Corp. of Nevada." -

February 1, 2010

"There are hints that the [Obama] administration…would see astronauts fly to increasingly distant locales including asteroids." -

February 1, 2010

"Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, a company that could bid on a commercial contract for a crewed mission to orbit, said 'There is no way there's the appetite for another Apollo-like program with Apollo-like budget expenditures.'" - Washington Post

[NOTE: That's the reason to make space "privatized" - a slush fund of hidden donors - out of public scrutiny, using looted trillions accumulated from the banksters' staged "economy meltdown."]

February 1, 2010

"Obama's 2011 budget request…announcement occurred on the seventh anniversary of NASA's Columbia shuttle disaster on Feb. 1, 2003…pushing aside NASA's current spaceflight plan for bolder expeditions to…asteroids." -

February 1, 2010

"Plans for a new mission to leave Earth's orbit will probably not be spelled out for a few years." - New York Times

February 2, 2010

"The space station was proposed in 1984 and has been under construction since 1998, and so far not a lick of truly valuable science has come from it." - Time magazine

[NOTE: The "plans for a new mission" that the New York Times waits for is already known, but won't be publically announced. The lack of "valuable science" from the Space Station bemoaned by Time isn't the point. That floating motel is a safe haven hidden in plain sight, designed to carry the cabal of moguls who banked on a lifeboat for themselves rather than finance the all out effort needed to save the rest of us from disaster.]

February 6, 2010

"Heavy-Lift Launch Vehicles Will Continue Despite Grounding of Constellation Moon Program Bolden defended the controversial push to develop a private sector manned launch capability and said different levels of oversight would be applied to companies with different levels of operational experience." - CBS News

[NOTE: With the project going "private" the rules of government "oversight" are going out the window like extra baggage on a sinking ship. The lives of worker-bee engineers and test pilots are the new sacrifical lambs at this barbecue shishkabob rocket fireworks factory.]

February 18, 2010

"One commercial spaceflight company in California has a new, privately-built rocket standing ready…Space Exploration Technologies' (SpaceX) new Falcon 9 rocket is already assembled in Cape Canaveral…sometime between May and November [2010 will] launch the cargo-carrying Dragon spacecraft to resupply the International Space Station. Dragon could also eventually loft NASA astronauts into space as early as 2014…SpaceX already holds a $1.6 billion contract with NASA for 12 flights to resupply the space station. Another company, Virginia-based Orbital Sciences, is building a new Taurus 2 rocket to launch its own cargo ship to the space station for NASA under a $1.9 billion contract for eight flights…'The 2011 NASA budget acknowledges one of the biggest barriers to exploring space, and that barrier is how do you pay for it,' said former NASA astronaut Ken Bowersox, who is now SpaceX's vice president. 'It's a really great thing to watch what happens when you blend the skills that are only available in the government with the flexibility and creativity of private industry,' Bowersox said."


[NOTE: In other words, Bowersox can use Uncle Sam's credit-line-in-the-sky to fund any harebrained experiment his expendable engineers dream up, totally out of scrutiny with no oversight and zero accountability, 'cuz the name of this game is "money is no object."]

"Boilerplate Issues" Obscured by Dense Text Surrounding Camouflage

"Today's legal system overflows with long contractual tomes. Most of these lengthy contracts contain just a few key passages, the main points of the agreement - the boilerplate issues - which 95% of the surrounding contract serves to clarify and support. In a similar way, the many rules and beliefs of the male religions hide the key boilerplate ideas behind a deluge of minor clauses (like "don't eat pigs because they have divided hoofs" - Leviticus 11:7). A maze of arcane details surrounding the key clauses in the Bible distracts readers from a few strategic decrees - key clauses that are at the core."

- Rock Prophecy book, 1999

When We Clear Away the Clutter, Here's the Boilerplate Core of These Reports Cited Above:

"NASA's [2011] budget request is…scrapping long-duration Moon missions in favor of shorter visits to…near-Earth asteroids." -, Jan. 25, 2010

"Mission plans would forgo landings on the Moon and Mars to focus on visiting nearby asteroids." -, Aug. 20, 2009

"Goal of exploration would shift…to an incremental program with different, lower-gravity destinations, such as near-Earth asteroids." - MSNBC, Nov. 4, 2009

"Obama's long-awaited plans for the space agency…will direct NASA to concentrate on Earth-science projects…and development programs that will one day make human exploration of asteroids and the inner solar system possible." - Orlando Sentinel, Jan. 27, 2010

"Relying on commercially built spacecraft would allow NASA to focus on more ambitious human spaceflight missions, like expeditions to a nearby asteroid." -, Jan. 28, 2010

"A robust program of robotic solar system exploration and new astronomical observatories, including…an expanded effort to detect potentially hazardous asteroids." - FOX News, Feb. 1, 2010

"Options for the president include…pushing aside NASA's current spaceflight plan for bolder expeditions to…asteroids." -, Feb. 1, 2010

"There would be robotic missions to the moon and nearby asteroids, as precursors to eventual flights by astronauts…Lori Garver, NASA's deputy administrator, said, 'the Moon continues to be an important destination, together with near-Earth asteroids.'" - ABC News, Feb. 1, 2010

"Asteroids and other near-Earth objects, those are some of the definite destinations." - NASA Chief Bolden,, Feb. 2, 2010

"Robotic exploration precursor missions that will pave the way for human exploration of the Moon and nearby asteroids." -, Feb. 3, 2010

"Redirect NASA towards developing the capability of voyaging to more distant locations in space, such as rendezvous with possibly threatening asteroids." Buzz Aldrin -, Feb. 3, 2010

We could go on and on, but you get the point: Obama ordered NASA to GO AFTER ASTEROIDS (but mums the word)...


"Call it Operation: Plymouth Rock. A plan to send a crew of astronauts to an asteroid is gaining momentum, both within NASA and industry circles. Not only would the deep space sojourn shake out hardware, it would also build confidence in long-duration stints at the Moon and Mars. At the same time, the trek would sharpen skills to deal with a future space rock found on a collision course with Earth…Study teams are now readying high-level briefings for NASA leaders…The merits of a human mission to a Near Earth Object (NEO) were detailed [in Boulder, Colorado] Nov. 18 during a two-day meeting of the Small Bodies Assessment Group, SBAG for short. SBAG was established by NASA in 2008 to identify scientific priorities and opportunities for the exploration of asteroids and comets. The new studies are…to be weighed both by NASA and the White House…the firm's study was done using corporate funds…The round-trip mission would take some six months. There would be no landing on the asteroid. Rather, they would park in close proximity, then jet backpack onto the object [which would be] helpful in dealing with harmful space rocks on a worrisome trajectory dangerous to Earth…Keep an eye out on this mission. There's a lot in play here." -, Nov. 23, 2009

Connect the Dots...
Plymouth Rock's boilerplate aim is buried under tons of obscuring "multi mission rhetoric" that lets sheeple think there's no cause for alarm. This arranged and staged ploy eases the race by moguls as they make their escape aboard publicly-funded safe havens. Their controlled media tells sheeple these rocket projects are developed for a future consumer Disneyland-In-Orbit fantasy for granny and the brats:


Feb. 3, 2010

Fun 4 the Whole Family!
$475 Round Trip Tickets!
Be the Hero of Your Brats' Fantasy!
Slay a NaySayer Today!


"Imagine enabling hundreds, even thousands of people to visit or live in low earth orbit, while NASA firmly focuses its gaze on the cosmic horizon [APPROACHING ASTEROIDS] beyond Earth." - Charles Bolden, NASA administrator, ABC News, Feb. 1, 2010

"Good, this is the next step toward making space travel available to the masses." - AndyB62,, Jan. 31. 2010

"Moon Tourism by 2020, Entrepreneurs Predict…Robert Bigelow, head of the Nevada-based firm Bigelow Aerospace, is building inflatable space habitats and has already launched two prototypes…Space entrepreneurs all paint an optimistic picture of how commercial spaceflight could look by the year 2020. They envision a number of companies providing commercial crew transport to low-Earth orbit, and a 'really well-used International Space Station' that is taken advantage of…Bigelow noted that his space hotel company plans to pursue an 'aggressive schedule' that would launch several private space stations within the next decade."

- Feb. 3, 2010

QUESTION: How can they be planning Moon tours?

ANSWER: Secretly Move Trillions to Fund "Private" (Off-the-Cooked-Books) Space Schemes:

hmmmm...let's see now, hmmm, Oh! It must be stashed under the mattress! Fund an Escape to Space

"NASA is a figurehead group that funnels funds to civilian programs. The majority of funding has for many years come from the DOD (Dept. of Defense). Even the spaceports are all run by Boeing, a private company. Most of what people know that NASA does is actually done by JPL, the Jet Propulsion Lab at California Institute of Technology." - JonathanD, - July 28, 2009

CorporoMediaGovernment Nexus

John McLaughlin: "What's the most underreported story of 2009?"

Media Mogul Mort Zuckerman: "The discovery of water on the Moon, which was discovered through an explosion that we sent, in a rocket that went through the surface of the Moon. It's a huge astronomical discovery."

John McLaughlin: "Are we going to see a Zuckerman building on the Moon?"

Zuckerman: "We're working on it."

- PBS McLaughlin Group - Jan. 2, 2010




"Privatized" Space Means Moguls Can
Hide Funding Sources,
Cuz Their Money Comes From a
$50 Trillion Heist of Public Funds
In the Staged/Arranged 2008
"Economy Meltdown"
- A Conspiracy Decades In the Making -
That's Why Billions Are Spent by H.I.M.M.
To Teach Sheeple To Sneer & Jeer
"Conspiracy Theories"


A Compilation Of Online Comments
Brings The Scheme Into Focus

"Basically, they're building a hotel in the middle of the desert, building an airport, and waiting for the people to use their planes to land there." - portugal,, Jan. 20, 2010

Intensely Dense Debris Field Galactic Cloud
Enshrouds & Surrounds Our Solar System
Lobbing Rocks At Us At A Fatal Rate
Mogul Media Reports Impacts as "Earthquakes"
- Doesn't Want Us To Know Jimi Is Right

"I don't get it. Where's their market? As a hotel? This is a very rich boy's wet dream. Not only is transportation an issue, but the Hotelier would need two or three full crews to rotate in and out. Why? Exposure, for one, boredom for another. Imagine telling your guests that the staff doesn't do laundry, and only bathes once a week. I don't think the kitchen will get five stars either. As a manufacturing plant? Without the shuttle it would not be practical. Raw materials up and finish product down. Also needs triple the labor as described above." - orienteer,, Jan. 20, 2010

"They justify it with 'Private companies will take this over.' Private companies have nothing but plans for ferries to take people to space, not heavy lift vehicles which are necessary to move out into space. They will not do anything to advance space exploration, they will only ferry people up and down to make money, and that is it…everybody knows that space tourism is for rich people." - Windbourne,, Jan. 25, 2010

"So many gullible people here. The Space Station is a white elephant we're going to give away…The cheap Bigalow [inflatable space station] balloons are cheap to service, but they'll explode when debris hits, like the hits the Space Station has already taken." - stts,, Jan. 2, 2010

"With so much debris there is a big possibility of the Sundancer [private space station] being hit by debris everyday. Where would the visitors and the astronauts hide or get away? On a module and wait of a rescue ship?" - portugal,, Jan. 20, 2010

"SpaceX is the only private orbital contender that has a serious chance for actual private manned space efforts, and its efforts are going to take longer and cost more than they originally envisioned." - rreilly656,, Jan. 28, 2010


[NOTE: These commentators don't fathom the nature of the conspiracy. The reason to make NASA operations "private" is to hide funding sources and amounts. The labrinth of legislation that allows corporations to conceal trillions has carefully been enacted over decades, in anticipation of this "contingency scheme scenario" where the planet's at risk (See: "Galactic Clouds" chart above) and the elite seek safe haven escape, at everyone's expense. Those of us who understand this are targets of the most intense censorship effort ever attempted. The entire internet is rigged to convince sheeple of some "free speech" dream delusion, when everything that's said and seen is accessed only if it omits any reference to what you are now reading. The fact that you've brought this page up on your screen is made possible only by untold numbers of freedom fighter I.T. slaves who daily risk Gitmo and torture dungeons under the Pentagon, making the ultimate sacrifice to get a few of you through to truth...]

ALL 2010 Impacts Reported as "Earthquakes" by H.I.M.M:
Haiti, Chile, Turkey, Japan, Taiwan, Venezuela, Solomon Is.
For Years to Come, Earth Will Be Pelted Repeatedly,
As Unjust Moneyed "Elite" Stage a Getaway,
Their Priority: Call Jimi's Prediction "Crazy"

"In just a few years we will have a private Space Station, a private delivery system (Spacex), and commerce in space (Spaceship2). It's already been decided that Spaceship 3 will be orbital [capable]. Don't think [designer] won't give it docking capabilities [to ISS]. Even during hard economic times the private sector has managed to complete their projects and move forward. Once money flows in both directions, there's no stopping the exspansion. I call it the 'breakout plan.'" - Admiral_Lagrange,, Dec. 11, 2009

"I think that Obama is about to leverage heavily on private money. What is needed is for Obama/congress to offer some tax breaks to encourage investment by people like Buffet, Paul Allen, etc. We could see a MASSIVE push into space." - Windbourne,, Jan. 28, 2010

[NOTE: That's right, boys and girls, benevolent EMPeror Paul Allen, and his compassionate Santa Claus Bill Gates, are here to save the day. Why, if it weren't for these caring billionaires, with armies of PR "Mad Men" make-over advisors, what possible chance would we even have? See, I even read it on - so it must be true!]

"Private companies will likely outsource much of the R & D and labor to cheaper brain and labor pools like India and China, who will use the transfer of knowledge to benefit their own programs. I see corporations being set up, going bankrupt, with their officers walking away with millions. It's not going to be be pretty." - artwohl,, Jan. 31, 2010

"Hasn't the nation had enough of market forces entangled in our nation's resources? No nation can escape the irreversible, accelerating, collapsing operation of the international monetary financier debt based market system. The degradation of our economy is located in the submission of the United States in bailing out Globalization, that demands unsustainable usury and speculation in every sector of the population's economy." - ClarcKing,, Feb. 4, 2010

"Why should only the NASA elite and the super wealthy be the only ones able to travel into space? Why not give the average Jane and Joe a chance to travel to the Moon?!" - Marcel F. Williams,, Feb. 3, 2010

"Folks are underestimating the effort necessary to put folks on celestial objects and keep them alive. The Apollo Program employed 400,000 people and require 20,000 businesses and universities to support it. That massive amount of effort isn't something you can hide." - mikemil828,, Aug. 20, 2009

"I expect a lot of arguments about how private outfits will be there to mine the Moon and asteroids in the future. Yeah, right - But not in anyone's current lifetimes…We are looking at centuries for big mining operations to apply their trade in space simply for the profits to be made by bringing space resources back to Earth for sale on the open market. To say we should consider shutting down NASA's efforts in lunar or planetary manned space exploration in favour of new private companies taking its place is one of the most ridiculous notions I can imagine. That would keep us Earthbound forever." - John_with_a_B,, Dec. 9, 2009

"Why hasn't any public venture succeeded to date? The private sector really has no incentive to go to space because the costs are extremely high, and what do they have to gain from space? If we think we are going to save a buck by letting the private sector take over manned spaceflight, then I think we are just being ignorant. The excessive costs of manned spaceflight are not going away, we're just going to change who gets the money." - rjaero19473,, Jan. 29, 2010

[NOTE: The problem with these commentators is they've been trained to see the Great Escape Into Space as OTHER THAN the life and death struggle that the elite are reacting to, and hiding from us. The Disinformation Spin of H.I.M.M. is designed to hide data on the Galactic Cloud, dense debris field now enshrouding us, lobbing rocks and comets at us at accelerating rates, reports of which are now banned from our totalitarian propaganda media "Reality" TV.]

"Celebrity culture encourages everyone to think of themselves as potential celebrities, as possessing unique if unacknowledged gifts. Faith in ourselves, in a world of make-believe, is more important than reality. Reality, in fact, is dismissed and shunned as an impediment to success, a form of negativity. The New Age mysticism and pop psychology of television personalities and evangelical pastors, along with the array of self-help best-sellers penned by motivational speakers, psychiatrists and business tycoons, peddle this fantasy. Reality is condemned in these popular belief systems as the work of Satan, as defeatist, as negativity or as inhibiting our inner essence and power. Those who question, those who doubt, those who are critical, those who are able to confront reality, along with those who grasp the hollowness and danger of celebrity culture, are condemned for their pessimism or intellectualism. The illusionists who shape our culture, and who profit from our incredulity, hold up the gilded cult of Us…that all of us are special, entitled and unique. All of us, by tapping into our inner reserves of personal will and undiscovered talent, by visualizing what we want, can achieve, and deserve to achieve, happiness, fame and success. This relentless message cuts across ideological lines. This mantra has seeped into every aspect of our lives. We are all entitled to everything. And because of this self-absorption, and deep self-delusion, we have become a country of child-like adults who speak and think in the inane gibberish of popular culture."
- Chris Hedges

"These private companies…will only continue…by providing another way to accomplish the same tasks as others have been doing for decades with the same government money, just going to newer players." - John_with_a_B,, Dec. 12, 2009

"'Outsource' means a political slush fund, where cronies and supporters are awarded, everyone else is not. 'Outsource' also means that it will become an indefinite source of political campaign finances, since those who seek contracts will grease the palms of those politicians holding the slush fund." - Floyd Whitley,, Jan. 24, 2010

"Of 'NASA creating a rocket factory' or 'NASA buying the output of a commercial rocket factory' - the two options are technically identical. The only difference is in the bureaucratic organization that runs the operation." - alonzofyfe,, Jan. 29, 2010

"I'm deeply skeptical of all this hype about private enterprise in space. Having private companies build America's spacecraft is nothing more than a different method of financing space travel…Americans shouldn't indulge the fantasy that the solar system can be explored without funding and, perhaps, higher taxes." - ppatton,, Feb. 3, 2010

"There has yet to be a viable truly exploratory private plan independent of public money and public missions." - John_with_a_B,, Dec. 12, 2009

"It's just a matter of time before Bigelow, like Elon Musk, start hitting up the tax payers (NASA) to fund their money making dreams. Money earned from real estate and hotels? I wonder what kind of investors like [Musk] pissing away $180 million of their potential dividends?" - Aerospace_Cadet,, Jan. 20, 2010

[NOTE: It makes sense when you realize that "investors" don't lose when he "pisses away" those billions, 'cuz it's the looted public's money going down the mogul's drain, THAT's the whole purpose behind "privatized" space, to cover-up their tracks with "no oversight/no accountability" - Welcome to the Wild West's Great (Space) Escape - last one up to the Space Station gets blown away by asteroid with everyone else below.]

"If we're broke (and we most definitely are), why in the freakin' Hell is the [U.S.] base budget (NOT even including stimulus and auto bailouts or TARP, or war funding!), for the coming fiscal year $3.8 TRILLION? In ONE year, one freakin' year, it goes up $800 BILLION? Where in God's name is all that money going If you cut the Moon program out, is it too much to ask that Congress and the administration NOT go on the biggest looting spree in history?" - rreilly656,, Feb. 1, 2010

"Boeing and Lockheed Martin are private companies but are still only in space due to public money. They just have a preferred place at the trough and Space-X is simply proposing for themselves a different kind of meal ticket. Space-X is lining up to be another subcontractor to take government money…When/if Space-X does provide a means to get to orbit and transport goods and/or people to space stations, it will be doing little more (less even) than Boeing and Lockheed Martin have been doing for decades, with the difference being the funding and payment system is different." - John_with_a_B,, Dec. 12, 2009

"It's not about the government money anymore. There are PLENTY of VERY rich people on the planet that are tired of waiting for NASA. They FINALLY have the path cleared to take over. Obama could have done it a little smoother, but this plan takes it out of the political arena." - maliaki,, Feb. 3, 2010

"There's enough money in the aerospace industry waiting to line politicians' pockets that NASA will survive. THERE's your profit motive." - GaryPE,, Jan. 28, 2010

"Ten percent unemployment, and we even have to argue about it? If it isn't clear to everyone, the US is broke, space fans." - eliatic,, Aug. 22, 2009

[NOTE: "X-percent unemployed" is a deliberately calculated formula to aid and enable the Disaster Manager's Controlled Depopulation Schedule. Remember Hoover's warning (above) about "conspiracy so monstrous."]

"NASA can't stop private space flight. Soon you'll see anouncements that go far beyond the goals of NASA. The privateers have survived the recession, so NASA either jumps on the new wagon or gets run over." - Admiral_Lagrange,, Jan. 28, 2010

March 3, 2010
Swimming Pools At North Pole, See?
Right There, Next 2 Rudolph & Santa's Elves!



"Monopoly money, well, money these days grows on trees in Washington D.C. Fake money for fake science, anyway." - ET,, Dec. 11, 2009

"NASA engineers are not smarter than engineers at the private space companies. They all have quality educations and can produce results. The key is, which ones are bogged down by the political winds, and which ones aren't?…My hope is that Commercial Space will see all that new found water on the Moon as a lure, and cause them to want to build a base there, with or without government help." - MasterSith,, Feb. 1, 2010

"Assuming that there's a lot of water there, would this allow making structures out of the Moon's surface easier (with tons of equipment hauled up there)? Also wouldn't it make getting into space easier (cheaper) if rocket fuel could be made on the Moon and then sent into low Earth orbit to refuel crafts to go further up." - Piratejoe,, March 1, 2010

Pay No Attention to
That Man Behind the Curtain

"With tons of equipment hauled up there" is the intent behind NASA's announcement: manufacture a consensus to launch massive ton rockets and get funding for it. They plan to launch massive tanks of Earth's water up to the Moon to sustain a colony, but to get consent to fund these huge launches, they need to say the rockets are carrying "tons of equipment" that will "process" out of moon soil (regolith) water that's already on the Moon. By saying water is already there, they provide a rationale for agreement to launch MASSIVE HEAVY LOADS up there on rockets and can thus disguise the contents of those rockets, saying "water processing machines" are inside, when it's actually the water itself inside. But to get consent for this intent, they have to FIRST show that lots of water is already on the Moon. If they were to say, "lets launch billions of tons of water to the Moon for a base" the arguments against it would quickly sink such a wasteful expense. But by "stringing along" the PROMISE of decades worth of lunar water processing available, they camaflouge the project into "renewable self-sustaining resources" and the money moguls then pour on the funds to keep the scheme going behind the scenes, like "behind the curtain" as in "PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN" CONSPIRACY SCHEME.

"Given a NASA go-ahead to work on a super heavy lifter [rocket], much larger [projects] are on the drawing boards, Robert Bigelow said, 'and the volumes that we can launch are absolutely gigantic.' Bigelow Aerospace envisions...2,100 cubic meters of volume - nearly twice the capacity available on the International Space Station - while another plan sketches out use of a super-jumbo structure providing 3,240 cubic meters of volume." -, April 14, 2010

This "privatized" plot secretly pumps billions into construction of giant water tank launchers, rockets, we will be told, that carry "water processing machines" that turns regolith into wine, all while pulling rabbits outta hats. It's the same old crooked cooked-books crooks like Enron/WorldCom/Savings & Loan Scam/2008 Staged-Bankster-Heist incarnating into The Great Escape Into Space scheme.

"The chatter that passes for news, the gossip that is peddled by the windbags on the airwaves, the noise that drowns out rational discourse, and the timidity and cowardice of what is left of the newspaper industry reflect our flight into collective insanity. We stand on the cusp of one of the most seismic and disturbing dislocations in human history, one that is radically reconfiguring our economy as it is the environment, and our obsessions revolve around the trivial and the absurd." - Chris Hedges

"It appears the Moon is a resource base ready to be exploited for fuel, food and water. A lot cheaper than firing the stuff into orbital fuel dumps." - sethdayal,, Mar. 2, 2010

[NOTE: That's right, Luna overflows with milk and honey! All we need to do to access it is launch MILLION TON TANKS OF WATER - opps, I mean WATER-PROCESSING-MACHINES, up there to turn moondust into wine!]

"We start work on a super heavy [lift rocket] AND push to get Bigelow into orbit QUICKLY. Having multiple destinations [camouflage the asteroid-mission] is NECESSARY for the commerial space to be of value. The Super heavy will take no less than 4 years, and will be of use for putting us back on the Moon by 2020. We also need to push for Tug/Fuel Depot. If NASA comes up with the fuel (most likely H2/LOX) AND the fittings/transfer methods, then multiple companies can design different ideas. Some may simply put a depot up there. Others may decide to put water into space and then hydrolize it. Lots of different ways." - Windbourne,, Jan. 28, 2010

"They release this data now? It's a pathetic attempt to try to persuade the public into allowing them to keep the Moon missions. NASA if you want to keep the Moon missions, then you will have to dish out more than this crumb." - Taiwanscw,, Mar. 2, 2010

"Make no mistake, this story is an attempt at polarizing the issue regarding the cancelation of the Constellation program. The more resources that are shown to be on the Moon, the more arguments the pro-constelation crowd can make to revive the now defunct program. Ain't gonna work." - MENOC,, March 1, 2010

"Menoc is sooo right-on-the-money, but to be fair, both SDC and NASA both have drummed up something based upon interpretation and reported it as 'fact'…the Mini-SAR [is] a tiny imaging radar system that uses radio waves to determine surface characteristics. NASA article [about it] is a rather complicated explanation of 'circular polarization ratio (CPR)' as a measure for smooth surface - NOT ice. Buried further down is the statement: 'CPR is not uniquely diagnostic of either roughness or ice; the science team must take into account the environment of the occurrences of high CPR signal to interpret its cause.' In other words, the scientists are looking at craters in perpetual darkness and assuming water ice should be there. Couple that with the CPR readings, and they've decided there's a 2 meter thick layer of water ice spread out in these craters. Sorry, everybody, but that's just too big of a leap, and I'm astonished at SDC and NASA's reporting. Drumming up fantasy, however, works as well for budgets as facts, I guess. Don't get me wrong: I really do want lots of water ice on the Moon. But, mixed with regolith? And, we don't know how to un-mix it on the Moon--yet, assuming, of course, it's all there. The Mini-SAR is simply not equipped to determine it as fact." - unclejoe101,, March 1, 2010

"As everyone who has played with lenses-filters-sensors can tell you, you can find almost anything anywhere if you put your mind to it - even tons of water on the Moon." - hariseldonsr,, March 1, 2010

"Among the four recent lunar probes, I would not have bet on Chandrayaan-1 [used for the "water" announcement] to be the most successful. My bet would have been on LRO and on Selene. This is why I suspect some public communications tricks here, especially to provide arguments to revive Constellation. I really doubt this water will ever be used to drink. First I would like to know exactly under which form it is - hydrated rocks? mixed with regolith or clean ice?" - Jdb2,, March 1, 2010

"The president in particular is very much a figurehead, he wields no real power whatsoever. He is apparently chosen by the government, but the qualities he is required to display are not those of leadership but those of finely judged outrage. His job is not to wield power but to draw attention away from it." - Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

"Democrats and Republicans, and so-called Left and Right American politicians, are really so close ideologically that it isn't funny! That's why my political friends and I use the term 'Republicrats.' We actually have a monopolistic political system. The 'sheeple' (propagandized by the corporate-owned media) get tired of one party when it's been in power for awhile; so they vote for the other party, thinking they have a real choice. Nothing ever gets fixed. Both parties are bought by the corporate lobbyists; so whatever the multinational corporations want, they get, in the long run. The real revolution we need is to eliminate corporate influence and contributions." - Stuyoung38,, Jan. 28, 2010


"The narrowing of debates within the press to the minor differences among the power elite had a debilitating effect on news. The structure of 'objectivity' works far better when there are powerful social movements, such as the civil rights movement, that provide an actual alternative and demand a voice. But without these movements the press functions as courtiers in the corridors of power. It dutifully reports the Democratic and Republic positions, a condition that imposes a bland uniformity of opinion. The two parties are in fundamental agreement about the underlying economic, political and military structures which are largely responsible for our decline. The power elites do not question the permanent war economy, unfettered capitalism and the rise of the security state, and voices that do are, in effect, censored out of the commercial press because they have no power base. This has left most traditional reporters without a moral core and trapped in a ridiculous court pantomime that has damaged their content. Our power elite are bankrupt, and the press, tethered to the elite, is as bankrupt as those it covers. In U.S. foreign policy, where both parties are beholden to an enormous global military complex, and accept the right of the United States, and the United States alone, to invade countries when it suits U.S. interests. In matters of war and foreign policy, journalists who question the basic assumptions and policy objectives and who attempt to raise issues no one in either party wishes to debate are considered 'ideological' and 'unprofessional.' This has a powerful disciplinary effect upon journalists."
- Chris Hedges

"Bush approved a shotgun [2004 Moon mission] vision to accolades from bottom feeders of government space industry, but Bush failed to identify any funding anywhere near sufficient for that vision, leaving hard decisions to his successor Obama, who's already saddled with the Bush sweatheart rescue of big vested interests." - jdf,, Jan. 28, 2010

"Bush's 'vision' was DOA. It had no real workable plan, just rehashed Apollo ideas and a vague 'to go there' as a goal. It had no serious public support despite components being decided on by which district would make them rather than whether they would do the best job. Most of all it never had any money so there was no way to make this anything other than a pile of paper and a bunch of cobbled together used Shuttle parts. Constellation was not going to fly. Ever. It was DOA. I knew that when I read Bush's announcement. Once you realize that this was NEVER a serious plan for anything other than trying to influence voters you realize that all Obama is looking at killing is a lie. Constellation was not a plan that was going to go anywhere. EVER." - Geoduck2,, Jan. 28, 2010

[NOTE: Bush played his role as the Mogul Control script spelled out, on their timetable, as they arranged for the $50 trillion heist of world markets to string-feed the effort along as quietly as possible, and now make it all "private" so it can be totally concealed.]

"Private companies have the ability to take risks that NASA does not have. Private companies have the ability to seek alternative forms of revenue that NASA does not have. Private companies have the ability to modify their plans to changing situations without Congressional approval." - Plenum,, Jan. 29, 2010

"The more we look at the situation the more we can see that moving the space program into private hands just works better." - lowrieder,, Feb. 3, 2010

"Outsource means you can kiss whatever state secrets remain in the space program goodbye. And wen private industry becomes involved they will not be sharing ideas. Just take a look at the pharmaceutical industry." - Floyd Whitley ,, Jan. 24, 2010

"NASA's charter going all the way back to 1959 requires it to make its discoveries public? NASA doesn't have any proprietary secrets." - Stephen C. Smith,, Feb. 2, 2010

"Moving research & development to private companies will REMOVE many new technology developments from general availability, stifling the economic benefit we've always gotten from NASA R&D - new technology from public spending has always been made freely available. If private companies develop rockets, that development will be proprietary, closely held." -, Jan. 24, 2010

A lot of the nitty gritty is going to be very likely patented and property of Bigelow Aerospace…and they aren't likely to publish it on their website. This is part of the price of commercial spaceflight, it's all secret intellectual property, unlike NASA." - SpaceManGreg,, Jan. 20, 2010

"You guys are so out of touch with reality. When the entire planet is not concerned about space exploration, how do you sell it to people? We are a small, extremely small, minority of space advocates. Nobody in the world cares about it, and I mean a stunning 80% majority." - Subtr0nic,, Jan. 28, 2010

[NOTE: That's exactly why there's a move to "privatize" the process.]

March 5, 2010
Reports Are "Strategically Released" to Coincide
With Staged Debates In Media To Mold Our Views


"I'm a consultant in the aerospace industry, and have been working on constellation for the past 3 years. Privatization of low earth orbit manned spaceflight is not fesasible in the next 10-20 years at least. It simply costs too much for a private company to do it, not to mention what market is there for it?" - Bryan,, Feb. 2, 2010

[NOTE: That's why Global Mogul Control staged the arranged 2008 "economy meltdown" to confiscate $50 trillion from the kitty of looted public funds - money that will now be secretly funneled into Space Stations without any governement oversight to even inspect their cooked books. The scenario isn't even formulated anywhere in media for anyone to form any argument against it, it's hidden, except for this website, which remains censored and suppressed under the Fascist Patriot Act…]

"Restore serious Congressional oversight to classified programs and Special Access Programs, eliminate the funding loophole that lets the CIA act as a funding hub for Special Access Programs, taking money out of government programs and departments and putting the money in other SAPs without congressional oversight." - rfrancis1980,, Aug. 23, 2009

"Space is and should remain a lifeboat. We need asteroid intervention be it manned or robotic. The alternative is extinction. Ultimately we need colonies on the Moon and Mars. Again, the alternative is extinction." - Vexxarr,, Aug. 21, 2009

"How about getting a big enough gene pool off the planet and into a self sustaining colony so that one dinosaur killer [asteroid] doesn't wipe out the human race. While I realize we have several hardened repositories just for this purpose around the world, that may not be the only solution." - fistv,, Feb. 2, 2010

"While we're down here squabbling on how space is too expensive, the asteroid, comets, gamma ray bursts, solar flares eventually come to wipe out all human life, maybe much sooner than you may think, then we can all say 'I told you so, we should have spread human life out among the planets and the stars to ensure the survival of the human race,' as we fry and all the thousands of years of struggling to survive and build a civilization, develop technology capable of sending humans into space, all the hopes and dreams, all the art and music all the joy and laughter will be forgotten as if humans never existed. Maybe someday in the far flung future some alien archaeologist who's people had the wisdom and foresight to go out and explore the universe will come across some ancient ruins on this planet and wonder why we didn't even try to save ourselves when we had the ability to do so, but not the common sense." - JohnPeterDugan,, Jan. 29, 2010

"If we want to properly study the asteroids that threaten Earth or the moons and planets that might be developed for mankind, we need to work at sending people." - Evil13rt,, Aug. 21, 2009

"Landing two geologist-astronauts on a near-earth asteroid should be at the top of the White House space agenda, too many large space rocks are whizzing closer and closer to Earth, and top science panels state that it's now time to determine the best way to divert them--before it's too late…NASA, in conjunction with private industry, mount a crewed-mission to the nearest one to accurately determine the precise composition of these dangerous bodies to prevent an extinction level event on Earth (or the loss of a major population center). Lockheed-Martin has already built and successfully launched their Ares heavy-lift rocket - the successor to the fabulous Saturn V booster that sent Apollo astronauts to the Moon - and has developed a viable flight plan to safely carry out a crewed-mission to a nearby large space rock…it will be far cheaper to 'land' two astronauts on an asteroid using Lockheed-Martin's plan to 'jet-pack' the crew to the asteroidal surface and back to their Command Module, without needing a landing vehicle akin to the Apollo lunar descent/ascent module. Such a mission would have a big pay-back return by safeguarding our civilization, therefore being infinitely more important than maintaining the International Space Station. The hands-on science results would be far more valuable and comprehensive than data return from unmanned probes.

Hendrix Isle of Wight Rock Concert
March 5, 2010 - "Isle of Wight-sized" Rock
"A joint multi-national program to put a couple geologist-astronauts on a near-Earth asteroid to help save the world from an impact. Now that President Obama has presently eliminated US manned space-flight out of LEO (due to fighting the two Bush wars), it's obvious other nations must help finance such an urgent mission…to ensure the survival of our civilization. Might help stabilize world tensions, too. Lockheed-Martin's Ares heavy-lift launch vehicle and the Orion space capsule (based on Apollo's Saturn V and Command Module) can accomplish such a manned mission to an asteroid to determine the best method of diverting a killer one from Earth. Therefore, since the Ares has been successfully test-launched, both it and the Orion capsule should be fully funded for this crucial manned mission, even if it means scrapping the ISS." - zuggernaut,, Feb. 5, 2010

"Don't hold your breath about space exploration, and as for the Internet, don't expect a wide-open net for long." - geofbrewer,, Feb. 2, 2010

April 14, "2010" :
Setting the Stage for Obama's NASA Speech

[NOTE: That's right, NASA's mandate is no longer "exploration" - it's instead in salvation survival mode for the elite who know the real paths of asteroids swarming around Earth. The time table, hour-glass of Mogul Control, follows a chronological list of "contingency" plans to enact as impact approaches. Scenarios go far beyond merely shutting down the web, which is already a scam bastion of propaganda, with sites like cordoned-off behind a Microsoft/NASA quarantine cyber wall. The evil scheme is set up to shut down the electrical power grid and blame it on "rogue hacker" terrorists, as millions kill each other off in the dark, "relieving" the weak of their last can of beans and leave them to die like flies on trash heaps of the "rich."]

The article above was "hidden" on this website for a few days before a link from our homepage was added to access this page on March 7, "2010" - at which time, the White House hurriedly released the announcement reported below regarding Obama's need to deliver a speech on April 15 to "outline" his space plan "to refocus NASA efforts on technologies to…support journeys to the Moon, asteroids, and eventually to Mars."

Ya know, it's one thing to feel pressured by my article into having to explain yourself in public, however, I'm really getting sick of all these crazy government spy jobs hacking into my website to report on my reseach just so your mogul think-tanks can formulate global policies on my back, especially with their penchant for intentionally not crediting me. It reminds me of that asshole Paul Allen and how I worked to get all those Hendrix collections into his damn museum and to this day they base their happiness in life on how they took all my work, without crediting me, and now Microsoft/NASA/NSA blocks everyone's access to my website so no one can even find out what I'd done. Yer all gonna pay for this…

March 7, 2010 - announced when my article above was published:

"There's a desperation about all this [NASA plan] that makes me nervous. It brings to mind the hurried bailouts of the big banks, credit card companies and Wall Street." - Sterling Greenwood, Reuters, March 7, 2010


April 8, 2010 - Asteroid Near Miss

April 14, 2010 - T'was the Night Before NASA Speech - Obama's OMEN!

April 14, 2010 - Mogul Media Rushed to Say It's
a Tiny Stone from a "Meteor Shower" - Both Are False


and the next day...

"We'll start by sending astronauts
to an asteroid for the first time."

- President Obama at NASA - April 15, 2010

"We'll demonstrate, once and for all, that we're smarter than the dinosaurs,
and can therefore avoid what they didn't."

- White House Science Advisor, John Holdren, during Q&A Session at NASA
after Obama's April 15th Asteroid Speech, quoted at, April 22, 2010


Obama's Asteroid Plan was Announced During News of Huge Midwest Fireball (see green headline above)


Seven months ago, in Sept. 2009, we reported these details about Obama's "Asteroid Plan."

Our report was Censored and Suppressed by H.I.M.M.
Most Online Traffic to Our Website is Diverted and Blocked

My Comments Posted at
Dated (see pic below) Sept. 30, 2009
The date "Sept. 30, 2009" is seen above in the
address bar, and at the top left Header of the post.

Posted online & dated (see heading above and address bar at right) Sept. 30, 2009 - some web browsers blur the text in these pictures, so the text is transcribed below:

"We wait for Obama to break the constipated strangled bottleneck chokehold at NASA and spill the beans on their scheme. Our inside sources say he'll 'officially' scrap the lunar mission and start launching rockets at asteroids - as his Manufactured/Manchurian Morgan Freeman 'President of Deep Impact' screen-test template was scripted to do decades ago. But the real question is which method of deception most effectively pulls wool over sleepy sheeple eyes, as Mogul Media sheds delusions for Even Deeper Impact on unconscious lobotomies.

"Pressure to escape to a lunar base boils-over the crackpot's crock-pot into foggy funding hidden in this mist of 'arranged' economy 'meltdowns' designed to siphon-off the People's resources for secret launch pads. Forget Iran's firecrackers, what about the 'shadow NASA' hidden in the Mojave? Where does everyone think those missing trillions of world wealth went to? Moguls intend to get to the Moon by hook AND by crook.

"Like the asteroid itself, these facts will be suppressed by's manufactured propaganda disinformation spin, aimed to 'manage' the coming asteroid disaster catastrophe that Jimi tried to warn us of.

"But wait! Is that the President of Deep Impact I hear calling? Ever wonder why Morgan Freeman (who started out in show biz as a Hendrix imitator) was picked by Microsoft's DreamWorks Studios to play the President in the Deep Impact movie? Ever wonder how DreamWorks manufactured Obama's campaign to play the 'President of Deep Impact' role? You're looking at the ASTEROID PRESIDENT, friends - all according to think-tank script. And now the 'Special Bulletin' Disney Cartoon Show is about to start..."

- Michael Fairchild, comment posted at Sept. 30, 2009

[NOTE: My predictions shown above were added to this website in an article about my comments posted at On Sept. 30, 2009 I posted the above comments at to show a date for my claims that Obama was put into place by a DreamWorks team specifically to enact the ASTEROID PLAN described above.]

Seven months ago I posted the above online comments about the "Asteroid President" months before anyone knew what Obama would do, seven months before April 15, 2010 when the president unveiled his "Asteroid Plan" at NASA for the first time. I was the only one outside of his circle who knew what was coming. I had an historic "scoop," the scoop was posted in an article about it on this website in September 2009, and we tried to get news organizations to report what we knew. But the entire news network is today co-opted and controlled by the same load of moguls who orchestrated the Obama fad that made possible today's Asteroid Plan based on stealing trillions of public funds to pay for their getaway from the coming impact disaster. None of these "news" organizations would report our scoop in Sept. 2009. And today the Goebells-esque propaganda media of H.I.M.M. prevents us from presenting to anyone evidence that we knew beforehand what the president would do. Mass Media is co-opted by moguls who pay to prevent any credit from being assigned to my insights.

But two years ago, in April 2008, I registered for copyright the script below to put a traceable date on the fact that I had predicted the future Obama Asteroid Plan that he enacted at NASA two years later in April 2010. My prediction insight has been on public record, registered for copyright at the Library of Congress, for more than two years, for anyone to see. There is no other media anywhere in the world that accurately assessed what was happening, and because of what is shown below, entire divisions at NASA, the Pentagon, and Microsoft are dedicated to cordoning off under quarantine all access to, except for the few browsers smuggled through by I.T. rebels who risk their lives to let people see this webpage:

and Copyrighted the Story

That we can prove this fact drives Mogul Media worldwide to suppress any mention of evidence. The fantastic dumbing down of sheeple is so complete that anyone to whom we show this has been subliminally conditioned to think "if National TV Fraudcast News won't report it, it must be fake." Perceptions and opinions of media are conditioned by media - an incestuous loop of illusions, snake-oil salesmen, "pundits" pullin' rabbits outta hats, a circus side-show, but the cigar of Bozo explodes in our face, the bad joke is on us. It's a scenario like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and the few who remain awake are singled out targets for the zombie herd hypnotized by H.I.M.M. to seek out and silence us.

Below is an excerpt of my "Asteroid President" script, registered for copyright two years ago on April 23, 2008 - the registration date proves we knew, years before anyone else outside the cabal, that Obama was/is a DreamWorks Production scripted to implement today's Asteroid Plan:

"For kids growing up [watching TV's Electric Company] in the early '70s, we ever after associated Morgan Freeman with his Jimi Hendrix skits broadcast in re-runs on PBS TV throughout the 1970s. In 1995, after I had copyrighted what was supposed to be the next official Jimi Hendrix company project (the story of Rock Prophecy), Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen paid for a meritless, harassment lawsuit against the Hendrix production company I worked for in an effort to remove my insights about Jimi from all official Hendrix projects. Five million dollars of Mr. Allen's money was spent to shut down the Hendrix company and silence me. Mr. Allen then became a founder and part owner of a new Hollywood movie studio called DreamWorks, with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen. One of their first projects was the movie Deep Impact, about a space rock that smashes into Earth. For the role of President of the United States in that movie, they hired a well known Jimi Hendrix impersonator: Morgan Freeman...

"Their intent was obvious: since I had discovered Jimi's vision of impact disaster, Mr. Allen had Rock Prophecy blocked from release by the Hendrix company, and then he co-opted my asteroid story by producing the Deep Impact movie and having Morgan Freeman play 'President Hendrix' in that film. The choice of Freeman was a direct reaction to my description in Rock Prophecy of Hendrix as Asteroid Prophet. Mr. Allen's DreamWorks movie studio set out to refute me with their Deep Impact script, making their fake Jimi (Morgan Freeman) into Asteroid Savior - the President of Deep Impact who sends a spaceship named Messiah to save the world.

"With Rock Prophecy suppressed, Mr. Allen, the media mogul, began overloading news outlets and movies with asteroid stories - minus Rock Prophecy. He co-opted Jimi's image by casting Morgan Freeman, the Hendrix impersonator, for the role of president in Deep Impact, a film produced by his DreamWorks movie studio. Everyone who watched The Electric Company on TV as a kid right away registered 'President Hendrix' when they saw Morgan Freeman as president in Deep Impact. Mr. Allen's intent, with that movie, is to associate Jimi with asteroids in a way that says, 'if Michael Fairchild is reporting how Hendrix foresaw the asteroid disaster, we'll instead make Hendrix the President who guides us through survival of the impact.'

"DreamWorks went out of their way to conceal Rock Prophecy and replace it with a Hollywood 'happy ending' that's the opposite of what Jimi predicted. But Morgan Freeman playing 'President Hendrix' in Deep Impact had a consequence.


Copyright April 2008 (excerpt above & at right)
Proof We Knew Years Before Anyone -
Obama Was Put In Power To
Implement The "Asteroid Plan"

"By the time of the presidential elections in 2008, Americans had been through 13 years of intense media over-exposure to the threat of space rocks, a flood of media reports that were triggered by Mr. Allen's investigation of Rock Prophecy during the Hendrix/Microsoft lawsuit in 1995. Many people are subconsciously hysterical with awareness of impending impact and fiercely in denial. Desperately we seek a real version of Morgan Freeman as President Hendrix. Obama is a surrogate. Americans are flocking to a Hollywood-spun image of an Asteroid Savior: Obama as the 'President of Deep Impact' is subconsciously who's being voted for.

"The asteroid awareness zeitgeist of our time has made Obama's campaign a sequel to Deep Impact...The world's unjust moneyed elite have sponsored their own Manchurian Candidate.

"There is no respite nor sanctuary for any true 'Hendrix scholar' - because to know Jimi is to fathom his asteroid vision - and the fact that I reached these insights first has unleashed a terrible campaign to keep it all hidden. EMPeror Allen's brutality forbids us to see what Jimi saw, we're instead fed propagandist lies regarding the meaning and message of Hendrix - the world's most important story is today the political football that mass media has been appropriated to conceal by a load of moguls, that klan of unjust moneyed men pulling strings and setting agendas.

"Hendrix was sentenced to carry the burden of his awareness amidst the ignorance of these same in-denial guys who suppress this evidence at the behest of an evil, unjust moneyed Microsoft billionaire."

by Michael Fairchild, copyright April 23, 2008

Obama's Asteroid Speech at NASA in April 2010 happened two years after I predicted he was being put into power to "go after" asteroids. Being correct about that would normally be legitimate news, but Mogul Controlled Media use their Fraudcast Networks to conceal the website and evidence that we're correct. Trillions in world wealth were stolen to pay for escape to their space station safe havens.

"They try to build their own heavens, they want to be written down in war history, they want to be written down in money history, and those things are nothin’ but jokes, in the next few years they’re gonna all be jokes, and those people are gonna be jokes. Some of them should be put in cages now, to be looked at, because they’re gettin’ very rare. Anybody as evil as that dies one day or another." - Jimi

Their media has dumbed down the small audience for Jimi to the point where none can comprehend Hendrix or whatever evidence we present. There is no "audience" nor "objective interests" to show this to - evidence is irrelevant. The herd's been conditioned to celebrate the persecution of Rock Prophecy and, out of jealousy for the story, cheer Microsoft's attack to keep it concealed.

Microsoft owns and is in process of taking over


A Microsoft

For this same "Microsoft reason," you can't find us on Facebook. Facebook is a front for Microsoft, funded by EMPeror Allen's cronies. Any activity by us on Facebook is routinely sabotaged and curtailed. No one is allowed to contact us on that censorship/propaganda site. It's so-called "popularity" is artificially instigated by Microsoft-paid "social engineers" - the same DreamWorks team that scripted Obama's Manchurian/Manufactured campaign to make the dumb vote for their Asteroid President of Deep Impact... is the only media on the planet that has accurately reported the reality of what's happening at NASA, and we are being mercilessly censored and suppressed, access to our website sabotaged, by unjust moneyed moguls spending billions to buy the silence of media worldwide.

This, the most important story of our extinction-fated civilization, is the most censored event and targeted incident in history. Those who've been smuggled through the cyber blockade to see this webpage must print out hard copies to circulate and preserve in hidden caches buried in the desert, as was done to our persecuted Gnostic Gospel predecesors two millennia ago.

It is no longer necessary to participate in any function of this condemned civilization. Punishment, for their persecution of Rock Prophecy and removal of Jimi, is asteroid disaster long before any defense can be implemented.

Judgement Has Been Cast, Sentence Has Been Passed

Everything bad that happens is punishment
for prevailing attitudes to the removal of Jimi and persecution of Rock Prophecy...


New York Times, April 15, 2010 - NOT Mars! It's the ASTEROID - stupid!
"To handle a future killer asteroid...'He said all the right things.
What more could you ask for?'"

April 16, 2010 - Moguls Flood Media with Deceit from H.I.M.M.

April 2010


Hendrix Impersonator
Morgan Freeman
as President of Deep Impact -
Obama Prototype Sets the Stage
A DreamWorks/Microsoft
Production - They Picked Freeman
to Make Their Statement About Jimi,
They "Manufactured" Obama After
Conditioning Us with Freeman/DeepImpact.
It's the Hendrix/Obama Asteroid Connection
Social Engineers at DreamWorks have perfected the creation of mass fads - consumer conformity to designated tastes assigned by H.I.M.M. When Microsoft/DreamWorks moguls paid millions to suppress and blacklist Jimi's asteroid vision, they made plans to condition us with film images of an African American president, a surrogate Jimi, who plays Savior of Deep Impact - and then hired Morgan Freeman to play the black president's part in the Deep Impact film. They picked Freeman because his career started with impersonations of Jimi Hendrix. Paul Allen and his cronies at DreamWorks were saying, "So Fairchild says Hendrix is the Asteroid Prophet? Snort/Sneer! Well, we'll make our Imitation Jimi (Morgan Freeman as Deep Impact President) the ASTEROID SAVIOR to one-up Fairchild, and buy off all media to conceal Rock Prophecy. Morgan Freeman as "Asteroid President" of Deep Impact was the prototype with which they conditioned the herd to flock to an African American (based on Jimi) "Star" that saves us from the Rock - they've co-opted "Rock Star" and potty-trained the consumer herd to worship versions they manufacture in movie studios.

The Obama Presidency is a DreamWorks Movie Studios Production. Produced, directed and paid for by these moguls, but more importantly, engineered into a consumer fad by social scientists who've perfected total control over us by "conditioning images" through their evil media of deceit. The evidence is overwhelming. Their Manchurian/Manufactured Candidate was specifically positioned to institute the Asteroid Plan that we see above, announced at NASA by Obama in April 2010, TWO YEARS AFTER I PREDICTED, in my copyrighted script, that this was his mission. First Century Press exposed DreamWork's scheme and waited until today for Obama's pre-fabricated speech to confirm what I predicted:

"We seek a real version of Morgan Freeman as President Hendrix. Obama is a surrogate. Americans are flocking to a Hollywood-spun image of an Asteroid Savior: Obama as the 'President of Deep Impact' is subconsciously who's being voted for. The asteroid awareness zeitgeist of our time has made Obama's campaign a sequel to Deep Impact...The world's unjust moneyed elite have sponsored their own Manchurian Candidate."
- Michael Fairchild, April 2008

"Obama will 'officially' scrap the lunar mission and start launching rockets at asteroids - as his Manufactured/Manchurian Morgan Freeman 'President of Deep Impact' screen-test template was scripted to do."

- Michael Fairchild, September 2009

"We'll start by sending astronauts to an asteroid for the first time."

- President Obama unveils the plan at NASA - April 2010

TWO YEARS before his plan was unveiled, we predicted he was being positioned to do this. Mass media world wide is organized to hide evidence of what we said. The full DreamWorks/Obama story will be published on this website in the near future (it's already online, but we haven't added all the pics and videos, so the link doesn't appear yet...)


"NO ONE on Earth will escape.
The story of the asteroid belt in the solar system is explained..."
- Jimi

Which Asteroid? You Ask...
It's the One They Won't Tell You About, of course,
the One Aimed to Blow Us Away!


"We'll demonstrate, once and for all, that we're smarter than the dinosaurs,
and can therefore avoid what they didn't."

- White House Science Advisor, John Holdren, during Q&A Session at NASA after Obama's April 15, 2010 Asteroid Speech


Let them go to the Moon -- Yes, let them go to Mars...
They killed so many worlds before --
But they will pass sentence upon themselves --
When the Earth opens up --

The Sun knows as the Wind Blows
and the fire Grows towards the far Shores
and the water foams to make steamed Bones
of all those who don't believe...

We ALL Better get our places before GOD
tells us to our face we are "PAST" - the Human Race.
Realize Before it's too late
That NO ONE on Earth will escape.

- Jimi Hendrix -



Abracadabra! Hokus-Pokus! Presto! Gizmo! ShaZzzaam!!!

Forget Swimming Pools On the Moon,
Now ASTEROIDS Overflow With Mogul Baths & Spas!

More Fake & Biased "Science" - Fudged Numbers, Rigged Statistics, Stacked Data & Cooked Books:

April 28, 2010


"The [water] discovery makes asteroids more attractive to explore, dove-tailing with President Obama's announcement earlier this month that astronauts should visit an asteroid...[Water on asteroids] would be a boon for visiting astronauts. The astronauts could use the water to drink and to help make fuel. The new NASA space plan calls for astronauts to head to a nearby asteroid sometime in about 15 years."
- Associated Press, April 28, 2010

How uncanny! How convenient!! How CONTRIVED!!!



"Why is this story coming out now? Being posed as a 'new discovery'? This [asteroid] water was discovered in October 2009, a little late on the scoop (or are we posing for Obama?)." - nschomer,, April 28, 2010

"Looks like Obama had a plan for visiting asteroids over the Moon then, huh?" - thebluescorpion,, April 28, 2010

"We never knew this? I must have missed something. All the programs I've seen say that comets and asteroids are nothing but dirty snowballs. So I guess it was just all speculation. Interesting." - AtomicLevel,, April 28, 2010

[Lots of what we think we know is "just all speculation." What's "interesting" is how what we think we know, and when we "know it," is manipulated with intent by Mogul Control. Recall the fantastic propaganda ploy following the Great Gamma Blast of 2004, many of "the programs" that AtomicLevel refers to (in the comment above) tell us to "know" that Gamma Blasts haven't been detected close to Earth, when the opposite is true. What Mogul Control "controls" is our perception of threat. Their deception, however, didn't get past one loose cannon skeptical professor in the U.K. ...]

"The average temperatures of asteroids (about 150-200 Kelvin) at the distance [this asteroid is] from the Sun should cause surface ice to sublimate away in a matter of a few years or less, which is inconsistent with the billions of years that Themis [asteroid with so-called 'water'] is thought to have spent at its current location."
- Henry Hsieh, Queen's University Belfast, the Journal Nature, April 29, 2010



A Day After News of "Water on Asteroids"
the Media Drumbeat About Space Rocks Intensifies:
The Future is a Reign of "Rock Stars"

"Nobody is going to be laughing at President Obama when an asteroid finally does hit the Earth. Hopefully the loss of life will not be great and it will wake people up to the fact that the space program is not a luxury but a very important insurance policy for the future of the human race. We need self sustaining bases on the Moon, Mars, space stations orbiting planets and anywhere else we can put them before the Earth is devastated by an asteroid or comet."
- Miket1010, Comments, April 29, 2010

But the Earth was hit by a devestating asteroid on Christmas "2004" and it's been covered-up by Mogul Controlled Media, because it was part of a giant Gamma Ray Burst impact that Hendrix saw coming at us, Jimi saw the fantastic flash moving towards us through the Milky Way. The burst took years to finally arrive. Click the pic below for details:

Dominators need to conceal this at all costs because it represents centuries of their "Retarded History" that's left us defenseless against a barrage of rocks now coming our way. Moguls who've murdered Earth are driven to use their evil media to portray themselves as blameless, so Rock Prophecy, and access to our website, are being censored and suppressed, because we explain their blame for causing our species' extinction with their greed.

May 6, 2010 - The Bottom Paragraph (see pic below) on this Report Says:
"Trading extremely strong on Safe Haven Demand..."

"Shambolic - Only a Shaman Can Decode it." - Those Crazy Conspiracy Theorists!

The Wealth of Whole Continents Siphoned Off for Secret Desperate Asteroid Defense

"A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial.
That's when its ruling class has lost its function
but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud."
- George Orwell