Why Is This Thief Teaching Our Teens?

by Michael Fairchild

A British documentary about the death of Jimi Hendrix, called The Last 24 Hours, was recently produced. The narrator for this British documentary misrepresents facts regarding work that I'd done. I had performed research with Kathy Etchingham, Jimi's British girlfriend, over several years, but The Last 24 Hours program incorrectly credits Steve Roby, aka Mr. Rob(ber)y, instead. My research was extensively published in the early 1990s and several media outlets reported what I'd done, so the facts about what happened are dated and easily seen.

For three years Kathy and I had been writing a manuscript titled The Hendrix/Etchingham Story. This is the original story that explains the new details about how Jimi died. In the summer of 1992 I began to excerpt these details into a series of articles that are the first published accounts of what we'd discovered about Jimi's death. Mr. Robbery had no involvement at all with the research contained in the manuscript I'd written with Kathy, and Mr. Robbery had no involvement in researching or writing my published articles that were the first reports of new information about how Jimi died.

And Mr. Rob(ber)y had nothing at all to do with locating the ambulance men who tended to Jimi on the morning of his death in 1970. That was entirely the work of Dee Mitchell, the wife of Jimi's drummer Mitch Mitchell. How Dee found the ambulance attendants is described in the book I was writing at the time with Kathy. I had questioned Dee about how she located them.

"Dee Mitchell had previously worked for the BBC. Within a week Dee had tracked down the two ambulance men who had been called to [the death scene]. They said that Jimi was alone in the room and he was already dead."
- Kathy Etchingham - April 1994

By February of 1993, throughout the world, only four articles had been published to explain the new information about Jimi's death, and three of them are written by me, the most detailed accounts. These reports formed the tip of an iceberg that soon became a media avalanche. Mr. Rob(ber)y had nothing at all to do with compiling or writing any of this evidence, yet The Last 24 Hours program credits him for all of the work that I did.

Several months later, in November '93, Scotland Yard announced that British officials had requested an investigation into the death of Hendrix. This announcement sparked headlines around the world. What tipped the scale in favor of British authorities requesting an investigation was my story called Christians In Rome. And now, more than a decade after I reported the new views on Jimi's death, we see this Last 24 Hours documentary conceal my role in the research and substitute instead a credit thief called Mr. Rob(ber)y.

All of my original published reports that triggered the Scotland Yard review of Jimi's death are available for anyone to read, and see that Mr. Rob(ber)y is not involved with writing any of those articles.

The Last 24 Hours was produced with intent to conceal and delete my research and instead credit Mr. Rob(ber)y for my work. The producer's have their narrator credit this thief, in a pronounced way, four times during this hour long show, but documents and recordings reveal that he didn't contribute to any of my research.

In my opinion, the guy is trying to make a career by crediting himself for work that I've done. Just a few quick examples: he put out a book and in it he takes original research I'd done about ABC Television's lost films of Jimi, and he presents this information in his book as if he did the research, never any mention that he got all of that information from my writings that had been previously published. News of those lost ABC films didn't appear anywhere else except in my reports. And then he goes on to do the same for information about a film of Jimi with Frank Zappa, again just lifting the research right out of my published stories, but never mentioning or crediting the source for that information.

My 1988 manuscript, A Touch of Hendrix, contains a chapter about Jimi's involvement with actress Jayne Mansfield, and this information was condensed into an article published in Guitar Shop magazine in 1994. Six years later the Jimi/Jayne connection re-appears in Mr. Rob(ber)y's book, and again, no mention of my work. Examples of his rip offs go on and on.

Mr. Rob(ber)y's concern, in my opinion, is to hide my involvement with Jimi's history and then just steal my work. He and The Last 24 Hours are following the example of Microsoft founder Paul Allen, who paid for Seattle's Hendrix museum, which houses several of the world's best collections of Hendrix items, that I arranged for Mr. Allen to buy, after which Mr. Allen not only refused to pay me for the work, but also removed any mention of me from the museum. He then went on to pay for a bogus lawsuit that ended my career at the Hendrix company while he promotes censorship of the insights I uncovered about the importance of Jimi. Mr. Allen is one of the wealthiest dominators in America, and what happens when one of these so-called "rich" people publicly persecutes and harms an artist like myself, is that a large percentage of sheeple follow the lead of the rich guy. It doesn't matter to these bystanders that Mr. Allen seeks to harm me out of his pathological jealousy for what I discovered about Hendrix, in the minds of sheeple, an equation is made: if a billionaire beats up and rips off this artist, I will too,

then maybe I'll become a billionaire - it's really surprising how widespread that attitude is. You might say you don't think anyone cares what Paul Allen says - but you haven't been in a position to experience this attitude from others when a billionaire does hateful things against you.

The Last 24 Hour's claim, that an American president (Nixon) ordered the death of Hendrix, is so preposterous and absurd that it highlights how Jimi's final day isn't the real reason for The Last 24 Hours. At four different points throughout the show, the producers have their narrator prominently credit Mr. Rob(ber)y for the work that I did with Kathy Etchingham. It seems they just used Jimi's death as a pretext to announce that someone, other than me, did that research with Kathy. They want to elevate Mr. Rob(ber)y, on my back, as a replacement for my views, which the intend to conceal.

As part of their plan, they've instituted Mr. Rob(ber)y as a lecturer at a college in California where he bores students with insipid recitals of biographical data regarding Jimi, spiels of establishment-approved "facts" that are designed to suppress and reject the real meaning of Hendrix that's revealed in Rock Prophecy. They're following Paul Allen's example to censor me, while stealing my insights. They seek to transfer credit for my role in researching Jimi onto Mr. Rob(ber)y. The intent is to re-write history and conceal my influence regarding perceptions of Hendrix, a goal that is top priority with Paul Allen.

In November "2005" our website published decriptions of my project to present Jimi's vision within a universtiy lecture program. Steve Roby Rob(ber)y then started a college series project about Hendrix, minus the meaning of Jimi explained in Rock Prophecy, while using credit for Jimi's death research, work that was really done by me, used to secure his position. My college lecture program was first described in an article from UniVibes magazine back in February 1992. Steve Roby's college program promotes his book, which contains blatant plagerisms of my research that he presents as if he'd done it. The point here is: Retarded History - dozens of examples for a pattern of stealing/concealing my ideas and work. It's a microscope onto a larger overview of the whole society of rigged privileges for a select few who've silenced critical insights seen in Rock Prophecy. So many dominators look at this and imagine "oh well, they're ripping you off again, too bad." None realize that in doing so they've literally arranged the extinction of our species. The means of our survival are described in the book - those means are the meaning of Jimi Hendrix. To discover this is to become the target of both those obsessed with Jimi, as well as those obsessed against him. And in the middle we're surrounded by the mass class of sheeple herd who've never heard of this conflict, because propaganda media ruled by unjust moneyed moguls has paid for the perception that what I say makes no sense - and then prevent me from making the case.

This entire civilization becomes thus the loser...

How long will this thug afflict our citizens with rampant thievery?

[NOTE: Please be aware that for years the owners and staff at the Yahoo search engine have artificially/surgically removed this website from all listings under the words "jimi hendrix." Following the example of Paul Allen, the owners of Yahoo are intent on concealing the insights and research of Hendrix scholar Michael Fairchild, out of sheer pathological jealousy.
- James Sedgwick]