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Below is published the Timeline from Rock Prophecy. This is not the book, it is a chronological list of events surrounding the creation of Rock Prophecy. For a brief background and description of the story, and context for the Timeline below, visit the ROCK PROPHECY PAGE before reading the Timeline.


January 2003:

Throughout the winter of 2003 the U.S. State Department's "rogue nation" charade is played out in media, with North Korea starring in the title role. Our ruling class thinks it's impractical to tell us that we need to build weapons against asteroids, people will panic, an unmanageable scene will result. Instead, government today tells us that we need to shoot down missiles from "rogue nations," and if "rogue nations" with intentions to send missiles at us don't exist, North Korea will either be bribed by our State Dept. into acting like one, or provoked into becoming one, all so that the project to build anti-asteroid technology will look like an effort to shoot down nuclear missiles, it's called "asteroid diplomacy." We're conditioned to listen to this reasoning, and that's what's happening, our Defense Agency is mounting a secret and feeble attempt to build anti-asteroid technology, and calling it an "anti missile system." With North Korea posing as a nuclear threat, our government has manufactured a pretext for telling us that we now have cause to build the "anti-missile" system, which they instead intend to try and use against asteroids.

January 4, 2003:

The prime time NBC TV series Touched By An Angel re-broadcasts the episode about an asteroid streaking towards impact with Earth.

January 9, 2003:

Cable TV's History Channel airs an episode of History's Mysteries titled ASTEROIDS! This program is the most extreme example of dominator media blurring how we became aware of the threat of asteroids. The show seizes on the little reported incident of March 22, 1989 when a large space rock passed within 400,000 miles of Earth. ASTEROIDS! is written with intent to persuade viewers that media has been sounding the alarm about asteroids since the 1980s. But the intense crescendo of reports about asteroids began in autumn 1995, as this Timeline demonstrates. Prior to 1995 we were exposed only slightly to stories about asteroid disasters. Mass media didn't run with this story until autumn '95, nearly six months after Jimi's prediction was seen at the Library of Congress. It was then that media moguls began churning out endless reports about asteroids. My manuscript was read by their consultants. The law allows anyone to read research filed at the Library of Congress. Suddenly network executives and media financiers ordered a field day on asteroid stories. They learned what the book Rock Prophecy reveals and decided to warn the public in a way that excludes the Hendrix connection.

February 5, 2003:

"More Focused Programs To Assess And Reduce Asteroid Threat Needed," is titled of an article at "NASA should be assigned to lead a new research program to better determine the population and physical diversity of near-Earth objects that may collide with our planet, down to a size of 200 meters, according to the final report of a workshop on the scientific requirements for the mitigation of hazardous comets and asteroids. The workshop's report also recommends that the U.S. Department of Defense work to more rapidly communicate surveillance data on natural airbursts of smaller rocky bodies, and it concludes that governmental policy makers must 'formulate a chain of responsibility' to be better prepared in the event that a threat to Earth becomes known. 'As our discussions proceeded, it became clear that the prime impediment to further advances in this field is the lack of assigned responsibility to any national or international governmental organization,' said planetary scientist Michael Belton, organizer of the September 2002 workshop. 'Since it is part of NASA's newly stated mission to 'understand and protect our home planet,' it seems obvious that this responsibility should reside in NASA.

"Belton presented the findings of the workshop Wednesday in Washington, DC, to officials at NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the Office of Management and Budget, and the report was delivered to the U.S. Congress…About 2,225 near-Earth objects (NEOs) have been detected, primarily by ground- based optical searches, in the size range between 10 meters and 30 kilometers, out of a total estimated population of about one million; some information about the physical size and composition of these NEOs is available for only 300 objects. The total number of objects a kilometer in diameter or larger, a size that could cause global catastrophe upon Earth impact, is now estimated to range between 900 and 1,230…

"The workshop report discusses a preliminary roadmap based on five themes: more complete and accurate surveys of the orbits of potentially hazardous objects; improved public education about the risk; characterizing the physical properties of a range of asteroids and comets; more extensive laboratory research; and initial physical experiments toward a realistic plan to intercept and divert a future incoming object. In order to keep maximum annual expenses on the order of a typical spacecraft mission (approximately $300 million), the report estimates that it would take about 25 years to accomplish this roadmap."

February 17, 2003:

Space Daily reports: "Asteroid Cover-Up Proposal Causes Near Earth Orbit (NEO) Community A Credibility Crisis" and asks, 'Do people have a right to know their fate should an asteroid or comet be detected on an impact trajectory with Earth? Dr. Benny Peiser, a social anthropologist at Liverpool John Moores University, UK, writes, 'Just when you thought we had learned our lessons from past communication debacles and PR fiascoes, bizarre statements at the Denver American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting have plunged the NEO community into another crisis of credibility. 'Don't tell Public of Doomsday Asteroid,' reads the headline in The Times, while The Independent warns: 'Armageddon Asteroids best kept secret'…The international media coverage is dominated by statements from Geoffrey Sommer, a RAND researcher who has been studying the social and economic implications of the impact AAAS press release triggered most of the international cover-up reports. According to the press release, Geoffrey 'takes the controversial stance of advocating silence and secrecy in the event that a warning would come too late and not make a difference to the outcome' would we assess, and who would decide, whether or not an impact warning is 'too late'? Geoffrey qualifies his strategy...'there is no point in issuing a warning at all. If an extinction-type impact is inevitable, then ignorance for the populous is bliss'...for the sake of argument - let us say such an object would have been discovered...after discovery, we would not know for quite some time (perhaps weeks, months or years) whether or not the object would actually hit the Earth. In fact, the impact probability might go up to 50% before plunging to 0%!"

[NOTE: Scientists are paid to cook the books and creatively re-calculate the trajectories of any Rock that astronomers say is headed towards Earth. But Geoffrey's statement about "impact probability" reveals the truth: the path of asteroids and comets are NOT FIXED, the trajectories change randomly in space as a result of impacts with other rocks and gravitational pull from other objects. A Rock that these people tell us is harmless one day can be re-directed right into Earth the next day.]

Peiser continues, "Even with little time left for mitigation, many activities could be undertaken by the world community to attempt human survival after a global disaster...the advocated secrecy, far from being 'cost-effective' as Geoffrey Sommer oddly claims, would most certainly preclude any such survival attempt. What really lies behind this thinking? It would appear that Geoff Sommer is not so much concerned about the cost-effective handling of the apocalypse...'there is an opportunity to spin the problem to avoid global panic.' That's what this whole business is all about...'If an asteroid or comet is found to be bearing down on Earth, what would you tell the populace to avoid widespread panic? Geoff Sommer wonders if authorities should say anything at all. Some elements of society would thrive off such knowledge, he said, including British tabloids, cultists long announcing the end of the world...But limiting panic and avoiding the premature financial collapse of the stock markets would be additional benefits to secrecy.

Peiser asks, "Is any attempted secrecy totally futile in the first place? Astronomers from around the world can easily access and confirm observational data and calculations of any discovered NEO in any case."

[NOTE: The above statement is misleading, the claim that "Astronomers from around the world can easily access and confirm observational data and calculations of any discovered NEO." Such calculations remain subject to interpretation and are manipulated. The "final word" rests with the chief witch doctors at the Minor Planet Center in Massachusetts. Many scientists have tried to warn us, and government officials repeatedly declare errors in their data. A record of the deception is listed on this website. The community of astronomers that make these calculations is transparently small. To suggest that these people cannot be influenced, as a group, is a naive assumption. The EMPeror has the whole cabal bought off and under contract.]

"The damage, however, of contemplating a cover-up stratagem will be immense: it will strengthen the...widespread suspicion that some members of the NEO community are more concerned about covering-up or 'spinning' than explaining the facts truthfully. The price we will pay for the increased mistrust this episode is causing is very high. In fact, it is much higher than any of the inadvertent asteroid scares of the last 4 years. I fear it will also be more difficult to repair the damage it has done to our integrity."

- Dr. Benny Peiser, 2/17/03

February 20, 2003:

Below is a transcript from The McLaughlin Group on PBS:

MCLAUGHLIN: Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was taken by surprise by the news that North Korea had restarted its nuclear centrifuge at Yongbyon and was recovering plutonium from fuel rods.

RUMSFELD: (From video.) Within a relatively short period of time, they would have the ability to produce nuclear materials for additional nuclear weapons.

MCLAUGHLIN: North Korea is agitated at reports the Pentagon is bolstering military operations in the region...while the buildup continues in the Persian Gulf…

BUCHANAN: [North Korea is] going all out for nuclear weapons…[they] want food and fuel aid…

CLIFT: The administration is left with two choices: one, you revive the Clinton framework idea, where you live with a North Korea with limited nuclear ability, you get weapons inspectors in there, and you give them the food and fuel Pat is talking about; and you use their emerging nuclear capability as reason to go forward with a very expensive missile defense shield, which the administration had trouble justifying without an enemy. They now have justification.

MCLAUGHLIN: Why have we gone hawkish?

CLIFT: For the U.S. end, we didn't deliver on our end, either, which was to move towards diplomatic relations and to provide them with light water reactors. And we didn't do that either. So, you know, I'm not necessarily defending them, but all the fault's not on the other side.

[NOTE: North Korea is either in collusion with the U.S. to produce justification for the Missile Defense effort, or the U.S. is provoking North Korea to create justification for a Missile system, a system that is secretly intended for asteroids.]

April 3, 2003:

The Discovery Channel broadcasts a new documentary called Killer Asteroids. This program is written to convince viewers that technology to prevent an asteroid disaster will be available in the near future. For many people who haven't researched the issue, there's a misperception that scientists can save us from an incoming rock, or blow it up or affect it in some way, and programs like Killer Asteroids are produced specifically to keep us thinking this way. But the claim that we will be able to prevent an asteroid disaster anytime within the next hundred years is incorrect. On this website there's a page of statements from experts who testify that we are unprepared for an asteroid. If you read that web page you'll see that there's nothing we can do to prevent it and they say it'll be decades before technology can intervene.

June 21, 2003:

The Hendrix Rockprophecy Band concert tour starts in Toronto on the summer solstice. In the weeks prior to this show, Toronto is terrified by the SARS epidemic, which was confined to China, only to mysteriously break out in Toronto (the only other place on the planet where it showed up, or was "imported" to). Several dozen Canadians in Toronto had died of the disease. The week before the Rockprophecy event, headlines around the world reported the quarantine of 5,000 people in Toronto, and the quarantine was centered exactly around the Thornhill hall where the Rockprophecy band was to play. It was that neighborhood, of all places in the world outside China, where someone had brought the deadly SARS epidemic to. It was as if some evil billionaire had incubated the SARS virus in China and had his cronies unleash it strategicaly at Thornhill to endanger the Rockprophecy appearance on Summer Solstice "2003" (sic).

Exactly one year later to this day, Paul Allen launches his Space Ship One vehicle, beginning a desperate attempt to get himself to the orbiting space station before the asteroid hits.

July 24, 2003:

The Hendrix Rockprophecy concert/lecture events in Canada instigate a media backlash: THE CANADA / NEW YORK TIMES / CNN INCIDENT

August 14, 2003:

The Jimi Hendrix Exhibition eight wheeler truck tour is a project I proposed and developed with the Hendrix company.

Today the truck appeared in Rochester, New York and local media cover the event, while refusing to report that this is the Exhibition that I, a local resident in Rochester, produced. These are real hick reporter hacks in this rust belt backwater factory town. I actually said to a friend on this day, "I hope the deity gives these savages of the First Century a glimpse of impact winter awaiting them." Within an hour of those words being spoken, the great North East Blackout of 2003 pulled the plug on the Hendrix truck and plunged this entire area into a Day of Darkness.

It was because of this incident that the Rockprophecy Rockumentary movie being produced at this time included the "Dozen Disgusting Statistics About Rochester." The movie DVD was released a few months later and distributed in Toronto for a Hendrix Rockprophecy concert on November 8. This event triggered a "feud" between media and city officials in Rochester and Toronto, and the story eventually landed in the New York Times on Christmas Eve 2003.

As it turned out, Rochester was the last stop for the truck anyway, the Hendrix company creeps sent it here on purpose to my home town once more to try and irk me before the Exhibition was taken off the road. They had dumbed-down the exhibits to such an embarrassing degree that there was no longer anyone coming to the stupid thing, they were just losing money on it. The guy who was in charge of it told me about this after he was fired from running the truck. Jane Fujita and her Hendrix company had actually instructed the Exhibition staff to take the thing into Canada because my band and lectures had been touring in Canada and she wanted to upstage us, but the staff had no experience in taking the Exhibition into another country and they were turned away at the border! The guy in charge was fired for this, and then told me the pathetic details. Good riddance…But this is what Paul Allen intended, a public that sees no relevance to Hendrix, and the silencing of my effort to explain the importance.

August 24, 2003:

The Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research Project (an MIT Lincoln Laboratory program funded by the United States Air Force and NASA) discover a near Earth asteroid they name 2003 QQ47 and rates it a classification of 1 on the Torino scale of impact hazards. At around 1.2 km in width, 2003 QQ47, called "an event meriting careful monitoring" by astronomers, is calculated to arrive at Earth on March 21, 2014 (the birthday of Son House and anniversary of Jimi's concert in Rochester, NY, where Son House lived).

September 2, 2003:

Nearly two weeks after the discovery of asteroid 2003 QQ47, the news is leaked to the press. reports, "New Asteroid Threat to Earth - Impact Potential in 2014 - Astronomers expect the risk of impact to decrease significantly as more data is gathered."

[NOTE: Of course, that's what American tax payer money is spent for, teams of "experts" to cook the books and creatively re-calculate the trajectory. That they'll dismiss the threat is a foregone conclusion, it's what they're paid to do. Most corporate media are obeying orders to suppress news of the discovery of 2003 QQ47 anyway.]

"The gravitational influence of the giant gas planets, like Jupiter, or an impact by a comet, can knock these large rocks out of their safe orbit," warns, "If it does strike Earth the impact could have the effect of over 20 million Hiroshima style atomic bombs."

September 5, 2003:

And once again, right on cue, here comes the government white wash: CNN reports, "A newly discovered asteroid has zero chance of colliding with Earth in 11 years, although preliminary data had suggested such a doomsday scenario was possible, astronomers said this week. New data allowed a more refined projection of the orbit of the space rock, dubbed 2003 QQ47 -- ruling out more than a dozen possible strike dates, according to the Near Earth Objects Information Center. 'Some may question whether the center should have posted the information about 2003 QQ47 in the first place,' the center said in a statement several days after the original announcement."

[NOTE: And I bet the astronomers who let the cat out of the bag are residents of Guantanamo Bay today…and get the euphemism from CNN: "allowed a more refined projection of the orbit." Did someone say "cook the books?"]

September 6, 2003:

"If 6 Was 9" - Jimi

This 6th day of the 9th month is the 33rd anniversary of Jimi's last concert. The Hendrix Rockprophecy Band and lecture series appears tonight at the Buffalo Convention Center to produce a movie of the If 6 Was 9 concert. The audience listens to our presentation about this week's news of asteroid 2003 QQ47.

September 23, 2003:

First Century Press Productions finishes the Rockprophecy Rockumentary DVD movie. Local media report that a group from Texas will perform Jimi Hendrix music in Rochester, NY tonight, at a seedy local dive that, like all other joints in this backwater factory town, have banned the Hendrix Rockprophecy Band.

September 27, 2003:

The closest known asteroid flyby in history gets almost no media coverage, a rock named 2003 SQ222 came within 54,700 miles (88,000 kilometers) of Earth. It was not detected until after it hurtled by.

September 28, 2003:

PBS airs The Blues, a TV documentary. For months the media had been hyping this series as a "Martin Scorsese" production. When the first episode airs, we see that this is really a Paul Allen project. Hiding behind bought-off lackey Scorsese, Mr Allen instructs his think-tank to create a series that leads up to Jimi Hendrix and has a bunch of musicians who have nothing of relevance at all to say about Jimi bore viewers with their so-called "insights." The twist is that, in my 28-page booklet released with the 1994 MCA CD titled Jimi Hendrix :Blues, the really interesting insights about Hendrix blues were published and the CD went into the Top-10 on Billboard charts. But then, years later, my booklet was replaced with junk after Mr. Allen paid for the bogus lawsuit aimed to stop me from becoming director of the Hendrix company. Dumb dullards were instead given my job and the first thing they did was take my writings off the market, even though the Hendrix CDs I worked on remain the highest charting and most popular Hendrix releases since his death.

This Martin Scorsese TV series from Paul Allen is sickening. Mr. Scorsese goes on from this Paul Allen project to produce The Aviator, a film that's a transparent effort to frame Paul Allen's Microsoft financed media empire, and Allen's Space Ship One vehicle, with the life of Howard Hughes. Their intention is to induce us to regard Paul Allen as a benign, eccentric mogul who's pushing the envelope of aviation and movies, just like Howard…

But the deity intervenes with a spectacular protest while the PBS Blues series premiers. First, a blazing meteor appears over India near coastal Orissa. Media in Bhubaneswar, India report, "Villagers in Kendrapara district stumbled upon two strange objects this morning. While the object at the village of Benakand was blown to smithereens, the one at Paschima Suniti, weighing 5.7 kg, was intact. The ball of fire, described by scientists as a meteorite, streaked across the sky from west to east before landing on a thatched house at about 6.30 p.m. yesterday and was witnessed by people in at least 11 districts in the coastal belt. One of the 11 persons, admitted to hospitals in Kendrapara, Jajpur, and Mayurbhanj districts, died in the SCB Medical College Hospital at Cuttack today. Sukadeb Singh age 75, who along with two others, had been shifted from Kendrapara hospital to Cuttack, died this morning. Five persons, including three from one family, were admitted to hospitals in three different places of Jajpur district while three others were hospitalized at Kaptipada in Mayurbhanj district.

"The three persons, who fell unconscious after the incident, were recovering in the Kaptipada Hospital. A 75-year-old man, Harekrushna Behera, complained that he had lost his vision after seeing the ball of fire. In Kolkata, M.P. Brila Planetarium clarified that the streak of luminous yellow light, which turned to orange and finally brilliant blue, was a meteorite."

The meteor impact in India is just the beginning. While Paul Allen's PBS series, "The Blues" is airing a dumb episode about the history of blues in New Orleans, a second meteor smashes into a house in that city! Mitch Battros of ECTV reports, "A second meteorite crashes to Earth causing extensive damage to a home in New Orleans. Could there be a connection to a meteorite which hit in India injuring five people? I would not rule this out. The question might be; is there something or some event which is 'pulling' celestial orbs towards Earth?"

[NOTE: Could that "something" be the evil EMPeror Allen and his PBS show about blues in New Orleans? After he arranged to have my story about blues that was included with Jimi's :Blues CD (MCA Records 1994) to be taken off the market. Mr. Allen, was today in the process of replacing it with his PBS show about blues in New Orleans. It's as if the deity protested by tossing a rock into New Orleans just as this PBS travesty began. And to confirm how miraculous the intervention was, almost every single media outlet in the United States followed orders to conceal the story.]

In New Orleans, Mark Schleifstein of the Times Picayune reports, "A meteorite which measures 9 inches in diameter crashed into a resident's roof. Then the orb crashed through the second story floor, then through the first story floor, and then is deeply embedded into the concrete foundation. Luckily, home owner Roy Fausset and his family were not home. Fausset says 'The powder room door was open and it looked like an artillery shell had hit the room.' It was a sandy colored rock that appeared to have been burned around its edges. Preliminary tests by scientists at Tulane University indicate this particular rock came from outer space."

November 8, 2003:

During a full eclipse of the Moon on Saturday, November 8, 2003, the Hendrix Rockprophecy Band appeared at the International Centre concert hall in Toronto, Canada. I gave a speech about dominators and Rochester and distributed, to media and to the audience, DVDs of the new movie titled Rockprophecy Rockumentary. This movie contains the "dozen disgusting statistics" about Rochester. Prior to the concert on November 8, media in Toronto were flooded with copies of the DVD movie. A week later the Toronto Globe & Mail dispatched a reporter named Jan Wong, the "Fang of Canada," to Rochester, New York to investigate the accusations made in the Rockprophecy Rockumentary. A week later the Globe & Mail published in Toronto an article by Jan Wong which exposed the horrors of Rochester, information that is portrayed in the Rockprophecy Rockumentary. During hysterical reaction among people in Rochester to Jan Wong's report, Rochester media was told about the Rockumentary DVD movie that caused the Globe & Mail article, and media in Rochester refused to inform the people of this city about the Rockprophecy movie that exposed their dirty secrets internationally. But this didn't stop more articles about Rochester from appearing in Toronto press. Soon the flap caught the attention of the New York Times. On Christmas Eve 2003 the New York Times published its own report about the horror of Rochester. Incredibly, the media in Rochester closed ranks to suppress mention of the New York Times article. To this day, the enslaved residents of this rust-belt backwater factory town remain unaware of the existence of the New York Times article about them, an article instigated by the Rockprophecy Rockumentary premier in Toronto during an eclipse of the Moon on November 8.

January 3, 2004:

The NASA spacecraft named "Spirit" lands on Mars.

January 4, 2004:

A meteor is videotaped blazing over Spain.

January 13, 2004:

BBC News reports, "A 30m object, later designated 2004 AS1, had a one-in-four chance of hitting the planet within 36 hours. It could have caused local devastation and the researchers contemplated a call to President Bush before new data finally showed there was no danger. The procedures for raising the alarm in such circumstances are now being revised. At the time, the president's team would have been putting the final touches to a speech he was due to make the following day at the headquarters of NASA, the US space agency. In it he planned to reset the course of manned spaceflight, sending it back to the Moon and on to Mars, but he could have had something very different to say. He could have begun by warning the world it was about to be hit by a space rock…The Minor Planet Center in Massachusetts - the clearing house for such observations - posted details on the internet requesting attention from astronomers…As for 2004 AS1? It turned out to be bigger than anyone had thought - about 500 meters wide. It eventually passed the Earth at a distance of about 12 million km."

January 14, 2004:

Just a few hours before NASA's spacecraft Spirit rolls out onto the surface of Mars for the first time, President Bush convenes a press conference to announce that he intends to re-activate NASA's manned Moon landings and send astronauts to Mars. Inside the Washington D.C. think tanks that are running this show, Bush's plan is known as "The Noah's Ark Project." They all realize this planet is toast so they're attempting a desperate and pathetic stunt to try to get a few billionaires to a Moon colony so they can have a ringside seat to see the asteroid hammer us. These think tanks timed the Spirit probe with Bush's speech, and then waited a couple weeks to drive home their point when they use network television in late January (see below) to broadcast back-to-back movies about asteroid disasters.

"I'd just like to have a ringside seat, I want to know about the New Mother Earth…"
- Jimi

January 20, 2004:

Russia announces that it has developed missile technology that can pierce through the future U.S. Missile Shield. The news is irrelevant because the Missile Defense project is being designed for asteroids.

January 24, 2004:

The series Nature on PBS airs an episode called Vagabonds about asteroids in our solar system.

January 25, 2004:

The next night, just as a second NASA space craft, named "Opportunity," lands on Mars, CBS network TV airs Paul Allen's 1998 movie Deep Impact about a giant Rock impact on Earth. This film is his answer to Rock Prophecy.

January 26, 2004:

And the next night, ABC network TV airs Armageddon, the Hollywood blockbuster designed to brainwash teenagers into believing scientists can protect us from an asteroid the size of Texas. But the point of these TV broadcasts is that, with the two space crafts roving around Mars, while media debates Bush's plan to colonize the Moon and Mars, our dominator media is now used by government to associate for the public the topics of Bush's space program and asteroid disaster, without anyone saying a word to connect this (except for me).

February 2004:

The "Constellation Program" is the name NASA gives to their project to build a Moon colony. NASA consultants borrowed the title "Constellation" from a well known 1968 Start Trek episode called "The Doomsday Machine." Doomsday Machine is about a "planet killer" that gets destroyed by a starship named Constellation. The Bush administration learned about my lectures and warnings in 2003 to build a safe haven on the Moon, and then in 2004 Bush had NASA create the "Constellation Program" - a rush to put a permanent colony on the Moon by the year 2020, build luxury lunar condos for a few billionaires to flee Earth's asteroid impact disaster. So NASA named their escape scheme after the Starship Constellation from Star Trek's Doomsday Machine episode, where the Constellation saves the planets, just like they plan their Constellation Program to save a few billionaires from the planet killer asteroid.

9 Minute Video About Origins of Constellation Title:

February 24, 2004:

In Garden Grove, California, government officials and space scientists attend a "Planetary Protection" conference on asteroids, sponsored by the Aerospace Corp. and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In a story titled, "Scientists want to be ready to block an asteroid from hitting Earth" the AP reports, "The asteroid believed to have wiped out dinosaurs 65 million years ago was rare but hardly unique, say scientists gathered to discuss ways of aggressively defending our planet from another such space rock…'We shouldn't dawdle in developing a method of deflecting them,' say the scientists attending a four-day planetary defense conference in suburban Orange County. 'It's a thing we know will happen sometime in our future so the responsible thing is for people to do something about it,' said William Ailor…Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-California, introduced a bill this month to bolster NASA spending on the search for near-Earth asteroids 100 yards or more across. Even something of that size, were it to strike, say, the Pacific Ocean, could generate a tsunami capable of destroying the major cities along the West Coast, Ailor said."

[NOTE: A tsunami is what did happen just ten months after this report appeared. On December 26, 2004 a "Krismas Star" crashed into a remote part of the Indian Ocean. The resulting floods killed over 200,000 people. Because of conferences like the one in Garden Grove, world media had years ago prepared plans to persuade everyone that these massive ocean waves are caused by "earthquakes" and not meteors. As long as just a handful of people witness such impacts in remote areas, the men who control media conceal their reports and proceed to blame the waves on non-meteor causes. The majority of Earth's surface is water and it's the position of world governments that if an asteroid impact is out of view of the people, call it an earthquake instead, people don't need to know about it. This deception is a main function of dominator media.]

February 24, 2004:

"Astronomers have revealed how they came within minutes of alerting the world to a potential asteroid strike last month," says the BBC News. "Some scientists believed on 13 January that a 30m object, later designated 2004 AS1, had a one-in-four chance of hitting the planet within 36 hours…events reached a crescendo when Steven Chesley, a researcher at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, looked at the available data and sent an e-mail saying the asteroid had a 25% chance of striking the Earth's Northern Hemisphere in a few days. It was then that astronomers Clark Chapman and David Morrison, chair of the International Astronomical Union's Working Group on Near Earth Objects, contemplated picking up the telephone to the White House. But many astronomers did not agree that waking up President Bush would have been wise...Chapman says…that if it had been cloudy, and no more observations could have been obtained at the time, he would have raised the alarm."

March 12, 2004:

In an article titled, "Bush's Latest Missile-Defense Folly - Why spend billions on a system that might never work?" asks: "Forces are finally converging for a genuine debate on President Bush's missile-defense program. The Republican-controlled Congress is looking for ways to cut $9 billion from the military budget (which, at $420 billion, is getting unmanageable even for hawkish tastes). It's becoming painfully clear that rogues and terrorists are more likely to attack us with planes and trains than with nuclear missiles. And a recent series of technical studies - bolstered on Thursday by a high-profile Senate hearing - has dramatized just how difficult, if not impossible, this project is going to be…Bush's budget for next year includes $10.7 billion for missile defense - over twice as much money as for any other single weapons system. This summer, he's planning to start deploying the first components of a Missile Defense system - six anti-missile missiles in Alaska, four in California, and as many as 20 more, in locations not yet chosen, the following year. Yet, except by sheer luck, these interceptors will not be able to shoot down enemy missiles. Or, to put it more precisely, Bush is starting to deploy very expensive weapons without the slightest bit of evidence that they have any chance of working.

"In the past six years of flight tests, here is what the Pentagon's missile-defense agency has demonstrated: A missile can hit another missile in mid-air as long as a) the operators know exactly where the target missile has come from and where it's going; b) the target missile is flying at a slower-than-normal speed; c) it's transmitting a special beam that exaggerates its radar signature, thus making it easier to track; d) only one target missile has been launched; and e) the 'attack' happens in daylight. Beyond that, the program's managers know nothing - in part because they have never run a test that goes beyond this heavily scripted (it would not be too strong to call it 'rigged') scenario…There is, in other words, a vast distance between the Pentagon's current level of testing and the level that would need to be done before anyone could begin to claim that a missile-defense system might shoot down real enemy missiles in a real nuclear attack. The latest annual report by Thomas Christie, the Pentagon's director of operational testing and evaluation, reveals just how incalculably vast this distance is. (The report was published with no fanfare at the end of last year and has appeared on private Web sites - but not the Pentagon's - in the past two weeks.)

"Christie's bottom line is that we're rushing into this thing blind. Step back and look at what a missile-defense system would involve. Broadly speaking, it would be a meshing of six separate operations: 1) an early warning radar, which would detect a missile launch; 2) satellite-based sensors that would distinguish missiles from deliberate decoys and random space clutter; 3) X-band radar that would track the missiles and control the firing of 'kill vehicles' (anti-missile missiles that would shoot down enemy missiles); 4) the kill vehicles themselves; 5) booster rockets to launch the kill vehicles; and 6) the automated command-control-communications network that would connect all the above into a seamless system.

"The anti-missile missiles that Bush plans to deploy later this year are the simplest elements of this system. Yet, Christie notes, they aren't ready for prime time, either - or, as he puts it, their development has been hindered by several shortcomings. There is currently no deployable rocket to boost them into space. Sensors, which would guide the kill vehicles to their targets, are not placed in the most optimal locations. (In the tests to date, a 'transmitter' has been attached to the target, making it easy for radars to track)…the program managers not only haven't yet tested the missile; they haven't yet figured out what they need to test. Ditto for the vital Space Tracking Surveillance System. 'The full capabilities of STSS,' Christie writes, 'cannot be tested until…2006 and 2008.'

"Here's the question smacking us all in the face, proponents and opponents alike: How much are we willing to spend, over how long a period of time, not to build an effective missile-defense system but just to discover whether such a thing is feasible? The Pentagon plans to spend at least another $50 billion over the next five years - through about the time when the Space Tracking Surveillance System will just be starting its tests (in other words, not just well before the system is ready for action but well before we'll have discovered whether it will ever be ready). If at the end of the day we ended up with an effective defense against missiles, it would almost certainly be worth the cost. But in fact, we might discover that it isn't feasible after all. Already, the $10.7 billion that Bush is spending for fiscal year 2005 is more than the entire U.S. Army is spending on research and development. More to the point, it's nearly twice as much as the Department of Homeland Security is spending on customs and border patrol.

"The world poses a 'spectrum of threats,' as strategists like to say, and there's only so much money to deal with them. Where should we focus our attention and resources: on tangible, present-day threats that can be addressed by means that don't involve bumping up against the laws of physics - or on hypothetical threats of the future that this administration is trying to defeat with technology that might never get out of the lab?"

[NOTE: This is a good summing up of "Retarded History" - a society so distracted by inequality, and resulting violence, there isn't an asshole's chance in Attica of stopping a rock! But the last paragraph above contains the clincher insight, "bumping up against the laws of physics." As John Glenn once said, "We talk about Star Wars as if all we have to do is decide to go and we do, but the physics haven't been invented yet to do Star Wars." Retarded History is a term to describe human set-backs in our advance towards anti-asteroid technology. Retarded History confronts an instinct, familiar to students of religion, for equality between people, a call that has been silenced by a ruling class of dominators. A handful of anti-equality men control the media to mold opinions for a herd of workers, each trained to follow the money and agree that "merit" and/or "luck" deserves privilege. Inequality between people, and censorship by media, create our nightmare scenario: future Rocks fall upon us because the physics we need to stop them become known only to the starved outcasts of an untouchable third world. It is the Way of Creation to reveal breakthrough equations into the minds of those most "unlucky" among us. Beneath the heel of affluent overlords, the advanced mathematics of so many capable brains is silenced into impoverished submission. Dominators impose upon us this inability to see what's needed to stop the Rock. This is the Way asteroids are imported. Rock Prophecy is a book of import, the most important story. That we choose to tolerate and accept unfair disparity between people is what keeps the mysteries of physics hidden. Retarded History is brought down on us, as a "Rock-Star" asteroid/comet, our flaming snake in the sky, a fate that Jimi named Electric Love…]

Electric Love penetrates the sky…the mountains fall in the sea…the sun refused to shine… - Jimi Hendrix

March 18, 2004:

What this article conceals is the fact that this rock was spotted just three days earlier, which reinforces the point that the Rock that Jimi predicted will not be seen in time to do anything about it. And the article emphasizes that, if 2004 FH had hit, "it would have simply but spectacularly burned up [in the[ atmosphere." But another article from claims, "An object of this size, were it to take direct aim, would likely break apart or explode in the atmosphere, astronomers say. The result could cause local damage. An object just slightly larger could survive to the surface and destroy a city." In other words, the explosion in the sky, just blowing up in the atmosphere, would flatten and burn everything on ground within radius. This dumb article makes it look like we'd all be treated to a fireworks show. goes on to report, "Astronomers can't say whether the asteroid might encounter Earth in the future as it continues to orbit the sun…Researchers say significant new spending would be required to purposely find and track asteroids smaller than 0.6 miles (1 kilometer). Asteroid hunters…are not set up to spot all of the smaller objects that inhabit the same general space as Earth. There could be millions. Those that are found involve serendipity…This spring, two recently found comets are expected to become visible to the naked eye for observers around the world."

"As far as flying space rocks go, it's as close an encounter as mankind has ever had," reportsd CNN. "A 100-foot diameter asteroid will pass within 26,500 miles of Earth on Thursday evening, the closest-ever brush on record by a space rock, NASA astronomers said…first spied late Monday…the asteroid will pass within the moon's orbit…The asteroid, 2004 FH…should be visible through binoculars to stargazers…Astronomers found the asteroid late Monday during a routine survey carried out with a pair of telescopes in New Mexico funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration…Astronomers have not ruled out that the asteroid and our planet could meet again sometime in the future."



March 19, 2004:

On the same day that media reported the near miss of asteroid 2004 FH, the local newspaper in Rochester printed this "Who Knew?" article (see right:)

Notice how the editors mislead us by claiming, "Amazingly, that chunk of space rock almost went undetected." But most asteroids that approach Earth go undetected, there is nothing "amazing " about that, it's a fact. What IS detected here is corporate media again lulling the public into a false sense of security.

March 27, 2004:

ECTV's Mitch Battros reports, "I know this is hard to believe, but it's true. Just hours ago, a new razor close asteroid zoomed by Earth. It is known as '2004 FY15'. It was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) in Arizona and confirmed early by Robert Hutsebaut of Brussels, Belgium. The object is 25 meters (75 feet) across. Distance was a mere 23,786 kilometers (14,780 miles). This is 12,000 miles closer than last week's Asteroid 2004 FH "record close flyby."

March 31, 2004:

Asteroid 2004 FU162 comes the closest to Earth of any asteroid yet discovered. The LINEAR survey system in New Mexico tracked it over a 44-minute period and from its brightness estimated its size at around 10 m across

Besides being the closest known brush with Earth, the other unusual aspect of this flyby is that the world astronomical community closed ranks to keep the event secret for the next FIVE MONTHS! It wasn't until August 23, 2004 that the news was leaked to, which noted, "Steven Chesley of NASA.s Jet Propulsion Laboratory calculated that the encounter with the Earth shifted the asteroid's orbit. 'This was an extraordinarily close encounter and so the orbital change was quite extraordinary. 2004 FU162 was deflected by about 20 degrees because of the Earth's gravity. I've never seen anything like that before,' Chesley said."

Obviously the near miss of this rock was kept secret because mogul controlled media doesn't want the public to consider the fact that asteroids can sneak up so close to Earth and not be spotted, or detected by astronomers until it's too late. But FU162 says "FU" aka "FUCK YOU" to that lie - it's more proof that the Rock that blows us away won't be seen until it's far too late to do anything to stop it.

June 19, 2004:

Asteroid 2004 MN4, a quarter-mile wide Rock, is discovered by Roy Tucker, David Tholen and Fabrizio Bernardi of the NASA-funded University of Hawaii Asteroid Survey (UHAS), from Kitt Peak, Arizona. The Rock's path will not be known until Christmas time.

June 21, 2004:

EMPeror Allen's Escape Vehicle

The launch of "Space Ship One - A Paul G. Allen Project." Media everywhere are ordered to portray Space Ship One as the start of an industry to allow "the common man" to fly in space. The fact is that, after seeing Rock Prophecy in 1995, Paul Allen and his think-tank cronies announced the Ansari X-Prize, allocating $10 million to the first team that can reach outer space twice within two weeks in the same vehicle. The ruse was designed to give Mr. Allen a behind-the-scenes pretext to finance his own private escape vehicle. After learning in 1995 of Jimi's prediction of an asteroid disaster in our lifetime, obsessed Hendrix fanatic and co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, reacted. A think tank was set up and in 1996 the "X Prize" was announced ("X" stands for "eXperience" - as in the Jimi Hendrix Experience). Paul Allen began channeling millions of dollars into the development of a space ship to get himself off the planet before the asteroid hits. The media that his empire controls is instructed to train consumers to believe that Space Ship One is an effort to "allow the common man access to space." But the reality is that Space Ship One is designed and intended to get the evil EMPeror to the orbiting space station, from which he plans to watch the asteroid disaster that his own actions (as described in the Rock Prophecy book and movie) have caused. To get there, he has to get government officials to relax safety laws for private space vehicles, and the effective way to do this is to build public support by portraying Space Ship One as a prototype of vehicles that an average person will fly on. But it's a lie. This space flight effort is to save the EMPeror and his cronies alone.

September 21, 2004:

An impending announcement about "deployment" of the Missile Defense system is forthcoming from President Bush as the PBS News Hour reports, "One hundred miles south of Fairbanks in central Alaska, an army base once slated for closure is now on the frontier of defense technology and scientific know-how. At Fort Greely, the United States is deploying a controversial, multibillion-dollar weapons program. When declared operational, the system is supposed to fulfill a longtime dream…Army Major Gen. John Holly is in charge of building the system…Holly says the system could be operational by the end of this month…In 2002, President Bush ordered that a system be built and in place by the end of this year.

PHILIP COYLE, Former Pentagon Official: We're not talking about early developmental testing now. We're talking about deployment, deploying, supposedly, an operational system. And so far, the system has no demonstrated capability to deal with a real missile threat.

Philip Coyle was a longtime pentagon insider. From 1994 to 2001 he was assistant secretary of defense, running the office that oversees the testing and evaluation of America's new weapons. In his last months at the Pentagon and since, Coyle has emerged as a leading critic of the missile defense program. He says the U.S. is building a system that hasn't been adequately tested and that won't deliver the security its supporters promise.

PHILIP COYLE: This is like deploying a new military aircraft without the wings and the tail and the landing gear. And worse, without testing to see if this new military aircraft could actually work.

The military and private contractors, mainly Boeing and Raytheon, [are] building the system. Coyle contends [the missile] tests have been tightly choreographed to disguise the system's shortcomings.

PHILIP COYLE: The tests that have been done have been more scripted than a modern political convention. The defender, the defending missile system, has known exactly when the enemy missile surrogate was launched, has known what the trajectory was going to be. They have been able to plot out in advance where the two are going to hit. They know what the reentry vehicle looks like and what the other objects in the target cluster look like. One way to think about this is if I throw a rock at you and I tell you exactly how I'm going to throw it and give you plenty of warning, you might be able to bat it away. That's the way the tests have been done so far.

[NOTE: Notice how, for his example, Coyle specifies "a Rock."]

Coyle says such problems show that the Bush administration has a misplaced priority: Emphasizing quick deployment instead of more rigorous testing…The Bush administration has spent more than $25 billion on missile defense.

PRESIDENT BUSH [on video]: You fire, we're going to shoot it down. (Cheers and applause)

[NOTE: George knows that Missile Defense is being built for asteroids. When he says "You fire" is he referring to God?]

PHILIP COYLE: That's not correct. The system doesn't have the capability to do that without all of the aids and artificialities that we have had in the tests so far. So, for the president to say, "bring 'em on. We have a defense," that's misleading to Americans and could be provocative to our enemies.

The missile defense agency is building a floating radar station the size of two football fields to track enemy missiles. It's putting sea-launched interceptors aboard Navy Aegis cruisers, and it's developing an airborne laser system to shoot down enemy rockets shortly after launch. The total cost of developing, building and operating a U.S. antimissile shield could climb to well over a trillion dollars.

September 28, 2004:

PBS airs a series called "Origins" which features a section about asteroid impacts. One year ago today Paul Allen's The Blues series premiered on PBS and caused fatal meteor impacts in India and New Orleans. One year later, with another asteroid documentary on PBS, as Paul Allen's Space Ship One prepares for tomorrow's launch, world media covers the approach of the giant asteroid Toutatis near Earth. reports, "The largest asteroid ever known to pass near Earth is making a close celestial brush with the planet this week…The space rock, named Toutatis, will not hit Earth, despite rumors of possible doom that have circulated the Internet for months. Humanity is very fortunate there won't be an impact, as the asteroid is large enough to cause global devastation. Toutatis is about 2.9 miles long and 1.5 miles wide (4.6 by 2.4 kilometers). Asteroid Toutatis was discovered in 1989.

On September 29, Toutatis will be within a million miles of Earth, or about four times the distance to the Moon…And while similarly large asteroids have hit the planet in the distant past, none so big have come so close since astronomers have had the means to notice them. NASA scientists and other asteroid experts have been watching Toutatis for more than a decade, and though its orbit changes slightly with each 4-year trip around the sun, they have a good handle on the path.

"Because of the nature of the orbit, we cannot predict thousands of years into the future for this object," said Alan Harris, a senior research scientist at the Space Science Institute…some rumors have suggested the asteroid's forecasted course might be off by enough to cause a collision with Earth…"The actual path of it has indeed varied a bit from the original calculated," Harris said.

[NOTE: More lies designed to lull us into a false sense of security. Anyone who spends a few hours studying the facts about asteroids quickly learns that their trajectories and orbits shift and alter as a result of many forces in space, like hitting up against other space rocks, and gravitational pull from other celestial objects. No one can say that the path of any rock is fixed and stable, a small meteorite crashing into its surface can at any given minute send the thing directly on course for Earth.]

September 29, 2004:

At the precise time that Toutatis makes its closest approach to Earth, Paul Allen launches his intended escape vehicle, Space Ship One. Sheeple line up the runway to cheer the evil EMPeror, believing his spiel about this spacecraft being designed as a new Greyhound bus for the "common man" - now mom and pop can take Sunday rides into orbit with the kids - thanks to the EMPeror! This spin is designed to create popular support for Mr. Allen's project because he has to get government approval to launch the craft, so the fact that Space Ship One is to function soley as the EMPeror's personal escape prior to asteroid impact is carefully disguised. That Mr. Allen timed today's launch to coincide with the Toutatis near miss of Earth completely escapes the awareness of the herd.

October 4, 2004:

As planned, Space Ship One makes it's second flight within two weeks to "win" the $10 million X-prize. The entire concept was arranged by Paul Allen in 1995 after he learned of Rock Prophecy, and then his think tank concocted the "prize" that they would give themselves when they met the requirement of two launches into space within two weeks. They need this publicity so they can con the Congress into a hands off policy of no restrictions on this project. They do this by convincing the public that the Space Ship One effort is to put "the common man" into space, while all along it is designed specifically to get Mr. Allen to the Space Station before the asteroid disaster hits Earth.

Escape Vehicle Charade

October 15, 2004:

First Century Press completes a new movie called Benefit for Paige. At sunset we were finishing the design of the DVD label, a rainbow over a rural barn, resembling Noah's Ark.

Just as we finished the rainbow label, the phone rang - we were told to go outside quick and look at the sky. We did and this is what we saw:

The Rainbow has appeared at several key moments in the evolution of Rock Prophecy over the past several years.

December 13, 2004:

A syndicated newspaper column originating from the Virginia Pilot is titled "Red Planet Folly Moves Ahead" and asks, "Remember President Bush's roundly panned whim to put a man on Mars? An idea so unpopular with skeptical members of his own GOP caucus that it flat lined soon afterward? It's back. Not only has this budgetary boondoggle been resuscitated, but NASA got every red cent it requested to fund Project Martian Madness, thanks to the agency's new patron House Majority Leader Tom 'The Hammer' DeLay…when Texas rejiggered its congressional districts last year, De-Lay's cronies in Austin conveniently drew his district to include the Johnson Space Center in Houston, a boon for the self-confessed 'space nut.' And, as it turns out, for NASA. According to the Washington Post, the space agency snagged $15.2 billion in the $388 billion omnibus spending bill Congress passed Nov 20. That's 4.1 percent of the entire bill, and the only pay increase for a non-defense scientific agency. How much will this adventure cost taxpayers? The $16.2 billion is just seed money for Bush's Moon-to-Mars project. NASA estimates that the whole shebang will cost $100 billion by 2020…The president's Mars plan was not funded after a congressional debate and a vote on its merits. Instead, it was slipped into the spending bill as a last-minute product of The Hammer's arm-twisting and hostage-taking abilities…But with our present $400 billion-plus deficit expected to morph into a $2.3 trillion monster over the next decade, any budget increase only adds to America's mounting fiscal woes."

[NOTE: America's leaders are racing to build their "Noah's Ark Project" with colonies on the Moon and Mars, to save themselves from the coming asteroid disaster. That any of us "pan" or object to their effort doesn't even register with Bush. Escaping the asteroid is the sole threat that fuels his arrogant mania. And that inner circle of decision makers has agreed to keep the asteroid news out of our sight. As long as they possibly can, they will use all of their think tank propaganda to deny the asteroid scenario.]

December 16, 2004:

Again, the Missile Defense program suffers a major humiliation as another $85 million test fails. For months President Bush has had on hold his big plans to announce "deployment" of the Missile Defense shield, trouble is, scientists can't get it to work. Of interest regarding this test failure is the inconsistency with which media informs the public about the loss of taxpayer money. The New York Times reported this on the front page, USA Today had the story in the middle of the paper, and our local city newspaper hid the story in a small mention in the back of the paper.

December 19, 2004:

Asteroid 2004 YD5 passes Earth BENEATH the orbits of geostationary satellites, which at 22,300 miles (36,000 kilometers) altitude are the highest manmade objects circling Earth. Most other satellites, along with the International Space Station, circle the planet at just a few hundred miles up. The Rock, about 16 feet (5 meters) wide, was not spotted until three days later by Stan Hope at the University of Arizona's Spacewatch Project. After the initial detection, other observers noted the rock's position and its path was then calculated back to its closest approach on Dec. 19. Asteroid 2004 YD5 approached Earth from near the Sun, so it would have been impossible to detect from Earth prior its arrival in the atmosphere. This is the second closest pass of an asteroid ever observed by telescope. The closest involved a rock that flew by last March and was not announced until August.

(continues below ad...)

December 24, 2004:

The movie The Aviator from Martin Scorsese is released. Last year Scorsese worked for Paul Allen on the PBS series The Blues. That experience inspires him to frame the issue of "eccentric billionaire media mogul becomes obsessed with flying." Mr. Allen went off to launch his Space Ship One escape vehicle while Scorsese produced a movie to persuade us to sympathize with the "Howard Hughs syndrome" - where Hughs, who as a kid inherits multi millions and goes to Hollywood to make movies and develop airplanes (does this sound familiar?). We're all supposed to be awed that someone given such money that none deserve can "spend it" on projects. Gee, how difficult, how challenging, HOW UNFAIR! It's enough to make the deity throw a rock into the Indian Ocean...(It's tsunami time! Enter The Krismas Star...)

December 24, 2004:

Asteroid MN4 is rediscovered from Australia by Gordon Garradd of the Siding Spring Survey, another NASA-funded NEA survey. Further observations from around the globe over the next several days allowed the Minor Planet Center to confirm the connection to the June 2004 discovery, at which point the possibility of impact in 2029 was realized by the automatic SENTRY system of NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office. NEODyS, a similar automatic system at the University of Pisa and the University of Valladolid, Spain also detected the impact possibility and provided similar predictions. The news breaks on Christmas Eve.

World media quotes a NASA press release: "A recently rediscovered 400-meter [quarter-mile wide] Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) named 2004 MN4 is predicted to pass near the Earth on 13 April 2029. The flyby distance is uncertain and an Earth impact cannot yet be ruled out. The odds of impact, presently around 1 in 300, are unusual enough to merit special monitoring by astronomers, but should not be of public concern. These odds are likely to change on a day-to-day basis as new data are received. In all likelihood, the possibility of impact will eventually be eliminated as the asteroid continues to be tracked by astronomers around the world. This object is the first to reach a level 2 (out of 10) on the Torino Scale. According to the Torino Scale, a rating of 2 indicates 'a discovery, which may become routine with expanded searches, of an object making a somewhat close but not highly unusual pass near the Earth. While meriting attention by astronomers, there is no cause for public attention or public concern as an actual collision is very unlikely. New telescopic observations very likely will lead to re-assignment to Level 0 [no hazard].' This asteroid should be easily observable throughout the coming months."

[NOTE: NASA bends over backwards to pacify concern. Multiple phrases in this press release emphasize the foregone conclusion that this asteroid is no threat to Earth. Witch doctors are cooking the books regarding the asteroid's path. But it's Christmas Eve, and the Deity isn't pleased with this re-formulated calculations charade, because MN4 is Jimi's Electric Love Rock, and it's headed for Earth. The trajectory is consummated as soon as "Krismas" is over…]

December 26, 2004:

Jimi's prediction of collisions begins to transpire. As Americans prepare for bed late on Christmas night, the first reports come in of a massive Deep Impact tidal wave in the Indian Ocean. A Krismas Star had fallen into the sea, causing enough of an earthquake to alter the rotation of the planet. Having prepared since 1998 for such an event, media moguls enact plans to persuade us that the tsunami wave was caused by an earthquake alone. Long ago think tanks of the elite deemed it critical to cover up and conceal an asteroid impact that conforms to the Hendrix prophecy. The extent to which mass media is today mobilized to censor and suppress eye-witness reports of the Krismas Star meteor impact of the Indian Ocean is the hallmark of our time - an Orwellian nightmare of dominator propaganda disinformation deceiving us all.

Electric Love penetrates the sky…the Mountains fall in the sea…the Sun refuses to shine…
- Jimi

At least the deity had the decency to wait until the day after Krismas to begin fulfilling Jimi's prediction. The Krismas Star meteor that splashed massive waves through the sea is just the first of the Rocks due to impact. This Rock hit a remote part of the ocean where it was seen by a handful of people who today are forbidden to explain what happened. Media conceals all reports of Krismas Star sightings. Air Force pilots, and technicians who monitor satellites, are under threat of Guantanamo Bay if they disclose the impact to anyone. If you deem this unlikely, consider the Jan Wong incident in which an entire population is kept unaware and deceived by media. But the next Rock to strike won't be in an isolated area, and those moguls who've tried to silence us will find Earth murdered. They think they've dominated us like dominators persecuted early Christians in Rome, but today the Savior's returned to crucify the brutes

December 27, 2004:

And here we go again, here comes the obligatory denial from government about the path of the rock: "Whew! Asteroid Won't Hit Earth in 2029, Scientists Now Say," is the headline at The familiar spiel goes on, "The world can exhale a collective sigh of relief. A newfound asteroid tagged with the highest warning level ever issued will not strike Earth, scientists said Monday. The giant space rock, named 2004 MN4, was said on Dec. 23 to have an outside shot at hitting the planet on April 13, 2029. The odds climbed as high as 1-in-37, or 2.7 percent, on Monday, Dec. 27. Researchers had flagged the object as one to monitor very carefully. It was the first asteroid to be ranked 4 on the Torino Scale"

[NOTE: Notice how while astronomers were distracted by the Krismas Star tsunami, the ranking for MN4 had gone from 2 to 4 on the Torino scale. At this point the media machine kicked into spin alert and began conditioning us to regard this Rock as harmless.] continues, "The asteroid is about a quarter mile (400 meters) wide, large enough to cause considerable local or regional damage were it to hit the planet…old observations provided the data necessary to rule out an impact. 'It is not the first time a potentially threatening asteroid has been theoretically defused by looking into the past…'We are lucky that these earlier sightings were made, since 2004 MN4 is usually too faint to be detected by near-Earth-object search telescopes,' said Clark Chapman of the Southwest Research Institute…Orbits change with time because of gravitational tugs by the Sun and planets, among other factors. 2004 MN4 circles the Sun, but unlike most asteroids that reside in a belt between Mars and Jupiter, the 323-day orbit of 2004 MN4 lies mostly within the orbit of Earth. Scientists cannot say that the asteroid will never hit Earth."

[NOTE: The key statement above is, "Orbits change with time because of gravitational tugs by the Sun and planets, among other factors… Scientists cannot say that the asteroid will never hit Earth" In other words, the repeated headlines that train us to disregard the coming Rock are blatant propaganda, intentional thought-control and manipulation of our opinions from dominator media overlords.]

December 29, 2004:

"Scientists rule out 2029 asteroid impact," notes the St. Petersburg Times. "Additional observations have ruled out the chance that a recently discovered asteroid, believed to be about 1,300 feet long, could hit Earth in 2029, NASA scientists said. Last week, asteroid 2004 MN4 had been given a small chance of impacting Earth, based on observations in June and this month. The Spacewatch Observatory near Tucson, Ariz., found faint pictures of the asteroid in archival images dating to March 15. The pictures allowed scientists to refine the asteroid's projected trajectory."

[NOTE: So here is where corporate media expected this issue to be put to bed. They'd done their job and trained the herd to not think about MN4. But the Deity intervenes, and "2005" (sic) brings unprecedented developments…Electric Love cannot be kept hidden…]

December 2004:

Several times during 2004 the National Geographic TV channel airs an hour-long documentary titled Killer Asteroid: Rusty Sweichter (Apollo 9 astronaut), "The Earth is vulnerable...and now that we're on top of the evolutionary heap, we don't want to go the way of the dinosaurs."

"The U.S. government has allocated an annual budget of $4 million for tracking asteroids that might hit us. But there's hardly a dime being spent on protecting ourselves if we do find one."

Jay Malosh Prof. at University of Arizona at Tuscon, "In terns of the nuclear option, people have been watching movies too long. They get the idea that detonating a nuclear weapon cause the asteroid to just evaporate and the parts scatter to the winds. In fact that doesn't happen. An asteroid a half a mile, or mile in diameter is a mountain, and you're trying to move a mountain with a nuclear weapon."

"The Soviet Union detonated the biggest nuclear weapon ever, a sixty megaton bomb. You would need a bomb with the equivalent of a thousand megatons or more to deflect a large asteroid . But no nukes need apply, because there's an even greater drawback to the nuclear option."

Jay Malosh, "Even if you do manage to break it up into smaller fragments, those fragments are still targeted on the Earth and they're now radioactive."

"Trying to move the asteroid with extreme force will have little or no effect. The asteroid would either absorb the punch or would simply re-form. Sweichter proposes a gentle push over a large surface area. But this mission currently exists only on the drawing board."

Schweickart, "Heaven help us if one has our name on it and hits within the next few years. We're looking at something like fifteen or twenty years to develop this kind of capability."

"The threat of an asteroid impact is real, about a one in twenty-thousand chance of wiping out millions of us."

[NOTE: Schweickart's estimate of 15-20 years to "develop this capability" and the narrator's assertion that our chance of being hit is "one in twenty-thousand" are both wildly optimistic claims, or, as Alan Greenspan used to say, "irrational exhuberance." It'll take a century at least for our technology to be able to deflect rocks, and our chance of being hit is 100 percent.]

January 11, 2005:

"NASA Announces Latest Asteroid Threat to Earth," is the headline at "Near-Earth Asteroid 2004 MN4 Reaches Highest Score To Date On Hazard Scale - It may sound like an Urban Legend, but it's not [a legend]…'unlucky numerical omens' [are] associated with this asteroid. A recently rediscovered 400-meter Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) is predicted to pass near the Earth on 13 April 2029. The flyby distance is uncertain and an Earth impact cannot yet be ruled out. The odds of impact, initially around 1 in 300, were unusual enough to merit special monitoring by astronomers…As of December 24, 2004, 2004 MN4 is now being tracked very carefully by many astronomers around the world, and we continue to update our risk analysis for this object.

"New impact monitoring results indicate that the impact probability for April 13, 2029 has risen to about 1.6%, which for an object of this size corresponds to a rating of 4 on the ten-point Torino Scale. Nevertheless, the odds against impact are still high…and odds are likely to change on a day-to-day basis…This object is the first to reach a level 2 (out of 10) on the Torino Scale…New telescopic observations very likely will lead to re-assignment…The brightness of 2004 MN4 suggests that its diameter is roughly 400 meters (1300 feet) and our current, but very uncertain, best estimate of the flyby distance in 2029 is about twice the distance of the Moon, or about 780,000 km (480,000 miles)."

[NOTE: First Century Press' exclusive inside sources inform us that contradictory reports about MN4 betray behind-the-scenes in-fighting in the government's asteroid Control Room. Politicians of the media elite conspire over what can be kept hidden. Some astronomers who know collision is imminent threaten to go public. They are shown one-way tickets to Gitmo. All fall silent.]

January 12, 2005:

NASA launches the DEEP IMPACT comet probe, named for Paul Allen's 1998 movie, staring MSNBC (Deep Impact is his response to Rock Prophecy). The probe is due to crash into a comet on the Fourth of July 2005. You can see the attempt by NASA and Mr. Allen's Dreamworks to spin this probe's name away from association with Rock Prophecy by the claim that the consultants from NASA working on DEEP IMPACT deny that the probe's name is related to the movie! (USA Today article at right...)

February 4, 2005:

"An asteroid expected to fly past Earth in 2029 will be visible to the naked eye," reports "It's a once-in-a-millennium event. And you may want to buy plane tickets now."

[NOTE: Earth's rendezvous with MN4 isn't a "once in a millennium event" - media of the elite need us to believe it's rare so we won't think about it. And the alert above to "buy your plane tickets now" is a reference to Space Ship One, Paul Allen's personal escape vehicle inside which he plans to escape to the Space Station and watch us perish from the impact. Had the Microsoft mogul not had Rock Prophecy suppressed, the way to save us from the Rock would've been known long ago.] "There has been no event like this in modern history…The 2029 event will be the closest brush by a good-sized asteroid known to occur. The rock will pass Earth inside the orbits of some satellites. No other asteroid has ever been clearly visible to the unaided eye. The asteroid is roughly estimated to be more than 1,000 feet (320 meters) wide…The rock, catalogued as 2004 MN4, was discovered last June. It was seen again in December, and for a time scientists said it had the highest odds of hitting Earth ever given to a space rock…This week, NASA scientists used new observations from the Arecibo Observatory to further pin down the track of 2004 MN4. On April 13, 2029, it will be about 22,600 miles (36,350 kilometers) from Earth's center. That is just below the altitude of geosynchronous satellites, which hover in fixed perches above the planet."

[NOTE: If the altitude is 22,600 miles "from Earth's center", then from the surface of Earth it's under 20,000 miles up, close enough to be caught by gravity and pulled down on us. The report above is worded to minimize the threat by making the Rock's path seem further away.] "'Of the 10 known closest asteroid flybys, 2004 MN4 is by far the largest object,' said Steve Chesley of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory...2004 MN4 is expected to shine like a fast-moving star at magnitude 3.3...easily visible...the 323-day orbit of 2004 MN4 lies mostly within the orbit of Earth. The 2029 flyby will bend the rock's path and change the circumstances of later close passes to Earth. Were an asteroid the size of 2004 MN4 to hit Earth, it would cause local devastation and regional damage."

[NOTE: "Flyby will bend the rock's path and change the circumstances" - what's left unsaid is that astronomers can't agree this rock'll pass us by.]

February 10, 2005:

In a story titled "Space tourism 'a risky business' - Boosters say space travel worth cost in lives," the associated press reports, "The inventors and moguls of the infant space tourism industry predict there will be deaths along the way, but the price in human life is worth it so regular people can one day blast into outer space. 'There are going to be fatalities,' said Michael Kelly, a member of a group that is setting industry safety standards for space fliers. 'In the early days of personal spaceflight this is not transportation, this is adventure.' Kelly and other space tourism boosters, appearing Wednesday before a Congress panel considering regulations for the new industry, said the inevitable accidents will provide valuable lessons, comparing them to the early failures that preceded the development of commercial aviation. 'What we have before us is what existed before aircraft were developed in the early 1900s,' Virgin Galactic President Will Whitehorn said. Congress passed legislation in December creating the first regulatory framework for sending paying passengers into space, and Virgin Galactic, of Richard Branson's Virgin Group, and at least one other company are taking reservations. As long as Congress doesn't try to enact unwieldy safety regulations, out-of-this-world vacations could be widely available within two decades, industry officials told a hearing of the House Infrastructure and Transportation's aviation subcommittee. But for now, under the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004, the FAA must wait eight years to issue regulations to protect the safety of passengers and crew, unless a serious safety problem, injury or death occurs before then. The agency may issue regulations to protect the non-flying public. FAA Administrator Marion Blakey said those rules are enough for now, agreeing that government oversight of commercial space entrepreneurs must evolve along with the industry…Space entrepreneurs formed a group last month called the Industry Consensus Standards Organization to set their own safety standards for space fliers. But some Democrats, led by Congressman James Oberstar of Minnesota, want more guarantees. Oberstar, the House Transportation Committee's top Democrat, tried unsuccessfully to get tougher safety standards in the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act."

[NOTE: "So regular people can one day blast into outer space" is a deception, a lie. What these people are doing is building an escape vehicle for billionaires, led by EMPeror Allen, to launch them to the Space Station before the asteroid that Jimi foresaw impacts our planet. And they will sacrifice many lives in the test procedures in order to comply with EMPeror Allen's decree.]

February 14, 2005:

New York Times front page - Feb. 15, 2005:

Valentine's Day, and just as the U.S. Missile Defense program suffers it's third failed test in a row, and on the anniversary of NASA landing a space craft on the Eros (a/k/a "Love") asteroid in 2001, when Bill Gates was at the Hendrix museum in Seattle to announce that Microsoft's new Windows operating system, code named "Asteroid" while in development, will now be named "XP", meaning eXPperience, as in the Jimi Hendrix Experience - at this time in February 2005 the world astronomical community admits to London's Independent newspaper that asteroid MN4 "will come closer than the orbit of many satellites…close enough for its orbit to be directly affected by the Earth's gravity."

"Friday the 13th, 2029: Giant Asteroid Will Narrowly Miss Earth," claims The Independent newspaper of London, reporting, "A giant asteroid the size of three football pitches will make the closest flyby of Earth in recorded history for an object of its size, scientists said yesterday [Valentine's Day]. It will pass between the Earth and the Moon and will even come closer than the orbit of many telecommunications satellites, although astronomers insisted that there was little chance of a collision with the massive rock…due to make its closest approach to Earth…at about 10pm London time on Friday 13 April 2029…It will shine in the sky as a dim, fast-moving star - the first asteroid in modern times to be clearly visible from Earth without the aid of a telescope or binoculars…calculations of its orbit made by astronomers last Christmas Eve suggested that there was a one in 60 chance of it colliding with the Earth. However, within a week this was revised down to virtually zero probability of a collision. If it did collide it would cause an explosion equivalent to about 20 hydrogen bombs being detonated simultaneously, turning vast areas of land into desert or generating a giant tsunami if it landed in the ocean…

"It will pass our planet by the relative whisper of 36,000km (22,600 miles) - well within the orbit of geostationary satellites and about a tenth of the distance to the Moon. This is by far the largest of the top 10 closest asteroids recorded by astronomers. Professor Mark Bailey, director of the Armagh Observatory, said that…it would come close enough for its orbit to be directly affected by the Earth's gravity…'I think everyone is saying that it's going to miss. It'll pass so close though,' Professor Bailey said. 'It's like being on a train station platform and watching an express train go by three feet away.' he said.

"Steve Chesley, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said that asteroid 2004 MN4 was unusual because so much was known about its orbit before it makes its closest approach in 24 years' time. 'All the others in the top 10 were discovered during the close approach, whereas for 2004 MN4 the close approach is predicted well in advance," Dr Chesley said…the orbit of this one lies mostly within the orbit of the Earth, making further encounters likely."

February 19, 2005:

And at the website homepage for asteroid MN4, a description of Mountain MN4 climaxes with the conclusion: "This object has the possibility of impacting the Earth."

NOTE: When checked in 2013 this webpage had been deleted, along with all other reports of Apophis striking earth. Instead, in January 2013 a barrage of news reports informed us that Apophis will never hit our planet. Then two years later the point was "officially" driven home by NASA with a press release assuring us that "There is No Asteroid Threatening Earth."

"No Asteroids Threaten Us" Claim Deep State Media Moguls

(and of course masses of asses believe TV news)

Te inconveniant fact is that asteroids change paths daily in response to htting other rocks or from passing the gravitational pull of other objects. NASA monitors a tiny fraction of the sky and does not have the capacity to follow the trillions of rocks that change the orbits minute by minute. Any rock can be aimed to miss us one minute and then be headingstright for us the next.

February 27, 2005:

Knight Rider publishes an article titled, "Blush Rushes to Moon, Mars, as Scientists Fret."

"NASA is racing to carry out President Bush's vision of sending humans back to the Moon and then Mars despite the federal budget squeeze and doubts in Congress and the scientific community about the plans' wisdom. Even some of the project's allies are balking…NASA is trying to do too much at once…barreling ahead, even though Congress has never endorsed, in fact never even discussed the vision…the Moon and Mars plan is gobbling up the funds for other scientific ventures…the cost and complexities of the Moon and Mars project make this a time for sobering up…in the year since Bush announced his station initiative the space agency has awarded 118 preliminary contracts…in order to launch a new $15 billion spaceship called the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) to replace the fleet of space shuttles in three years…the first unmanned flight is set for 2008."

"There is urgency in the president's agenda."

"'We need to start technology development now,' said Craig Steidlea, a retired admiral who heads the agency's exploration systems directorate. 'There is urgency in the president's agenda,' he said. The project enjoys a White House promise of increasing funds totaling $20.3 billion over the next five years. Outlays surge there after. NASA estimates that it will spend $100 billion on the project through 2020. Scientists worry about the impact of the project on research in astronomy and physics, and in climate change. The project has already doomed plans to prolong the life of the successful Hubble space telescope…some space science missions have been delayed indefinitely…such as one to explore Jupiter's moon Europa…and another to study the mysterious dark energy…both missions were considered top priorities by scientific organizations…the president's vision will require steep cuts in aeronautics and in earth science funding."

March 12, 2005:

NBC Nightly News reports, "The Hubble Space Telescope, one of the most successful scientific endeavors ever launched, is being allowed to decay and fall back to Earth…something like one third of all of the astronomy research done in United States is in some way linked to the Hubble. It's the key to it all. And the public loves Hubble, the scientists love Hubble…NASA has decided there will be no more shuttle flights to Hubble…NASA has decided that most shuttle flights from now on will simply visit the space station. Even though most scientists agree that the only useful research done on the station is to study the effects of weightlessness on humans, and that has been going on for decades. 'They're taking each other's blood pressure and taking a lot of urine samples, and that's about it,' said Robert Park, physics professor at the Univ. of Maryland. But the space agency has decided to continue with an expensive venture [Bush's Noah's Ark Project] that brings little scientific benefit and allows one of the greatest instruments in the history of science to fall back to Earth."

[NOTE: On the space station, they are building a Hilton Hotel like suite to keep EMPeror Paul Allen and his cronies comfortable in space, and collect bio data designed to pamper his every need, at the expense of the Earth.]

March 28, 2005:

A magnitude 8.7 earthquake hits 100 miles south of the 9.0 magnitude quake that hit 3 months ago on Dec. 26, 2004. The Dec. 26 quake stirred a tsunami tidal wave that killed over 300,000 people. But the same quake today, in the same place, causes no tsunami.

QUESTION:Why did the 9.0 magnitude earthquake near Sumatra on Dec. 26, 2004 cause a gigantic tidal wave, and then an 8.7 magnitude quake 100 miles away three months later cause no tidal wave?

ANSWER: Because the Dec. 26, 2004 quake was caused by a large meteor that crashed into the Indian Ocean and generated a huge wave from the impact. The March 28, 2005 earthquake near the impact crater was caused by the huge and unstable crater formation on the ocean floor that was recently gouged out by the flaming Krismas Star rock impact. The whole region's geology is still settling into the giant hole, ocean floor crater.

Immediately after today's 8.7 quake it became clear that our government had to explain why there was no tidal wave. Our leaders had ordered media to train us all to believe there was no meteor on Dec. 26 to cause the huge tsunami, and now this lie was about to be exposed. Our government rushed their army of propaganda spin doctors in front of propaganda TV cameras to control the story.

Chip Groat, Director of the US Geological Survey, was ordered to appear on ABC News Nightline where he was asked, "This is an 8.7 magnitude earthquake. In December there was a 9.0 magnitude quake. Why didn't this one produce a big tsunami too?"

"That's a good question," conceded Groat, "The kind of motion we detected here would give the indication that there was a serious danger of tsunami. And we said so. The fact that it didn't generate one is going to send us back to the scientific drawing board to learn why it didn't."

Nightline: "Any clues?"

"Not at this point, no," lied Groat. "It was a severe thrust which we think would generate the energy for tsunami, but in fact it didn't happen."

[NOTE: He knows that there was no tidal wave because, unlike three months ago, this time there was no meteor.]

And on the PBS News Hour, Jim Devine of the US Geological Survey was asked the same question and he said, "When it first occurred, we were very uneasy because this had the potential to generate a large tsunami. But there is only a very modest one that developed, and the reason for that is not fully understood. That's a problem that our scientists are working on right now…that mechanism is not fully understood."

[NOTE: Mr. Devine, why don't you just instruct "our scientists" to consider the giant flaming Rock that caused both the tidal wave in December, and today's quake around the crater that resulted?]

March 29, 2005:

Incredibly, the NOVA series on PBS had already scheduled a documentary about the December 2004 tsunami for March 29, a day after the March 28, 2005 earthquake, which is related to it, occurred by coincidence. And importantly, this NOVA episode is sponsored by Microsoft, so right away we suspect that the first intention of this show is to train us all to deny the fact that the Dec. 26, 2004 tidal wave was caused by a meteor impact in the Indian Ocean. It is so important for dominators to conceal all evidence of the Hendrix Rock Prophecy.

From this NOVA episode we learn that spin doctors have named the impact crater from Dec. 26 the "Sundra Trench" (a/k/a the Krismas Star Crater). With this DaVinci Code-like wordplay, propaganda reaches high refinement in the following (twisted and hidden) descriptions of the meteor impact (minus any mention of the meteor):

"Why did it happen?" wonders NOVA, "One of the worst natural disasters ever…a huge earthquake tears apart the floor of the Indian Ocean…Under the Indian Ocean…a process called subduction has been doing this for 40 million years. On December 26 something snapped…the force that actually tore into the earth's crust is 1200 km long…its more powerful than all of the world's earthquakes over the last five years put together…it took place very near the surface of the seabed. It's only about 30 km deep, very shallow…as the seafloor lifted it displaced billions of tons of water above it… this released as much energy as 23,000 Hiroshima-size atom bombs. Part of the ocean floor has been uplifted, and part has been trapped down… because the seafloor changes, so does the water column above. The seafloor…lifted area basically collapses and the water rushes away from the uplifted area, creating a tsunami wave that is traveling radially away from the uplifted area…It is estimated that tsunamis cause some degree of risk to one quarter of the world's population…but earthquakes are not the only cause of these killer waves…[some] causes of tsunamis, which can cause displacement of the sea floor, are asteroids, which are thought to cause very massive tsunamis, but are infrequent."

[NOTE: And presto! Abracadabra! Shazam! Cartoon computer graphics from the Wizard of Microsoft turns an impact crater into an earthquake trench! Right before our eyes, gramps and the kids see it all for themselves, now they know what rilly happened. Why, Microsoft even paid PBS to explain it all to us! But this entire PBS deception is designed to deny the Hendrix asteroid prophecy. Jimi's prediction began to come true on Dec. 26, at the same time that asteroid MN4 was revealed to be headed for Earth, due to impact on Friday the 13th in April of 2029, twenty-three years from now. But when we see how Jimi's story illustrates a Retarded History that's caused us to be unprepared, that insight creates a threat to the privileges of the so-called "rich." Awarenesss of the connections produces resistance to participation in their system. This is why dominators consider it priority to control our beliefs about the Dec. 2004 Krismas Star impact.

And one last thing about this March 29, 2005 PBS show. Notice how the documentary was produced within 3 months of the Dec. 26, 2004 tidal wave that the show is about? The point is that it only takes two to three months to produce a documentary on any subject.

Now consider the start of this Timeline, June of 1995, when the Rock Prophecy story was copyrighted and first seen by Paul Allen's officials at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Five months later, Oct. 31, 1995, the asteroid craze media frenzy was kicked off by a PBS NOVA episode called "Doomsday Asteroid."

What this reveals is that it was not the comet impact on Jupiter in July 1994 that triggered the media asteroid craze (as media repeatedly claims). The media asteroid frenzy started long after the comet hit Jupiter in 1994. The media asteroid craze began 16 months later, in Oct. 1995. It does not take 16 months to make a documentary about asteroids. The asteroid media frenzy was started by Paul Allen and his media empire after they saw Rock Prophecy in June 1995, they then ordered many asteroid programs and movies to be produced, and this happened just five months after his advisors saw Rock Prophecy. Their media effort began with the Oct. 1995 NOVA show about asteroids. This whole Timeline proceeds from there, and it was all caused by the June 1995 copyright date for Rock Prophecy, when Paul Allen first learned of the Hendrix asteroid prediction, from Rock Prophecy. Proof of timing issue is seen in the three months it took for PBS after Dec. 26, 2004 to produce and broadcast a documentary about the tsunami. We see how documentaries are produced quickly in response to important issues, the fact that no shows about asteorids were seen until 15 months after the July 1994 Jupiter impacts reveals that it was Rock Prophecy, and not Jupiter, that caused the media asteroid frenzy from late 1995 onwards.]

April 19, 2005:

The Register newspaper in England reports, "Scientists have decided to 'tone down' the wording of the original ten-step Torino Scale - designed to assign a appropriate threat level to any approaching galactic body of death…meteorite/asteroid/comet…The moves comes amid concerns that old-school phrases such as 'A collision capable of causing a global climatic catastrophe [which might] occur once per 100,000 years, or less often' could have an unnerving effect on the public. The author of the new wording is MIT planetary science prof. Richard Binzel, who says: 'This has been an ongoing effort to try to come up with reasonable ways to communicate discoveries when we find an object that's going to pass close to the Earth.'

"Whereas previously we had to concern ourselves only with a global climatic catastrophe, we must now consider the possibility that this will be coupled to the collapse of civilisation as we know it…So, how is this Torino Scale maximum threat now rendered so that screaming people do not flee cities like headless chickens at its utterance?

"A level 4 threat goes from: A close encounter, with 1% or greater chance of a collision capable of causing regional devastation.

"To: close encounter, meriting attention by astronomers. Current calculations give a 1% or greater chance of collision capable of regional devastation. Most likely, new telescopic observations will lead to re-assignment to Level 0. Attention by public and by public officials is merited if the encounter is less than a decade away.

"That's more like it. Ok, Bruce Willis [lead role in the movie Armageddon], you can take off the space suit and grab yourself a beer."

[NOTE: "That's more like" the Orwellian disinformation spin designed to keep the slaves' nose to the grind while dominators direct the enslaved to build safe haven for the so-called "super rich" class, at the expense of everyone else.]

July 4, 2005:

On Sunday evening, July 3, CBS 60 Minutes featured Paul Allen in a report about his "Spaceship 1" vehicle, designed to transport EMPeror Allen off the planet to the orbiting Space Station before the asteroid hits us. Just a few hours after this 60 Minutes story aired, world media covered the NASA space missile as it impacted Comet Tempel 1 shortly before 2 a.m. EST on the Fourth of July. NASA named their space squirt gun "Deep Impact" after Paul Allen's 1998 comet movie (his reply to Rock Prophecy). In fact, this NASA charade called Deep Impact is a public relations ploy to train us to think NASA can pulverize a comet or knock it off course, as suggested by the "Comet Buster" headline in the New York Times article above. And CBS Evening News persuades us today that "now the idea of deflecting a massive space ball threatening Earth isn't just the stuff of science fiction, like the movie Deep Impact…a comforting thought…it sure is a lot easier to change the course of something, if you know what it is that you're changing the course of."

ABC News tells us: "The purpose? To learn more about the origins of the solar system…This is not only fundamenal science, it is cool. We're doing what kids love to do."

Absolutely removed from every mainstream media report is any suggestion of danger. Buried deep inside articles at and we see the microscopic understatement: "The crash did not significantly alter the comet's orbit."

A hypnotized public has been put to sleep. A handful of men who control mainstream media will conceal news of the coming impact until the end. Denial of the disaster runs deeper than the Titanic. The reality is that, unlike comets, asteroids fall on us unannounced, they are dark, silent and unseen, there is no warning. And a comet that should appear suddenly from behind the sun will leave us with just a few months warning. Even if scientists could launch some missile at it (which they can't yet: click here), they'd just cause some amount of fragments to hit us, instead of a single big rock.

All astronomy offices worldwide are under orders to conceal the date of impact. The last ditch desperate attempt to knock this rock off course has failed. World media fixates on the "Live 8" global concerts, to divert our attention with a "sing-along," like the band on the Titanic, playing to the end, while a luxury suite aboard the Space Station awaits the EMPeror's Space Ship One…

I'd just like to have a ringside seat. I want to know about the NEW Mother Earth… - Jimi Hendrix

July 22, 2005:

NASA officially re-names the asteroid that Jimi Hendrix foresaw impacting the Earth. Jimi named the asteroid "Electric Love", it was finally discovered in June 2004 and named asteroid 2004 MN4 by NASA. On July 22, 2005 NASA renamed the Rock "Apophis" the Greek word for "Evil Destruction." Speaking for NASA, Professor Dave Tholen at University of Hawaii explains, "We selected the Greek name for an Egyptian god. Apophis is the Greek name for the Egyptian god Apep, the god of evil and destruction."

July 25, 2005:

The Discovery Channel produces and airs the obligatory pre-fab documentary special titled "Comet Collision!" about NASA's Deep Impact space craft crash on to Comet Tempel 1, propaganda to make us believe the impact was NOT an attempt to knock the rock off course (which it failed to do). We are decades away from developing any sort of technology that can influence the paths of asteroids and comets. So dominator-controlled television is training everyone to believe there is no danger. All the better to keep our "cheerfulized" noses to the grind to support their effort to save the "rich" people trying to build their safe haven on the space station.

They try to build their own heavens, they want to be written down in war history, they want to be written down in money history, you know, all these things. And those things are nothin' but jokes, in the next few years they're gonna all be jokes and those people are gonna be jokes. They're the ones, some of them should be put in cages now to be looked at because they're gettin' very rare, you know.

- Jimi Hendrix

August 8, 2005:

CBS Television broadcasts the 1998 comet flick Deep Impact in a not-so-subtle attempt to persuade kids that our leaders have the whole situation under control (and if you believe them, there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell to you…)

August, 2005:

Throughout August two new sections are developed for this website: The Woodstock Hurricane story, which was included with the 1994 MCA Records release of Jimi Hendrix At Woodstock, a CD I worked on and wrote the 28-page "hurricane story" for, and the second section we worked on, during late August, was the Mississippi Delta Blues story, which was originally included with the 1994 MCA Records release of Jimi Hendrix :Blues, a CD I also worked on and wrote the 28-page booklet for. For several weeks in August I was preoccupied with arranging information about the largest storm ever recorded in America - Hurricane Camille (the word "Hurricane" means Evil Wind). Camille smashed into the Mississippi Delta near New Orleans at the precise moment that Jimi Hendrix was dismembering the Star Spangled Banner on stage at Woodstock. The storm blew up the Gulf Coast and wreaked havoc upon the birthplace of the blues. We uploaded these pages onto this website on August 28. The following morning Hurricane Katrina repeated the destruction of Camille 36 years earlier by slamming into New Orleans. Imperceptive people will label this event a "chance coincidence."

August 26, 2005:

The Woodstock Hurricane Story is ready and uploaded onto this website.

August 28, 2005:

The Mississippi Delta Blues story is ready and uploaded onto this website.

August 29, 2005:

The next morning, Hurricane Katrina wreaks havoc through New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta on the morning after my webpages about the Woodstock Hurricane and Delta Blues in New Orleans appear on this website.

"So my love, Katrina and me, decide to take a last walk through the noise to the sea, not to die but to be reborn, away from land so battered and torn, forever..." - Jimi

The story of the Blues from the Delta around New Orleans appeared on this website on Aug. 28, preceded by the Woodstock "Hurricane Story" posted on this website on Aug. 26. These two stories show the "roots and fruits" of blues, growing out of the Delta and reaching fruition in the field at Woodstock decades later, just as Hurricane Camille laid waste to the Gulf coast around the Delta, where Jimi's music originates from. The coincidental intersection of our publishing these stories on line in the hours immediately preceding Katrina is no "chance happening." But what I love is the dominator's snickered insistence that these events are unrelated. It's easier this way, for them to remain deluded like that, as we race to set the stage for the Rock's historic wave to blow them away…

"The Wind, cries Mary. The WIND! SCREAMS Mary. And she whispers, 'No, this will be, the last…'" - Jimi

September 17, 2005:

On the eve of the 35th anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix, ABC TV airs in prime time the asteroid disaster movie Armageddon, starring Bruce Willis. At the behest of government officials, our media is setting the stage for an alarming announcement...

September 18, 2005:

The 35th anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix. Government officials wait until the next day to make a seemingly bizarre announcement:

September 19, 2005:

Brain-training begins as dominators now order us to pay billions for "Apollo On Steroids" - the race to get a new Noah's Ark launched for the Moon, so that only the affluent class can blast off to safe haven.

September 26, 2005:

CBS Evening News broadcasts this report about the new I-MAX movie produced by Tom Hanks: "Hanks has taken original color pictures and married them to new 3-D footage to give to millions what only twelve [astronauts] actually had - the feel of walking on the Moon...The movie's timing couldn't be any better with NASA now announcing plans to put a man back on the Moon by 2018...No matter how widely the dreams are shared, the parades of yesteryear...will run smack dab into big budget items like re-building an entire region [scenes of New Orleans area after Katrina] of the country. Which one wins the day is more than just a matter of reigniting passion on an I-MAX screen...

Anchorman: "Should we do it [go to Moon] again?"

Tom Hanks: "The question would be why?"

[NOTE: This report reeks with the media's complacent confidence in the complete stupidity of the average brainwashed viewer. How much more obvious can the situation appear? And yet not a single voice of insight is to be seen in any media anywhere - NOT A SINGLE PERSON OTHER THEN THOSE WHO READ THIS WEBSITE REALIZE WHAT IS HAPPENING! IS THIS TWILIGHT ZONE OR WHAT! What keeps running through my mind is the conversation I had with Paul Allen's representative in New York in April 1993 when they were sent there to inform me that they were about to destroy my career and silence me, they were so joyous over what they called "the dumbing down of the culture" - reveling in the knowledge that the vast majority of people would never be able to understand what I am explaining to them. And now today these bullies control world media, and they are like puppeteers pulling strings behind the scenes, and the goof-humor, cheerfulized zombie-audience is being taken for a ride, a trip to crash with an asteroid impact, but in the meantime everyone will be forced into slave labor in order to direct all resources into building an escape vehicle for the elite class to reach their safe haven on the Moon, where they will watch us all perish in the fire-storm that will sweep across our planet, like the bullet blowing into JFK's brain, our globe will splatter it's evil media matter out into what Jimi called "Moondust."]

September 26, 2005:

The European Space Agency [ESA] selects targets for their asteroid-deflecting mission named "Don Quijote." The ESA's press release states, "Don Quijote is a NEO deflection test mission based entirely on conventional spacecraft technologies. It will comprise two spacecraft - one of them (Hidalgo) impacting an asteroid at a very high relative speed while a second one (Sancho) will arrive earlier at the same asteroid and remain in its vicinity before and after the impact to measure the variation on the asteroid's orbital parameters, as well as to study the object.

"Based on the recommendations of asteroid experts, ESA has selected two target asteroids for its Near-Earth Object deflecting mission, Don Quijote. The asteroids' temporary designations are 2002 AT4 and 1989 ML.

"Industrial studies are now about to start; it will be down to European experts to propose alternative solutions for the design of the low-cost NEO precursor mission. This will be the first step towards the development of a means to tackle asteroid impacts.

"While the eyes of the world were on the Asian tsunami last Christmas, one group of scientists were watching uneasily for another potential natural disaster - the threat of an asteroid impact. On 19 December 2004, 2004 MN4, an asteroid of about 400 m, lost since its discovery six months earlier, was observed again and its orbit was computed. It immediately became clear that the chances that it could hit the Earth during a close encounter in 2029 were unusually high. As the days passed the probability did not decrease and the asteroid became notorious for surpassing all previous records in the Torino and Palermo impact risk scales.

"Impact…though unlikely, has not been totally ruled out. It is extremely difficult to tell what will happen unless we come up with a better way to track this or other NEOs and if necessary take steps to tackle them. Most world experts agree that this capability is now within our reach. A mission like ESA's Don Quijote could provide a means to assess a threatening NEO and take concrete steps to deflect it away from the Earth. In order to be ready for such a threat, we should try our hardware on a harmless asteroid first. Don Quijote would be the first mission to make such an attempt…Even a very dramatic impact of a heavy spacecraft on a small asteroid would only result in a minuscule modification of the object's orbit. In fact the change would be so small that the Don Quijote mission requires two spacecraft - one to monitor the impact of the other. The second spacecraft measures the subtle variation of the object's orbital parameters that would not be noticeable from Earth.

"ESA has selected asteroids 2002 AT4 and 1989 ML as mission targets because they represent best compromise among all the (sometimes conflicting) selection criteria. A decision on which of the two will become the final destination of both Sancho and Hidalgo spacecraft will be made in 2007."

September 27, 2005:

USA Today echoes headlines around the world: "NASA Administrator Says 'Space Shuttle Was A Mistake - Back To The Moon By 2018': The space shuttle and International Space Station - nearly the whole of the U.S. manned space program for the past three decades - were mistakes, NASA chief Michael Griffin said Tuesday.

"NASA chief Michael Griffin on the space shuttle: 'It is now commonly accepted that was not the right path.' Griffin said NASA lost its way in the 1970s, when the agency ended the Apollo Moon missions in favor of developing the shuttle and space station, which can only orbit Earth. 'We are now trying to change the path while doing as little damage as we can.'

"Griffin announced last week that NASA aims to send astronauts back to the Moon in 2018 in a spacecraft that would look like the Apollo capsule...since he became NASA administrator, Griffin hasn't been so blunt about the two programs. Asked Tuesday whether the shuttle had been a mistake, Griffin said, 'My opinion is that…it was a design which was extremely aggressive and just barely possible.' Asked whether the space station had been a mistake, he said, 'Had the decision been mine, we would not have built the space station we're building in the orbit we're building it in.'"

[NOTE: It is not possible for the situation to become more obvious, yet, like ostriches in Atlantis, much of the human herd will seek to not see right until the end.]

October 31, 2005:

An article in England's Register newspaper reports, "NASA has a plan for asteroid deflection - Good to know, sort of: NASA has outlined plans for dealing with an asteroid a quarter of a mile wide that astronomers believe is on a near-collision course with Earth. The agency says there is no need at present to dispatch a radio transponder to the asteroid, but adds that it will be keeping a close eye on the rock's progress through the solar system…the asteroid, which used to be known as 2004 MN4, has now been dubbed Apophis. If the current estimates are correct, the asteroid will miss our planet by just tens of thousands of miles…in 2029…in astronomical terms, it is a very near miss.

"In addition, the proximity of the pass is likely to be such that the gravitational interaction between the asteroid and the Earth could alter the rock's projected orbit, making it more likely to hit us…If it did hit, the damage would be substantial…If it hit a city, there wouldn't be much urban life left, and if it landed in the sea, it would trigger a potentially destructive tsunami.

"The space agency says that if the asteroid still appears to be threatening Earth by 2013, it will start work on a mission to visit Apophis with a probe in 2019. This would be followed by an attempt to deflect the asteroid some time between 2024 and 2028. It also estimates that planning and executing a deflection mission would only take seven years from start to finish, rather then the 12 suggested by the B612 Foundation. This would make it unnecessary to mark the asteroid with a transponder before 2021, when a decision on deflection would have to be made, because by then scientists should have a far more accurate idea of the path Apophis is going to take.

"The Deep Impact mission would serve as a model for the deflection attempt mission, although presumably the impactor would be considerably more massive than Deep Impact's 300kg chunk of copper.

"NASA's plans were made public by the B612 Foundation, a group agitating for more action from governments on the threat from Near-Earth-Objects (NEOs). In June this year it asked NASA whether Apophis needed to be tagged with a transponder, and what NASA would do if the asteroid did turn out to pose a serious threat to Earth.

"The B612 Foundation says that while it welcome's NASA's response to its questions, if it hadn't raised the question 'the current understanding of the Apophis circumstances might not have developed. This is not an acceptable scenario.'"

[NOTE: In other words, the less the "public" knows, the better.]



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