(But Doesn't Report the Crime...)

- by James Sedgwick -

The Nicole/Spears Conspiracy:

Driven by Disgust to O.D.

On February 8, 2007 Anna Nicole Smith saw the headline report below, with photo of Microsoft's homely toad, on the homepage of ABC, and she decided to die. How many other innocent victims were driven by disgust to O.D. upon seeing this horrific description of the anti-Jimi, the Murderer of Earth? Certainly the article is responsible for having driven Britney insane, as a way to escape the pain that this hideous pig inflicts on us all. The Smith/Spears hysteria had an effect of burying news reports about Bush's treason, along with related headlines on the trial of Cheney's criminal Chief of Staff. The question remains: did ABC intend to kill Smith with this intolerably torturous story detailing the evils of EMPeror Paul Allen? During the hours prior to Anna's death, the main headline of the day was the publication of a Congressional report investigating Bush Administration lies that instigated the war in Iraq. How convenient that this deadly ABC article shown below should appear and drive Smith over the edge at the precise moment when news of her death knocked right out of the news cycle all headlines about Congress's report on Bush's lies...

Proceed to your own peril...

Murderer of Earth

ABC News: "Paul Allen: World's Sixth-Richest Man and Bill Gates 'Quirky Twin' - Allen…owns an array of toys that would make any brother jealous…Though Allen supports scientific causes, he also owns two professional sports teams and a pop culture museum devoted to rock and roll and science fiction…Allen owns…the NFL Sea Hawks and the NBA Trailblazers - and this week bought back Portland's Rose Garden just to keep the team in town.

"In 2006 Allen donated a modest $50 million - about 5 percent of his total wealth, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. But critics say that given his wealth, Allen should be more generous. Peter Singer, professor of bioethics at Princeton University, said the 'super rich' should spend less on extravagant lifestyles and put their money to work to make the world a better place. 'But Allen falls below any standard for a minimally decent level of philanthropy,' Singer continued.. 'And look at the things he spends his money on - sports teams that are losing tens of millions of dollars a year, and a yacht that is the fourth-longest in the world. Really, is that what the world most needs right now?'"

[NOTE: The irrationality and blame rests with the herd of voters whose media has persuaded them to allow anyone, including evil EMPeror Allen, to "own" such an amount of world resources. We'll now pay the price as we see him murder Earth with funds that the dumb herd enabled him with.]

ABC: "Paul Allen is somebody who shows his passions through his giving. But he's very private about it 'The thing about Paul Allen is that everybody's heard of him, but nobody knows what he's doing.'"

[NOTE: The EMPeror has to keep a low profile because he's a brutish bully thug hiding his motives, which are described in the book Rock Prophecy. Mr. Allen shows his "passionate" hatred for Michael Fairchild by "giving" millions to destroy Fairchild's career and pay hush money to media to keep Fairchild's insights out for the news artificially. Using ABC's litany below of organizations that "front" Mr. Allen's abuses, First Century Press will expose the tragedies behind "what he's doing."]

ABC: "Allen built a $240 million popular culture museum in Seattle that has a huge collection of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia."

Experience Music Project = EMP

[NOTE: That "huge collection of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia" at EMPeror Allen's "Hendrix Museum" (the EMP, i.e. Experience Music Project ), in Seattle got there because Fairchild worked for years to make the collections available to Mr. Allen's project - after the deal was complete, Fairchild was refused payment for his work and Mr. Allen started funding a bogus lawsuit against the Hendrix company to prevent Fairchild from becoming its director. Fairchild was trained for seven years to be the next director of the official Jimi Hendrix production company and during that time Mr. Allen became obsessed with a jealous rage to destroy Michael Fairchild. Allen waited until after Fairchild ushered the collections into the Hendrix Museum and then began his attack.]

ABC News: "Allen plays guitar in an amateur rock band and has a recording studio aboard his yacht."

[NOTE: The EMPeror became insanely jealous over Fairchild's understanding of Jimi Hendrix. He spent millions to have film director Martin Scorsese produce a dismal TV rebuttal to Fairchild's production of the Jimi Hendrix :Blues CD released by MCA Records. EMPeror Allen is especially jealous of Fairchild's ability to effortlessly perform the world's finest recitals of Hendrix music. The Microsoft toad is routinely seen fumbling the frets of a Strat in pathetic attempts at lame imitations of Fairchild's performances:]

ABC: "With $100 million he established the Allen Institute for Brain Science [that] produced a 'brain atlas' to pinpoint the cellular workings of the brain."

[NOTE: Among Michael Fairchild's many writings published while he was at the Hendrix company are his assertions that Hendrix represents an evolutionary mutation in brain perceptions. Mr. Allen began attacking and rebutting Michael's insights with a lavish production called Evolution for PBS TV (Mr. Allen co-opted PBS in the mid-1990s as a platform from which he continues to attack the breakthrough revelations of Rock Prophecy. Evidence that the EMPeror secretly concedes the correctness of Fairchild's claims about Jimi's brain mutation is seen in the grotesque Allen Institute for Brain Science. The EMPeror spent millions to pay off Jimi's Japanese step-sister for the rights to literally dig Jimi's remains out of his grave (they did this on Jimi's 60th birthday) to obtain the ultimate "Hendrix collector's trophy" - a King Tut-like mummy of Jimi today encased in Mr. Allen's Frankenstein lab. The EMPeror then proceded to farm out tissue from Jimi's decayed brain to a parade of DNA and genetics specialists he hired from around the world to try and "unravel" the genetic code of Jimi's mutation. Like lab rats these witch doctors today are paid to brew exotic concoctions from the material, with which the insane EMPeror injects himself in hopes that he may one day be able to remote view the doomsday rock due to collide with Earth.

ABC: "He recruited aviation pioneer Burt Rutan to build and launch Space Ship One."

[NOTE: After reading Rock Prophecy in "1995", Mr. Allen ordered his sycophant lackeys to set up a bogus "competition" called the "Ansari X Prize" to front his rush to construct for himself a means to leave the planet at a moment's notice prior to asteroid impact. Burt Rutan was recruited to design the vehicle SpaceShipOne unknowingly for this purpose. The space craft is ready and waiting at a moment's notice to enable an escape to the safety of the Space Station, where the EMPeror paid off NASA to have a luxury penthouse suite constructed for his comfort.]

ABC: "Allen donated $13.5 million to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence [S.E.T.I.]."

[NOTE: S.E.T.I. is a front group for a huge new assembly of satellite dishes called The Allen Array (a/k/a Mr. Allen's Disarray). Media is ordered to report this organization as an effort to detect "signals" from alien civilizations in space, but it's true mission is to scan the skies for the next rock to impact our planet. Mr. Allen's Disarray will navigate the launch window for SpaceShipOne, from which the evil EMPeror will televise our demise after asteroid impact live via MSNBC - his Microsoft media propaganda TV network.]

ABC: "His 416-foot yacht 'Octopus,' with its permanent crew of 60, two helicopters, a submarine and a remote-controlled vehicle for crawling the ocean floor, cost him $200 million."

[NOTE: The purpose of these ocean going vessels is expedition to the polar ice caps, beneath which the EMPeror's submarine is dispatched to implant chemical specimens for later staged retrievals within ice cores extracted from the caps for science labs. The labs are thus set-up to "discover" the artificially planted chemical data within. The presence of chemicals at various depths within the ice columns are used as "proof" to persuade us that past climate catastrophes on Earth resulted, not from space rocks, but from volcanoes.]

ABC: "Paul…looks past the horizon to see how he can make the biggest difference in the long run - not the short term,' said [a sycophant called "Skank"]. 'He's the biggest thinker out there.'"

ABC: "Paul looks past the horizon to see..."

[...if he can spot the Rock aimed at Earth in enough time to get himself to safety.]

ABC: "To see how he can make the biggest difference..."

[ see how he can make the biggest rip-off by launching Space Ship One to the Space Station safe house he bribed NASA into building for him at taxpayer expense.]

The EMPeror's Escape Vehicle

ABC: "He's the biggest thinker out there."

[He's the biggest stinker out of his mind. That we all allow this satanic anti-Jimi to exist is what seals our fate as a race awaiting asteroid disaster.]

ABC: "Allen was not available for an interview because he was on a pleasure trip."

"The thing that hangs me up are the very bad laws that are happening, the way the country's being run. You see badness, you can see evil right in front of your face as soon as you turn on the TV. They choke their own selves. They get so greedy with the money, they don't want to give it up. It's nothin' but a drug, 'matter of fact it's one of the worst drugs."

- Jimi