A Mogul Controlled Media Hoax


In December 1992 GUITAR magazine published this article below in which I describe the book that was then being produced titled "Room Full Of Mirrors":

.....................................- Guitar Magazine - December 1992 -

The Following year (1993), in two separate radio interviews, I described work on the book Room Full of Mirrors and the movie with this same title:

Michael Fairchild: "There are several books in the works, at the Hendrix estate company, one is his autobiography, we gathered all of his quotes from all sources, interviews, tapes, and compiled that and have been editing it down into a book called Room Full Of Mirrors - Jimi in his own words. At the same time producing a film called Room Full Of Mirrors, in London."

"What happened to Jimi's guitars?"

Michael Fairchild: "They surface at auctions. The white guitar that he used at Woodstoock was bought by one of the Microsoft guys [Paul Allen] in Seattle. In Seattle they're building a huge museum [Experience Music Project, aka EMP], a memorial for Hendrix, he's from Seattle. One of the people from Microsoft, one of the wealthiest companies, bought his guitar."

- WCMF-FM Radio - Rochester, NY - March 19, 1993

Michael Fairchild: "The diary excerpts, that have the Ottawa and Rochester passages, are going to be published in September in a book from HarperCollins publishers. It's called Cherokee Mist - the Lost Writings of Jimi Hendrix. I wrote the introduction and did a lot of research for that, …and there's a new film being produced in London about Jimi Hendrix. It's called Room Full of Mirrors."

- CHEZ-FM Radio - Ottawa, Canada - July 19, 1993

Below is a picture of the original manuscript of the book "Room Full of Mirrors" - the autobiography of Jimi Hendrix "In His Own Words" - this book has been censored and suppressed by all world publishers for the past 17 years.

After the book Rock Prophecy was published at the "millenium," I sent a copy to a Seattle magazine called The Rocket for a review. The Editor at The Rocket read this page below, which is in the Introduction to Rock Prophecy, and about my book Room Full of Mirrors:

The editor of The Rocket, in Seattle, where Paul Allen and Microsoft are located, saw his chance to intrude himself into the history books. He immediately decided to side with Paul Allen and suppress any mention of Rock Prophecy. No review nor mention of my book appeared. Instead, in the issue of The Rocket that would have carried a review of Rock Prophecy, the Editor featured Paul Allen on the cover of The Rocket (see pic at left). The Editor then made his move to begin writing a biography of Jimi Hendrix and he decided to title his book "Room Full of Mirrors" knowing that eventually Rock Prophecy will make known through history the original autobiography of Jimi that I produced titled "Room Full of Mirrors." The Editor of The Rocket aimed to position his book, with its title ripped off from my 1990 book, so that when future readers search for information about my book titled "Room Full of Mirrors" they will instead encounter a book of that title written by himself. He then was careful to include in his book rumors about Jimi Hendrix being discharged from the U.S. Army for "homosexual orientation."

. . . . .

I responded by placing the following ad in Seattle newspapers:

At the same time, Paul Allen's MSN.com was broadcasting TV commercials around the world for the MSN internet website and in his commercials he was featuring the Rolling Stone magazine website as an example of the partnership content Microsoft is offering at MSN.com. In other words, Rolling Stone magazine had been bought off by Mr. Allen - "in bed together" as the vernacular goes. Rolling Stone has been censoring and suppressing all information about Rock Prophecy since the story was introduced to them in March 1998 . When the book was finally published at milleniuum time, Rolling Stone was sent a copy and continued their determination to conceal news of this most historic story. Instead, they, as The Rocket had, featured Paul Allen on the cover of the issue that would have carried news of Rock Prophecy, and Rolling Stone used a picture of Mr. Allen (shown at right) immitating me on guitar:

And then, when the rip off of "Room Full of Mirrors" was published in August "2005" (sic), Rolling Stone (having been co-opted by Paul Allen) lead the pack in giving this rip-off book publicity, so as to associate the title "Room Full of Mirrors" with a trashy hatchet job by the Editor of The Rocket, and NOT with the historic autobiography of Jimi Hendrix: In His Own Words. The real Room Full of Mirrors book (shown above) is what they intend to conceal, as they have for years, as they race to erace all news of Jimi's asteroid prediction.

At the same time that the Room Full of Mirrors rip off was published, NASA re-named asteroid 2004MN4 the "Apophis" (the Greek word for "Evil Destruction"). And simultaneously, Michael Griffin, the head of NASA, was ordered to announce that the space shuttle missions were "a mistake" and that NASA must return to the Moon by 2018. Then, in one of history's all time understatements, Griffin warned, "scrapping the Moon missions were not the right path."

"People must never be afraid of paths chosen by God." - Jimi Hendrix

[NOTE: Please be aware that for years the owners and staff at the Yahoo search engine have artificially/surgically removed this rockprophecy.com website from all listings under the words "jimi hendrix." Following the example of Paul Allen, the owners of Yahoo are intent on concealing the insights and research of Hendrix scholar Michael Fairchild, out of sheer pathological jealousy.
- James Sedgwick]