Concert clips & recordings of Michael Fairchild performing Jimi Hendrix music live.


The band tours were staged in order to get performance footage to use in the movies and lecture series being produced today by First Century Press.

Band Members

Michael Fairchild: guitar/vocals; Mike Caywood: bass; Andy LaClair: drums/backing vocals; Mike Thone: drums; Marco Ruggerio (from Toronto): drums; Rick Lundgren: bass.

Michael Fairchild

Toronto - NOW Magazine - November 2003

"Views", "Likes" and "Hits" Are All Fake, Fixed and Rigged
They Pay to Artificially Lower Numbers To Convince Us No One Cares

Michael Fairchild was named to head
the Jimi Hendrix estate production company.
Leo Branton and Alan Douglas
trained him for this, recordings prove it.
Microsoft intervened and pays millions
to keep Fairchild censored, because he has
the dirt on these companies,
insights currently being produced
into a series of movies.

Microsloth internet tech engineers infiltrate
web companies to rig the "hits" and "likes" numbers
for "fairchild" and "rock prophecy" so that,
for every 1000 hits, Microsloth tech minion software
deletes three zeros for anything about Fairchild online:
3000 hits is instead counted as "3" hits
100,000 "likes" becomes "100" and so on.

There are no laws that stop them from doing this.

Microsloth's goal is to convince us
that Fairchild's breakthroughs
are irrelevant and ignored.
This sham sets an example
of disinterest in Fairchild by rigging
his internet hits numbers into
a small fraction of their true figures.
Data is stacked by the Seattleland sham
because Fairchild is preparing
to expose the most valuable story of all time.

All "Likes" and "Hits" digits online for "fairchild" and "rock prophecy" are fake, fixed, rigged, fudged numbers. Seattleland's Microsloth tech engineers infiltrate web companies and insert software code to tweak website hits counters so that for every 1000 hits for "fairchild" or "rock prophecy" three zeros are deleted. 1000 "hits" become "1", 100,000 "likes" are seen as "100" and so on. They also rig search list results to omit any video uploads tagged with "rock prophecy" or "michael fairchild" unless the content is hostile to these topics. They aim to persuade us that no one is interested. But the opposite is true, so Microsloth uses most of its profits to pay off media to keep Rock Prophecy suppressed.

T.H.E.Y. have to do this because W.E. own the most valuable story of all time and it condemns T.H.E.M. forever for slaying all babies as the Murderers of Earth. There are no laws that stop them from tweaking web company hits and likes counters. Even if laws were passed (which their lobbyists ensure won't happen) there is no way for gubmint to enforce such laws.

Naive people who doubt this can go pray to Santa Claus. Dozens of new movies from First Century Press are in production, that's why it's taking much time. W.E. have the dirt on Seattleland vermin. Everything is to be revealed. And what you need to survive the asteroid storm descending for centuries on this planet is being withheld. You don't know and you won't know the equations that can save you, unless you complete the SINGLE DEED required to obtain these critical insights.

"No one on Earth will escape." - Jimi Hendrix

Microsloth controls the Hendrix estate
through secret deals behind the scene.
They arranged for the following videos to
show fake numbers of "hits" and "views"
- reduced radically from their true numbers:

VIDEO: Red House

VIDEO: Manic Depression

VIDEO: I Don't Live Today - Canada

VIDEO: Machine Gun

VIDEO: Message To Love

VIDEO: Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze/Villanova Junction

VIDEO: Straight Ahead - Canada

VIDEO: New Rising Sun/In From the Storm

VIDEO: Foxy Lady - Syracuse

VIDEO: Spanish Castle Magic

VIDEO: Earth Blues

VIDEO: Machine Gun - Buffalo

VIDEO: Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze/Villanova Junction - Burlington

VIDEO: Pali Gap

VIDEO: 1983 (a merman I should turn to be) Pt. 1

VIDEO: 1983 (a merman I should turn to be) Pt. 2

VIDEO: Voodoo Child (slight return) - Canada

VIDEO: I Don't Live Today

VIDEO: Little Miss Lover

VIDEO: Midnight

VIDEO: Foxy Lady - Canada

VIDEO: She's So Fine

This video is of Michael Fairchild performing, yet Microsoft's Experience Hendrix company said it is Jimi Hendrix performing and they told YouTube to take it down. Microsoft's disgusting dump front-company Experience Hemorrhoids doesn't even know when it is Jimi playing or Fairchild. Requests to have it re-instated on Youtube are ignored. A movie is in production about how Microsoft technicians have infiltrated YouTube with the assignment to reduce all "hits and views numbers" for Fairchild videos to a handful while paid-off click farms inflate fake numbers for guitar clowns backed by Microsoft.

Their bullying of Fairchild is cheered on and supported by the entire sapien species, which is now condemned. The equations that will save them is withheld by Fairchild, and we will see the entire dismissible civilization smashed to crap by asteroids as a result. Their rabid jealousy for Fairchild drives them to support boring dumb clueless guitar greaser substitutes who have no power to activate the mutations that Fairchild recitals do. What they had planned for Fairchild is what they have wrought upon themselves - absolute and unrepentant extinction. Not even the planet will remember sapiens ever existed.

"Jealousy envy waits behind him..." - Jimi Hendrix (Bold As Love)





2001 "XP" Tour

2003 Concert Tour

2004 Concert Tour

AUDIO DOWNLOADS (.mp3 format):

Jimi Hendrix songs played by Michael Fairchild -
Live takes, no overdubs. Vocals & instruments are recorded at the same time:

Little Miss Lover (2:54 .mp3 file 2.66 MB)

She's So Fine (2:35 .mp3 file 2.37 MB)

Castles Made of Sand (2:50 .mp3 file 2.60 MB)

May This Be Love (3:21 .mp3 file 3.07 MB)

Sounds of audience at Fairchild concert (1:49 .mp3 file 1.66 MB)

[NOTE: Please be aware that for years the owners and staff at the Yahoo search engine have artificially/surgically removed this website from all listings under the words "jimi hendrix." Following the example of Paul Allen, the owners of Yahoo are intent on concealing the insights and research of Hendrix scholar Michael Fairchild, out of sheer pathological jealousy.
- James Sedgwick]