EMPeror Allen & his sister Jody "Producers"

This is a report on the 2003 PBS program, The Blues, produced by Paul Allen, which, like his 2001 Evolution TV show, and Deep Impact movie, continues this Microsoft founder's obsession with producing low-brow rebuttals to Rock Prophecy. The book Rock Prophecy, and the 28-booklet for MCA's Jimi Hendrix :Blues CD, contain the insights that Paul Allen is intent to have removed from view and replaced by his 2003 PBS program The Blues.

Read the original booklet story for MCA's 1994 release of the Jimi Hendrix :Blues CD, which Mr. Allen had removed from the market.


"I wish they'd had electric guitars in cotton fields back in the good old days. A whole lot of things would've been straightened out."
- Jimi

"When the whole world is bored with automated, mass distributed video music, our descendants will despise us for having thrown away the best of our culture."
- The Blues - PBS TV 2003 - Program produced by Paul Allen

Likewise, when the whole world is shrouded in clouds of debris following asteroid impact, our descendants will despise Paul Allen for having thrown the baby out with the bathwater when he paid millions to conceal Rock Prophecy's explanation about the Retarded History that leaves us defenseless against collisions.

When Mr. Allen produced The Blues for PBS in 2003, he took aim at my writings about blues that are included in Rock Prophecy and in the Jimi Hendrix :Blues CD booklet (1994 MCA). The Hendrix :Blues CD that I put together reached the Top-10 on Billboard charts. My 28-page booklet included with the CD contains unique insights about blues. Paul Allen then initiated a bogus lawsuit against the Hendrix company to stop me from becoming the director. Tens of millions of dollars were paid to buy out the company and silence me. The people who were put in charge of the Hendrix company agreed during the lawsuit settlement to remove my name, and my writings, from all Hendrix products. The unusual view of the blues in my 1994 MCA booklet was banned from the market. Then Mr. Allen made sure that no media anywhere would mention Rock Prophecy, and no distributor would circulate the book. With my vision of blues censored from public view, Mr. Allen proceeded to hire Martin Scorsese to direct the PBS series which was designed to replace my views about Hendrix and the blues.

In the examples ahead, the thing to keep in mind is the effort by Paul Allen to remove and replace my concepts, while reducing his discussion of blues to superficial remarks.

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