DEATH OF HENDRIX: The Last 24 Seconds

Articles by Michael Fairchild:

THE ETCHINGHAM/MITCHELL FILES - The Original Article That Detailed New Information About Jimi's Death

WHY TAKE 5 HOURS TO CALL AN AMBULANCE - The Second Article Published With New Insights Into Jimi's Death

CHRISTIANS IN ROME - The Original Article That Sparked A Scotland Yard Investigation of Jimi's Death

MUSICIAN MAGAZINE STEALS/CONCEALS - My Research That Started the Scotland Yard Probe

Developing Payola Scandal (check back for details...)
Trying To Undermine/Replace the 2 Hendrix CDs
I Got Into Top-10 On Charts In the '90s
Moguls Pay to Write My Role Out of History...


VIDEO & MP3 AUDIO: HENDRIX '70 - CLEARING THE HAZE - First Comprehensive Assessment of Jimi's Live Tapes

MP3 AUDIO: FOUNTAIN OF TEARS - Hendrix/Kent State Connection

VIDEO & MP3: WHAT ABC-TV LOST! - Stolen Films of Jimi Hendrix at Miami Pop

Stolen Films of Jimi Hendrix at Miami Pop

VIDEO: GLADIATOR IN SILK - Jimi Hendrix at Madsion Square Garden "1969"

VIDEO/MP3: GUIDE TO JIMI'S MUSICAL GEAR - From Minute Musical Details to the Broadest Philosophical Context

VIDEO: BURNING OF THE MIDNIGHT AMP - Insights Into Jimi's Equipment

JIMI HENDRIX AT WOODSTOCK - The Original Hendrix :Woodstock CD Booklet Notes

JIMI HENDRIX BLUES - The Original Hendrix :Blues CD Booklet Notes

VIDEO: UNKNOWN HENDRIX - The 1990 Publication That Alerted the Hendrix-Curious About These Recordings

VIDEO: ABOUT A BAND OF GYPSYS - The Original BOG CD Booklet Notes

LIVE BOA & PIGTAILS - Film of Jimi With Frank Zappa

Brain DNA From Jimi's Grave - for EMPeror's Insane Frankenstein Experiment

Canada/New York Times/CNN Incident - Insights Into the Hendrix Family lawsuits

Remote View of Jimi Hendrix - "Apophis" - the Electric Love Asteroid

Hendrix Company Threatens To Sue Us For This - Lies For Profits

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JIMI HENDRIX - In His Own Words - Censored and Suppresed For Decades

The Book Rock Prophecy:
Sex & Jimi Hendrix In World Religions - the Original Asteroid Prediction & Microsoft Connection

TV News Report on Scotland Yard Investigation w/Fairchild "Hey Baby" in Toronto

Censorship & TV News :Blues with Fairchild Interview:

Original Video Banned on Youtube :Blues News Son House/Hendrix Connection

TV News Report on Hendrix Exhibition w/Fairchild "Purple Haze" in Toronto

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