Cause for Concern & "Persons of Interest"


In May 2006 a meteor was videotaped as it smashed into the Moon. Although the video has since appeared on several websites, the incident went strangely unreported by mainstream mass media (MSM). Then, an even stranger blackout occurred on June 7, 2006 when a meteor smashed into the country of Norway and exploded on the ground with the force of an atom bomb. Following the Indian Ocean meteor that caused the Christmas Tsunami in Dec. 2004, news outlets were put under orders to conceal all news of space rocks. Mass media suppressed every mention of the 2006 Norway impact. Only through the websites of obscure European alternative papers are the facts available.

Within days of the Norwegian explosion, three interesting and related events occurred. The first was the announcement from the government of Norway that their country will now become the repository for all world agricultural seeds for safe keeping in the event of a global catastrophie. The second related event was an announcement from Bill Gates that he will leave Microsoft to persue a role playing Santa Claus to third world nations (which remain impoverished because so much of world resources have been handed over to Microsoft). It was the Moon explosion in May, and the Norway crater in June, that made an impact on Mr. Gates. Following the Indian Ocean "Tsunami" meteor a year and a half earlier, astronomers are now aware that the Earth is entering into a prolonged period of increasing bombardments from a hail storm of space rocks that are starting to swarm past our planet.

While this information is concealed from us, by any means, the handful of moguls who control our governments are all aware of the situation. Any casual search of the web will reveal the number of billionaires who today are racing like madmen to follow Paul Allen's example and errect their own private space crafts as escape vehicles to the space station, where they'll all watch us perish from impacts, safely aboard their orbiting penthouse suites.

The third, and most bizarre, reaction to these recent impacts came from Warren Buffet, who, in a fit of religious "born-again-ness," became delusional and was "relieved" of his $30 billion fortune by Bill Gates. These people realize that as the Rock nears, money will become worthless. And as masses of their victims realize that it was because of the hoarding of world resources among the so-called "rich" that we have no defense against asteroids, people like Gates and Buffet will be hunted down by the waiting crowds.




And what is Mr. Gates intending to do with the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of human resources and energy that everyone here (delusionally) agrees can/should be available to private individuals? He is using the money to launch the world's most expensive research study into malarial carrying mosquitos!

At a time when all human lens should be looking outward at the skies to chart the course of incoming rocks, and build a defense, Gates is taking all of our money and doing the opposite - he's looking inwards through tiny microscopic perspectives as he obsessively ponders the wonders of his beloved insect collection.

For decades we've had the same argument: i.e "But these billionares can't be bad, look at all they give to charity, they're just like us average joes!"

To which I repeatedly tried to warn, "It's fatally insane to allow individual men to possess private fortunes, any one of them can go unhinged at any time, look at Bin Laden. No one deserves more money than another - everyone's experience and accomplishments in life are all the result of luck - literally dumb luck. We are wasting all of the energy that is supposed to go towards asteroid defense.


In the early morning of July 3, 2006, at the time that this new webpage was being uploaded onto the internet, including the report shown above about rocks heading towards Earth, an asteroid a half mile wide named 2004 XP14 (check out the "XP" connections on this website) nearly collided with Earth, coming about as close as the Moon. This passing was close enough to be visible to the naked eye in North America, so media could not conceal it, and today the world is abuzz with news of the Rock.

The Space Shuttle lift off, North Korea's staged missile launch charade today, and exploding Fourth of July fireworks, like mini comets igniting the atmosphere - all remind us of the time left for this civilization prior to impact - which today is measured in countable hours.

"Something like a great fiery Mountain was thrown into the sea...There fell a great star from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of the waters...And I beheld and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the Earth."

Revelation 8:10-13

"Electric Love penetrates the sky...the Mountains fall in the sea...the Sun refuses to shine...fly on my sweet Angel."

- Jimi Hendrix