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Below is published the Timeline from Rock Prophecy. This is not the book, it is a chronological list of events surrounding the creation of Rock Prophecy. For a brief background and description of the story, and context for the Timeline below, visit the ROCK PROPHECY PAGE before reading the Timeline.


January 4, 2008:

Associated Press reports, "Frozen in much the state it died some 37,500 years ago, a Siberian baby mammoth undergoing tests in Japan could finally explain why the beasts were driven to extinction. The 6-month-old calf is virtually intact and even has some fur, though the tail and ear of the animal dubbed 'Lyuba' were apparently bitten off. 'The discovery is an historic event,' said Bernard Buigues of the Geneva-based International Mammoth Committee. 'It could tell us why this species didn't survive and shed light on the fate of human beings.'

"'This is what we've all been waiting for - the chance to explain everything about the mammoth,' said Naoki Suzuki of the Jikei University School of Medicine. 'Our findings will be a big step toward resolving the mystery of their extinction.' The last of the ancient beasts are thought to have roamed the earth from about 4.8 million years ago to 4,000 years ago. Researchers have debated whether their demise was due to climate change or over-hunting by humans."

[NOTE: Mammoths were wiped out by an asteroid impact in Canada 12,900 years ago. Also wiped out were mastadons and Clovis people, as reported in June "2007" by the University of South Carolina. That this fact is not mentioned in the AP article above raises a red flag regarding the scientists who will analyze "Lyuba". There exists today a concerted effort by the ruling elite who fund these science studies to challenge and refute all data that demonstrates evidence of past asteroid disasters, as seen in recent attacks on the the cause of the Permian Extinction, as well as attacks against evidence that asteroid explosions caused the Dark Ages. On our website we're documenting this effort to skew science data. Conclusions drawn from the study of Lubya will be politicized into data designed to refute the Universtity of South Carolina's evidence for asteroid disaster as the cause of the mammoths' extinction.]

January 9, 2008:

NASA announces, "We have received numerous tracking measurements of asteroid 2007 WD5 from four different observatories. These new data have led to a significant reduction in the position uncertainties during the asteroid's close approach to Mars on Jan. 30, 2008. As a result, the impact probability has dropped dramatically, to approximately 0.01% or 1 in 10,000 odds, effectively ruling out the possible collision with Mars."

[NOTE: NASA's Red Planet Charade is the Cherry-On-Top of a Decade of Shame - the ELEVENTH TIME in ten years that an asteroid collision has been announced and then routinely followed up with an official government retraction of the prediction. These announcements were staged to train us to expect ALL predictions of asteroid collision with Earth will soon be "proved" wrong. The point is, through this media ruse, NASA and the elite have total control over our perceptions of asteroid threat. The result is that we'll be kept unaware of impending impact right up to the instant of collision. And as that hour approaches we'll see elaborate plans enacted to rescue a few billionares. Tax dollars from the enslaved worker herd will be disproportionately diverted into schemes of space station penthouse suites, luxury lunar condos, privatley run spacecraft escape vehicles, underground bunkers, and anti-asteroid pea-shooters from the Pentagon's Missile Agency (disquised as defense against "enemy missiles"). And through it all the science books will be re-written to refute all evidence of past asteroid disasters. Our dominator elite brain-trains the sheeple herd to dismiss and ignore the entire issue of space rocks, while simultaneously racing desperately to save themselves from an impending impact that only a small cabal of conspiritors know about. Upon being told of this, sheeple summarily attack the messenger whom dominator media labels a "prophet of doom."]

January 10, 2008:

Time magazine reports, "By now, scientists have a pretty good idea of what conditions were like in the Cretaceous period, which started about 135 million years ago, and came to a sudden end 70 million years later, with the death of the dinosaurs. Or rather, they think they do - but two new sets of research results suggest there's a lot more to learn. The first has to do with the period's cataclysmic close. In lots of people's minds, the mystery of what killed the dinosaurs and other species…was solved a couple of decades ago: a giant asteroid or comet slamming into the Earth, resulting in a dust cloud that shrouded the sun, cooled the planet dramatically, and killed off plants and animals wholesale. It's a compelling story, but plenty of scientists never completely bought it. The dinos died pretty quickly, they admit, but not quite abruptly enough to be explained this way. So alternate theories - the dinosaurs succumbed to allergies, from the rise of flowering plants, or to world-shaking volcanoes in what's now India, or to disease - have always bubbled around the periphery of conventional wisdom.

"Now the disease theory has gotten another boost, in the form of a book titled What Bugged the Dinosaurs, from the Princeton University Press. Authors George and Roberta Poinar specialize in ancient insects preserved in amber and also in fossilized dinosaur poop…From some of the insects, the Poinars have extracted microbes that cause leishmania and malaria - evidently new pathogens back then, against which dinosaurs wouldn't have had much resistance…the constant wear and tear of illness weakened the dinosaurs.

"The other recent challenge to conventional Cretaceous wisdom comes from a paper in the journal Science. It's pretty certain from many lines of evidence that the world was much hotter then. During a period called the Turonian, about 90 million years ago, things got especially toasty: In some places, during what's often called the 'super-greenhouse' years, the ocean's surface temperature approached 100 degrees F, and alligators thrived in the Arctic.

"So, how come there were massive glaciers in Antarctica at the time? Paleo-climate experts have seen hints of this oddity before, but the new Science paper nails it down much more firmly. Andre Bornemann, of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, along with several colleagues, got their information by analyzing the amount of the isotope oxygen-18 in foraminifera, tiny, shelled sea dwellers that thrived at the time. It turns out that when water evaporates from the sea but doesn't return (implying that it's trapped up on land somewhere, frozen), the ratio of oxygen-18 to oxygen-16 in seawater changes (O-18 is heavier, so it evaporates less). The foraminifera aren't picky; they just incorporate oxygen into their shells, in whichever form.

"What researchers found was a stretch of a few hundred thousand years during which foraminifera shells were unusually rich in oxygen-18, suggesting the presence of glaciers. Though changes in ocean temperature can also alter the oxygen balance, sea-bottom temperatures don't vary much no matter what's happening up top, yet the bottom-dwelling foraminifera still exhibited an oxygen imbalance, implying that the ice effect was more likely. Nobody can explain how you can have glaciers in a superhot world. But then, nobody can really explain how the world got quite that hot in the first place. Taken together, the hothouse glaciers and the sickly dinosaurs suggest a conclusion that should serve nicely as the new conventional wisdom about the paleontological past: Don't take conventional wisdom too seriously."

[NOTE: In other words: don't worry about asteroids. The larger aim of this article is to render ridiculous any consideration of humans as evolved to "remote view" the paths of rocks aimed at Earth. Jimi Hendrix, with his asteroid visions, is the first incarnation of this evolutionary mutation in ability. It's obvious that there's an effort being staged by a media elite to brain-train opinions by "science" designed to reach dominator-friendly conclusions. The above Time magazine article set out to: "suggest a conclusion that should serve nicely as the new conventional wisdom about the past" - i.e. an asteroid-free past - it's called: The End Of Science. The elite need us to stay cheerfulized with high morale as the worker herd is enslaved for the purpose of building escape vehicles, lunar condos, and underground bunkers for billionaires. If media elite allow us to dwell on asteroid disasters, money becomes worthless, sheeple won't work, and the elite get no escape vehicles/safe havens. SOLUTION: Refute evidence of asteroid impacts, create complacency, as the above Time report is "framed" to do.]

January 14, 2008:

In July "2007" First Century Press released on this website the movie "Death of Hendrix: The Last 24 Seconds." The movie shows how the asseration that Jimi Hendrix was murdered via a conspiracy between President Nixon and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover results from a psychological urge called "Inflating the Consequential" whereby people tend to suspect that the early deaths of historical figures involve a plot by opponents who seek to kill the important person. The Last 24 Seconds uses the assassination of President Kennedy as a prime example of this syndrome. In the movie we use a 1990s video interview with historian Robert Dallek, who says in our movie:

Oswald's Fist Salute

"People want to believe that the world is not that random, that things are not that chaotic, that something larger, bigger, was at stake here. because I think it's very difficult for them to accept the idea that someone as inconsequential as Oswald killed someone as consequential as Kennedy."

- The Last 24 Seconds - July "2007"

Six months after we released our movie with Robert Dallek's comments, PBS TV aired in January "2008" a new documentary called "Oswald's Ghost" which starts out with Robert Dallek repeating the idea used in my movie from six months earlier:

"How could someone as inconsequential as Oswald have killed someone as consequential as Kennedy? People are comforted by the idea that human affairs are not the product of random events, there's some larger force at work here."

- Oswald's Ghost - PBS January "2008"

Obviously producers and writers at PBS are monitoring this website and lifting concepts to insert into their productions. Oswald's Ghost goes on to debunk the strongest points of the JFK conspiracy theorists and make the case that Oswald acted alone in that murder. A trailer for the movie describes it as an "unprecedented deconstruction" of the JFK assassination, a claim that makes me think again of Robert Dallek's contention that many people want to believe "there's some larger force at work here." Such a "larger force" deconstruction is the subject of another movie that I produced in November "2007" called Missile Agency/MoonBase Charade (see JFK video excerpt below). This movie explains how President Kennedy led us to the Moon and then depicted, in miniature with bullets, why we need to establish lunar colonies: because of impacts, bullets = asteroids: we need to build a safe haven from asteroid disaster, that's the lesson of JFK. It's as if the assassin's bullet impacting JFK's head is analogous to an asteroid impacting the globe: bullet = space rock, round head = round globe. Thus, in a sense, there was "some larger force at work" and that bigger picture is the asteroid prediction of Jimi Hendrix. That we present the president's exploding head as a metaphor for why JFK (subconsciously?) sought safe haven on the Moon now transforms the Kennedy assassination into a fitting symbol for Rock Prophecy. This JFK symbol depicts: the asteroid/bullet, the Moonbase escape haven, the human tendency for "inflating the consequential" (i.e. like the fate of Jesus, a convicted, executed criminal, is "inflated" into sacred Godhead), and like Rock Prophecy, JFK is a symbol for rampant conspiracy theories. Certainly media censorship of Rock Prophecy, and the blacklisting that keeps this book concealed from viewers, results from a conspiracy to smear Jimi's vision. The hidden agenda behind the Missile Agency's real purpose, and NASA's lunar colony program (they're secretly designed as a response to asteroid impact), are both conspiracies orchestrated by our ruling elite who lie to us while building safe havens for themselves at our expense. The result is a level of conspiracy and manipulation of opinion that dwarfs any September 11th plot, or Alex Jones' Endgame class genocide, or even Zeitgiest's story of Orwellian thought control. The conspiracy to conceal Rock Prophecy has produced history's most intense censorship effort ever…

JFK Excerpt from Missile Agency/MoonBase Charade

January 15, 2008:

The National Science Board publishes Science & Engineering Indicators (SEI) 2008 - a biennial report on the state of science, engineering research and education in the United States. The report includes polling results for public opinions about government funding for science and technology: "Support for increased spending is greater in numerous program areas, including education (73%), health care (72%), environmental protection (67%)…Scientific research ranks about on a par with mass transit (38%) and well ahead of space exploration (14%) in the proportion of the U.S. population favoring increased spending."

- "Science & Engineering Indicators 2008," The National Science Board

[NOTE: Only 14% of Americans approve of increased spending for NASA. There is no public mandate for spending massive amounts of our resources to support a colony on the Moon. President Bush's lunar condo scheme was hatched by a corporate dictatorship that today fleeces taxpayers to divert public funds into luxury lunar safe havens for billionaires fleeing asteroid disaster.]

January 24, 2008:

"Largest Asteroid To Come Near Earth In 22 Years" is the headline at "The asteroid, named 2007 TU24, will make its closest approach on Tuesday (January 29, 2008), venturing as close as 1.4 times the distance to the Moon…Five hours of observations using NASA's Goldstone radio telescope in California, US, reveal that the asteroid is about 250 meters [several football fields] wide. The last time an object of about the same size was observed to approach Earth at about the same distance was in September 1985, says Don Yeomans, head of NASA's Near Earth Object program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, US. 'This will be the closest approach by a known asteroid of this size or larger until 2027,' he adds. But similar close passes probably occur more often and simply go undetected. 'There's a lot of objects zipping by that are not seen,' Yeomans told New Scientist, adding that about 7000 asteroids of about the same size are expected to venture near Earth's orbit, and only 20% have been discovered so far…NASA says it does not have the funding to comply with a directive by the US Congress to find 90% of all space rocks down to 140 meters across.

"Amateur observers with telescopes 8 centimeters (3 inches) or larger should be able to see the asteroid…JPL's Steven Ostro, who led the radar observations, said, 'We can guarantee that there's zero chance of any [TU24] hazardous close approaches to Earth until 2170'…but its discovery only a few months before its closest approach to Earth highlights the importance of finding potentially dangerous space rocks, astronomers say. Recent research suggests small asteroids, just a few tens of metres across, can cause significant destruction if they impact the Earth."

[NOTE: Mr. Ostro's government-funded (whitewash) assertion that "there's zero chance of any [TU24] hazardous close approaches to Earth until 2170" is misleading, because, as the article points out, "TU24's asymmetric shape hints that it may have formed when two orbiting asteroids fell together." A high percentage of asteroids CHANGE COURSE after being hit by other space rocks, or by the gravitational pull from close encounters with other objects in space.'s report on TU24 includes another quote from Mr. Yeomans: "This will be the closest approach by a known asteroid of this size or larger until 2027, however that doesn't mean we won't hear about another flyby of this nature before then…astronomers sometimes don't know [space rocks] are passing through until right before they do.

"If it hit in the ocean, which is more likely because two thirds of the Earth is ocean, it would create a tsunami, which would be devastating for the coastlines," said Yeomans, "the tsunami would be extraordinary if it hit in the ocean." But the December 2004 meteor crashed in a remote part of the ocean, away from viewers. In the event of an "out of view" ocean impact, media moguls had already agreed to blame the resulting tsunami on an "earthquake" and conceal news of asteroid impact. They need to keep us unaware of the real threat from space rocks. This is what they did for the Christmas Star explosion that caused the December "2004" Indian Ocean tsunami. To this day most people believe media lies about an earthquake alone causing those tsunami waves in "2004".]

January 24, 2008:

Following the death of actor Heath Ledger, published a list young dead celebrities titled "Gone Before 30" - the list includes 1950's actor James Dean, along with Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Sid Vicious, River Phoenix, Aaliyah, and Selena. Conspicuously missing from this list is Jimi Hendrix.

Even in strict musical terms, the significance of Jimi so obviously overshadows any of these other people. The cultural and historical importance of Hendrix so much further renders these other names forgettable within the bigger picture of influence and human evolution. My work with the Hendrix company over seven years was dedicated to defining specifically what the significance of Jimi is, which is why Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen spent $5 million to end my career and have my insights blacklisted by media. His intent is to remove Jimi from public awareness and relegate the Hendrix legacy to a collector's network of "guitar greaser clown" memorabilia, where we see the only mention or reference to Hendrix today. This list is the fruition of EMPeror Allen's intent to bury awareness of Jimi beneath an endless media parade of schlock mediocrity.

January 25, 2008:

In an article titled "End of Month Asteroid Twofer: Lessons Learned," reports, "Asteroid 2007 TU24 (Near Earth flyby Jan. 29, 2008) and Asteroid 2007 WD5 (Near Mars flyby Jan. 30, 2008) are a swift kick in the planetary defense pants. There are some lessons learned in the wake of their passage. Both are newly discovered Near Earth Objects (NEOs). 'Once again we've had an opportunity, prompted by nature, to think through the questions of what we would know and how we might react, were these objects actually headed for an impact,' observed former Apollo astronaut Russell Schweickart, now chairman of the B612 Foundation. 'Deflection will often be out of the question due to the paucity of data we'll have on them. Therefore, our actions will frequently be limited to providing short-term warning,' Schweickart added.

"TU24 is on a freight train path, slipping by Earth on January 29. Its closest distance to Earth - roughly 334,000 miles (537,500 kilometers) - will be at 12:33 a.m. Pacific Time (3:33 a.m. Eastern time) in the United States. That's close enough that the object should be observable by amateur astronomers glued to the eyepieces of modest-sized telescopes.

"WD5 blasts by Mars on January 30…'WD5's orbit will be perturbed by the Mars close approach,' said Donald Yeomans of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Ca. 'It will be difficult to follow thereafter because of the uncertainties introduced by the Mars perturbation. WD5 is a Near-Earth object and so will remain on our short list of objects that we monitor. Assuming we can get the necessary observations, we can track it years into the future.'"

January 28, 2008:

NBC Nightly News broadcasts this statement on network TV: "Government officials are tracking two massive objects that are hurtling towards Earth, but only one, a dead satellite about the size of a bus, is expected to hit somewhere on the globe. That is actually the good news. The other object is an asteroid about the size of a supermarket that is expected to make a close pass by Earth tomorrow, missing us by 330,000 miles, which is close, they say, in space terms."

[NOTE: When the announcer refers to the dead satellite crashing to Earth as "actually the good news" the implication is that the asteroid flyby is "the bad news" - the reason it's the bad news is that the probability of a future hit increases dramatically with each of these many asteroid near miss incidents. Which is why CNN's homepage carries a headline for an asteroid story that is in the Top-10 most read web stories on CNN for January 29th: (see below…)]

January 29, 2008:

The homepage headline reads, "Asteroid Risk Greater Than Once Thought…An asteroid that exploded over Siberia a century ago, leaving 800 square miles of scorched or blown down trees, wasn't nearly as large as previously thought, a researcher concludes, suggesting a greater danger for Earth. According to supercomputer simulations by Sandia National Laboratories physicist Mark Boslough, the asteroid that destroyed the forest at Tunguska in Siberia in June 1908 had a blast force equivalent to one-quarter to one-third of the 10 to 20-megaton range scientists previously estimated. Smaller asteroids approach Earth about three times more frequently than large ones. So if large asteroids approach about every 1,000 years, a smaller one would be about every 300 years, Boslough said. 'Of course there are huge uncertainties,' he said."

[NOTE: These probablity estimates for the frequency with which asteroids of various size strike Earth are open to interpretation. The assessments are based on selective planet science and their conclusions are politicized. Calculations that convince us of the unlikelihood of impact any time soon are designed to do just that - persuade us to dismiss as improbable the odds of asteroid collision. The criteria used to draw these statistical conclusions are at best specious and at worst rigged. Consider Peshtigo, Wisconsin, where 12,000 Americans were incinerated by at asteroid above ground explosion on October 9, 1871. Events like that are excluded from official asteroid impact probability assessments because the government interprets the October 1871 explosions over Wisconsin as "forest fires" - it's called the Peshtigo presto! Abracadabra shazam, suddenly the odds for future impact magically decrease. Multiply this scenario by a thousand-fold and you can see how easy it is to stack the data to show that impacts are very rare. Add to that the thousands of impact craters that have been eroded by Earth's dynamic crust and wiped away, and those other craters concealed by sediments at the bottom of oceans, or the thousands of lakes and ponds that were carved out by meteor cratering, and you have a perfect recipe to cook your probability calculation books to show extremely low odds of a hit over the next several centuries. The fact remains, these witch doctor probability statistics are tools of propaganda used to condition and mold our opinions about the degree of threat. Our ruling elite have nothing to lose by persuading us to dismiss the threat, and they have everything to gain by making us believe we're all safe from rocks. They need our tax dollars to build their Space Station/Moon Base escape havens.]

"Better understanding of what happened at Tunguska will allow for better estimates of risk that would allow policymakers to decide whether to try to deflect an asteroid or evacuate people in its path, he said…The center of the [1908] asteroid's mass exploded above the ground, taking the form of a fireball blasting downward faster than the speed of sound. But the fireball did not reach the ground, so while miles of trees outside the epicenter were flattened, those at the epicenter remained standing -- scorched, with their branches stripped off. If the asteroid had been as large as previously thought 'it would have had really different effects on the ground,' Boslough said. 'It wouldn't have just blown over trees. There would have been a zone of completely scorched earth for several miles,' he said. 'That fireball would have come all the way down to the surface and everything it came in contact with would have basically just vaporized.'

"Boslough presented the findings at scientific meetings in September and December. A paper on the phenomenon...has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Impact Engineering. Alan Harris, a planetary scientist at Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, said he's been following Boslough's work on Tunguska for several years. 'A meteorite or asteroid coming into Earth's atmosphere has a lot of momentum,' he said. 'The idea that it would push down into the atmosphere seems very plausible. The bottom line is it takes a lot less energy, a small explosion, to create ground damage' such as that at Tunguska, said Harris, who studies the frequency of such impacts to assess hazards. In the future, he said, he'll take Boslough's work into account and revise estimates of damage from impacts by smaller objects."

[NOTE: On this day when the CNN "Greater Risk Than Once Thought" article was in the Top-10 most read CNN stories, the most requested search made at Google is "asteroid." Many bizarre asteroid factors came together during this unique last week of January "2008":

1) Mars is nearly impacted by asteroid WD5. Mars is a much smaller planet than Earth, the probability of an asteroid approaching the red planet is therefore smaller, yet it happened this week, meaning that the incident increases probability of a hit on Earth.

2) Earth is nearly hit by asteroid TU24 within 24 hours of Mars being nearly hit. The probability for future Earth impact therefore skyrockets...AND...

3) Simultaeously, NASA announces that a bus-size satellite has died and is crashing back to Earth next month, so the asteroid incidents are reported along with the satellite news. People everywhere wonder where will NASA's space junk land?

4) And while all this is being reported, the Boslough study about the size of the 1908 asteroid that exploded over Tunguska, Siberia is released, demonstrating that even smaller space rocks, which go undetected by astronomers, but are much more likely (because of their numbers) to target Earth than larger ones, are still capable of inflicting massive, potentially catastrophic damage to the Earth and the environments that sustain food production.]

February 1, 2008:


Microsoft's $44 Billion Bid To Suppress Rock Prophecy

As our website's trillions of readers throughout this galaxy have painfully witnessed, the search engine has for centuries artificially and surgically deleted from all web searches under the words "jimi hendrix."

Yahoo dominators deny that all cultures based on acceptance of inequality between people are destined to contract a condition called "Retarded History" - fatal set-backs in our development of anti-asteroid technology. Retarded History results from the demise of society's most brilliant minds who're confined to third world impoverishment maintained by dominators. The pathetic delusion that one segment of the population deserves more than another segment creates ages of conflict that tragically distracts from the collective effort necessary for the marshalling of resources into asteroid defense systems. That this reality is enshrined in the Hendrix legacy is what Yahoo seeks to conceal from those who pursue web searches for information about Jimi.

And it is this engine of web censorship that has attracted the even greedier evil of Microsoft. Like Yahoo, the Microsoft search engine too has for ages staged a blockade to obstruct web searches from reaching the promised land. The Rock Prophecy website and book explains Microsoft's role in Retarded History. The Murder of Earth could have been stopped had Rock Prophecy not been suppressed by Microsoft.

So, from Yahoo's search engine censorship conspiracy, Bill Gates concocted the "Yah-oogle Scheme." His problem is Google, the only engine which for years has included in searches under the words "jimi hendrix." Through Google the true gooniness of Gates' buffoonery is on display for the known galaxies.

To fathom the pain of angst and constipated consternation this causes Mr. Bill, we need to see things from the perspective of this true loser. Mr. Bill's days of luxury are numbered. As the asteroid nears, money becomes meaningless and those who know Microsoft's role in causing the impact disaster will seek out these evil dominators in the Lost Continent of Seattleland. Chased into the streets by the wrath of the mob, these Micro-nerds will suffer the brunt of Fair(child)ness administered for their crimes. And what is the eternal legacy of Gates & Allen?

Whatever future life stumbles upon the rubble of this soon-to-be asteroid-smashed planet will analyze Microsoft's Gates & Allen duo and conclude these brutish, delusional Lucifer losers have devolved into an anti-Buddah-BlutoJudasPontiusPilate GenghisKhanHitlerStalinOilCanHarryK-FedCheneyBush.

So Mr. Bill suffered a panic attack and he began to offer billion dollar bribes to any company that can effectively suppress Rock Prophecy, starting with Yahoo. His Yah-oogle Scheme is aimed at dominating web search engines and putting Google out of business - thus closing the only remaining portal for cyberspace access to my website. On February 1, "2008" he ordered Yahoo to accept a paltry $44 billion and submit to his scheme for domination.

"They tie-up their brains and in the process they try to build their own heavens. They want to be written down in war history, they want to be written down in money history, you know, and those things are nothin' but jokes, in the next few years they're gonna all be jokes and those people are gonna be jokes. Some of them should be put in cages now to be looked at because they're gettin' very rare, you know…These buildings ain't goin' to be there for all that long, so why be like that?"
- Jimi


February 20, 2008:


A Faked Sense of Safe As Meteor Chases the EMPeror

As the satellite/eclipse events described below unfolded, a meteor (pictured here) was tossed by the Deity into Washington State. The meteor was aimed to chase the "anti-Jimi" Paul Allen in the Lost Continent of Seattleland:

Feb. 20, 2008 Washington State Meteor

PBS NEWS HOUR: The malfunctioning spy satellite, about the size of a bus, has been orbiting the Earth since its launch in December of 2006, and it's now losing altitude. Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chairman General James Cartwright said last week that the Pentagon wants to prevent the noxious fuel on board -- hydrazine -- from contaminating the area where the satellite would otherwise crash to Earth. Cartwright denied speculation that the Pentagon was trying to keep the satellite's sensitive technology from falling into the wrong hands.

GEN. JAMES CARTWRIGHT: There's some question about the classified side of this [destroying the satellite to keep spy secrets from falling into enemy hands]. That is really not an issue. Once [the satellite] goes through the atmosphere, with the heating and the burning of it, that would not be an issue in this case. It would not justify using a missile to take it and break it up further.

ABCNEWS.COM: The Defense Department says the purpose of the shootdown is to prevent chunks of the 5,000 pound satellite or any of its highly toxic fuel from raining down on cities or towns. But the $74 million mission has been dogged by doubts that the satellite poses any real danger, and that the true purpose is to test the Pentagon's ability to hit an enemy's satellite. The Pentagon denies that the attempted shootdown is a camouflaged weapons test.

[NOTE: Two years ago this "malfunctioning" missile hoax was pre-planned to coincide with today's total lunar eclipse, the last such eclipse of the Bush presidency. The Pentagon planned to direct our attention to the Moon as a backdrop for their satellite shootdown. Bush's scheme is to swindle tax payers into funding safe haven colony lunar condos for billionaires to escape the imminent asteroid disaster on Earth. The Pentagon "spy" satellite itself was empty all along, it did not malfunction after launch in 2006, as is claimed. It was designed to appear out of control. The Pentagon needs to make a case that the satellite's re-entry fall back to Earth would be at an unpredictable time and place, therefore they need to shoot it down. The intent is to stage a phoney target practice and suggest to us that they can do the same to asteroids aimed at Earth. Today's lunar eclipse space target hoax is Goebbels-esque showbiz aimed to brain-train us to think we're safe from asteroids, to bolster the morale of the worker herd slaves who're deceived into approving tax dollars spent on Moon colonies for moguls who pull media strings behind the scenes.]

The PBS NEWS HOUR interviews Ted Postol, a professor of science, technology and national security policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). A former science adviser to the Navy, he's written extensively about missile defense technology:

PBS NEWS HOUR: General James Cartwright said if [the satellite's tank and fuel] were to hit the ground, the dispersal would be about the size of two football fields and anyone who breathed it would have real lung damage and that prolonged exposure could lead to death.

MIT Prof. Ted Postol

TED POSTOL: The argument for shooting at the satellite is not justified based on the argument that the hydrazine presents a threat to people on the ground. It's extremely improbable that this stuff will reach the ground. I don't think the idea has any technical merit. What you have is a vehicle that's in space. It's built as light as it possibly can be, because it's a satellite designed to just be in space. When this thing hits the upper atmosphere, large pieces of it are going to burn up. Now, there will be big pieces that survive to the ground, but the idea that this hydrazine tank will survive to the ground really makes no sense.

Let me just give you an example. This hydrazine tank is going to decelerate at a rate of 50 Gs. What that means is I take this spherical hydrazine tank and I accelerate it from rest to 1,000 miles per hour in one second. This spherical tank is going to squash up and break open. The hydrazine is going to behave like a snowball fired out of a cannon. It's just going to spray all over the place, stop in the upper atmosphere at an altitude of 60 or 70 miles, and it's never going to reach the ground. There will be pieces of the satellite that reach the ground, but the hydrazine is never going to come close to the ground.

You don't know where the big pieces from this satellite are going to fall and although there's a low chance of there being damage on the ground, or individuals being injured or killed, the piece of it that's associated with this solid hydrazine container is a near-zero probability to play a significant role. This is a bus-sized object and the kill vehicle is maybe a 50-pound kill vehicle, that's fairly compact. So it's sort of like shooting an empty soda can with a bullet. So you're going to cause damage to the structure, but you don't know where in the structure you're going to cause the damage. And if the hydrazine tank was a threat, as claimed -- and I don't think it is -- you would have a high chance of missing it.

I think the risk is really -- if you want to call it a risk -- I think the international repercussions are quite serious. I think people who look at this from a political point of view will see this, as I believe it probably is, an attempt by the United States government to show the world that it's got a large-scale, operating, low-altitude, anti-satellite capability.

ABC WORLD NEWS: [The missile launch] costs more than $70 million, and the satellite isn't cheap either, the government won't say how much it costs, because it's classified.

[NOTE: It's "classified" becuase the satellite was empty, as Ted Postol said, "like shooting an empty soda can," except for a homing device inside that transmitted a signal to the "kill vehicle" missile so the primitive interceptor would zoom in on the signal and not miss its target. In other words, a rigged test, made to look like a technical challenge so the Pentagon can be seen saving us from a threat in the sky. The implied lie is that they can do the same for asteroids. They can't.]

PBS NEWS HOUR: The shoot-down was originally planned for today, but weather delayed the operation. It will be rescheduled when conditions are right...

[NOTE: During early evening on February 20th, world media was reporting that the satellite shoot was being postponed. I thought this was odd because it was obvious that this "defective satellite" charade hoax was designed two years ago specifically to coincide with the last lunar eclipse of the Bush presidency. And sure enough, despite the odds and risks that caused an announcement that the shoot would be delayed until tomorrow, Pentagon officials went ahead as originally planned, waiting precisely until the full lunar eclipse to stage their faked play anyway, risks or not. The Moon had darkened to a bloody red disk as the missile ship discharged its load at the bogus hollow satellite.]

"The night I was born,
the Moon turned a fire red" - Jimi


Pentagon's Satellite "Explosion"
Animation by Disney Cartoons

The eclipse is over, we're all told we can now go to bed, the tooth fairy has sprinkled stardust in DreamWorks-land. The Wicked Witch is liquidated, Dorothy is safely home, happily ever after, Britney's back in rehab, dumb sheeple have wool pulled over eyes...




LOCAL NEWS TV REPORTER: Local Fire Department Hazmat crews say they were ready in the event that debris from the satellite landed in Rochester. And they're still ready. The Federal Government WANTS local agencies to be prepared...[a white booklet appears on screen] It's not your average memo from FEMA: "The First Responder Guide For Space Object Re-Entry."

FIRE DEPT. HAZMAT DIRECTOR: (facial expression of deep concern) It's not something you see every day.

TV REPORTER: The Fed wants local agencies ready as the Navy attempts to shoot down a faultering spy satellite [i.e. ASTEROID].

HAZMAT DIRECTOR: We are prepared, we are always prepared for whatever is coming our way.

TV REPORTER: Even it it's [AN ASTEROID] coming from space?

HAZMAT DIRECTOR: (as if reassuring his four-year-old daughter after a nightmare) Even if it's [AN ASTEROID] coming from space.

TV REPORTER: (speaking extremely slowly, like an automated phone prompt menu, trying to be comprehensible to the wayward-child 8th-grade intelligence level of his local worker herd audience...)


"PLANITARIUM DIRECTOR" LOCAL TV INTERVIEW: The obvious questions are: Is something going to hit us?, and can we see it?

TV REPORTER: The answer is likely no and no. The sky doesn't appear to be falling just yet.

TV REPORTER: The Guide from FEMA also has advice for the public: If you do encounter falling debris [ASTEROIDS], call 911.

"If today we were to discover an asteroid, about all we could do is try and launch a nuclear warhead on currently existing launch technology. If you're assuming that, if there's an incoming object, somebody's going to get a call and say 'Don't worry, we'll take care of it,' you're assuming that that somebody is in the government, and there's nobody there to answer the phone."
- Space Policy Analyst Joan Johnson Freese - ABC News

PLANITARIUM DIRECTOR: If we're interested in being safe, I would say, instead of worrying about a satellite [ASTEROIDS], drive slower on the ice, that'll have more of an effect.

[NOTE: This comment about "ice" is why the Pentegon named today's missile charade test "Operation Burnt Frost" - because the area that I live in is covered with frost in February and because my articles maintain that our society is "Asteroid Toast" - thus:

Burnt Frost = burnt toast = pour burning rocket fuel over Rochester = burn St. Michael the Heretic at the stake.

And then they ordered that the rigged missile be launched by the ship U.S.S. Lake Erie, because I live near Lake Erie - a not so subtle threat that says I'm their real target in this satellite charade.

But the Deity intervened during their eclipse missile hoax and tossed a burning Rock into Washington State, chasing the EMPeror of Seattleland into his underground bunker for the dark eclipse, blasting a patch of burnt frostbite toast near the U.S.S. Putrid Sound:

Feb. 20, 2008 Washington State Meteor Explosion Aims For Evil EMPeror Paul Allen

It all comes out in the wash(ington) and dirty rags have numbered days, rigged fake missile charade or not...]

Our scene is to try and wash people's souls,
Street cleaner and fireman
having a hard time
Washing the off street,
My mother and the laundry
having a hard time
Keeping up with clean sheets
But he doesn't have to even cry
because his natural soul shall be washed soon
and he knows...and taps
his cousin on the shoulder
who was aware of the rumbling tracks
shaking his head, heart and feet...

The truth shall be known to all
we must prepare for the amazement
in how the truth shall be presented.
Nature shows more than anything
and it does get pretty amazing.
What's more amazing is how people miss
the warnings of tidal waves, volcanos, earthquakes, etc.
I know inside they pretend to miss the message.
We really could not care for our children.
Soon you may almost forget the smell of your family...

- Jimi

Film Footage Of Deity's Meteor Chasing Anti-Jimi Paul Allen In WA:
"Meteor Hit South of Seattle"
See? The Deity at Least Tried to Hit that Microsoft Thug

March 11, 2008:

Meteor Crater In Peru

Reuters reports: "Streamlined Meteorite Hit Peru Fast and Hard…A meteorite crashed in the southern Peruvian town of Carangas, near the border with Bolivia, September 16, 2007…digging out a deep hole and startling nearby residents, [it] traveled faster and hit harder than would have been expected, researchers reported on Tuesday. The object, which left a 49-foot-wide (15 meter) crater, was made of rock and, in theory, should have disintegrated in the atmosphere long before reaching the Earth's surface, said Peter Schultz, a professor of geological sciences at Brown University in Rhode Island. But the pieces stayed together and were speeding at 15,000 mph (24,000 kph) when they hit.

"'Usually only meteorites made of metal make it to the surface intact enough to scoop out a crater…It would make a hole in the ground, like a pit, but not a crater. But this meteorite kept on going at a speed about 40 to 50 times faster than it should have been going,' Schultz said. His team's observations suggest that scientists may need to change theories about the different ways objects can hit planets. 'We have to go back to the drawing board and think again. This just isn't what we expected, it was to the point that many thought this was fake. It was completely inconsistent with our understanding of how stony meteorites act,' he said. This could challenge conventional wisdom that all small, stony meteorites disintegrate before striking Earth. 'You just wonder how many other lakes and ponds were created by a stony meteorite, but we just don't know about them because when these things hit the surface they just completely pulverize and then they weather,' said Schultz."

March 12, 2008

CBS and the Associated Press reports: "Cheney Stresses Need For Missile Defense - Says Next President Must Continue Push For Defense Installations In Eastern Europe…Vice President Dick Cheney said Tuesday that the possibility of a 3 a.m. emergency call to the White House is all the more reason for the next commander in chief to follow through on President Bush's plans for a national missile defense. 'It's plain to see that the world around us gives ample reason to continue working on missile defense,' Cheney told the conservative Heritage Foundation at a dinner [in Washington] recognizing the 25th anniversary [March 11, 2008] of President Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, a proposed network of rockets capable of shooting down incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles."

[NOTE: Cheney: "It's plain to see that the world around us gives ample reason to continue working on missile defense" - IN OTHER WORDS: It's plain to see the world is surrounded by flaming asteroids. Regan's missile shield plan was shelved back in the '80s. Tests had shown it wouldn't work for decoys. But then in 1995 Rock Prophecy was seen by Microsoft and their D.C. cronies and nine months later in 1996 they had republican presidential candidate Bob Dole announce intentions to fund another missile shield scheme. This time it wasn't conceived of as a "missile" system though. Policy makers are using the veneer of a missile shield to conceal the real program: an asteroid defense system. They won't admit it because if panic breaks out it'll reduce the amount of our tax dollars funneled into safe havens for dominators - as this next report about a "Doomsday Vault" charade demonstrates...]

March 23, 2008

CBS TV 60 Minutes airs a report called "Doomsday Vault." We'll clarify the CBS narrative below with our [CAPS/BRACKETS] additions:

"CBS 60 Minutes is going to take you on a journey to the end of the Earth to show you a place that might someday save humankind [SAVE BILLIONAIRES]. It's a bank [SAFE-HOUSE] built to last 10,000 years. But…it's not money or gold that's on deposit. Currencies rise and fall with civilizations. 60 Minutes was there last month when the world's most important assets [THE UNJUST MONEYED ELITE] were made safe from climate change and nuclear war, locked deep inside the doomsday vault.

"Head towards the top of the planet, over the freezing Arctic Ocean, and you'll find a collection of ice-covered islands called 'Svalbard,' Norwegian for 'cold coast.' The islands are due north of Europe, administered by Norway [A REGION APPROPRIATED BY DOMINATORS TO FRONT FOR AN UNDERGROUND HIDDEN CITY. THEIR 'MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE'-STYLE CONSPIRACY INFILTRATED NORWEGIAN GOVERNMENT AND TRANSFORMED THAT STATE INTO A CHANNEL FOR MASSIVE CONSTRUCTION SITES BENEATH THE ICE], and among the last bits of land before the North Pole. Down on the water is the northernmost town in the world, Longyearbyen, with about 2,000 people [HI-TECH HOTEL STAFF FOR THE LUXURY SUBTERREANEAN RESORT].

Looking Up To Entrance

"From the outside, the vault looks like a concrete wedge pounded into a mountain. But as you walk through the door, you cross from a hostile wasteland into a safe house for humanity [INTO AN UNDERGOUND TOWN HOLLOWED-OUT FOR BILLIONAIRES]. 'If there are any big problems on the outside [IF THERE ARE ANY BIG ASTEROIDS OUTSIDE], this is going to survive [THEIR NEW ATLANTIS WILL SURVIVE],' says administrator Cary Fowler. 'We built it to last as long as we could imagine [UNTIL IMPACT WINTER CLEARS FROM THE ATMOSPHERE]. I don't know what was in the minds of the people who built the pyramids [THE SAME ELITIST SCHEME]. Maybe they were building to last forever too. But I can't think of anything that's built in our lifetime that's been built with this kind of time horizon [FOR AS FAR PAST EXTINCTION AS THEY CAN GET BY STEALING THE WORLD'S RESOURCES TO HOARD AWAY IN THEIR CAVE].'

"The treasures [RIPPED-OFF WORLD RESOURCES] that the vault was built to house came by plane and approached an airstrip at the base of the mountain nearby…Bill Gates paid for the shipping [THE SHIPPING OF ENOUGH CONCRETE, STEEL, MACHINERY, FOOD, FUEL, FRESH WATER, AND SLAVE LABOR TO BUILD A CITY. MICROSOFT BEGAN PLANS TO ESCAPE IN 1995 AFTER SEEING ROCK PROPHECY]. These are air locked doors. It keeps the cold air in [IT KEEPS THE RIFF RAFF OUT]. Inside the boxes that came off the plane are millions of silver envelopes…everything from chickpeas to wheat…to Chinese rice [THIS IS WHY WE'RE TOLD A 'FOOD CRISIS' IS HAPPENING - THE WORLD'S GRAIN RESERVES HAVE BEEN CONFISCATED INTO BILL GATES' UNDERGROUND ATLANTIS. WE'LL ALL STARVE WHILE THE ELITE LEECH OFF OUR LOSS].

Vast Underground Complex

"If an asteroid strikes the Earth, [60 MINUTES ACTUALLY SAID THIS, THE TRANSCRIPT IS ON THEIR WEBSITE], seeds to restart agriculture would come from the vault [DOMINATORS TO RESTART DOMINATION WILL CRAWL OUTTA THE VAULT]…the main purpose is to protect against a doomsday that is unfolding right now [AS HENDRIX PROPHECY UNFOLDS RATS FLEE SINKING SHIP].

"Doomsday doesn't have to come in the form of an asteroid [ACT LIKE THE ASTEROID ISN'T HAPPENING, DISTRACT US WITH FAKE CLIMATE CHANGE/FOOD-OIL SHORTAGE DRAMAS]. Doomsday can come in the form of an equipment failure or mismanagement, just human mismanagement or a lack of funding [DOOMSDAY COMES FROM LACK OF FUNDS TO SURVIVE - RETARDED HISTORY]. Svalbard may seem a strange place to build an ark [NO, IT'S NOT STRANGE, IT'S EXACTLY WHAT SCIENCE TELLS THE ELITE TO PAY FOR - AN UNDERGROUND CITY, AND A NOAH'S ARK MOON BASE - FUELED BY FOOD AND OIL RIPPED OFF FROM US ALL]. When the last of the seeds descends the tunnel [WHEN THE LAST BILLIONAIRE IS SAFE IN HIS HOLE], the lights will go out, the vault will be locked [POWER GOES OUT WORLDWIDE AS DEBRIS-CLOUDS SHROUD THE SKY. FROM THE SPACE STATION'S CLOSED CIRCUIT TV FEED, THE SUBTERRANEAN ELITE SEE LIVE ARMAGEDDON, BROADCAST ON MSNBC], and Cary Fowler will have achieved his life's work - preserving civilization's past [PRESERVING DOMINATORS] against an uncertain future [AS THE ASTEROID SETS COURSE FOR THE DOORS OF THEIR BUNKER].

"'So, if worst comes to worst,' says Fowler, 'this does save the world [THIS DOES SAVE DOMINATORS].'" - CBS TV 60 Minutes


[NOTE: The underground city was cloaked by 60 Minutes' make-up artists to appear like a safe vault for valuables. But suppose explosions happen today, how would survivors get into the locked vault? Who would know where the entrance is? The explanation from 60 Minutes doesn't make sense. Even the claim that the vault will hold crop seeds is specious. There won't be any birds, bats, or insects left to pollinate anything. It's obvious that something else is happening. A more elaborate plan's been hatched.]

Cleanse the Stench
of This Stinkin' Oder


"I come back to find the stars misplaced, and the SMELL of a world that is burnin',
Maybe it's just a change of climate." - Jimi

Why the Price of Everything Escalates to Enslavement:
Funding an Arctic Luxury Retreat of Last Resort - a Microsoft Production

A New Atlantis

Officials at the Club SeedBank retsort beneath the arctic ice cap take pains to divorce their subterranean safe haven from the asteroid threat. But our First Century Press exclusive underground (literally) investigation, informed by sources at the site of this monstrosity, is told the conspiracy to shuttle the elite to subterranean safety prior to impact collision was concocted in response to the publication of Rock Prophecy in 1995. When Microsoft moguls saw Jimi's asteroid prediction they began planning an escape to the Space Station above, and bunkers below.

Stone Condos Carved Outta Rock

Today an expansive underground city has been carved out of the Earth's crust and the complex is consuming more fuel and resources than the United States, China, Europe, and India combined. All of human resource shortages - from oil to copper, to depleted fisheries, to fuel rationing, dried up supplies of water, empty reserves of grain, and skyrocketing food prices - ALL are the result of Club SeedBank - the underground town where a cabal of billionaires siphon off and hi-jack world resources to hoard in their bunker beneath the Svalbard Islands in Norway.

The world's unjust moneyed elite have sponsored their own "Manchurian Candidate" secret-society politicians purchased into place to infiltrate Norwegian government, where they arranged to create an expansive complex under that nation's terrain. They aim to fortify this fortress with enough food, fuel, and water to last for centuries of subterranean luxury after the asteroid hits - a new Atlantis built from looted booty stolen outta the mouths of our children. The entire climate change charade is a mogul-controlled-hoax media-conspiracy designed to brain-train sheeple into passively relinquishing every last vestige of convenience and comfort. All in the name of perpetuating a Master Race of Dominators in their SeedBank Hades.

World Reserves of Grain, Oil, Fresh Water, Fisheries, Copper - All Hijacked Into Club SeedBank -
Even the Bees Are Being Hoarded...

Notice how designers shine blue & red lights onto the cave ceiling above,
almost resembling an outdoor sky.

The seedy plot includes Nazi-like spectacles where the herd is hypnotized with hysterical sports orgies orchestrated to drive us to require thousands of huge stadium arenas worldwide - only to wake up and find these barbwire bowls of a new Gestapo now transformed into waiting concentration camps. The Interstate highway loops that encircle our cities are designed to corral residents quickly through pre-designated routes that funnel us to containment stadiums built with our hoodwinked tax dollars. This is the "Katrina-ization" of the enslaved worker herd - ostrich heads rudely ripped outta sand - as the lights go out, electricity shuts off, and grocery stores empty out. Not even the Flintstones will be left to watch American Idolatry Idiot in primetime.

Fortress Under Ice, for the Unjust

This is the fate now upon us as media conceals the daily deployments of "missing persons" into these prepared concentration stadiums. As the asteroid approaches, the contained masses will be fully exposed to the Big Wind while their elitist overlords "duck and cover" in underground bunker luxury - sadistically witnessing the asteroid's atmospheric holocaust on closed-circuit TV beamed to the bunker from their orbiting voyeuristic "International" Space Station.

"Here I come to save the day…" - Jimi

But wait, our savior Jimi has re-routed the Rock to impact directly into the underground bunker! Club SeedBank is Ground Zero for the asteroid's path! The first to be vaporized is Bill Gates and his idiot EMPeror Allen.

These are the fantastic failings entailing that Capitalist Dracula, sucking the lifeblood of us "unlucky" everywhere. People are too sheeple-ized for democracy to work - look at the most viewed videos on YouTube - what more proof do you need? An endless parade of Vietnam debacles, Savings & Loan fiascos, bubble traps, stock market data stacks, fixed crashes, Enron cooked-books, WorldCom fudged-numbers, prefabricated mortgage meltdowns, staged credit crunches, rigged political competitions, orchestrated food shortages, steroid gladiator charades, medicated zombie kids, fixed gas rations - ALL the inevitable result of unfair dominator inequality, as profits run amok for the "lucky" on a doomed capitalist Titanic...


March 26, 2008:

Time magazine reports: "Bush Missile Defense is Challenged…the high-priced project - a derivative of the 'Star Wars' plan that President Reagan unveiled 25 years ago this week - still faces hostile political forces at home and abroad. The aim of developing a missile shield is at the core of President Bush's defense policy, although the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 showed that an enemy does not need rocket science to penetrate U.S. defenses…the newest twist in U.S. missile defense: extending the network of missile interceptors and radars to central Europe. But there also are strong signs that Moscow is now resigned to living with it on its doorstep…

"History has shown that a change of administrations in Washington can have a profound effect on missile defense. Reagan's speech outlining the strategy came on March 23, 1983. When President Bill Clinton was elected in 1992 his first defense secretary, Les Aspin, quickly dismantled the program, declaring that he was taking the 'star' out of 'Star Wars.' Shortly before he left office, Clinton decided against deploying an initial system of missile defense. President Bush reversed course, vowing to build effective missile defenses and opting out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in order to escape legal prohibitions on more expansive testing.

"Under Bush the budget for missile defense soared. The budget he inherited upon taking office in 2001 had $4.8 billion for missile defense. The next year it jumped to $7.8 billion; this year it is nearly $10 billion. Over the course of Bush's eight years as president the cumulative total likely will hit $70 billion. That compares with missile defense budgets totaling about $36 billion over the prior 10 years.

"A central point of debate for decades has been whether missile defense would work. In a sense, it's not possible to know at this stage because it has never been used against a hostile long-range missile…Supporters point to successful tests, while acknowledging that those simulate fairly simple attacks by single warheads rather than a possible real-world assault by multiple warheads using decoy methods.

"The Union of Concerned Scientists, a longtime opponent of missile defense, argues that any country capable of building long-range missiles would also know how to use decoys and other means of fooling U.S. interceptors. 'There is little or no prospect that the United States will develop a defense system that could defend against real-world, long-range missiles in the foreseeable future,' the organization said this month in a critique timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Reagan's 'Star Wars' speech."

[NOTE: The shield can't defend against "long range missiles" because it's designed for asteroids, but our leaders won't say that. What this Time article above seems intentionally to omit is how Reagan's missile shield plan was shelved back in the '80s. Tests had shown it can't distinguish between missile decoys in space. But then in 1995 Rock Prophecy was seen by Microsoft and their D.C. cronies and, nine months later, in 1996, they had republican presidential candidate Bob Dole announce intentions to fund another missile shield scheme. This time it wasn't conceived of as a "missile" system though. Policy makers are using the veneer of a missile shield to conceal the real program: an asteroid defense system. The Time magazine article above is a monument to the notion that we need to be lied to by elected leaders. Politicians lie because they know the situation is desperate, as they plan their escapes, at our expense.]

April 6, 2008:

CBS News 60 Minutes reports: "NASA is serious, very serious, about launching the most difficult mission ever attempted by the human race - putting an astronaut on Mars. The voyage will cover hundreds of millions of miles and take two-and-a-half years roundtrip. It sounds like science fiction. To make it scientific fact, the United States needs to first flex its deep space muscles again on familiar terrain - the Moon. You may not know it, but…the journey to send humans back to the Moon and beyond has already begun…The United States is once again aiming to launch astronauts to the Moon and yes, even to Mars...What will propel the astronauts is the new Ares rockets, but they won't be ready until 2015.

Mad Dash to Flee Planet

"The decision to dismantle Apollo and to cancel possible future trips to places like Mars was made during the Nixon era. Mike Griffin, NASA's current director, says that was wrong. 'It has to rank as one of the colossal mistakes in history,' he says. Griffin says Americans are bored by the space program because NASA has run a boring space program. The Space Shuttle will finally be retired in two years. In its place: the new exploration program called Constellation.

[NOTE: Griffin calls the halted Moon trips a "colossal mistake" and doesn't explain why. It's a "colossal" error only when no one's left alive on Earth so there'd better be someone living safely on the Moon, or our race is extinct. Griffin's grim assessment stems from his awareness that civilization's days are numbered on Earth - and our lack of a colony elsewhere finds us merely waiting for extinction. The head of NASA isn't able to say that, so he's left with the official spin of urging us to spend trillions because we're "bored" with shuttle missions.]

"If the astronauts make that shot, if they land on Mars, they will face a deadly environment - radiation from solar flares, dangerous dust, and temperatures that average 60 degrees below zero. And they'll have to do it for up to 18 months. That's how long it will take before the Earth and Mars align properly again for a faster return home. No astronauts have ever spent that amount of time on another world. Neil Armstrong was on the Moon for less than a day…This time, NASA wants its astronauts on the Moon for months, to work out any kinks…'We plan to have habitats so that they'll have short-sleeve environments…to have towns on the Moon,' says Rick Gilbrech, NASA's exploration chief…

"The biggest obstacle NASA faces is money…and there are worries there could be further cuts. Constellation is a tempting target in a difficult economy. The money squeeze is the main reason why the U.S. won't set foot on the Moon until 2020. A Mars landing won't take place until about 2030…But if it's up to Congressman Barney Frank, D-Mass., who tried to halt the Mars program, Americans won't be part of any human missions to the planet. So what does he have against Mars?

"'I don't have anything against a lot of things I don't wanna spend hundreds of billions of dollars on,' says Rep. Frank. 'Sending human beings there for the sole purpose of proving that we can do it and bringing them back requires an enormous amount of money at a time when we have a serious deficit, when we are not adequately funding a lot of very important needs right here at home.'

"Others wonder why NASA doesn't simply continue to send rovers like Spirit and Opportunity to Mars? Steve Squyres…principal investigator for the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity…says, 'We're exploring Mars, fundamentally, because it may once have harbored life. So, by going to Mars we can address basic questions like how did life first come to be? Is life common or rare throughout the universe? These are big questions.'

[NOTE: Does he believe his spin as to why they're fleeing Earth? Does he know he's a condo designer for billionaires? Think about it, these NASA officials are urging us to spend trillions becuase: 1) we're bored, and 2) to perform experiments that machines can do for a fraction of the cost. They're trying to save themselves from extinction without telling us that's the plan, that's the real issue.]

"The real issue may not be whether there was or is life on Mars, but whether there will be life on Mars. Griffin says, 'I think Mars will figure prominently in the future of the human race…another home for human beings.'

A DreamWorks Film:
Richard Dares Us
To Go Git'im
"Human settlements on Mars? Is it all just a dream? Will the American public even support traveling to places humans can barely imagine? That may be the biggest question of all."

[NOTE: "Will the public support it?" - not of their own volition, the 2008 National Science Board report reveals that only 14% of Americans support more funding for NASA, but that won't stop dominators, the herd will be sheepleized by media. This 60 Minutes skit above is designed to set the stage. Notice how they trot out Barney Frank to shoot down their Mars rocket. They intentionally provoked him to oppose it, because when Barney, a homely middle-aged gay man, tells Americans to cancel their Mars mission, it has the opposite effect. After Barney's 60 Minutes speech millions of Americans felt compelled to personally visit Mars, just to oppose the gay Congressman. In fact, inside sources at the space agency gave First Century Press an exclusive scoop by revealing that Paul Allen's DreamWorks movie studios has offered Richard Simmons a billion dollars to star in TV commercials ordering us to stop the Mars launch. An avalanche mandate for WalMarts on Mars will follow from the public for sure. So we can be certain the elite will be eatin' brea on the red planet any day now.]


April 6, 2008:


Guy McPherson, professor of conservation biology at the University of Arizona, warns:

Peak oil spells the end of civilization. And, if it's not already too late, perhaps it will prevent the extinction of our species.

M. King Hubbert, a petroleum geologist employed by Shell Oil Co., described peak oil in 1956. Production of crude oil, like the production of many non-renewable resources, follows a bell-shaped curve. The top of the curve is termed "peak oil," or "Hubbert's peak," and it represents the halfway point for production. After discovery, production ramps up relatively quickly. But when the light, sweet crude on top of the field runs out, increased energy and expense are required to extract the underlying heavy, sour crude. At some point, the energy required to extract a barrel of oil exceeds the energy contained in barrel of oil, so the pumps shut down.

Most of the world's oil pumps are about to shut down.

We have sufficient supply to keep the world running for 30 years or so, at the current level of demand. But that's irrelevant because the days of inexpensive oil are behind us. And the American Empire absolutely demands cheap oil. Cheap oil forms the basis for the 12,000-mile supply chain underlying the "just-in-time" delivery system.

In 1956, Hubbert predicted the continental United States would peak in 1970. He was correct, and the 1970s gave us a small, temporary taste of the sociopolitical and economic consequences of expensive oil. We passed the world oil peak in 2005, and we've been easing down the curve other side by acquiring oil at the point of a gun - actually, guns are the smallest of the many weapons we're using - paying more for oil and destroying one culture after another as the high price of crude oil forces supply disruptions and power outages in Third World countries.

The world peaked at 74.3 million barrels per day in May 2005. The two-year decline to 73.2 million barrels per day produced a doubling of the price of crude. Later this year, we fall off the oil-supply cliff, with global supply plummeting below 70 million barrels/day. Oil at merely $100 per barrel will seem like the good old days.

Within a decade, we'll be staring down the barrel of a crisis: Oil at $400 per barrel brings down the American Empire, the project of globalization and water coming through the taps. In a decade, unemployment will be approaching 100 percent, inflation will be running at 1,000 percent and central heating will be a pipe dream. In short, this country will be well on its way to the post-industrial Stone Age.

After all, no alternative energy sources scale up to the level of a few million people, much less the 6.5 billion who currently occupy Earth. Oil is necessary to extract and deliver coal and natural gas. Oil is needed to produce solar panels and wind turbines, and to maintain the electrical grid. Ninety percent of the oil consumed in this country is burned by airplanes, ships, trains and automobiles. You can kiss goodbye groceries at the local big-box grocery store: Our entire system of food production and delivery depends on cheap oil.

If you're alive in a decade, it will be because you've figured out how to forage locally.

The death and suffering will be unimaginable. We have come to depend on cheap oil for the delivery of food, water, shelter and medicine. Most of us are incapable of supplying these four key elements of personal survival, so trouble lies ahead when we are forced to develop means of acquiring them that don't involve a quick trip to Wal-Mart.

On the other hand, the forthcoming cessation of economic growth is truly good news for the world's species and cultures. In addition, the abrupt halt of fossil-fuel consumption may slow the warming of our planetary home, thereby preventing our extinction at our own hand. Our individual survival, and our common future, depends on our ability to quickly make other arrangements. We can view this as a personal challenge, or we can take the Hemingway out. The choice is ours.

For individuals interested in making other arrangements, it's time to start acquiring myriad requisite skills. It is far too late to save civilization for 300 million Americans, much less the rest of the planet's citizens. It's time to push away from the shore, to let the winds of change catch the sails of our leaky boat. It's time to trust in ourselves, our neighbors and the Earth that sustains us all. Painful though it might be, it's time to abandon the cruise ship of empire in exchange for a lifeboat.

"Drifting on a sea of forgotton teardrops, on a lifeboat..." - Jimi

April 11, 2008:

April 11, 2008:


Misdirects Web Traffic Logging Onto This Site -
Emails Detained by Patriot Act -


Over the Great Wall of China, across the Great Wall of Siberia, we confront the Great Wall of CYBERia...

April 11, 2008 - reports: "Internet Full of 'Black Holes'…Most Internet users have encountered trouble reaching online destinations, but they often attribute the problem to their wireless network cutting out or a server momentarily going down. That devilish little hourglass icon refuses to give way to the Web site you're trying to reach. Sometimes, though, the problem is more mysterious. At any given moment, messages throughout the world are lost to cyber black holes, according to new computer science research. Ethan Katz-Bassett, a graduate student in computer science at the University of Washington, and his advisor, Arvind Krishnamurthy, designed a program to continuously search for these strange internet gaps, when a request to visit a Web site or an outgoing e-mail gets lost along a pathway that was known to be working before. To make sure the black holes they detect are not simply due to a problem with the end user or the host server, they look for computers that can be reached from some, but not all, of the Internet, meaning the issue must be occurring en route.

"'We were astounded when we did an initial four-month study and we saw how many problems there were,' Katz-Bassett told LiveScience. 'It seemed infeasible that this could be happening so often. They're definitely more common than we thought.' Now the team constantly monitors the Web for black holes and posts a map of where the problems are around the world at any given moment. They hope their data will help Internet service providers track down the route of problems experienced on networks."

[NOTE: The "route" of the problem stems from moguls at Microsoft and Yahoo, where hi-tech censorship is conditioning us with search engine rigged-ranking listings and re-directing web traffic away from information that dominators conceal, especially the website. Web surfers who try to access are routinely re-directed into internet "black holes." Only a small controlled group of staged visitors are allowed to simulate visits to these types of sites.]

"Katz-Bassett said. 'I think we need to do more analysis of the data and see where exactly these problems are occurring. It would be interesting to come up with predictions about where problems were most likely to occur. I think we would like it to be more reliable. It's orders of magnitude less reliable than the telephone network right now.' The scientists named their monitoring system Hubble after the Hubble Space Telescope, which can also detect black holes, albeit the astrophysical kind."

[NOTE: No, they named it "Hubble" because Paul Allen ordered Microsoft's engineers to monitor my website with Hubble-sized microscopes. The site is surrounded with Microsoft microscopic monitoring spyware. Sources within their operation have informed First Century Press exclusively that the entire internet is rigged. All of the numbered "hits" for videos at YouTube are made up according to the agendas of google moguls, where the on-going joke is to give the biggest number of hits to vids that highlight why humans are too stupid to continue as a species. Likewise all web site rankings at Yahoo are dictated by a cabal who "tell" us what's "popular" by "fixing" the search results. Yahoo earned the courtship of Bill Gates by blacklisting my website for a decade. Microsoft has a cyber moat around and the identity of everyone who tries to see this site is fed into a Pentagon supercomputer where every detail about the person trying to get here is analyzed and assigned to teams of regional field offices where awaiting agents wage campaigns to "intervene" into the lives of those who visit this site.

Over 90% of those who try online to bring up are re-directed into internet "black holes" - all deliberatly done according to dominator plan. Phone calls to First Century Press are intercepted and re-routed to undercover call centers where imposters pretend to be me. The asteroid vision if Jimi Hendrix is the most important story, so the full weight of our dominator state is being used to remove every trace of truth. We've managed to last for this long only by direct intervention from the deity.]

Behold! Its Mighty Pinky Parts Dominator Sea
for Rock Prophecy!

A Microsoft/Pentagon/NASA plan has our website surrounded with supercomputers programmed to prevent more than 90 percent of would-be visitors from logging onto this site. The Patriot Act was enacted to enable their blockade and isolate us under quarantine as a "Threat to Dominator Security." The handful of web surfers who do get through to us do so because of legions of Freedom Fighters who risk it all to open access for a fraction of traffic online. Every hour untold hundreds of anonymous Information Technology warriors pay the ultimate price and make the ultimate sacrifice to secretly lift Microsoft's Iron Curtain and part the Red(mond) Sea to allow a handful of the enlightened to arrive at our site and see the light, to glimpse what mogul controlled media gleefully and evilly conceals. There are no Washington Monuments for these I.T. guardians of consciousness. There are no Lincoln Memorials for these warriors against horror. There are only loads of goof humor sheeple laughing at them, only savages of the First Century mocking them, unconscious dominators, like a Roman Crucifixion squad of celebrity-worshiping goofy consumers. Our emails are confiscated unread by us, while phone calls to our office are re-directed to dungeons under the Pentagon. ALL OF THE STATISTICAL "HITS LISTINGS" ABOUT THIS SITE, OR ANY OF OUR VIDEOS ON THE WEB, ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGGED AND FIXED FICTION. The absence of Rock Prophecy and Jimi's Tsunami Asteroid's Gamma Blast from media is artificial, as staged as The Truman Show.

"Corporate media controls nearly everything we read, watch or hear and imposes a bland uniformity of opinion or diverts us with trivia and celebrity gossip. The Internet has become one more tool hijacked by corporate interests to accelerate our cultural, political and economic decline. The great promise of the Internet, to open up dialogue, break down cultural barriers, promote democracy and unleash innovation and creativity, has been exposed as a scam. The Internet is dividing us into antagonistic clans, in which we chant the same slogans and hate the same enemies." - Chris Hedges

What's Described In This Video Happens To Much Greater Degree
To The Website Because Media Is Being Used
To Enable Escape From Impact For Moguls. They Block Browsers From Our Site.

April 13, 2008


- Multiply This Situation By Billions -

CNN reports: "He doesn't know how old he is, but he thinks he's 7. His name is Khin Zaw Lin. He's lived in a garbage dump virtually his entire life. I find Lin walking in a festering landscape of rotting food, plastic bags and junk at the Mae Sot garbage dump in Thailand near the Thai-Myanmar border. His parents are long gone. His home is a makeshift shelter made from salvaged bags, cloth and wood. Lin is one of about 300 refugees in the dump who survive on other people's trash. Many are children. Some are women with babies. Their daily routine follows the same pattern: They mill about the dump, waiting for the next truck to arrive, hoping for enough discarded food to get them through the day.


"Lin pokes through the rubbish…and shows me his feet, which were filthy and ribbed with cuts. He tells me through an interpreter that he can't afford shoes. He walks barefoot through the treacherous landscape. Life under the military junta in Myanmar can be brutal. The country's economy is collapsing, and torture and rape under the country's military regime is commonplace. Lin's new mother decided to flee to Thailand in search of a better life. She found a garbage dump instead.

"Still, she says scavenging for food in the dump is actually an improvement on her previous life. As I listen to Lin's story, a question keeps going through my mind: How can a 7-year-old spend his entire childhood in this squalor? Perhaps it's because Lin is invisible -- he doesn't have a passport or papers. He is part of group of refugees from Myanmar that don't officially exist…the camps are reserved only for victims of political persecution. Refugees fear if they enter a refugee camp, they'll be classified as migrant workers and deported. As a result, these refugees are trapped in the garbage dump -- not enough money to go elsewhere and no prospects back home.

"I thought I had become accustomed to the grinding poverty I had encountered in parts of Asia. I've met my fair share of children who are denied the luxury of hope. But Lin's story angers me. I feel close to losing all objectivity. Near the end of my meeting with Lin, I ask his adopted mother if she, and Lin, would ever escape the rubbish dump? Her answer is as hard as the world she and Lin inhabit:


"Turns out some of the rarest and most valuable seeds are stored in some of the most unstable places...You have to collect everything. Because just by looking at the material in a farmer's field you might say, 'That one's no good. Don't collect it.' But you can't anticipate what value that might have. There may be genes in that material that are gonna be of immense value in the future...Once that crop is lost we'll never see it again. And any kind of characteristic that it might have had is gone. It's off the artist's palate. It's a color that we can't use anymore. It may have the disease or pest resistance that we absolutely need to have a viable crop in the future. Gone."
- CBS 60 Minutes - March 23, 2008

April 14, 2008:

At our YouTube Channel, for one of our videos, a viewer posted a comment about the Pentagon's ability to save Earth from asteroids:

"If they can hit a satellite fuel tank with a non explosive missile just to smash the thing into bits then they can most certainly explode a rock." - YouTube video comment

We replied with a link to Blasted Satellite's Rigged Showbiz Eclipse - A Faked Sense of Safe. The satellite shoot was a staged set-up planned in 2006. The fuel tank was empty except for a homing device that guided the missile to impact. Our link quotes Prof. Ted Postol's PBS interview about the lies from Pentagon, to persuade us that the same shoot down can be done to a rock. But most all rocks aren't spotted until too late to act anyway. And there's not anything effective we can do, as Prof. Jay Malosh of the U. of Arizona explains: "The idea that detonating a nuclear weapon causes the asteroid to evaporate and the parts scatter, in fact that doesn't're trying to move a mountain with a nuclear weapon. Even if you do manage to break it up into smaller fragments those parts are still targeted on the Earth and they're now radioactive. Trying to move the asteroid with extreme force will have little or no effect. The asteroid would either absorb the punch or would simply re-form."

Most people have been brain-trained by media to think we can stop an asteroid impact. So we've gathered together a collection of what experts say on this issue. The consensus is unanimous: 1) if an asteroid/comet is discovered aimed to hit us within several years, we have nothing that can stop it, and 2) the vast majority of near Earth asteroids sneak up on us unforeseen with little or no prior warning. These two facts are the most detested and denied realities among simple minded sheeple, and dominator media rolls out parades of televised pranks to persuade us that a NASA-Pentagon charade can save us. They can't.

April 17, 2008:

Copyright went into effect for the 54-page filmscript (also adapted for live lectures with video examples) titled REMOTE VIEW MUTATION: Why the Asteroid Vision of Jimi Hendrix Is the Most Important Story. This detailing of evidence for the Hendrix asteroid vision makes clear what Jimi was in process of communicating. The science and theory behind remote view capability is explained. In the filmscript, evidence of Jimi's prediction is isolated and presented in sequence so the movie and lectures will be easily understood by the curious.

April 18, 2008:

AFP and Yahoo report: "NASA Official Envisions Six-Month Stays On The Moon…The U.S. space agency hopes to build Moon bases that can house astronauts for stays of up to six months, with an intricate transportation and power system, Carl Walz, director of NASA's Advanced Capabilities Division, said Friday. NASA is examining different designs for lunar outposts…'We need to establish a long, extended presence on the Moon, up to six months,' he said.

"NASA plans to finish construction of the orbiting space station in 2010, when it is scheduled to retire its three shuttles and replace them with a new spacecraft capable to taking humans to the Moon and eventually to Mars. U.S. space officials plan to return to the Moon by 2020 and build permanent outposts…'We will live at the Moon, work at the Moon, do sites at the Moon and use its resources,' Walz said."

April 18, 2008:

Among the Top-10 searches at Yahoo today is "Apophis asteroid."

April 19, 2008:

"Is Inequality Making Us Sick?" asks the PBS TV series Unnatural Causes. "Quite naturally" (as Jimi would say) the answer is YES. For over two decades I've published a trail of reports about fatal consequences to the inequality forced on us by dominators.

Unnatural Causes reports: "The Marshall Islands remained under U.S. control until the late 1970s, when the Republic of the Marshall Islands became an independent nation. But the U.S. military has never left one island, Kwajalein, home of the Ronald Reagan ballistic missile base, a facility the U.S. considers vital to its national security. This is where the controversial Star Wars anti-missile program carries out its testing. About 1700, mostly American, defense contractors and their families live on Kwajalein in a suburban environment, with a golf course, a country club, a small department store, and access to state-of-the-art health care. More than 1,100 Marshallese people work on Kwajalein, the army base is one of the few large employers in the nation. But only a few Marshallese contractors are allowed to live on Kwajalein. Each day the Marshallese employees take a ferry home to the neighboring island of Ebeye, a divide that takes only 30 minutes to cross, but one that separates two worlds of wealth and health.

"Although Ebeye is just 3 miles from the U.S. military base on Kwajalein the contrast between the two islands is an everyday reminder of how inequities in wealth affects people's health. The health of Americans living on Kwajalein is similar to what you'd expect for a middle class American neighborhood. While on the other Marshall Island the indicators are very different. On average, Americans live to 77.5 years old. In the Marshall Islands longevity is 62 years. Infant mortality in the U.S. is 7 deaths per thousand. In the Marshall Islands it's 52 deaths per thousand. In the U.S. 7% of the population has diabetes. In the Marshall Islands it's about 30%. And the rate of tuburculosis in the Marshall Islands is 23 times that of the U.S.

"Dr. Jim Yong Kim of Harvard University: 'I often tell my students that fifty years from today we will be judged by what we do for the poorest and most marginalized people on the planet today.'"

[NOTE: In the years ahead, after the asteroid disasters begin, whomever is left will look back on what our dominator culture did to the millions of geniuses left to starve on garbage heaps while still children. The mysteries of physics that would have given us an asteroid defense died with them. Dr. Kim is entirely right - all future life forms will look upon our deservedly doomed species as a key lesson in how NOT to stage a civilization.]

"There are more than enough resources to provide treatment, prevention, and to transform the economic and social conditions that give rise to the diseases of poverty like tuberculosis that are so prevalent today. Where you stand on the economic ladder is a good predictor of health.

"Sir Michael Marmot - Epidemiologist University College London: 'The higher the [income] grade, the better the health. The lower the [income] grade the higher the mortality rate and the shorter the life expectancy in this remarkably graded [income] phenomenon. So if you're second from the top you have worse health than if you're at the top. If you're third from the top you have worse health than if you're second from the top. All the way from top to bottom [of income levels].'

"Wealth inequality is much more extreme here in America than in any other industrialized nation. The top one percent of our population holds thirty-eight percent of all personal wealth and nearly one third of all corporate stock, and their tax rates are getting lower and lower. Is this the only way for a modern industrialized economy to operate? There are alternatives.

"Sweden continues to evaluate how much support to provide its citizens. For now Swedes are guaranteed a college education, health care, five weeks paid vacation, 16 months paid leave for new parents, and much more. And these policies seem to make a difference. The average Swede lives nearly three years longer than we do. For this security Swedes willing pay more taxes than Americans do. This helps ensure that health is not dependent on personal income, wealth, or job security. Eighty percent of Swedish workers are protected by unions.

"Richard Price - Psychologist University of Michigan, 'We do live in an individualistic society, we believe that people are individually, personally responsible for their own fate. We adapt our laws that way, we create our social policy that way…The Scandanavians know something that we don't know...and that is a sense of shared social responsibility about the fate of workers, they are not just sort of cannon fodder, not just resources to be thrown away.'

"Pastor Jerry Jones - First Congregational Church, 'We have a responsibility to the whole community. To me the notion of individualism is right in the face of caring for your brothers and sisters.'"

Within a state of equality, Jimi envisioned a method to identify gifted kids and actively seek out the seers who can show us what we need:

Jimi: I think kids, starting from kindergarten should, every two years, have a big annual test. It should be like every two years and they should have a test, say, about twenty pieces of paper, and doing exactly what they want to do on that paper, saying what they want to say. And they should have…instructors to this certain thing that happens every two years. And then a kid could go to…college, or a special school, by the time he's eleven. They should have them all over the place…for the benefit of even the teachers…

You've got kids comin' up, and you don't want them to go to school [college] until they're 18, and they mold away…Every two years kids should have certain annual tests. They should have twenty pieces of paper to fill out in any way they want to. Every two years from the time the kid is four. By the time the kid is eleven, if he's a genius he'll have a chance to stretch out. Put him in special schools…There's a whole lot of other things...

Had people millennia ago adherred to this common sense advice, and enacted it within a society organized under equality among us all, we would have stood a chance of surviving the coming impact of Lucifer's Hammer…But dominators have brain-trained the hypnotized herd to agree that some of us deserve more than the rest. The most brilliant, intuitive seers and thinkers have for ages been born and died among the world's trash heaps, discarded victims of a cruel and insane inequality that the masses have been too passive to stand up against and resist.

"…so to you, must put an end…" - Jimi

There isn't time left to invent a defense, too little time before the Rock arrives. Rock Prophecy explains how dominators have retarded history and murdered Earth.

"This whole thing's gonna blow wide open soon..." - Jimi

April 21, 2008:

June 2008:

Atlantic magazine is selected by moguls who control media to be the platform for the ruling elite's "think piece" concocted in the Brookings Institute think-tank and published as a way to set the stage for a "sea change" in official policy away from NASA's plan for a Moon Base, and re-direct policy towards an asteroid deflection mandate. Here's the establishment's reasoning, as mogul media begins conditioning opinions of consumer sheeple to follow-the-leader, starting with this Atlantic magazine article titled "The Sky Is Falling"...

The odds that a potentially devastating space rock will hit Earth this century may be as high as one in 10. So why isn't NASA trying harder to prevent catastrophe?…About a decade ago, Columbia University geophysicist Dallas Abbott…had been pondering the craters left by comets and asteroids that smashed into Earth. Geologists had counted them and concluded that space strikes are rare events…but, Abbott realized, this deduction was based on the number of craters found on land - and because 70 percent of Earth's surface is water, wouldn't most space objects hit the sea? So she began searching for underwater craters caused by impacts…What she has found is spine-chilling: evidence that several enormous asteroids or comets have slammed into our planet quite recently, in geologic terms. If Abbott is right, then you may be here today only because, by sheer chance, those objects struck the ocean rather than land.

[NOTE: First Century Press realized this by reading between the lines of a November 2006 report in the New York Times.]

Abbott believes that a space object about 300 meters in diameter hit the Gulf of Carpentaria, north of Australia, in 536 A.D.…blocked sunlight, temporarily cooling the planet - and indeed, contemporaneous accounts describe dim skies, cold summers, and poor harvests in 536 and 537 A.D.…Still, the harm was mitigated by the ocean impact. When a space object strikes land, it kicks up more dust and debris, increasing the global-cooling effect; at the same time, the combination of shock waves and extreme heating at the point of impact generates nitric and nitrous acids, producing rain as corrosive as battery acid…the atmospheric effects could trigger crop failures around the world.

Abbott thinks [another object] whammed into the Indian Ocean near Madagascar some 4,800 years ago, or about 2,800 B.C. Researchers generally assume that a space object a kilometer [0.62 miles] or more across would cause significant global harm: widespread destruction, severe acid rain, and dust storms that would darken the world's skies for decades. The object that hit the Indian Ocean was three to five kilometers across, Abbott believes, and caused a tsunami in the Pacific 600 feet high-many times higher than the 2004 tsunami that struck Southeast Asia.

[NOTE: The December 2004 tsunami was caused by an asteroid impact into the Indian Ocean. It's interesting how Atlantic magazine mentions the tsunami in the context of asteroid impact, because coroprate media worldwide has organized to hide the cause of the 2004 tsunami.]

Ancient texts such as Genesis and the Epic of Gilgamesh support her conjecture, describing an unspeakable planetary flood in roughly the same time period [2,800 B.C.E.]. If [that space] object were to hit the sea now, many of the world's coastal cities could be flattened. If it were to hit land, much of a continent would be leveled; years of winter and mass starvation would ensue…If colossal asteroids or comets strike the sea with about the same frequency as they strike land, then given the number of known land craters, perhaps 100 large impact craters might lie beneath the oceans. In less than a decade of searching, Abbott and a few colleagues have already found what appear to be 14 large underwater impact sites. That they've found so many so rapidly is hardly reassuring.

Unsettling discoveries…only in the past few decades have astronomers begun to search the nearby skies for objects such as asteroids and comets. What they are finding suggests that near-Earth space rocks are more numerous than was once thought, and that their orbits may not be as stable as has been assumed. There is also reason to think that space rocks may not even need to reach Earth's surface to cause cataclysmic damage. Our solar system appears to be a far more dangerous place than was previously believed…These standard assumptions - that remaining space rocks are few, and that encounters with planets were mainly confined to the past - are being upended.

The Kuiper Belt [is] a region of asteroids and comets that starts near the orbit of Neptune…At least 1,000 objects big enough to be seen from Earth have already been located there. These objects are 100 kilometers [62 miles] across or larger, much bigger than whatever dispatched the dinosaurs; space rocks this size are referred to as "planet killers" because their impact would likely end life on Earth. Investigation of the Kuiper Belt has just begun, but there appear to be substantially more asteroids in this region than in the asteroid belt [between Mars and Jupiter]…During the past few decades, some astronomers have theorized that the movement of the solar system within the Milky Way varies the gravitational stresses to which the Sun, and everything that revolves around it, is exposed. The solar system may periodically pass close to stars or groups of stars whose gravitational pull affects the Oort Cloud [a mass of trillions of space rocks surrounding the outer solar system], shaking comets and asteroids loose from their orbital moorings and sending them downward, toward the inner planets.

Consider objects that are already near Earth, and the picture gets even bleaker. Astronomers traditionally spent little time looking for asteroids, regarding them as a lesser class of celestial bodies…asteroids are hard to spot - they move rapidly, compared with the rest of the heavens, and even the nearby ones are fainter than other objects in space. Not until the 1980s did scientists begin systematically searching for asteroids near Earth. They have been finding them in disconcerting abundance. In 1980, only 86 near-Earth asteroids and comets were known to exist. By 1990, the figure had risen to 170; by 2000, it was 921; as of this writing, it is 5,388…Ten years ago, 244 near-Earth space rocks one kilometer across or more - the size that would cause global calamity - were known to exist; now 741 are. Of the recently discovered nearby space objects, NASA has classified 186 as "impact risks." And because most space-rock searches to date have been low-budget affairs, conducted with equipment designed to look deep into the heavens, not at nearby space, the actual number of impact risks is undoubtedly much higher. Extrapolating from recent discoveries, NASA estimates that there are perhaps 20,000 potentially hazardous asteroids and comets in the general vicinity of Earth.

There's still more bad news. Earth has experienced several mass extinctions…that occurred close to our era. About 12,000 years ago, many large animals of North America started disappearing - woolly mammoths and…the disappearance of the Clovis People…A team of researchers…recently announced the discovery of evidence that one or two huge space rocks, each perhaps several kilometers across, exploded high above Canada 12,900 years ago…And the [1908 Siberian] Tunguska object was surprisingly small, perhaps only 30 meters across…Small asteroids may be more dangerous than we used to think - and may do considerable damage even if they don't reach Earth's surface.

Until recently, nearly all the thinking about the risks of space-rock strikes has focused on counting craters. But what if most impacts don't leave craters?…Exploding in the air, the [1908] Tunguska rock did plenty of damage, but if people had not seen the flashes, heard the detonation, and traveled to the remote area to photograph the scorched, flattened wasteland, we'd never know the Tunguska event had happened. Perhaps a comet or two exploding above Canada 12,900 years ago spelled the end for saber-toothed cats and Clovis society. But no obvious crater resulted; clues to the calamity were subtle and hard to come by.

[NOTE: Scientists theorize that the asteroid hit a glacier and crater evidence has melted with the retreating Ice Age.]

An asteroid or comet approaching straight down has a better chance of hitting the surface than one entering the atmosphere at a shallow angle, as the latter would have to plow through more air, heating up and compressing as it descended [until it explodes]. The object or objects that may have detonated above Canada 12,900 years ago would probably have approached at a shallow angle. If most asteroids and comets explode before reaching the ground, then this is another reason to fear that the conventional thinking seriously underestimates the frequency of space-rock strikes - the small number of [land] craters may be lulling us into complacency. After all, if a space rock were hurtling toward a city, whether it would leave a crater would not be the issue - the explosion would be the issue.

A generation ago, the standard assumption was that a dangerous object would strike Earth perhaps once in a million years. By the mid-1990s, researchers began to say that the threat was greater: perhaps a strike every 300,000 years. This winter, I asked William Ailor, an asteroid specialist at The Aerospace Corporation, a think-tank for the Air Force, what he thought the risk was. Ailor's answer: a one-in-10 chance per century of a dangerous space-object strike. Regardless of which estimate is correct, the likelihood of an event is, of course, no predictor. Even if space strikes are likely only once every million years, that doesn't mean a million years will pass before the next impact - the sky could suddenly darken tomorrow. Equally important, improbable but cataclysmic dangers ought to command attention because of their scope. A tornado is far more likely than an asteroid strike, but humanity is sure to survive the former. The chances that any one person will die in an airline crash are minute, but this does not prevent us from caring about aviation safety. And as Nathan Myhrvold, the former chief technology officer of Microsoft, put it, "The odds of a space-object strike during your lifetime may be no more than the odds you will die in a plane crash - but with space rocks, it's like the entire human race is riding on the plane."

[NOTE: Interesting that this article quotes a MICROSOFT official, because Paul Allen's cronies are all aware of Rock Prophecy and likely behind this "planted" Atlantic magazine think-tank piece.]

Given these scientific findings, shouldn't space rocks be one of NASA's priorities? You'd think so, but Dallas Abbott says NASA has shown no interest in her group's work: "The NASA people don't want to believe me. They won't even listen." NASA supports some astronomy to search for near-Earth objects, but the agency's efforts have been piecemeal and underfunded, backed by less than a tenth of a percent of the NASA budget. And though altering the course of space objects approaching Earth appears technically feasible, NASA possesses no hardware specifically for this purpose, has nearly nothing in development, and has resisted calls to begin work on protection against space strikes. Instead, NASA is enthusiastically preparing to spend hundreds of billions of taxpayers' dollars on a manned Moon base that has little apparent justification.

[NOTE: NASA's secret mandate is to build safe havens on the Space Station and Moon Base to save the world's ruling class from impact. The date of expected disaster is known and remains the TOP SECRET of all media and governments. Moguls aren't wasting time trying to save anything except a few of the extremely rich who control global disinformation systems and divert world resources into their escape schemes.]

"What is in the best interest of the country is never even mentioned in current NASA planning," says [Apollo astronaut] Russell Schweickart, who is leading a campaign to raise awareness of the threat posed by space rocks. "Are we going to let a space strike kill millions of people before we get serious about this?" he asks.

[NOTE: No, they're going to let a strike kill billions after they've looted nations everywhere to fund their escape to safety.]

In January, I attended an internal NASA conference, held at agency headquarters, during which NASA's core goals were presented in a PowerPoint slideshow. Nothing was said about protecting Earth from space strikes - not even researching what sorts of spacecraft might be used in an approaching-rock emergency. Goals that were listed included "sustained human presence on the Moon for national preeminence" and "extend the human presence across the solar system and beyond." Achieving national preeminence? - isn't the United States pretty well-known already? As for extending our presence, a manned mission to Mars is at least decades away, and human travel to the outer planets is not seriously discussed by even the most zealous advocates of space exploration. Sending people "beyond" the solar system is inconceivable with any technology that can reasonably be foreseen.

After the presentation, NASA's administrator, Michael Griffin, came into the room. I asked him why there had been no discussion of space rocks. He said, "We don't make up our goals. Congress has not instructed us to provide Earth defense. I administer the policy set by Congress and the White House, and that policy calls for a focus on return to the Moon." I asked what NASA's priorities would be if he did set the goals. "The same. Our priorities are correct now," he answered. "We are on the right path. We need to go back to the Moon. We don't need a near-Earth-objects program."

[NOTE: They "don't need" asteroid deflection because they know they don't have enough time to create it before the arrival of the rock. They are "on the right path" to build space shelter for the elite, while spending trillions for media to condition sheeple to laugh at "conspiracy theories."]

In 2005, Congress instructed NASA to mount a sophisticated search of the proximate heavens for asteroids and comets, specifically requesting that the agency locate all near-Earth objects 140 meters or larger…roughly out to the orbit of Mars. Last year, NASA gave Congress its reply: an advanced search of the sort Congress was requesting would cost about $1 billion, and the agency had no intention of diverting funds from existing projects, especially the Moon-base initiative. How did the Moon-base idea arise? In 2003…[see the 8 min. video below]

NASA is selling the new plan as a second Moon race, [the first being a 1960s race against the Soviet Union] this time against Beijing. "I'll be surprised if the Chinese don't reach the Moon before we return," Griffin said. "China is now a strategic peer competitor to the United States in space. China is drawing national prestige from achievements in space, and there will be a tremendous shift in national prestige toward Beijing if the Chinese are operating on the Moon and we are not. The Moon is the frontier of our era, and we must outperform the Chinese there." Wouldn't shifting NASA's focus away from wasting money on the Moon and toward something of clear benefit for the entire world - identifying and deflecting dangerous space objects - be a surer route to enhancing national prestige? But NASA's institutional instinct is not to ask, "What can we do in space that makes sense?" Rather, it is to ask, "What can we do in space that requires lots of astronauts?" That finding and stopping space rocks would be an expensive mission with little role for the astronaut corps is, in all likelihood, the principal reason NASA doesn't want to talk about the asteroid threat.


[NOTE: That's not why NASA officials are ordered to stay mute about space rock issues. Plenty of astronauts are being trained for what amounts to hi-tech hotel staff, to man the Space Station condos, where they'll cater to their mogul masters who are now plotting to occupy that floating tin-can, after the coming asteroid disaster that no sycophant official will acknowledge is imminent.]

NASA [is] all but ignoring the space-object threat…If the Air Force won funding to build hi-tech devices to fire at asteroids, this would be a major milestone in its goal of an expanded space presence. But space rocks are a natural hazard, not a military threat, and an Air Force Earth-protection initiative, however gallant, would probably cause intense international opposition. Imagine how other governments would react if the Pentagon announced, "Don't worry about those explosions in space - we're protecting you."

The B612 Foundation's goal is to get NASA officials, Congress, and ultimately the international community to take the space-rock threat seriously; it advocates testing a means of precise asteroid tracking. Current telescopes cannot track asteroids or comets accurately enough for researchers to be sure of their courses.

The Pan-STARRS telescope complex…designed to conduct panoramic scans of the sky…will greatly improve astronomers' ability to find and track space rocks, and it may be joined by the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope [LSST], which would similarly scan the entire sky. Earlier this year, the software billionaires Bill Gates and Charles Simonyi pledged $30 million for work on the LSST, which proponents hope to erect in the mountains of Chile. If it is built, it will be the first major telescope to broadcast its data live over the Web, allowing professional and amateur astronomers to look for undiscovered asteroids.

[NOTE: Again, we see Microsoft behind this effort to condition public opinion on space rocks. The actual plans for Bill Gates' LSST it to mislead astronomers with rigged statistics, fudged numbers, and stacked data faked to lure observes into stupor-induced complacency, while they make their getaway.]

Schweickart thinks, however, that even these instruments will not be able to plot the courses of space rocks with absolute precision. NASA has said that an infrared telescope launched into an orbit near Venus could provide detailed information on the exact courses of space rocks. Such a telescope would look outward from the inner solar system toward Earth, detect the slight warmth of asteroids and comets against the cold background of the cosmos, and track their movements with precision. Congress would need to fund a near-Venus telescope, though, and NASA would need to build it - neither of which is happening.

What could NASA, or anyone else, actually do to provide a defense?…Nukes are a brute-force solution, and because an international treaty bans nuclear warheads in space, any proposal to use them against an asteroid would require complex diplomatic agreements…Attaching a rocket motor to the side of an asteroid might change its course.

"I believe there was a whole planet [in the asteroid belt], people that was so lost that they even put rockets on the side of their planet – 'Let's change orbits! Let me get warm!' – and blew the whole thing, because it wasn't happening for them." - Jimi Hendrix

But when it comes to killer comets, you'll just have to lose sleep over the possibility of their approach; there are no proposals for what to do about them. Comets are easy to see when they are near the Sun and glowing, but are difficult to detect at other times. Advanced telescopes will probably do a good job of detecting most asteroids that pass near Earth, but an unknown comet suddenly headed our way would be a nasty surprise. And because many comets change course when the Sun heats their sides and causes their frozen gases to expand, deflecting or destroying them poses technical problems to which there are no ready solutions. The logical first step, then, seems to be to determine how to prevent an asteroid from striking Earth and hope that some future advance, perhaps one building on the asteroid work, proves useful against comets.

Preparations to defend against a space object would take many years. First the necessary hardware must be built - quite possibly a range of space probes and rockets. An asteroid that appeared to pose a serious risk would require extensive study, and a transponder mission could take years to reach it. International debate and consensus would be needed…suppose Asteroid X appeared to threaten Earth. A mission by, say, the United States to deflect or destroy it might fail, or even backfire, by nudging the rock toward a gravitational keyhole rather than away from it. Asteroid X then hits Costa Rica; is the U.S. to blame? In all likelihood, researchers will be unable to estimate where on Earth a space rock will hit. Effectively, then, everyone would be threatened, another reason nations would need to act cooperatively - and achieving international cooperation could be a greater impediment than designing the technology.

"Today's society is unable to raise a defense in time to stop the Rock…Hendrix presents a picture of disaster resulting from our inability to organize world resources in time to stop the rock from coming at us." - Rock Prophecy book, 1999

We will soon have a new president, and thus an opportunity to reassess NASA's priorities. Whoever takes office will decide whether the nation commits to spending hundreds of billions of dollars on a motel on the Moon, or invests in space projects of tangible benefit…readying the world for protection against a space-object strike. Although the Moon-base initiative has been NASA's focus for four years, almost nothing has yet been built for the project, and comparatively little money has been spent; current plans don't call for substantial funding until the space-shuttle program ends, in 2010. This suggests that NASA could back off from the Moon base without having wasted many resources. Further, the new Ares rocket NASA is designing for Moon missions might be just the ticket for an asteroid-deflection initiative.

[NOTE: This is what Atlantic magazine's think-tank piece position-paper is written to implement: seed-the-media and condition the herd to anticipate a sea-change in NASA mandate. The reason is ominous - they don't have enough time left before the asteroid strike to build a Moon-base. Which means we'll witness a frantic race to expand the Space Station and massive plans to construct underground bunker cities for the rich.]

Congress ought to look more sensibly at space priorities. Because it controls federal funding, Congress holds the trump cards…The House and Senate ought to demand that the space program have as its first priority returning benefits to taxpayers. It's hard to imagine how taxpayers could benefit from a Moon base. It's easy to imagine them benefiting from an effort to protect our world from the ultimate calamity.
The Atlantic magazine - June 2008

[NOTE: The Moon base and Space Station condos are not designed for "taxpayers" - these Noah's Ark projects are for moguls only - at our expense.]

October 7, 2008:

Asteroid 2008 TC3 is the first object to be observed and tracked prior to reaching Earth. It provided a test of the process of detecting and tracking near-Earth objects. This four-meter diameter object, weighing in around 80 tonnes, entered Earth’s atmosphere over northern Sudan on the morning of October 7 2008. Moving at about 13km a second, the meteor exploded tens of kilometers above the ground with a force of about 1,000 tonnes of TNT, lighting up the dawn sky as a fireball that was observed over 1,000 kilometers away.

November 20, 2008:

CTV News Report - Edmonton, Canada - Nov. 20, 2008

Edmonton, Canada - Nov. 20, 2008