Stacked Data, Fudged Numbers, Rigged Statistics + Cooked Books =
Recipes of the "Rich" to Advance Disinformation
and Sway Our Opinions -
the WMD Scenario on Steroids...

The Permian Scheme:

"Two hundred and forty million years ago 80 percent of life on Earth may have been wiped out by asteroids...there may have been five events that may have occurred within as brief a period of time as four hours...[scientists] studied impact craters that seemed unrelated on a modern map, but when you turn back the clock 200 million years to where the continents were before they drifted to their current positions, the craters are almost in a straight line...indicating that the body that collided with Earth came in in chunks - bang, bang, bang..."
- ABC News - May 7, 1998

The journal Science [Feb. 23, 2001] reported conclusive evidence that an asteroid smashed into Earth 250 million years ago and likely launched the age of the dinosaurs. The impact disaster wiped out 70 percent of land vertebrates and 90 percent of marine animals. The research performed by NASA, the National Science Foundation, and three leading universities, revealed a type of carbon structures called fullerenes in 251 million year old geological samples taken from Japan and China.

On June 1, 2006 scientists, using satellite data, discovered the 300-mile-wide crater buried more than a mile beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet in what's known as the Wilkes Land region of Antarctica.

Whenever past extinctions or global disasters result from asteroid impacts, the odds of a future major impact increases, and therefore these past disasters "add" to the case for Jimi's prediction, described in the book Rock Prophecy.

Therefore, it is of immense concern to Paul Allen that wherever he can pay for scientists to fudge the numbers, stack the data, and cook the books to "prove" that these past disasters were caused, not by space rocks, but by volcano explosions, he will have (seemingly) "knocked a pillar" out from under the case made in Rock Prophecy.

VIDEO: See a litany of video reports about the epidemic of fake and biased "science."

Below is yet another example of what we call "the end of science" - fake data, paid for by the EMPeror, assembled to remove asteroids as a cause of disasters, and therefore "discredit" Rock Prophecy, which we know is the primary obsession of Paul Allen. In this case, his co-opted TV network, PBS, aired on November 21, 2006, an episode of Nova Science Now designed to highlight what can only be described as science "fiction," paid for by the EMPeror, and parading as "fact."

Paul Allen lives in Seattle, home of Jimi Hendrix and Microsoft, so this Nova show goes to Seattle to have Peter Ward of the Univ. of Washington tell us that 250 millions years ago, "The only thing we have at the end of the Permian Age are the dead bodies (of fossils that died in the extinction)." Mr. Ward asserts that there are no comet/asteroid materials or crater from that time. His claim is that the extinction resulted from massive volcanoes, and then delivers the punch-line that this show is designed to implant in viewer's minds: "It's not so much the stuff from space that gets you," recites Ward, "it's your own planet."

And presto, abracadabra! Suddenly the odds for another impact decreases, while the credibility of Rock Prophecy decreases - all according to the EMPeror's plan.

But wait! Before the EMPeror paid for Nova's phony science, there was a mass of prior data that Nova chose to conceal. On February 23, 2001 the journal Science reported conclusive evidence that an asteroid smashed into Earth 250 million years ago and likely launched the age of the dinosaurs. The impact disaster wiped out 70 percent of land vertebrates and 90 percent of marine animals. The research, performed by NASA, the National Science Foundation, and three leading universities, revealed a type of carbon structures called fullerenes in 250 million year old geological samples taken from Japan and China.

Then, on June 1, 2006, scientists, using satellite data, discovered the 300-mile-wide crater buried more than a mile beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet in what's known as the Wilkes Land region of Antarctica.

So why is this PBS show re-writing history by reporting that "The only thing we have at the end of the Permian are the dead bodies - no comet/asteroid material or crater."

In his obsession to discredit Rock Prophecy, the EMPeror paid for cooked data. Thus this Nova show focuses on Samuel Bowring who informs us, "We know for a fact that there have been huge changes in the environment, climate change. That could happen again today, no asteroids required."

Here's the "anti-asteroid" theory they've concocted:

PBS-TV NOVA: "They're looking for clues to what caused the mysterious end of the geologic period known as The Permian…250 million years ago almost everything on sea and land died…What could kill off so much life? Climate change? Global warming? Or would you need something out of this world?…At the close of the Cretatious period, ending the reign of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, we know the dinosaurs were knocked off by a giant rock that fell from the sky. And we know that these rocks do hit earth from time to time…shouldn't it make sense that these other extinctions be caused by comets and asteroids?

"The Earth is hit by asteroids all the time and it doesn't cause mass extinctions," said Samuel Bowring of MIT. "Why not look for something a little bit different?" What kind of a disaster, other than an asteroid, could destroy so much life? One of the prime suspects is an ancient group of volcanoes, now dormant, whose remains lie in eastern Russia, known as the Siberian Traps…The lava was in Siberia, not in the rest of the world, not in the whole ocean, so why would almost everything on Earth die?

"Marine geochemist Lee Kump thinks he's found the answer. The key is in how big volcanoes change the environment, including the chemistry of the Permian ocean. To test his idea he designed a computer model to simulate the Permian World…with life's chemistry factored in, Lee's model reveals a disturbing chain of events. It starts with the Siberian Traps, but the trigger is not the incessant flow of lava…the real culprit are the gases that the volcano spew into the atmosphere…including carbon dioxide...a greenhouse gas…traps the sun's heat in our atmosphere, forcing the whole earth to warm up…heating the Permian ocean, and when it did, the ocean's chemistry would have changed dramatically.

"Cold water can hold a lot of oxygen, warm water can't hold much oxygen…An extinction that began in the ocean works its way to the land. It starts with volcanoes spewing carbon dioxide. Next step, global warming, the ocean's heat up and lose their oxygen, nasty bacteria take over, burping out lots of poisonous gas. End result: mass extinction…Purple sulfur bacteria thrive in hydrogen sulfide...traces have been found in some rocks dating to the Permian extinction…these deadly microbes thrive wherever there is water and no oxygen…the Permian Ocean might have resembled a poisonous lake…the oceans would have become so full of hydrogen sulfide that in some spots the deadly gas would have bubbled right out into the atmosphere, killing millions of creatures, not only in the sea, but also on land.

"Peter Ward is convinced this was the scenario, not just for the Permian, but for most of the other big extinction events too. 'It's not so much the stuff from space that gets you,' Ward says in Seattle, 'it's your own planet.'

"No asteroids required." - Samuel Bowring

"The next step will be to probe these rocks for tell tale signs of that nasty bacteria and hydrogen sulfide."


Of course they'll find lots of "nasty bacteria" - the EMPeror will personally plant the little buggers himself, in fact, Mr. Allen has a personal submarine constructed specifically for that purpose. On Feb. 8, 2007 ABC reported, "Allen is the sixth-richest man in the world and owns an array of toys that would make any brother jealous. His 416-foot yacht 'Octopus', with its permanent crew of 60, two helicopters, a submarine and a remote-controlled vehicle for crawling the ocean floor, cost him $200 million…Allen supports scientific causes."

Soon, all school kids in the world, having had Microsoft provide them with school computers and software, will learn how the Permian extinction was caused, not by asteroids, but by the big bad volcano. In fact, Mr. Allen has a company named "Vulcan (i.e. Volcano) Productions" established just to advance the idea that disaster equals volcano - that's his attack on the Rock Prophecy asteroid prediction: "no asteroid required" = NO AWARENESS OF ROCK PROPHECY...

The Tree Ring Scheme:

Continuing his effort to re-write history in "EMPeror-friendly" terms, Mr. Allen next uses PBS to "undermine" another pillar of Rock Prophecy: the onset of the Dark Ages 1500 years ago, following the airborne explosions of a shower of large Rocks in the sky, resulting in a veil of debris blanketing the atmosphere from 536 C.E. through the middle of the 6th century. The EMPeror's attack on these 6th century atmosphere impacts is showcased in a PBS program called Catastrophe that aired in November 2006.

The Dark Ages theory, described in Rock Prophecy and on this website, originated in the 1990s from Michael Baillie - tree ring specialist and physicist, who said, "the bombardment event has been defined as a large number of pieces of comet arriving in a short period of time and exploding in the atmosphere, and the model for that is the 1908 Tunguska impact over Siberia, which was a single object which probably caused a 20 megaton size explosion. If you have a large number of those you're going to put a lot of material in the atmosphere and cause a dust veil."

Baillie believes the slowdown of tree growth recorded in the rings around 540 C.E. was due to a bombardment of cometary debris which happened around the time of King Arthur's death, the end of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Dark Ages. Traditional myths recorded in 13th century texts refer to a comet in Gaul [France] around 540 when the sky seemed to be on fire, according to Baillie.

Baille points to the legend of King Arthur in which stories about Arthur record his death happening in 539 or 542 C.E., at the height of the dust veil that caused the Dark Ages. Reports about Arthur contain descriptions of terrible blows that rained down from the heavens onto Arthur's people. Baillie claims that Authur's death is a symbol of the catastrophe caused by the Rock shattering in the atmosphere. "When you look at the mythology," notes Baille, "you discover that the origins of the story are in Celtic mythology." The Celtic writings that Arthur is based on contain many reference to Sun gods with long arms rising in the western shy, a reference to the comet and its characteristic tail.

Again, to remove this insight from the historical record is to undermine another "pillar of probability" for a future impact, and instead cause people to think we're safe from space rocks. So the EMPeror set his pawns to work to fabricate more pseudo "science" to convince all the kids with Microsoft-provided school computers that the Dark Ages 1500 years ago were the result of (AGAIN) volcanoes!

PBS Catastrophe: "1500 year ago something extreme happened to the world's climate. The sun began to go dark, rain poured red, clouds of dust enveloped earth. Cold gripped the land for two year. Then came drought, famine, plague, and death. Whole cities were wiped out. Civilizations crumbled. There is evidence of a catastrophe, a catastrophe whose consequences affected the entire world, and may have changed the course of human history.

"The mid 6th century catastrophe is the most important date in the history of the past 2000 years, it really did lay the foundation for the world we live in today…all of the tree rings in the world went haywire in the 6th century…Each ring varies in width: a wide ring indicates favorable growing conditions, a narrow ring = harder times…there's an abrupt drop [in growing conditions] in 536, a bit of a recovery in 537 and 538 and then it drops dramatically into 542. Everywhere in the mid 6th century, trees were showing unusual growth patterns indicative of cold conditions…about a decade of really bad conditions starting in 536 and running on into the 540s..The mid 6th century is the time of the Dark Ages in Britain and little writing survives from that era.

"Climatologist have only one explanation for such sudden and extreme global cooling and visible darkness: a dense veil of dust or ash thrown up into the atmosphere, blocking many of the sun's rays. Only three suspects could have caused such a phenomenon: a volcano, an asteroid, or a comet.

"Dr. Alan Fitzsimmons (Astrophysicist, Queens Univ.): 'To cause a major climatic catastrophe that would last for decades, we would need an impact by a rather large asteroid, say four kilometers across.' It would take an even bigger comet to create the same effect…because they are less dense, Fitzsimmons calculates it would take a six kilometer wide comet to affect our climate."

[NOTE: Notice how Fitzsimmons based his calculations on a climate change "that lasts for decades"? But the tree ring evidence shows that the dust veil lasted for only about 8 years. With his calculations based on "decades" he was free to exaggerate the size of the Rock required for such a long darkness and raise doubts.]

PBS's Catastrophe asserts, "There did not appear to be any evidence that a comet or asteroid struck the Earth at this time" and sets about trying to "prove" an EMPeror-friendly counter theory:

"There is one hostile area of the Earth that could hold a crucial clue: the polar ice caps…teams of scientists have been extracting 1000-meter deep columns of ice from Greenland in the north, and from the Antarctic in the South. While not as comprehensive as the information from tree rings, ice cores reveal yearly layers of fresh snow and provide a wealth of detail about what was in the atmosphere at that time.

"Prof. Claus Uffe Hammer, Geologist, Niehls Rohr Institute, 'The ice caps contain information about what happened in the atmosphere. Like volcanic eruptions or asteroids coming in, how much of dust was in the air. The chemistry of the old atmosphere is in there…If we combine this we have a record which we can compare with other records from the deep sea sediments, from tree rings, lakes.'

"Professor Hammer is testing a new Greenland core from the 530s C.E. If pieces of a comet or an asteroid had exploded in the atmosphere, the team would expect to find traces of chemical elements like iridium. If there had been a massive volcanic eruption, however, they would expect in excess of sulfuric acid, the telltale signature of a volcano. The sulfates would have been hurled into the atmosphere and scattered by the winds. They would have returned to Earth in rain and snow, then finally been stored at the polls in ice. What will the ice reveal - cometary debris or volcanic sulfates?"

[NOTE: Again, billionaire Paul Allen's trusty submarine, with "remote-controlled vehicle for crawling the ocean floor," swings into action to "plant data." Rushing up north under the polar ice caps, his specially equipped sub robot injects a load of sulfates into the precise location that his paid off lab rats are ordered to extract ice cores from…]

PBS Catastrophe: "The sulfate peak is increasing. It must come from sulfuric acid in the atmosphere and that's an indication that there has been a volcanic eruption. Apparently it wasn't just any eruption. This huge amount of sulfate here lasting several years, and clearly higher than anything else in this part of the record, corresponds exactly to around 535. So there's no doubt there was a major eruption. The results from Greenland's ice cores seems conclusive to Professor Hammer, lots of sulfates and no cometary debris, but for the eruption to have had worldwide consequences more evidence was needed. If you want an important, climatic major eruption it must show up with a large signal in both hemispheres, that is, you must see it in the Antarctic ice cores and you must see it in Greenland. Current information from the Antarctic ice cores is incomplete…'We have an Antarctic core similar to Greenland, but not as good, not as well dated.'

"There is evidence from both ends of the earth of a sulfur spike around the mid sixth century…this indicates the likelihood of a major volcanic eruption…and while the idea of a volcano wreaking climatic havoc may seem far-fetched, it is far more likely than a catastrophic cosmic collision. Cosmic collisions are extremely rare, once in many millions of years, whereas volcanic eruptions are…happening every few thousand years - you get a really major volcanic corruption."

[NOTE: Contrary to this claim that "Cosmic collisions are extremely rare," in the Nova episode transcript shown above on this wepage about the Permian Extinction, Samuel Bowring said, "The Earth is hit by asteroids all the time." And even with Paul Allen using his submarine to implant sulfates into those rigged ice cores, it doesn't disprove that an impact happened in the atmosphere. The shockwaves caused by these above ground explosions (look at the huge area of flattened forests that resulted from the airborne explosion at Tunguska) could easily have triggered volcanic activity and massive eruptions of atmosphere clouding debris. This fact is plainly described in the NASA article about the February 23, 2001 Journal Science report on the asteroid that caused the Permian Extinction (Journal Science: "The collision...triggered a series of events, such as massive volcanism and changes in ocean oxygen, sea level and climate. That in turn led to extinctions.") Also, the absence of iridium in ice cores from the 6th century doesn't rule out comet explosions in the atmosphere. There are literally an infinite number of comets roaming through space, it is pretentious for any scientist to conclude that all of them contain iridium.]

VIDEO: See a litany of video reports about the epidemic of fake and biased "science."