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April 25, 2007:

ABC-TV's Nightline program takes bait from the Pentagon and reports truly delusional claims from Missile Defense officials:

Nightline: Inside a remote and secretive base, the frontline of National Missile Defense. Can it really shoot North Korean missiles out of the sky? Imagine hitting a hole in one, when the hole is hurtling at 15,000 mph through space. That's the tremendous technical challenge of missile defense, shooting down enemy missiles before they hit the United States…Missile Defense is seen by many as a big priority. But will it work?

Alaska, Fort Greely, about 100 miles southeast of Fairbanks…this remote place is the frontline where the Pentagon is racing to put dozens of missiles in the ground that it hopes will defend the nation...Nightline is the first TV crew ever allowed into what was once a very secretive site…Silo 111, a live interceptor missile ready to fire…a kill vehicle up on top, is one of 14 here at Ft. Greely, and the soldiers here say they are confident that if they had to they could fire one of these missiles and hit an incoming missile…The Pentagon wanted us to see all of the silos, command center, and test missiles because they have a story they want to get out - it works, they claim, what was once derisively called 'Star Wars,' they say, is now ready for battle.

Col. Tom Besch, Director, Missile Defense Agency, Alaska Region: For the first time the U.S. has the capability to defend itself against incoming missiles.

Nightline: You're confident that, right now, if any country popped off a missile at this country, the 14 missiles that are out there right now, you'd be able to press a button and up they'd go and do their mission?

Col. Tom Besch: I'm absolutely confident.

Nightline: Absolutely confident?

Col. Tom Besch: I am.

Nightline: But there are plenty of skeptics.

Theresa Hitchens, Dir., Center for Defense Information: "The missile defense interceptors that are in the ground at Ft. Greely and Vanderberg [AFB] have absolutely no proven capability against an enemy missile under operationally realistic circumstances."

Nightline: Over the course of 25 years, and nearly $100 billion, there have been dozens of tests of various parts of the system and many have failed. That's because, in practice, it's a ferociously complex challenge. Some critics say it's impossible, like hitting a bullet with a bullet.

Nightline: Col. Ted Heldreth is commander of the 49th Missile Defense Battalion. What's your level of confidence, percentage-wise, that your soldiers could shoot a missile out of the sky?

Col. Ted Heldreth: I'd bet my family's life on it.

[NOTE: Pity the kids who have this robot automaton for a father!]

Nightline: Your systems are all working in a way that will knock those missiles down, you say?

Maj. Roger Hoselton, 49th Missile Defense Battalion: Um, [PAUSE] from where I'm sitting, [LONG PAUSE] I think so.

Nightline: The problem, say critics like Theresa Hitchens of the Center for Defense Information, is that in the real world an enemy like North Korea could easily foil these defenses.

Theresa Hitchens: If you have enough incoming missiles, you can overwhelm a certain size battery of interceptors.

Nightline: An even bigger challenge: counter measures, cheap balloon decoys, released by a missile while in space and designed to look and act exactly like the real threat. And then there's the controversy over testing. In every test so far the defenders at Ft. Greely and elsewhere have had advanced information about the simulated attacks.

Nightline: Do you think these tests are rigged?

Theresa Hitchens: I think they're scripted…I'm saying they are scripted tests.

Nightline: The controversy continues.


Repeatly prior to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, media had been reporting the results of the Pentagon's ongoing tests of the National Missile Defense (NMD) system being built. Most of the tests failed. However, following the Sept. 11th attacks, the "Patriot Act" went into effect in the U.S. and an iron curtain of secracy descended around the Pentagon's Missile Defense project - a news blackout that was the direct result of, and made possible by, the Sept. 11th explosions. More than five years passed with no more media coverage of the missile tests for this big-ticket, taxpayer financed, Pentagon project. After "9/11" the Pentagon was no longer required to prove that the system can even work. Then, after five and a half years of secracy, the Pentagon simply calls ABC News to announce, "OK, we're ready now, the whole system works - but we don't have to demonstrate any evidence that it works - so just take our word for it - the sheeple are too distracted to care whether or not it works anyway, even though we wasted a hundred billion of their tax dollars on this."

What keeps entering my mind are all of those acedemics and websites that feature experts presenting evidence that the Sept. 11th attacks were "inside jobs" that U.S. government officials had to be involved with, and were complicit with. Documentaries like Loose Change, 9/11 Mysteries, Evidence to the Contrary, In Plane Sight, Painful Deception, Road To 9/11, Truth and Lies of 9/11, Money Masters (as well as documentaries about secret societies in general, like Riddles In Stone or Skull & Bones or The Lightbringers), and especially the new movie Zeitgeist (which sums them all up) - and many others that detail evidence of official misinformation regarding the attacks - all of these are conspicuous in their absence from main stream media. The information is available on the web, but millions of people aren't on line and their opinions remain grossly manipulated by the spin of mass media owners. A lawyer once explained the concept to me as the "Kennedy Defense" - meaning "just ignore it and act as if it doesn't exist" (a strategy used during one of the Kennedy klan's lawsuits). This is exactly how media respnds to Rock Prophecy, as well as the on line evidence detailing official lies in the 9/11 Commision's conclusions about the Sept. 11th attacks - just act like this evidence, and the millions of people interested in the evidence, don't exist.

There are two points here:

1) Mogul-controlled mass media conceals evidence and theories about the September 11th events being an "inside job."

2) If/when it is proven that U.S. government officials were complicit with the Sept. 11th explosions, we will discover that the reason for the attacks was specifically to enact the Patriot Act for the purpose of allowing the Ft. Greely Missile Defense effort to proceed without any media reports about the project. Our dominator rulers needed to deveolp National Missile ("asteroid") Defense - AT ALL COSTS - and WITHOUT any scrutiny from defense experts, like Ted Postal, who blow the whistle on lies that government officials promote about the purpose of the Misssile Defense Agency. - See:

The real reason for Ft. Greely is ASTEROID DEFENSE - but the Bush adminstration had determined to conceal this from Americans - and the best way to do that was to orchestrate a hi-profile "terrorist" attack that would enable Bush to spin martial law as "the Patriot Act" and close down all media reports about the Missile Defense Agency. Then, years later (in "2007"), simply announce to the media: "TA-DA! abra-cadabra - IT WORKS! and we don't have to prove it to you!" Get some low-brow grunt on the base to say he'd "bet his family's life on it" - so sure, now all the TV sheeple can go back to sleep and believe our government can shoot down missiles. It can't, but that was never the purpose anyway. They're trying to find a way to launch missiles at incoming rocks from space, while at the same time build a safe haven on the Moon for the elite that will cost trillions of our tax dollars. So they have to lie to us and keep everyone calm and distracted while they use the herd of worker slaves to finance their plan, without loss of morale in the workforce from people panicking over the asteroid impact to come. So give us all reasons to conclude it won't happen - misinformation and outright official lies to spin our opinions against our own interests - which is the primary purpose and polished expertise of the dominator elite who control our state/corporate/military/media nexus. They're on their way to lunar condos, at our expense.

Welcome to George Orwell's "1984" - the reality is that, by the calendar year "1984" Orwell's totalitarian visions had come true, and the manipulation of the masses was so effective that the entire herd of sheeple were by then too hypnotized and brain-trained to notice.

Ft. Greely "Missile" Shield Hoax