Main Stream Media (MSM) = All the Same Person

A recent comment posted by "Don Quixote" at asks, "Which do you think is the percentage of media-control by a group? over which democracy becomes a joke? 51 percent? 75 percent? 90? 99? What do you think is the percentage of media control in the US? Which group do you think has the most control?"

Gang Of Eighty
All the Same Person: H.I.M.M.
Hypnotically Invasive Mogul Media
aka "Mogul Control"

What defines H.I.M.M. is this: Mogul Control = Conceal Rock Prophecy. The entire propaganda media edifice is erected on a premise that we dismiss Jimi's vision: inequality between people means absence of asteroid defense and obliteration of civilization by Rock impact.

The artificial edifice of H.I.M.M. is intended deception erected as a mechanism to suppress, the central tenants being these:

1) The Hendrix Rock Prophecy must be dismissed and hidden at all costs.

2) Brain-train the hypnotized herd of Sheepleistic Idiocracy to acquiesce and accept that some people, for whatever unjust luck, deserve more wealth, property, comfort and advantages than their less lucky victims.

3) Flood mogul media with propaganda examples of commentators claiming resignation to asteroid disaster, anouncing that impacts are inevitable, there's nothing we can do about it, accept impending extinction and just continue on with the party in the meantime. Anyone who explains that there are people to BLAME for today's lack of asteroid defense are to be COMPLETELY IGNORED - as if the notion is too lunatic to discuss. Plaster TV screens with some billionaire's paid bikini-bimbo so consumers can follow her example of pretending no one's to blame for lack of asteroid defense.

Dominator Goebbels

4) Condition consumer herd to expect impending mass die-off of humans as moguls implement global genocide via arranged food shortages and staged epidemics, all portrayed and reported via spin media as "random acts of god/nature."

5) Assign to assorted "approved" writers/producers credit for research breakthroughs made by Michael Fairchild - just steal Fairchild's work and prevent any mention of protests or corrections - just pretend he didn't do the work. Since the Gang of 80 controls media and surgically rigs internet access, no one will know about the theft of credits.

6) Disassociate the term "rock star" away from its origins with Jimi and obscure the evolution of its use. Suppress evidence that suggests its association with "asteroid, comet, gamma blast." Dilute the words in media incesently so consumers refer to the most banal and mundane dominators as "rock stars" - i.e. Alan Greenspan and Pope Benedict (!)

8) Manufacture rigged "science" research to convince us that space rocks are a minor concern, blame past extinctions on "volcanoes" - CONvince CON(ned)sumers that Superman-NASA can handle any potential threats from space.

These Decrees We See Repeated Infinitely in a Sea of Disinformation Screens

"Laws" enacted by H.I.M.M. are decrees of delusion that need to be ignored immediately by any means. The "laws" of mogul dominators are brutally inflicted on us by their paid militia mercenary police-army vigilante goon-squads. "Fair(child)ness" must be administered.

"The very bad laws that are happening, the way the country's being run, you see badness, you can see evil right in front of your face as soon as you turn on the TV…People let a lot of old time laws rule them…Some people around here are naturally sick in the head anyway and half of those people are running things, it's based on the laws. I'd try to use my music as a machine to move these people, to get changes done. In order for something to be realized, we break things down into personal opinions, which then have to be beat upon, stoned, tarred and feathered. Anything and everything it must go through to even stay abreast with the faith keeping it in light. To be said aloud, to be accepted or followed, to be believed, it must go through actual hell." – Jimi Hendrix

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." - Donald James

CBSABCNBC - Alphabet Soup of TV Fraudcast News
The Drooling Mouthpiece of

Gang Of Eighty, arranged alphabetically, ALL THE SAME PERSON - this is H.I.M.M.

Hypnotically Invasive Mogul Media
aka "Mogul Control"


..1) ABC
..2) Advance Publications
..3) A&E Television Networks
..4) Agence France-Presse
..7) American Media Inc.
..8) AOL
..9) Associated Press
10) BBC
11) Bertelsmann
12) Bloomberg
13) Buena Vista
14) Business Wire
15) Canadian Press
16) CBS Corporation
18) Clarity Digital Group
19) Clear Channel Communications
20) CNN
21) Comcast
22) Conde Nast Publications
23) Cox Enterprise
24) Daily News - New York
25) Daily Telegraph
26) Discovery Communications
27) Disney Company
28) DreamWorks
29) Drudge Report
31) Evening Post Publishing Company
32) E.W. Scripps Co
33) Financial Times
34) Forbes
35) FOX
36) Freedom Communications
37) Gannett Company
38) General Electric
39) GateHouse Media
40) HBO
41) Hearst Corporation
43) Imaginova Network
44) The Independent
45) The Japan Times
46) Kyodo
47) Lagardère Group
48) Lee Enterprises, Inc.
49) Lionsgate
50) McClatchy Company
51) McGraw-Hill Companies
52) MediaNews Group
53) Morris Communications Company
54) MSN
56) National Amusements
57) NBC Universal
58) News Corporation
59) New York Times Company
60) Organizações Globo
61) Paramount
62) PBS
64) Pravda
65) PR Newswire
66) Rolling Stone
67) Seagram
68) Sony
69) Thomson Reuters
70) The Times of India
72) Time Warner
73) Tribune Company
74) United Press International
75) USA Today
76) Viacom
77) Vivendi
78) Washington Post Company
79) Xinhua News

Everything we see in media has been tailored and aimed to brain-train us to support an agenda that saves the global elite from an extinction that these Murderers Of Earth have foisted upon the world.

"When you turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper you're tuning in on the boss's gossip and propaganda. If you believe America has a free press it just means you haven't thought about it enough. Everyone who reports the news knows what I'm talking about." - Abbie Hoffman

Pay No Attention to
That Man Behind the Curtain
Nazi of Death Masquerades
as "Main Stream Media"

"Wouldn't it be great to take over the studios like they do in Cuba? We'd call it 'The Jimi Hendrix Show - Or Else!' - and there will be no smoking in the gas chambers while we're on." - Jimi Hendrix

The sum total, collective legacy and epitaph of these media outfits is this: "also tried to hide and suppress Rock Prophecy" - that intent is the only effort for which future life will know H.I.M.M.

For the handful of conscious readers who've somehow escaped the brain-train, stop using terms like "as reviewed by the New York Times" - that publication is ONE PERSON'S OPINION - Arthur Sulzberger Jr., so create a "name that's fit to print" - like "the SLUTZberger rag".

Refrain from saying things like "Thumbs up from Rolling Stone Magazine" - it's only the view of some lone loser schmo - so say a name that 'splains what it is - the opinions of Jann Wenner - call it "Wenner's rag"

Resist using euphemisms like the "Wall Street Journal" or "FOX News" - these are crude tools of Rupert Murdoch - just say "Murdoch Schlock" and get it over with.

Just plain don't say crap like "endorsed by the New York Daily News" - and tell the truth: the "Mort Zuckerman Schmuck likes it because it benefits the 'rich'".

Refuse euphemisms like "reported in the Los Angeles Times" - instead indicate the "ghost Klan of Family Chandler, chandelier-swinging apes, neanderthal front for the John Birch Society."

Preempt pretentious pronouncements like "San Francisco Chronicle" and "Seattle Post-Intelligencer" - and just say it plain: "From the corpse of William Hearst's hearse dyNASTY - then rub it in by pledging, "Sainthood for the Symbionese Liberation Army martyrs! Orson Welles was right!"

BOYCOTT THE GANG OF EIGHTY - SPREAD THE DISCREDIT OF THESE ANTI-EQUALITY ELITIST SCHEMES. MOGUL CONTROL - H.I.M.M. - is ALL ABOUT conditioning our opinions to ALLOW the "lucky" unjust moneyed to enslave us with their mercenary militia vigilante police army goon squad bully thugs.

"I can hear Atlantis full of cheer..." - Jimi

"We Demand Rich Minstrels
Tell Us to Be Cheerful!

It's like being on a lifeboat at sea looking back at the sinking Titanic; why bother tap-dancing and singing karaoke for all those screaming people? They're not going to be here for more than a few more minutes, why put yourself out and get exhausted just for nothing? It's not like anyone of any consequence is going to remember your performance, it's not like all those drowning victims are gonna run out and buy your dumb CD that American Idol manufactured.
Why tap dance
for these screaming people?

What's the point?

Instead, why not a blockbuster about how the Captain of the Titanic deliberately steered his canoe into the iceberg? He was a class-warrior freedom fighter, like a suicide bomber at the Ritz, like how Diane Spencer (aka "Princess Die") was offed by a Marxist Revolutionary who posed as her chauffeur, steering the pig's limo to collision.

Oswald's Fist Salute

Media is completely a means
to divert us from what's happening.

As the Massive Asteroid Passed in Sept. 2009
This is What We Were Instead Fed by H.I.M.M.



Counting the Hours to
An Absolute Collapse of MSM

"The chatter that passes for news, the gossip that is peddled by the windbags on the airwaves, the noise that drowns out rational discourse, and the timidity and cowardice of what is left of the newspaper industry reflect our flight into collective insanity. We stand on the cusp of one of the most seismic and disturbing dislocations in human history, one that is radically reconfiguring our economy as it is the environment, and our obsessions revolve around the trivial and the absurd." - Chris Hedges




Kate's Patriotic/Idiotic Hair Emergency

Conditioned & Driven to Dominate You!
Trainin' Babies to Follow the Elitist Leader


"Corporate media controls nearly everything we read, watch or hear and imposes a bland uniformity of opinion or diverts us with trivia and celebrity gossip. The Internet has become one more tool hijacked by corporate interests to accelerate our cultural, political and economic decline. The great promise of the Internet, to open up dialogue, break down cultural barriers, promote democracy and unleash innovation and creativity, has been exposed as a scam. The Internet is dividing us into antagonistic clans, in which we chant the same slogans and hate the same enemies...In matters of war and foreign policy, journalists who question the basic assumptions and policy objectives and who attempt to raise issues no one in either party wishes to debate are considered 'ideological' and 'unprofessional.' This has a powerful disciplinary effect upon journalists." - Chris Hedges



It's not the case, as the naive might think, that indoctrination is inconsistent with democracy, rather, it's the essence of democracy. In a military state, or a feudal state, a totalitarian state - it doesn't much matter what people think because you've got a bludgeon over their head and you can control what they do. But when the state loses the bludgeon, when you can't control people by force, you have to control what people think, and the standard way to do this is to resort to, what used to be called propaganda - manufacture of consent, creation of necessary illusions - various ways of either marginalizing the general public or reducing them to apathy in some fashion.

The elite media are the agenda setting media, that means the New York Times, the Washington Post, and major television channels and so on - they set the general framework, local media more or less adapt to their structure. And they do this in all sorts of ways: by selection of topics, by distribution of concerns, by emphasis and framing of issues, by filtering of information, by bounding of debate within certain limits. They determine, they select, they shape, they control, they restrict, in order to serve the interests of dominant elite groups in the society. If history is going to be shaped in an appropriate way, certain things appear and certain issues get framed in a particular fashion.

"It's the winners who wrote history - their way." - Elaine Pagels

There is a lot of evidence about what's played up [in media coverage] and what isn't, and the way things are structured…it's sort of a doctrinal system…Most of the newspapers in the country, the majority of them, are directing the mass audience. There is another sector of the media, the elite media - sometimes called the agenda-setting media, because they're the ones with the big resources - they set the framework in which everyone else operates. The New York Times and CBS, that kind of thing, their audience is mostly privileged people. The people who read the New York Times - people who are wealthy or part of what is sometimes called the political class - they are involved in the political system in an ongoing fashion. They are basically managers of one sort or another. They can be political managers, business managers, like corporate executives, doctoral managers, like university professors, or other journalists who are involved in organizing the way people think and look at things.

The elite media set a framework within which others operate. If you are watching the Associated Press, who grind out a constant flow of news, in the mid-afternoon it breaks and there is something that comes along every day that says "Notice to Editors: Tomorrow's New York Times is going to have the following stories on the front page." The point of that is, if you're an editor of a newspaper in Dayton, Ohio and you don't have the resources to figure out what the news is, or you don't want to think about it anyway, this tells you what the news is. These are the stories for the quarter page that you are going to devote to something other than local affairs, or diverting your audience. These are the stories that you put there because that's what the New York Times tells us is what you're supposed to care about tomorrow. If you are an editor in Dayton, Ohio, you would sort of have to do that, because you don't have much else in the way of resources. If you get off line, if you're producing stories that the big press doesn't like, you'll hear about it pretty soon, there are a lot of ways in which power-plays can drive you right back into line if you move out. If you try to break the mold, you're not going to last long. That framework works pretty well, it's a reflection of obvious power structures.

"The News" According to Disneyland
This Isn't Some Nightmare,
It's Actually Happening
L.A. Times - March 6, "2010"
Brought To You By: That Guy
Who Tried To Hide Rock Prophecy

The real mass media are basically trying to divert people to do something else, don't bother us, "us" being the people who run the show. Let everybody be crazed about professional sports or sex scandals or the personalities and their problems or something like that - anything, as long as it isn't serious. The serious stuff is for the big guys. "We" take care of that…Most [mass media] are either linked to, or outright owned by, much bigger corporations, like General Electric, Westinghouse, and so on. They are way up at the top of the power structure of the private economy, which is a very tyrannical structure. Corporations are basically tyrannies, hierarchic, controled from above. If you don't like what they're doing you get out. The major media are just part of that system. What they interact with and relate to is other major power centers - the government, other corporations, or the universities.


Because the media are a doctrinal system, they interact closely with the universities. Say you are a reporter writing a story on Southeast Asia or Africa, or something like that. You're supposed to go over to the big university and find an expert who will tell you what to write, or else go to one of the foundations, like Brookings Institute or American Enterprise Institute, and they will give you the words to say. These outside institutions are very similar to the media.

The universities, for example, are not independent institutions. There may be independent people scattered around in them but that is true of the media as well. And it's generally true of corporations. It's true of Fascist states, for that matter. But the institution itself is parasitic. It's dependent on outside sources of support and those sources of support, such as private wealth, big corporations with grants, and the government, which is so closely interlinked with corporate power you can barely distinguish them, they are essentially what the universities are in the middle of. People within them, who don't adjust to that structure, who don't accept it and internalize it (you can't really work with it unless you internalize it, and believe it); people who don't do that are likely to be weeded out along the way, starting from kindergarten, all the way up. There are all sorts of filtering devices to get rid of people who are a pain in the neck and think independently. Those of you who have been through college know that the educational system is very highly geared to rewarding conformity and obedience; if you don't do that, you are a troublemaker. So, it is kind of a filtering device which ends up with people who really honestly (they aren't lying) internalize the framework of belief and attitudes of the surrounding power system in the society. The elite institutions like, say, Harvard and Princeton and the small upscale colleges, are very much geared to socialization. If you go through a place like Harvard, most of what goes on there is teaching manners; how to behave like a member of the upper classes, how to think the right thoughts, and so on…We don't have the KGB on our neck, but the end result comes out pretty much the same. People who have independent ideas, or who think the wrong kind of thoughts, are cut out…because the press is owned by wealthy people who only want certain things to reach the public. When you go through the elite education system, when you go through the proper schools in Oxford, you learn that there are certain things it's not proper to say and there are certain thoughts that are not proper to have. That is the socialization role of elite institutions and if you don't adapt to that, you're usually out.

New York Times Pimps Microsoft & EMPeror Allen
Sycophant Yes-Men Evidence Stares Us In the Face
Their Priority Agenda Is to Stop Rock Prophecy From Circulating

They say, quite correctly, "nobody ever tells me what to write. I write anything I like. All this business about pressures and constraints is nonsense because I'm never under any pressure." Which is true, but the point is that they wouldn't be there unless they had already demonstrated that nobody has to tell them what to write because they are going say the right thing. If they had started off at the Metro desk, or something, and had pursued the wrong kind of stories, they never would have made it to the positions where they can now say anything they like. The same is mostly true of university faculty in the more ideological disciplines. They have been through the socialization system…


"The universities are mills for corporate employees. What you learn there is a certain way you are supposed to act to be successful. If you are not doing that, if you are fighting too hard to do something you believe is right, but your managers don't want to do, you defer. Or you fight and it gets marked as a stripe against you. You don't discuss interests that are counter to theirs."
- Chris Hedges

The New York Times is a corporation and it sells a product. The product is audiences. They don't make money when you buy the newspaper. They actually lose money when you buy the newspaper. The audience is the product. The product is privileged people, just like the people who are writing the newspapers, top-level decision-making people in society. You have to sell a product to a market, and the market is advertisers, which are other businesses. Whether it is television or newspapers, or whatever, they are selling audiences. Corporations sell audiences to other corporations. In the case of the elite media, it's big businesses…the product of the media - what appears, what doesn't appear, the way it's slanted - will reflect the interests of the buyers and sellers, the institutions, and the power systems that are around them…
Crucified 4 Yer Spins...
By Any Conceivable Means

[In universities] this whole topic is completely taboo. If you go to the Kennedy School of Government, or Stanford, or somewhere, and you study journalism and communications or academic political science, and so on, these questions are not likely to appear. That is, the hypothesis, that anyone would come across, without even knowing anything that's not allowed to be expressed, and the evidence bearing on it, cannot be discussed. It's not purposeful censorship, it's just that you don't make it to those positions. That includes what is called "the left" as well as the right. Unless you have been adequately socialized and trained so that there are some thoughts you just don't have, because if you did have them, you wouldn't be there. So you have a second order of prediction, which is that the first order of prediction is not allowed into the discussion.

So, look at the Public Relations industry, the main business propaganda industry, what are the leaders of the PR industry saying? And look at what are called "public intellectuals," big thinkers, people who write the "op eds" and that sort of thing. What do they say? The people who write impressive books about the nature of democracy and that sort of business. The third thing you look at is the academic stream, particularly that part of political science which is concerned with communications and information, stuff which has been a branch of political science for the last 70 or 80 years. Look at those three things and the leading figures who have written about this. They all say (I'm partly quoting), the general population is "ignorant and meddlesome outsiders." We have to keep them out of the public arena because they are too stupid and if they get involved they will just make trouble. Their job is to be "spectators," not "participants." They are allowed to vote every once in a while, pick out one of us smart guys. But then they are supposed to go home and do something else, like watch football or whatever. But the "ignorant and meddlesome outsiders" have to be observers, not participants. The participants are what are called the "responsible men" and, of course, the writer is always one of them. You never ask the question, why am I a "responsible man" and somebody else is in jail? The answer is pretty obvious. It's because you are obedient and subordinate to power and that other person may be independent, and so on. But you don't ask, of course. So there are the smart guys who are supposed to run the show and the rest of them are supposed to be out, and we should not succumb to (I'm quoting from an academic article) "democratic dogmatisms about men being the best judges of their own interest." They are not. They are terrible judges of their own interests, so we have do it for them, for their own benefit.

It's very similar to Leninism: We do things for you and we are doing it in the interest of everyone. I suspect that's part of the reason why it's been so easy historically for people to shift from being enthusiastic Stalinists to being big supporters of U.S. power. People switch very quickly from one position to the other, and my suspicion is that it's because basically it's the same position. You're not making much of a switch. You're just making a different estimate of where power lies. At one point you think it's here, another point you think it's there. But it's the same position.

How did all this evolve? A lot of it comes out of the first World War…how do you get the pacifist population to become raving anti-German lunatics so they want to go kill the Germans? That requires propaganda. So they set up the first major state propaganda agency in U.S. history: The Committee on Public Information (nice Orwellian title), also called the Creel Commission, named after the guy who ran it. Their purpose was to propagandize the population into a jingoist hysteria. It worked incredibly well. Within a few months there was a raving war hysteria and the U.S. was able to go to war.

You have to control what people think. There had been public relation specialists, but there was never a public relations industry. There was a guy hired to make Rockefeller's image look prettier and that sort of thing. But this huge public relations industry, which is a U.S. invention, and a monstrous industry, came out of the first World War. The leading figures were people in the Creel Commission, the main one, Edward Bernays, has a book that came out right afterwards called Propaganda. The term "propaganda," incidentally, did not have negative connotations in those days. It was during the second World War that the term became taboo because it was connected with Germany, and all those bad things. But in this period, the term propaganda just meant information…Bernays says it's possible to "regiment the public mind every bit as much as an army regiments their bodies." These new techniques of regimentation of minds, he said, had to be used by the intelligent minorities in order to make sure that the slobs stay on the right course, this is the main manual of the public relations industry.

"So much of it is based on money. That's really so sick. People are getting so lost in all of these rules and regulations and uniforms that they're losing their peace of mind...The Army's really a bad scene. They tell you what you're interested in and you don't have any choice. The Army is for people who like to be told what to do."
- Jimi Hendrix

Another member of the Creel Commission was Walter Lippmann, he says there is a new art in the method of democracy, "manufacture of consent." By manufacturing consent you can overcome the fact that, formally, a lot of people have the right to vote, but we can make it irrelevant because we can manufacture consent and make sure that their choices and attitudes will be structured in such a way that they will always do what we tell them, even if they have a formal way to participate, [even within] a real democracy.


Liberate Jimi Immediately
By Any Conceivable Means

Politics has to become political warfare, applying the mechanisms of propaganda that worked so brilliantly during the first World War towards controlling peoples' thoughts…But these conclusions are not allowed to be discussed. This is all now part of mainstream literature but it is only for people on "the inside." When you go to college, you don't read the classics about how to control peoples' minds. Just like you don't read what James Madison said during the constitutional convention about how the main goal of the new system has to be "to protect the minority of the opulent [rich] against the majority [peasant serfs]," and has to be designed so that it achieves that end. This is the founding of the constitutional system, so nobody studies it. You can't even find it in the academic scholarship unless you really look hard. That's roughly the picture of the way the system is institutionally, the doctrines that lie behind it, the way it comes out. There is another part directed to the "ignorant meddlesome" outsiders, mainly using diversion of one kind or another.

There are two targets for propaganda, one is what's sometimes called the political class. There is maybe 20 percent of the population which is relatively educated, more or less articulate, and they play some kind of role in decision making. They're supposed to participate in social life, either as managers or cultural managers, like say, teachers and editors and so on. They're supposed to vote, they're supposed to play some role in the way economic and political and cultural life goes on. Their consent is crucial - it's one group that has to be deeply indoctrinated. Then there's maybe 80 percent of the population whose main function is to follow orders and not to think, and not to pay attention to anything, and they're the ones who usually pay the costs.

There's the real mass media, the kinds that are aimed at the guys who get a six pack, the purpose of those media is just to dull people's minds. For 80 percent [of the public] the main thing for them is to divert them, to get them to watch national football and to worry about the motherless child with six heads, or whatever you pick up at the supermarket stands, or look at astrology, or get involved in fundamentalist stuff, or something - just get them away from things that matter, and for that it's important to reduce their capacity to think.

In his study of the mobilization of popular opinion to promote state power, Benjamin Ginsberg maintains that "The 'marketplace of ideas,' built during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, effectively disseminates the beliefs and ideas of the upper classes while subverting the ideological and cultural independence of the lower classes…In the United States, in particular, the ability of the upper and upper-middle classes to dominate the marketplace of ideas has generally allowed these strata to shape the entire society's perception of political reality and the range of realistic political and social possibilities."

Those segments of the media that can reach a substantial audience are major corporations and are closely integrated with even larger conglomerates. Like other businesses, they sell a product to buyers. Their market is advertisers, and the "product" is audiences, with a bias towards more wealthy audiences, which improve advertising rates…The major media - particularly, the elite media that set the agenda that others generally follow - are corporations "selling" privileged audiences to other businesses. Those who occupy managerial positions in the media, or gain status within them as commentators, belong to the same privileged elites, and might be expected to share the perceptions, aspirations, and attitudes of their associates, reflecting their own class interests as well. Journalists entering the system are unlikely to make their way unless they conform to these ideological pressures, generally by internalizing the values; it is not easy to say one thing and believe another, and those who fail to conform will tend to be weeded out by familiar mechanisms.

The influence of advertisers is sometimes far more direct. "Projects unsuitable for corporate sponsorship tend to die on the vine," the London Economist observes, noting that "stations have learned to be sympathetic to the most delicate sympathies of corporations."…Many other factors induce the media to conform to the requirements of the state-corporate nexus. To confront power is costly and difficult; high standards of evidence and argument are imposed, and critical analysis is naturally not welcomed by those who are in a position to react vigorously and to determine the array of rewards and punishments. Conformity to a "patriotic agenda," in contrast, imposes no such costs. Charges against official enemies barely require substantiation; they are, furthermore, protected from correction, which can be dismissed as apologetics for the criminals or as missing the forest for the trees. The system protects itself with indignation against a challenge to the right of deceit in the service of power, and the very idea of subjecting the ideological system to rational inquiry elicits incomprehension or outrage, though it is often masked in other terms.

[In broadcast media] you must meet the condition of concision, you've got to say things between two commercials or in 600 words, and that's a very important fact because the beauty of concision, saying a couple of sentences between two commercials, the beauty of that is that you can only repeat conventional thoughts. If I go on Nightline [TV show] and say Kadifi is a terrorist, Khomeni is a murderer, the Russians invaded Afghanistan - all this stuff, I don't need any evidence. Everybody just nods. On the other hand, suppose you say something that just isn't regurgitating conventional pieties, suppose you say something that's the least bit unexpected or controversial? Suppose you say, "the biggest international terror operations that are known are the ones run out of Washington," or suppose you say "what happened in the 1980s is the U.S. government was driven underground." Or suppose I say, "the U.S. was invading South Vietnam," as it was… - people will quite reasonably expect to know what you mean. "Why did you say that? I never heard that before. If you say that you better have a reason, you better have some evidence, in fact you better have a lot of evidence because that's a pretty startling comment." And you can't give evidence if you're stuck with concision. That's the genius of this structural constraint.

[NOTE: Suppose you say, "Jimi Hendrix was not a celebrity. He's literally a religious figure who remote viewed a threat to our planet and the most revealng insights of past and present human history are detailed through his story." The handful of moguls who control global media have specifically instructed their editorial managers to reject and suppress, not only any evidence for that statement, but especially any mention or even suggestion that the concept even exists - absolute and total censorship, of an extent to which the entire internet web has been rigged to omit. Rock Prophecy is the single most persecuted and abused set of essential insights ever assembled. It's become the mechanism through which the human species achieves its destiny of extinction. Their crucifixion of Jimi sealed their fate - obliteration by Rock/Star [asteroid/comet] - which is why their media today fixates on co-opting and appropriating the term "rock star" and applying it to the most low life dominators (Alan Grenspan? Sarah Palin?] that are anything but. They don't matter. Their laws don't matter. They need to be removed immediately by any conceivable means.]

"Paranoid" Vs. "Perception of Pattern"
[NOTE: Dominators Pay Armies of Psychiatrists to Label "Paranoid" Any Explanation of Their Unfair Schemes.]

There is nothing more remote to discussing what we have been discussing than a "conspiracy theory." If I give an analysis of the economic system and I point out that General Motors tries to maximize profits and market shares, that's not a "conspiracy theory," that's an institutional analysis, it has nothing to do with conspiracies. That is precisely the sense in which we're talking about the media. The phrase "conspiracy theory" is one that's constantly brought up, and its effect is to discourage institutional analysis.
- Noam Chomsky

This great film shows us what it means to be "on the Titanic" -
Quotes from the movie appear in Rock Prophecy.
The irony is that today almost no one is left with attention span
to fathom the critical insights in this film...

Free Speech for Sale from on Vimeo.

...and can you imagine what it was like trying to explain this to "Hendrix fans"!?!
"Mediaopoly" spent billions to make sure that crowd was dumbed down past oblivion,
it was like describing relativity to Beavis & Butt-Head!



Jimi X
Leading the Peoples' Revolt

Media's gatekeeper managers are similar to police: they're minions of the rich, enforcing the interests of an unjust moneyed privileged class at the expense of the rest, us unlucky majority:

"The police have been assigned by the overclass, which is white America, to control the underclass, which is black, poor, homeless, excluded, psychotic, streetpeople America. That's what the cops have done. They've been given a very tough assignment, just as the Vietnam generals were given a tough assignment in Vietnam, because they were following morally bankrupt policies…Today we see a society that is racist and separate, a tremendous chasm between the rich and the poor, in which the rich are saying to the police, 'Keep the [underclass] out of sight! We don't care how you do it'…The police are really hiring people from a very, very identifiable segment of our population. If you divide Americans into classes: upper, middle, and lower, and the lower class into three tiers: the homeless, those who are several checks away from being homeless, and the blue collar types who work hard - the truck drivers and the civil service employees who work hard and take care of their families - that's where we draw cops from. And we screen them very carefully, we do very thorough background checks. We simply take normal, young men and women from the upper levels of the lower class, and acculturate them…You are admitted into a secret society that has been given a secret message, the secret message is: keep the underclass under control…keep them out of sight, we don't want to see them. You try to talk about it and people look at you and say 'You're crazy,' they laugh at you. So a cop very quickly discovers that he or she is locked in a brotherhood in blue that is hermetically sealed and totally isolated."
- Tony Bouza "The Police Mystique"

General Hendrix
the Infinite Infantry Crosses the Delaware,
& Overthrows that Ghetto on the Potomac

"About the only time that ordinary people made the pages of literary historical sources was when they caused trouble for the elite. The scribal elites wrote because that was what they could do, and the peasant leaders marched because that was what they could do…The Great Tradition writes and proclaims; The Little Tradition marches and performs. But, of course, the former is a slightly safer activity."
- John Crossan

"Peasant protest, rebellion, and revolt, such events are recorded only when they have already achieved a level of intensity forcing awareness of their presence on elitist observers…Peasant rebellions - let alone revolutions - are few and far between. The vast majority are crushed unceremoniously…the ordinary weapons of relatively powerless groups; foot dragging, dissimulation, desertion, false-compliance, pilfering, feigned ignorance, slander, arson, sabotage, and so on. These…forms of class struggle…require little or no coordination or planning…they typically avoid any direct, symbolic confrontation with authority…The Little Tradition often constitutes a shadow society - a pattern of structural, stylistic, and normative opposition to the politico-religious tradition of ruling elites…The subordinate class - especially the peasantry - are likely to be more radical at the level of ideology than at the level of behavior, where they are more effectively constrained by the daily exercise of power." - James Scott


"The establishment is going to crumble away…The people who dig me, they want something different, to feel something inside, something real - revolution, struggle, rebellion. The only thing that hangs me up are the very bad laws that are happening, the way the country's being run, you see badness, you can see evil right in front of your face as soon as you turn on the TV…People let a lot of old time laws rule them…Some people around here are naturally sick in the head anyway and half of those people are running things, it's based on the laws. I'd try to use my music as a machine to move these people, to get changes done. Because if the people go too long, when they get older, they'll realize, get mediocre and fall right into that dead scene rat race. We're trying to get our start together, to get people to listen to us. Then we can say to them, 'Come follow us, let's knock on the White House door...'"

- Jimi Hendrix

What Can You Do To
Administer Fair(child)ness to H.I.M.M.?

An Excerpt from the Upcomming


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