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WVBR: On the Record, with Noel Redding [Jimi's bass player]. Noel, welcome to the studio, welcome to Ithaca...I was just reading something, one of these people who is a total Hendrix freek, Michael Fairchild, this guy's like, he knows about every concert you guys did.

Noel Redding: He can tell me what color underpants we had on.

WVBR: I can't believe it.

- WVBR-FM Radio - Ithaca, NY - November 24, 1990


Michael Fairchild with Noel Redding


An Acclaimed 1990 Warner Brothers Records Release:


Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY December 20, 1990 - This city newspaper is actually concealing the news that local resident Michael Fairchild had written the booklet for this new Hendrix CD box set Lifelines and co-wrote the narrative script included on the soundtrack. Local media producers in Rochester remain savagely jealous of Fairchild's work and continue their attempts to conceal news of his projects for many years ahead...as we'll see.
- James Sedgwick

"Michael Fairchild and Peter Neal are currently working on a book of quotations by Jimi. As Michael describes it, it will be as if Hendrix is telling his own story. The authors are using a wide variety of resources, including several unreleased interviews."

- Straight Ahead Magazine - April 1991

"Reader's Poll: A living guitarist that best captures the Hendrix sound: (in random order) Eric Johnson, Vernon Reid, Jeff Healy, Clas Yngstrom, Michael Fairchild, and Joe Satriani."

- Straight Ahead Magazine - August 1991

"Benson & Hedges Blues Film Festival: The Best of Jimi Hendrix. Michael Fairchild hosts."

- New York Times - October 6, 1991

"Michael Fairchild, an expert on Hendrix, is [the estate's] research consultant. He believes that there were circumstances that might have contributed to the special quality of Hendrix's 1969 San Diego show. 'Jimi was in his hometown of Seattle the night before the San Diego concert,' the soft-spoken Fairchild said recently from his home in Upstate New York. 'Now, he hadn't been to Seattle in about 10 months, and when he arrived, there was rioting going on at the local community college. The People's Park riots in Berkeley had happened that week, and the unrest seemed to be moving up and down the West Coast, including San Diego. Jimi was so responsive to crowds,' he continued, 'and the one at the Sports Arena that night was at a fever pitch, with the Vietnam War protests and everything. There were gate-crashers breaking in the glass doors, and several ushers were injured. Then the people in the first 10 or so rows decided to stand on their seats, which collapsed, causing many more injuries. It was just this really chaotic scene, and I think Jimi might have fed off that weird energy to give a really great performance.' Fairchild, by the way, would love to hear from anyone who snapped pictures or shot home movies of any of the San Diego concerts."

- San Diego News - October 9, 1991

"The fourth annual Benson and Hedges Blues Festival starts off this weekend...One of the festival's best features is a series of free concerts, weekdays at noon...This weekend's other free event is bound to be packed. It's a five hour festival of Jimi Hendrix's filmed performances beginning at noon at Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan."

- New York Times - October 11, 1991

"Benson & Hedges Blues '91 New York...Blues Film Festival. Honoring a Blues Legend. The Best of Jimi Hendrix. This extensive film series traces the legacy of Jimi Hendrix. Narrated by Michael Fairchild, the author of a forthcoming book on Jimi Hendrix and authorized research expert for the Hendrix estate."

- Benson & Hedges Blues Film Festival Programme - October 12, 1991

"Stages 1967-1970 (Warner Reprise 1991)...a box set which illustrates Jimi's evolution as a musician...Michael Fairchild has written quite extensive liner notes and descriptions of each song. There will be a booklet in each CD and an overview of the total concept."

- Straight Ahead magazine - October 1991

"STAGES" - 4-CD Box Set
Stockholm '67 - Paris '68

San Diego '69 - Atlanta '70

"Four live, previously unreleased performances from four years of the Jimi Hendrix Experience are assembled as 'Stages'…the music improves radically as it goes along…Hendrix digs into the blues, revealing his mastery of the tradition…with a dynamic 1969 concert in San Diego and an incendiary performance in 1970 in Atlanta…he rockets the blues into the future, using wah-wah, distortion and feedback to make solos scream of new pleasures and terrors. Even in his later concerts, he doesn't need anything more hi-tech than his fingers to bend a sustained note into the age-old cry of the blues."

- New York Times - December 15, 1991

"[Stages] At last! A collection of Hendrix concerts that chronicle the evolution of Jimi's playing and showmanship...The liner notes are a must. Michael Fairchild uses all his resources to explain what occurred before, during, and after each particular show."

- Straight Ahead magazine - January 1992

"Jimi Hendrix is receiving the special 'box set treatment.' Stages in particular delivers what its producers promise: insight into the tremendous musical growth Hendrix underwent during his brief career. The set offers four live shows, one from each year the The Experience's meteoric existence. The concert-by-concert commentary by noted Hendrix expert Michael Fairchild is quite fine, definitive."

- Guitar World magazine - January 1992

"Stages...this is one of the better Hendrix CD releases for a long, long time. In fact, it is the first decent Jimi Hendrix CD box...one has to conclude that this is a fine box collection."

- UniVibes magazine - February 1992

"A 90-minute audio/visual program for the U.S. college circuit written by Michael Fairchild is at present in the making. According to Fairchild, "it's a way to introduce college age people to Jimi's legacy and place in music history and American history."

- UniVibes magazine - February 1992

"Michael Fairchild: Author, journalist, writer and guitar player, Michael Fairchild prefers to term himself an advocate of the Jimi Hendrix legacy. He has contributed sleeve notes to Cornerstones, Stages, Lifelines, Band of Gypsys, and Isle of Wight albums, researches for Are You Experienced? Ltd. [Hendrix estate production company], and as a contributor to America's Guitar Magazine. Michael is also the author of the yet to be published A Touch of Hendrix; contributing editor to the forthcoming Hendrix autobiographical film, and lives in Rochester, New York State."

- The Jimi Hendrix Exhibition program guidebook (U.K. & U.S.) - 1992

"Guitar magazine featured a 'Hall of Fame' issue in March...The Hendrix segment included an in-depth article titled 'Hendrix '70 - Clearing the Haze.' The report by Michael Fairchild dispelled all the negative press Jimi was receiving in 1970 and explored some of the new sounds Hendrix was achieving."

- Straight Ahead Magazine - April 1992

"Special thanks to Michael Fairchild's article about Jimi Hendrix (Clearing the Haze). I hope it sets a few records straight about this amazing artist."

- Guitar Magazine - May 1992

"Last year Jimi Hendrix sold a staggering four million albums worldwide - proof that interest in this guitar savant is still alive and kicking. No further excuse was needed to organize a saleable exhibition...The Jimi Hendrix Exhibition...celebrates the guitar's life through a series of images, which show the man, the musician and, more importantly, the rock icon, which immediately flashes to mind whenever the name Jimi Hendrix is mentioned. It's an impressive body of photographic, graphic and specially commissioned work...Neil Storey explained how the project was more complex than he had first imagined...'there is a guy called Michael Fairchild, who collects Hendrix quotes, he has books full of Hendrix quotes and what other famous people have said about Hendrix. We've used certain Hendrix lyrics and poems throughout the exhibition, and I get grief from Fairchild if I've put a comma in the wrong place. They are absolutely fanatical and exact in what they do. They are invaluable people to us...It's not an exhibition for the fans, this is for people who have had a passing interest in Hendrix or have caught up with his music in the advent of the CD age."

- New Musical Express (U.K.) - May 9, 1992

"It is with great appreciation that we would like to thank Michael Fairchild for his tremendous contributions to the research and information in detailing the Hendrix legacy...Fairchild has become the pre-eminent authority on Hendrix."

- Voodoo Child Magazine - October 1992

"What's so entertaining about UniVibes is it's completely eclectic approach. While the main body of the magazine is dedicated to factual stuff about Hendrix...you'll find weirder contributions, like Michael Fairchild's bizarre numerological piece on the significance of the number three in Hendrix's life and work."

- Making Music Magazine (U.K.) - December 1992

- Guitar Magazine - December 1992

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