Rock Prophecy

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TRANSCRIPTION OF THE ABOVE VIDEO DISCUSSION (the video was made in Sept. "2003")

I'll be sharing some information with you for a half hour and then we'll play more music. Our internet website can help us if those of you with questions will please email your comments to us from the email link on our website. Usually we can reply within a day or two.

Several months ago there was an article in the newspaper where a talk show host named Chris Matthews said, "If you're going to hold people's attention, you'd better make it fun." The article was about how the media trains us to blur politics with entertainment and reduce discussions to goof humor. In the article, Congressman David Dreier was also quoted, saying, "You have to be able to communicate, and to be effective, you have to do it in a comedic way." But we came here today so the affluent class and their managers can't order us to "cheerfulize" our attitudes. Our rulers use media to train us to expect punchlines with discussions because chasing laughs diverts us from focusing on the situation we're all in. Comedy has a way of undermining the unfunny action we need to take. So unless there are laughs attached to what I'm saying, many will be ready to reject what's said. But some of us are determined not to be diverted. So before we start I'll declare this area comedy-free for the next half hour. We're here to deprogram the spell that media cast over us, and we can handle it, because without media's frame, we'll see some interesting things. So if you feel a need for goof humor, please save it for later. If you get comedy out of what's said, it's unintended.


Jimi Hendrix died [in 1970] 33 years ago and a couple years after his death, his father signed contracts to set up a production company in Hollywood. The company was called Are You Experienced? and for more than 20 years that company released dozens of Hendrix albums from recordings Jimi had stockpiled before he died. For 7 years, up until 1996, I was trained to become the next director of the Hendrix production company. I worked as the company's full time writer, researcher, consultant and speaker, and while doing this I learned that the co-founder of Microsoft, a billionaire named Paul Allen, was planning to build a museum for Hendrix in Jimi's hometown of Seattle, the same city where Paul Allen and Microsoft are from. This was back in 1992 when very few people you met knew what Microsoft was. Anyway, the museum that Paul Allen was building is now known as the Experience Music Project, and they were first notified by me about some world class collections of Jimi Hendrix items. In May 1992 I began a six month effort to make possible the museum's purchase of these Hendrix collections. My work and vision resulted in Paul Allen's museum's obtaining thousands of Hendrix items for nearly a half million dollars. Soon afterwards Paul Allen began seeking ownership of rights to Jimi's music. He wanted control of Jimi's legacy, but I was the one slated to be the next director of the Hendrix company.

So in 1993, Paul Allen made available $5 million to Jimi's father, Al Hendrix, to launch a lawsuit against the people and the company to whom Jimi's father had sold rights to market Hendrix music. Backed by the Microsoft billionaire's money, Jimi's father was now seeking to get out of his contract with the people he'd hired to produce Hendrix records by claiming that he didn't understand the contract when he signed it. It was a classic harassment lawsuit instigated by an unjust moneyed brat, in this case Paul Allen. The so-called "rich" need only manufacture a pretext to drag people they don't like into court and force us to pay legal fees.

In 1995, this bogus lawsuit was settled out of court. As a result of the settlement, the Hendrix production company in Hollywood that employed me as writer and consultant was bought out and closed. For 7 years I'd been trained to be the director of that company. Then the lawsuit filed by Jimi's father, and financed by Paul Allen's money, toppled my opportunity. The job of director was instead given to Al Hendrix's adopted daughter, a Japanese-American woman named Jane, who is no blood relative of Jimi's. She'd met Jimi just a couple of times when she was a kid. Even though I had a great deal to do with the success of Hendrix releases in the 1990s, my job was given to Jane and I was left unemployed. And officials at Paul Allen's Hendrix museum told me I won't be paid for all of the work I'd done to help build the Hendrix collection for Paul Allen's museum.

Then Jane, the Japanese-American woman who never did a thing for the company while I was there, and who was given my job, began taking all of my writings included with Jimi's CDs off the market and replacing them with uninteresting junk. She went out of her way to make sure my name was removed from all the Hendrix products for which I'd worked so much to make successful.

The irony is that I was the main conceptualist for the Hendrix company responsible for ideas that pushed new releases of Jimi's music into the Top-10, and even the Top-5, on Billboard charts. Hendrix fans bought those CDs for the music, but I knew how to package and present the music in ways that drove those CDs up the charts. We won't see that again. For the highest charting Hendrix releases in the past 30 years, I suggested most of the songs used and programmed their playing order. They carried my booklet stories and many of those CDs were titled by me too. But despite these and other successes, my career at the Hendrix company was ruined by the "Microsoft lawsuit." And worse, the media coverage given to Jimi while I was making the decisions has disappeared. It's as if the purpose, or result, of Paul Allen's lawsuit money is to once again marginalize Hendrix outside of public awareness. In recent years we've seen a pathetic decline in interest in Hendrix releases. Never again will we see a Jimi CD rise high in the charts, as they did when I was helping to orchestrate their success. Subsequent releases have been so bad that dominators have triumphed in the total removal of Hendrix light years away from any public concern at all.

The way I was treated by the Seattle dominators is an example of a much larger story described in my book, titled Rock Prophecy. My experience with Paul Allen's museum, and the Hendrix family, is cited here as an example of what I call the silencing of the seers and the retarding of history, an interpretation of society described in Rock Prophecy.

As a writer, I achieved the most visibility of the Hendrix experts. My writings included with Jimi's CDs were distributed to well over six-million people. None of the dozens of books written about Hendrix reached such circulation. That's why I'm "the most widely read" Hendrix scholar. Since my exile from the company, none of the releases they've put out have scraped even the bottom of the barrel on the charts. When I landed the job of writing the first booklets for Hendrix CDs during the 1990s, it was like winning the Olympics of rock journalism. The competition was intense because the stakes were so high. No one had explained how the issues and connections surrounding the life of Hendrix are the most explosive controversies at the center of our culture. All of society's hot button issues are triggered in unexpected ways, in ways concealed from us by media elites who prevent any attempt to publish or air the real story.

I became the target of intense resentment from jealous writers and collectors and fans because of my writings and especially because I was to be the next director of the Hendrix company. It was my goal to climb the ladder of the "estate" and advance the truth about Jimi's legacy to a worldwide audience. After seven years of amazing successes, running a non-stop obstacle course, I was ready for the director's job I knew I could perform better than anyone. But caught in the crossfire of the "Hendrix/Microsoft" lawsuit was me, the only one who understood the vision and the Prophecy that Jimi was fighting to communicate.

In the summer of 1995 I was writing the book Rock Prophecy when a settlement was reached for the lawsuit. The Hendrix company in Hollywood was closed, and I was unemployed. The people I worked for, making successes for the company with my consulting and writing, received multi million dollar settlements. I didn't even get severance pay. Then officials at Paul Allen's Hendrix museum said I was owed nothing for what I'd done to help build that museum's core collection. I had worked for them expecting that I'd be paid.


Paul Allen's Hendrix museum could have helped me, and they chose not to. I needed help to present Jimi's Prophecy, but insights like those in this book are what dominators routinely seek to obstruct and crush. As Rock Prophecy explains, Jimi predicted an asteroid is aimed to impact our planet. Had he lived to present this, as he was working to do, or had I been helped by any of the people who instead obstructed me, we would have survived. Our world would have been saved. Rock Prophecy is the story of the end of life here, at the hands of Satanic trash, agents of hate, face of Satan. In a word: dominators.

Paul Allen used his Microsoft money to fund an unjust lawsuit against the Hendrix company. I was the writer for the company being sued with his money, so his legal team was interested in reading my research. That legal staff would've examined my writings on file for copyright at the Library of Congress, or else they'd be incompetent lawyers. To build their case, it makes sense for them to see if my research contains information that they could use in their lawsuit. The story of Jimi's asteroid prediction is among my writings there. Paul Allen is a mogul who is heavily invested in media production companies, like Dreamworks movie studios, and his Microsoft is teamed up with NBC. He's a media mogul who stumbled across my asteroid research during the Hendrix lawsuit investigations. It seems obvious that this is how the asteroid story made its way to the top of the list of world media in the late 20th century.

There are three things to consider regarding Paul Allen's Hendrix museum:

1) I orchestrated the acquisition of some of the worlds best Hendrix collections for them. Nearly a half million dollars was paid for the collections I lead them to.

2) Paul Allen's museum refused to pay me anything, and then Paul Allen paid for the lawsuit against the Hendrix company I worked for, and was to be director of. As a result of the lawsuit settlement, my job was given to a Japanese American woman. I was unemployed and silenced, this is what I believe the lawsuit was specifically intended to accomplish - to silence me.

3) And third, during the lawsuit, I was writing the story of Jimi's prediction of an asteroid impact. I sent that story to the Library of Congress for registration and suddenly Paul Allen's media partners started churning out stories about asteroids, highly publicized stories. During the lawsuit an official at Mr. Allen's Hendrix museum said, "Whatever you know, we'll find out about it and use as we see fit." It seems that's exactly how the asteroid craze started in America. Microsoft media partners, NBC and DreamWorks movie studios - suddenly went hogwild on asteroid stories, the shows they produced are listed on our website.

The fate of civilization is predestined in the orbit of our world through an obstacle course of asteroids. Hendrix realized that, as a society, all of our actions must be guided by the knowledge that it's only a matter of time before an asteroid intersects the path of Earth. These impacts are natural, they inspired Jimi to write that "People must never be afraid of paths chosen by God." Whether or not this civilization can influence an asteroid in our path depends on a collective effort in building a defense.

For many people who haven't researched the issue, there's a misperception that scientists can save us from an incoming rock, or blow it up or affect it in some way. That's incorrect, but rather than present evidence for that here, on our website there's a page of statements from experts who testify that we are unprepared for an asteroid. If you read that web page you'll see that there's nothing we can do to prevent it and they say it'll be decades before technology can intervene. In other words, welcome to the Titanic, so to speak.

In March of 1996, less than one year after Rock Prophecy was seen at the Library of Congress Copyright Office, Bob Dole, the republican candidate for president, began proposing that the United States build a system that can shoot down missiles in the sky. Since then that effort has continued non-stop as the Missile Defense Agency. Our ruling class thinks it's impractical to tell us that we need to build weapons against asteroids, people will panic, they think, an unmanageable scene will result. Instead, government today tells us that we need to shoot down missiles from "rogue nations," and if “rogue nations” with intentions to send missiles at us don’t exist, North Korea will either be bribed by our State Dept. into acting like one, or provoked into becoming one, all so that the project to build anti-asteroid technology will look like an effort to shoot down nuclear missiles, it’s called “asteroid diplomacy.” We’re conditioned to listen to this reasoning, and that’s what’s happening, our Defense Agency is mounting a secret and feeble attempt to build anti-asteroid technology, and calling it an "anti missile system." My assertion is that the new Missile Defense program was instigated by Paul Allen and his government cronies, who were under the influence of Rock Prophecy in the mid '90s during the Hendrix/Microsoft lawsuit. Their legal teams read my research and the rest is history.

Before I elaborate, we should understand why Jimi Hendrix had to find the right way to communicate his vision. During his lifetime, asteroid disasters were considered science fiction. Scientists dismissed all theories about the Earth being prone to mass destruction from impacts. Well into the 20th century, this is what people believed. Fireballs in the sky didn't become a subject for modern science until the 1960s, when a man named Eugene Shoemaker studied the mile-wide crater in Arizona. Scientists had thought the crater was an extinct volcano. Only in the last 40 years have we begun to accept the fact that the Earth is a target.

Rather than call a press conference where he'd be misunderstood, or stumble through interviews where journalists could filter his statements, Jimi wrote a screenplay for a film that would communicate what had to be said. But he didn't live long enough, Hendrix was removed before he could complete the film. It's as if civilization had a chance to organize a defense in time to ward off disaster, but that chance depended on whether or not we comprehend Hendrix.

Jimi said that people "are going to feel" the physical change of Earth, "we are the reason for causing it," he said. How have humans caused an impact? Hendrix presents a picture of disaster resulting from our inability to organize world resources in time to stop the rock from coming at us.


Members of the media will claim today's asteroid craze was kicked off by a comet impact on Jupiter in 1994. But the Timeline on our website proves otherwise. Consider timing. There've been a handful of asteroid stories published at various points between 1877 and 1994 and, as our Timeline shows, all of these stories made minor impacts on popular culture. The actual asteroid craze in modern media, characterized by repeated and excessive mass media blockbusters, from The New York Times to all major TV networks and Hollywood films - is outlined on our website Timeline. Nowhere else is this wave of reports chronicled. No one else was keeping track - except for me - because I was watching it all from the start as my insights were ripped off by media elites over the course of several years.

The media's unique wave of stories about asteroids escalated in late 1995, about 6 months after Rock Prophecy was seen in Washington at the Library of Congress. My manuscript arrived there for copyright registration at the height of the Hendrix/Microsoft lawsuit proceedings. Prior to '95, all reports and media stories about asteroids are scattered across the decades in disconnected isolation from each other. By contrast, the intense crescendo of reports triggered after Rock Prophecy was copyrighted, identifies this book as the immediate precursor to the frenzy in media, a succession of reports that continued at an uninterrupted peak for five years, and continues today. Just prior to this media blitz, Rock Prophecy appeared, marking Jimi's prediction as the catalyst for that craze. There is no other directly connected event in 1995 before the media's asteroid fad. A description of this period is the purpose of our website Timeline. Rock Prophecy preceded the media's wave of reports about asteroids, the number and intensity of these reports are unprecedented in history. Never again can the attention of civilization be introduced to the threat of rocks in such a concentrated way.

Everyone has now been trained and conditioned to this issue. While most people shrug off the odds of an impact, most scientists who've studied the subject agree that a hit is inevitable, it's just a matter of when, and the odds are that our planet is overdue for a major hit. This book is about Jimi's prediction of when, made at a time when only a tiny handful of people were even thinking about asteroids. By contrast, after Rock Prophecy was copyrighted in 1995, the asteroid issue was hyped up to the number one topic of discussion in the late 1990s, to such an extent that today an explanation is needed about how this story is the source for the media's asteroid frenzy. There is evidence.

Consider how not a single media report listed on our Timeline mentions the occasional book about asteroids, like Lucifer's Hammer from 1977 or The End of the Age from 1987. The few books such as these are not contenders against Rock Prophecy as triggers that instigated the craze in media for asteroids in the late 1990s. And regardless, the whole issue of who started it is just a small fraction of my book. This is not a story about who started it. And it's not about how I personally was treated by Microsoft dominators who took my ideas and then overexposed the asteroid story in media. The book is an interpretation of history, defining a faith in unexpected ways, with unprecedented connections.

My critics will attribute the asteroid frenzy to any story about space rocks reported before 1995. That's exactly what dominator media has taken pains to persuade everyone of. They'll say the craze was caused by anything other than this book. As Elaine Pagles said, "It's the winners who write history - their way." Rock Prophecy is not "their way" - the book describes how these people have caused the impact disaster we're going to see, so Rock Prophecy is being suppressed by the media elite, who have instead presented a false history of asteroid awareness. But another version of history exists, and it's not a dominator "winners" delusion. It's the truth.

Rock Prophecy is the original trigger for an avalanche of asteroid stories in recent media. The timing is the key to consider. News of Jimi's prediction appeared in 1995 prior to the media binge on space rocks. And with Paul Allen's involvement in the Hendrix/Microsoft lawsuit, why wouldn't that legal team monitor my stories? I was the writer for the Hollywood Hendrix company they were suing. These people found out what I'd discovered and their media companies began pumping out stories about it. For the historical record: we would have seen NO media overexposure of asteroids had not the Hendrix connection with this issue been seen in Washington in spring 1995. To claim otherwise is to subscribe to a dominator version of history - a revisionist re-write false portrayal of what happened.

Audiences in the past have regarded asteroid stories as science fiction. Even the impact of a comet on Jupiter in July of '94 was a passing attraction. Media dropped the story the next day. No one seemed interested in dwelling on rocks from space. Then, 15 months later everything changed. After Rock Prophecy was seen, it was as if the men who control media issued a decree: "Do up the asteroid story - Big Time!" Starting in autumn '95, and throughout '96, a rising tide of reports about rocks in space flooded the airwaves, these reports are listed on our website. The hysteria climaxed in February of '97 when TV's were overloaded with scenes of NBC's ASTEROID miniseries. Then another year of overblown reports fueled the 1998 Hollywood blockbusters Armageddon and Deep Impact. Paul Allen and Microsoft money were deeply involved in these projects.

But prior to '95 the public was exposed only slightly to stories about asteroid disasters. Mass media didn't run with this story until autumn '95, nearly six months after Jimi's prediction was seen at the Library of Congress. It was then that media moguls began churning out endless reports about asteroids. My manuscript was read by their consultants. The law allows anyone to read research filed at the Library of Congress. Suddenly network executives and media financiers ordered a field day on asteroid stories. They learned what my book reveals and decided to warn the public in a way that excludes the Hendrix connection. In fact, they had to exclude the Hendrix connection because the way Jimi presents his vision is narrow enough so that anyone else who explains it in published form will violate my copyright. Copyright laws don't protect ideas, but they do protect the expression of an idea, and there is no other way to execute the explanation of Jimi's words than what's in my book. So when dominators can't steal credit for an idea, they just deny that the idea is credible, and when moguls start producing asteroid stories, they prevent any mention of the Hendrix connection that started this. Which is why we're here today, to proclaim that connection.

For Valentine's Day 2001 NASA landed a spacecraft on an asteroid for the first time. The asteroid is named Eros, the Greek word for Love, so NASA made a landing for Valentine's Day. As Rock Prophecy points out, Jimi Hendrix had a name for the asteroid that will impact our planet, the name he gave is Electric Love. So when NASA landed their spacecraft on Eros, or Love, Bill Gates went to the Hendrix museum in Seattle to announce that Microsoft's Windows operating system will be titled "XP", which stands for Experience, which you may know is the name of Jimi Hendrix's band, the Jimi Hendrix Experience. So here is Bill Gates at the Hendrix Museum saying the new name for Windows is XP, meaning Experience, just when (Feb. 14, 2001) NASA lands a spacecraft on an asteroid for the first time, for Valentine's Day and the name of the asteroid is Eros, for Love, which is the name Jimi gave to the asteroid that will hit Earth. Now, while the XP, Experience, operating system was being developed at Microsoft, the project had a code name. You know what that code name was? Originally it was "Asteroid." Can you get the connections? - Eros, Love, Electric Love, a name Hendrix gave to an asteroid, Bill Gates at the Hendrix Museum for Valentine's Day, announcing XP, meaning Experience, like Jimi Hendrix Experience, while at the same time NASA lands on an asteroid for the first time named Eros/Love, landing for Valentine's Day, and Windows XP was originally named Asteroid. The meaning of this seeming coincidence is that Microsoft learned from me to associate Hendrix with asteroids and then Microsoft media partners ran with my asteroid ideas while Paul Allen's Microsoft money destroyed my career at the Hendrix company after I'd worked long and hard to make the best Hendrix collections available to his museum in Seattle, which refused to pay me for my work. When Windows XP was released, Bill Gates chose to release it on October 25, the anniversary of the day my website went on line. And the 1997 ASTEROID miniseries, with Micosoft's NBC media partner mentioned earlier, the space rock that impacts Earth in that TV miniseries is the Eros Asteroid.

The beauty of this for Bill Gates' partner, Paul Allen, is that it's complex enough for many people to not want to try and see the cause of all this, which is Rock Prophecy. In the face of anything complex, your detractors will feign ignorance. Even though they really see the meaning, they'll say, "Wha? That's too deep for me, man, ha ha." Some will label me "paranoid" for pointing out a "conspiracy theory," and they'll deny that the connections are real. But this is not a conspiracy theory, it's an institutional analysis, we are analyzing facts about the institutions of Microsoft and the media.

Officials from Microsoft are amused by their treatment of me, because they know many people won't believe that they, as wealthy moguls, would care what I say. Microsoft owns enough media to be able to put their spin on this for people who praise them and think it's good to be as moneyed as they are. But Paul Allen and his media are like unjust moneyed Murderers of Earth who've killed everything you care for. Within two weeks of Bill Gates' announcement at the Hendrix museum, Seattle was hit by the biggest earthquake in that state's history. Expect more where that came from.

Teams of publicists at think tanks are paid by these moguls to find ways to use media to neuter any effect that the real story around Hendrix will stir. That story is Rock Prophecy and it reveals how a wealthy class of anti-equality men have arranged a situation where today's society is unable to raise a defense in time to stop the Rock that Jimi saw hurtling towards Earth. When this story was seen at the Library of Congress in spring of '95, plans were implemented to deluge the airwaves with asteroid reports.

Media moguls pay their agents to assess stories sent to the Library of Congress for copyright and then they re-package these concepts for presentation by their own companies. Moguls decide when and how certain issues are promoted and who gets credit for them. Moguls determine how to divert, redefine, and co-opt topics that threaten the interests of the ruling class, like Rock Prophecy does. Just months after my manuscript arrived at the Library of Congress, a media blitz about asteroids began bombarding us all. Every form of media under mogul control was ordered to co-opt the central issue of Jimi's prediction.

There are 3 things to keep in mind:

1) by the mid 1990s my readership exceeded 6 million people because of my writings about Hendrix,

2) any media consultants, the "moles of the moguls," who saw my writings at the Library of Congress learned how Hendrix is the central connection most threatening to dominators, and

3) When I was writing for the Hendrix company, the next worldwide release of Hendrix music would've carried Jimi's asteroid prediction. This is what I say the Microsoft lawsuit was really designed to stop, the delivery of Rock Prophecy. I was in a position to release this worldwide and Paul Allen's lawsuit money stopped it. Our world will be destroyed by what Paul Allen did.

While I worked for the Hendrix company, dozens of my writings were published by companies like Warner Bros. MCA, Polydor, Harper Collins, Atlantic Records, and others. I couldn't keep up with the assignments. And there were dozens of articles written about my work published around the world. But then, after the lawsuit, paid for with Paul Allen's Microsoft money, no one anywhere in the world would publish a single word that I wrote, and no one would report anything about Rock Prophecy. An iron curtain descended around my career. The men who control media approved plans to redefine the whole issue of asteroids for the public. There was a deliberate attempt to make us tired of hearing about asteroids, to make us unreceptive to what Rock Prophecy reveals. If you need evidence of that, read our website page titled Evolution of Suppression.

Rock Prophecy describes how our vulnerability to collision is no "oversight." Hendrix is the messenger who had foresight of the disaster. He tried to warn us, and there were others who understood the threat and knew what our race was supposed to do. They too tried to warn us, and were silenced. I tried to warn, and was obstructed. The fact that today we have no defense against asteroids is not an "oversight."


Jimi is a seer who glimpsed the path of a rock that was set during his lifetime. It isn't a case of "peering into the future" so much as it is one of sensing directions of real objects that were already moving through our solar system. He was noticing something's movement. Most of us who listen to Jimi recognize that he noticed things that no one else noticed. He was racing to communicate his vision in a screenplay titled Moondust, but he didn't live to finish it. The vision is now presented in Rock Prophecy, it's the story of how dominators have silenced the seers throughout the ages and "retarded history" by setting back humanity's advance towards anti-asteroid technology. We are today at a technological state that should've been reached millennia ago. The slim window, in geologic time, that exists between major impacts is due to close. Rock Prophecy will remain as the explanation of what happened - how human life was evolved by Earth with purpose, to develop capacity for flight, explosives, and speed. These are what the planet needs to protect itself from impacts. All planets that support life anywhere in the universe evolve the same capability - life forms that can build flight and explosives technology. That's what planets are concerned with, it's the basis for natural selection. Humans are a protective mutation selected to produce enough destructive force to shatter rocks. We are programmed to function as the "teeth" of the planet.

It always was a matter of time. How long did civilization have to fathom our purpose and rise to the occasion before it's too late? Rock Prophecy describes "retarded history," chronic set backs in advances toward anti-asteroid technology. Dominators set us back, resources hoarded by a wealthy few at everyone's expense. Every day the most advanced minds of our species starve on garbage heaps in the third world. We will pay for this inequality. We've already been paying…

One-hundred-thirty-two years ago, on October 8, 1871, a series of rocks from space exploded over the western Great Lakes, one of them ignited the Chicago Fire. But there were other major explosions that night, including a massive impact over Wisconsin that incinerated twelve-hundred Americans in the town of Peshtigo. The reason most people have never been informed of this is because government officials have reported the impacts as forest fires, or, in the case of Chicago, reported as that ridiculous myth of Mrs. O'Leary's cow! It is critical to our ruling class that we believe the deaths in 1871 were caused by fires and not by impacts. The reason it's critical to them is because our rulers have to be able to say that the odds of a future impact are very small. But when the deaths at Peshtigo are figured into the equation, the odds shift from unlikely to probable. And when we add the fact that fourteen centuries ago a massive impact triggered the Dark Ages, the probability of an asteroid disaster in the near future goes from probable to near certainty.

These are all matters of interpretation and it's only the dominator's spin that gets covered by mass media. So we came to say inequality is a state of hate from which we have a duty to defend ourselves by any means necessary. Media is owned and controlled by a clique of anti-equality men who've closed ranks to censor and suppress Rock Prophecy and conceal from you news of this most important story.

But when we spell the word "live" backwards we get the letters e - v - i - l: "evil" - the opposite of live. Evil means: that which has led us to death - a fitting description of the dominators we've discussed, because their actions have led us to death. And for everyone who sees this, when we see that rock come streaking towards us through the sky, we'll now think of Jimi and Rock Prophecy and know who the Murderers of Earth are who brought this upon us. And I'm here to say to you, track them down, while there's still time, and when you find them, administer Fair(child)ness to them, by any means needed, because inequality didn't work. In the absence of equality for all, we can all expect an asteroid smashed planet. Amen.

This website features many more video movies to illustrate insights from the book Rock Prophecy.


[NOTE: Please be aware that for years the owners and staff at the Yahoo search engine have artificially/surgically removed this website from all listings under the words "jimi hendrix." Following the example of Paul Allen, the owners of Yahoo are intent on concealing the insights and research of Hendrix scholar Michael Fairchild, out of sheer pathological jealousy. - James Sedgwick]