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Below is published the Timeline from Rock Prophecy. This is not the book, it is a chronological list of events surrounding the creation of Rock Prophecy. For a brief background and description of the story, and context for the Timeline below, visit the ROCK PROPHECY PAGE before reading the Timeline.


March 3, 2006:

Kebria Crater in Egypt reports, "Huge Crater Found in Egypt - Scientists have discovered a huge crater in the Saharan desert, the largest one ever found there. The crater is about 19 miles (31 kilometers) wide, more than twice as big as the next largest Saharan crater known. It utterly dwarfs Meteor Crater in Arizona, which is about three-fourths of a mile (1.2 kilometers) in diameter. In fact, the newfound crater, in Egypt, was likely carved by a space rock that was itself roughly 0.75 miles wide in an event that would have been quite a shock, destroying everything for hundreds of miles. The crater was discovered in satellite images by Boston University researchers Farouk El-Baz and Eman Ghoneim. El-Baz named the crater 'Kebira,' which means 'large' in Arabic and also relates to its location on the northern tip of the Gilf Kebir region in southwestern Egypt…The crater has two rings, a common configuration. Over time, it has been eroded by wind and water to make it unrecognizable to the untrained eye. The impact that carved Kebira might have created an extensive field of yellow-green silica fragments, known as desert glass and found on the surface between the giant dunes of the Great Sand Sea in southwestern Egypt."

"The Zodiac Glass gleams through the sky, it could happen soon…If you revert back in time, there's Egypt. It's very dusty now, but it used to be green. I had a vision and it told me to go there. I'm always having visions and I know that it's building up to something really major."
- Jimi

April 3, 2006:

A European Space Agency (ESA) press release states, "If a large asteroid - such as the recently identified 2004 VD17 about 500 m in diameter with a mass of nearly 1000 million tons - collides with the Earth, it could spell disaster for much of our planet. As part of ESA's Near-Earth Object deflecting mission, Don Quijote, three teams of European industries are now carrying out studies on how to prevent this.

"In 1996 the Council of Europe called for the Agency to take action as part of a 'long-term global strategy for remedies against possible impacts.'"

[NOTE: This action came in response to the copyright of Rock Prophecy in 1995, when Paul Allen's media empire and legal teams started to develop strategies with scientists and government officials to deal with Jimi's asteroid disaster prediction.]

"In July 2004 the preliminary phase was completed when a panel of experts appointed by ESA recommended giving the Don Quijote asteroid-deflecting mission concept maximum priority for implementation…industrial teams have been awarded a contract to carry out the mission phase-A studies…with Alcatel Alenia Space as prime contractor, including subcontractors and consultants from across Europe and Canada; a consortium led by EADS Astrium, which includes Deimos Space from Spain and consultants from several European countries, brings their experience of working on the design of many successful ESA interplanetary missions…a team led by QinetiQ (UK), which includes companies and partners in Sweden and Belgium, draws on their expertise in mini and micro satellites. This month the three teams began work and a critical milestone will take place in October when the studies will be reviewed by ESA."

May 2, 2006:

"A meteor smashed into the Moon's Sea of Clouds with 17 billion joules of kinetic energy - that's about the same as 4 tons of TNT," says Bill Cooke, the head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office in Huntsville, AL. "The impact created a bright fireball which we video-recorded using a 10-inch telescope." The video was recorded at the Marshall Space Flight Center:

June 7, 2006:

United Press International reports that at 2:05 a.m. a meteor impacts the country of Norway: "The meteor struck a mountainside in Reisadalen…residents of the northern part of Troms and the western areas of Finnmark could clearly see a ball of fire taking several seconds to travel across the sky. Knut Jorgen Roed Odegaard, the country's leading astronomer, said he expects the meteor to prove to be the largest to hit Norway in modern times…'We can compare it to the Hiroshima bomb,' he said."

Following the Indian Ocean meteor that caused the Christmas Tsunami in Dec. 2004, news outlets were put under orders to conceal all news of space rocks. Mass media suppressed every mention of the 2006 Norway impact. Only through the websites of obscure European alternative papers are the facts available.

Within days of the Norwegian explosion, three interesting and related events occurred:

June 15, 2006:

Bill Gates announces that he will leave Microsoft to persue a role playing Santa Claus to third world nations (which remain impoverished because so much of world resources have been handed over to Microsoft). It was the meteor explosiion on the Moon last month, and the Norway crater last week, that made an impact on Mr. Gates. Following the Indian Ocean "Tsunami" meteor a year and a half earlier, astronomers are now aware that the Earth is entering into a prolonged period of increasing bombardments from a hail storm of space rocks that are starting to swarm past our planet.

While this information is concealed from us, the handful of moguls who control our governments are all aware of the situation. Any casual search of the web will reveal the number of billionaires who today are racing like madmen to follow Paul Allen's example and errect their own private space crafts as escape vehicles to the space station, where they'll all watch us perish from impacts, safely aboard their orbiting penthouse suites.

June 19, 2006:

The government of Norway, shaken to its core after the June 7th meteor blast, announces that the country will now become the repository for all world agricultural seeds for safe keeping in the event of a global catastrophie.

June 25, 2006:

The third, and most bizarre, reaction to the Moon and Norway explosions, came from Warren Buffet, who, in a fit of religious "born-again-ness," became delusional and was "relieved" of his $30 billion fortune by Bill Gates. These people realize that as the Rock nears, money will become worthless. And as masses of their victims realize that it was because of the hoarding of world resources among the so-called "rich" that we have no defense against asteroids, people like Gates and Buffet will be hunted down by the waiting crowds.


And what is Mr. Gates intending to do with the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of human resources and energy that everyone here (delusionally) agrees can/should be available to private individuals? He is using the money to launch the world's most expensive research study into malarial carrying mosquitos!

At a time when all human lens should be looking outward at the skies to chart the course of incoming rocks, and build a defense, Gates is taking all of our money and doing the opposite - he's looking inwards through tiny microscopic perspectives as he obsessively ponders the wonders of his beloved insect collection.

For decades we've had the same argument: i.e "But these billionare men can't be bad, look at all they give to charity, they're just like us average joes!"

To which I repeatedly tried to warn, "It's fatally insane to allow individual men to possess private fortunes, any one of them can go unhinged at any time, look at Bin Laden. no one deserves more money than another - everyone's experience and accomplishments in life are all the result of luck - literally dumb luck. We are wasting all of the energy that is supposed to go to asteroid defense."

July 1, 2006:

During prime time, CBS Network TV airs Deep Impact, Paul Allen's 1998 space rock movie produced in response to Rock Prophecy.

July 3, 2006:

In the early morning of July 3, 2006 an asteroid a half mile wide named 2004 XP14 (check out the the "XP" connections on this website) nearly collided with Earth, coming about as close as the Moon. This passing was close enough to be visible to the naked eye in North America, so media could not conceal it, and today the world is abuzz with news of the Rock. At the end of the ABC News report about XP14 the network TV audience was introduced to Apophis for the first time.

Today's Space Shuttle lift off, North Korea's staged missile launch charade today, and exploding Fourth of July fireworks, like mini comets igniting the atmosphere - all remind us of the time left for this civilization prior to impact - which today is measured in countable hours. To drive home the point, HBO TV broadcasts the 1997 movie Titanic today.

July 4, 2006:

While North Korea launches intercontinental ballistic missiles as part of the plan to make the case for America's need for Missile Defense (against asteroids), and while media is absorbed with the near miss of XP14, the Encore TV network airs the 1998 asteroid movie Armageddon (to drive home the point).

July 10, 2006:

European news mdia report that for the second month in a row, a meteor has crashed into the country of Norway. The rock smashed to the gound in the Jæren district just south of Stavanger in Rogaland County, gouging a crater just outside the house of Bjørn Herigstad.

August 16, 2006:

An report is headlined: When an Asteroid Hits - a Killer Crash - It Will Hit Earth, But When?:

"An asteroid colliding with Earth: It's the largest global disaster that has ever happened, and scientists say with 100 percent certainty that it will happen again. The question is not if, but when. Scientists have located more than 100,000 asteroids. Some are tiny, others as large as the state of Texas, and sooner or later, a huge one will crash with Earth. Astronomers already have their eyes fixed on an asteroid called Apophis, which is scheduled for a close encounter with Earth in 2029.

"Scientists have calculated that, on [Friday] April 13, 2029, Apophis will pass so close to Earth it will actually fly underneath our communication satellites. Depending on the path of the asteroid, scientists [also] say…Apophis could collide with Earth on its return orbit in 2036…Could the dinosaurs' fate ultimately be ours?"

August 30, 2006:

Michlo Kaku Prof. Theoretical Physics: "Look at the Moon [craters]. Every night it comes out to remind us that, on a cosmic scale, of the universe is violent, the universe can be catastrophic."

"They found memorandums [impact craters] on the Moon, no telling when they're going to get there,
but when they do, they're going to find memorandums."
- Jimi Hendrix

ABC TV prime time show:

Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist): "I'm not worried about the black hole crumbling the Earth. I'm not even worried about the gamma ray bursts. I worried about the next asteroid. We have a polite term for them, near Earth objects, but really, these are the things that can render us extinct. One was discovered recently at the end of 2004 find it was a new asteroid, who cares? Until you start plugging in the orbital parameters into your computer. You plug those in and then you watch where it goes. And you project forward, where you expect to find this thing in the future. And you know, we found? This asteroid on Friday the 13th of April 2029 will come close enough to earth to dip below our communications satellites in orbit around Earth."

ABC Narrator: "This asteroid is called Apophis."

Neil deGrasse Tyson: It's big enough to create the worst damage to life on Earth in recorded history.

Ed Lu (astronaut) "The number of people worldwide who are working actively on this problem is enough to staff one shift at a McDonald's, and that's about accurate."

[NOTE: At least a dozen documentaries about asteroids repeat, nearly verbatim, this single quote comparing the search effort with a staff at McDonalds. The analogy was originally improvised by Duncan Steel's (Anglo-Australian Observatory) during his interview for the first of the asteroid TV programs triggered by Rock Prophecy 11 years ago. That program, Doomsday Asteroid, was produced by PBS NOVA and aired on Oct. 31, 1995, nearly six months after Paul Allen learned of Rock Prophecy and started ordering his media empire to over expose reports about space rocks in an attempt to disassociate the whole issue away from my discovery of Jimi Hendrix's prediction.]

ABC Narrator: "NASA astronauts say that with enough advance warning and a big enough ship, they could fly millions of miles into space, rendezvous with the asteroid, and use the ship's gravity to nudge it slightly off its deadly course…that's the theory anyway, but it's still just a theory. There is no spacecraft yet. Not even a blueprint…if they fail, we would know decades in advance the moment of impact."

Brian Toon (Atmospheric Scientist): "There'll be people who will be determined to survive and will go and try to find a way to optimize their chances. Regardless of our chances, some will try to build self-sufficient communities deep beneath the earth."

ABC Narrator: "As our expiration date drew nearer, governments might collapse and money might become worthless."

Robert Butterworth (Trauma Psychologist): "As we get closer and that sand of time runs out of the hourglass, it'll be much harder to enforce the rules, to continue the behavior we had up until that time."

[NOTE: During scenes of the asteroid impacting Earth, the producers of this show use Hendrix style rock music for the audio soundtrack. It was through rock music that the asteroid prophecy first surfaced in civilization. In a subliminal way, we were all preparing for this when the term "Rock music" caught on four decades ago, and was applied to Jimi's music. Prior to the "power trios" in London in late 1966 no one was using the term "rock music," and prior to Jimi Hendrix, no one was called a "rock star." In a subconscious way, when Jimi released his first original song, "Stone Free," together with his first hit record in London, the term "rock star" suggested itself to journalists who were covering this event. None of them realized that "Rock Star" emerged from our collective subconscious - it's reference is to an asteroid (rock) and comet (star), and is a prelude to the coming impact.]

ABC Narrator: How would you behave if you knew the date of your death, would you go to work, pay your bills, mow your lawn? As our final days approach will our lives descend into chaos?

Robert Butterworth: "As we see this asteroid coming, in a situation where we're not really sure what to do, we're going to look for Love."

[NOTE: "Looking for love" takes on a new meaning when the actual Rock coming at us is named "Electric Love." ]

"Good and evil lay side by side, while Electric Love penetrates the sky." - Jimi

[NOTE: Sometimes people are puzzled by Jimi's choice of that name for the asteroid, but it's not unusual, in fact, scientists have already named an asteroid Eros, which is the Greek word for Love.]

"Invent a word called Love...There are some people running around with long hair preaching the word 'love' and they don't know what they're talking about...I'm tired of people using the word 'Love' so much, though. You can mess up a good theme like that. We can go on and on. What is perfect? Perfect is death. It's a physical death. Termination." - Jimi

Audience Interview: "I think if I was told that an asteroid was coming to earth and was going to wipe us out, I think I would [fill in the blank]…"

[More terrifying than this programs dire descriptions of a post impact scenario, are the succession of sound byte comments from people on the street answering that question of what they'd do if they knew an impact was imminent. The urge to divert stress with goof humor sums up the reasons why, for most of these people, it is nealy impossible to introduce the concept of Retarded History - no matter how true, no matter how obvious.]

September 19, 2006

CNN reports an Associated Press story: "Scientists: We Must Return to the Moon…A panel of scientists strongly endorsed NASA's plans to return to the Moon, saying in a report Tuesday that lunar exploration will open the way toward broader studies…'The moon is priceless to planetary scientists,' declared the special National Research Council panel of the National Academy of Sciences. The scientists were asked to evaluate and give guidance to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's plans for…human exploration of the Moon over the next two decades.

"President Bush two years ago vowed to return astronauts to the Moon and establish an 'extended presence there'…He called on NASA to devote $12 billion over five years for the beginning of the program with a goal of landing on the moon between 2015 and 2020…The Academy panel said the moon…provides great opportunities for a sustained program…'Only by returning to the Moon to carry out new scientific exploration can we hope to close the gaps in understanding'…the 15-member panel said. Among the priorities the panel outlined were determining the composition and structure of the lunar interior, better understanding the lunar atmosphere, evaluating the Moon's potential as 'an observation platform'…Among the priorities the panel outlined were…better understanding the lunar atmosphere, [and] evaluating the Moon's potential as 'an observation platform.'

"Tuesday's report was described as interim, with a more detailed report to be released in mid-2007…Two weeks ago, NASA announced it had awarded Lockheed Martin Corp. the multibillion-dollar contract to build the Orion manned lunar space craft. NASA anticipates building eight of the reusable spaceships through 2019, replacing the space shuttle."

September 26, 2006:

October 3, 2006

The PBS series Nova airs an episode about Apophis.

"Remember Deep Impact or Armageddon?…the movies were a little silly…but they were inspired by a frightening truth about our solar guard against catastrophe, a team at NASA tracks asteroids, including that potentially lethal one: Apophis, named for an Egyptian god of darkness and evil.

"It was clear that Apophis is going to be a very close approach, a fascinating object…Very often we start off with a one-in-a-billion, maybe one-in-a-million chance. But maximum probability was one in 37 - a one in 37 chance that in April of the year 2029 Apophis will slam into Earth on - get this - Friday the 13th. We'd never seen anything like that before, that was absolutely extraordinary.

"The NASA team has to continually revise it's prediction…but the asteroid will come frighteningly close to Earth. It's going to come 10 times closer to us than the Moon is. So it's actually going to come closer to us than the ring of communication satellites that are in synchronous altitude around the Earth. Such a near miss means that Earth's gravity will dramatically alter the asteroid's orbit. The problem is, as its pass bends, there is one small region of space we do not want Apophis to pass through: it's named the keyhole. If it should pass through that little key hole, then it would be on a collision course for a later encounter…If the asteroid passes through the keyhole, then seven years later, in 2036, Apophis will be headed right for us…It would create a crater around 60 to 100 miles across and it would dissipate energy about equal to 100 nuclear bombs going off at the same time...If Apophis passes through the center of the keyhole, it will slam into the Pacific Ocean about 1000 miles off the California coast…If it hits in the water it will create a very significant tsunami…We'd have 3 and a half hours of waves 55 feet or higher crashing onto the shore, not just a simple rise in the water level that we saw in the Indonesian tsunami, we're talking about a surfable wave…along the whole coast, all the way up and down from the Panama Canal all the way up to Alaska.

[NOTE: Apophis will deliver us from evil when its tidal tsunami washes clean the Lost Continent of Seattleland, and its dictator EMPeror, from the Pacific Northwest.]

"We know very little about Apophis, unfortunately. We have a crude estimate of its size, we don't know anything detailed about its shape, we don't know if it's a porous object. Deflecting a weirdly shaped or porous object would be a challenge.

"Find them early. We know of about 4000 Near Earth asteroids, but recent estimates tell us that there's thousands more just as deadly that we have yet to discover. Apophis is just the tip of the iceberg, so my concern is not with this individual object. My concern is with the tens of thousands of these objects that we haven't yet discovered that could take us by surprise if we don't discover them."

October 4, 2006:

CBS publishes a report from the Associated Press: "Jackpot For Genetic Code Breakthrough -$10 Million Prize Offered For Fast Genetic Code Mapping. To win the prize, a company has to map in 10 days 100 diverse human genomes provided by the X Prize Foundation. The people who spurred private spaceflight with a $10 million prize are doing the same for personalized medicine. The X Prize Foundation is offering $10 million to the first company that can process the genetic codes of 100 people in just 10 days - an advancement that experts say is still at least five years away.

"To win the prize, a company has to map in 10 days a specific 100 diverse human genomes provided by the X Prize Foundation. Then it will be paid extra to map the genomes of 100 celebrities, scientists and multimillionaires…The lists include talk show host Larry King, financial heavyweights Paul Allen and Michael Milken, space X Prize winner Burt Rutan, and British scientist Stephen Hawking.

"Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, said in 1990 it cost about $10 to sequence one base pair in the 6 billion base pair human genome. Now the cost is down to one-tenth of a cent per base pair and that cost is cut in half every 22 months, he said. But to reach the goal and the X Prize, it will take a cost reduction factor of 1,000 more than the current price, he said. 'They're using showmanship, marketing, and appeals to the culture of celebrity to get it done,' said Penn State University bioethicist Arthur Caplan."

[NOTE: As with the Space Ship One "X Prize" charade, EMPeror Paul Allen is also behind this newest ruse to manipulate DNA gene codes. When the remains of Jimi Hendrix were exhumed on his birthday in 2002, the EMPeror's cabal of Frankenstein scientists set to work on experiments to clone and decode Jimi's DNA in a pathetic last ditch attempt to try and manufacture the evolutionary mutation in brain perception that Hendrix represents. Their goal is to artificially create a new breed of freeks with capacity to fathom aspects of physics that will unlock obstacles that block us from handling asteroids.

"We talk about Star Wars as if all we have to do is decide to go and we go, John Glen but the physics haven't been invented yet to do Star Wars." - John Glen

Statistically, those born with capacity for this type of insight are consigned to third world garbage heaps where they don't survive. The physics we need dies with them in our society of abhorrent priorities. So Mr. Allen concocted a plot to basically steal Jimi's brain in an attempt to jump start mutations. He set up a company as a front for the project: the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, and this "X Prize" deception was announced to hasten the pace for mutation needed.

When the AP article cited above says "a company has to map in 10 days a specific 100 diverse human genomes provided by the X Prize Foundation" - the intention is clear: Mr. Allen has Jimi's brain imprisoned in his "Institute" and the EMPeror's X Prize front will now distribute bits of tissue from it to labs enrolled in the "contest" who will all be told that the DNA they're decoding is not from Jimi Hendrix.

Their scheme becomes more nauseating when we read that these labs "will be paid extra to map the genomes of 100 celebrities, scientists and multimillionaires…The lists include talk show host Larry King, financial heavyweights Paul Allen and Michael Milken."

We need only realize that as the asteroid nears, "money" will become meaningless. Should anyone seek a "map" of the EMPeror's genome, they'd find a map of the road to extinction. Don't we find it odd that Mr. Allen is mentioned in this article at all? Not really, when we consider how the story was planted and paid for to set a stage that appears to be scientifically legitimate, while behind the scenes they race to create Frankenstein Jimi...]

October 9, 2006:

The BBC News headline reads: "UK To Join Killer Asteroid Hunt" and reports: "Researchers from three universities have signed an agreement to use one of the world's most advanced telescopes - the Pan-Starrs observatory in Hawaii…This will enable astronomers to investigate small Solar System objects and search for exploding stars…Researchers from the University of Durham, Queen's University Belfast, and the University of Edinburgh have signed an agreement to start using the facility…Dr. Alan Fitzsimmons and his colleagues at Queen's will head up UK efforts to identify potentially deadly asteroids."

November 1, 2006:

PBS Secrets of the Dead airs an episode titled Catastrophe. This show is about the climate change of 536 C.E. which triggered the Dark Ages. The show is designed to shift the cause of prolonged global winter conditions away from airborne explosion of comets and on to giant volcano eruptions:
ICE CUBES FROM HELL: How Ice Cores Extracted from the Depths of Paul Allen's Ice Cube Trays "PROVE" That We Have No Asteroids to Fear

November 14, 2006:

Microscopic "Spherule"
Fingerprint of Asteroid-Tsunami

The New York Times News Service reports, "This tiny spherule [see right] is a once-vaporized or melted fragment of microejecta resulting from an extraterrestrial impact into the Indian Ocean about 4,800 years ago. Some scientists believe the hit, by either a meteor or asteroid, produced a tsunami at least 600 feet high. Most astronomers doubt that any large comets or asteroids have crashed into Earth in the past 10,000 years. But a self-described "band of misfits" that make up the two-year-old Holocene Impact Working Group…experts in geology, geophysics, geomorphology, tsunamis, tree rings, soil science and archaeology…say that astronomers simply have not known how or where to look for evidence of such impacts. They say that once they started looking, the evidence was obvious

"At the southern end of Madagascar lie…enormous wedge-shaped sediment deposits, called chevrons, that are composed of material from the ocean floor…the chevron deposits contain deep ocean microfossils that are fused with a medley of metals typically formed by cosmic impacts. And all of them point in the same direction - toward the middle of the Indian Ocean where a newly discovered crater, 18 miles in diameter, lies 12,500 feet below the surface. A large asteroid or comet, the kind that could kill a quarter of the world's population, smashed into the Indian Ocean 4,800 years ago [2800 BCE], producing a tsunami at least 600 feet high, about 13 times as big as the one that inundated Indonesia [Dec. 2004 tsunami] …astronomers have not known to look for evidence of such impacts during the past 10,000 years (known as the Holocene epoch) along the world's shorelines and in the deep ocean. They say the evidence is strong enough to overturn current estimates of how often the Earth suffers a violent impactInstead of once in 500,000 to 1 million years, as astronomers now calculate, catastrophic impacts could happen every few thousand years

"Surveys show that as many as 185 large asteroids or comets have hit the Earth [but] most of the craters are on land. 'No one has spent much time looking for craters in the deep ocean,' said David Morrison, a leading authority on asteroids and comets at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View."

[NOTE: This lack of looking for craters on the ocean floor is NOT an oversight, it is INTENTIONAL - government think tanks like the Ames Research Center NEEDS to calculate the odds of imminent asteroid strike as VERY SMALL. To arrive at this fudged number for chances of impact they MUST OMIT THE OCEAN CRATERS - keep these impacts OUT OF THE CALCULATIONS and NASA can COOK THE BOOKS to say "Chances of a future impact are so small that we don't need to be concerned." This is the way they aim to keep labor workers complacent, so the global mogul elite can proceed with plans to build themselves safe haven escape bases in space and on the Moon, using funds ripped off from the worker herd. Their escape is at our expense, and accomplished by RIGGED STATISTICS about the frequency of impacts, fixed statistics diverting us away from the truth.]

New York Times: "Ted Bryant, a geomorphologist at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia, was the first person to recognize the palm prints of mega-tsunamis…Deposits from mega-tsunamis contain unusual rocks with marine oyster shells…This year the Holocene Impact Working Group started…to search around the globe for chevrons, which they interpret as evidence of past giant tsunamis. Scores of such sites have turned up in Australia, Africa, Europe and the United States, including the Hudson River Valley and Long Island. When the chevrons all point in the same direction to open water…Dallas Abbott [scientist] uses a satellite technology to look for oceanic craters. With increasing frequency, she finds them…Within 24 hours of searching the shallow water north of the two chevrons, Abbott found two craters. 'We think these two craters are 1,200 years old,' Abbott said. The chevrons are well preserved and date to about the same time. Abbott and her colleagues have located chevrons in the Caribbean, Scotland, Vietnam and North Korea, and several in the North Sea. Heather Hill State Park on Long Island has a chevron whose front edge points to a crater in Long Island Sound, Abbott said. There is another, very faint chevron in Connecticut, and it points in a different direction.

"But Madagascar provides the smoking gun for geologically recent impacts…tiny fossils from the ocean floor, sprinkled throughout [with] splashes of iron, nickel and chrome fused to the fossils. When a chondritic meteor, the most common kind, vaporizes upon impact in the ocean, those three metals are formed in the same relative proportions as seen in the microfossils...[that] melded with the condensing metals as both were lofted up out of the sea…About 900 miles southeast from the Madagascar chevrons, in deep ocean, is the Burckle crater, which Abbott discovered last year…cores from the area contain high levels of nickel and magnetic components associated with impact ejecta. Abbott estimates that the Burckle crater is 4,500 to 5,000 years old. It would be a great help if the National Science Foundation sent a ship equipped with modern acoustic equipment to take a closer look at Burckle, Ted Ryan said. 'If it had clear impact features, the nonbelievers would believe,' he said."

[NOTE: The Holocene Group WILL NOT get that "help" from the National Science Foundation. The TOP PRIORITY of moguls who control global government is to manufacture "evidence" that'll show us how the chance of future asteroid impact is remote, while the Holoscene Group proves the opposite is true.]

November 17, 2006:

England's Guardian website reports, "The U.S. space agency...wants to know whether humans could master techniques needed to deflect a doomsday [asteroid] object when it is eventually identified. The proposals are at an early stage, and a spacecraft needed just to send an astronaut that far into space exists only on the drawing asteroid called Apophis has already been identified as a possible threat to Earth. Chris McKay of NASA said, 'NASA ought to be doing something about killer be able to send serious equipment to an have mastered the problem of dealing with asteroids. To have astronauts go out there and sort of poke one with a stick would be scientifically valuable as well as demonstrate human capabilities.' A 1bn tonne asteroid just 1km across striking the Earth at a 45 degree angle could generate the equivalent of a 50,000 megatonne thermonuclear explosion. Attempting to break it up with an atomic warhead might only generate thousands of smaller objects on a similar course, which could have time to reform...'There could be testing of various approaches,' Dr McKay said. 'We don't know enough about asteroids right now to know the best strategy for mitigation.' Mirrors, lights and even paint could change the way the object absorbs light and heat enough to shift its direction over 20 years or so. With less notice, mankind could be forced to take more drastic measures...It's not a case of if we will be hit, it is a question of when. Each of us is 750 times more likely to be killed by an asteroid than to win this weekend's lottery."

November 21, 2006:

PBS airs another show in November designed to undermine the probability of future asteroid impact. This episode of Nova Science Now use pseudo-science to claim that the ancient Permian extinction was caused, not by asteroids, but by volcanoes:
ICE CUBES FROM HELL: How Ice Cores Extracted from the Depths of Paul Allen's Ice Cube Trays "PROVE" That We Have No Asteroids to Fear

December 5, 2006:

USA Today - December 5, 2006:

NASA's desperate "Permanent Base" pipedream - these Moon refugees will have to stay a lot longer than "six months" after the asteroid hits. The trick is, NASA has to persuade us all that, with global warming expenses ready to bankrupt the world, we in addition now have to spend trillions of dollars on a mad dash to the Moon AND NASA has to drain all resources while LYING to us about the reasons (Asteroid? What asteroid? There ain't no steroids...) Their think tanks actually believe that saying "it's in our genes to go to the Moon" is enough to convince the victims in Katrina's concentration camps to "sacrifice" food for their kids just so a load of corporate billionaires can blow the national treasure on cushy lunar digs for themselves. And GUESS WHAT? The brain-trained celebrity-obsessed herd believes whatever the next puppet "star" tells them to believe...

VIDEO: Moon Ruse! - How the Hendrix Rockprophecy Band Inspired Bush's Noah's Ark Scheme

December 14, 2006:

The BBC reports: "A $50,000 (£25,000) competition has been launched to find the best way to tag a 400m-wide asteroid. The Apophis space rock is set to make a close pass of Earth in 2029 and scientists would like to confirm that it poses no danger to our world…The Planetary Society will give a prize to the designers of a mission that would allow the huge asteroid's orbit to be tracked…The competition has support from the US and European space agencies…'Bad things happen,' said the Planetary Society's director, Bruce Betts. 'We need to know whether Earth's name is on it,' he told BBC News."

[NOTE: For the past two years the public has been brain-trained by dominator media to believe these scientists ARE CERTAIN that Apophis (a/k/a Jimi's "Electric Love" asteroid) will miss Earth. Media has been ORDERED to persuade us this is the case because a load of billionaires need to keep everyone's morale and production up so we can follow orders to build their escape vehicles and condos on the Moon and Space Station, from where they'll all watch us perish after the impact. Look at the next sentence in this report:]

BBC: "Apophis will come closer to Earth in 2029 than the orbits of many communications satellites - but it will not hit the planet."

[NOTE: On one hand they're saying they know the Rock won't hit, and on the other hand they're saying they don't know!]

BBC: "The concern centres on the chance that its orbit could be perturbed enough in the flyby to put the rock on a collision path for its return in 2036."

[NOTE: Apophis will circle the Sun six years from now in "2013" and THAT "perturbance" will aim it directly at the Lost Continent of Seattleland - home of EMPeror Paul Allen, the Murderer of Earth who set back asteroid defense when he had Rock Prophecy suppressed a dozen years ago.]

BBC: "Further investigations with ground telescopes are expected to show beyond doubt that this will not happen and that Apophis represents zero risk."

[NOTE: OF COURSE that's what's "expected" - in fact that' the ONLY RESULT from these rigged "investigations" allowed to be reported.]

BBC: "'You could use a beacon; you could put a reflector on it that you ping; you could put a spacecraft in orbit and track that. There are any number of possibilitis.' said Betts."

[NOTE: Including impaling the evil EMPeror atop Seattle's Space Needle as a sacrifice to appease the Apophis god…]

BBC: "The Society is organising the competition in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA), the US space agency (NASA), the Association of Space Explorers (ASE), the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA). The winning entry or entries will be submitted to space agencies to see if they want to carry the ideas through."

[NOTE: Obviously this is a trap! What these witch doctors are really seeking is ANYONE who has the ability to inform the public that Apophis is aimed at Seattleland so they can have these "competitors" dragged off to Gitmo as "national security risk persons of interest."]

"…and there will be no smoking in the gas chamber…" - Jimi

January 24, 2007:

ABC News reports, "Another Asteroid Collision With Earth: It's Just a Matter of Time - What are the odds an asteroid or meteoroid will hit the Earth again? Pretty good, according to some scientists. There are millions of these 'rocks' out there, and about 200,000 to 400,000 of them get close enough to be classified as celestial objects that could come within range of our home planet. But it only takes one…

"Apollo 9 astronaut Russell Schweickart believes it is simply a matter of time before another asteroid targets Earth…he said, 'when it happens, it will be devastating.' Schweickart is one of the founders of the B612 Foundation, which studies how to alter the orbit of an asteroid to prevent it from hitting Earth. Schweickart says he's frustrated because he believes this project should be led by an international organization. He contends there is no way to predict when or where an asteroid will hit the Earth, so no single government should be held responsible for asteroid avoidance. He wants to see the United Nations set up an agency mandated to prevent an asteroid from colliding with the Earth and has planned a series of meetings around the world to develop a comprehensive plan. Schweickart anticipates a project that would cost several hundred million dollars, a burden for any single country. You need to know it's coming by searching for it. NASA currently has a budget of $4.1 million to look for asteroids...[To] develop the ability to deflect an asteroid,...propulsion that doesn't yet exist will be required - nuclear reactors that can power ion-propulsion systems for interplanetary spacecraft. Some agency has to decide to do this and fund it."

[NOTE: With world governments now poised to drastically raise the price of everything under the banner "Stop Global Warming" Schweickart's call for such mega expenses will be summarily dismissed. Furthermore, Mr. Schweickart remains unaware that our elite think tanks run by the so-called "rich" have already detected at least one space rock aimed to blow us away and they're keeping that fact concealed from the public. These "rich" puppeteers are orchestrating all resources now into the "Noah's Ark" Scheme to build escape safe havens for themselves on the Moon and Space Station. These freaks consider Schweickart another do-gooder prole slated to be blown away with the rest of us today trapped on this doomed planet.]

"They have to think in a higher range of thinking...a lot of these old people, they want to make themselves old, so they tie-up their brains like this, they try to build their own heavens, they want to be written down in war history, they want to be written down in money history, you know, and those things are nothin' but jokes, in the next few years they're gonna all be jokes and those people are gonna be jokes. Some of them should be put in cages now to be looked at because they're gettin' very rare, you know."

- Jimi

ABC News continues: "This isn't about ducking a bullet going past your head; this is about seeing what is coming your way decades ahead…Edward T. Lu is a NASA astronaut who has developed a plan of action for deflecting an asteroid. He and fellow astronaut Stan Love have come up with the concept of a space tug. A space tug is a rocket that would launch to the same orbit as an asteroid threatening to hit the Earth and alter the asteroid's orbit by pushing in the direction of its orbital motion.

[NOTE: They are assuming scientists will spot the near invisible asteroids that repeatedly sneak up on us. NASA'a $4 million annual budget to search for space rocks is a drop in the bucket compared to what would be needed to see what's coming. A glance at this website's Near Misses/Future Approaches page confirms that most near misses aren't detected much in advance at all, they're either spotted after they pass, or seen arriving without any time at all within which to do anything that might affect them.]

"Chris McKay is a planetary scientist with the Ames Research Center as well as the deputy lead scientist for the Constellation Program - the project to go back to the Moon and on to Mars. Orion is the vehicle that will carry the astronauts, launched with an Ares rocket. McKay is exploring ways to use Orion for other missions, like sending a crew to land on an asteroid. While McKay is excited about the possibility of landing on an asteroid, he says there is currently no mandate to start deflecting asteroids.

"Schweickart and McKay use the failure of the levees in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina as an example of poor planning on all levels of government…Schweickart said that people should be more concerned about the government's role in watching for an asteroid…NASA's Near Earth Object Observation Program is responsible for tracking any near-Earth asteroids larger than a kilometer in size. NASA is not responsible for preventing an asteroid that it tracks from hitting the Earth. No agency has that mandate right now. And the lack of a plan, said Schweickart, is something that causes him to lose sleep."

February 8, 2007:

ABC runs a story titled, "Paul Allen: World's Sixth-Richest Man and Bill Gates' Quirky Twin." Is this what killed Anna Nicole?

February 17, 2007:


The BBC reports, "A draft United Nations treaty to determine what would have to be done if a giant asteroid was on a collision course with Earth is to be drawn up this year. The document would set out global policies including who should be in charge of plans to deflect any object. It is the brainchild of the Association of Space Explorers, a professional body for astronauts and cosmonauts.

"At the moment, NASA is monitoring 127 near-Earth objects (NEO) that have a possibility of hitting the Earth. The association has asked a group of scientists, lawyers, diplomats and insurance experts to draw up the recommendations. The group will have its first meeting in Strasbourg in May of this year. It is hoped the final document will be presented to the U.N. in 2009. 'We believe there needs to be a decision process spelled out and adopted by the United Nations,' said Dr. Russell Schweickart, one of the Apollo 9 astronauts and founder of the Association of Space Explorers.

"KNOWN THREAT: The threat of an asteroid hitting the Earth is being taken more and more seriously as more and more near- Earth objects are found. In the U.S., Congress has charged NASA with the task of starting a more detailed search for life-threatening space rocks. 'Congress has said that NASA's efforts to date are not sufficient to the threat," said the U.S. space agency's Dr Steven Chesley. 'They have changed NASA's targets so that the cataloguing and tracking of asteroids is part of its mandate.' Congress has asked the agency to mount a much more aggressive survey. At the moment, NASA tracks all objects greater than 700m (2,300 ft.) in diameter. The agency's new goal is to track all objects greater than 70m (230 ft.) in diameter. To do this, the agency needs to use a new suite of telescopes…

"NASA estimates that there are about 20,000 potentially threatening asteroids…'There will be without question many that look like they might hit the Earth with a high enough probability that the public and everyone else will be concerned,' said Dr Schweickart. 'You have to act when things look like they're going to happen!'

"'This has gone from being an esoteric statistical argument to talking about real events!' [screamed] Dr. David Morrison, an astronomer at the NASA's Ames Research Center. The U.N. draft treaty would establish who should be in charge in the event of an asteroid heading towards Earth, who would pay for relief efforts and the policies that should be adopted…But any decision to deflect a near-Earth object could come with its own set of conundrums for the U.N., as changing its path may simply alter its final target. 'It's important to understand when you start to deflect an asteroid that certain countries are going to have to accept an increase in risk to their populations in order to take the risk to zero for everyone,' said Dr. Schweickart…This can only be addressed by the U.N.…and it is under no illusion that the process can be sorted out quickly."

[NOTE: Moral of the Story: WE'RE TOAST! This U.N. effort is a double-layered play charade staged to sway our opinions and attitudes towards upcoming massive expenses. These "treaty meetings" are a desperate attempt at pre-disaster "damage control" - the bottom line is that they already know the Rock is coming and are preparing to allocate all world resources and funds into special projects aimed to save a handful of "billionaires" who're pulling strings behind the scenes. These "U.N." meetings will be closed door with an agenda to spell out ways that populations of nations will be enslaved/removed and at which intervals leading up to the month of impact. The trick is: the massive expenses that are about to be diverted must appear to the public as if there are "results" that are keeping the situation under control. It must appear to everyone that NASA will save us. But the reality is that all of the funds are going into escape vehicles and safe havens on the Space Station and Moon for the super "rich." The really disgusting thing is how they've used their media to so dumb down the herd to obsess on "celebrities" that, if you explain to Joe-six pack on the street that these billionaires are all going to save themselves at everyone else's expense, cheerfulized Mr. six-pack will slobber back at you (Fred Flintstone voice:), "Gee, reeeeaaal winners, I'm soooo impressed, lemme shine yer shoe, more power to ya, God bless ya, baby, we're NUUUUMBER ONE!!!" (with erect index finger pointing towards heaven).]

February 18, 2007:

Reuters reports, "U.N. Urged To Take Action On Asteroid Threat - An asteroid may come uncomfortably close to Earth in 2036 and the United Nations should assume responsibility for a space mission to deflect it, a group of astronauts, engineers and scientists said on Saturday. Astronomers are monitoring an asteroid named Apophis, which has a…chance of striking Earth on April 13, 2036 [and in 2029]…A recent congressional mandate for NASA to upgrade its tracking of near-Earth asteroids is expected to uncover hundreds, if not thousands of threatening space rocks in the near future, former astronaut Rusty Schweickart said. 'It's not just Apophis we're looking at. Every country is at risk.' Schweickart plans to present an update next week to the U.N. Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space on plans to develop a blueprint for a global response to an asteroid…The Association of Space Explorers, a group of former astronauts and cosmonauts, intends to host a series of high-level workshops this year to flesh out the plan and will make a formal proposal to the U.N…The favored approach to dealing with a deadly space rock is to dispatch a spacecraft that would use gravity to alter the asteroid's course so it no longer threatens Earth."

[NOTE: Dominator media repeatedly and continually reports that there are "solutions" with which we can affect a Rock racing at us. Every single one of these reports conveniently conceals from everyone that almost all asteroids that nearly collide with Earth (somewhere around 99 percent) are not detected until a few days or hours prior to their passing Earth. Asteroids are not like comets, they are not bright objects, they are black in space and creep up on us unseen. The Rock that blows away our civilization will not be seen much in advance at all. There will be no time for NASA's silly "tug boat" to keep our Titanic-Atlantis from sinking…]

April 25, 2007:

ABC-TV's Nightline program takes bait from the Pentagon and reports truly delusional claims from Missile Defense officials:

May 8, 2007:

An report is headlined: Eyes on Asteroids - Scientists Want International Effort to Plan for Potential Asteroid Hit:

"The asteroid 1862Apollo is whizzing by Earth today. While it doesn't pose a danger, scientists say it's just a matter of time before an asteroid puts the planet in its sights…every time an asteroid comes close, we start to wonder when we will get hit. What are the odds an asteroid will hit Earth again? Pretty good, according to some experts. There are millions of shooting stars, and about 200,000 to 400,000 of them get close enough to be classified as asteroids that could come within range of Earth. But it only takes one as anyone who has studied the dinosaurs will tell you.

"Apollo 9 astronaut Russell Schweickart believes it is simply a matter of time before another asteroid targets Earth… Schweickart is one of the founders of the B612 Foundation, which is studying how to alter the orbit of an asteroid to keep it from hitting Earth…'When it happens, it will be devastating,' [he said.] Schweickart is frustrated because he believes this is a project that should be taken on by an international organization. He contends there is no way to predict when an asteroid will hit Earth, or where it will hit, so no single government should be held responsible for asteroid avoidance. He wants to see the United Nations set up an agency mandated to prevent an asteroid from hitting Earth, and he has planned a series of four meetings around the world to develop a comprehensive plan. He anticipates a project that would cost several hundred million dollars, a burden for any single country, but something much more practical as a combined effort.

"Schweickart outlined a three-step program: keep an eye out to know that they're coming. NASA currently has a budget of $4.1 million to look for asteroids. Develop the ability to deflect an asteroid. Some technology is available now, but it will require propulsion that doesn't yet exist - nuclear reactors that could power ion-propulsion systems for interplanetary spacecraft. Some agency has to decide to do this and fund it.

"NASA is taking some steps to learn more about asteroids. Chris McKay is a planetary scientist with the Ames Research Center as well as the deputy lead scientist for the Constellation Program. Constellation is the program to go back to the moon and on to Mars…he says right now there is no mandate to start deflecting asteroids.

"Both Schweickart and McKay use the failure of the levees in New Orleans after Katrina as an example of poor planning on all levels of government. ..NASA is not responsible for preventing an asteroid that it tracks from hitting Earth. No agency has that mandate right now. And the lack of a plan, says Schweickart, is something that causes him to lose sleep."


"It is impossible to plan and prepare for an event that is only likely to occur once every 5,000 to 50,000 years. Human institutions do not last that long. There is not one single government today that has existed unchanged for a thousand years…The only way to prevent Asteroid strikes is to have a permanint and profitable presence in space and I do not mean putting satelites in orbit and going to the moon every few years." Posted by: royoung1515

[NOTE: The "odds" of an asteroid strike are the single most edited/censored/book-cooked calculations that all world governments manipulate. Think of the censorship that accompanied data about global warming for decades, and multiply that by 1000, then you'll start to see why the sheeple herd has been trained to smugly believe our imminent asteroid disaster is a remote non-threat. Dominator media conceals the reality of imminent impact - always.]

"In terms of choosing a focus that is worthy and timely for NASA, it seems that a program like this makes a whole lot more sense than searching for life on Mars right now…emphasize more to asteroid aversion." Posted by: GirlWindy

[NOTE: The "search" for life on Mars is a disguised re-enactment of the Noah's Ark effort - build a safe haven where a few of our species might survive the long term unlivable conditions that will envelop Earth after the Rock hits. Build bases on the Moon and Mars for a few billionaires to inhabit while the rest of us perish.]

"Don't worry Mr. S, we will be too busy invading other countries, carrying out racist agendas, corrupting any and everything around us. When one does hit, other life forms will sigh with relief that we didn't get smart enough to spread beyond our own little stone." Posted by:brianbwb

[NOTE: This is correct. It's called "Retarded History" - centuries of set-backs at the hands of dominator aggression have left us today with no defense against "Lucifer's Hammer" - and our entire species will pay with our own extinction for not fighting for the equality that would have nurtured development of a defense.]

May 31, 2007:

ABC News reports: NASA's Top Official Questions Global Warming - NASA Administrator Michael Griffin Questions Need to Combat Warming:

"NASA administrator Michael Griffin is drawing the ire of his agency's preeminent climate scientists after apparently downplaying the need to combat global warming. ..'I have no doubt that a trend of global warming exists,' Griffin told [National Public Radio]. 'I am not sure that it is fair to say that it is a problem we must wrestle with. To assume that it is a problem is to assume that the state of Earth's climate today is the optimal climate, the best climate that we could have or ever have had and that we need to take steps to make sure that it doesn't change. I guess I would ask which human beings - where and when - are to be accorded the privilege of deciding that this particular climate that we have right here today, right now is the best climate for all other human beings. I think that's a rather arrogant position for people to take.'

"Griffin's comments immediately drew stunned reaction from James Hansen, NASA's top climate scientist at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. 'It's an incredibly arrogant and ignorant statement,' Hansen told ABC News. 'It indicates a complete ignorance of understanding the implications of climate change.' Hansen believes Griffin's comments fly in the face of well-established scientific knowledge that hundreds of NASA scientists have contributed to. 'It's unbelievable,' said Hansen. 'I thought he had been misquoted. It's so unbelievable.'"

[NOTE: Michael Griffin is also the Bush Administration's think-tank point man who was used to announce that NASA had "made a mistake" by ending its Moon missions in the 1970s. That announcement is related to Griffin's new statement about the climate because Griffin's relaxed attitude about the future effects of global warming reflects the concealed policy that our leaders are not concerned with saving Earth's atmosphere - they realize the atmosphere is going to intercept an asteroid and become veiled for decades with impact-winter debris, so Griffin's unstated hidden priority is really Bush's "Noah's Ark" project - build bases on the Moon to shelter the world's billionaires before the asteroid hits, and conceal news of the coming impact from the sheeple herd of workers whose tax money will pay for building condos on the Moon for the "super-rich." This "hidden spin" is actually hinted at in the ABC News paragraphs below:]

ABC News: "Hansen, featured prominently in Al Gore's global warming documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, has been warning of the potential dangers of climate change since the 1980s. In late 2005, he accused NASA of trying to improperly censor him after he warned that Earth's climate might be approaching a dangerous 'tipping point.'

"Last year, many NASA scientists were upset when reports surfaced that the agency had quietly deleted the phrase 'to understand and protect our home planet' from the NASA mission statement. The scientists believe research on issues like climate change will suffer as NASA shifts priorities toward exploration missions to the moon and Mars."

[NOTE: The reason the above sentence was removed from NASA's mission statement is because "understand and protect our home planet" is no longer a concern - NASA now considers the planned lunar "Moon Base" as the only "home" humans will be left with to "protect" after the coming asteroid impact. So these concerned scientists are right: research into climate change certainly will "suffer" as NASA makes its mad dash to the Moon during the coming decade, and ignores research into reversing global warming. Hansen is effectively irrelevant at NASA today.]

ABC News: "'Earth has always been central to NASA's science,' Hansen said."

[NOTE: NOT ANY MORE! Hansen doesn't seem to get it - ESCAPE FROM EARTH FOR BILLIONAIRES is today "central to NASA's science."]

June 28, 2007:

University of South Carolina News reports: Comet Theory Collides with Clovis Research, May Explain Disappearance of Ancient People:

"A theory put forth by a group of 25 geo-scientists suggests that a massive comet exploded over Canada, possibly wiping out both beast and man around 12,900 years ago, and pushing the earth into another ice age. University of South Carolina archaeologist Dr. Albert Goodyear said the theory may not be such 'out-of-this-world' thinking based on his study of ancient stone-tool artifacts he and his team have excavated from the Topper dig site in Allendale, as well as ones found in Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

"The tools, or fluted spear points, made by flaking and chipping flint, were used for hunting and made by the Clovis people, who lived 13,100 to 12,900 years ago, and from the Redstone people who emerged afterwards. The two points are distinctly different in appearance, with Redstone points more impressively long and steeple-shaped. 'I saw a tremendous drop-off of Redstone points after Clovis,' said Goodyear. 'When you see such a widespread decline or pattern like that, you really have to wonder whether there is a population decline to go with it.' For every Redstone point, Goodyear says, there are four or five Clovis points. His findings are leading archaeologists from across North America to reexamine their fluted points, and their inventories are yielding similar results: a widespread decline of post-Clovis points that suggests a possible widespread decline of humans.

"'What is interesting is that Redstone people came after Clovis people and may have lasted as many centuries as Clovis did, probably even longer, but there are fewer of these Redstone points than Clovis ones,' Goodyear said. 'That is really odd, because if the Redstone culture simply came right after the Clovis culture you'd expect at least as many Redstone points as Clovis ones. We just don't see that, and the question is why, and what happened to the people who made these tools?' Archaeologists have long known that the great beasts of the age - the wooly mammoth and mastodon - suddenly disappeared around the same time period (12,900 - 12, 800 years ), but little was known about their demise. It was thought to be the result of over-hunting by Clovis man or climate change associated with a new ice age.

"The notion that a comet collided with Earth and caused these events was farfetched until recently, when the group of scientists began looking for evidence of a comet impact, which they call the Younger - Dryas Event. They turned to Goodyear and the pristine Clovis site of Topper. In 2005, Arizona geophysicist Dr. Allen West and his team traveled to Topper in hopes of finding concentrations of iridium, an extra-terrestrial element found in comets, in the layer of Clovis-era sediment. 'They found iridium and plenty of it,' said Goodyear. 'The high concentrations were much higher than you would normally see in the background of the earth's crust. That tends to be an indicator of a terrestrial impact from outer space.' The researchers also found high iridium concentrations at six other Clovis sites throughout North America, as well as in and along the rims of the Carolina Bays, the elliptically shaped depressions that are home to an array of flora and fauna along South Carolina's coast. The Younger- Dryas Event suggests that a large comet exploded above Canada, creating a storm of fiery fragments that rained over North America. The fragments could have easily killed the giant mammals of the day, as well as Clovis man.

"'No one has ever had a really good explanation for the disappearance of mammoth and mastodon,' Goodyear said. 'The archaeological community is waking up to the Younger-Dryas Event. It doesn't prove that these Clovis people were affected by this comet, but it is consistent with the idea that something catastrophic happened to the Clovis people at the same time period.'

"The comet theory dominated the recent annual meetings of the American Geophysical Union held in Mexico. Goodyear's Clovis-Redstone point study and West's research on the comet were featured at the AGU meetings and by the journal, Nature. The comet will be the subject of documentaries featured on the National Geographic Channel and NOVA television late this fall and in early 2008.

"Dr. Al Goodyear, who conducts research through the University of South Carolina's S.C. Institute of Anthropology and Archaeology, began excavating Clovis artifacts along the Savannah River in Allendale County in 1984. In 1998, with the hope of finding evidence of a pre-Clovis culture earlier than the accepted 13,100 years, Goodyear began a concerted digging effort on a site called Topper, located on the property of the Clariant Co. His efforts paid off. Goodyear unearthed blades made of flint and chert that he believed to be the tools of an ice age culture back some 16,000 years or more. His findings, as well as similar ones yielded at other pre-Clovis sites in North America, sparked great change and debate in the scientific community.

"Believing that if Clovis and Redstone people thrived near the banks of the Savannah River, Goodyear thought the area could haven been an ideal location for a more ancient culture. Acting on a hunch in 2004, Goodyear dug even deeper down into the Pleistocene Terrace and found more artifacts of a pre-Clovis type buried in a layer of sediment stained with charcoal deposits. Radio carbon dates of the burnt plant remains yielded dates of 50,000 years, which suggested man was in South Carolina long before the last ice age. Goodyear's finding not only captured international media attention, but it has put the archaeology field in flux, opening scientific minds to the possibility of an even earlier pre-Clovis occupation of the Americas. Since 2004, Goodyear has continued his Clovis and pre-Clovis excavations at Topper. With support of Clariant Corp. and SCANA, plus numerous individual donors, a massive shelter and viewing deck now sit above the dig site to allow Goodyear and his team of graduate students and community volunteers to dig free from the heat and rain and to protect what may be the most significant early-man dig in America."

August 2, 2007:

NBC-TV's Late Night With Conan O'Brian features astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson discussing the Apophis Asteroid:

O'Brian: [It will reach Earth in 2029] Friday, April 13th. Where will it strike, do they know?

Neil de Grasse Tyson: Oh yes, if it hits the center of where we think it'll be, it will plunge into the Pacific Ocean, cavitate the Ocean with a three-mile-wide hole, three miles deep, and at that point a pulse of water rushes towards the coastline of North America.

[NOTE: The Deity is directing the path of the Apophis Asteroid to impact Puget Sound in America's Pacific Northwest because the estate compound of the Evil EMPeror, Paul Allen, the Anti-Jimi, is located on an island there. St. Michael, Archangel of Heaven, expressly requested that the Deity toss the Rock that way, and since, as we all know, Michael is God's favorite Archangel, the request is granted. This is similar to when St. Michael requested that the Northeast power grid be shut down in August "2003" to give the Savages of the First Century a glimpse of Impact Winter awaiting them. - James Sedgwick]

O'Brian Show Guest: Oh, happy birthday to me!

Sheeple Audience: [laughter, like ostriches in denial.]

Neil de Grasse Tyson: And then the water rushes back in and it keeps sloshing, and you get these pulses, and every pulse that hits the west coast of North America and reaches those million dollar homes in Malibu, brings them out to the ocean, rushes them back in, and they won't have the same shape that they used to. They're now this crumbling mass of debris.

O'Brian: I think we all understand a house getting ripped apart…

Neil de Grasse Tyson: There are people who bet that they're going to win a lottery on worse odds than [this disaster happening.]

O'Brian: Are scientists already working on this, if an asteroid is heading this way, the Armageddon idea of sending up a bunch of movie stars, with Bruce Willis, and put a bunch of people in a space ship and they go and land on the asteroid and blow it up and then Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck make out?

[NOTE: O'Brian's comment fulfills the intent behind producing the 1998 movies Armageddon and Deep Impact: Brain-train the cheerfulized sheeple herd to believe rich people have everything under control and in our interests (when they're really only planning to build safe haven bases for billionaires on the Moon - with our tax money.]

Neil de Grasse Tyson: We've got top people working on this problem.

O'Brian: We've heard that before, every plumber says that to me, and "this will cost you $9000!"

September 2, 2007:

An report is titled: Space Race Rekindled? Russia's Space Agency Hopes to Repeat America's Feat by Sending an Astronaut to the Moon:

"The Russian space agency announced a plan to send a man to the Moon by 2025, to establish a permanent base there a few years later, and possibly even send a man to Mars by 2035, in an aggressive plan reminiscent of the 1960s space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. But Russia's plan to shoot for the stars is expensive, which is why it is looking for international assistance while relying on funding from its lucrative space tourism program.

"One former American astronaut said while the Russians plan may be in motion, it is beginning from a difficult starting point. 'The Russians have some big ideas, but their space program is coming up slowly from being in a position bankruptcy,' said Walter Cunningham, a former Apollo 7 astronaut. As Russia plans out its space program, the U.S. space agency, NASA, struggles to chart its own way forward amid mounting costs and safety concerns."

[NOTE: Notice the surreal, Outer Limits/Twilight Zone bizarreness of how not a single sheeple herd media outlet ever questions the outlandish irrationality of these astronomically expensive Moon base projects, which are depleting so much of human resources at a time when the effects of global warming, and sunlight dimming from pollution in the atmosphere are simultaneously demanding more resource expenses than the world has. There literally isn't a soul out there who's put 2 + 2 together to conclude that our dominator class is acting absolutely desperate with their lunar madness, and using media to brainwash us all to think this mad dash to the Moon has nothing to do with a coming asteroid impact. What can we say to these sheeple? C'mon - here, obsess over Britney Spear's luxury rehab condo, here, look at more pics of Paris Hilton's latest lay, no, look this way, here's some Lindsy Lohan hang-over vomit to drool over…Notice how ABC News next speculates for us that the reason for these Moon base expenses is to "excite citizens" and "project military might":]

ABC News: "For Russia, a moon landing may not only excite citizens, but also help project military might for Russia. With the moon and Mars in Russia's sights, some believe the two powerhouse nations once again may be in a race toward the heavens. And other nations also have expressed interest in space exploration. Japan claimed its project is the biggest since Apollo and China said it is readying probes to study the lunar surface to plan a landing, according to The Associated Press."

[NOTE: - RIGHT! RIGHT! - C'mon - where's Fred Flintstone? It's obvious that dominator mass media realizes their Mr. Potato Head audience will just sit back and say, 'but yes, let's stop funding atmosphere clean up to save our biosphere and instead spend all our energy and resources to build condos on the Moon for billionaires! What could be more sheeple?]

September 2, 2007:

ABC-TV's This Week includes this alarming exchange:

George Will (columnist, journalist): The problem of equality, is inequality of outcome in our economy becoming too wide? The problem with that is, two centuries ago the great source of wealth was land, a century ago it was fixed capital, think of Carnegie. Now it's intellectual capital. The fact is, 25 years ago the disparity between the earnings of a college graduate and a high school graduate was 30%. Now it's 70%. The market is screaming 'stay in school.' The problem is, half of America's children are below average in intelligence, always have been, always will be, and therefore the more we reward intellectual capital, the more inequalities are built into our modern economy.

Robert Reich (former Secretary of Labor in Clinton administration): We haven't seen inequality to this extent since the 1920s, and by some measures, since the 1890s. And ordinary Americans don't want to talk about inequality, we don't like to emphasize class. What the politicians are picking up is more economic populism this year in the Democratic party, even in the Republican Party, than I've heard in years, maybe in my lifetime. It's an issue of trade, but it's also an issue of immigration. It's seeping into every area because American's are beginning to say, look, I am not making it, the people at the top may be making it, but I'm not making it. The census report last week showed that since the year 2000 only the top 5 % have been doing better than they were in 2000. This is unprecedented in a "recovery"

George Stephanopolous: Incomes are up but only because more people are working more hours, more people in a household are working.

Robert Reich: Housing prices are beginning to decline for the first time we've seen in three generation. This is a big deal…a recession is coming, you can count on my words.

[NOTE: Societies that punish people for below average intellectual capabilities that are genetic, that they are born with - and causes them discomfort, exhaustion, impoverishment, hunger and pain so that people born with above average intelligence, who have "lucky" genes, enjoy privilege and ease at their expense - are societies that certainly deserve the consequences of Retarded History - the aftermath of impact is preferable to the violence provoking unfairness we are all forced to endure under the guns of police mercenary armies of unjust-moneyed dominators. Millions of their victims in third world countries would've advanced scientific breakthroughs to save us from impact - but they all starved on garbage heaps while people born into "lucky" regions imagine themselves more deserving of the mere basics of life, like food.]


September 13, 2007:

CBS News reports an AP Story: "To The Moon! Google Launches Lunar Prize Bankrolls $30 Million Contest For First Private Company To Land Rover On Moon…Google Inc. is bankrolling a $30 million prize to the first private company that can safely land a robotic rover on the Moon and beam back a gigabyte of images and video to Earth, the Internet search leader said Thursday. If the competition produces a winner, it would prove a major boon to the emerging private spaceflight industry and mark the first time that a non-government entity has flown a lunar space probe. Google partnered with the X Prize Foundation for the Moon challenge, which is open to companies around the world. The Santa Monica, Calif.-based nonprofit prize institute is best known for hosting the Ansari X Prize contest that led to the first manned private spaceflight in 2004…Whoever accomplishes the feat by the end of 2012 will receive $20 million. If there is no winner, the purse will drop to $15 million until the end of 2014 when the contest expires. There is also a $5 million second-place prize and $5 million in bonus money to teams that go beyond the minimum requirements.

"The competition comes at a time of revived interest in lunar exploration among foreign governments since the Cold War space race. Governments including the United States and those in Europe and Asia are gearing up to return to the moon. Japan's space agency, JAXA, plans to launch its long-delayed orbiter SELENE from a remote Pacific Island on Friday. NASA next year will rocket a lunar orbiter and impactor, the first of several lunar robotic projects before astronauts are sent to the moon next decade. Government lunar missions can cost upward of hundreds of millions of dollars, but the X Prize Foundation and Google hope the private sector can do it for considerably less...The Google X Prize is the second richest space prize, next to the $50 million pot being dangled by billionaire hotel magnate Robert Bigelow to any American team that can rocket a manned spacecraft into orbit by 2010."

[NOTE: "The competition comes at a time of revived interest in lunar exploration among foreign governments" aka "comes at a time of revived interest in lunar condos among a few unjust moneyed billionaires seeking their own safe haven escape at our expense. Inequality equals asteroid smashed planet.]

September 14, 2007:

CBS News reports an AP/Kyodo story: "Japan Launches Unmanned Moon Mission. $279M Probe Blasts Off Successfully, First Lunar Mission Since Apollo Flights. Japan's space agency took a big leap forward in Asia's undeclared space race Friday with its successful launch of a probe for the largest mission to the Moon since the U.S. Apollo flights. The Selenological and Engineering Explorer - or SELENE - probe was launched aboard one of the space program's mainstay H-2A rockets from its launch-pad on Tanegashima, the remote island where the agency's space center is located...The 32-billion yen ($279 million) SELENE is slated to orbit twice around the Earth before proceeding to the Moon...The SELENE project is the largest lunar mission since the U.S. Apollo program in terms of overall scope and ambition, outpacing the former Soviet Union's Luna program and NASA's Clementine and Lunar Prospector projects, according to JAXA. Japan is not alone in Asia in its attempts to return to Earth's closest neighbor. China also has plans to send a probe to the Moon, the Chang'e 1, and is rumored to be planning to launch it this month...and China's official Xinhua News Agency has reported a manned probe could come within 15 years. Japan is also considering a manned mission by 2025."

Meteor Crater In Peru

September 16, 2008:

A meteorite hit Peru, crashing in the southern Peruvian town of Carangas, near the border with Bolivia. The rock doug out a deep hole and startled nearby residents. The object, which left a 49-foot-wide (15 meter) crater, was made of rock and was speeding at 15,000 mph (24,000 kph) when it hit.

September 27, 2007: reports: "NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Begins Trek to Asteroid Belt. A NASA probe blasted into space early Thursday, kicking off an unprecedented mission to explore the two largest asteroids in the solar system...ending a long wait for mission scientists as the probe's eight-year journey to two large asteroids…Vesta and Ceres…begns. Dawn principal investigator Chris Russell…and his mission team watched Dawn rise over its Cape Canaveral Air Force Station…'They were very taken by today's launch,' said Russell…of his colleagues in launch control after liftoff. 'In fact, my wife cried when she saw it.'"

[NOTE: Mrs. Russell collapsed from a nervous breakdown resulting from NASA orders for her and Mr. Russell to keep secret Dawn's mission to attempt a deflection of massive asteroids on course for collision with Earth. She has since been confined to Gitmo to undergo psychiatric treatment with psychotropic drugs that incapacitate her ability to communicate.]

"The space agency set the mission's current cost at about $357.5 million, not counting the cost of Dawn's Delta 2 rocket. Dawn is now headed for a February 2009 swing past Mars before reaching its first space rock target, the bright and rocky asteroid Vesta, in August 2011… then off toward the icy dwarf planet Ceres -- the largest space rock in the asteroid belt -- for a February 2015 rendezvous…By Friday morning, Dawn is expected to have flown beyond the orbit of the Moon as it continues its outbound flight to the asteroid belt…Dawn's eight-year mission will carry the...probe across three billion miles (4.9 billion kilometers) on NASA's first sortie deep into the asteroid belt, a ring of space rocks that circles the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter...Dawn is expected to rendezvous and orbit the 330-mile (530-kilometer) wide Vesta between August 2011 and May 2012, then move on to Texas-sized Ceres by February 2015. With its spherical shape and 585-mile (942-kilometer) diameter, Ceres is so large it is also considered a dwarf planet...Dawn researchers said the asteroid-bound flight could cost a total of $449 million and incur an extra $25 million in overhead due to launch delays.

"NASA canceled the mission outright in March 2006, only to reinstate the expedition a few weeks later. 'It has been quite an emotional rollercoaster,' Chris Russell, Dawn's principal investigator at the University of California, Los Angeles, said of the mission. 'And part of the emotional rollercoaster is the gratitude that we have for all of the people that defended Dawn in those times.'"

[NOTE: Project Dawn was re-instated by NASA in April 2006 after NASA learned that the European Space Agency had commission three European industries to begin studies on how to deal with asteorids on collision course with Earth. The $475 million price tag for Project Dawn's desperate attempt to deflect asteroids is a tiny fraction of the untold trillions of dollars of American taxpayer money being diverted to build safe haven condos on the Moon for a few billionaires. These expenditures will bankrupt the nation as 77 million "baby boomers" are denied social security payments and find that Medicare is no longer available to them. Expenses to reverse global warming are already curtailed, while competition for oil is skyrocketing the price of fuel and enslaving the population, as the mass class of sheeple herd are left to fend for themselves in an every-man-for-himself dominator survival-of-the-fittest nightmare. In the midst of their genocide, these cheerfulized ostriches insist that admitting this reality is "negative" and as long as there is a single square inch of dry surface on the Titanic, everything will be fine, 'cause Jesus/Buddah/Mohammad/Oprah/Fred Flintstone is comin' to save us…]

September 27, 2007:

AP reports: "A ground-based missile successfully intercepted a target missile Friday in a test of the nation's defense system, the Missile Defense Agency said. An intercontinental ballistic missile interceptor blasted out of an underground silo at Vandenberg Air Force Base shortly after 1:15 p.m., and tracked a target missile that had lifted off from the Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska, the Boeing Co. said in a statement. The Missile Defense Agency said initial results show the interceptor's rocket motor system and kill vehicle performed as planned. Boeing said the warhead was tracked, intercepted and destroyed…The MDA expects to invest $49 billion in ballistic missile defense development and fielding over the next five years. Two operational interceptor missiles are currently based at Vandenberg and there are 11 deployed at Fort Greely, Alaska."

[NOTE: Has anyone noticed how, in the midst of American bankruptcy over impending baby-boomer social security expenses, not to mention the medicare tidal wave accompanying this aging population, and global warming depletion of resources, intense competiton for dwindling oil supply driving fuel costs sky high, with the endless defense expenses against violence from impoverished Islamic fundamentalists determined to sink the civilization - has anyone noticed how the American presidential candidates, to a person, have avoided even a single word about their plans for NASA's desperate "Constellation" program for "permanent Moon colonies" as well as their plans for the Missile Defense Agency's escalating budget for a Missile Defense squirt gun that won't work anyway?]

September 28, 2007:

CNN reports an AP story: "Hair May Solve Mammoth Mystery. Scientists: Mammoth hair is an excellent source of DNA. Sequencing the hair may provide clues as to why the mammoths died out…Mammoths are extinct, of course. No one knows if the cause was climate change, hungry Neanderthals, or something else…'It is important to understand the genetic makeup of an organism before it went extinct,' explained lead researcher Stephan Schuster of Penn State University…They try to understand the relationship between different groups of animals, especially ones that are highly endangered, to learn whether those might face a similar fate, said Schuster."

[NOTE: There's no "mystery" about what happened to mammoths. They were wiped out by an asteroid impact over Canada 12,900 years ago, along with mastadons and the Clovis People of the western hemisphere. What scientists at Penn State are ordered to do is manufacture "evidence" to contradict that fact. Our rulers need this fake propaganda "science" because admission of the Canadian asteroid impact means that the probability of the next asteroid disaster becomes certain. They can't let the worker herd know this, as sheeple proles are today enslaved for the dominator purpose of using worker labor to fund safe havens on the Moon for a few billionaires - so keep the sheeple distracted with Britney Spears latest brat tantrum and hypnotize them with idiotic sit-coms on TV until the lights go out.]

"'We plan to use hair and other keratin-containing body parts, such as nail and horn, to untangle the secrets of populations that lived long ago, so these populations can send a message from the past about what it might have taken for them to survive,' Schuster said. 'This discovery is good news for anyone interested in learning more about how species of large mammals can go extinct.'"

[NOTE: Humans go "extinct" specifically because they indulged in ages of inequality between people, which has resulted in Retarded History/lack of defense against asteroids. The whole history of our species is preoccupation with "Monkey Pay Per View"...

...a pathetic obsession for dominating "unlucky" people, including the seers who tried to explain how inequality between people condemns everyone to asteroid disaster. That's exactly how mammals go extinct. What we needed to know to survive has been concealed by a dominator media that prevents any mention of equality.]

October 7, 2007:

CBS TV's Face the Nation interviews Jay Barbry: "Fifty years ago this week the Soviet Union launched Sputnik into space and the space race was on. One man has covered every manned American space flight, his name is Jay Barbry, he works for NBC News…Jay, good morning. After Sputnik went up you understood better than anyone what this meant, that the United States would have to be engaged in space."

Jay Barbry, "The bottom line comes down to this: This [Earth] is an eight-thousand-mile in diameter spacecraft we're all on. We're all astronauts. We're all living in a life-support system that is only ten thousand feet in thickness that is keeping us alive on this planet. The day will come, if it's not a genetic virus, if it's not global warming, ah, [Mr. Barbry pauses and stops himself from uttering 'an asteroid impact,' because he knows that NASA's mandate is to conceal the coming asteroid disaster from us] whatever, the day will come when we will no longer be able to live on this planet. The only solution is to step off of it through colonization of the Moon and on to other planets."

October 16, 2007:

PBS NOVA airs Ghost In Your Genes - a study of the "epigenome" which includes scientific evidence for multi-generational transmission of biological effects and conditions. The significance of this is that it provides scientific proof that my theory of "herd thinners" is correct. A detailed comparison of the epigenome evidence and my theory is published on this website.

October 23, 2007:

An anonymous source at reflects: "I spent about thirty years working in commercial agribusiness. My main job was to purchase ingredients, mainly grain, for flour mills and animal feed mills. As a part of my job, I was forced to understand the U.S. food supply system, its strengths and weaknesses. Over the years, I became aware of some things that nearly all Americans are completely unaware of. I'm going to make a list of statements and then you'll see where I'm going.

"One percent of the U.S. population grows all of the food for all Americans. Nearly all Americans know essentially nothing about where the food they eat every day comes from, how it gets from the ground to them, and they don't want to know about it. It's cheap, as close as their local store, and of high quality. So no worries.

"The bulk of the food we eat comes from grain. Although they raise a lot of fruits and vegetables in California, Arizona, Florida, Oregon and Washington, those things don't comprise the main part of the average diet. Half of what a meat animal is raised on is grain, so when you eat meat you are really eating grain. And, of course, we eat grain directly as bread, bagels, doughnuts, pasta, etc. Milk (and milk products like cheese) comes from cows that eat grain. A lot of grain. And the grain they eat is not produced where the cows are located.

"The lion's share of grain produced in the U.S. is done in a concentrated part of the U.S. Midwest (Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri is the center of this area). The grain is moved to the coasts (where 70% of the population live) by only TWO (2) railroads.

"Nothing is stored for very long in a supermarket. One day grain travels (by rail) from Kansas to Seattle to a flour mill. The next day the flour mill makes the flour and sends it to a bakery. The next day the bakery makes it into bread (and other baked things) and the next day it is at the store where it is purchased that day. Nobody stores anything. The grain is produced and stored in the Midwest and shipped daily in a single railroad pipeline to the rest of America where the people live.

"Up until the 1980s there was a system that stored a lot of grain in elevators around the country. At one time, a whole year's harvest of grain was stored that way. But since taxpayers were paying to store it, certain urban politicians engineered the movement of that money from providing a safety net or backup for their own food supply in order to give the money to various other social welfare things. So now, nothing is stored. We produce what we consume each year and store practically none of it. There is no contingency plan.

"Now for my take on what this means for us: If a drought, such as has lingered over other parts of the U.S. [2007 historic southern drought centered over Georgia] where little grain is grown, were to move over the grain-producing states in the Midwest where few people live, it would seriously damage the food supply of the country. The apples of Washington, the lettuce of California, the grapefruit of Florida and the peanuts of Georgia won't make up the difference because grain is the staff of life and most of it is grown in the Midwest.

"Americans are armed to the teeth. In L.A. people burned down their own neighborhoods to protest a court case.

"In order for riots to break out, the whole food supply doesn't have to be wiped out. It just has to be threatened sufficiently. When people realize their vulnerability and the fact that there is no short term solution to a severe enough drought in the Midwest they will have no clue as to what they should do. Other nations can't make up the difference because no other nation has a surplus of grain in good times let alone in times when they are having droughts and floods also. It takes two or three months to raise grain, yet people have to eat usually at least once a day, usually more than that.

"So, basically, we have in place a recipe for a disaster that will dwarf any other localized disasters imaginable. The important thing to note is that there is no solution for this event. There is no contingency plan for this. People living in certain parts of the U.S. will fare better than others (which is another story) but those who live in big cities, where most of the U.S. population live, are done for.

"Anyway, I have no agenda of my own concerning this. I just thought I'd share it with those who have an idea of what might likely cause this scenario to occur. The only people who know about this are those who are involved in the production and distribution of the food supply and there are very, very few of them number-wise. And most of them haven't put two and two together yet, either.

"I'm not interested in notoriety about this. It's just something I know about. It's likely too late for the government to do anything to prepare for such an event, so it probably won't do any good to try to lobby them for a solution. I guess if they hopped right on it they could store up enough grain to be ready, but they won't. They're more concerned with urban political issues and helping (or invading) other countries than they are about preserving the security of their own food supply. I guess the people who could make it happen have bunkers or something they can hide in when the 's' hits the fan."

- Anonymous writer at

[NOTE: Yes, and their "bunkers" include, at taxpayer's expense, luxury safe havens on NASA's Space Station and Moon Base.]

(continues below ad...)

October 24, 2007:

The New York Times reports: "China Sends Its First Probe for the Moon Into Space. With a regional space race heating up in Asia, China launched its first lunar probe on Wednesday as the Communist Party moved a step closer to fulfilling its ambitions of one day reaching the Moon. The Chang'e-1 satellite, named after a Chinese goddess who flew to the Moon, lifted off at 6:05 p.m…as China prepares to launch a space vehicle to the Moon by 2012 and then send an astronaut by 2020…In recent years, China's space program has attracted international attention for its ambitions and fast-rising technological prowess. In 2003, China became only the third nation after the United States and the former Soviet Union to send a man into orbit - a feat it has since replicated. However, the United States and other nations reacted with alarm when China successfully blasted one of its own aging weather satellites out of orbit in a military test."

"China is not the only emerging space power in Asia. Last month, Japan stole a bit of China's thunder by launching its own lunar probe, and India plans its own lunar orbiter next year. Technological development is a motivator for all three countries."

[NOTE: Safe haven for billionaires at our expense is THE motivator for ALL countries. How surreal it is that amidst global warming pollution, intense and increasing demand for oil, and impending drastic cut backs in food production world wide, we see FIVE NATIONS (USA, Japan, China, India, and European Space Agency) diverting MASIVE RESOURCES into a hysterical race to get off the planet! So effective is the Orwellian "newspeak" of the so-called "rich" men who control media to formulate opinions for the mass class worker herd that any attempt to explain how the Hendrix asteroid prediction instigated today's space race is grounds for crucifixion by the brain-trained mob who drool over whatever target "mass media" tells them is a threat.]

October 24, 2007:

The New York Times reports (Oct. 28th): "Military Announces Missile Defense Hit. The military shot down a Scud-type missile in another successful test of a new technology meant to knock down ballistic missiles in their final minute of flight…A ship off Kauai fired a target missile at...Minutes later, soldiers…launched an interceptor missile from Kauai that destroyed the target over the Pacific, according to the agency. The military says it already can shoot down missiles in their last stage of flight by using Patriot anti-missile batteries. The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system would be able to protect larger areas than the Patriot system because it intercepts targets at a higher altitude. The new system had its first successful test last year at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and two more successful tests earlier this year...Saturday's announcement said the most recent test was the 31st 'hit to kill' intercept in 39 tests since 2001 by ground and sea-based interceptors against short, medium and long-range ballistic missile targets."

[NOTE: "39 tests since 2001" - the September 11, 2001 attacks in the U.S. were staged/arranged to enable the Missile Defense Agency to fabricate/manufacture these rigged test results under the secrecy provided by the Patriot Act of October 2001. The MDA needed to get their tests and test designs free from media scrutiny under a cloak of National Security so that a "track record" of secret rigged tests could be established. Their aim is to condition the public to believe that 1) the system is designed for "missiles" (when it's really designed for asteroids) and 2) the system is already up and running, working as planned (so we can all go back to sit-com TV and workplace enslavement as our tax dollars are confiscated to build condos on the Moon for a few billionaires' escape to safe haven (at our expense).]

November 3, 2007:

The new Disaster Response...From private armies like Blackwater for the super rich, to secret FEMA's aimed to save high income payers only, the unjust moneyed "elite" spend billions to protect themselves from future disasters, while the victims of dominator banking cartels will be herded into Auschwitz-sized EasyBake Ovens designed for genocide. asks, "Do America's Rich Now Have Their Own Disaster Response System?":

"With disaster services being privatized, the rich are buying their way out of catastrophe. [Some of us] worried that the United States was in the grip of extremists who sincerely believed that the Apocalypse was coming and that they and their friends would be airlifted to heavenly safety. The country is indeed in the grip of extremists who are determined to act out the biblical climax -- the saving of the chosen and the burning of the masses -- but without any divine intervention. Heaven can wait. Thanks to the booming business of privatized disaster services, we're getting the Rapture right here on earth. Just look at what's happening in Southern California. Even as wildfires devoured whole swaths of the region, some homes in the heart of the inferno were left intact, as if saved by a higher power. But it wasn't the hand of God; in several cases it was the handiwork of Firebreak Spray Systems. Firebreak is a special service offered to customers of insurance giant American International Group -- but only if they happen to live in the wealthiest ZIP codes in the country. Members of the company's Private Client Group pay an average of $19,000 to have their homes sprayed with fire retardant. During the wildfires, Firebreak 'mobile units' -- racing around in red fire-trucks -- even extinguished fires for their clients.

"One customer described a scene of modern-day Revelation: 'Just picture it. Here you are in that raging wildfire. Smoke everywhere. Flames everywhere. Plumes of smoke coming up over the hills,' he told the Los Angeles Times. 'Here's a couple guys showing up in what looks like a firetruck who are experts trained in fighting wildfire and they're there specifically to protect your home.' And your home alone. 'There were a few instances,' one of the private firefighters told Bloomberg News, 'where we were spraying [our client's house], and the neighbor's house went up like a candle.' With public fire departments cut to the bone, gone are the days of Rapid Response, when everyone was entitled to equal protection. Now, increasingly intense natural disasters will be met with the new model: Rapture Response.

"During last year's hurricane season, Florida homeowners were offered similarly high-priced salvation by HelpJet, a travel agency launched with promises to turn 'a hurricane evacuation into a jet-setter vacation.' For an annual fee, a company concierge takes care of everything: transport to the air terminal, luxurious travel, bookings at five-star resorts. Most of all, HelpJet is an escape hatch from the kind of government failure on display during Katrina. No standing in lines, no hassle with crowds, just a first class experience.

"HelpJet is about to get some serious competition from some much larger players. In northern Michigan, during the same week that the California fires raged, the rural community of Pellston was in the grip of an intense public debate. The village is about to become the headquarters for the first fully privatized national disaster response center. The plan is the brainchild of Sovereign Deed, a little-known start-up with links to the mercenary firm Triple Canopy. Like HelpJet, Sovereign Deed works on a 'country-club type membership fee,' according to the company's vice president, retired Brig. Gen. Richard Mills. In exchange for a one-time fee of $50,000 followed by annual dues of $15,000, members receive 'comprehensive catastrophe response services' should their city be hit by a manmade disaster that can 'cause severe threats to public health and/or well-being' (read: a terrorist attack), a disease outbreak or a natural disaster. Basic membership includes access to medicine, water and food, while those who pay for 'premium tiered services' will be eligible for VIP rescue missions.

"Like so many private disaster companies, Sovereign Deed is selling escape from climate change and the failed state -- by touting the security clearance and connections its executives amassed while working for that same state…Sovereign Deed claims to have 'direct access and special arrangements with several national and international information centers. These proprietary arrangements allow our Emergency Operations Center to...give our Members that critical head start in times of crisis.' In this secular version of the Rapture, God's hand is unnecessary. Not when you have retired ex-CIA agents and ex-Special Forces lifting the chosen to safety -- no need to pray, just pay.

"Sovereign Deed could soon find itself competing with Blackwater USA…what Blackwater does, as Iraqis have painfully learned, is not protect entire communities or countries, but protect 'the principal' -- the principal being whoever has paid Blackwater for its guns and gear. The same pay-to-be-saved logic governs this entire new sector of country club disaster management. There is, of course, another principle that could guide our collective responses in a disaster-prone world: the simple conviction that every life is of equal value. For anyone out there who still believes in that wild idea, the time has urgently arrived to protect the principle."

[NOTE: This article needs to include NASA on its list of "protect the principal/pay-to-be-saved." In the event of asteroid impact, the Space Agency, paid for with American tax dollars, is ready to lift its billionaire "clients" up to suites aboard the space station. When Bush dictated that NASA build condo colonies on the Moon, the secret scheme remained the same - save the lucky "principals" whose greed deeds rip off resources of the people.]

November 7, 2007:

My assertion that Paul Allen's personal space craft, Space Ship One, is designed as an escape vehicle with which to flee our doomed planet, is repeated for the first time by mass media when the PBS TV series Wired Science profiles X Prize Foundation frontman, Peter Diamandis. Mr. Diamandis arranged for government clearance to launch Space Ship One in 2004. His public relations ploy for media spin was to disguise this spacecraft as the product of a "competition" for the "X Prize" (XP = eXPerience, i.e. The Jimi Hendrix Experience). Following the PBS interview with Diamandis, the host for Wired Science said:

"I think the message here is clear: The world is doomed and the sooner Peter Diamandis builds a rocket so we can all leave, the better. You mean you wouldn't leave if you had the chance?"

- Chris Hardwick - PBS TV November 7, 2007

Space Ship One as a personal escape vehicle, along with my insight that our National Missile Defense program is secretly designed for asteroids, and my claim that NASA's mad dash to the Moon base is really designed as safe haven from asteroid impact - ALL THREE of my assertions have now been repeated by members of mass media. So I'm not alone in saying this, but I am the first to recognize it, because my book Rock Prophecy instigated each of these projects: Missile Shield, Space Ship One, and Moon Base safe haven.

9 Minute Video of Wired Science With Diamandis:

The "X Prize" is in fact a charade, a ruse, used to manipulate government officials into granting rights to launch a private vehicle from U.S. soil into outer space. The "contest" doesn't make any sense because, as Wired Science points out, Paul Allen and his vehicle designer, Burt Rutan "won $10 million dollars but spent many times that amount to get there."

David Kaiser was also interviewed for this Wired Science report and said, "There is this notion that the rich get richer, but even to be able to play the [X Prize] game, if you get any [prize] money after the fact [winning by being the first to get a vehicle launched into space], you already have to have the funds, or the resources, or the friends to call on to help you get the funds. So that's clearly not helping the everyman, child inventor, who might otherwise be lost to the annals history."

The X Prize "contest" is clearly a scheme, a front. Winning the $10 million X Prize is not the point nor the goal of the foundation; Mr. Allen's scheme team needed to get government clearance to launch his spacecraft. So his cronies had to persuade government officials that Space Ship One is a public interest endeavor, rather than the personal escape vehicle intended for Mr. Allen's exclusive use. Mr. Allen spent $100 million to win what? A $10 million "prize"? Come on, there's more going on here than what Mr. Diamandis's think tank spin doctors are portraying. This X Prize charade has nothing to do with advancing science by motivating "the everyman, child inventor" to compete. It's all about clearing the way for a lucky "elite" class to protect/save themselves from impact disaster by fleeing into space - at our expense.

November 9, 2007:

CBS News reports; "Your tax dollars pay for the shuttle, the space station, and out of this world parties. NASA says it is under-funded, so why is it throwing extravagant parties that you're paying for? NASA waits for Congress to pass a new spending plan as agency supporters warn that the budget crunch could delay future space projects, yet NASA always finds money for parties that are out of this world. Everyone knows that exploring space is dangerous and the cost is astronomical, which is why just last month NASA was able to squeeze a billion extra dollars from the Senate. That very same day NASA also posted an online notice few people saw, seeking four-star hotel bids for its December awards…not just a low-key dinner…but five days and four nights at a luxury Florida hotel for 300 guests…all paid for by your tax dollars…there's a reception to feed 750 with a carving station…What is the cost?...four hundred to five hundred thousand dollars…And NASA holds its big awards every time there's a shuttle launch…costing you about four million dollars per year."

8 Minute Video With CBS News & NASA Orgies In Florida:

[NOTE: NASA uses these parties to bribe their employees to work 18-hour shifts in a desperate rush to establish a colony on the Moon before the asteroid hits Earth. They pay their staff with taxpayer funded orgies in Florida and without telling us that a Rock is coming. If we knew of impending impact, the worker herd would rebel and disrupt funding of these escape projects designed to save billionaires. But bribing employees into working continual overtime doesn't make sense to most people who don't know about the asteroid. What's frightening is the extent to which sheeple comply with NASA depleting the national treasury at a time when baby boomer medical expenses are quickly bankrupting the nation, while intense global competition for oil sends food and fuel costs skyrocketing, and urgent attempts to slow down global warming is ready to overwhelm all other expenses. The American government (one party dictatorship masquerading as a two party "democracy") transparently dictates the building of lunar condos for billionaires in the face of these other expenses and there's no public debate - the sheeple herd doesn't even notice, much less question/protest this scheme which is in direct opposition with their interests.]

November 15, 2007: publishes a story titled "Real-Life Star Wars: The Militarization of Space:"

"Space hasn't yet been weaponized but it is already highly militarized, thanks to a money-hungry arms industry and a commission started by [former Sec. of Defense Donald] Rumsfeld…on Jan. 11, 2001, the Commission to Assess United States National Security Space Management and Organization issued a report to Congress. The group, which had been headed by President-elect George W. Bush's Defense Secretary-to-be Donald Rumsfeld, asserted that it's only a matter of time until there's all-out war in the heavens:

"We know from history that every medium -- air, land, and sea -- has seen conflict. Reality indicates that space will be no different. Given this virtual certainty, the U.S. must develop the means both to deter and to defend against hostile acts in and from space…Military space officials will have to develop new doctrines and concepts for offensive and defensive space operations, power projection in, from, and through space, and other military uses of space.

-- Rumsfield Commission Report

[NOTE: "Only a matter of time until there's all-out war in the heavens/hostile acts in and from space" = asteroid/comet threat. "Develop new doctrines and concepts for offensive and defensive space operations" = disquise the project as a "missile defense system" while concealiing the asteroid threat.]

"This fall marks the 40th anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty, an agreement among 98 nations (including the U.S.) that banned nuclear arms from space but left out mention of other weapons…and the costly U.S. missile-defense program that began life two decades ago as President Reagan's 'Star Wars' dream continues to founder. Spending on missile defense has doubled since 2000, and the program is expanding into Poland and the Czech Republic. But Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, believes the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, with its current official budget of more than $9 billion, is just 'a Trojan Horse.'

[NOTE: Trojan Horse, i.e. a cloak, a front, a deception, a false portrayal, a ruse - because the Missile Defense Agency is secretly attempting to deflect asteroids, hitting missiles isn't the real concern, but D.C. policy makers deem this too dangerous to say because the resulting disruptions by workers will foil their schemes to build condo shelters for billionaires on the Moon.]

"Gagnon says, 'Missile defense brings in the money but the real story is offensive, preemptive attack technologies for global strike [i.e. anti-asteroid systems]. That's where the real action is.'

"In September, The New York Times relayed a similar message from a former Pentagon official, who said that space weapons are 'still definitely part of the program, but they don't emphasize it because the arms-control people will come out of the woodwork.'

[NOTE: In other words, the Missile Agency is keeping a low profile and staying out of the news because close scrutiny of the missile shield project reveals it isn't designed for missiles, but rather for asteroids. How and why the Pentagon conceals this is shown in this 9 minute video:]

9 Minute Video About the Missle Agency Charade:

"From the World Policy Institute and other sources, we know about some of the weapons under planning or development in the murkier parts of the military-industrial budget: The Evolutionary Air and Space Global Laser Engagement (EAGLE) project, a series of orbiting mirrors to direct beams from ground, or air-based lasers at targets in space…The ground-based Kinetic Energy Anti-Satellite Weapon, which could shoot down satellites with missiles, along with the Kinetic Energy Interceptor, a missile-defense system that could double as an anti-satellite weapon.

"The Washington Post revealed this week that Congress has appropriated $100 million for a space-weapon system called 'Falcon,' described as 'a reusable Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle (HCV) capable of delivering 12,000 pounds of payload at a distance of 9,000 nautical less than two hours.'

"…the [Strategic Space and Defense Conference] audience knew how to peer between the speakers' euphemisms and understand what was being discussed when, for example, Global Strike deputy commander Rear Adm. James Caldwell said his mission was to 'deliver global effects' [I.E. DEFLECT IMPACTS]…or when Air Force Col. Kevin McLaughlin spoke of the 'timely application of space power' [I.E. LITTLE TIME LEFT UNTIL COLLISION].

"Not long after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, USSTRATCOM [US Strategic Command] -- which already commanded the nation's nuclear weaponry -- was given a host of other missions, including those of the former Space Command and a new Global Strike Integration Command, which will wield space weapons…

"A 'Space Pearl Harbor' will be the only event able to galvanize the nation and cause the U.S. Government to act.

-- Rumsfeld Commission Report

[NOTE: For "Space Pearl Harbor" READ "September 11th" - those "attacks" were staged to facilitate all-out American taxpayer expenditures for an asteroid disaster response, without telling Americans what the money is really being used for.]

"Why should we citizens even care about what goes on outside the planet and its atmosphere? The prospect of space war seems a lot less ominous than did, say, the threat of a U.S.-Soviet nuclear holocaust. Nobody lives in space; no civilians will be maimed or killed by a robotic shoot-em-up in orbit.

[NOTE: Notice how the asteroid issue is completely absent from the author's consideration. That's how effective media has been in concealing the Rock threat issue, while manipulating our opinions into underestimating the threat.]

"The Colorado Springs-based Space Foundation reports that the global space industry grew at warp speed in 2006, at an 18 percent annual rate that sent it past $220 billion…another 28 percent of total world spending is by the U.S. government…The United States accounts for 95 percent of the world's spending on militarization of space and owns more than half of all military satellites.

"And starting this year, USSTRATCOM's satellites will be allowed to keep an eye not only on foreign foes but on you and me as well. This spring, the government for the first time granted the Department of Homeland Security and other domestic law-enforcement agencies access to real-time, high-resolution images and data from military intelligence satellites as they pass over America's cities and countryside. Brig. Gen. Jennifer Napper, deputy commander for USSTRATCOM's Global Network Operations told reporters, 'The FBI and CIA are in our operations center 24/7.' What are they doing there? No one on the outside can be sure. In its article on this newly permitted domestic spying from space, the Wall Street Journal says of intelligence satellites, 'The full capabilities of these systems are unknown outside the intelligence community, because they are among the most closely held secrets in government.'

10 Minute Video About the Extent of Government Domestic Surveilance:

"Experts Michael Krepon and Christopher Clary of the Henry L. Stimson Center have shown convincingly how the Rumsfeld Commission was dead wrong in declaring war in space to be inevitable. They note that even in the darkest days of the Cold War, and despite the Star Wars program, the U.S. and Soviet Union showed no eagerness at all to put weapons in space. Today, U.S. military dominance is so complete that taking the fight to space would add very little, and probably make all U.S. forces more vulnerable. As for potential adversaries, Krepon and Clary ask, 'Why would an attacking country or terrorist group choose a distant target [satellite] that provides services to many nations, rather than focusing on a distinctly American target?'

[NOTE: The answer is that the Pentagon isn't concerned with threats from other nations, they're secretly designing their systems for asteroids. Their aim is to make it look like "war in space is inevitable", tell us to belief that, and then pretend there's no asteroid threat. That's how they get tax funded with the approval of sheeple.]

"United Nations efforts - supported by Canada, Russia, European Union members, and a long list of other nations - to ban space weaponry, have been vigorously opposed by the Bush Administration. A State Department official has succinctly explained the U.S. position: 'Arms control is not a viable solution for space."


November 17, 2007:

Why NASA Calls Their Lunar Condo Scheme "The Constellation Program":

FOX-TV airs back-to-back the asteroid movie Armageddon with Star Trek's "Doomsday Machine" episode featuring the Starship "Constellation." From the original 1960s Star Trek series, Doomsday Machine is about a "planet killer" that gets destroyed by a Starship named Constellation. When NASA officials saw Rock Prophecy and realized an asteroid is on course for Earth, they created the "Constellation Program" in 2004 - a rush to put a permanent colony on the Moon by the year 2020. It's a sequel to the "Noah's Ark" story: to survive the Deep Impact asteroid disaster on Earth, build luxury lunar condos for billionaires. So NASA named the scheme after the Starship Constellation from Star Trek's Doomsday Machine episode, where the Constellation saves the day, just like they plan their Constellation Program to save some unjust moneyed rats fleeing the sinking ship. FOX-TV, like all media, is forbidden by the "elite" to tell the truth, but officials at FOX can condition viewers by coupling an Armageddon/Doomsday metaphor with NASA's Constellation Program mad-dash-to-the-Moon.

December 3, 2007:

First Century Press completes a 35 minute film titled Missile Agency/Moon Base Charade:

The movie contains scenes of sand in space incapacitating the International Space Station. In just a few days ahead, "sand" takes center stage...

December 10, 2007: reports: "Shuttle 'Oversold'-- Even According to Astronauts…NASA only has to get through thirteen more launches before it retires the shuttles in the middle of 2010. So perhaps it shouldn't be that surprising to read what Stan Love, one of the astronauts on the current crew, had to say when we asked him how the space shuttle ought to go down in history. 'It will be remembered as -- dare I say it -- oversold,' he said in a preflight interview. 'To begin with, they thought we would be flying 50 flights a year; we are not even close to that. It will be remembered as too expensive to support, that's the reason why we can't keep flying it. The shuttle replacement will be smaller…it will not be able to do what the shuttle does. It is not going to have a robot arm, it is not going to be able to conduct multiple spacewalks out of the same airlock, it is not going to be able to carry sixty thousand pounds into orbit.' Dr. Love will not get in any trouble for having said that to us; it's been NASA's company line for several years now, ever since President Bush ordered that the shuttles be phased out."

[NOTE: It's a good guess that many astronauts are aware that, when the shuttle was scrapped in favor of a permanent Moon base, the decision resulted from a realization that our civilization is under imminent threat of collision with space rocks. It's also a good bet that many astronauts agree with their orders to remain silent about what they know. So mass media continues to condition us with opinions like those expressed by astronaut Stan Love. But when he says that the shuttle "will be remembered as too expensive to support, that's the reason why we can't keep flying it," what are we to make of the fact that maintaining lunar condos for billionaires will dwarf the cost of the shuttles by a thousand-fold? The implication is that the Moon colony isn't "too expensive" because it's the only option left for shelter from an asteroid doomed planet, therefore NO EXPENSE WILL BE SPARED to establish that lunar base. Which further implies that few, if any, expenses will be earmarked to maintain the lives of the mass population of Earth who are already effectively written off by the elite who've tricked us all into tossing our pennies into space, not for the survival of our species, but for the personal comfort of a few unjust moneyed men who deserve not a cent of the wealth they've stolen from us all.]

The article above was followed on line by this transparently "planted" (by NASA) "User Comment" posted by "Bob": "It's past time that the shuttle be retired. It has done its job. Why hasn't NASA already rolled out a new vehicle platform? It takes decades to design and build these things. Maybe we should give up on the space station and instead go back to enhancing the Titan series rockets for another trip to the moon and beyond. We have to get an atomic vehicle into space for long trips. We've squandered decades on the space station."

This is what we call "spinning the issue" to mold our opinions and manufacture consent for expenses, to agree with deceitfully portrayed plans to save the elite, while this real purpose and intent is kept concealed.

December 18, 2007:

Mass media worldwide reports the 100th spacewalk by astronauts aboard the International Space Station as they search for signs of impact from "micrometeorites" (aka SAND) which tripped circuit breakers in a component used to tilt the solar panel "wings." Sand hit the space station on December 8th, just five days after the movie Missile Agency/Moon Base Charade appears on line and warns about sand launched into orbit to hit the space station.

8 Minute Video About Raising Sand Into Orbit:

December 19, 2007:

First Century Press completes a three-hour DVD documentary titled "Bags Of Sand."

"If a ground based missile launch were to reach the 220 mile altitude of the space station and release a ton of sand into orbit, the space station would be disabled and crash back to Earth. This is why Baby Bush is racing to build himself a condo playpen on the Moon. Because their space station and communications satellites are all fully exposed, sitting duck targets for bags of sand lobbed up from the third world."

- Bags Of Sand - December "2007"

"I pick up all the pieces and make and island [space station floating in orbit], might even RAISE A LITTLE SAND…"

- Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix

December 20, 2007:

The day after the Bags Of Sand DVD is finished, the Wall Street Journal publishes an article titled, "Castles Made of Sand Fall Into the Sea Eventually" - which is a lyric from the Jimi Hendrix song called Castles Are Made of Sand. The Journal article is about the right of an unjust moneyed "wealthy" class to privately "own" sandy beaches along the waterfront. As astronauts walk in orbit to locate damage done to their station by sand racing through space.

December 21, 2007:

Mass media worldwide reports news of an asteroid aimed to impact Mars next month, on Jan. 30, 2008. The Associated Press story is titled: "Asteroid May Soon Slam into Mars…A newly discovered hunk of space rock has a 1 in 75 chance of slamming into the Red Planet on Jan. 30, scientists said Thursday. 'These odds are extremely unusual,' said Steve Chesley, an astronomer with the Near Earth Object Program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The asteroid, known as 2007 WD5, was discovered in late November and is similar in size to an object that hit remote central Siberia [100 years ago] in 1908, unleashing energy equivalent to a 15-megaton nuclear bomb and wiping out 60 million trees…Speeding at 8 miles a second, a collision would carve a hole the size of the famed Meteor Crater in Arizona. Mars made its closest approach since 2003 on Dec. 18, 2007."

[NOTE: The significance of this event is the "probability factor" - close encounters of planets with asteroids like this dramatically increase the chances of a rock collision with Earth in the near future, which is why it is TOP PRIORITY for dominator media to persuade/convince us that the probability of impact is too low for us to be concerned about. Mars is unusually close to Earth in January "2008" so any asteroid collision there would be easily seen by amateur astronomers. If Mars had been orbiting much further away, where a collision would be difficult to see, media would not report a possible impact there in an effort to keep us unaware of the increased probability it poses for a future rock impact on Earth. Dominator media aims to persuade us that the probability is extremely unlikely. On the other hand, there has been a concerted effort by media to repeatedly announce the paths of threatening space rocks, followed by government revisions which say the rock will not hit. The number of these "false alarms" over the past decade suggest that the announcement/revision routine is a ploy used to condition us to expect that ALL reports of asteroids aimed at us will be shown false and therefore the probability of a hit is too small to be concerned about.]