Toronto Sun - April 2003


Members of the media attended the Hendrix Rockprophecy concert in Toronto and then fashioned reports in reaction. Media intent is to take cues from what Michael Fairchild says, and then conceal any mention of him and Rock Prophecy. In Toronto, Michael pointed out how those who took his job, and today run the Hendrix company, have destroyed Jimi's legacy to such an extent that the influence of Jimi has mostly been removed. Here's a transcript of what was said:
- James Sedgwick

Michael Fairchild on stage in Canada, Toronto's "Summer Solstice" concert, June 21, 2003:

"Jane, the Japanese-American woman who never did a thing for the company while I was there, but who was given my job, began taking all of my writings included with Jimi's CDs off the market and replacing them with uninteresting junk. She went out of her way to make sure my name was removed from all the Hendrix products for which I'd worked so much to make successful. The irony is that I was the main conceptualist for the Hendrix company responsible for ideas that pushed new releases of Jimi's music into the Top-10, and even the Top-5, on Billboard charts. Hendrix fans bought those CDs for the music, but I knew how to package and present the music in ways that drove those CDs up the charts. We won't see that again. For the highest charting Hendrix releases in the past 30 years, I suggested most of the songs used and programmed their playing order. They carried my booklet stories and many of those CDs were titled by me too. But despite these and other successes, my career at the Hendrix company was ruined by the 'Microsoft lawsuit.' And worse, the media coverage given to Jimi while I was making the decisions has disappeared. It's as if the purpose, or result, of Paul Allen's lawsuit money is to once again marginalize Hendrix outside of public awareness. In recent years we've seen a pathetic decline in interest in Hendrix releases. Never again will we see a Jimi CD rise high in the charts, as they did when I was helping to orchestrate their success. Subsequent releases have been so bad that dominators have triumphed in the total removal of Hendrix light years away from any public concern at all.

"The way I was treated by these Seattle dominators is an example of a much larger story described in my book, titled Rock Prophecy.

"As a writer, I achieved the most visibility of the Hendrix experts. My writings included with Jimi's CDs were distributed to well over six-million people. None of the dozens of books written about Hendrix reached such circulation. That's why I'm "the most widely read" Hendrix scholar. Since my exile from the company, none of the releases they put out have scraped even the bottom of the barrel on the charts. But caught in the crossfire of the 'Hendrix/Microsoft' lawsuit was me, the only one who understood the vision and the Prophecy that Jimi was fighting to communicate.

"Teams of publicists at think tanks are paid by these moguls to find ways to use media to neuter any effect that the real story around Hendrix will stir. That story is Rock Prophecy. Moguls decide when and how certain issues are promoted and who gets credit for them. Moguls determine how to divert, redefine, and co-opt topics that threaten the interests of the ruling class, like Rock Prophecy does. These are all matters of interpretation and it's only the dominator's spin that gets covered by mass media. So we came to say inequality is a state of hate from which we have a duty to defend ourselves by any means."