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Below is published the Timeline from Rock Prophecy. This is not the book, it is a chronological list of events surrounding the creation of Rock Prophecy. For a brief background and description of the story, and context for the Timeline below, visit the ROCK PROPHECY PAGE before reading the Timeline.

Please note that the Timeline footnote listings do not appear with the Internet text below. Footnotes are published in the book release of Rock Prophecy.



If one wishes to attribute the media's 1995-1998 asteroid craze to causes other than Rock Prophecy, or to events that transpired before Rock Prophecy was copyrighted in 1995, we could go all the way back to 1877 when Jules Verne wrote Off On A Comet and designate that book as the "trigger" for the blitz of reports about rocks from space in the late 1990s. Or we could go back just a couple decades to the 1978 film A Fire In the Sky, or the 1979 movie Meteor, or the 1984 film Night of the Comet.

The Timeline, which is an important part of the Rock Prophecy concept, is included in the book's Introduction as a review of the history of asteroid issues in recent popular culture, following the copyright date for my book.

Many of us are aware of occasional asteroid stories that caught the public's attention at some point over the past century or so (my favorite is the 1893 book The Destruction of Atlantis by Ignatius Donnally). And members of today's media will claim that the current asteroid craze was kicked off by comet impacts on Jupiter in July 1994. But the main point of the Timeline is to prove otherwise.

Consider timing. There have been a handful of asteroid stories published at various points between 1877 and 1994. But, as the Timeline explains, all of these stories produced minor "impacts" on popular culture. The actual asteroid craze in modern media - characterized by repeated and excessive/obsessive mass media blockbuster fixation, from The New York Times to all major TV networks and Hollywood films - is outlined in the Timeline. Nowhere else is this "wave" of reports chronicled. No one else was keeping track - except for me - because I was watching it all from the start as my insights were ripped off by media elites over the course of several years.

The media's unique wave of stories about rocks from space escalated in late 1995, about 6 months after Rock Prophecy was seen in D.C. at the Library of Congress (LOC). My manuscript arrived at the LOC at the height of the Hendrix lawsuit proceedings, which are described in the Introduction of Rock Prophecy.

PRIOR to 1995, all asteroid reports and media stories about space rocks are scattered haphazardly across the decades in disconnected isolation from each other. By contrast, the intense crescendo of reports triggered after Rock Prophecy was copyrighted, firmly identifies Rock Prophecy as the immediate precursor to the frenzy in media, a blitz of reports which continued at an uninterrupted peak for three years (we were even treated to a McDonalds' "asteroid" TV commercial airing on the heels of the 1998 movies Armageddon and Deep Impact). Rock Prophecy appeared at precisly the right time prior to the media blitz, marking this book forever as the catalyst for that craze. There is NO OTHER directly connected event in 1995 prior to the media blitz about asteroids. A description of this fact is the point and purpose of the Timeline, and its eternal value.

Rock Prophecy preceded the craze, and many of the 1995-1998 media reports contain content similiar with sections of the book (as the Timeline points out). The quality, intensity, and sheer number of major media reports about asteroids during this period is unprecedented in history. Never again can the attention of civilization be introduced to the threat of rocks in such a concentrated way.

Everyone on Earth has now been "trained" and conditioned to this issue. While most people shrug off the odds of an impact, most scientists who've studied the subject agree that a hit is inevitable, it's only a matter of when, and the odds indicate that we're long overdue for the next big one. This book is about Jimi's prediction, made at a time when just a tiny handful of people were even thinking about asteroids at all. By contrast, after Rock Prophecy was copyrighted in 1995, the asteroid issue was hyped up to the number one topic of discussion in the late 1990s, to such an extent that for me to come out today and claim Rock Prophecy as the trigger for this blitz will elicit indignant huffs of "How dare you!"

But it's true.

Consider how not a single media report listed in the Timeline mentions the occasional isolated book about asteroids, like Lucifer's Hammer (1977) or The End of the Age (1987). The few books such as these are not contenders against Rock Prophecy as "triggers" instigating the craze in media for asteroid stories in the late 1990s. And regardless, like I say in my March 11, 1998 letter: the whole issue of who triggered the blitz is just a sliver in Rock Prophecy anyway, just a small fraction of the book. RP is not a story about who started this fixation with space rocks. And it is not a book about how I personally was treated by the Microsoft dominators who went on to overexpose the asteroid story in media. Rather, Rock Prophecy is The Newest Testament, an interpretation of history which defines a faith in unexpected ways, with unprecedented connections.

So we've been conditioned to attribute the asteroid craze to any of many space rock stories reported prior to 1995. That's exactly what dominator media has taken pains to persuade everyone of. They'll say the craze was caused by anything other than Rock Prophecy.

As Elaine Pagles said, "It is the winners who write history - their way."

Rock Prophecy has been suppressed by a media elite, who have instead presented their own false version of what happened (they like to pedestalize the late great Eugene Shoemaker as reigning "asteroid guru" - it's safer that way, he's dead.) But another version of history exists, and it's not a dominator "winners" delusion. It's the truth.

Rock Prophecy is the original trigger for an avalanche of asteroid stories in recent media. The timing is the key to consider, because Rock Prophecy appeared in that critical period of 1995 prior to the media blitz about space rocks. And with Paul Allen's involvement with the Hendrix lawsuit, why wouldn't his legal team monitor my stories, including Rock Prophecy? As this book's Introduction points out, I was the writer for the Hollywood company that they were suing with a bogus harrasssment "SLAPP" suit.

For the historical record: we would have seen NO media overexposure of asteroid stories had not the Hendrix connection with this issue been seen in Washington D.C. in spring 1995. To claim otherwise is to subscribe to the dominators' version of history - a revisionist re-write, like the way Constantine's scribes reconstructed the story of Jesus long after the Crucifixion.

Today's media has ethnically cleansed Hendrix out of any mention of asteroids. However the fact remains that Jimi made his prediction three decades earlier, he was on the way to conveying it, and today's media elites became aware of it all in spring 1995, after Rock Prophecy was studied at the Library of Congress.

Tell your friends about Rock Prophecy, quickly. And please, contact First Century Press with names of newspapers and magazines that will advertise this book, or stores and shops that will distribute it. To fulfill our mission, we need your help.


…the seeker is beginning to find the seer, beginning to find that the one he's looking for is the one that is doing the looking, and as one encounters this aspect of oneself…the seeker begins to experience meaningful coincidence and synchronicity, begins to notice that intention spontaneously orchestrates space-time events in order to bring about the outcome that was intended…the seeker is beginning to understand, literally, the mechanics of creation…that brings about the world of the magical and the miraculous…the seer is the timeless factor in the midst of time bound experience, all experience is time bound: it has a beginning, a middle and an ending. The seer is ever the same, the same seer in the midst of different experiences.

To carry the consciousness of the seer is to carry the consciousness of eternity in the field of time, it is to carry the consciousness of infinity in the field of matter and energy…this experience of the seer gives birth also to a transformation of magical thinking, meaningful coincidence, synchronicity…thinking now acquires this magical quality that whatever you intend begins to happen.

When that accelerates, that process is part of the experience of what is called cosmic consciousness, because your awareness is local and non-local at the same time: the scenery, which is local, and the seer, which is unbounded, free, immortal, eternal, timeless, now here, and nowhere at the same time. Now the miracles begin to come, you begin to experience the miraculous, which is the acceleration of meaningful coincidences, it's the acceleration…of cosmic consciousness, which is the simultaneity of spirit, form, matter, information, energy, local, non-local, simultaneous…This is real power because it magnetizes things - events, people, circumstances - around your intention. It happens with the birth of the seer.

- Deepak Chopra


("deeee"ity, and not DAY-ity, as Brits mispronounce it)


There have been stories about asteroids ever since Jules Verne wrote Off On a Comet in 1877. But Hollywood films about asteroids have been received by the public with little enthusiasm: When Worlds Collide (1951), The Day the Sky Exploded (1958), On the Comet (1970), A Fire In the Sky (1978), Meteor (1979), and Night of the Comet (1984). Audiences have always regarded asteroid stories as science fiction. Even the widely publicized impacts of comet fragments on Jupiter in July 1994 were a passing attraction. The media dropped the story by August. No one seemed interested in dwelling on rocks from outer space.

Then, 15 months after the 1994 impacts on Jupiter, everything changed. It was as if the men who control mass media had issued an edict: "Do up the asteroid story - Big Time!" Starting in autumn 1995, and throughout 1996, a rising tide of reports about rocks from space flooded the world's media. Growing hysteria climaxed in February 1997 when TV screens were overloaded with scenes of NBC's ASTEROID miniseries. And then another year of overblown reports fueled the 1998 Hollywood blockbusters Deep Impact and Armageddon.

But prior to 1995, the public was exposed only slightly to stories about possible asteroid disasters on Earth. Our mass media didn't really pick up this story in earnest until autumn 1995. It wasn't until well after the first draft of my Rock Prophecy manuscript arrived at the Library of Congress copyright office in June 1995 that the media began to churn out endless reports about asteroids. What was the catalyst that suddenly inspired corporate executives and financiers to decree a media field day on asteroid stories? The number of news reports started to skyrocket just a few months after Rock Prophecy arrived at the LOC in Washington D.C. The manuscript for this book was read by consultants for media executives. They learned what my research reveals and decided to warn the public about asteroids in a way that excludes the Hendrix connection. There are reasons why media moguls would monitor my unpublished writings at the Library of Congress. The lawsuit filed by Jimi's father against the Hendrix production company where I worked was funded by money from Microsoft's Paul Allen. Why wouldn't his legal team read my stories? I was the mouthpiece for the company they were fighting.

The chronology below traces escalating incidents of asteroid reports in mass media during the decade following the copyright of my book. When Rock Prophecy is read from beginning to end, come back to the chronology listed below. Read through the succession of major media reports and decide for yourself whether or not my unpublished manuscript had an effect on wealthy behind-the-scenes string-pullers who set the agenda of issues covered by mass media.

Below I've listed reports mainly from major mass media, but for each of these entries, hundreds of other asteroid stories appeared in local newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV outlets. In other words, the following chronology is just the tip of the iceberg. (Anyone who can add asteroid reports to this list please contact First Century Press .)



April 11, 1995: MCA Records' worldwide release of the Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Soup CD includes my 24-page booklet text about Jimi's vision of an explosion on the planet Jupiter. The Voodoo Soup booklet also pin-points the birth of Hendrix happening simultaneously with the Allies' 1942 breakthrough in deciphering the Nazi's "Ultra Secret" Enigma machine code called Shark. The tide of war then turned in favor of the Allies.

Also on April 11, 1995 the story of Rock Prophecy was copied onto a disk and sealed in a dated envelope in my attorney's office. Rock Prophecy reveals for the first time Jimi's hidden prediction of an asteroid aimed to collide with Earth.

April 12, 1995:

A giant triple rainbow over my home is the focus of local media.

This rainbow is like an entrance gateway into the Rock Prophecy period, which was kicked off by the events of yesterday described above. When the second draft of Rock Prophecy was completed in August 1997, the giant triple rainbow re-appeared over my home, like an exit gate leading out of the period that produced this book. These rainbows remind me of a quote I once gave to the local newspaper:

"I'm like Noah, and the flood is coming, and everyone is stoning me!"

Michael Fairchild - Democrat & Chronicle,
Rochester, NY - May 5, 1994

June 1995:

The Hendrix magazine named Straight Ahead publishes an article titled GrinchRich - the D.C. Witch-hunt. The article reports how a publishing house contacted me after discovering my 1988 manuscript, A Touch of Hendrix, at the Library of Congress, where the text is registered and stored for copyright protection. GrinchRich - the D.C. Witch-hunt explains why my unpublished stories on file at the LOC are "monitored." Was my 1988 manuscript, A Touch of Hendrix, studied by consultants for the men who control media? A Touch of Hendrix describes Jimi as a key figure in the battle to defeat the "elite" who oppose equality. In reaction to my 1988 manuscript, did consultants advised Republicans to co-opt the term "elitist" and start labeling liberal Democrats as the "elite"? In May 1992, Dan Quayle kicked off a media campaign designed to assign the term "cultural elite" to "liberals" who seek equality among people.

In GrinchRich - the D.C. Witch-hunt I assert that all information about Jimi that arrives at the Library of Congress is scrutinized by men who realize a need for controlling the public's perception of Hendrix. Think tanks funded by men who control media devise strategies to shape public opinion about many issues. My GrinchRich article was written at the height of the Hendrix lawsuit, funded by Paul Allen. Why wouldn't investigators for that case examine my writings available at the LOC? I was the writer for the company they were fighting, and it is legal for anyone to read unpublished manuscripts filed at the LOC.

Was my 1988 manuscript, A Touch of Hendrix, studied by media think tanks? That text defines "elitists" as people who believe some of us deserve more money than others.


"Elitist" means someone who believes in economic inequality.

"Dominator" means someone who acts out these beliefs by taking, or trying to take, for themselves or others, more money or valuables than anyone should have, more than anyone deserves. Such acts are crimes against Creation.

Did Republicans jump to reverse the tables and label their enemies "the elite" after they saw how that term is used in A Touch of Hendrix? In reaction to my 1988 manuscript, did Republican think tanks formulate a policy to start calling "elitist" any Democrat who tries to use government to promote equality?

Since 1992, Republicans have repeatedly portrayed their opponents as the "cultural elite." Then, in 1995, when my new manuscript Rock Prophecy was sent to the Library of Congress for copyright registration, was it, like my 1988 book, monitored by the men who control media? In the months after Rock Prophecy arrived in Washington D.C. (as described ahead in this Timeline), the media began a massive campaign to influence public opinion about asteroids. Did the men who control media learn about Rock Prophecy and then order their writers and producers to churn out asteroid stories?

Teams of think tank publicists figure out ways to use media to react to any effect that publication of the real story surrounding Hendrix might stir. The issues and connections surrounding Hendrix reveal how a wealthy class of anti-equality men have arranged a situation in which today's society is unable to raise a defense in time to stop the Rock that Jimi foresaw hurtling towards Earth. Rock Prophecy describes this. When my manuscript arrived at the Library of Congress, were plans implemented to deluge the public with an avalanche of asteroid reports from mass media?

Workers at the Library of Congress who object to what goes on there are silenced. They are often ordered to undergo Forced Psychiatric Testing. "You have to tell them everything about yourself, personal things about yourself and your family," said an LOC worker named "Lois" who was interviewed by CBS News. "It goes on for hours, and then they tell you to come back for more. It's very degrading. I've been rendered unemployed. I've lost my home."

Forced Psychiatric Testing was for many decades a legal way to harass whistle blowers in government agencies. In 1996, CBS News reported that recently "Congress banned forced tests inside the government and later imposed tight restrictions on their use in the private sector. Businesses can still use them, but only in extremely rare cases. But incredibly, Congress did not apply all of these restrictions to itself or its Library."

"A number of people have had their lives destroyed by this," said David Moore, a union steward who witnessed Forced Psychiatric Testing done to LOC workers after they reported wrong doing in the Library. "It was a weapon and it was used the same as psychiatry was used in the former Soviet Union: designed to harass and intimidate and silence an employee."

Donald Soulken, a psychiatric social worker who investigated Forced Testing, concludes, "This is a technique in which you can go inside of a person's head and pull out information that can be used against them. If it gets into your file and you can't get it expunged, you're finished."

Another employee who witnessed foul play at the LOC was ordered to undergo Forced Psychiatric Testing: "I was shocked," he told CBS, "they turn you inside out. I use the word rape - I just felt like I was raped because they take you from your childhood through your personal life through anything that they can think of...They've destroyed a lot of peoples' lives."

The Library of Congress acknowledges that in just the past few years 37 workers have undergone Forced Psychiatric Testing. Unofficial sources claim that the "tests" are much more widespread. What did these workers witness that made them targets for this legal harassment from the government? As growing numbers of employees leaked their stories to the free press, the LOC was forced to abandon Forced Psychiatric Testing, but why was this practice outlawed for most private businesses and government agencies except for the Library of Congress? Why did the ruling class retain the tactic of forced mental harassment specifically for the LOC? What goes on there?

The Library of Congress houses the copyrighted works and writings of the nation's artists and thinkers. The public has access to works registered and kept at the LOC. My copyrighted manuscripts, although unpublished, are available for people to see at the LOC, all anyone has to do is pay a fee and sit at a desk and read. The public is not allowed to remove works from the building, but various forms of note taking are permitted.

Imagine workers at the Library Of Congress learning that my writings, or anyone else's, are being monitored by paid consultants who study unpublished manuscripts. What if LOC employees see ideas from certain stories "stolen" from the Library, transformed into a news story or film release, and then introduced to the public?

What if a worker learns that the Library is being used as a front for easy access to any new idea or story sent there for copyright protection? Do agents for media moguls assess "hot" topics coming into the Library Of Congress and then re-package the concepts for presentation by their own companies? Moguls decide when and how certain issues are promoted and who gets credit for them. They also determine how to divert, co-opt, or redefine any topic that threatens the interests of the ruling class (for a quick introduction into how this is done, there are two essential video documentaries to get hold of: Manufacturing Consent, a 1992 film about Noam Chomsky, available at many libraries, and Free Speech for Sale, a 1999 film with Bill Moyers, available from Public Affairs Television, Inc., PO Box 2284, S. Burlington, VT 05407).

Did workers at the Library Of Congress see how the media co-opted and whitewashed the asteroid prediction that Rock Prophecy is based on? Were these workers forced to undergo Psychiatric Testing and have their memories altered? Did their protests result in the CBS News investigation of Forced Psychiatric Testing cited above?

Just months after my Rock Prophecy manuscript arrived at the LOC in June 1995, a media blitz of reports and stories about asteroids began bombarding the public.

June 5, 1995:

The hardcopy manuscript of Rock Prophecy is registered for copyright at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. This June 5th is also the 10,495th anniversary of the Carolina Meteorite impact on Earth, as calculated by the Mayan calendar, and rediscovered by Otto Muck.

After Rock Prophecy arrived at the Library of Congress on June 5, it was as if an edict was decreed by the men who control media: "Flood the airwaves with asteroid stories! Over-expose this issue through all manner of communications!" Every form of media under mogul control seemed ordered to co-opt the central issue of Jimi's prediction.

Two things must be kept in mind:

1) by the mid 1990s my readership exceeded 6 million people due to my published writings about Hendrix, and

2) any media consultants, the "moles of the moguls," who saw my unpublished writings at the LOC learned how Hendrix is the central connection which most threatens dominators.

When my Rock Prophecy manuscript arrived at the Library of Congress in June 1995, did the men who control media approve plans to redefine the whole issue of asteroids for the public? It was as if there was a deliberate attempt to make the mass audience tired of hearing about asteroids, an attempt to make us unreceptive to what Rock Prophecy reveals.


a media blitz asteroid craze instigated by Rock Prophecy

The chronology of events listed next results from the arrival of my manuscript at the Library of Congress in June 1995:

July 10, 1995:

Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen's Experience Music Project (EMP) in Seattle (aka the Jimi Hendrix Museum) declines to compensate me for help I contributed to the project. A settlement had just been reached in the lawsuit filed by the Hendrix family against their Hollywood production company. The lawsuit was financed by a loan from Paul Allen. Settlement of this case resulted in closing the Hendrix production company that had employed me for seven years. On July 10, I learned I could expect no help from Paul Allen, despite my contributions to his Hendrix museum in Seattle.

August 1995:

UniVibes, the International Hendrix magazine, reports: "Michael Fairchild's Rock Prophecy: Sex and Jimi Hendrix In World Religions is about to be published by First Century Press."

August 1995:

Straight Ahead, International Hendrix magazine, reports: "First Century Press will publish Rock Prophecy by Michael Fairchild."

September 1995:

Voodoo Child, the Hendrix newsletter, reports: "Michael Fairchild's Rock Prophecy: Sex and Jimi Hendrix In World Religions will be released by First Century Press."

September 18, 1995:

On the 25th anniversary of Jimi's death, Monika Dannemann's book, The Inner World of Jimi Hendrix, is published by St. Martins Press, and for the first time one of Jimi's friends reveals that he spoke about the destruction of Atlantis by a comet. Five and a half months before this book came out, I had corresponded with St. Martin's Press about "Jimi's Prophecy."

October 29, 1995:

The New York Times reports Paul Allen's $500 million investment in DreamWorks Pictures, controlling 18% of the new movie studio. What type of films will Mr. Allen approve for production in the years ahead?

The way we're going to "take" [rivals] is by studying them, know what they know, do what they do, watch them, look for every angle, stay on their shoulders, clone them, take every one of their good ideas and make it one of our good ideas.

- Steve Ballmer, Microsoft Vice President - 1995

October 31, 1995:

The PBS series NOVA airs a new episode titled Doomsday Asteroid. This program marks the start of a mass media blitz. For the next four years everyone is overexposed to asteroid stories, while I search for a way to publish Rock Prophecy.

November 1995:

Enigma by Robert Harris becomes a best seller in England. The story is about how the Allies turned the tide of war in their favor by deciphering the code of the Nazi's "Ultra Secret" Enigma machine called Shark. Rock Prophecy describes how the code was broken the moment Hendrix was born and the book proclaims the start of the first century on November 27 (1942 Common Era) with the birth of Jimi. The simultaneous breakthrough decoding of the Nazi's message ciphering machine made possible the defeat of the "Third Reich" ultimate dominators. Nazis climaxed 5000 years of "retarded history" which leaves Earth defenseless against asteroids. Modern years are counted, by much of the world, in relation to the birth of Christ. Historians used to designate time periods as "B.C." (Before Christ), or "A.D." (Ano Domino, Latin for Year of Our Lord, Domino = Dominator). Modern scholars, however, have re-titled these periods as "C.E." (Common Era), which follows the birth of Jesus, and "B.C.E." (Before the Common Era). But it is important to realize that the Common Era is a period limited to just 1,942 years. In November of that one thousand nine hundred and forty-second year, our liberation from dominators began with Jimi's birth, a day from which we now count in Hendrix Correct terms: we are not in the "twenty-first" century, rather, we are in the first century of the Hendrix Millennium - the Uncommon Era. Rock Prophecy explains why this numerical shift is a critical necessity.

December 12, 1995:

NBC News reports the approach of Hale-Bopp comet towards the Sun, due to pass Earth in spring 1997. That the media is giving this comet so much publicity 18 months in advance of its arrival indicates a policy shift for 1996: the men who control media seem determined to shove rocks from space down everyone's throat.

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January 30, 1996:

Comet Hyakutake is discovered by a Japanese astronomer. The comet's approach becomes a strangely over-reported mass media event.

February 13, 1996:

The Weekly World News tabloid cover story reads: "Hubble Finds Doomsday Comet and It's Speeding Toward Earth!" The feature article describes how a space rock will "smash Earth into pieces, sending fragments reeling into the icy, airless vastness of space, killing us all."

February 15, 1996:

The A&E cable TV channel airs an episode of Ancient Mysteries titled Atlantis: Lost Civilization in which the continent is destroyed by a comet. This is the first time that any television program has linked the destruction of Atlantis with a rock from outer space.

March 21, 1996:

Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole unexpectedly proposes resurrection of "Star Wars," the laser satellite systems plan. In 1983 President Reagan proposed a program called the Strategic Defense Initiative, a space-based defense system designed to protect the United States from attack by incoming missiles. Reagan's SDI plans included satellites equipped with orbiting lasers capable of destroying rockets launched at the U.S., but the plan was shelved in the 1980s. "We talk about Star Wars as if all we have to do is decide to go and we do," protested Senator John Glen in 1996, "but the physics haven't been invented yet to do Star Wars."

In March 1996, less than a year after Rock Prophecy was sent to the Library of Congress, Bob Dole kicked off his campaign for the presidency by unveiling the "Defend America Act." Dole said, "When I ask most people what would you have the President do if there was an incoming ballistic missile? they say 'Shoot it down!' But we can't...If North Korea would launch a single missile at the United States, we could do nothing to stop its deadly flight toward an American city."

In a post Cold War era, when the U.S. military is unchallenged in the world, Dole's fear of a missile attack didn't seem like an urgent concern to most people. After Dole made his announcement, CBS Evening News reported, "The CIA told Congress in February [1996] that a threat from rogue missiles is at least 15 years away...John Steinbruner [Brookings Institute defense expert] argues that 'the most realistic threat won't come from enemy missiles anyway.'"

"Enemy missiles" are not the real concern of D.C. policy makers. Asteroids are. But any prediction of an asteroid disaster would be political suicide. A politician who makes the prediction is labeled "lunatic." Anti-asteroid technology is instead developed under the guise of something the public can approve of, like an "anti-missile" system. In 1996, the PBS News Hour reported that "former CIA Director R. James Woolsey called [missile attack] the most significant threat that faces us...The [Star Wars] system would expand over time to create a layered defense against larger and more sophisticated ballistic missile threats as they emerge. The Congressional Budget Office says that would bring the cost to between $31 and $60 billion. Those recent estimates gave some Republican deficit hawks sticker shock, forcing their defense minded colleagues to rework the plan."

The need for laser satellites is a hard sell to voters. To suggest that the weapons be built because of asteroids will require evidence of a threat. Political leaders can't urge the public to support the expense of anti-asteroid technology unless an Earth-crossing rock has already been sighted. But by the time one is spotted, it will be too late to stop it.

March 26, 1996:

Hyakutake comet makes its closest approach to Earth as ABC World News concludes with a report about our unpreparedness for fending off a Rock aimed at our planet. Astronomer Neil Tyson of the Hayden Planetarium sums up, "I know of no way that we can stop it."

April 5, 1996:

Monika Dannemann commits suicide on Good Friday. Descriptions about Jimi and the comet that were inserted into her book from St. Martins Press, released five and a half months after I wrote to St. Martins about "Jimi's Prophecy," are explained in Rock Prophecy. Monika's death leaves unanswered the question of how paragraphs about Hendrix and the comet came to be added to her book.

April 8, 1996:

Jesus is featured simultaneously on the magazine covers of Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report. The establishMENt uses its media to persuade the public that the appeal of Jesus is "life after death," rather than equality for all on Earth.

April 26, 1996:

NBC Nightly News reports that scientists are monitoring the trajectory of a giant asteroid which is on a path to collide with Earth, but not for a million years.

April - May 1996:

More than two hundred members of the anti-equality unfree elitist media close ranks to obstruct publication of Rock Prophecy. Even though several million people are familiar with many of my published stories, media gatekeepers weed out all calls for equality between people, which happens to be a subject of my book.

During 1996 and 1997, as the asteroid issue ignited by Rock Prophecy becomes overexposed throughout world media, hundreds of editors and publishers who obstructed publication of my book are all witness to the increase of interest in asteroids. Many editors and publishers remain aware that Rock Prophecy is the original predicition, they knew in the spring of 1996 that my manuscript was circulating, yet all remained silent. None will lift a finger for any story about equality.

There's the real mass media, the kinds that are aimed at the guys who get a six pack, the purpose of those media is just to dull people's minds. For 80% [of the public] the main thing for them is to divert them, to get them to watch national football and to worry about the motherless child with six heads, or whatever you pick up at the supermarket stands, or look at astrology, or get involved in fundamentalist stuff, or something - just get them away from things that matter, and for that it's important to reduce their capacity to think...Those who occupy managerial positions in the media, or gain status within them as commentators, belong to...privileged elites, and might be expected to share the perceptions, aspirations, and attitudes of their associates, reflecting their own class interests as well. Journalists entering the system are unlikely to make their way unless they conform to these ideological pressures, generally by internalizing the values. It is not easy to say one thing and believe another - and those who fail to conform will tend to be weeded out by familiar mechanisms.

- Noam Chomsky

May 1, 1996:

The PBS News Hour reports the discovery of an unknown manuscript by Louisa May Alcott. Jim Lehrer announces that the story will be published "so that people won't have to go to the Library of Congress to read it." Eleven months later the story is produced into a CBS television movie called The Inheritance. Manuscripts registered and stored at the Library of Congress, including Rock Prophecy, are available for anyone to read, including consultants for mass media.

Also on May 1st, CBS airs a prime time TV special titled Mysteries of the Millennium. A description in TV Guide reports that this is a show "examining visions of the future, from the prophetic predictions of Nostradamus to the psychic visions of American medium Edgar Cayce, as well as scientific forecasts of earthquakes." But instead of these topics, when the special came on TV at 8 p.m., it was all about an asteroid on course to collide with Earth! It's as if at the last minute the original show was replaced by another program. What appeared on TV is a Mysteries of the Millennium show that covers the following:

  • 1) 1994 comet impact on Jupiter
  • 2) Atlantis
  • 3) Maya Indian beliefs
  • 4) dinosaur extinction
  • 5) antichrist
  • 6) cellular metamorphosis
  • 7) Victor Clube
  • 8) lunar craters
  • 9) comments from Deepak Chopra
This CBS program reads like a blueprint for Rock Prophecy, minus the Hendrix connections (which, if used, would violate my copyright). There are two possibilities: 1) my writings are being monitored at the Library of Congress, or 2) coincidences beyond probability are occurring.

Mysteries of the Millennium reports that the "apocalypse prophecy" calls for an appearance of the antichrist, who is present in the world (and the same age as me). Is the media setting the stage to label Rock Prophecy as work of the antichrist? Might a wealthy Hendrix enthusiast monitor the Library of Congress for unpublished manuscripts about Jimi and fashion programs for the media based on the contents?

May 19, 1996:

Asteroid JA-1 passes within 279,000 miles of Earth. This is a near miss. The rock is a third of a mile in diameter. Scientist claim that a rock only a mile wide would wipe out our civilization. JA-1 was spotted by Arizona astronomer Tim Spahr just four days before it passed. "If it hit Earth it sure would mess things up," said Spahr.

"A fairly sizeable asteroid went across the sky in less than five days," reported an official at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. "We would not have had time to do anything that would have diverted this object."



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