by James Sedgwick

Earth, like all living planets with water and atmospheres, evolves species obsessed with flight/explosions/speed, things needed to affect Rocks. As an evolving species, humans mutate towards ability to sense the macro environment, to glimpse the paths of objects moving through space.

The U.S. government's research results for its Defense Intelligence Agency's "Stargate Project" forms the cornerstone for how (what Jimi Hendrix called) "astral travel" is possible. A scientific perspective, with peer reviewed evidence, lays a foundation to explain the human ability of astral travel, to sense what scientists call remote view, not "out of body" experience, but an expanded understanding of what "body" means from a quantum physics perspective. Language misuse, accusations of "occult irrational superstition," impedes our seeing an evolutionary process that's scientifically explained below:

ABC News Nightline aired the following report on network television:

"In 1974 a psychic working for the CIA drew sketches of the inside of a Soviet top-secret testing facility. The psychic had never been to the facility but he accurately described objects inside, descriptions that were confirmed by people who had been inside the facility. This incident convinced officials of the U.S. Government to begin a $20 million Top Secret program. For more than two decades, a psychic espionage program was directed by the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA]. Hundreds of psychics were hired to describe people, places and things that they had never seen before from hundreds and thousands of miles away. Government scientists refer to this phenomenon as 'Remote Viewing.' Elsewhere it's known as Extra Sensory Perception, or ESP.

"By 1996, psychic spying had been used in about 500 government cases. It was used to locate U.S. Brigadier General James Doizier who was kidnapped by Italian militants in 1982. For five years physicist Dale Graft directed the DIA's Remote Viewing program, code named Project Stargate. 'Early on, as a physicist,' recalls Graft, 'I really wasn't sure if there was anything to this phenomenon. But if you go out in the field and you work with it over and over and you see some of these very interesting cases, it can't all be written off by chance.'

"Nuclear physicist Edwin May performed 1500 experiments for the government between 1975 and 1995 to test the scientific validity of Remote Viewing. 'My main role in this was the guy doing the research,' states May. 'While I'm interested in applications, intelligence applications, my main focus was to figure out how it works and what we can confirm in the laboratory, and to that extent we've had dramatic cases in the laboratory, both statistically important as well as visually compelling…Fifteen percent of our data, over fifteen hundred separate Remote Viewing trials, are of such a quality that you might think they were staged. But they were done in very tight protocols, the best that modern science, physics, physiology, and psychology could bring to bear on the issue. The remaining data is somewhat statistical so it's really hard to look at the data and say 'that's real,' but 15% of it is extremely compelling. It's like a native talent; those people who can do it, do it; those people who can't, can't.'

"Jessica Ucts, a University of California at Davis statistics professor, examined the evidence and reported, 'Remote Viewing has been demonstrated over the twenty years of work that's been sponsored by the government. What it proves to me is that we don't quite understand either the nature of the mind or perhaps the nature of time and space. But there is some mystery out there that we need to solve.'" [END ABC REPORT]

* * * * * * *

Imagine trying to explain to a person 100 years ago how radios, TVs, websites, and cell phones work - you'd be considered a lunatic. We're at a similar state today regarding remote view evolutionary mutation.

The U.S. government's research results from Project Stargate is coupled below with a quantum physics discussion about the nature of time/space/distance. For this perspective the insights of Dr. Deepak Chopra are valuable. The excerpts below are taken from the book, Rock Prophecy, in which there is a section named "A Deconstructed Dialogue Between Jimi & Deepak Chopra." In that section corresponding quotes from Chopra and Hendrix are juxtaposed, one after the other, to reveal their similar views. Whereas Chopra came to these insights after laborious research, there is no accounting for how Hendrix arrived at such understandings, it appears Jimi possessed an innate ability to see.

The main thought to approach these ideas with is: "How can a human brain sense/respond to the movements of objects in space from relatively great distances away, but within the sun's gravitational field/solar system?" Addressing that question is an exercise in comprehending the nature of "living" planets and the organisms/species they spawn:

Deepak Chopra: "Ninety-nine percent of the human body is mostly empty space, and the .001% that you experience as material is actually also empty space. In other words, this whole thing is made out of nothing. Go beyond the facade of molecules and you enter a subatomic cloud, go beyond the cloud and you end up with a handful of nothing, and then the question is, what is this nothingness from where we come?...The animating force of life is non-local, not trapped in space and time…although each of us seems to be separate and independent, all of us are connected to patterns of intelligence that govern the whole cosmos. There are no well defined edges to the quantum mechanical body. We are localized bundles of information and energy in a universe of information and energy…this is an intelligent universe and we are conscious beings in a conscious universe and the human nervous system is that privileged organ of nature through which the universe itself is becoming conscious of itself…we are over with physical evolution, but in a new phase of our evolution, the evolution of consciousness…survival of the wisest…In order to have that new evolutionary phase unfold…it is important to understand what is consciousness?"

Jimi Hendrix: "At the moment people use only a minute part of their mind and there's so much more scope. If only people wouldn't concentrate on the superficial things, they might find the real meaning…people are frightened to find out the full power of the mind."

Deepak Chopra: "Our sensors are just transducers that convert information and energy into taste and texture and form and color. You and I give form and texture and color and taste and smell to that field, which is a radically ambiguous and ceaselessly flowing quantum soup of information and energy. And we experience that same information and energy here as the physical body, and we experience the same information and energy in our mind as our thoughts and feelings and emotions…"

Jimi & Michael Fairchild

Jimi Hendrix: "There's a sixth sense that's coming in. Everybody has their own name for it, but I call it Free Soul, and that's more into a mental kind of thing. That's why everything is beyond the eyes now. The eyes only carry you so far out. You have to know how to develop other things that will carry you further and more clear."

Deepak Chopra: "If we want to get to a new understanding of the human body-mind and of human potential, we have to discard our old notions about reality, which are based on the superstition of materialism. We have to forget thinking of the human body as a frozen anatomical structure…The essential stuff of the universe is non-stuff… thinking non-stuff. "

The point here is our perception of time-space and distance. It's akin to a cell in your hair and a cell in your foot, if they were aware, they'd see each other as a great distance apart, yet they're part of the same body. Likewise our solar system spans a great distance, yet the body of planets within it are all part of gravity interactions happening all the time, like a shoal of fish, or swarm of birds swirling in synchronized patterns. These forms of animal communication on Earth are duplicated in space. Events at the edge of our solar system register simultaneously to the planets within, and to specialized life forms (like humans) that all living planets eventually spawn. Gravitational disturbances are sensed by the whole solar ocean's field of gravity, independent of space-time. When Chopra talks of "non-local" the idea is that distance is a psychological perception projected onto a spaceless and timeless infinite universal totality - distance can be transversed in a non-physical way - via thoughts.

Jimi Hendrix: "They say the speed of light is the fastest thing - that's the eyes - but then there's the speed of thought, which is beyond that. You can get on the other side of this theme in a matter of thinking about it."

Deepak Chopra: "Is it possible that nature goes to exactly the same place to create a galaxy of stars or a cluster of nebulas or a rain forest or a human body as it goes to create a thought? Have you ever wondered what a thought is? Have you ever wondered where it comes from?…A thought is also a unit of information and energy…Thoughts, being quantum events, transform themselves into space-time events that we call matter…A good understanding of this inseparability between mind and matter, not only in our own physiology, but in the physiology of nature, is really crucial for our survival, not only as a species, but for the survival of our planet."

Arthur Clarke: "Cause and event could reverse their normal sequence. There must be such a thing as a racial memory, and that memory was somehow independent of time. To it, the future and the past were one. That was why, thousands of years ago, men had already glimpsed a distorted image of the Overlords…the future"

Deepak Chopra: "Has anyone done an experiment that shows the existence of time? No respectable physicist since the year 1913 has used the word 'time' by itself. They talk about space-time continuum, because time, as we experience it, is a psychological event, is a concept that we have invented in order to explain our experience of change. Reality is much more flexible than people realize, even the reality of time [is] programmed by our past belief, which we inherited from our parents and our cultural tradition, and our indoctrination by society - the 'hypnosis' of social conditioning. We remain localized in the boundaries handed down from generation to generation. We refuse to see that reality is open to revision. Nothing has to be accepted just because we inherited it…Can it be that time will wait for one man and overtake another depending on what each one expects? Scientists are suggesting that holographic memory is what the body is, that you and I have not only personal memories, but impersonal memories that go back a long time…being non-local, spaceless and timeless, it goes back eons of time, that each cell is a hologram of the entire universe, both personal and impersonal memory. As this lifetime's experience, from the fetus to the adult, we replicate the experience of our species and other species…we have the memories of everything that has happened in the entire evolutionary history of not only mankind, but other species as well."

A memory record of the past is imprinted in, and imparted with, DNA. An individual life, from fetus to old age, mirrors the evolution of our species. Our subconscious mind carries memory of everything that's happened. We remember the Rock, the ancient light in the sky, the light that extinguished life. That impact is etched into our genes…

Hendrix is a human evolutionary mutation, embodying what Jimi called "a sixth sense" - an ability to remote view. Hendrix presents the first prediction of asteroid disaster. Earth, like all living planets with water and atmospheres, evolves species obsessed with flight/explosions/speed, things needed to affect Rocks. As an evolving species, humans mutate towards ability to sense the macro environment, to glimpse the paths of objects moving through space.

Jimi Hendrix: "The catastrophe is still happening right before his [his = main character in Jimi's film script] half-closed eyes…ASTRAL TRAVEL – Before he feels himself leaving body…childhood situations flash before him…all of a sudden kids come along with a different set of brain cells…something that will open up a new sense in peoples’ minds…The evolution of man is changing the brain, so quite naturally you’re gonna have hang-ups of thought. But still, the whole past is going towards a higher way of thinking, towards a clearer way of thinkingI see miracles every day now, some are so drastic that I couldn’t explain them to a person or I’d probably be locked…There are a few chosen people that are here to help get these people out of this certain sleepiness that they are in…I’m not going to say it until a wider range of people see it. It’s a universal thought…the Earth is going through a physical change soon…The solar system is going through a change soon and it’s going to affect the Earth itself…there’s no moving from any one land to another to save yourself in that respect."

The U.S. government's research results for its Defense Intelligence Agency's "Stargate Project" forms the cornerstone for how (what Hendrix called) "astral travel" is possible. A scientific perspective, with peer reviewed evidence, lays a foundation for the human ability to astral travel, to achieve what scientists call remote view.

"Jimi explained to me that when he was experiencing astral travel he had seen the auras of the planets which he described…He explained that while a person is living on Earth his or her spirit could actually leave the body for a period of time…we can behold visions from the past, present and future…He said that this power is called clairvoyance."

- Monika Dannemann [with Jimi when he died]

Hendrix represents the prime example of an evolutionary mutation in human perception, towards a capacity to remote view - an ability to sense and experience events from great distances away. This is NOT saying Jimi "saw the future" - it IS saying he sensed (and described/expressed) real events that were occurring very far away during his lifetime, particularly changes in the gravity ambiance of planets surrounding Earth, changes that occur when gravity fields are "disturbed" by rocks during approaches toward planets. It's as if a signal is emitted and human sensors are being evolved to receive, or interpret, its presence, like whales in the sea that can detect each other's squeals from thousands of miles away. Such perception is latent in us and the human gene pool mutates to express it. It is likely that people "sense" these events in the form of thoughts arising into our consciousness, as well is in dreams, melodic inspirations, mathematical equations, apparitions, visions of "angels", "ghosts", "UFOs" and the paranormal - all being phenomenon of the living planet striving to direct its "subjects" towards a capacity to protect the biosphere from what, until recently, only the planet itself was aware of - Lucifer's Hammer - the demon Rock asteroid…