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THE SEERS CONVENE: Michael Fairchild & Jimi Hendrix


............"Really A Strange Town" - Jimi describing Rochester, NY in his diary 3.21.68


How I Sank That Phat Phairy (or: How Rochester taxpayers got stuck with a $30 million bill after Michael's movie about them caused Fast Ferry riders to stay away in droves...)

Shovels To Spoons (or: How low-brow radio bubbas in Strange Town reach new lows, falling all over each other chanting 'We Censor Michael Fairchild!'...)

WOKR=WHAM TV - Tales from the Joseph Geobells School of Fascist Propaganda (or: How some jealous little news producers in this back-water factory town prevent the enslaved residents from re-enacting Attica in the streets - JULY '64! JULY '64! JULY '64!...)

VIDEO: Nazi Media In A Rust-Belt Backwater Factory Town 9:59

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by Michael Fairchild

April 2010 - Portland Press Herald & ABC News

April 5, 2010 -

Message To H.I.M.M. - She's Not "TopLESS" -

The article below, "Top Free - To Do What I Please," was published in "1999" in the book Rock Prophecy (Introduction p. 11-12). The title refers to Jimi's lyric, "Stone Free to do what I please."

In "1986" my concept was ripped-off by local residents in Rochester who staged demonstrations over the double standard prohibition that stopped women from being TopFree. They staged their protests as if my radio show talks played no role in their TopFree demonstrations in our city, especially after legal action against them ended up in State Supreme Court where the deomonstrators were vindicated by repeal of discriminatory anti-female laws.

Then in "2010" the "TopFree" section published in Rock Prophecy (shown below) was again ripped-off as part of a Mogul's Campaign to systematically steal all unique connections presented in Rock Prophecy and assign my insights to the credit of others who're "approved of" by the evil elite who seek to erase from the face of Earth every trace of my book.


- from Rock Prophecy (copyright "1995")

"I think that too many people these days are hung up because they're covered up...The human body is the most beautiful thing, it shouldn't be kept covered." - Jimi Hendrix

Some of the sexual issues described in Rock Prophecy have preoccupied my research for a long time. When I was in high school I was expelled for "insubordination" after I trespassed into the men's faculty lounge. Male teachers at Marshall High had covered the lounge walls with erotic pictures of nude women, over which I hung a poster of a dead bird with the words: "Women Are Not Chicks." Then some feminist students circulated leaflets to the PTA describing how the male faculty, aroused after breaks in the porn lounge, returned to class to instruct daughters of PTA members. School officials held me in contempt. They charged me with insubordination and expelled me from school.

A few years later I resumed my attacks on sexism in a more effective way. The big thing on my mind in the '80s was figuring out why men, and not women, are free to be bare chested in public on hot summer days. I began a habit of phoning radio opinion programs on stations WHAM and WBBF in my hometown, Rochester, New York. I taunted women for their compliance with laws that forbid females to be top free. I harangued and challenged local residents to do something about it. Thousands of people heard my radio tirades, and they didn't forget.

Pic from 1986 "TopFree" Protests in Rochester, NY USA
My Radio Tirades Started This
Evil Mogul Media Has "Covered Up" My Role Ever Since

Some months after my radio speeches I began performing recitals of Hendrix music with my band when the "Top Free 7" became national headlines. Seven local women began staging protests by strolling around in public naked from the waist up. A series of busts resulted in more demonstrations and arrests. The debate escalated in our city over the course of several summers, resulting in a celebrated courtroom showdown. The issue was taken all the way to the New York State Supreme Court. Finally in the summer of 1992, the Court issued a landmark ruling which lifted the ban on bare breasts and allowed women the same right as men to be top free!

My radio speeches had planted fruitful seeds. While the Top Free 7 were making headlines, I decided to chronicle what was happening to me in Rochester. I began keeping a diary for the first time. I knew that I could never prove that some women in town had listened to my radio harangues about the ban on bare breasts. I couldn't prove that the Top Free 7 protests resulted from my radio speeches heard by thousands of people during 1980s. I couldn't suggest that I was responsible for motivating women to run around bare breasted in the streets, because doing so would fit the pattern of men claiming credit for everything. But I know what happened on those radio talk shows. The listeners were riled. I intended my words to disturb those who think only men should be allowed to take off their shirts on Main Street during a heatwave. How obscene it is for women to be forced to stay uncomfortable while men flaunt their freedom in everyone's face. I rubbed it in thick. I was the catalyst behind this history made in New York State, and low-brow Rochester dominator media conceals my role in it.

The way that the Top-Free 7 incident unfolded - how my efforts had far reaching influence, and the way those who were influenced by me went out of their way to hide my involvement while crediting themselves for my inspirations that many reacted to - this is a precedent for what happened to the asteroid story, when my analysis of the Jimi Hendrix asteroid vision influenced Microsoft founder, Paul Allen, who then coaxed media moguls to overexpose the story worldwide while hiding my role as instigator of the media asteroid craze. There's a pattern here that repeats itself over and over again. The value of it is that all of these incidents were recorded and kept track of, so now we can isolate the examples and make the case in an academic setting to define the psychology behind our culture of rampant credit theft and rigged enrichments by unjust moneyed media moguls.

"A Plague On Both Your Houses!" - Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet


by James Sedgwick

During a full eclipse of the moon on November 8, 2003, Michael Fairchild appeared with the Hendrix Rockprophecy Band at the International Centre concert hall in Toronto, Canada. Fairchild delivered a speech about Rochester, New York and distributed, to media and to the audience, DVDs of the new movie titled Rockprophecy Rockumentary. This movie contains the "dozen disgusting statistics" about Rochester. Prior to the concert on November 8, media in Toronto were flooded with copies of the DVD movie. A week later the Toronto Globe & Mail dispatched a reporter named Jan Wong, the "Fang of Canada," to Rochester to investigate the accusations made in the Rockprophecy Rockumentary. A week later the Globe & Mail published in Toronto an article by Jan Wong which exposed the horrors of Rochester, information that is portrayed in the Rockprophecy Rockumentary. During hysterical reaction among people in Rochester to Jan Wong's report, Rochester media was told about the Rockumentary DVD movie that caused the Globe & Mail article, and media in Rochester refused to inform the people of this city about the Rockprophecy movie that exposed their dirty secrets internationally. But this didn't stop more articles about Rochester from appearing in Toronto press. Soon the flap caught the attention of the New York Times. On Christmas Eve 2003 the New York Times published its own report about the horror of Rochester. Incredibly, the media in Rochester closed ranks to suppress mention of the New York Times article. To this day, the enslaved residents of this rust-belt backwater factory town remain unaware of the existence of the New York Times article about them, an article instigated by the Rockprophecy Rockumentary premier in Toronto during the eclipse of November 8, 2003.

Two months later, in January 2004, following back-to-back network TV broadcasts of Deep Impact (NBC) and Armageddon (ABC), George Bush announced that he is shutting down the Hubble Space Telescope and diverting funds to instead send astronauts back to the Moon, and then on to Mars. Inside the Washington think tanks that control our news media, Mr. Bush's plan is known as the "Noah's Ark Project." Realizing that an asteroid impact is coming, our government is racing to build a modern "Ark" from which a select group of dominators can survive the impact. Following the Sept. 11, 2001 incident, and the Patriot Act, all news and information has been suppressed by government about the billions of dollars being spent to build the Missile Defense base in Alaska. Energy resources secretly diverted to this project is what has caused, and will continued to cause, the hike in gas and fuel prices that Americans now pay.

Six months later, on September 29, "2004" (sic) - "Space Ship One - A Paul G. Allen Project" - after learning in 1995 of the Hendrix prediction of an asteroid disaster in our lifetime, obsessed Hendrix fanatic and co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, reacted. A think tank was set up and in 1996 the "X Prize" was announced. Paul Allen began channeling millions of dollars into the development of a space ship to get himself off the planet before the asteroid hits. The media that his empire controls is instructed to train consumers to believe that Space Ship One, which reached outer space in 2004 (at the same time that the Toutatis asteroid made a near-miss pass of the Earth) is an effort to "allow the common man access to space." But the reality is that Space Ship One is Mr. Allen's personal escape vehicle, designed and intended to get him to the orbiting space station, from which he plans to watch the asteroid disaster that his own actions (as described in the Rock Prophecy book and movie) have caused.

- James Sedgwick