2001 "XP Tour"


The band was touring during the release of Microsoft's "Windows XP" operating system. "XP" is an abbreviation for "eXPperience" - the name of Jimi's band. Bill Gates went to the Hendrix Museum in Seattle to announce the new title XP - while at the same time NASA landed a spacecraft on an asteroid for the first time, and the asteroid they chose was Eros, named for the Greek god of love - so NASA made their landing for Valentines Day in 2001. It is no coincidence that Hendrix named the Rock that will hit Earth Electric Love. NASA and Microsoft are both aware of what Rock Prophecy describes, and they develope strategies based on book.

The shows listed below are called the "XP Tour" because they led up to the release of Microsoft's XP computer operating system in October 2001.

The first advertisement for the band's first show hit the stands on July 24, 2001. It was dated for the next morning, the July 25, 2001 issue of Freetime Magazine. The ad mentions the "Hendrix/asteroid/Microsoft connection."

Simultaneously, on the same day, front page news in Rochester reports a massive space rock that streaked over our city at 6:18 p.m. the evening before (notice the multiples of 3 in the time: 6:18 - the book Rock Prophecy contains a chapter titled "Multiples of Three" which chronicles the repeated incidents in the Hendrix legacy of numbers that are multiples of 3.)

And here is an amazing photo (see left) of the actual space rock that buzzed over our city just hours prior to the publication of our ad (see the July 25 ad shown above) that mentions the "Hendrix/asteroid/Microsoft connection" - in preparation for the first show from the band that spreads word of Rock Prophecy:

In broad daylight, the Rock was as bright as the Sun, and appears just as Otto Muck describes it in Rock Prophecy. The image is clearly that of the great "snake in the sky" that the Mayans saw destroy Atlantis - Lucifer's Hammer, spiked and glittering. This omen sign initiates the period now in progress as The Jimi Hendrix Tribute Band distributes Rock Prophecy - The Newest Testament, setting the stage for the massive asteroid that Jimi predicted will obliterate our civilization.

And on this same night that our band's ad came out, on the day of headlines about the space Rock over Rochester, ABC News Nightline broadcasts a program titled, "Shoot To Kill, The Debate Over Missile Defense."

The Bush Administration knows that a Rock is coming to Earth, and the news is being concealed from the public so that the masses don't become "unmanageable." People are instead trained daily by media to believe that we must use our resources to build a defense against missiles from a "rogue nation." Throughout the winter of 2003 the U.S. State Department's "rogue nation" charade is played out in media, with North Korea starring in the title role. Our ruling class thinks it's impractical to tell us that we need to build weapons against asteroids, people will panic, an unmanageable scene will result. Instead, government today tells us that we need to shoot down missiles from "rogue nations", and if rogue nations with intentions to send missiles at us don't exist, North Korea will either be bribed by our State Dept. into acting like one, or provoked into becoming one, all so that the project to build anti-asteroid technology will look like an effort to shoot down nuclear missiles, it's called "asteroid diplomacy." We're conditioned to listen to this reasoning, and that's what's happening, our Defense Agency is mounting a secret and feeble attempt to build anti-asteroid technology, and calling it an "anti missile system." With North Korea posing as a nuclear threat, our government has manufactured a pretext for telling us that we now have cause to build the "anti-missile" system, which they instead intend to try and use against asteroids.

And ONE YEAR TO THE DAY LATER, world media is again consumed with news of an asteroid aimed at Earth:

The July 24, 2001 report of an asteroid over Rochester, on the day the first ad for our Hendrix Band came out, was a prelude preparation for this Earth threatening event 365 days later on July 24, 2002...

* * * *

Rock Prophecy explains Jimi's original prediction of the Rock and sets the stage for a cataclysmic event:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Jimi Hendrix Tribute Band - Live at:


FAT MOE'S - Rochester, New York USA

Sunday - July 29, 2001

MONTY'S KROWN - Rochester, New York USA

Saturday - August 4, 2001

TREMOR'S - Rochester, New York USA

Saturday - September 1, 2001

MONTY'S KROWN - Rochester, New York USA

Saturday - October 20, 2001

HONEOYE PUB - Honeoye, New York USA

Saturday - October 27, 2001

RICHMOND'S - Rochester, New York USA

Saturday - November 3, 2001

Nathan Walsh on drums. Michael Fairchild on guitar/vocals. Paul Maddalena on bass.

An evening of Jimi Hendrix music - - - inspired recitals - - -channeling the sound of rock's magic shaman...




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