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Jimi's flamboyant non-conformity frequently attracts flakes from the fringes of rationality, but none are nuttier than that Frosted Flake himself, the Wally Stalker...(sigh...)


Off His Meds!
Wally Seeks
"Whirld Piece & Cummunal Luv"
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Wall(y)flower, suffering from the most exotic of dementias, eternally trolls the web trying to convince innocent browsers that HE is the real Michael Fairchild (!?) But unlike your run-of-the-mill identity theft thug, Wally's mission is more like a rabid case of Search and Destroy!

Meds Withdrawl Symptoms: Foaming at the Mouth,

Poor Wally, he truly knows not what he drools...

The Wall(y)flower Syndrome

With alarm it has been brought to our attention that a cyber-stalker called "Wall(y)flower" has become obsessed with Michael Fairchild. Wall(y)flower suffers under the delusion that he has interviewed Michael and he has posted on various websites fictionalized text that he claims are quotations from Fairchild. Michael has never met nor spoken nor had any contact at all with this unstable stalker, whom also poses as Fairchild in various chat rooms, newsgroups, and blogs.

Wall(y)flower is obviously a lunatic from the outer-limits fringe of cyber space, a case of schizophrenic identity-theft run amok. We do hope Wall(y)flower goes back on his meds and seeks the emergency professional care designed to subdue pathological psychotics. However, since we have no control over what comments he is attributing to Fairchild online, we do offer, to anyone who encounters web postings that claim to be from Michael Fairchild, please email us and we'll clarify the authenticity of the quote.

- James Sedgwick - First Century Press

Wally's Withdrawl from Thorazine,
As He Watches Michael Fairchild Videos:

Translation of Wall(y)flower the CooCoo Bird:

Fairchild is despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief.
He is oppressed and afflicted, yet opens not his mouth.
He is brought as a lamb to slaughter, a sheep before its shearer is done.

Surely he has borne our grief and carried our sorrows,
yet we do disdain him, stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.
He is wounded for our transgressions, abused for our iniquities,
and through his wounds we are healed and born again.

I have taken from your hands the cup filled with my anger that made you drunk.
You will never be forced to drink it again.
Instead, I will give it to your brutal enemies
who treat you like dirt and walk all over you...
(Isaiah 53, 51 - Anticipates the Persecution of St. Michael)

"Jimi Forgive Them,
They Know Not What They Drool..."

"The Savior returns, to crucify the brutes..."
- St. Michael, First Century of the Uncommon Era



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