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Named To Head Hendrix Estate Company "We Never Gave Them Jimi's Original Recordings"
Microsloth-Extorted Mass Media, Ordered to Cover It Up
Why This Video Was Censored on Youtube Exposed in New Movie in Production...

Credit Thefts - Rochester Dominators
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Censorship & TV News :Blues with Fairchild Interview:

Original Video Banned on Youtube :Blues News Son House/Hendrix Connection

MORE VIDEOS: A Litany of Movie Reports About the Epidemic of Fake and Biased "Science"


Rigged Competition & Faked Races in Call Center Sales

Yahoo Is Censoring This Website - Artificial Placement In Engine Rankings

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Video Discussion About Rock Prophecy

"We plan for our sound to go inside the soul of the person, actually, and see if they can awaken some kind of thing in their mind, because there are so many sleeping people…We're making our music into Electric Church Music, a new kind of Bible, not like one in a hotel, but a Bible you carry in your hearts, one that will give you a physical feeling. We try to make our music so loose and hard hitting so that it hits your soul hard enough to make it open. It's like shock therapy or a can opener to help them realize a little more of what their goals should be…They base everything on the status thing, that's why there're people starving, because humans haven't got their priorities right…because human beings die too easily, you know. There are a few chosen people that are here to help to get these people out of this certain sleepiness that they are in."
- Jimi

Dominator Spin Doctors

"Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to a dictatorship. When you can't control people by force…you have to control what people think, and the standard way to do this is to resort to, what in more honest days used to be called propaganda, manufacture of consent, creation of necessary illusions, various ways of either marginalizing the general public or reducing them to apathy in some fashion…There are two targets for propaganda: one is what's sometimes called the 'political class': there's maybe 20 percent of the population which is relatively educated, more or less articulate, and they play some kind of role in decision making. Now, they are supposed to participate in social life, either as managers or cultural managers, like teachers and editors and so on. They're supposed to vote, they're supposed to play some role in the way economic and political and cultural life goes on. Now their consent is crucial, they are one group that has to be deeply indoctrinated. Then there's maybe 80 percent of the population whose main function is to follow orders and not to think, and not to pay attention to anything. And they're the ones who usually pay the costs…The major media, we're talking primarily about the national media, those media that sort of set a general agenda that others more or less adhere to…Now, the elite media are the sort of agenda setting media, that means the New York Times, the Washington Post, and major television channels and so on. They set the general framework, local media more or less adapt to their structure. And they do this in all sorts of ways: by selection of topics, by distribution of concerns, by emphasis and framing of issues, by filtering of information, by bounding of debate within certain limits. They determine, they select, they shape, they control, they restrict, in order to serve the interests of dominant elite groups in the society."
- Noam Chomsky


The Inversion

A common ASSumption is that interest in asteroid impacts on Earth is similar to interest in UFOs, outer space, and even space people. Many people ASSociate asteroids with the occult, which is ironic, because this is one case where scientists think the opposite! Any geologist or planetary scientist will attest to, not only the real existing threat of asteroid disaster, but also to the inevitability of it.

- First Century Press