Conning Us to Fund Lunar Colony, Say We Can "Process" Water from Moon Rocks
Claiming H20 is Already There Provides a Rationale to Justify the Expense.
It's A Plot to Launch Huge Water Tanks Hidden in Rockets, TAKE It to Moon Base
while NASA Claims the Rockets Carry Massive "Water Processing Machinery"
(a desperate scheme to escape asteroid disaster, and have US pay for it...)

Notice how the NewScientist.com webpage (above) couples "Moon water" propaganda with an article about defending Earth from "COMETS AND ASTEROIDS". During a two week period following publication of this we were relentlessly bombarded with propaganda aimed to persuade us to spend trillions in public funds for lunar colonies.


Secret Plot to Launch Million-Ton Tanks of H2O To Moon

My Comments Posted at Space.com
Dated (see pic below) Sept. 30, 2009

In the midst of these repeated reports, on September 30, 2009, I posted a comment at Space.com about the reality behind surreal claims that, after six Apollo manned missions to the Moon, returning with loads of lunar soil and rocks that've been studied for 40 years, suddenly we're being conditioned by media to believe oceans of water can be squeezed out of moondust, but first we have to launch millions of tons of machinery to the lunar surface to do the job. Once NASA convinces us that we have this H20 cause to colonize the Moon, rockets will instead carry millions of tons of water-filled tanks disguised as "water processing machinery." I posted my comments on the Space.com message board, and within minutes of posting, the paragraphs were removed by the website editor, but not before I made screen-shots of my post on that webpage (see at right and below - dated Sept. 30, 2009). Some web browsers blur these screen-shot images, so below is a transcription (in blue) of the paragraphs pictured here that were posted, and then censored, at Space.com...

My Sept. 30, 2009 Comments
Posted at Space.com
(the blue text below is my post - shown in the pics at right & below)

"Manufactured Plan to Launch Billions of Tons of Water in Tanks to the Moon and Soak the Public for Funding

"Global Moguls will say 'To Extract water from moondust, we need to launch a million-ton machine, on huge rockets, to turn lunar rocks into water,' but secretly the rockets will really carry just the water itself. NASA needs to say there's water ALREADY on the Moon to make a case for funding a colony there. The fake science manufactured to "prove" water is plentiful on the Moon allows them to persuade us that the expense of a lunar colony is practical and makes sense as a public investment. Once they get congress cronies to pay (actually, they already have funding, confiscated during the 2008 'bankster charade,' with which $50 trillion of world wealth was stolen to pay for this lunar base), we'll see the biggest rockets ever built and be told that they're carrying "water processing" machinery, instead of the water itself." [my Sept. 30, 2009 post continues in blue below...]

"Given a NASA go-ahead to work on a super heavy lifter [rocket], much larger [projects] are on the drawing boards, Robert Bigelow said, 'and the volumes that we can launch are absolutely gigantic.' Bigelow Aerospace envisions...2,100 cubic meters of volume - nearly twice the capacity available on the International Space Station - while another plan sketches out use of a super-jumbo structure providing 3,240 cubic meters of volume." - Space.com, April 14, 2010

"What NASA needs is an excuse for the huge rockets (water processing machines), and then secretly conceal the water tanks inside. By saying the rockets are carrying 'machines' to turn moondust into water, NASA accomplishes 1) a rationale to get us to agree a moonbase makes sense, and 2) getting real water up there at an expense of trillions of dollars.

"NASA is setting the stage for huge tanks of Earth water to be launched to the lunar condo project. They won't say water tanks are in the rockets. They'll say 'water processing' machines weighing millions of tons are inside.

"On the subject of manufactured propaganda, why did Space.com conceal news of the near miss of Earth by the huge Asteroid 2009 ST19? That giant rock, over a half mile wide (more than 1 km), came within 645,000 miles of Earth on Sept. 16, 2009 AND ALL CORPORATE MOGUL MEDIA WORLDWIDE HIDES IT! This is terrifying as much for the near miss itself as it is for the staged news blackout ordered by the small cabal who control global news. The 'Top-80' news outlets are 'all the same person/corporate board' and censorship of this Sept. 2009 asteroid pass demonstrates it.

"With bated breath we wait for Obama to break the constipated strangled bottleneck chokehold at NASA and spill the beans on their scheme. Our inside sources say he'll 'officially' scrap the lunar mission and start launching rockets at asteroids - as his Manufactured/Manchurian Morgan Freeman 'President of Deep Impact' screen-test template was scripted to do decades ago. But the real issue is which method of deception most effectively pulls wool over sleepy sheeple eyes, as Mogul Media sheds delusions for Even Deeper Impact on unconscious lobotomies.

"Pressure to escape to a lunar base boils-over the crackpot's crock-pot into foggy funding hidden in this mist of 'arranged' economy 'meltdowns' designed to siphon-off the People's resources for secret launch pads. Forget Iran's firecrackers, what about the 'shadow NASA' hidden in the Mojave? Where does everyone think those missing trillions of world wealth went to? Moguls intend to get to the Moon by hook AND by crook.

3 Months After Its Launch, Hubble Was Known To Be Toast

By July 1990 NASA knew its newly launched Hubble Space Telescope would never work. The giant tube in orbit was an embarrassing waste of over $2 billion taxpayer dollars. Or was it? A scheme was enacted to stage so-called "Repair Missions" to Hubble in 1993. What really transpired was a plan to transform the Greyhound Bus-sized Hubble structure into an orbiting condo dwelling designed to house several moguls who control government. Shuttle flights to the floating condo over the years have outfitted it with every modern amenity, all done while broadcasting reports about "spectacular" images beamed back to Earth from the space camera hoax. So, where do those so-called "telescope photographs" really come from? Read on...

Floorplan Blueprint for Hubble Hotel Interior

This tin-can in orbit has NEVER WORKED! Rows of Gitmo artists chained in DreamWorks Studio cubicles are tasered into painting those fake so-called "telescope photos" of the universe. The images are all color-by-numbers fabrications finger-painted by inmates with water colors and crayons. Funding for Hubble was instead diverted into a hidden Hilton Hotel suite (see floorplan left) which sits afloat in the sky disguised as that orbiting tin-can "camera."

Inmate Paint-by-Numbers
Water Colors & Crayons
So-called "telescope photographs"


A "Levay Painting"

The above shown pics of webpages read: "Hubble Images Arrive in Raw Black and White Data...when these images first arrive at Earth they are black and white. A year later they glow with a rainbow of colors thanks to experts like Zolt Levay. Levay works for about a year to assign colors and create the final mosaic out of 48 seperate pictures...

"Levay is the Imaging Resource Lead at the Space Telescope Science Institute's Office of Public Outreach. He makes the images that the media uses to show off the Hubble Space Telescope...on his own site he describes a little bit about his process. If you really want to get a feel for what it takes to create this kind of imagery, take a look at Making HST [Hubble Space Telescope] Pictures: Examples and Illustrations. There's a virtually infinite amount of interesting things to learn about the process, and most of the tools for working with this kind of data are free, except for Photoshop...Levay gets to spend his time at work making things like this image of the Helix Nebula [right]."

First Century Press has obtained video footage of Zolt Levay creating "Hubble" images and discussing his mission at NASA. Levay oversees the team of artists that fabricate "telescope photos" at Baltimore's Hubble Heritage Image Processor.

Neil de Grasse Tyson: Once in orbit, the Hubble presented a flaw that threatened the entire $2 billion investment. The engineers had to do things that had never been done before and has never been done since.

Steven Beckwith Ph.D. - Director Emeritus, Hubble Space Telescope: The telescope, when it's in orbit, is going around at 17,000 mph, it's just an unimaginably rapid speed for us. When they looked at the first image they found that its mirror, which had been polished to the most perfect figure of any mirror in human history, had been polished to the wrong shape. All of the cameras and optics behind it were designed to work with the correct shape, so the images were blurred. In fact the images weren't much better than what you got from a ground based telescope. So this was scientifically devastating and just as bad, politically it was a disaster.

Tyson: NASA...developed a solution. Although the telescope's designers had not anticipated a repair of the optics in space, astronauts installed an array of corrective mirrors.

Beckwith: I know a lot of people from that era, and quite a few of them didn't think it would work, it was just so complicated, it was the most complicated space choreography that had ever been done. You kind of had to believe in five miracles and two tooth faries to give it any reasonable chance of success, and yet, when they got down from space, opened the lid on the telescope, and took those first images, they realized all those problems had disappeared.

[Abracadabra! ShaZaaaMMMmmm! Presto! Gizmo! Look-Ma-No-Hands! What-A-Good-Boy-Am-I? Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain! Seeing Is Believing! Power Of Positive Thinking!]

Tyson: Images from Hubble have become cosmic icons, colorful symbols of our ability to observe the cosmos. Each scene exposes the tapestry of the universe that paints our view of the heavens.
- "400 Years of the Telescope" PBS NOVA 2009

Hi-Tech Disneyland
For Dizzy Hypnotized Masses

A funky description of Baltimore's "Heritage Image Processor" appears on their website: "...designed to stimulate as well as educate the minds of Heritage visitors. Here we investigate details about the image creation process, take a look at the people behind our project and explore resources for use by our audience...The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a research tool dedicated to scientific studies of nature. Enroute to illuminating the forces shaping our cosmos, HST has accumulated a cosmic zoo. The Hubble Heritage Project sees this instrument also as a tool for extending human vision, one that is capable of building a bridge between the endeavors of scientists and the public. By emphasizing compelling HST images distilled from scientific data, we hope to pique curiosity about our astrophysical understanding of the universe we all inhabit. The fact that not all members of the Hubble Heritage Project team have backgrounds in astronomy or are professional astrophysicists explains our atypical approach to constructing the pictures...the images and website are visions produced by collaboration. Our process is similar to that of writing a scientific paper, or doing an experiment, with several contributors. In other words, as well as doing specified tasks, each member participates in directing the image composition, color selection, and other aspects...we've decided that our final images should not be restricted to the scope of the human visual perception, either in brightness or in spectral range. In most cases, color assignments and brightness contrasts which emphasize subtle structures, as well as physical processes which generate delicate light effects, will take precedence over attaining, say, natural color...HST is a research instrument, many of the most visually interesting objects, however, were never selected for study and therefore are missing from this archive. Additionally the favorites that have been scientific targets often lack HST exposures across a color range or the telescope's field of view only covers a small, unrecognizable portion of the form."


[My Sept. 30, 2009 Comments Posted at Space.com continued in blue below...]

"So it's the precise wording of Obama's bedtime story for his little girls that we sit on pins 'n needles beneath the hookah waiting for. As Jimi said, 'It could happen soon' - even before another meteor splashes more tsunamis in the Pago Pago Somoan Ocean and gets covered-up by Corporo Media.

"See ya in Pago Pago! - Jimi's last words in New York

"Those so-called 'quakes' in the ocean yesterday [Sept. 29, 2009] are from rock fragments of the passing Asteroid 2009 ST19 fly-by, impacting the water and making waves.

"But, like the asteroid itself, these facts will be suppressed by Space.com's manufactured propaganda disinformation spin, aimed to 'manage' the coming asteroid disaster catastrophe that Jimi tried to warn us of.

"But wait! Is that the President of Deep Impact I hear calling? Ever wonder why Morgan Freeman (who started out in show biz as a Hendrix imitator) was picked by Microsoft's DreamWorks Studios to play the President in the Deep Impact movie? Ever wonder how DreamWorks manufactured Obama's campaign to play the 'President of Deep Impact' role? You're looking at the ASTEROID PRESIDENT, friends - all according to think-tank script. And now the TV's 'Special Bulletin' Disney Cartoon Show is about to start...

"Everything bad that happens is punishment
for prevailing attitudes to the removal of Jimi and persecution of Rock Prophecy...

"Ya'll ain't goin' nowhere..."

My Predictions In These Comments Proved True Seven Months Later


In November 2009, on Friday the 13th, NASA released pre-planned fabricated data, paving the way for Obama to use this ruse as PRETEXT to fund lunar condos, justifying the expense by saying "water on the Moon makes a colony affordable." Notice below the escalating frenzy of mogul orchestrated headline hysteria - it's all a lie, a scheme for NASA to launch huge tanks of water, but say the rockets are instead carrying "water processing machinery," a desperate plot to fleece public funds for the elite to flee a doomed planet due for asteroid impact:

Mogul News Spin - Framed To Have Us Pay For Their Lunar Condos


Do We See Strings From Puppeteers?
As This Hysterical Newscaster Shows Us
Video Animation Passing For Real Film Footage (at 1:03)
See the Etch-A-Sketch "Spectrometer" Graph (at 1:22)?
Scientific PROOF of Lunar Pools!

Nov. 13, 2009: ABC News reports, "After a month of analysis -- and some doubt -- NASA today announced that its LCROSS lunar-impact probe mission found 'significant quantities' of water ice in [a] crater near the Moon's south pole. LCROSS -- an empty rocket stage that crashed into the Moon on Oct. 9 while a small satellite trailing it took chemical measurements of what it kicked up -- has now been confirmed to have found frozen water. Scientists were initially hesitant to say what they had found after the impact, because the chemical signature of water had to be teased out of spectrometer readings -- very complex readouts of the lunar chemistry...Water...would be heavy and expensive for spacecraft to bring from Earth. But if astronauts land near ice deposits...they can, in effect, live off the land."

[NOTE: "Water had to be teased out of spectrometer readings" - this description reeks of "rigged statistics, fudged numbers & stacked data" - as a commentator on the ABC News website (see below) points out, "NASA's graphs are too noisy to conclude much of anything." What NASA says is wide open to biased interpretation, and none of their findings are peer reviewed by neutral scientists. Their aim is to hoodwink us to think their "discovery" lowers the cost of a Moon Colony, as the article claims astronauts "can live off the land," therefore us public should approve the expense of lunar funding.]

Nov. 13, 2009: A report at Space.com notes: "The LCROSS probe impacted the lunar south pole...on Oct. 9. The $79 million spacecraft, preceded by its Centaur rocket stage, hit the lunar surface in an effort to create a debris plume that could be analyzed by scientists for signs of water ice. Those signs were visible in the data from spectrographic measurements (which measure light absorbed at different wavelengths, revealing different compounds)...The signature of water was seen...Scientists want to examine the data further to figure out what state the water is in. The discovery gives 'a much bigger, potentially complicated picture for water on the Moon.' NASA plans to return astronauts to the moon by 2020 for extended missions on the lunar surface. Finding usable amounts of ice on the moon would be a boon for that effort since it could be a vital local resource to support a lunar base...The new discovery comes just as the Obama administration is deciding whether to continue on with NASA's goal of putting astronauts back on the moon by 2020. Today's news could tip the scales toward another lunar leap. 'It's going to boost the interest in the Moon, no doubt about it,' said Michael Wargo, chief lunar scientist for Exploration Systems at NASA Headquarters. He added that the new finding will likely be taken into account when that administrative decision is made. 'The devil is in the details,' Wargo said."

[NOTE: SATANIC details are in NASA's spectrograph read-outs, pre-programmed, misinterpreted gibberish. Their experiment books are cooked beyond Enron and WorldCom. "Todays news could tip the scales" for Obama's decision because NASA's schedule was deliberately timed to condition public opinion with this Moon news ruse beforehand. As a commentator to the Space.com article above posted to that website (see below), "hmmm, wonder how (water) got there? Maybe theyll release that info in another 20 years, or after spending more millions."]


"The graphs [of NASA's spectrograph charts, see above video at 1:24] are too noisy to conclude much of anything...These graphs show small water absorption but nothing like pure ice." - heroineworshipper

"Doesn't the 'Centaur stage' [rocket used to crash on Moon] work on hydrogen propellant? How can they distinguish traces of fuel [water] from in-situ water hydrogen? - valstav

[NOTE: NASA's spacecraft "Centaur rocket stage," which hit the Moon before the spectrometer stage took readings from debris, was filled with water tanks rigged to burst into wide area mists to ensure the spectrometer would detect and register H20. It's another RIGGED TEST - just like the Pentagon's Missile Defense interceptor tests are staged and fake.]

"The scientists need to quantify the word 'significant' - the quantity and ease of use [of the water]! Specify how hard it will be to extract water ice for NASA's uses! Do we even have a vehicle that could make fuel? and if so, when will we send it up to see if it works in the low gravity of the Moon? Will it be ready before the possible 2020 missions? This ice water find could just be hype to get us back on the Moon!" - topnotch

[NOTE: "Hype to get us back" is EXACTLY what it is, but to sustain a lunar colony, NASA REQUIRES a large amount of water be present on the Moon. The cost of launching water there is prohibitive, as the ABC News article shown above points out, "Water would be heavy and expensive for spacecraft to bring from Earth. But if astronauts land near ice deposits, they can live off the land." In other words, NASA has to convince us water is ALREADY THERE so the COST won't appear prohibitive, then, once the funding has allowed them to build the rockets, big tanks of water will secretly be stowed inside. Today's "Water on the Moon" lie is a PLOY that will get NASA funds to build their rockets in the first place. To get people to support them they can now say the project is cheap because water is already there. But it's not, they are lying to save themselves from a truly desperate situation - the coming asteroid impact on Earth that NASA is keeping secret.]

"Given all the hype surrounding this mission, was there ever really any doubt that the detection of SOME water would be announced? Frankly, I'm waiting for a peer-reviewed paper where I can SEE their results, along with other independent observers. Short version: don't get your panties in a twist Moon boys. Any water found in these incredibly cold, inhospitable places will be useless for human exploration. By the time you develop an infrastructure so you can use it (requiring nuclear powered bases and rovers), you can have all the water you want at 1/10 the cost from Near Earth Objects [comets]." - coolstar1

"Exposing something like this as a lie in the very near future would ultimately make NASA out as total liars if it were fabricating such detailed analysis." - antigraviton

"You guys are sooo silly, it never ceases to amaze me how far you're willing to go, or how much you're willing to spend, to try and decieve the public. You've known for years about the water up there, hmmm wonder how it got there? Maybe theyll release that info in another 20 years, or after spending more millions. Well, the millions that would've been spent on deception can now be put tawards saving our planet and feeding a few hundred villages." - mayans12

"It is not necessary. I prefer our tax money to go to social programs designed to help the very people who pay these taxes...A space shuttle, water on the Moon, helps you and myself in absolutely no necessary way. Throwing money into issues that sound like great ideas, or that may make us appear to other countries as somehow more enlightened, and using money that comes out of my check every payday to do so, is ridiculous and unacceptable." - KES-man70

"[Moon water] will get some attention paid to space programs worldwide and get us (as a species) out of low Earth orbit, but even with these purported amounts of water on the Moon, developing and utilizing this resource will be more expensive than obtaining similar amounts of water on Mars." - TimeTheFinalFrontier

"What I'm complaining about is the billions of dollars, actually trillions, spent on research in space...launching rockets, etc...irrelevant jobs funded by our tax money. The shuttle is a joke...no benefit other than rich people will be able to afford a trip into space on one of these. Does it seem rational when we've people dying of diseases that have been studied for centuries and still have no cure? so people have to donate money to it? Is it reasonable to worry about water on the Moon when we have children who can't read, college not affordable for all, homeless people on our streets? There are no jobs, people are starving, and our planet's air, soil, and water is toxic!" - hickoryone


Thousands of National Security Administration (NSA) staff, sworn to secrecy (on pain of Gitmo), flood internet news websites' "Comments" sections with fabricated posts inserted to appear as "average consumers" in agreement with government/corporo/media propaganda.

Control of Internet -
Lies Shape Public Opinion


Ft. Mead, MD NSA Headquarters
Propaganda Center for Rigging
News Websites' Comments Sections

"Having water resources at the [lunar] south pole eliminates the need to haul water from Earth. Water on Earth weighs 8 lbs. per gallon and launching it into space is expensive. Now, after we build infrastructure on the Moon to extract water from the lunar regolith, we can save vast amounts of resources." - kbmtexas

"This seals it! The Moon offers so very much now that a major cost constraint has been removed for setting up a base there." - 3DBME

"There is probably no stopping the development of technology to perform the water extraction [from moondust and rocks]." - Terran62

Thousands Paid to "Seed"
Website "Comments" Sections
with "Official" Spin

"This could help the whole earth now that there is water on the moon we could set up permanent selements on the moon so people could live there and it would make the world less crowded and if we used the moon as a place to refeul rocket we can get even further into space and maby [sic] find a planet that can substain life on it yes the money could be used on more usful stuff but nasa is important expecally [sic] if something would happen to earth and the planet had to be evacuated." - cicclinton

"Cool! This is the kind of tangible discovery that non-science people like me can latch on to. I hope this helps NASA continue to get adequate funding from DC. I wish it didn't have to take so long to send people to the Moon again!" - tejas

"No matter what governments and people do on this earth to preserve and save it, some day it will end. A massive solar ejection, a change in the sun, an asteroid hit, or something beyond our control will one day make the earth into a lifeless rock again. If we don't step beyond this earth, at some point everything created by mankind will be lost with it." - boo20091

"NASA is suggesting that richer [water] areas are probably nearby [to LCROSS site]. NASA is trying to give us the hint that it found enough to continue down the path of building a Moon base. It seems to me the overarching question has become not if but precisely where to locate the first Moon base. These are very exciting times." - HereToday

National Security Administration - Acres of Cubicle Workers
Assigned to "Seed" News Websites' Comments Sections
with Opinions in Support of Official Spin

Moon Ruse! - How We Instigated NASA's Noah's Ark Scheme

Lessons from Vietnam On "Official" Spin

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