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April 4, 2002:

World media again reports predictions of an asteroid (1950 DA) aimed at Earth. The significance of this report is that it's another of the "approved" perspectives from NASA and government, designed to persuade us that the threat is way off in the future, out of sight/out of mind, and of little concern to civilization today.

1) The rock aimed at Earth will not be spotted very much in advance by the tiny network of astronomers and amateurs that search the skies in our time.

2) Contrary to todays benign report about asteroid 1950 DA, news of any asteroid that is aimed to hit Earth within the next century will be concealed by the men who control media. Any astronomer who tries to announce an imminent impact will find our government creatively re-calculating the rock's trajectory to "discredit" the astronomer who breaks ranks and tries to communicate directly with the public.

3) This report is aimed to portray asteroids in a non-threatening way. Our ruling class wants us to remain in denial, while we're manipulated into supporting the Defense Agency's "anti-missile" system.

Also of note regarding today's news is the quote from NASA asteroid expert Steven Chesley, who says "future generations will have enough knowledge and technology to deflect it" - the implication/admission is that such knowledge and technology is lacking among today's generations. And as Rock Prophecy points out, that knowledge and technology will not become available to us before a Rock blows us away. (And a final footnote is the fact that, like news of the Jan. 7, 2002 rock that nearly hit Earth, today's announcement was also conspicuously ignored by The New York Times.)

June 9, 2002:

CBS News reports, "Citing national security, the Bush administration plans to keep key information about it's anti-ballistic program secret, according to today's Los Angeles Times. Critics charge that the move is meant to stifle public debate over the program. The 1972 anti-ballistic missile treaty with Russia expires on [June 13, 2002]."

[NOTE: The main "key information" Bush is going to "keep secret" is the fact that the missiles are being designed for asteroids, and not for "rogue nations."]

July 24, 2002:

ABC News announces, "You might mark February 1, 2019 on your calendar. That's the day scientists say a mile wide asteroid could collide with the Earth, and the impact could destroy a continent…They just discovered this asteroid and they'll know more after observing it longer."

Notice the clincher at the end of this New York Times article below: "astronomers will probably be able to rule out any chance of impact."

This statement is the foregone conclusion that ALL modern reports of asteroids are required to conform to. All astronomers associated with NASA and the US Government are ordered to "creatively re-calculate" the orbits of any asteroid or comet on a collision course with Earth. The intent is to pacify the public and nullify any cause for concern. Scientists are today engaged in cooking the books, all news of space rocks is Enron-ed & WorldCom-ed - with data skewed into fake happy endings. The interesting thing about news of 2002 NT7 is that it was leaked to media from England before NASA had the chance to water down the trajectory calculations. The astronomer who reported this asteroid's path didn't conform with NASA's order to fudge the numbers and "prove" that the rock is not a threat to Earth.

October 10, 2002:

PBS Frontline reports, "The Bush administration has now prevailed. Congress has approved another $8 billion for missile defense, even though the chiefs of the military have testified they were not consulted on the matter. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the expanded system will eventually cost at least $200 billion. And the Pentagon has thrown a veil of secrecy over future tests. 'The devil is in the details,' complains one member of Congress, 'and the details are now classified.'"

January 2003:

Throughout the winter of 2003 the U.S. State Department's "rogue nation" charade is played out in media, with North Korea starring in the title role. Our ruling class thinks it’s impractical to tell us that we need to build weapons against asteroids, people will panic, an unmanageable scene will result. Instead, government today tells us that we need to shoot down missiles from “rogue nations,” and if “rogue nations” with intentions to send missiles at us don’t exist, North Korea will either be bribed by our State Dept. into acting like one, or provoked into becoming one, all so that the project to build anti-asteroid technology will look like an effort to shoot down nuclear missiles, it’s called “asteroid diplomacy.” We’re conditioned to listen to this reasoning, and that’s what’s happening, our Defense Agency is mounting a secret and feeble attempt to build anti-asteroid technology, and calling it an “anti missile system.” With North Korea posing as a nuclear threat, our government has manufactured a pretext for telling us that we now have cause to build the "anti-missile" system, which they instead intend to try and use against asteroids.

February 17, 2003:

Space Daily reports: "Asteroid Cover-Up Proposal Causes Near Earth Orbit (NEO) Community A Credibility Crisis" and asks, 'Do people have a right to know their fate should an asteroid or comet be detected on an impact trajectory with Earth? Dr. Benny Peiser, a social anthropologist at Liverpool John Moores University, UK, writes, 'Just when you thought we had learned our lessons from past communication debacles and PR fiascoes, bizarre statements at the Denver American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting have plunged the NEO community into another crisis of credibility. 'Don't tell Public of Doomsday Asteroid,' reads the headline in The Times, while The Independent warns: 'Armageddon Asteroids best kept secret'…The international media coverage is dominated by statements from Geoffrey Sommer, a RAND researcher who has been studying the social and economic implications of the impact AAAS press release triggered most of the international cover-up reports. According to the press release, Geoffrey 'takes the controversial stance of advocating silence and secrecy in the event that a warning would come too late and not make a difference to the outcome'…how would we assess, and who would decide, whether or not an impact warning is 'too late'? Geoffrey qualifies his strategy…'there is no point in issuing a warning at all. If an extinction-type impact is inevitable, then ignorance for the populous is bliss'…for the sake of argument - let us say such an object would have been discovered...after discovery, we would not know for quite some time (perhaps weeks, months or years) whether or not the object would actually hit the Earth. In fact, the impact probability might go up to 50% before plunging to 0%!"

[NOTE: Scientists are paid to cook the books and creatively re-calculate the trajectories of any Rock that astronomers say is headed towards Earth. But Geoffrey's statement about "impact probability" reveals the truth: the path of asteroids and comets are NOT FIXED, the trajectories change randomly in space as a result of impacts with other rocks and gravitational pull from other objects. A Rock that these people tell us is harmless one day can be re-directed right into Earth the next day.]

Peiser continues, "Even with little time left for mitigation, many activities could be undertaken by the world community to attempt human survival after a global disaster...the advocated secrecy, far from being 'cost-effective' as Geoffrey Sommer oddly claims, would most certainly preclude any such survival attempt. What really lies behind this thinking? It would appear that Geoff Sommer is not so much concerned about the cost-effective handling of the apocalypse…'there is an opportunity to spin the problem to avoid global panic.' That's what this whole business is all about…'If an asteroid or comet is found to be bearing down on Earth, what would you tell the populace to avoid widespread panic? Geoff Sommer, wonders if authorities should say anything at all. Some elements of society would thrive off such knowledge, he said, including British tabloids, cultists long announcing the end of the world…But limiting panic and avoiding the premature financial collapse of the stock markets would be additional benefits to secrecy.

Peiser asks, "Is any attempted secrecy totally futile in the first place? Astronomers from around the world can easily access and confirm observational data and calculations of any discovered NEO in any case."

[NOTE: The above statement is misleading, the claim that "Astronomers from around the world can easily access and confirm observational data and calculations of any discovered NEO." Such calculations remain subject to interpretation and are manipulated. The "final word" rests with the chief witch doctors at the Minor Planet Center in Massachusetts. Many scientists have tried to warn us, and government scientists repeatedly declare their data incorrect. A record of the deception is listed above. And the community of astronomers that make these calculations is transparently small. To suggest that these people cannot be influenced, as a group, is a naive assumption. The EMPeror has the whole cabal bought off and under contract.]

"The damage, however, of contemplating a cover-up stratagem will be immense: it will strengthen the…widespread suspicion that some members of the NEO community are more concerned about covering-up or 'spinning' than explaining the facts truthfully. The price we will pay for the increased mistrust this episode is causing is very high. In fact, it is much higher than any of the inadvertent asteroid scares of the last 4 years. I fear it will also be more difficult to repair the damage it has done to our integrity."

- Dr. Benny Peiser, 2/17/03