Hendrix Company Threatens to Sue Us For This
They Know We're Preparing A Report On the
Haiti Voodoo Tsunami Splashed By Meteor Impact
on Jan. 12, "2010" - and how it relates to Jimi's
Valleys Of Neptune, as Described
in the "1999" book Rock Prophecy.
The Hendrix Legacy Is Kidnapped by An Evil
Corporate Cabal Poised to Bastardize the Meaning
of Jimi's Neptune Valley Vision, Making Hendrix
Their Slave, Guitar-Greaser Clown, SONY's
ORGAN GRINDER'S MONKEY Chained to Master's
Coin Box Greed Scheme As If Hendrix
Represents Their Schlock "Celebrity" Distraction
Idiot Musician Puppets.
But Jimi Is the New Religion
By Which These Freaks Achieve Extinction
and Liberates the Earth From Their
Pollution Via More Asteroid Impacts.
Their Evil Media Can Cover Up The
Three Recent Ocean Impacts In the Third World,
But As Hendrix Said in Valleys Of Neptune,
the Next Wave Will Be A "Neighbor to the East Coast"

If This Video Isn't Removed From YouTube.
They're Threatened By What It Means
And Need To Stop Us From Reporting It.



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For 7 years I was trained to be the Director of the official Jimi Hendrix production company, until a bogus lawsuit, funded by Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen, set out to destroy my career and give my job to a Japanese American woman who is no blood relative to Jimi. The company she today fronts has threatened to sue us if the video of my band performing "Voodoo Child" by Hendrix is not removed from Youtube. The video you're watching has NO IMAGES of Jimi in it, the Hendrix company has NO COPYRIGHT CLAIM to any frame in this movie.

We are being targeted 4 harassment because my 1999 book explains the meaning of Jimi's Valleys Of Neptune, Hendrix Company LIES when they pimp that music as PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED. It's on the official box-set of Hendrix music I worked on named Lifelines - released by Warner Bros. - rockprophecy.com, is preparing to expose how the Hendrix Legacy is kidnapped. SONY Corporation is poised to re-define Jimi as a guitar-greaser clown "celebrity" for remedial teens, with a 2010 release of Valleys Of Neptune devoid of the song's meaning, while claiming Valleys Of Neptune is "Previously UNRELEASED" - a lie to sell CDs.

My explanation of Jimi's vision was the target of the lawsuit that exiled me from the Hendrix company, and mogul media worldwide follows Paul Allen's lead to censor and suppress what Valleys Of Neptune means, while the book Rock Prophecy remains the most persecuted set of insights since the burning of the Gnostic Gospels. Our civilization is in process of paying for this, as we are unnecessarily unprepared for the cloud of rocks now enshrouding our solar system. How this transpired is the subject of our webpage nearing publication at rockprophecy.com - so SONY Corporation seeks to silence me and "finish the job" started by Paul Allen, commencing with threats of a lawsuit claiming "copyright infringement." Our use of small samples of Jimi's work is allowed by Fair Use laws that protect scholarly clarification. That's why dominators aim to discredit me as "scholar" and substitute "fan," as in "fanatic" - then train the herd to despise those who perform recitals of Hendrix music, driven to smear us as "copy-cat clone imitators." Wonder why every other form of music has a long line of recitalists, seen in media shows like "American Idol" etc., but when it comes to Jimi there's a double standard? It's no accident. Much of the insight into this phenomenon revolves around Valleys Of Neptune - as explained in the 1999 book Rock Prophecy - and it's being formatted on our website for March 2010 - which is why this harassment lawsuit threat from the Hendrix company seeks to silence me, yet again.

There is no protection from these enablers of evil. They are beneficiaries of the same Mogul Controlled Evil Media that conceals Rock Prophecy and detours web traffic artificially away from our site. All statistic "hits" about us online are 100 percent fabricated and staged by those same "men behind the curtain" who train us to think no asteroid splashed the Dec. 2004 tsunami. Guess what? They did it again for the Jan. 2010 tsunami wave over Haiti - almost everyone is brain-trained to think there was NO TSUNAMI over Little Paradise, Haiti - and most of those there who tried to report it have been conveniently heaped into waiting graves enmasse.

It was Valleys Of Neptune - the mountain slope of water wave rising up from the depths of Neptune in the Caribbean, in the midst of Voodoo, Haiti's High Priest Voodoo Child (RETURNED) - this is why the ExperienceHendrixSONYCorporoMogulControl ledGlobalPentagonPlot sends a trumped-up copyright goon to drag us off to thug dungeons under Gitmo. Their whole schtick is to raid the global kitty of trillions and fund safe havens for some elite master class, with Joe Prole's goof-humor demanding it ain't happenin', as armies of psychiatrists get paid to label "perception" as "paranoid."

Consolation is knowing they've made their own grave, and with this extinction the galaxy is free of infection. But DID THEY HAVE TO SLAY THE BABIES IN THEIR LUST TO BRUTALIZE US? Why murder Earth & savage our kids just cuz yer jealous? Answers are unacceptable.

No Deity pity on their removal. Earth is liberated with their absence. Track the rabid and administer Fair(child)ness immediately by any conceivable means. We're not running for any office. We're not here to "sell" you some "product." We don't court "consumer approval."

As a superstar once said, "You have no power over me, but from above" - as the Deity finds means to impact us with an asteroid named LOVE.

"Electric Love penetrates the sky, the Mountains Fall in the Sea, the Sun refused to shine." - Jimi

"Where be these enemies? Capulet, Montague, See what a scourge is laid upon your hate,
that heaven finds means to kill your joys with Love."
- William Shakespeare


Everything Bad That Happens Is Punishment For Prevailing Attitudes
To The Removal Of Jimi And Persecution Of Rock Prophecy

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