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January 10, 2005: Two weeks after the tsunami, and six weeks before news of the Gamma Burst was released to the public, Sorcha Faal (see article below) reported: "Continuing Earth Changes…energy surges, still unexplained by Western scientists, continue to bombard the Earth's southern hemisphere causing…widespread and anomalous events throughout the world and affecting all peoples…We are continuing to receive reports of meteor fireballs entering the Earth's atmosphere."

The cause of the "unexplained energy surges" is the Gamma Burst, still unreported in January 2005 when this article was published. News of the explosion in space was classified by governments as Top Secret, but the unusual events it triggered were being discussed on various websites. Mogul controlled mass media could only conceal news of the burst for a few months, but that was enough time to prevent a connection from being drawn between the explosion and the massive tidal wave. When official reports of the gamma burst were released, all of them excluded the tsunami connection. Also left out of the reports is mention of any spike in sightings of asteroids and meteors that preceded and followed the burst. And to this day, the asteroid that crashed into the Indian Ocean remains entirely omitted from history written by dominators.

The gamma blast and asteroid splash fit Jimi's prediction, which is why moguls hide and deny it. Their laws that enforce inequality cause our vulnerability to threats from space, and dominators reject that blame. They aim to dominate history, which is written in their interests - with lots of lies.

"The only thing that hangs me up are the very bad laws that are happening, the way the country's being run, you see badness, you can see evil right in front of your face as soon as you turn on the TV...People let a lot of old time laws rule them…Some people around here are naturally sick in the head anyway and half of those people are running things, it's based on the laws."

- Jimi Hendrix

We were supposed to have a society of equals dedicated to defense against space threats, but laws of dominators gave unjust moneyed men the resources we need. Flawed laws gave them the world's wealth for themselves - Our resources, stolen by moguls, for the ease of their own families at our expense - they squander our resources on their luxury comforts while the rest of us are run ragged in their workplace slave mills. That's the meaning of Jimi's asteroid tsunami, a rock knocked to Earth by the biggest explosion ever seen in the galaxy, and this brightest light's been blacked out of media controlled by the evil elite. Everyone is today brain-trained to deny the impact ever happened.

Jimi X
Leading the Peoples' Revolt

See mogul. See mogul run. See mogul run and say, "Who you gonna believe? OUR big fat pretty celebrity media? Or his unapproved delusion?" And groveling sheeple sycophants start throwing stones at any target mogul media points at. Sheeple as Romans, crucifying any enemies of the Sanhedrin. Sheeple don't learn from the past, they don't know the past. They just follow whatever the rich pig puts on their convenient TV screens.

"Wouldn't it be great to take over the studio like they do in Cuba? We'd call it 'The Jimi Hendrix Show - Or Else!' - and there will be no smoking in the gas chambers while we're on. The establishment is going to crumble away…The people who dig me…they want something different, to feel something inside, something real - revolution, struggle, rebellion. The only thing that hangs me up are the very bad laws that are happening, the way the country's being run, you see badness, you can see evil right in front of your face as soon as you turn on the TV…People let a lot of old time laws rule them…Some people around here are naturally sick in the head anyway and half of those people are running things, it's based on the laws. I'd try to use my music as a machine to move these people, to get changes done. Because if the people go too long, when they get older, they'll realize, get mediocre and fall right into that dead scene rat race. We're trying to get our start together, to get people to listen to us. Then we can say to them, 'Come follow us, let's knock on the White House door...'"

- Jimi Hendrix

"A meteor or comet impact caused [the 2004 quake] and tidal wave, based on the fact that [the quake] was relatively near to the ocean floor…A scientist can shift a decimal here, push a digit there, and the [quake] depth can be fudged down a few miles…The reason for fudging the numbers would be to avoid widespread panic [over] remaining and pending impacts on the horizon, as well as suppressing the curiosity of the public in regards to threats to Earth from approaching space objects."
- "Geneticus" Dec. 30, 2004

"Fudging the numbers" to bury the crater also removes proof that Jimi's vision is true: we can't stop the rock because the world's too consumed with a few billionaires. But inequality between people results in vulnerability to asteroids, and with this insight, mogul control is overthrown...


This is why they hide Jimi's prediction. But sheeple of the Idiocracy listen to media of the elite - and they believe. Almost none know about the 2004 burst, yet almost all are conditioned to dismiss Jimi's vision. It's no accident, it's a carefully orchestrated public relations campaign - all media is complicit in the scheme. Consider recent TV shows about Gamma Bursts that are censored to say we've never seen a blast in our galaxy:


Dominator Goebbels

Aug. 30, 2006, ABC TV Last Days On Earth: Neil Tyson "We see about one a day going off in some galaxy somewhere in the cosmos. These gamma rays are at safe distances, they're just cosmic curiosities in the night. But suppose a gamma ray burst happens nearby, in our own galaxy? I don't want to be around for that day."

"The closest star to the Earth that could explode is 8000 light years away..."

Stephen Hawkins: "Events like a nearby cosmic ray burst would be devastating to life on Earth, but they haven't happened in the four and a half billion year history of the Earth so far, so the chance of them occurring in the near future is very low. " - ABC TV Last Days on Earth 2006

Again, these TV shows are telling us we've NEVER SEEN a gamma burst in our galaxy:

History Channel TV Mega Disasters 2006: "The chances of a GRB endangering mankind on Earth are remote...if one went off in our own neighborhood, let's say in our own galaxy, it could have a serious effect on our Earth and atmosphere."

"Short Gamma Ray Bursts...come from processes that may take place in our own galaxy, where the Earth cannot possibly avoid them...the short GRBs are thought to be produced by the merger of neutron stars...the problem for Earth is that the Milky Way may have many such stars."

Stan Woosley, astrophysicist, Univ. of CA Santa Cruz: "We do know of cases in the Milky Way where there are neutron stars that someday will come together, so, unlike the other kind of GRBs, we can predict with some certainty that something like that will happen in the lifetime of the Milky Way."

"The occurrence of Gamma Ray Bursts, either long or short, is about one per million years in a galaxy like ours…The last Gamma Ray Burst may have struck Earth 450 million years ago."

"If a Gamma Ray Burst went off anywhere in our own galaxy it would be a spectacular display on the sky."

"If one ever hits us our future would take a hairpin turn…With evidence pointing to a hit in our ancient past, it's clear we can never be completely safe." - History Channel TV, Mega Disasters 2006

All of these people quoted above in 2006 are aware of the December 2004 gamma blast. They all appear bought off for these TV shows, paid to act like the 2004 burst never happened.

NASA itself is leading this deception. In April 2005 NASA's website published these misleading statements: "Gamma-ray bursts in our Milky Way galaxy are indeed rare, but scientists estimate that at least one nearby likely hit the Earth in the past billion years."

"We don't know exactly when one came, but we're rather sure it did come, and left its mark." - Dr. Adrian Melott, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Kansas -

As recent as May 17, 2009 the corporate controlled website featured a list of the "Top-10 Greatest Explosions Ever". Their list includes events like the asteroid impact the wiped out dinosaurs (for which they even rip-off our theme picture for Tsunami Asteroid's Gamma Blast!), the 1994 comet impacts on Jupiter, and even the recent gamma ray burst from 13 billion lights years away that has been described on our website. But conspicuously, bizarrely, incredibly absent - AGAIN - is any mention of the biggest flash ever seen in our own galaxy: the December 27, 2004 great gamma ray burst. WITHOUT QUESTION the evil elite moguls who control media are staging an all-out desperate attempt to brain-train us all to NOT SEE THE LIGHT...

"Our job is to give people, not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have."
- Richard Salant, former president of CBS News

"Dominant Media Partners: CBS and other media giants control everything we see, hear and read - through television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, films, and large portions of the Internet. Their top officials and some journalists attend Bilderberg Group meetings - on condition they report nothing…a shadow world government threatening to take away our rights…centralized control of world populations by mind control, controlling world public opinion. A New World Order with no middle class, only rulers and servants (serfs), no democracy. Manufactured crises and perpetual wars, absolute control of education to program the public mind and train those chosen for various roles. A global welfare state where obedient slaves will be rewarded and non-conformists targeted for extermination.

"Programming the Public Mind: The inner sanctums of Wall Street understand that the most efficient way to gain a monopoly is to say it is for the 'public good' and 'public interest.' What most Americans believe to be 'public opinion' is in reality carefully crafted and scripted propaganda designed to elicit a desired behavioral response from the public…a way to get us to surrender our liberties in the name of some common threat or crisis. The foundations, educational institutions, and research think tanks supported by [Wall Street's New World Order] oblige [NWO] by financing so-called 'studies' which are then used to justify their every excess. The excuses vary, but their target is always individual liberty. Our liberty."

- Daniel Estulin, The True Story of Bilderberg Group

"There is no way of predicting when the next gamma burst could come, or how close it would be. This very uncertainty, and its potential danger, drive even skeptics to ponder disastrous events like these and how humanity might survive…We're interested in these high magnitude, rare impacts, we're interested in preserving our own species." - Mega Disasters, History Channel

"Preserving our" moguls, as they stage a race to build for themselves shelter on the Moon.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous
he can't believe it exists"
- J. Edgar Hoover, Elks Magazine - Aug. 1956

The Moon offers the best protection from both asteroid impact and gamma blast. The Moon has no atmosphere for a gamma blast to blow away. That the Moon has one side permanently facing Earth means odds of a burst aimed at it have 50/50 chance of hitting the side with human colonies. If both sides of the Moon are colonized, only half the inhabitants will be hit by a blast, the other side being shielded by facing in space away from the burst. The most efficient way to pay for a base is to prevent the public from knowing why. Act like asteroids aren't a problem. Don't risk any disruptions from public debates. Pay politicians to say we're "competing" with China, India, European, and Japan plans to race America back to the Moon.

"Astronomers estimate there are 100,000 neutron stars in the Milky Way. Nobody knows if or when any of them could create a Gamma Ray Burst that would hit the Earth." - History Channel TV, Mega Disasters

Added to this probability is uncertainty over which nearby stars, and how many of them, are likely to discharge gamma bursts at us. In March 2009 revealed the extent to which optimistic odds that it won't happen are naive or deceptive claims:

"A massive star…exploded way too early in its life, suggesting scientists don't understand stellar evolution as well as they thought. 'This might mean that we are fundamentally wrong about the evolution of stars, and that theories need revising,' said Avishay Gal-Yam of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. 'This also leaves open the question that there may be other mechanisms for triggering supernova explosions. We may be missing something very basic in understanding how a super luminous star goes through mass loss,' says Gal-Yam.

"'The evolution of the core, and the evolution of the envelope [of stars], are less coupled than previously thought, a finding which may require a revision of stellar evolution theory,' said study co-author Douglas Leonard from San Diego State University.

"The unexpected explosion could mean other stars may behave in ways not previously expected, including one relatively close to home, known as Eta Carinae, just 7,500 light-years away and in our own Milky Way galaxy…massive and luminous stars…such as Eta Carinae, are expected to lose their entire hydrogen envelopes prior to their ultimate explosions as supernovae. 'We should continue to keep an eye on Eta Carinae,' said Mario Livio of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, 'it may surprise us.'"

-, March 22, 2009



This is why we see mogul media pump up a fake space "race" between nations that persuades sheeple to support trillions of dollars for a Moon base. In the face of 2008's staged "economy meltdown", banksters arranged to confiscate world resources to pay for safe havens of the super-rich. This secret cartel controls TV screens and hypnotizes the herd to condemn anyone who presents this news to you. We're persecuted as "conspiracy theory paranoids" and sheeple see us as the enemy to be put away, medicated in their master's psychiatric concentration camps.

"The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who can't fly." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Isn't it conspicuous that, in the midst of bankrupt nations, we're asked to spend trillions we don't have on a mad dash to the Moon? It's not odd to the manipulated mass audience.

"When you can't control people by force…you have to control what people think, and the standard way to do this is to resort to propaganda, manufacture of consent, creation of necessary illusions." - Noam Chomsky

These sheeple are systematically dumbed down with genetically modified foods, and drug contaminated water that drastically impacts capacity to even imagine the fraud that's being waged on them, the wool pulled over sheeple eyes. Over 80 percent can't fathom conspiracies:

"Human nature, which is inclined toward belief rather than skepticism, and people's unwillingness to…say, 'Maybe he's actually a fraud.' That takes a level of cynicism and skepticism that a lot of people simply don't have." - Beth McLean, PBS TV NOW - Jan. 2009

People on the street don't think in conspiratorial ways. The majority can't image that Madison Ave. ad campaigns are designed by social "engineers" adept at affecting our opinions. Mogul media weeds out descriptions of this swindle and trains consumers to laugh at anyone who explains a conspiracy. Moguls need us to believe they deserve more because of some luck they had unfair access to.

"And that we're smarter than you, so we're entitled to make a whole lot more money than the rest of you." - Beth McLean, PBS TV NOW - Jan. 2009

But such opinions of the manipulated herd have no effect on the gamma blast asteroid aimed at us.

In the aftermath of the December burst a swarm of space rocks sucked along by its gravity wave continued to bombard Earth. Another 19 meteors are reported around the world in the weeks after the 2004 gamma blast.

January 10, 2005: The Albuquerque Tribune reports, "Meteor Could Cause Big Tsunami - Los Alamos National Laboratory Is Watching the Sky for Tsunamis…the potential for an asteroid-caused tsunami remains a threat the world should watch out for, said Galen Gisler, a Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist. 'Every 10,000 years or so, we should get a tsunami from an asteroid, and we haven't had one in about that amount of time,' Gisler said…That warning could…prevent another disaster like the recent tsunami in the Indian Ocean, he said." This Albuquerque Tribune article assumes the 2004 tsunami was not caused by an asteroid. It's a trick of the elite called "seeding the media" - setting examples for us to follow their lead and assume there was no rock.

February 4, 2005: Reuters reports, "U.S. Navy Surveying Waters Near Tsunami Epicenter…for signs that last month's devastating Indian Ocean tsunami altered the sea bed…Marshall Islands Asia-Pacific maritime authorities issued an advisory that said the earthquake and tsunami may have been powerful enough to alter sea depths…the tsunami may have reduced water depths in the Aceh sea bed by as much as 3,000 ft. But some experts say such a massive change may not be plausible, but that the sea bed likely changed. 'Tsunamis…may pile up between 10 to 20 meters (30 to 65 ft) of sediment but that won't account for a thousand-meter change,' said David Higgitt, associate professor of geography at the National University of Singapore."

The "thousand-meter change" to the sea floor is "accounted for" by an asteroid impact that gouged out a crater with an elevated rim.

That's the real "sea bed change" that the Navy survey team was sent to decide how to hide.

February 4, 2005, "There has been no event like [Apophis] in modern history…The 2029 event will be the closest brush by a good-sized asteroid known to occur. The rock will pass Earth inside the orbits of some satellites. No other asteroid has ever been clearly visible to the unaided eye…scientists said it has the highest odds of hitting Earth ever given to a space rock…The 2029 flyby will bend the rock's path and change the circumstances of later close passes to Earth."

"Flyby will bend the rock's path and change the circumstances" - what's left unsaid is that many astronomers don't agree this rock will pass us by. Those who know it will hit remain silent.

February 14, 2005: The U.S. Missile Defense program suffers its third failed test in a row as London's Independent newspaper reports that in 2029 asteroid MN4 (Apophis) "will come closer than the orbit of many satellites…close enough for its orbit to be directly affected by the Earth's gravity

'I think everyone is saying that it's going to miss, it'll pass so close though. It's like being on a train station platform and watching an express train go by three feet away,' says Prof. Mark Bailey, Director of Armagh Observatory."

Those who know it'll hit are paid to stay silent. Others are shown one way tickets to Gitmo. Moguls close ranks and advance propaganda that pacifies the herd into believing the Rock won't hit, just as they conceal news of the Christmas asteroid splash in the Indian Ocean. The elite seek to keep workers in line and make us pay for escape havens made for billionaires.

March 12, 2005: Seattle, Washington, hometown of Jimi Hendrix, experiences a 3.3 magnitude earthquake just as a meteor buzzes over the city and electrical power goes out. Local media rushes into spin mode and tells residents that these simultaneous events are not related.

March 29, 2005: The PBS TV series NOVA airs a documentary about the tsunami that happened three months earlier. This NOVA episode, called The Wave That Shook the World,

is sponsored by Microsoft and the show's intention is to conceal the rock that caused the wave. Here's the narrator's twisted description of the ocean crater - minus mention of the asteroid:

NOVA: "Why did it happen? One of the worst natural disasters ever…a huge earthquake tears apart the floor of the Indian Ocean…something snapped…the force that actually tore into the earth's crust is 1200 km long…its more powerful than all of the world's earthquakes over the last five years put together…it took place very near the surface of the seabed…very shallow…as the seafloor lifted it displaced billions of tons of water above it…this released as much energy as 23,000 Hiroshima-size atom bombs. Part of the ocean floor has been uplifted, and part has been trapped down…

…because the seafloor changes, so does the water column above. The seafloor…lifted area basically collapses and the water rushes away from the uplifted area, creating a tsunami wave that is traveling radially away from the uplifted area…but earthquakes are not the only cause of these killer waves… [other] causes of tsunamis, which can cause displacement of the sea floor, are asteroids, which are thought to cause very massive tsunamis."

And presto! Abracadabra! Shazzam! Cartoon computer graphics from the Wizard of Microsoft turns an impact crater into an earthquake trench! This PBS deception is designed to deny Jimi's prediction, which must be kept hidden because Hendrix is non-dominator - figurehead of a partnership culture based on use of hallucinogens. The gamma blast is his equivalent of the Star of Bethlehem - a central event of the First Century. To the men who control media, Hendrix is their messenger-of-death nemesis. All of mass media has been appropriated for the specific aim of persuading us to forget Hendrix and dismiss him as insignificant. To that end, the connections presented here have been suppressed for many years. Moguls can't have Rock Prophecy seen,

because the story reports how their hoarded resources create Retarded History - today's state of asteroid defense set back by centuries - leaving us with no means of deflecting rocks. The evil elite need sheeple labor to make their escape havens. This is where mogul media kicks in, to spin the herd into hypnotized complacency, persuade us we're safe, no nasty asteroids in sight, and if any show up, our space agency can handle it. We're diverted with lies while their underground fortresses are funded with plundered public money.



. - March 24, 2005

March 24, 2005: A blog posting at (see left) warns, "There should be something done immediately to start organizing underground hidings for those concerned…ready to join minds and hands in common effort to mastermind a general escape plan for as many as possible…our underground life for, say, a century of night and disaster on our planet's surface…Why not organize a World's Forum on that? Regardless of how politically incorrect it may sound or appear…it's our civilization at stake here!" - David Farman -

An underground city for the "rich" is being stockpiled with resources, food and fuel stolen from us all. Global moguls in 2008 staged a fake "economy meltdown" to confiscate $50 trillion of the world's wealth:

Where's That Darn $50 Trill?

They funneled money into underground bunkers and space station condos for billionaires,

safe haven escape schemes for themselves at our expense.



A New Atlantis

April 19, 2005: reports, "Impact Risk Scale Revised - Astronomers Tone Down the Torino Earth-Impact Scale…

"Astronomers have modified the Torino impact hazard scale. They hope the revised scale will let them inform the public about near-Earth objects (NEOs) without causing alarm…Massachusetts Institute of Technology astronomers created the Torino scale in 1999 to alert the public to the risk of asteroids or comets striking Earth. The scale ranks Earth-approaching objects from zero, virtually no risk of impact or damage, to ten, certain 'global climatic catastrophe.' Unfortunately…warnings of possible, although unlikely, impacts frighten people…An International Astronomical Union group now has revised the wording of the Torino scale to reflect the fact that in most cases additional observations will reduce the risk of an impact to zero…The new scale suggests that public attention is merited only if there is more than one chance in 100 of a regionally damaging impact within a decade…Previously, a NEO rating of 2 on the Torino scale would have been described as 'meriting concern.' Now, however, it will carry the comment, 'While meriting attention by astronomers, there is no cause for public attention…or concern.'" - April 2005

"Only if there is more than one chance in 100" - but these fudged numbers, rigged statistics, skewed numerals & stacked data are fabricated by thinks-tanks under mogul control.

The Register newspaper in England further explains changes to the Torino scale, "The move comes amid concerns that phrases…could have an unnerving effect on the public...MIT planetary science Prof. Richard Binzel says: 'Previously we had to concern ourselves only with a global climatic catastrophe, we must now consider the possibility that this will be coupled to the collapse of civilization as we know it.' A level 4 threat goes from 'A close encounter, with 1% or greater chance of a collision capable of causing regional devastation,' to 'A close encounter...most likely, new telescopic observations will lead to re-assignment to Level 0.' "

- The Register, April 2005

A disinformation spin to divert concern, the latest in a series of government edicts to suppress news of asteroids aimed at Earth. After the asteroid scare in March 1998

government censorship went into effect. On May 14, 1998 the Associated Press and CNN reported that, "If professional stargazers catch sight of an asteroid that might be on a crash course for Earth, the government wants them to keep quiet about it…keep asteroid and comet discoveries to themselves…The new procedures aim to avoid panic…NASA has agreed."

They agreed to let government funded think tanks "creatively re-calculate" any threatening asteroid's path and declare it a non-threat before news is reported to media. On June 6, 1998 the Associated Press reported that in Irvine, California the National Research Council convened a meeting of experts in risk assessment and hazard management to "plan methods for asteroid warnings that won't trigger mass panic." The NRC insisted that just a few discovered asteroids turn out to be headed towards Earth "once scientists refine orbital calculations." The Council ordered a code of conduct under which "astronomers would seek verification" before reporting news of a sighting. In other words, their creative re-calculations cook-the-books to say we're safe.



On March 2, 2009 an asteroid came within 38 thousand miles of hitting Earth. Orbiting satellites are 20 thousand miles high.

NBC Nightly News March 3, 2009

The asteroid was spotted just five days earlier by an academic astronomer using his home telescope. Had this professor been working for a government agency, news of this asteroid's near miss would have been suppressed.

March 18, 2009:

Two weeks after Asteroid 2009 DD45 nearly hit Earth, another space rock, 15 meters (49 ft.) wide, Asteroid 2009 FH comes within 79,000 kilometers (49,000 miles) of Earth on March 18, 2009. Another extremely close pass. Unlike the NEO pass two weeks ago, this time there is very little MSM reports about it, as if an artificial limit on "scary" news is being imposed by H.I.M.M.

March 18, 2009 Asteroid 2009 FH Near Miss

Around 100 potentially harmful asteroids are found each year, but rocks coming near Earth that are found by government agencies go unreported in media.

On June 10, 2009 a article titled "Military Hush-Up" reported: "Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified - Scientists have benefited from data gleaned by U.S. satellites of natural fireball events [meteors] in Earth's atmosphere - but no longer. A recent U.S. military policy decision now explicitly states that observations by government spacecraft of incoming bodies and fireballs are classified secret and are not to be released. Scientists say not only will research into the threat from space be hampered, but public understanding…will be diminished…Where the space-based surveillance truly shines is over remote stretches of ocean…But all that ended within the last few months, leaving scientists blind-sided and miffed by the shift in policy. Scientists want to know about these events so they can better predict the risk here on Earth. 'Fireball data together with astronomical observations of larger near-Earth asteroids define the nature of the impact hazard and allow rational planning to deal with this issue,' said David Morrison a Near Earth Object (NEO) scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center, 'so it's ironic that the availability of these fireball data should be curtailed just at the time the NEO program is moving toward surveying the smaller impactors that are most likely to be picked up in the monitoring program. These data have been available to the scientific community. It's unfortunate this information is now shut off just when it's becoming more valuable to the community interested in characterizing near Earth asteroids and protecting our planet from asteroid impacts.'"

-, June 2009

A commentary posted at the end of this report notes, "Makes me wonder if the Military knows about a large body that is headed our way and they want to keep it a secret? Seems like they're forgetting who's paying the bills."

On October 8, 2009 one of the most powerful meteor explosions observed occurred over Indonesia and media worldwide kept the incident hidden. But a local resident caught the sight on a cell phone cam and posted video online. Three weeks after the explosion, responded to the video:

"Wall Of Secrecy - 'Almost certainly it was detected and immediately identified as an explosion of a large meteoroid rather than, say, an explosion of a human-made device in the atmosphere,' said Clark Chapman, a noted specialist on asteroids. 'But these satellites are [classified] secret and, in the past, the establishments controlling them have delayed releasing the data, for weeks or months.' Earlier this year, Chapman added, a change in previous policy led the U.S. military to withhold the data from the public. 'Scientists hope that [the Pentagon] will reverse that policy. This event will demonstrate...the wall of secrecy because of the passage of weeks since the [Oct. 8th] event and there has been no decision to release the data promptly." - - Oct. 29, 2009

It's Top Priority of the global elite that we shrug off the odds of a hit as they make their escape.


ANY news of asteroid disaster that they CAN conceal, they WILL conceal.

"The winners write history - their way." - Elaine Pagels

"The point is: who is wrong and who is right, that's what the point is - not how many people."- Jimi Hendrix

Everything bad that happens is punishment for
prevailing attitudes to the removal of Jimi and persecution of Rock Prophecy.

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