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"At the highest level of comprehension of Jimi's soul and art Michael Fairchild was the consumate editorial consultant and researcher."

Adrian Boot & Chris Salewicz in the Exhibition Art Book Jimi Hendrix - The Ultimate Experience (Boxtree Books - London 1995)

"Guitar Player magazine chose :Blues as it's best historic recording of the year, while Rolling Stone heaped best reissue album honors on :Woodstock...Voodoo Soup features a 24-page booklet with liner notes by Michael Fairchild...His next album release will be an in-concert collection, provisionally titled The Ultimate Live Experience, which is penciled-in for autumn release."

- Billboard Magazine - April 15, 1995

Voodoo Soup CD - An Acclaimed 1995 MCA Records Release:

"Guitar god Hendrix's career is going through a purple phase...Voodoo Soup rounds up 14 latterday Jimi numbers, lovingly re-mixed and digitally re-mastered...Buy it for many reasons: Cry of Love classics Angel and Freedom; a 28-page booklet of New Age reverece by Michael Fairchild...The sun has never set on Hendrix, never will.."

- Yorkshire Evening Press (U.K.) - April 1995

"Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Soup. The re-packaging of the long departed guitarist goes on, reaching ridiculous heights here...the packaging is wonderful...this album is an astounding example of his work. Voodoo Soup is easily the best Hendrix album ever. Perfectly played, perfectly packaged and perfectly listenable."

- Lancashire Post (U.K.) - April 15, 1995

"Voodoo Soup is certain to unleash a new wave of interest in an already active catalog...The thorough, scholarly approach taken by [producer] Alan Douglas and company is likely to establish this as another 'definitive' Hendrix collection."

- Billboard - April 22, 1995

"The advent of CD, and the sense of duty and detail the medium callls for, has restored some degree of honour to the Hendrix legacy. Voodoo Soup, a labour of love, is just the ticket...the accompanyhing 28-page sleeve notes (by Michael Fairchild) are comprehensive and authoritative. Voodoo Soup is the best indication yet of 'what might have been.'"

- Evening Echo (Bournemouth, U.K.) - April 28, 1995

"From the copious sleeve notes, Voodoo Soup seems like an album Hendrix was planning at the time of his death...it hangs together surprisingly well, with some splendid Hendrixian moments."

- The Guardian (U.K.) - April 28, 1995

"Thoughtful, considered collection...superbly annotated and generously illustrated."

- Birmingham Post (U.K.) - May 5, 1995

"Superbly presented and packaged..Eclectic, outrageous and mature."

- Poole Advertiser (U.K.) - May 25, 1995

"There's a certain logic to this CD, which pulls together the quality material from his last 18 months to give a vision of Hendrix at the climax of his career."

- Vox Magazine - May 1995

"As per recent Polygram [Hendrix] reissues, there is a generous back-up by way of words and pictures."

- Mojo Magazine - May 1995

Voodoo Soup isn't The First Rays Of The New Rising Sun. However, a quarter-century's worth of hindsight has produced what has to be the next best thing...The resulting album combines wonderful examples of late-period Hendrixian songcraft...this album - utterly dud-free from start to finish - finally brings the original Hendrix studio quartet to a satisfactory completion."

- Charles Shaar Murry in Mojo Magazine - June 1995

"Voodoo Soup...Superb packaging...historically detailed notes by Michael Fairchild (the signatures of MCA's Hendrix reissue program)."

- Guitar Magazine - June 1995

"Definitive metal from Jimi Hendrix hits you between the eyes...the full color 28-page booklet of recording news and pictures, of course, is invaluable."

- Dumberton Times (U.K.) - June 6, 1995

"Voodoo Soup is a timely reminder of the man's staggering talent...an added bonus...is an impressive 28-page booklet with background notes and many unpublished photos of the axe master."

- Mansfield Chronicle (U.K.) - April 1995

"MCA has released Voodoo Soup...Included with the album is a 28-page booklet written by Michael Fairchild, author of A Touch of Hendrix."

- Seattle Post-Intelligencer - April 17, 1995

"Voodoo Soup includes a 28-page booklet with notes by Michael Fairchild, as well as 20 images of the sixties guitar legend, many of which are previously unpublished."

- Lichfield Trader (U.K.) - April 27, 1995

"Holds together perfectly well. Wild and energising, and nicely presented with lengthy sleeve notes."

- Western Morning News (U.K.) - May 5, 1995

"The surreal front cover image for Voodoo Soup is Moebius - a classic portrait of Jimi eating space food...The new album is an absolute must for all Hendrix fans and includes a lavish 28-page booklet, with notes by Michael Fairchild, and charts Hendrix's career...the booklet follows his musical moods and phases and looks at the highs and lows througout his time in the music industry. And 20 colourful images of Jimi, many of which have not been published, are included in this fascinating discography."

- Hunt's Post (Huntingdon, U.K.) - May 6, 1995

"Voodoo Soup...it possesses the most anal sleeve notes this side of Faust's Greatest Hits, it's opened my eyes to the near God-like genius of Jimi Hendrix."

- Melody Maker (U.K.) - May 27, 1995

"Voodoo Soup...it's not exactly like finding the eighth note or something...at least if you are tempted you get a 28-page booklet with notes by Michael Fairchild."

- Wired Magazine - June 1995

"Voodoo Soup...there's some fine stuff...the accompanying booklet is a handsome thing."

- Q Magazine (U.K.) - July 1995

"The 28-page booklet included with Voodoo Soup is a real treat, complete with cover illustration by fantasy artist extraordinaire Moebius. The notes by Hendrix scholar Michael Fairchild provide extensive historical information about each selection...The songs are a surprisingly strong bunch."

- Billboard Magazine - August 1995


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