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Hendrix Connection Causes Revolution for Equality

(that's why media conceals the asteroid impact…)

The Ultimate Cover-up Conspiracy

by Michael Fairchild

Dedicated to the Enlightened - See the Light - of a Billion Trillion Suns…

"…unprecedented series of blasts…energy surges…cosmic rays…Asteroid Crashing on Christmas Day…"

T'was mid afternoon on Christmas in America
when an asteroid crashed into the Indian Ocean.
A huge tsunami wave rippled out from the splash,
around 300,000 people perished…

To make a tsunami wave cross over the ocean,
a rock must be wider than 50 meters (164 ft).
A rock in space more than 50 meters wide is an "asteroid."

An ASTEROID splash made that wave in the ocean…

Inequality between people prevents us from stopping rocks.
Jimi's prediction proved true,

revolution is required.

That's why mogul controlled elitist media spends trillions
to deny the Impact, and cover-up the Gamma Blast
that pushed a Rock into Earth…

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with
a conspiracy so monstrous he can't believe it exists."
- J. Edgar Hoover


Extreme things surround the odd tsunami of "2004".



1) An asteroid impact caused the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that wiped out 300,000 people.

2) The rock was pushed to Earth as part of the brightest gamma ray burst ever seen. The explosion through space was preceded by a gigantic gravity wave that nudged dozens of asteroids our way. A simultaneous rare alignment of 3 nearby planets arranged "gravity channels" that steered a rock into the ocean.

3) The asteroid's path over open waters was seen only by military space monitors, these few human witnesses allow media to conceal news of the fireball, and instead blame an earthquake for the tsunami wave.

4) Official calculations for asteroid disaster are rigged to omit ocean craters, thus skewing probability odds to create a faked "safe from impacts" illusion.

5) The 2004 gamma burst reveals Earth is surrounded by millions of stars likely to emit fatal radiation at us, blowing away our ozone layer, leading to extinction.

6) Media concealed news of the gamma blast for months after it happened in order to separate it (in the public's mind) from the tsunami. All reports of the gamma blast omit the asteroid/tsunami connection.

7) Jimi Hendrix remote viewed the gamma blast and asteroid path as it raced at us while he was alive. He wasn't "seeing the future", but viewing a real event. There's no "occult" aspect to it.

8) Hendrix represents an evolutionary mutation in perception towards expression of remote viewing abilities that living planets spawn as a symbiotic survival mechanism against impacts.

9) Jimi's prediction defines today's world religion, therefore moguls have made the 2004 tsunami a target of the ultimate cover-up conspiracy.

10) When an asteroid strike out to sea can be concealed, it will be concealed, but especially for this event in December '04, the reason to keep it secret is that awareness of the impact will inspire revolutions against governments. The splash of this tsunami rock exposes the big picture dominators must hide.


11) Banksters staged the 2008 recession charade to confiscate $50 trillion to build safe havens for billionaires. This secret cartel controls TV screens and hypnotizes the herd to condemn anyone who presents this news to you. But NASA's Moon program is a mad dash to flee the planet.

12) The Hendrix connection is focus of fantastic attacks by global moguls aiming to erase the insights from public access (their persecution of Michael Fairchild is analogous with Will Smith's role in the film Enemy of the State).

13) A U.S. nuclear submarine crashed into the rim of a crater gouged into the ocean floor by the asteroid. One sailor was killed and dozens hospitalized, the sub sustained substantial damage. Moguls move to remove the crater, led by Paul Allen's personal submarine. But Indonesia's government admits a crater is there.

14) Three months later, in March 2005, the unstable crater caves in its ridge as the rocky wall falls in on itself. During the collapse, a second huge quake shakes the ocean, but this time there's no tsunami. A quake alone won't make the wave there, an asteroid splash is needed.

15) In societies that enshrine inequality, asteroid defense won't get made in time. As Hendrix said,

"humans haven't got their priorities right." - Jimi

"The winners write history - their way." - Elaine Pagels

"The point is: who is wrong and who is right, that's what the point is - not how many people." - Jimi Hendrix

Everything bad that happens is punishment for
prevailing attitudes to the removal of Jimi and persecution of Rock Prophecy.

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