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Hendrix Connection Causes Revolution for Equality

(that's why media conceals the asteroid impact…)

The Ultimate Cover-up Conspiracy

by Michael Fairchild

Dedicated to the Enlightened - See the Light - of a Billion Trillion Suns…

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"…unprecedented series of blasts…energy surges…cosmic rays…Asteroid Crashing on Christmas Day…"

T'was mid afternoon on Christmas in America
when an asteroid crashed into the Indian Ocean.
A huge tsunami wave rippled out from the splash,
around 300,000 people perished…

To make a tsunami wave cross over the ocean,
a rock must be wider than 50 meters (164 ft).
A rock in space more than 50 meters wide is an "asteroid."

An ASTEROID splash made that wave in the ocean…

Inequality between people prevents us from stopping rocks.
Jimi's prediction proved true,

revolution is required.

That's why mogul controlled elitist media spends trillions
to deny the Impact, and cover-up the Gamma Blast
that pushed a Rock into Earth…


Extreme things surround the odd tsunami of December 2004. In the weeks leading up to the great wave, and the weeks following it, a barrage of rocks swarmed through space around Earth in an incredible spike of meteor and asteroid activity. This swarm in orbit came from a wave of gigantic gravity energy racing towards our planet. The wave is pushed along in front of the biggest explosion ever seen in our galaxy. This galactic blast is a gamma ray burst of energy eruptions, like monster solar flares snapping at us from a distant star. For thousands of years the burst surged towards Earth from the far side of the Milky Way. It arrived at Christmastime 2004, but its unprecedented bright light was seen approaching years earlier. It was observed by Jimi Hendrix. The extra sensory perception of Hendrix, what Jimi called his "sixth sense," glimpsed a remote view of blinding light, a vision that set the stage for an asteroid warning he tried to raise

During the weeks prior to the gamma burst's arrival on Earth, its massive gravity pulse raced ahead of the explosion, pushing at asteroids, forcing them along in advance. Like a solar wind in reverse, it blows back rocks, nudging them on up in front of the wave racing our way.

Official records show a spike in sightings of meteors, asteroids, and comets preceding and following the gamma burst at Christmastime. From mid November 2004, and then following the gravity wave into March 2005, at least 40 known fireballs are reported worldwide.

On December 19 Asteroid 2004 YD5 passes Earth beneath the orbits of satellites. The rock went undetected until three days later. It's the second closest pass of a near Earth asteroid ever seen. On the same day Asteroid YD5 almost hits Earth, a meteor is seen streaking Indonesian over Jakarta.

The gravity wave fronting the explosion pushes at asteroids until one of the rocks finally crashes into a remote part of the ocean, splashing a massive tsunami wave just hours before the gamma blast flashes our planet. Then, in the weeks after the burst another 19 fireballs are recorded around the globe as rocks continue to follow along for weeks in the wake of the great gravity wave, churning behind it, like debris tossed along boat trails in water, a swarm of floating mountains sucked into Earth's path.

This globally spotted barrage of rocks sparks online commentary, like this December 19th post at fireballs-meteorites.blogspot.com: "So our planet is being rained on by meteorites; big deal, right? Shut out those annoying streaks in the sky and loud booms that are happening with alarming frequency all over the planet, and go back to the concerns of our little lives."

On December 23 Pravda in Russia nervously jests, "Meteor showers to devastate planet Earth…Reports about meteorites appearing in the sky of planet Earth have become much more frequent indeed…Experts do not know why incidents with meteorites have become so frequent nowadays."

"Why" so many rocks shower the skies is because of a fantastic blast in space moving through our solar system, nudging them towards us…


On Christmas Eve, just before the tsunami hits, world media reports news of astronomers who'd just discovered that Asteroid 2004 MN4 is aimed at Earth, due to arrive in 2029. The asteroid's name, 2004 MN4, is later changed officially to Apophis - the Greek word for Evil Destruction. "This asteroid, on Friday the 13th in April 2029, will come close enough to Earth to dip below our communications satellites in orbit around Earth," says Neil Tyson, "It's big enough to create the worst damage to life on Earth in recorded history."


The next day is Christmas. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are positioned in a rare planetary alignment not seen in centuries. They remain aligned for the next four days. The significance of alignments of the solar system's inner planets near Earth is that the combined gravitational fields of these globes can steer asteroids at us…

alignments can shepherd rocks along funnels into us…

this is what happened at Christmas 2004…


At the peak of the planets' alignment, following weeks of escalating incidents of rocks pushed by a gravity wave into space around Earth, an asteroid impact in the Indian Ocean unleashes a massive tsunami wave that wipes out around 300,000 people.

"Caused by a meteorite strike into the ocean having come from the Southern Hemisphere skies." - Sorcha Faal

The impact's remote location out to sea, and the asteroid having traveled low over the ocean along an incline almost horizontal with the water surface, climbing north out of Antarctica - "from the Southern Hemisphere skies"- Up From the Skies (Hendrix song title)…

meant it went unseen across open waters, with no land below, and no people to look up from under its path. REPEAT: ITS FLIGHT WAS SURROUNDED BY THOUSANDS OF MILES OF WATER ON ALL SIDES. NO CIVILIANS WERE WITHIN SIGHT RANGE. FEW HUMANS SAW IT. Only military personnel under control of governments track the asteroid with satellite monitors used to detect missile launches. The fact that so few civilians see the Christmas fireball allows the official cover up that we see today. Immediately media controlled by moguls issue descriptions of a tsunami that make no mention of the Rock. A quake alone is blamed for the wave. The asteroid impact is covered-up.

Up From the Skies

Officials declare "classified" all accounts of the fireball reported by Air Force, Navy, and NASA staff. Counterparts in other governments likewise issue similar contingency plans drawn up decades ago for just such an impact that explodes unseen in the remote ocean. When an asteroid strike out to sea can be concealed, it will be concealed, but especially for this event in December '04, the reason to keep it secret is that awareness of the impact will inspire revolutions against governments. The splash of this tsunami rock exposes the big picture dominators must hide, the single vision most resisted by moguls, a scenario never seen on their propaganda media screens, namely: the remote view prediction of Jimi Hendrix

But before we explain, consider 3 things that make this tsunami odd. First is the intensity of the quake prior to the wave. Scientists at Northwestern University measured the quake's magnitude at 9.3 on the Richter Scale, "the second largest quake ever instrumentally recorded," a freakishly big movement of Earth. Its extreme shallowness in the ocean floor is suspect too, as we'll see ahead. And third, geologic records show relatively few incidents of past tsunamis in the Indian Ocean.

In November 2006 the New York Times News Service reported research about "an extraterrestrial impact into the Indian Ocean about 4,800 years ago. Some scientists believe the hit [was] by either a meteor or asteroid." The New York Times report also notes, "It would be a great help if the National Science Foundation sent a ship equipped with modern acoustic equipment to take a closer look."

The National Science Foundation won't provide that "help" because the priority of moguls who control global governments is to fabricate "evidence" that'll tell us the chance of future asteroid disaster is slim. They need to have people believe it won't happen, and sending a ship to dig up news of more craters at sea has an opposite effect, causing us to realize how likely the odds are for future impact. Moguls don't want us to know, they aim to maintain control of labor that makes their safe haven escape bases. Think-tanks funded by the global elite rig statistics, fudge numbers, and stack data to "prove" a new asteroid strike is unlikely. Evidence for this conspiracy is seen in a revealing blurb buried in the New York Times report: "Surveys show that as many as 185 large asteroids or comets have hit the Earth [but] most of the craters are on land. 'No one has spent much time looking for craters in the deep ocean,' said David Morrison, a leading authority on asteroids and comets at the NASA Ames Research Center."

Lack of looking for seabed craters isn't an oversight, it's intentional - government think-tanks, like the Ames Research Center, are under mandate to tell us that the odds of future asteroid strike are very small. To arrive at these fudged numbers officials OMIT OCEAN CRATERS to present a false impression of risk by showing only land impacts:

they skew the risk because, as the New York Times notes, when the hundreds of ocean holes are figured into calculations for probability of future impact…

"Soon to be as the
cold dead servant Moon and…
you'll have no world to live on."
- Jimi

"the evidence is strong enough to overturn current estimates of how often the Earth suffers a violent impact…Instead of once in 500,000 to 1 million years…catastrophic impacts could happen every few thousand years." - New York Times, Nov. 2006

In other words, Earth is overdue for the next major hit. The last one happened 1500 years ago and triggered the Dark Ages. The real hidden statistics show, not only can impact happen at any time, but it's likely to happen any minute, without warning. We're all literally living on borrowed time and in order to conceal this, government agencies keep data on ocean craters out of calculations. That's how NASA cooks-the-books to say, "Chances of impact are small, we don't need to be concerned." Keep us all calm as moguls race to sustain escape bases in space, on the Moon, and beneath the Earth's surface, using funds ripped off from us, paid for with a staged 2008 "economy collapse" charade. Their escape is at our expense, done by diverting us with rigged statistics about frequency of impacts, including the hit at Christmas '04.

"The world will most probably yawn at the prospect of a devastating solar storm until it happens. Prof. Paul Kintner, a physicist at Cornell University, says his students show a 'deep indifference' when he lectures on the impact of space weather."

- Newscientist.com March 23, 2009

"Indifference" has been artificially manufactured by moguls who pay pretty celebrities to act indifferent so sheeple can follow their example. The entire system of information statistics is fixed and rigged. What we see in media is scripted according to contingency schemes of the rich.


But internet archives preserve views of a deep impact into the Indian Ocean. A internet search in 2008 revealed a handful of reports still surviving online about what really happened in the Indian Ocean:

"It has been said that the earthquake was caused by subduction and triggered a series of devastating tsunamis, however, a comet/asteroid strike cannot be ruled out." - Scott.net, Dec. 26, 2004

"Evidence for Sumatra Quake Leans Towards Meteorite Strike…[shows] growing signs surrounding this event that, rather than being caused by internal earth [quake], as is being widely reported, it was instead caused by an extraterrestrial event, a meteorite strike into the ocean having come from the Southern Hemisphere skies." - Sorcha Faal, Dec. 28, 2004

"There is some evidence that the Earthquake/Tsunami event may have been caused by a natural event such as a meteor."

- Ecologynews.com 2005

"According to geophysicist Gresham Clacy, the tsunami occurred as a direct result of a meteor impact in the sea...Clacy can't say whether it's a deliberate government cover-up." - masternewmedia.org, January 2005

"Does Meteor Splashdown Cause 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami?…Impact Harbingers? Over the last few months the world has seen a series of seeming coincidences…a sudden, strong increase in meteor sightings around the globe."

- Guerilla News Network, Dec. 2004

"ASIA TSUNAMI EVENT DEPTH ONLY 2.5 MILES (METEOR IMPACT?)…notice how the exact depth of the ocean at the event site has been left out of every news report…[it was] an earthquake event depth of only 2.5 miles beneath the ocean floor! Only 2.5 miles…this makes me very curious indeed as to the true nature of this gargantuan earth movement. This…is the least shallow earthquake-tsunami event that I have found. A scientist can shift a decimal here, push a digit there, and I am confident the depth can be fudged down a few miles. All calculations have a margin of error. In my opinion, the chances are not remote that this event actually occurred directly on or very near the ocean floor… I'd say there is a possibility that a meteor or comet impact caused this quake and tidal wave based on the fact that it was relatively near to the ocean floor. The reason for fudging the numbers would be to avoid widespread panic."

- groups.yahoo.com/group/armageddon-or-newage - Dec. 30, 2004

The impact gouged out a hole across twelve hundred kilometers of the ocean floor.

Three months later, in March 2005, the unstable crater caves in its ridge as the rocky wall falls in on itself. During the collapse a second huge quake shakes the ocean, but this time there's no tsunami. A quake alone there won't make the wave, an asteroid splash is needed. In March, as people see the discrepancy, government agencies race to explain the lack of waves. The aim of official spin is to keep concealed the meteor of December. Dominators can't allow news to get through that Jimi's prediction came true, they can't say December's quake came from a rock. Their media removes proof that Hendrix is correct. Around the globe moguls mobilize to hide it.

But consider the fate of an American nuclear submarine named the USS San Francisco…


More evidence of an impact crater comes from the mysterious death, damage, and injuries onboard the USS San Francisco. The official government story is that this submarine, stationed nearby the earthquake site, "hit the ocean floor" in the days following the tsunami. One sailor was killed and 97 crew members were injured, with 29 of them hospitalized. The front of the sub sustained substantial damage. The bow alone cost $11 million to repair.

Government officials say the sub "struck an undersea mountain…hit a seamount that did not appear on the chart." But what the sub struck was a newly formed ridge jutting up from the crater carved out by the Rock. That's why the location of the crash is classified Top Secret by the U.S. government, it's the impact site, and the elite need to conceal evidence of a hit.

Moguls have hidden the hole and removed its ridge. If not for the sailor killed, dozens of injured crew, and damage to the craft from the crash, we would not know today what the sub discovered.

Indonesia Comes Clean After We Expose Them


After First Century Press published Tsunami Asteroid's Gamma Blast and exposed the existence of the seafloor crater gouged out by the rock impact on Christmas 2004, the government of Indonesia realized their cover had been blown and their complicity in the cover-up of the crater beneath the Indian Ocean would be investigated. So on May 29, 2009 the Indonesian government issued a statement to AFP: "A massive underwater mountain was discovered off the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Indonesian government marine geologist Yusuf Surachman said the mountain was discovered earlier this month about 330 kilometres (205 miles) west of Bengkulu city, the epicentre of the catastrophic Asian quake and tsunami of 2004. Surachman denied reports that researchers had confirmed the discovery of a new volcano, insisting that at this stage it could only be described as a 'seamount.' 'It looks like a volcano because of its conical shape, but it might not be,' he said."

For "conical shape" read: CRATER! This is yet another example of the incredible Turn-Asteroid-Impacts-Into-Volcano-Holes trick that mogul media has been flooding science publications and TV shows with for the past several years. By portraying volcanoes as the cause of past extinctions and impact disasters, the public is being specifically conditioned to dismiss the threat of impacts.

After the tsunami, many websites drew a connection between the increase of reports about asteroids, meteors, and comets around Earth in the days leading up to the quake, and the big wave that followed:

"Prior to the great quake that shook the Indian Ocean in December, Unknowncountry.com reported numerous incidents of fireballs and other unusual aerial phenomena." - Unknowncountry.com March 2005

"Lending credence to the suspicions of a meteorite strike causing this event have been a number of world reports relating to fireballs, mysterious lights in the sky around the world and exploding meteorites turning 'night into day' in both Indonesia and China over these past few weeks." - Sorcha Faal Dec. 28, 2004

"The asteroids that we see may be less troubling than the ones we're missing. Days before Christmas, astronomers located an asteroid after it had whizzed by the Earth…below the orbits of satellites."

- Glenn Reynolds - fireballs-meteorites.blogspot.com Dec. 27, 2004

"An increased number of meteorite strikes were reported in the months just before the Indonesian tsunami…The last reported was a large one that landed in the ocean off the coast of Sumatra [Jakarta] just days before the quake and tsunami."

- Asteroid Strikes, Meteor Showers, Solar Flares, Aug. 2005

Also indicating asteroid splash is the way the great wave circled out radially, in a ripple pattern, like from a pebble tossed in a pond.

"The behavior of the waves in the Indian Ocean does suggest a meteorite [strike], due to the concentric nature, flowing throughout the ocean basin." - Sorcha Faal, Jan. 10, 2005

At Guerilla News Network an online forum about the tsunami alerts us to a media deception, as blogger "Zack" explains, "This is my problem with the whole thing; the media reports it as if the earthquake was a ripple [circular wave] effect…Wrong…a plate movement will result in a tidal wave with specific direction…but it won't be a ripple [wave]…that's just silly…So what gives with the media reports of circular [ripple] waves [like waves caused by impacts]?…Apart from President Bush being able to use [news of an impact] to justify star wars [U.S. Missile Defense Program] if it's a meteor, does it really make a huge difference whether [the tsunami] started out as an earthquake or a meteor?"

Yes, it makes a "huge difference" to those who control media that we agree an earthquake made the wave, and that there was not a Rock.


They don't want us to know how this impact is a central event in Jimi's prediction, which came to fruition at Christmas 2004.

The single most critical propaganda aim of global moguls is to deny Jimi's vision and hide the collision that proves he's right. In societies like ours that enshrine inequality, asteroid defense won't get made in time. As Hendrix said, "humans haven't got their priorities right, we base everything on a status thing." The right priority, the real status, is defense against threats from space. All of our actions should be directed there, under a system of equality for all. Without it this is a temporary civilization living on borrowed time. But mogul media of the evil elite conceal this. They call equality an "invasion of capital", less for them. They claim they deserve more, and use media to get us to agree.

David Brancaccio: "That's the Enron connection, right? The sense that seems to persist - that we know best, we can figure this out. Let us just do what we have to do. We'll be able to move forward."

Bethany McLean: "And that we're smarter than you, so we're entitled to make a whole lot more money than the rest of you." - PBS TV NOW - JAN. 30, 2009

Moguls mobilize media and get us to forget Hendrix, and especially suppress how Jimi's vision came true. Here's what media is organized to hide:


"The solar system is going through a change soon
and it's going to affect the Earth itself in about thirty years."
- Jimi Hendrix 1969

"About thirty years" later after 1969, in 2004, a "change in our solar system" made an asteroid crash in the ocean. Jimi's prediction proved true.


"There's a physical change coming,
the world's gonna go topsy-turvy…there's gonna be a big physical change."
- Jimi 1969

"The magnitude 9.3 earthquake left a detectable scar on Earth's gravity field [and] shifted the North Pole by an inch." - LiveScience.com, April 25, 2005

The 2004 impact and quake made the planet's axis shift at the poles. The top-of-the-world turned, as Hendrix said: "topsy-turvy."

"The source of the earthquake has caused the Earth to wobble. The earthquake has caused the mass of the Earth to be out of balance, which has caused the Earth to wobble. The earthquake was so big it shifted the entire planet." - PBS TV, Richard Gross, Jet Propulsion Lab - NOVA, Wave That Shook the World

Atmospheric chaos swirled as the top of our globe turned topsy-turvy "about thirty years" after Jimi said in 1969 that Earth will be affected by a physical change in "about thirty years" when the "world goes topsy-turvy." Just hours before this happened at Christmas 2004, an asteroid in space was discovered to be aimed at Earth, due to arrive "about thirty years" in the future, in 2029, on Friday the 13th in April. Astronomers designated this rock "MN4"… MN = "Mountain"

"The Mountain falls in the sea." - Jimi "If 6 Was 9"

NASA officials christen this Rock "Apophis", the Egyptian demon of darkness and destruction.

Apophis is assigned asteroid number "999-42" - upside down and backwards this number is: "666+6 ["42" is 4+2=6]". 666 is the biblical sign of the devil.

""Now if the Six turned out to be Nine, I don't mind…" - Jimi "If 6 Was 9"

And the word "Apophis" closely resembles the Bible's own name for the rock predicted to destroy Earth:

"The name of the star is Apinthos." - Revelation 8 [Greek translation]


30 twice equals 60. Sixty years after 1969 (when Jimi wrote "30 twice") is 2029.

When the Apophis asteroid arrives in 2029 it will have been 60 years since 1969. In 1969 Jimi wrote about himself as Jesus:

"I've been Jesus Christ - 30 twice"" - Jimi 1969

30 twice equals 60. Sixty years after 1969 (when Jimi wrote "30 twice") is 2029.

"Jesus Christ 30 twice" is his reference to the year 2029, 60 years after 1969 is 2029.

"29" is "about thirty".

"The solar system is going through a change…
it's going to affect the Earth in about thirty years."
- Jimi

Air Force pilots and satellite technicians who saw the 2004 tsunami asteroid have undergone "debriefings" at Gitmo, after which they recall no fireball at all. The extent to which media is today mobilized to censor and suppress reports of the Rock is the hallmark event of our time - an Orwellian nightmare of dominator propaganda disinformation deceiving us all. The implication is obvious: everything reported by mass media is suspect - the entire system of information is fixed and rigged in the interests of elitist dominators.


History is rife with examples of thousands of people who've witnessed conspiracy and remained silent. Consider Nazi guards stationed in concentration camps, or the villagers nearby who stayed silent for years. A staff of more than 22,000 manned the Manhattan Project, thousands more decoded the Enigma machine at Bletchley Park. All stayed silent for decades. Likewise the American press corps during the 1930s and 1940s were able to persuade almost all citizens that President Franklin Roosevelt could walk. For more than a dozen years the entire public was hypnotized to believe their paralyzed leader ran marathons. This simple fact alone is enough to suggest that "secret societies" are not just endemic, but epidemic to our species. Widespread censorship was perfected to this extent six decades ago. Since then, like other technologies, censorship techniques have dramatically advanced. Do a web search for Project Greek Island, or Project Sunset, or Hexagon Project, or the Dayton Codebreakers. Or just click here to get familiar with the Stellar Wind program in Utah

Media trains us to scoff at the mere mention of "conspiracy" because moguls who control media are engaged in a conspiracy against the people. It's in the interests of the "rich" to convince us to dismiss this charge, yet secret societies infest our institutions: Skull & Bones at Yale, Bohemian Grove in California, Illuminati in Germany, Freemasons in Washington, the Knight's Templar, Bilderberg, the Mafia, for decades the FBI officially denied that "Mafia" existed. Moguls are able to hide in plain sight every time they train skeptics to sneer and jeer at those who expose conspiracies. Average people on on the street don't think in conspiratorial ways

Beth McLean: "Human nature, which is inclined toward belief rather than skepticism, and people's unwillingness to look at a Bernie Madoff and say, 'Maybe he's actually a fraud.' That takes a level of cynicism and skepticism that a lot of people simply don't have." - PBS TV NOW Jan. 2009

And at the same time, those who control media are very aware of what FBI Director Edgar Hoover knew:

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he can't believe it exists."

- J. Edgar Hoover, Elks Magazine - Aug. 1956

Mass media is completely rigged. Their cover-up of the 2004 Christmas asteroid is an Orwellian climax of propaganda thought-control. Why are we seeing so many desperate flights into space in the midst of global recession? Moguls are secretly planning to flee the planet to their Space Station condos and watch us be blown away by objects from space. Astronauts are being trained as hi-tech hotel staff catering to private penthouses aboard this floating tin can.


December 27, 2004: The day after the tsunami happens, world media is given rigged statistics to report on the Apophis rock. NASA cooks-the-books on the path of Apophis, and tells us the tsunami wasn't caused by a rock. They aim to erase the threat from our daily concerns as they pay for fudged numbers that say we're safe, and race to build safe havens in space.

"No cause for public attention or public concern, an actual collision is very unlikely." - NASA, Dec. 2004

So here we are in December 2004: NASA deceives the people about the threat from Apophis, while at the same time the planets align, shepherding dozens of rocks into space around Earth, till one of them splashes the ocean. Then, suddenly, out of the blue, the brightest flash of energy ever seen in our galaxy explodes through the solar system, with a blast 100 times bigger than any ever detected in the Milky Way.


On December 27, 2004, at the same time NASA floods world media with lies about the path of Apophis, scientific instruments orbiting Earth are overwhelmed by the brightest gamma ray burst ever seen. Gamma rays, deadly to humans, are the highest form of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes X-rays, visible light, and radio waves.

"This is a once in a lifetime event. It's an event that's sometimes characterized as a 'star-quake', a neutron star equivalent of an earthquake." - Rob Fender, Southampton University - BBC, Feb. 28, 2005

A Neutron Star Spewing Jets of Gamma Rays at Us

A star burns out all of its nuclear fuel and collapses in on itself, forming an ultra dense neutron star, in the process it blows off its outer envelop in a fantastic blast, the biggest, brightest bombs since the Big Bang. The oldest and most distant object ever seen (as of April 2009) is a gamma burst that's 13 billion light years away. Astronomers theorize that a quake on the star's surface triggers its twisted magnetic field to explode, like a spring wound too tight past the breaking point. What makes the December 27, 2004 gamma blast unique is that it's the first time a burst this bright has been seen in our galaxy. Other gamma bursts have been detected whose explosions were more powerful, but those bursts came from other galaxies tens of thousands of times more distant, and the light wasn't nearly as bright when it reached Earth.

"Sometimes when stars perish they unleash the most powerful force in the universe, a radioactive light brighter than a million trillion suns…The biggest explosions the universe has seen since the big bang itself. As massive as an explosion can be…Gamma Ray Bursts occur in a few milliseconds to several hundreds of seconds, and during that time the energy they put out is actually more energy than the whole universe in the same period of time…It would completely take out all of the ozone, our defense against high energy radiation…It would boil off the whole top of the Earth's atmosphere…

"This is light that has enough energy to completely decompose the molecules that are the stuff of life…the end of all life as we know it." - ABC TV, Last Days on Earth 2006

The 2004 Milky Way blast is the signature incident in our history and media controlled by moguls mobilize to minimize reports about it. All scientists with knowledge of the burst are sworn to secrecy for months. Today more than 90 percent of people remain unaware of what happened. This artificially imposed ignorance has been "manufactured" by media because there are two things about the gamma burst that influence government policies: First, should a gamma blast happen within 6000 light years of Earth, people will be extinct:

"Scientists say that a 10-second burst of gamma rays from a massive star explosion within 6,000 light years from Earth could have triggered a mass extinction millions of years ago." - nasa.gov

"A gamma-ray burst originating within 6,000 light years from Earth would have a devastating effect on life…What's most surprising is that just a 10-second burst can cause years of devastating ozone damage." - Dr. Adrian Melott, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Kansas - nasa.gov

"A gamma burst 6000 light years away [from Earth would] cause a mass extinction…1000 light years…would be like standing a couple miles from an atom bomb everywhere on the surface of the Earth…Within 100 light years, then things get very, very bad. It blows away the atmosphere, creates tidal waves, it starts to melt the surface of the Earth." - Stan Woosley, astrophysicist, Univ. of CA Santa Cruz, History Channel, Mega Disasters 2006

Our galaxy has about 400 billion stars within 70,000 light years of Earth. That means there are literally millions of stars within a 6000 light year radius around our planet, the closest being just 4.2 light years away. If just one of these nearby stars sheds a gamma blast, we're all toast. Add these facts to the 2004 explosion, which came from just 30,000 light years away, and the odds are high that in the near future Earth will be blasted by a nearby star.

The second point about this fantastic flash in 2004 is that the light was coming at us for thousands of years and it was seen by Jimi Hendrix, a remote view. Jimi drew pictures of what he saw and described it for an artist he'd asked to paint a portrait of the blast. Before we explore that, here's some background about gamma bursts:

History Channel TV, Mega Disasters 2006: "It's called a Gamma Ray Burst and even if one happens at a vast distance from the solar system it could destroy us…it shines with the light of a billion trillion suns…if one went off in our own galaxy it could have a serious effect on Earth and our atmosphere…A beam of invisible gamma rays would act like a science fiction death ray ripping into the stratosphere…You would see a very bright flash in a particular spot in the sky, like a new star,

"The New Rising Sun…Both Suns…" - Jimi

"and then the whole sky would go white…It would destroy the ozone layer, more ultraviolet radiation would be coming down and hitting the surface of the Earth…A Gamma Ray Burst caused one of the worst mass extinctions in our planet's history. It happened 450 million years ago at a time we now call the Ordovician Period…it's the second most severe extinction that has ever afflicted life on this planet, far more severe than the extinction that eliminated the dinosaurs. Gamma Ray Bursts are the most powerful explosions in the universe…If a GRB were to hit the Earth, the atmosphere would take the hit for us…It could happen any time…a force that until a few years ago was a mystery." - Mega Disasters

"We know of only two other giant flares in the past 35 years, and this December 2004 event was one hundred times more powerful." Dr. David Palmer, Los Alamos National Laboratory, nasa.gov Feb. 18, 2005

History Channel TV, Mega Disasters: "Earth is stripped of its protective ozone, and the surface is bombarded with deadly ultra violet radiation, temperatures drop as a brown haze…

"Purple Haze all in my brain…" - Jimi

"blocks sunlight…

"The Sun refuses to shine…" - Jimi

"and life on our planet hangs in the balance. Earth is a sitting duck when it comes to Gamma Ray Bursts…The first thing people would notice…there would be a new sun in the sky.

"The New Rising Sun…Both Suns…" - Jimi

"Some astronomers estimate there are 100,000 neutron stars in the Milky Way. Nobody knows if or when any of them could collide to create a Gamma Ray Burst that would hit the Earth. But with evidence pointing to a hit in our ancient past, it's clear we can never be completely safe." - Mega Disasters

We don't have to look to "our ancient past" for evidence - we need only see December 27, 2004:

"The highly magnetized star, called a magnetar, emitted as much energy in two-tenths of a second as the Sun gives off in 250,000 years…Its intrinsic power was a thousand times greater than the power of all other stars in the galaxy put together, and at least 100 times the power of any previous magnetar outburst in our galaxy. It was ten thousand times brighter than the brightest supernova." - McDonald Observatory

"Stunned astronomers described the greatest cosmic explosion ever monitored…'It was the mother of all magnetic flares - a true monster,' said Kevin Hurley, a research physicist at the University of California at Berkeley…the magnetic fields, which wrestle and overlap because of a star's spin, snap back and reconnect, creating a 'starquake' rather like the competing faults that cause an earthquake." - AFP PARIS Feb. 20, 2005

"Starquake…like the competing faults that cause an earthquake." The quake in the Indian Ocean in 2004 was caused by a ripple effect from the gamma blast, in the form of a gravity wave that pushed ahead of the explosion itself, arriving weeks in advance of the December 27th light burst.


"Starburst Was One of Brightest Objects Observed on Earth - [astrophysicist] Dr. Gaensler and his colleagues used radio telescopes to track the shock wave radiating outward from the star. They were surprised to find the bubble expanding at a third of the speed of light. 'Which is not what you tend to see in the galaxy every day,' he said." - New York Times February 18, 2005

Exopolitics.com 2005: "This article summarizes the evidence upon which to hypothesize that the Asian Tsunami of December 2004 may have been caused by gravity waves…which accompanied a gamma ray burst caused by the explosion of a Neutron Star…Astronomers theorize that gamma ray bursts travel in association with gravity wave bursts. In the course of their flight through space, gamma rays…travel slower than their associated gravity wave burst…gravity waves would…be expected to precede them…It seems difficult to pass off the proximity of [Dec. 2004 gamma burst and tsunami] as being coincidence. For two such unique events to have such a close time proximity is highly improbable if they are not somehow related…gravity waves would very likely be associated with gamma ray bursts, and they would be expected to precede them…Experiments carried out by Eugene Podkletnov show that a shock front outburst produces a longitudinal gravitational wave that travels forward with the burst. He has found that this gravity wave pulse has a speed in excess of 64 times the speed of light…the gravity wave will have obtained a head start over the electromagnetic wave radiation component traveling in its wake…

"So one would expect that the gravity wave from such an outburst would precede the gamma ray burst component." - Exopolitics.com 2005

Etheric.com 2005: "Others Coming to the Same Conclusion…1983 Ph.D. dissertation, Paul LaViolette and Lazarus Long…a type of Huygens Gravitational Wave effect may have preceded the actual Electro Magnetic 'flash' by many hours or it might simply reflect the period of compression and gravitational displacement within the Neutron Stars' power surge that preceded the actual electro magnetic emission. The arrival of the cosmic superwave would be signaled by a high intensity gamma ray burst which would also generate electromagnetic pulse effects…a strong gravity wave might be expected to travel forward at the forefront of this superwave and might be the first indication of a superwave's arrival." - Etheric.com 2005

Days before the Gamma Burst reached Earth, the gravity wave that preceded it caused havoc.

On December 22, five days prior to arrival of the blast, Sorcha Faal reported, "Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet…An increasingly panicked global effort is now underway by the world's top scientists to understand an unprecedented series of 'blasts' - energy surges, which the planet has been taking from an as yet unknown source which has been bombarding Antarctica with cosmic rays and disrupting Northern Hemisphere weather systems on a global scale."

In the weeks leading up to the gamma blast, Earth's atmosphere began experiencing its effects. The "chaos" that is noted in this December 22nd report was caused by the gravity wave that preceded the gamma blast's arrival on December 27th.

Bursts from neutron stars have been observed twice before - in 1998 and 1979, but the energy in the first 0.25-seconds from this 2004 blast is 100 times more powerful than the two previous super flares, creating an explosion that is the brightest ever witnessed. From across the galaxy it packs enough power to alter our planet's atmosphere. The mammoth surge of energy changes the solar system. Asteroids and comets are flung asunder by the force. The Earth itself is affected, just as Hendrix said


On May 23, 1969, while looking back over data from the Vela 4 satellite in Earth orbit, Ray Klebesadel and Roy Olsen find an event recorded by the satellite in July 1967. They discover explosions in space that years later are understood as "gamma bursts" - gigantic eruptions of stars. The next day, May 24, 1969, while the Apollo 10 astronauts orbit the Moon, Jimi Hendrix speaks about his vision of a fantastic force racing towards us through space. He'd not "learned" of gamma bursts. Those who'd just the day before discovered bursts were still years away from comprehending what they'd found. Rather, Jimi had a remote view:

"The solar system is going through a change soon and it's going to affect the Earth itself in about thirty years." - Jimi, May 24, 1969

In 2004, "about thirty years" after Jimi's 1969 prediction, an asteroid hits, and "the Earth itself is affected."

"The radiation pushed in the Earth's ionosphere." - New York Times, Feb. 18, 2005

As Hendrix said, by a "change in our solar system":

"As the [Dec. 2004] radiation stormed through our solar system, it blitzed at least 15 spacecraft, knocking their instruments off-scale whether or not they were pointing in the [originating star's] direction…The flare also ripped atoms apart, ionizing them, in much of the Earth's ionosphere for five minutes, to a deeper level than even the biggest solar flares do." - McDonald Observatory, Feb. 2005

In 1969 Hendrix was the only known person to have what scientists call a "remote view" of the light. He could see from a great distance its approach. If we were on an island watching the 2004 tsunami rolling towards us, intuitive perspective allows us to "guesstimate" how many minutes before it hits. Scale that view up to a galactic level and we get the "Hendrix Perspective". Through the galactic plasma, planets feel pulsating waves approaching. An estimate for time of arrival is present in sensing this vibration, and that sense is transmitted from the planet itself into conscious organisms, conscious for that purpose. The planet's chemical messengers, hallucinogens, are evolved to aid in attaining this awareness. For thousands of years the incredibly bright light had come blasting at us out of the constellation Sagittarius, the Zodiac birth sign of Jimi, the blinding light of a star from afar that only he could see coming…

Monika Dannemann's Painting of Jimi & the Milky Way Gamma Blast
Galactic Flash - the "Star" in "Rock Star" - knocks a Rock into the Indian Ocean

Jimi's last girlfriend, Monika Dannemann, who was with him when he died, and passed away herself in 1996, made a painting (see above) of Hendrix and the gamma flash coming from across our galaxy. In this painting, the spot where the flash is located is the same position in our galaxy from where the 2004 gamma blast actually came from, a star on the far side of the galactic center.

"The flare originated about [30,000] light years away in the constellation Sagittarius [Hendrix birth sign], which means that the [originating star] sits directly opposite the center of our galaxy from the Earth in the disk of the Milky Way Galaxy." - McDonald Observatory, Feb. 2005

Jimi had warned Monika about a space rock threatening Earth, and her painting suggests that he explicitly described to her the light he saw flashing towards us, a gamma blast that erupted on the other side of the Milky Way, as pictured above. On several occasions he'd left instructions for paintings he asked Monika to render. Gamma Bursts were unknown to all but a few astronomers while Jimi was alive, yet notice how the image in Monika's painting is so close to modern depictions of Gamma Bursts below:

In 1969 Hendrix estimated that Earth would be affected "in about thirty years" and he was right, in a bit more than thirty years the light hit. He combined the numbers of the year, 6 and 9, to draw a picture of the exploding burst and the gravity field surrounding it:

"Jimi said the sign with nine rays in it is the symbol of a very high spiritual power which is coming towards Earth." - Monika Dannemann

"If the 6 turned out to be 9…the Mountain falls in the sea…the Sun refuses to shine…" - Jimi

Compare Monika's color painting (above) with Jimi's "69" b&w drawing (above) of the Milky Way, showing the gamma burst circled within on the far side of the galactic center, and an enlargement (in bottom foreground) of the gravity wave preceding the central explosion, with Earth pictured in the distance, as Jimi said "Straight Ahead" (song title) - symbolized by an arrow at the top.

"I can see a traffic jam straight ahead…" - Jimi