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Hendrix Connection Causes Revolution for Equality

(that's why media conceals the asteroid impact…)

The Ultimate Cover-up Conspiracy

by Michael Fairchild

Dedicated to the Enlightened - See the Light - of a Billion Trillion Suns…

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"…unprecedented series of blasts…energy surges…cosmic rays…Asteroid Crashing on Christmas Day…"

T'was mid afternoon on Christmas in America
when an asteroid crashed into the Indian Ocean.
A huge tsunami wave rippled out from the splash,
around 300,000 people perished…

To make a tsunami wave cross over the ocean,
a rock must be wider than 50 meters (164 ft).
A rock in space more than 50 meters wide is an "asteroid."

An ASTEROID splash made that wave in the ocean…

Inequality between people prevents us from stopping rocks.
Jimi's prediction proved true,

revolution is required.

That's why mogul controlled elitist media spends trillions
to deny the Impact, and cover-up the Gamma Blast
that pushed a Rock into Earth…


Extreme things surround the odd tsunami of December 2004. In the weeks leading up to the great wave, and the weeks following it, a barrage of rocks swarmed through space around Earth in an incredible spike of meteor and asteroid activity. This swarm in orbit came from a wave of gigantic gravity energy racing towards our planet. The wave is pushed along in front of the biggest explosion ever seen in our galaxy. This galactic blast is a gamma ray burst of energy eruptions, like monster solar flares snapping at us from a distant star. For thousands of years the burst surged towards Earth from the far side of the Milky Way. It arrived at Christmastime 2004, but its unprecedented bright light was seen approaching years earlier. It was observed by Jimi Hendrix. The extra sensory perception of Hendrix, what Jimi called his "sixth sense," glimpsed a remote view of blinding light, a vision that inspired the asteroid warning he tried to raise.

During the weeks prior to the gamma burst's arrival on Earth, its massive gravity bubble pulsed ahead of the explosion, pushing at asteroids, forcing them along in advance. Like a solar wind in reverse, it blows back rocks, nudging them on up in front of the wave racing our way.

Official records show a spike in sightings of meteors, asteroids, and comets preceding and following the gamma burst at Christmastime. From mid November 2004, and then following the gravity wave into March 2005, at least 40 known fireballs are reported worldwide.

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In the days before Christmas, 21 asteroids, meteors, and comets litter the skies around Earth. Below are a few examples:

November 27 (Jimi Hendrix birthday) - Sri Lanka, India:

December 6 - New South Wales, Australia:

December 11 - Gansu Province, China:

On December 19th Asteroid 2004 YD5 nearly hits Earth, passing beneath the orbits of satellites. The rock went undetected until three days later. It is the second closest pass of a near-Earth asteroid ever seen by telescope (the closest pass, by a different rock, was observed a few months earlier).

December 19 - on the same day Asteroid YD5 almost hits Earth, a meteor is seen streaking Indonesian over Jakarta:

The gravity wave fronting the explosion pushes at asteroids until one of the rocks finally crashes into a remote part of the ocean, splashing a massive tsunami wave just hours before the gamma blast flashes our planet.

Then, in the weeks after the burst, another 19 fireballs are recorded around the globe as rocks continue to follow along for weeks in the wake of the great gravity wave, churning behind it, like debris tossed along boat trails in water, a swarm of floating mountains sucked into Earth's path.

This globally spotted barrage of rocks sparks online commentary, like this December 19th post at "So our planet is being rained on by meteorites; big deal, right? Shut out those annoying streaks in the sky and loud booms that are happening with alarming frequency all over the planet, and go back to the concerns of our little lives."

On December 23 Pravda in Russia nervously jests, "Meteor Showers to Devastate Planet Earth…Reports about meteorites appearing in the sky of planet Earth have become much more frequent indeed…"

"Experts do not know why incidents with meteorites have become so frequent nowadays." - Pravda, Dec. 23, 2004

"Why" so many rocks shower the skies is because of a fantastic blast in space moving through our solar system, nudging them towards us…


On Christmas Eve, as Asteroid 2004 VW14 makes its closest approach to Earth, world media starts reporting news from NASA about another, different asteroid. Astronomers had just discovered that Asteroid 2004 MN4, later named Apophis, is aimed at Earth, due to arrive on Friday the 13th in April 2029.

"Highest Score on Torino Scale"

The rock is big enough to devastate Texas if it hits land, or splash tsunamis if it hits water.

In 2005 NASA officially changes the name of asteroid 2004 MN4 to "Apophis" - the Greek word for Evil Destruction. Speaking for NASA, Professor Dave Tholen at the University of Hawaii explains, "We selected the Greek name for an Egyptian god. Apophis is the Greek name for the Egyptian god Apep, the god of evil and destruction."

ABC TV Last Days On Earth (2006): Neil de Grasse Tyson (astrophysicist): "I'm worried about the next asteroid. We have a polite term for them, near-Earth objects, but really, these are the things that can render us extinct. One was discovered recently at the end of 2004, fine, it's a new asteroid, who cares? Until you start plugging in the orbital parameters, into your computer. You plug those in and then you watch where it goes, and you project forward, where you expect to find this thing in the future. You know what we found? This asteroid, on Friday the 13th in April 2029, will come close enough to Earth to dip below our communications satellites in orbit around Earth."

ABC Narrator: "This asteroid is called Apophis."

Neil de Grasse Tyson: "It's big enough to create the worst damage to life on Earth in recorded history."

"Apophis, named for an Egyptian god of darkness and evil. It was clear that Apophis is going to be a very close approach, a fascinating object…Very often we start off with a one-in-a-billion, maybe one-in-a-million chance. But maximum probability here was one in 37 - a one in 37 chance that in April of the year 2029 Apophis will slam into Earth on - get this - Friday the 13th. We'd never seen anything like that before, that was absolutely extraordinary. It's actually going to come closer to us than the ring of communication satellites that are in synchronous altitude around the Earth." - PBS TV NOVA Oct. 2006


December 25-29, 2004: On Christmas Eve, while world media reports news of Apophis, as Asteroid VW14 flies by, the Associated Press, Des Moines Register, and Astronomy Magazine report a "Rare Planet Alignment" for the Christmas holiday: "Three planets will align over the weekend…something we haven't seen for at least 100 years…Mercury, Mars and Venus will be able to be seen in the southeastern part of the sky before sunrise from Saturday (Christmas Day) through Wednesday (December 25-29)."

The significance of alignments of the solar system's inner planets near Earth is that the combined gravitational fields of these globes can steer asteroids at us…

alignments can shepherd rocks along funnels into us…

this is what happened at Christmas 2004…


At the peak of the alignment, following weeks of escalating incidents of rocks pushed by a gravity wave into space around Earth, an asteroid impact in the Indian Ocean unleashes a massive tsunami wave that wipes out around 300,000 people.

"Caused by a meteorite strike into the ocean having come from the Southern Hemisphere skies." - Sorcha Faal Dec. 2004

The impact's remote location out to sea, and the asteroid having traveled low over the ocean along an incline almost horizontal with the water surface…

- climbing north, out of Antarctica - "from the Southern Hemisphere skies" - Up From The Skies (Jimi Hendrix song title)…

meant it went unseen across open waters, with no land below, and no people to look up from under its path. REPEAT: ITS FLIGHT WAS SURROUNDED BY THOUSANDS OF MILES OF WATER ON ALL SIDES. NO CIVILIANS WERE WITHIN SIGHT RANGE. FEW HUMANS SAW IT.

Only military personnel under control of governments track the asteroid with satellite monitors used to detect missile launches. The fact that so few civilians see the Christmas fireball allows the official cover up that we see today. Immediately media controlled by moguls issue descriptions of a tsunami that make no mention of the Rock. A quake alone is blamed for the wave. The asteroid impact is covered-up.

Officials declare "classified" all accounts of the fireball reported by Air Force, Navy, and NASA staff. Counterparts in other governments likewise issue similar contingency plans drawn up decades ago for just such an impact that explodes unseen in the remote ocean. When an asteroid strike out to sea can be concealed, it will be concealed, but especially for this event in December '04, the reason to keep it secret is that awareness of the impact will inspire revolutions against governments. The splash of this tsunami rock exposes the big picture dominators must hide, the single vision most resisted by moguls, a scenario never seen on their propaganda media screens, namely: the remote view prediction of Jimi Hendrix

But before we explain, consider 3 things that make this tsunami odd. First is the intensity of the earthquake prior to the wave. Scientists at Northwestern University measured the earthquake's magnitude at 9.3 on the Richter Scale, "the second largest quake ever instrumentally recorded," a freakishly big movement of Earth.

"…tears apart the floor of the Indian Ocean…something snapped…its more powerful than all of the world's earthquakes over the last five years put together." - PBS TV, NOVA Wave That Shook the World 2005

A second freaky thing is the extreme shallowness of the quake in the ocean floor, as we'll see ahead. And third, geologic records show relatively few incidents of past tsunamis in the Indian Ocean. In December 2004 the New York Post noted, "A tsunami last crossed the Indian Ocean in 1509. Scientists had not expected anything close to the quake and killer waves that struck [in 2004] because 90 percent of tsunamis occur in the Pacific Ocean."

Going back 3000 years, geologists find evidence of only three previous tsunamis in the Indian Ocean, and the evidence for two of them is disputed by some scientists. But, of past tsunamis for which there is evidence, some are known to have been caused by asteroids:


In November 2006 the New York Times News Service reported research about "an extraterrestrial impact into the Indian Ocean about 4,800 years ago. Some scientists believe the hit [was] by either a meteor or asteroid…Once they started looking, the evidence was obvious…At the southern end of Madagascar lie…enormous wedge-shaped sediment deposits, called chevrons…and all of them point in the same direction - toward the middle of the Indian Ocean where a newly discovered crater, 18 miles in diameter, lies 12,500 feet below the surface…

"A large asteroid or comet, the kind that could kill a quarter of the world's population, smashed into the Indian Ocean 4,800 years ago [2800 BCE], producing a tsunami at least 600 feet high, about 13 times as big as the one that inundated Indonesia [in December 2004]." - New York Times

Two similar chevrons found in north-central Australia both point out to sea north of the continent, where two more ocean floor craters were found to be about twelve hundred years old. The New York Times report also notes, "It would be a great help if the National Science Foundation sent a ship equipped with modern acoustic equipment to take a closer look."

The National Science Foundation won't provide that "help" because the priority of moguls who control global governments is to fabricate "evidence" that'll tell us the chance of future asteroid disaster is slim. They need to have people believe it won't happen, and sending a ship to dig up news of more craters at sea has an opposite effect, causing us to realize how likely the odds are for future impact. Moguls don't want us to know, they aim to maintain control of labor that makes their safe haven escape bases. Think-tanks funded by the global elite rig statistics, fudge numbers, and stack data to "prove" a new asteroid strike is extremely unlikely. Evidence for this conspiracy is seen in a revealing blurb buried in the New York Times report: "Surveys show that as many as 185 large asteroids or comets have hit the Earth [but] most of the craters are on land. 'No one has spent much time looking for craters in the deep ocean,' said David Morrison, a leading authority on asteroids and comets at the NASA Ames Research Center."

- New York Times, Nov. 2006

Lack of looking for seabed craters isn't an oversight, it's intentional - government think-tanks, like the Ames Research Center, are under mandate to tell us that the odds of future asteroid strike are very small. To arrive at these fudged numbers officials OMIT OCEAN CRATERS to present a false impression of risk by showing only land impacts (see map at upper right). They skew the risk because, as the New York Times notes, when the hundreds of ocean holes (see left) are figured into calculations for probability of future impact…

"the evidence is strong enough to overturn current estimates of how often the Earth suffers a violent impact…Instead of once in 500,000 to 1 million years, as astronomers now calculate, catastrophic impacts could happen every few thousand years." - New York Times, Nov. 2006

In other words, Earth is overdue for the next major hit. The last one happened around 1500 years ago and triggered the Dark Ages. The real - hidden - statistics show, not only can impact happen at any time, but it's likely to happen any minute, without warning. We're all literally living on borrowed time and in order to conceal this, government agencies keep data on ocean craters out of risk calculations. That's how NASA cooks-the-books to say, "Chances of impact are so small, we don't need to be concerned." Keep us all calm, as moguls race to sustain escape bases at the space station, on the Moon, and beneath the Earth's surface, using funds ripped off from us, paid for with a staged 2008 "economy collapse" charade. Their escape is at our expense, done by diverting us with RIGGED STATISTICS about the frequency of impacts, including the hit at Christmas '04.

"The world will most probably yawn at the prospect of a devastating solar storm until it happens. Prof. Paul Kintner, a physicist at Cornell University, says his students show a 'deep indifference' when he lectures on the impact of space weather." - March 23, 2009

This "indifference" has been artificially manufactured by moguls who pay pretty celebrities to act indifferent so sheeple can follow their example. The entire system of information statistics is fixed and rigged. What we see in media is scripted according to contingency schemes of the rich.


But despite the lies from censorship-media, immediately following the tsunami in December 2004, reports of an impact did spread on the web… 12.28.04:

Internet archives preserve views of a deep impact into the Indian Ocean, a mammoth splash made by the Rock,

as it rippled gigantic waves, racing toward distant shores. It was during Christmas in America.



December 26, 2004: The website reports, "It has been said that the earthquake was caused by subduction and triggered a series of devastating tsunamis, however, a comet/asteroid strike cannot be ruled out."
Meteorites, Asteroids, and Comets: Damages, Disasters, Injuries, Deaths, and Very Close Calls

December 27, 2004: Coast To Coast AM radio show -

caller: Storm777: "Dear George [show host], on December 19th an asteroid passed over the Indian Ocean under the orbit of satellites. It was the [second} closest fly by of an asteroid in recorded history. Could you please ask your guest if it's possible that an asteroid, or a companion [meteorite], caused the tsunami?"

Coast To Coast answer: "It's not only possible, it's PROBABLE."

Storm777: "It was then that ALL information about the asteroid vanished from the if it had never happened. "

In the days after the tsunami there were many web postings and chat room accounts from people who saw the fireball. I noted the incident on this website at that time. Years later when I went back to this story, someone from Coast to Coast A.M. radio emailed me saying they did a show in Dec. '04 (above) about a rock causing the tsunami, and then they noticed in later weeks how almost all references to the impact event had disappeared off the web. But I recall from the initial witness accounts, there were postings from the French Southern Antarctic Lands that said they saw the fireball streaking north in the distant east, the asteroid was faint from that location, but clearly visible.

On another message board about the tsunami I saw a posting from people who were at sea west of the Cocos Keeling Islands and they described seeing the fireball and a "fantastic flash" on the northeast horizon prior to being caught in the tsunami.

Informants inside Seattle's Experience Music Project have told First Century Press that Paul Allen's telescope "array" at S.E.T.I. spotted the incoming asteroid enough in advance for his Space Ship One to be launched from the Mojave Desert, whereupon a team was able to actually film the asteroid impact. But, like all artifacts regarding Jimi, these relics are guarded in vaults at Microsoft's underground city beneath Norway.

An internet search in 2008 revealed that a handful of reports survive online about what really happened in the Indian Ocean:

December 28, 2004: Sorcha Faal's website headline (see below) reads, "Evidence for Sumatra Quake Leans Towards Meteorite Strike" and notes, "It is being reported that the [quake] depth was 10 kilometers. More importantly are the growing signs surrounding this event that, rather than being caused by internal earth [quake], as is being widely reported, it was instead caused by an extraterrestrial event, a meteorite strike into the ocean having come from the Southern Hemisphere skies."

An article at concludes, "There is some evidence that the Earthquake/Tsunami event may have been caused by a natural event such as a meteor."

In January 2005 at a blog (see below) about the cause of the tsunami reports, "According to geophysicist Gresham Clacy, the tsunami occurred as a direct result of a meteor impact in the sea. The seismic recordings and wave effects are typical of this type of event. The wave front moved out in a circle, which is NOT what you would expect if the energy source had been a linear fault [quake] caused by tectonic plate movement. Meteorite impact would also explain the deaths of marine animals. Clacy can't say whether it's a deliberate government cover-up, or whether scientists are just too stupid to figure out it's a meteor impact."

A blog titled "Does Meteor Splashdown Cause 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami?" at Guerilla News Network (see below) points to the swarm of fireball incidents in the weeks leading up to the tsunami and asks: "Impact Harbingers? Over the last few months the world has seen a series of seeming coincidences…

Odd, no matter which way you look at them…there has been a sudden, strong increase in meteor sightings around the globe. Perhaps we should take a closer look for a possible connection between these events [tsunami and meteor sightings]."

December 30, 2004: Four days after the tsunami, a newsgroup at focuses on the odd depth of the earthquake that preceded the giant waves, and questions whether the quake was caused by a meteor:


A YAHOO NEWSGROUP blogger named "Geneticus" writes (see above), "I find it interesting to notice how the exact depth of the ocean at the event site has been left out of every news report...[but] according to the latest reports from [see below], the depth of the earthquake is reported to have been 10 kilometers, which is 6.21 miles."

"...a depth of 10 kilometers..."

YAHOO NEWSGROUP "GENETICUS": "We [can] proceed through simple logic and mathematics to determine the ocean depth at the point of the tsunami, as compared to the depth of the earthquake event."

YAHOO NEWSGROUP "GENETICUS": "According to Sify News [see below], a new early warning system will be deployed in the area of the Indian Ocean…at a depth of '6 kilometers under the Indian Ocean.' That is an ocean depth of 3.73 miles. We know the ocean water accounts for the first 60% of the event depth as reported."

YAHOO NEWSGROUP "GENETICUS": "Crunch the numbers and you come up with an earthquake event depth of only 2.5 miles beneath the ocean floor! Only 2.5 miles...this makes me very curious indeed as to the true nature of this gargantuan earth movement. This…is the least shallow earthquake-tsunami event that I have found."

"…tears apart the floor of the Indian Ocean…it took place very near the surface of the seabed…very shallow."
- PBS TV NOVA: Wave That Shook the World

Compare the depth of the 2004 quake (2.5 miles) to some other tsunami-generating quakes:

Unimak, Alaska - 4.1.1946: depth 25km / 15.53 miles
Kamchatka, Russia - 11.4.1952: depth 30km / 18.64 miles
Chile - 5.22.1960: depth 33km / <20.51 miles
Prince William Sound, Alaska - 3.27.1964: depth 23km / 14.29 miles
Peru - 10.17.1966: depth 60km / 37.28 miles
Mexico - 9.19.1985: depth 17km / 10.56 miles
Vanimo, New Guinea - 7.17.1999: depth 32km / 19.88 miles
Kocaeli, Turkey - 8.17.1999: depth 17km / 10.56 miles
Vanuatu, SW Pacific - 11.26.1999: depth 33km / 20.51 miles
Honshu, Japan - 9.5.2004: depth 14km / 8.7 miles

YAHOO NEWSGROUP "GENETICUS": "A scientist can shift a decimal here, push a digit there, and I am confident the depth can be fudged down a few miles. All calculations have a margin of error. In my opinion, the chances are not remote that this event actually occurred directly on, or very near, the ocean floor…I'd say there is a possibility that a meteor or comet impact caused this quake and tidal wave based on the fact that it was relatively near to the ocean floor. The reason for fudging the numbers would be to avoid widespread panic."

January 10, 2005: Sorcha Faal's website (see below) notes, "More information continues to be received by us relating to our December 28, 2004 report: 'Evidence for Sumatra Quake Leans Towards Meteorite Strike…

"Western media reports continue about this cataclysmic event with no regard for science fact…The United States National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) states…'Most tsunamis generated in this area are propagated toward the southwest shores of Java and Sumatra, rather than into the Indian Ocean'…however, we know this not to be the case [because]…the [2004] waves propagated out from a 'center' to all areas of the Indian Ocean, even to the African Coast and beyond…The behavior of the waves in the Indian Ocean does suggest a meteorite [strike], due to their concentric nature, flowing throughout the ocean basin…

"[Waves] caused by an earthquake would have been omni or bi directed…This information alone does not constitute proof of a meteorite strike being the cause of this cataclysm, but neither do the pronouncements by Western media stating the cause as an earthquake...How fast these assertions of fact were being spread by the Western media sources! They began within hours of the cataclysm occurring, with no scientific research being conducted." - Sorcha Faal, Jan. 2005