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Hendrix Connection Causes Revolution for Equality

(that's why media conceals the asteroid impact…)

The Ultimate Cover-up Conspiracy

by Michael Fairchild

Dedicated to the Enlightened - See the Light - of a Billion Trillion Suns…

"…unprecedented series of blasts…energy surges…cosmic rays…Asteroid Crashing on Christmas Day…"

T'was mid afternoon on Christmas in America
when an asteroid crashed into the Indian Ocean.
A huge tsunami wave rippled out from the splash,
around 300,000 people perished…

To make a tsunami wave cross over the ocean,
a rock must be wider than 50 meters (164 ft).
A rock in space more than 50 meters wide is an "asteroid."

An ASTEROID splash made that wave in the ocean…

Inequality between people prevents us from stopping rocks.
Jimi's prediction proved true,

revolution is required.

That's why mogul controlled elitist media spends trillions
to deny the Impact, and cover-up the Gamma Blast
that pushed a Rock into Earth…

Extreme things surround the odd tsunami of December 2004. In the weeks leading up to the great wave, and the weeks following it, a barrage of rocks swarmed through space around Earth in an incredible spike of meteor and asteroid activity. At least 40 known fireballs were reported worldwide, pushed here in front of a gravity wave racing towards our planet, a gigantic energy pulse through space nudging debris in front of the biggest explosion ever seen in our galaxy.

Like a solar wind in reverse, a gravity front up forward of the blast blows back rocks along the wave racing our way. One rock crashes into a remote part of the ocean and splashes a massive wave just hours before the explosion itself arrives. The Indian Ocean tsunami is timed to coincide with the arrival of a gravity wave in space that preceded the giant eruption flashing past Earth a day later.

This galactic blast is a gamma ray burst of energy eruptions, like monster solar flares snapping at us from a distant star. For thousands of years the burst surged towards Earth from the far side of the Milky Way. It arrived at Christmastime 2004, but its bright light was seen approaching years earlier. It was observed by Jimi Hendrix. The extra sensory perception of Hendrix, what Jimi called his "sixth sense," glimpsed a remote view of blinding light, a vision that set the stage for an asteroid warning he tried to raise. On May 23, 1969 scientists discover explosions in space that are years later understood as "gamma bursts" - gigantic eruptions of stars. The next day Hendrix speaks about his vision of a fantastic force racing towards us through space, due to arrive "in about 30 years". He'd not "learned" of gamma bursts. Those who'd just the day before discovered bursts were still years away from comprehending what they'd found. Rather, Jimi had a remote view. He drew pictures of what he saw and described it for his artist girlfriend. He instructed her to paint him and the galaxy (see below), with a gamma flash coming from out of the constellation Sagittarius, his birth sign.

On Christmas Eve, just before the tsunami hits, world media reports news of astronomers who'd just discovered that Asteroid 2004 MN4 is aimed at Earth, due to arrive on Friday the 13th in 2029. The asteroid's name is later changed officially to Apophis - a Greek word for Evil Destruction.

The next day is Christmas. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are positioned in a rare planetary alignment not seen in centuries. They stay aligned for four days. At the peak of the alignment, following weeks of escalating incidents of rocks pushed by a gravity wave into space around Earth, an asteroid impact in the Indian Ocean splashes a massive tsunami wave that wipes out around 300,000 people. The impact's remote location out to sea meant it went unseen across open waters.

Few see it. Only government personnel track the asteroid with satellite monitors used to find missiles. Media controlled by moguls issue descriptions of a tsunami that make no mention of the Rock.

A quake alone is blamed for the wave. The impact is covered-up. Officials declare "classified" all accounts of the Christmas fireball. The reason to keep it secret is that awareness of the impact will inspire revolutions against governments, because this event's meaning is seen in the remote view prediction of Jimi

The priority of moguls who control the globe is to fabricate "evidence" that says chance of impact is slim. The elite need to have people believe it won't happen, that way it's easier for them to secretly make safe haven escape bases. The extent to which media is today mobilized to suppress news of the asteroid is the hallmark event of our time. In societies that enshrine inequality, asteroid defense won't get made in time. As Hendrix said, "humans haven't got their priorities right, we base everything on a status thing." The right priority, the real status, is defense against threats from space. All of our actions should be directed there, under a system of equality for all.

History is rife with examples of thousands of people who've witnessed conspiracy and remained silent. Moguls can train skeptics to sneer and jeer at those who expose conspiracies because average people on the street don't think in conspiratorial ways. So the day after the tsunami happens, world media is given rigged statistics to report on the Apophis rock. NASA cooks-the-books to say the asteroid's path will miss Earth. At the same time, 3 planets align, shepherding dozens of rocks into space around Earth, till one splashes the ocean. Then, out of the blue, the brightest flash of energy ever seen in our galaxy explodes through the solar system, with a blast 100 times bigger than any ever detected in the Milky Way.

Inner Vision of
Approaching Blast

Gamma rays are the highest radiation on the spectrum. A star burns out its fuel and blows off its outer envelop in the biggest bombs since the Big Bang. What makes the 2004 gamma blast unique is that it's the first time a burst this bright is seen in our galaxy. It exploded with a radioactive light brighter than a billion trillion suns, as massive as an explosion can be. Should a gamma blast happen within 6000 light years of Earth, people will be extinct. There are millions of stars within 6000 light years of us. The 2004 explosion came from just 30,000 light years away, which means the odds are high that in the near future Earth will be blasted by a nearby star. Media controlled by moguls mobilize to minimize reports about it. Most people today remain unaware of what happened. The December gamma burst was concealed until February 2005 to allow enough time to separate it, in the public's mind, from the tsunami because, together, the gamma blast and asteroid tsunami fulfill Jimi's prediction:

"The solar system is going through a change and it's going to affect the Earth itself in about 30 years…" - Jimi 1969

"About 30 years" later, in 2004, a change in our solar system made an asteroid crash in the ocean. Jimi's prediction proved true. This is what threatens dominators, because his vision explains why equality between all of us is required for survival. All mass media reports about the 2004 gamma burst omit mention of the asteroid tsunami it caused. Also left out is the spike in sightings of asteroids and meteors that preceded and followed the blast. And recent TV shows about gamma bursts are censored to say we've never seen a burst in our galaxy. This is the ultimate cover-up conspiracy. It's aimed to erase the Hendrix connection: into the sea was pushed a Rock, by a neutron Star - the Rock Star, as predicted by Jimi, the first called "Rock Star", so named in sublimation of the function he fulfilled. It's the single insight most viciously resisted and restricted by the evil media under mogul control, skewed news used to train us to agree some people deserve more wealth than others.

The Moon offers the best protection from both asteroid impact and gamma blast. The most efficient way to pay for a base is to prevent the public from knowing why, so the elite deceive the people and stage a race to build for themselves shelter on the Moon. And on Earth an underground city for the "rich" is being stockpiled with resources, food and fuel stolen from us all. Global moguls in 2008 staged a fake "recession" charade to confiscate $50 trillion of world wealth to pay for safe havens.


This secret cartel controls TV screens that urge the herd to condemn anyone who presents this news to you. Sheeple of the Idiocracy see media of the elite and believe. Almost none know of the 2004 burst, yet all are conditioned to dismiss Jimi's vision. It's no accident. It's a carefully orchestrated public relations campaign. All media is complicit in the scheme. But inequality between people results in vulnerability to asteroids, and with this insight, mogul control is overthrown, the Hendrix connection is revolution against them.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he can't believe it exists." - Edgar Hoover


"The winners write history - their way." - Elaine Pagels

"The point is: who is wrong and who is right, that's what the point is - not how many people." - Jimi Hendrix

Everything bad that happens is punishment for
prevailing attitudes to the removal of Jimi and persecution of Rock Prophecy.



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