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Hendrix Connection Causes Revolution for Equality

(that's why media conceals the asteroid impact…)

The Ultimate Cover-up Conspiracy

by Michael Fairchild

Dedicated to the Enlightened - See the Light - of a Billion Trillion Suns…

"…unprecedented series of blasts…energy surges…cosmic rays…Asteroid Crashing on Christmas Day…"

T'was mid afternoon on Christmas in America
when an asteroid crashed into the Indian Ocean.
A huge tsunami wave rippled out from the splash,
around 300,000 people perished…

To make a tsunami wave cross over the ocean,
a rock must be wider than 50 meters (164 ft).
A rock in space more than 50 meters wide is an "asteroid."

An ASTEROID splash made that wave in the ocean…

Inequality between people prevents us from stopping rocks.
Jimi's prediction proved true,

revolution is required.

That's why mogul controlled elitist media spends trillions
to deny the Impact, and cover-up the Gamma Blast
that pushed a Rock into Earth…

Extreme things surround the odd tsunami of December 2004. In the weeks before and after, a barrage of rocks in space swarm near Earth in a spike of meteor activity. 40 fireballs were reported, pushed here in front of a gravity wave racing towards our planet, a gigantic energy pulse through space nudging debris in front of the biggest explosion ever seen in our galaxy.

Like a solar wind in reverse, a gravity front up forward of the blast blows back rocks along the wave racing our way. One rock crashes into a remote part of the ocean, splashing a massive wave just hours before the explosion itself arrives. The Indian Ocean tsunami is timed to coincide with the arrival of a gravity wave in space that preceded the giant eruption flashing past Earth a day later.

This galactic blast is a gamma ray burst of energy eruptions, monster flares snapping at us from a distant star. For thousands of years the burst surged toward Earth. It arrived at Christmastime 2004, but its light was seen approaching years earlier by Jimi Hendrix. The e.s.p. of Jimi, what he called his "sixth sense," glimpsed a remote view of blinding light, and set the stage for a warning. On May 23, 1969 scientists discover explosions in space that are years later understood as gamma ray bursts - gigantic eruptions of stars. The next day Hendrix speaks about his vision of a force in space racing towards us, due to arrive "in about 30 years". He'd not "learned" of gamma bursts. Those who'd just the day before discovered bursts were still years away from comprehending what they'd found. Rather, Jimi had a remote view. He drew pictures of what he saw and described it for his artist girlfriend. He had her paint him and the galaxy (see left), with a gamma flash coming from the constellation Sagittarius, his birth sign.

On Christmas Eve 2004, just before the tsunami hits, news of Asteroid 2004 MN4 is reported, aimed at Earth, due to arrive on Friday the 13th in 2029. Its name is later changed to Apophis, Greek for Evil Destruction. The next day is Christmas. 3 planets align as an asteroid impacts the Indian Ocean, a massive wave wipes out 300,000 people. It's location out to sea meant it went unseen across open waters.

Few see it. Only government staff who track the asteroid with satellite monitors know what it is. Media reports a tsunami, but no mention of the Rock. A quake alone is blamed.

Officials declare "classified" all accounts of the fireball. But then hours later the fantastic gamma blast flashes the Earth. Moguls suppress all reports about it. The December burst is concealed for months. When the historic event is finally reported, all media omit mention of the asteroid. Today, TV shows about gamma bursts are censored to say we've never seen a blast in our galaxy. This is the ultimate cover-up conspiracy, aimed to erase the Hendrix connection. The reason to keep it secret is that awareness of the impact will inspire revolutions against governments, its meaning is seen in the remote view prediction of Jimi. Together, the gamma blast and asteroid tsunami fulfill Jimi's prediction:

"The solar system is going through a change, it will affect Earth in about 30 years…" - Jimi

In societies that enshrine inequality, asteroid defense won't get made in time. History is rife with thousands who've witnessed conspiracy and stayed silent. The priority of moguls who control the globe is to fabricate "evidence" that says chance of impact is slim. The elite need us to believe it won't happen, as they secretly make their safe haven escape bases. Should a gamma blast happen within 6000 light years of Earth, people will be extinct. Millions of stars are within 6000 light years.


The best protection from impact and gamma blast is the Moon. To pay for a base officials lie about why. Global moguls build underground cities for the "rich", with food and fuel stolen from us all. In 2008 they stage a fake "recession" and confiscate $50 trillion to pay for safe havens. Revolution is required.

Inequality between us leaves all vulnerable to rocks. With this insight mogul control is overthrown, the Hendrix connection is revolution against them.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he can't believe it exists." - Edgar Hoover


"The winners write history - their way." - Elaine Pagels

"The point is: who is wrong and who is right, that's what the point is - not how many people." - Jimi Hendrix

Everything bad that happens is punishment for
prevailing attitudes to the removal of Jimi and persecution of Rock Prophecy.



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