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"During seven years as the paid writer and consultant for the official Jimi Hendrix production company, Michael Fairchild's booklets (included with over a dozen of Jimi's most popular, highest charting CDs) became known to several million Hendrix fans. Fairchild's articles for national magazines, and his writings published by HarperCollins, Warner Bros., MCA, Polydor, and Atlantic Records, set the standard for comprehension of Hendrix. Today Michael recites the music in a band called the Hendrix Rockprophecy Band. Spearheading the ultimate live interpretation, an unforgettable experience, destined to catch the attention of Hendrix fans everywhere. At The Evening Star, October 16."
- Night-Life Magazine Buffalo - October 11, 2004

Censorship & TV News :Blues with Fairchild Interview:

Named To Head Hendrix Estate Company "We Never Gave Them Jimi's Original Recordings"
Microsloth-Extorted Mass Media, Ordered to Cover It Up
Why This Video Was Censored on Youtube Exposed in New Movie in Production...

"What did you really think the ROCK in 'rock music' means? ROCK ON, as they once said, needs to be updated - its more like: ROCK ON THE WAY!

"It's not enough to read Michael Fairchild's website. I've read his book. It has been RIVETING to read. I couldn't put it down. In many many ways, its like reading all the quiet things that I observed in everyday life, that most people just don't take the time to acknowledge. Its powerful, and its really the biggest reason why the media, in MANY cases, have attempted time and again to drown this book as it's coming up for air, at the hands of those who care about what this author is revealing about HUMANITY, and what Jimi's ultimate purpose was, which got choked by those who have money to write the history that they want, that fits their agenda.

"It was nice to read this book and see the layers of time and context balance the information, verses personal conjecture in between lines of projected facts. I appreciate all [his] brilliance to write a such a heavily meaningful and tightly compacted-with-meaning book that could've easily been three times longer, had it been written like most authors write. This is a highly compacted book, meaning jammed per paragraph (let alone per sentence), with truth blasting from page to page. I loved it.

"I guarantee you this much...when you read this man's book, you will NOT be looking through the same prescription lens you find behind your mind's eye. This book may hit everyone differently. It hit me exactly where I knew many things about life are at, and where they've been prevented from going by the 'powers that be.'

"For ANY avid listener of Jimi Hendrix, you will understand why your creative urges (and open mindedness that accepts the music) was leading you to a greater understanding of what he was trying to communicate beyond the music "scene" and the message, ultimatley, that was larger than what that era's media was capable of delivering.

"This book will challenge the grain of your character to read, some of it may go against it. However, it is EXTREMELY compelling, and if you search your heart, you just may realize that you've been experienced all along, well before Jimi's time here on Earth, and what he left humanity.

"You wont be sorry you read it...I guarantee that."

- Stefen Issac - Guitarist for The Leon Hendrix (Jimi's brother's) Band - Leon Hendrix Band website - Nov. 11, 2005

Comet C/2011 L4 Discovered on June 5th - the Significance:

Michael Fairchild: "Comet C/2011 L4 was discovered on June 5th, the anniversary of the Carolina Asteroid impact into western Atlantic Ocean, the one seen by Maya Indians that became the basis of their calendar, and sank Atlantis, as described in the book Rock Prophecy. It also happens to be the copyright day (June 5) for the Rock Prophecy book.

"The significance is that the current fad about '2012' being the END of the Mayan calendar, portending some disaster or whatever, that fad was instigated by Paul Allen's 'DreamWorks Team' at DreamWorks movie studios, where media minions were ordered, after the copyright of Rock Prophecy in 1995, to Co-Opt Topics from that book and re-work the issues into dominator-friendly media projects, thus the '2012' disaster fad was foisted onto us through mogul media to focus, not on the START of Maya calendar, as explained in Rock Prophecy (Click to see book Index), but on the END of the calendar, to Co-Opt the whole 'asteroid disaster' issue away from its Hendrix origins. Likewise the DreamWorks Team lifted the Jimi Hendrix prediction 'asteroid disaster' concept of Rock Prophecy (Paul Allen is a Hendrix fanatic, spent $250 mil on Seattle's 'Hendrix Museum') and turned that idea into his DreamWorks Deep Impact movie, starring, not Hendrix, but Hendrix-impersonator Morgan Freeman (Freeman's career started out with his well documented impersonations of Jimi). DreamWorks Team was saying, 'If Rock Prophecy, our enemy target, is claiming Hendrix as Asteroid Prophet, we'll portray our Hendrix imitator (Morgan Freeman) as Asteroid President Savior who ushers us to survival, as opposed to Rock Prophecy disaster. They thus set the stage for an African American President who changes NASA's mandate to ASTEROIDS - and DreamWorks funded frontman Obama's candidacy, to play the role of Asteroid President to a public subliminally associating black president Obama/Morgan Freeman/Hendrix/Asteroid Savior. Thus Obama's first State Dinner was loaded with DreamWorks officials. An entire DreamWorks Division of psychological social engineers plays the public like a fiddle of subliminal opinion 'implants' - DreamWorks = Inception (dream) implants on mass scale (Inception is a 2010 movie about shared dreams thought-control, starring Leonardo DiCaprio). 'DreamWorks' means they work the dreams of a drugged public hypnotized in the image of H.I.M.M.

"The DreamWorks Team Co-Opts Topics robbed from Rock Prophecy, the list includes dozens of high profile media blockbusters, all of which are being re-claimed at the rockprophecy.com website. Just a few examples are: Wikileaks Brad Manning Entrapment Scam, DaVinci Code book, Obama's 'Rosa's Law" to ban the word 'retarded' (i.e. 'Retarded History' from the 1995 Rock Prophecy book)... so many more Topics Co-Opted by that whole Division at DreamWorks dedicated to keeping the Hendrix connection concealed while re-defining and undermining issues from that condemned gnostic book...

"Comet C/2011 L4 is one more space rock from an intensely dense debris field galactic cloud enshrouding our solar system, an onslaught Jimi saw coming. He tried to warn, and was removed. The book that explains remains censored and suppressed. Dozens of recent 'earthquakes' 'tsunamis' 'gas pipe blasts' 'space junk' and 'sink holes' are really rock impacts reported as otherwise by fraudulent mogul media mandated to sedate the slave treadmills while trillions of siphoned public funds from digitally rigged markets are diverted to build subterranean bunkers for unjust moneyed moguls."

SOTT.net: "Maybe Paul Allen is a psychopath, but if so he's merely second string, as his book Idea Man relates how he got punked by Bill Gates. Paul Allen is a laughable figure. He's lost hundreds of millions in a slew of failed endeavors. Lately he's embarked on an attempt to terrorize the I.T. industry as a software patent troll. He is just a dorky, clueless money grubbing goofball with a few billion dollars to spend."

Michael Fairchild: "Allen's profile is spun by DreamWorks Public Relations Department advertising publicity image spin campaigns. The 'feud' between Mr. Allen and Bill Gates is a fake fabricated facade aimed to divert credible belief that Gates Foundation's control of media is fueling the suppression of Rock Prophecy. The Foundation's influence on all media approaches total. Most of web news sites are funded solely on condition that Rock Prophecy be concealed. That the book's author had a readership of over 6 million goes unnoticed when the EMPeror demands that gnostics be banned. Mogul control must maintain the public's perception that asteroid threat is remote and unlikely. The Top Demand of Paul Allen's lawsuit against major internet innovators (see next paragraph below) is that access to rockprophecy.com be blocked and all media conceal the book. Anyone who actually accesses that site does so only because Gitmo is littered with untold numbers of dozens and hundreds of dissident I.T. defector slaves who risk it all to lift the web's Iron Curtain and allow a few browsers through. This is what's behind Wikileaks Brad Manning Entrapment Scam - a load of 'scrubbed' gossip memos dangled in front of the runt who is, Inception style, pushed to revenge by so-called 'leaking' data, conveniently given to him by an 'innocent' State Dept. Their purpose is to 'implant' in sheeple thinking a false public perception that the web can't be censored, when the opposite is true. Total 'silos' of internet quarantines isolate information down to the single screen level. One would never suspect unless we stumble upon the single set of forbidden connections. Zeitgeist and Endgame etc. are only allowed to be seen because they haven't figured out the real conspiracy details. When one does, it is the evil Emperor Allen who pops out as J. Wayne Gacy's Satanic Santa Claus in disguise.

"Allen's 'lawsuit against the web' stems from patents of his company called Interval Research - specialists in internet wizardry formed in reaction to the rockprophecy.com website going online in '99. A few weeks later Interval Research was mandated specifically to target rockprophecy.com as a test case for Microsoft/NSA/NASA/Pentagon supercomputers to surround and determine the extent to which information online can be quarantined in "vertical stovepipe silo corridors" of isolation. Interval Research specializes in internet censorship techniques perfected past the rigged tyranny of AT&T.

"Bill Gates assists this by plastering media with Allen's gossip gripe about being 'ripped off' by Mr. Bill. It is EMPeror Paul, Idea Man (his autobio title), who routinely steals insights robbed from Rock Prophecy, starting with the mid-1990's asteroid craze - of which the above subject article is a continuance. There are dozens of other incident examples soon to be exposed.

"DreamWorks Team is a front company for a huge conglomerate of mogul control global dominator interests, culminating in the '2012' movie (2009 starring John Cusack, Danny Glover, and Woody Harrelson as a parody of me) Noah's Ark scenario that was posited by Rock Prophecy back in 1995 - safe haven escape paid for with slave labor. When Rock Prophecy was published, the first thing DreamWorks Team Division did was immediately have the book duplicated, they then flooded 'used books' websites and shops with THEIR pirated counterfeit forgery immitation copies, to undercut any sales funds that would otherwise go to the publisher, and so they could monitor who would buy such a book they sell online as 'used.' It isn't possible for the publisher to prove that all the cheap low cost 'used copies' of Rock Prophecy for sale online come from a billionaire's media empire counterfeit forgeries.

"And there is no 'Social Network' refuge for web Enemies of the State. Facebook is nakedly portrayed and hyped globally by moguls because that rigged internet trap is their Ultimate Silo for isolating and quarantining the EMPeror's enemies - never is any message sent to us through The Facebook Facade allowed to escape that black hole of mogul control, they block all access to us on Facebook, which is a Microsoft funded/developed site for social engineers to implant opinions into manipulated herds. Behind-the-scenes DreamWorks Team has perfected the same creation-of-mass-fads used to usher their frontman puppets into the White House/Out House. The whole 'asteroid issue' has been ethnically cleansed of its Hendrix origins, and the only solution now is the extinction of our species as the Cleansing Rock approaches to Cure Earth of its dominator infestation. Ever wonder why every asteroid movie contains scenes of dominator government officials plotting to control the public's awareness of impact information, and then the inevitable 'happy ending' of family survivors? They're ALL like that format. It's called THE NEW HAYS CODE - global mogul control DreamWorks Team media conglomerates have FORBIDDEN any portrayal of species extinction from rock impact. And their top priority is to prevent the Hendrix connection from 'infecting' perceptions for any life forms to evolve from or visit our ruins in future. Paul Allen and his cronies seek to 'leave behind' the lie that they are innocent of causing the extinction. By confiscating resources for the private use of unjust moneyed moguls, used to pay for the media suppression of Hendrix's message by blacklisting Rock Prophecy, they've prevented our defense. Rock Prophecy was to be an official release by the Jimi Hendrix production company in the mid '90s. Information in that condemned text would have been acted on by enough people to alter a series of decisions leading to effective asteroid defense. That last window of opportunity was slammed shut by Paul Allen's evil bullying, paying millions to keep Rock Prophecy concealed. Near two decades later, we today have no time left to errect any defense or influence any decision that can stop the Rock or prevent billions of deaths. That evil beast, Microsoft Sloth of Seattle, has slain all babies and Murdered Earth. Goof-humor consumer stupors parrot his media circus trainers to ridicule and dismiss Jimi's vision. These Titanic passengers don't matter. Already dead, they wait merely for the coroner's formality of burial beneath the rock pile rubble of a coming asteroid smashed planet. May a cured Earth recover from disease in people-free peace.

"Castles made of sand slip into the sea, eventually...and you'll never hear surf music again..." - Jimi

"Remember the Sanhedrin's urgency to see that the corpse of Jesus never leaves the tomb - because 'then it all begins' - the story of what happened thus becomes religion to the rebelling serfs, so whole EMPires were brought in to whitewash the re-written fable in EMPeror-friendly terms, keep the peasants repentant in their accepted humble holes. Likewise the removal of Jimi and persecution of Rock Prophecy. Moguls seek to censor and suppress my book because it's an indictment of their evil scheme to save themselves at the expense of us all. They need to keep-that-Jesus in his tomb this time and hide their dirty work behind an obstructing rock that never gets rolled away. That's their trophy triumph of forever censorship centered on Rock Prophecy. But they won't get away with it, Child, 'cuz the Deity intervenes on our behalf and washes away what Jimi calls their 'Castles Made of Sand'...

"As Hendrix said, 'Electric Love penetrates the sky, the Mountain Falls in the Sea, the Sun refuses to shine, the story of the asteroid belt in our solar system is explained, NO ONE on Earth will escape, just let the pretentious people stay in their pretentious bag.' - Jimi Hendrix

"rockprophecy.com has barely just begun to expose these evil beasts via mountains of collected evidence..."

Michael Fairchild

- SOTT.net, June 17, 2011

Hendrix and the Asteroid Movie Boom of the Late '90s: Michael Fairchild Explains the Connection...

While we were researching asteroid movies for Monday's [June 27, 2011] honorary tribute to Earth's near collision with an oncoming asteroid [Asteroid 2011 MD], one thing was pretty apparent: In the late '90s there were a relative shit-ton of asteroid/meteorite/comet/basic space-junk-getting-hurled-at-Earth movies. Turns out, Michael Fairchild, author of Rock Prophecy, Hendrix researcher for the Experience Music Project in Seattle and author of liner notes for many of Hendrix's CDs, already noticed Hollywood's obsession with space rocks and had an inkling why this occurrence took place -- and it all links back to Jimi Hendrix, Paul Allen and Microsoft. Also, it's pretty weird. The theory is pretty complex, so here's a basic outline:

Michael Fairchild was hired to work on a movie about Hendrix, which was set to come out in the mid-nineties. He was also working with the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, putting together research. During his research, he found a theory written by Hendrix that predicted the end of Earth as we know it, the result of an asteroid collision.

Fairchild sent the transcript of his book, about Hendrix's fascination with asteroids and his prophetic theories, to the Library of Congress right before Fairchild lost his directorial status in the film and his work fell through on the project at the museum when Paul Allen funded a lawsuit filed by Al Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix's father, to break the contract with the company Fairchild worked with and instead signed a contract with him.

Paul Allen, who is the co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates, got a hold of Fairchild's manuscript during the process of settling the lawsuit. He was connected with DreamWorks, and consequently gave money to the production of Asteroid, Deep Impact and Armageddon just six months later.

Some people attribute the spike in asteroid movies to a response in public interest in the 1994 occurrence of an asteroid hitting Jupiter, Fairchild writes on his website, but those people are wrong: The asteroid movie craze was in direct response to the theories posited by Hendrix in his unpublished work, which were essentially stolen and manipulated by Paul Allen and Microsoft, according to Fairchild. In case you're still a bit confused (I am), here's some answers from the man behind the theory, Michael Fairchild:

Westword: Why would Paul Allen, Microsoft, and Hollywood be so interested in making Asteroid films?

Michael Fairchild: From reading Rock Prophecy in 1995, these moguls recognized The Hendrix Event as miraculous intervention into evolutionary history, previewing our planet's passage through intensely dense debris fields of asteroids, a galactic cloud enshrouding our solar system, pummeling Earth, pushed here by the Great Gamma Blast that arrived at Christmas 2004, seen coming by Jimi and causing the Indian Ocean asteroid-splash tsunami.

Westword: Do you believe the films have a purpose other than entertainment?

Michael Fairchild: "With such productions and reports, Media of Moguls controls public perception of threat levels, they keep sheeple asleep on worker treadmills, siphoning off trillions from global markets with digitally rigged 'meltdowns' arranged to funnel slush funds into a new 'Noah's Ark' project, building subterranean shelter cites for the 'rich' and Space Station condos. Producers of those movies are urgently concerned that the Hendrix connection be ethnically cleansed away from association with asteroids. They need to deny and hide our lack of defense, unprepared reality, millennia of set-backs among humans, the 'Retarding of History' insight left suppressed, a perception unsaid in the annals of official dominator canons and explanations. Jimi's prediction is the pigskin in this football game. All asteroid movies after 1995 are written in reaction to Rock Prophecy.

Westword: Did you see Armageddon or Deep Impact? What did you think of these movies?

Michael Fairchild: "Both are 'rebuttals' to the 1995 Rock Prophecy manuscript that Paul Allen's 'DreamWorks Team' was hired to dissect, and refute what the book reveals. An entire Division at DreamWorks Studios is dedicated to Co-Opt Rock Prophecy topics and re-define/undermine issues in that book, while censoring any mention of it. Moguls use their mass media empire to 'treat' the themes seen in Rock Prophecy. There are dozens of examples. Multiple movie studios are used in this ruse. The main statement they made with those '90s space rock films is 'safety' - through those stories we fantasize that NASA or some other agency has capacity to save us from impact disaster. That's false and it's the opposite of Jimi's vision."

Westword: So, um, there you have it. Not even Bruce Willis can save us now.

- Denver Westword, June 29, 2011

After the article above was published by Westword, I posted additional clarifications to it online:

Michael Fairchild: "This Westword article is timely (June 29, 2011), given the passing of Asteroid 2011 MD (MD = Mass Destruction? Mass Delusion?) on Monday (June 27, 2011). That asteroid came within 7500 miles of Earth, extremely close.

"In the '90s I was employed by the official Hendrix production company, Are You Experienced? Ltd. Paul Allen targeted that company with bogus litigation because I was to be the company's next Creative Director for Jimi's estate. The next project was to be Rock Prophecy. Paul Allen spent over $5 million to stop that (pocket change to him).

"This article appeared on June 29, the anniversary of Jimi's fabulous concert at the Denver Pop Festival on June 29, 1969. The soundtrack audio is on Youtube, and my website shows 2 great film videos of Jimi in Denver - his LAST ever gig with the original Experience band. The video starts with scenes of tear gas exploding in the arena as a riot breaks out during Jimi's last Experience show. People with him at the time report how they were all on a great acid trip, but the JHE band was trapped in a van, trying to exit Mile High Stadium with rioters rocking the vehicle as they wade through mayhem.

"This 'June 29th date' is one coincidence, another is the use of the term 'miraculous intervention' in my Q&A answers above (I wrote that last night). At 9:59 pm (EST) tonight ABC TV used that term. On-screen text spelled out 'Miraculous Intervention' to advertise their show about 'Twintuition' - Extra Sensory Perception (E.S.P.), an issue at the center of Jimi's remote view prediction of asteroid impact.

"When Hendrix said in 1969 'I see miracles every day now' he referred to the continuing onrush of improbable coincidences that really do mark his story. I keep a record of the continuing pre-cognition of incidents I envision prior to their actual happening. This reality brings into question our notions of space/time and place in the Creation. Extra Sensory Perception is what possessed Hendrix to an extreme degree. That those who study him discover this 'hidden' reality opens the door to relentless persecution from dominators like Paul Allen who are determined to erase all evidence of remote view capability. Thus they produce movies like Men Who Stare At Goats (2010 with George Clooney) to train us to regard E.S.P. as the province of delusional flakes. But for those of us (like Jimi) who undergo spontaneous precognition on a regular basis, these dominator detractors seem like the Savages of the First Century that they really are.

"It's a pity Jimi had to live among them, and die by them."

Michael Fairchild

- Denver Westword, June 29, 2011

RAI TV - Italy: Michael Fairchild is a musician and follower of the life and works of Jimi Hendrix and has directed the production company of the Hendrix estate for 7 years. Through dozens of interviews, and detailed documentation, he has tried to reconstruct Hendrix's death, as he exclusively explained to us when we met him in Rochester, in the state of New York:

Michael Fairchild: "The real question is why is Hendrix's death important? Fans prefer to believe that his death was an accident, or the possibility of him being murdered by his manager, so they can make everything fit, so no mysteries exist. Actually, the hypothesis of murder by his manager is possible, but there is no evidence. There is proof for nothing. There are some plausible scenarios, but, like the assassination of John Kennedy, there are a series of clues in conflict with each other. It's necessary to use intuition to try and solve the mystery. One thing is certain: there are problems with all of the people that are caught up in this case. We'll never know the truth, Monika Dannemann (German girlfriend staying with Jimi when he died), her statements are very confused. I don't exclude a scenario where she left the Samarkand flat and when she returned she found him dead. On that night the two had a fight and Monika was likely the one to slip him sedatives, she didn't want him to leave after arguing.

"In the spring of 1996, after having spent her money on lawyers, Monika had lost her court case for defamation against Kathy Etchingham (Jimi's British girlfriend). Right afterwards, on April 5th (Good Friday), Monika allegedly committed suicide using the exhaust gas of her car, taking to her grave the last mysteries of Jimi's death. Kathy Etchingham had worked over years to portray Monika in a bad light, creating with Dee Mitchell fictitious interviews with the ambulance attendants who found Jimi dead. They showed how Monika was a liar and tried to convince Scotland Yard investigators of her accountability. Monika was brought to a point where she agreed to finally tell what she knew and that's when she died, killed. The same people who killed Hendrix killed his manager, Mike Jeffery, making his airplane crash, and then they killed Monika to prevent her from telling what she knew.

"The London apartment of Gerry Stickells, Jimi's roadie, was located nearby Monika's flat. The night Jimi died it was easy for the roadies to know where he was. Stickells had been Jimi's shadow for four years, he had him under control because their manager (Mike Jeffery) always wanted to know where Hendrix was and what he did. The roadies had a motive and opportunity to kill him. Jimi was isolated, easy prey. I have a theory. I believe that there was a deal made in Seattle when Jimi was there in July 1970. The Hendrix family clan saw animosity between Jimi and his roadies, an agreement was made among them. Two months before his death, Jimi had gone to Seattle for his last concert there. It was well known that his family had been pressuring him to sign a will. When his relatives asked him to sign the will he said he wouldn't sign it, called it a 'death sentence.' They knew that was the last time Jimi wanted to see them. It was then possible for them to exploit his death for their own gain after Jimi's dad, Al Hendrix, was assassinated by these same leeches."

Michael Fairchild
- RAI TV, Italy, Oct. 17, 2011

[Much more of the RAI Italian TV interview exists on video. Excerpts of the footage will appear in many of the 30 movies currently in production at First Century Press.]

2013 Official Hendrix Autobio Book
- Interview with Michael Fairchild

Official Hendrix Autobio Book Sources by Michael Fairchild
"Afterword" Chapter by Fairchild Is In the Paperback & eBook Versions

Michael Fairchild & Mitch Mitchell (Jimi's drummer)

THE CENSORING OF Michael Fairchild (sets the stage for sapien extinction...)

"We didn't sell four million records last year because I left [Jimi's record catalogue] the way it was."
- Alan Douglas, (Creative Director of the Jimi Hendrix Estate Production Company) - Guitar World magazine - July 1995

During seven years as the writer and consultant for the Hendrix estate production company I achieved the most visibility of the world’s Hendrix experts. My booklets included with 14 official Hendrix CDs, his highest charting albums, are familiar to more than six million people. Many of these people dislike Alan Douglas.

“A lot of people are going to hate you because of me. You’re one of the bad guys. The collectors all hate me, because I have control of the situation. They all want to have that, just like I would like you to have it if I’m not around. OK?"
- Alan Douglas and Michael Fairchild - December 7, 1994

This is what Microsoft's Paul Allen spent millions on to stop, his intent is to especially censor and suppress Rock Prophecy, which was to be the next officially released project by the Hendrix estate company. Paul Allen's deal with Jane Fujita, after Jimi's father Al was assassinated, is to control the marketing and publicity of Jimi from behind the scenes. Allen pays his kept-lady Jane $7 million per year to secretely control the Hendrix legacy. Foremost of Allen's concerns is to conceal and obscure my involvement. He has the company release extremely bad Hendrix recordings and then uses his DreamWorks media contacts to "purchase" enough copies to artificially cause the releases to rise on CD charts. Their media empire payola is behind favorable reviews for horrible Hendrix CDs which aim to make bystanders conclude Jimi is overrated and turn off the public to the Hendrix name in general. Since Rock Prophecy is the actual vision of Jimi's prediction, they aim to destroy Jimi's reputation globally for all future generations, until the asteroid hits and blows away agriculture for our temporary civilization. Centuries from now Rock Prophecy will be dug out from the rubble to form the New World Religion, one that condemns and detests the MicroSloth geek creep and his evil Fujita beast: Jane the Insane Dragon Lady.

"Al Hendrix will go to court to try to win back the rights to his son's legacy - a legacy said to be worth about $100 million. It will be an uphill battle...Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, and a Hendrix fanatic whose planning a Museum for his idol in Seattle, has been bankrolling Al Hendrix's suit, spending some $5 million thus far...his motives may not be entirely selfless...his attorney has acknowledged to Newsweek that the businessman is now negotiating a deal with Al Hendrix. If Hendrix signs the deal - and if he wins his suit - Allen's nonprofit museum will be off to an extraordinary start. The museum has sought exclusive rights to exhibit Jimi Hendrix's name and likeness, create and sell merchandise, mount interactive displays, and open a theme restaurant. It has sought these rights for 100 years for free. Hendrix could refuse to sign such a deal, but it remains to be seen if Allen will continue to foot his bills. Jimi Hendrix died in London in September 1970...he did not leave any will. Presumed to be the rightful heir, Al Hendrix began selling off various pieces of his sons estate. Hendrix sold rights to Jimi's record catalog to a Panamanian tax shelter called PMSA in 1974, and the rights to his son's likeness wound up at a company called ARM in 1983. The rights have since changed hands many times...He's named his former lawyer Leo Branton Jr. in the lawsuit...Branton produces many signed documents containing passages the lawyer believes are quite clear; 'Hendrix hereby sells and conveys to PMSA all his right, title, and interest,' etc...some believe Al Hendrix is simply kicking himself for having sold off his songs legacy too early...there was little reason to believe that Hendrix's music would rise again. The marketplace was already awash in his albums...and none were selling, but then...Warner Bros. hired record producer Alan Douglas to oversee the Jimi Hendrix catalog...old and new fans bought 3 million of his albums. More than a million Hendrix records were sold last year...MCA bought the rights to the Jimi Hendrix catalog for a staggering $75 million in 1993. Al Hendrix's lawsuit was born in April of that year...no one really blames this lawsuit on Al Hendrix...Al isn't behind this lawsuit, Yale Lewis and Paul Allen are the real culprits...Allen needs the rights for his museum, and he's financing the lawsuit to get them. Allen's lawyers insist that this is a charitable venture, and that the legal fees will exceed the value of any rights to come the museum's way."

- Newsweek - January 16, 1995

Paul Allen's publicist team fabricated this scenario so as to suggest his main motive is to get rights to Jimi's music and image for his museam, now called the Experience Music Project (EMP) in Seattle. But this is a smoke screen, he merely pays Jane Fujita $7 million per year to do what he says. His real motive and intentions were to prevent me from becoming the director of the Hendrix production company, and the only way he could do that was to offer Al Hendrix millions of dollars to put his name on a bogus lawsuit, a case that had no merit, a case that everyone involved with knew would be settled out of court, with terms that exiled me from the company and prevents that company from having further involvement with me. Mr. Allen then instructed his media empire, including DreamWorks Movie Studios, to produce media "treatments" of the asteroid story I'd written about. A series of their movies and reports for mass media publications followed, and continue today, asteroid movies and news now included on this website's Timeline, while a network of Hendrix collectors, jealous of my work and insights, cheer and support Mr. Allen's persecution of me. After my book, Rock Prophecy, was published in 1999, Mr. Allen continued his obsessive reactions to my insights by producing "rebuttals" to the book in the form of a series of PBS specials about Evolution and The Blues. "Used book" stores and websites were flooded with their pirated counterfeit forgery imitation copies of Rock Prophecy to prevent any profits from going to the publisher of the book.

So it is this psychological profile, as well as the actual Hendrix asteroid vision (including media and public reactions to it), that have become the central focus for movies and multi media being produced today. An immense number of lessons are revealed through this story, foremost being that of "Retarded History" - a pattern of human behavior inspired by our culture of inequality, which results in our inability to build defense against asteroids in time to save our planet from impacts. This is why the DreamWorks Team paid for and arranged artificial complaints against the term "retarded" from parents of developmentally challenged kids, and led a campaign to have President Obama sign "Rosa's Law" in 2010 to ban use of the word "retarded." DreamWorks' media machine has created a mass fad on campuses where today it's impossible to even mention "Retarded History" without threats of violence.

The "Hendrix-Microsoft lawsuit" was the deal with evil that sealed the fate of civilization and set the stage for the Murder of Earth...

Sheeple Syndrome - Monkey Pay Per View
Dominators of the Idiocracy Follow Their Pig Into Oblivion:



[NOTE: Please be aware that for years the owners and staff at the Yahoo search engine have artificially/surgically removed this rockprophecy.com website from all listings under the words "jimi hendrix." Following the example of Paul Allen, the owners of Yahoo are intent on concealing the insights and research of Hendrix scholar Michael Fairchild, out of sheer pathological jealousy.
- James Sedgwick]