Revolutions R Fought 4 Less…

by James Sedgwick

For each statement and claim below, there are pages of explanations and video evidence
- the full story is contained in the Rock Prophecy Book

For seven years Michael Fairchild was trained to be the next director of the official Jimi Hendrix production company. Major media companies like MCA, Warner Bros., and Polydor were paying $15,000 for an 8 page report by Fairchild. His stories published by these companies, and released with 14 official Jimi Hendrix CDs, became known to more than six million people. As a highly paid consultant providing valuable advice and insights, Fairchild was targeted by the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, who spent millions of dollars to destroy Fairchild's career. Paul Allen, an obsessed Hendrix fanatic who spent $240 million to build a museum for Jimi in Seattle, became extremely jealous of Michael Fairchild - jealous of Fairchild's insights, resentful of Michael's writings, and hateful of his musical performances. People who resented the publicity and pay that Michael earned started to praise Paul Allen for stopping all publicity about him. Fairchild's prolific and influential seven year writing career was abruptly halted by Paul Allen and for the past decade no publication in the world would feature any of his writings. His groundbreaking book, Rock Prophecy, remains the most important explanation of civilization. Concepts from it form the basis for stories like Da Vinci Code, and several TV series produced by Paul Allen, yet the Rock Prophecy book remains obstructed from circulation by all distributors in the world.

The mass media of our ruling class is aware of this incident and will not report it. Many bystanders, feeling a need to belong with the crowd that's lead by the example of mass media, experience a feeling of disorientation when they are introduced to facts surrounding this incident. Those trained to "follow the money" end up supporting Paul Allen despite the fact that his abuse of Michael is the result of jealousy.

What follows below is a condensed overview about Rock Prophecy, and about the effects on Michael following his discovery of these insights. A motivating force for describing these events is the level of interest we see when the story is introduced to a general audience. There exists a natural fascination when the facts, and the interpretations, are explained.

Michael's multi-media speeches are capable of drawing large crowds on the campus lecture circuit. We are seeking partners who can participate in staging gatherings for these presentations. Profits from audience attendance will be divided between the group that you are invited to join. The events will be filmed and the footage edited into a series of movies covering issues outlined below:

During the twin hurricane disasters in September 2005, with energy prices soaring to all time highs, with world relief efforts crippled following the tsunami, earthquakes, and famine, and with global warming poised to bankrupt all countries - NASA made headlines by announcing that the United States would now spend billions for "Apollo on steroids" - the return of humans to the moon by the year 2018. The following week, Michael Griffin, head of NASA, said that the space shuttle missions "were a mistake." Halting the moon missions three decades ago, he said, was "not the right path." Why this sudden diversion of massive resources for a dash to the moon?

Shortly before these events occurred, NASA made an unusual move by re-naming asteroid 2004-MN4 as the "Apophis" - the Greek word for "Evil Destruction."

Jimi had another name for asteroid 2004-MN4, he named it "Electric Love," and NASA's original designation "MN" stands for Mountain - a reference to Hendrix lyrics about the coming asteroid disaster:

"Electric Love penetrates the sky…the Mountain falls in the sea, the Sun refuses to shine..."

- Jimi Hendrix

Apophis, Electric Love, MN4 - all are names for the floating mountain, which, like the iceberg that impacted the Titanic, will sink our civilization at 10 pm London time, on Friday the 13th in April, "2029".

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